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Here’s The Scoop…LBTS 7/24/09 Agenda …. Solar lighting ….Right In Our Backyard …..

July 25, 2009 by Barbara

Unavailability of solar lighting….HMMMM…

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 10:10 AM From: “Rick Schuett” <> To: “barbarafcole” <>

Hello Barbara,

I read with great interest your most recent blog, in which the following statement was posted:

Comm. Clottey said she spoke to “Mr Sehl” and he said solar lighting was not yet available in the U.S….but it was something that we should think about …(audience members disagreed with the assertion of unavailability)…

I am President and CEO of SOL, Inc – the world’s largest manufacturer of outdoor commercial grade solar-powered lighting. We have been in business since 1990, and even more interestingly, are located basically in your back yard up here in Palm City, FL.

I would be more than happy to meet with any of the commissioners, the Mayor, the City Council members, or whomever you feel would be appropriate to speak to about this issue, and would welcome the opportunity to do so.

Best Regards,

Rick Schuett

President & CEO

SOL, Inc

Re: Some more info on solar lighting

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 11:10 AM
“Barbara Cole”

“Rick Schuett”
They are looking for turtle friendly lighting. In bollards is what is being thought for redoing El Mar Drive. Let me know how it goes. BC
— On Tue, 7/21/09, Rick Schuett wrote:

From: Rick Schuett
Subject: RE: Some more info on solar lighting
To: “Barbara Cole” <>
Date: Tuesday, July 21, 2009, 11:13 AM

We have a turtle-friendly solar-powered light that we can provide, in a bollard.

From: barbarafcole
To: Rick Schuett
Sent: Tue Jul 21 18:00:43 2009
Subject: Re: Some more info on solar lighting

I just heard one Commissioner is doing a solar light presentation at the July 28 Comm. Meeting at Jarvis Hall 7 pm.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 7:59 PM


“Rick Schuett”



Yes, I spoke to the Commissioner who you quoted, we will have someone present at the meeting (I will be out of town on business).

Thanks for the opportunity..

Re: Lighting Solution

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 5:13 PM
“OANI Sales Dept.”


Ms. Cole,

Referance to our solution not being available at this time by Comissioner Clottey at the Master Plan meeting is correct, we are not in a position to release further information at this time.

Thank you

Re: Lighting Solution

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 5:20 PM
“Barbara Cole”

“OANI Sales Dept.”

Thanks Jerry, but I have received info from other company that it does. BC

Fw: Information you requested from Sol Inc

Thursday, July 23, 2009 9:03 AM From: “Jerry Sehl”  To: “Barbara Cole”  Message contains attachments,  Just thought I would pass this along…   —– Original Message —– From: To Sent: Thursday, July 09, 2009 2:27 PM Subject: Information you requested from Sol Inc

Thank you for your interest. Because each of our systems is built depending upon the specific parameters of each project, we’ll need a little more information about your needs.  I would like to thank you in advance for taking a few minutes to answer the questions and send this back to us.  With this information, we’ll be able to size up an appropriate system for you.

Dear Readers…This writer wrote about the MPSC /Commission meeting and Comm. Clottey’s remarks fro “Mr. Sehl” of the unavailability of Solar lighting in the U.S. market…Once again a word search was done by a company from the BCbythesea post…and the above is what transpired…leading up to the July 28, 2009  presentation……The “presentation” agenda item put on by Comm. Clottey is to be made from  gentleman’s company that contacted this writer …..After my correspondence with the company I received an e-mail from the “Oani Sales Dept..”….that a simple Google showed was a company with a 954 phone number ….a Google of the phone number showed the “Sales Dept.” who was contacting me on behalf of Comm. Clottey was “Mr. Sehl”…So I responded back to “Jerry”……”Mr Sehl”AKA Jerry  then sent this writer a “heads up” from the very company I sent the Commissioners way!……I did respond  to him and say thanks …not wanting to cause another “interrogation” for whomever came to speak at the presentation from the “Detective” on the dais… But after seeing the ONLY presenter is the company that picked up the RFP from this site…it is “suspect”  on two fronts…1st…”Mr. Sehl” is not presenting (How many companies does he have anyway?…He is under Oani for this and Online Access Network for repayment for the TV and camera etc…for the July 4th raffle items)…and 2nd…the cutoff date for items from Comms. on agendas is supposed to have been Monday the 20th…..So either the rules were bent for Comm. Clottey or “Mr Sehl” backed out of his “presentation…Hmmmm… In the backup is what this writer thought…in black and white of the assertions made by Comm Clottey at the MPSC/Comm. meeting on the 20th….see below…(available on the Town site)…

7/28/09 Presentations 4 B.

In conclusion….let’s see if the “Gang of 4” on the dais…shoots the messenger once more!….

And thanks Mr. Schuett for pursuing your word search…it may benefit our Town as we deal with our El Mar Drive project…Presentation item 4 D. by Chen and Assoc.

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop…The 800 Pound “MAGILLA” In The Room….

July 6, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers….At the June 30,2009 Special Meeting …Vice Mayor McIntee was unusually quiet…perhaps due to joining the Town Manager in reading a book…going on the computer and only looking up when a few of his constituents made reference to this duo’s lack of respect for those taxpayers standing at the podium…These two knew all they had to do was get through this “circus”…and were not worried a bit that there would be a sudden change in support from the “Gang of 3″…So TV cameras rolling…they just sat back and played their parts…put in their time…


VM McIntee- ” Ah, I think one of the reasonable questions I heard was did we consult with the Town Manager about this and when did we know. I found out late Friday  and I mean late Friday cause I was out of town all day and somebody called me and asked me if I knew that Gooding had been transferred. First of all he’s not fired, he’s transferred. And there was a point where I thought he was getting promoted because Gooding himself told me he thought he was being promoted and didn’t know what happened because I asked him flat out and he’ll tell you I asked him,. I said Chief I heard you were getting promoted. He said I did too, but there was a couple of months they changed the , bunch of heads of the Sheriff’s Department, This is cop to cop and I thought I was on” ( The room erupted in yelling and groans…Many well aware of the McIntee spin of TOTAL recall of conversations with a person out of reach to respond…including his use of “he’ll tell you”).

BC- The Mayor made a point of information and told the Vice Mayor he was “putting words in Chief Gooding’s mouth.”

VM McIntee- ” That’s right they can ask him, they can ask him. Well, this is nothing negative at all. Nothing negative at all. So the Chief thought he was being promoted and when that person called me up I thought he got promoted. Then I got my e-mails and I had an e-mail from the Town Manager saying that she had requested that Chief Gooding be transferred and that’s the first I heard of it. Now regarding conversations.”

BC- The Mayor made a point of information, saying “the Town Manager would like to interrupt you”

Town Manager Colon-” I did not e-mail you! I left you a voice mail.”

BC- The crowd went wild!

VM-” Okay, was it an voice mail?”

TM- ” I left you a voice mail because you did not answer your cell. I called everybody on their cell and you had a voice mail. Commissioner Dodd had a voice mail and the other, Commissioner Clottey and Silverstone I spoke with.”

BC- From the audience someone yelled “Get your story straight!”

VM-” That’s a little weak, thinking that a voice mail”

TM- ” I just wanted to clarify .”

VM-” It was um, again I had a few phone calls. Then the only conversation I had with them with the Town Manager about BSO that was of any dominance ( Freudian slip? ) was when I read the Sun Sentinel that the BSO was being told by the County legislators that they had to go back to the Town and show, and we’ve been specifically named LBTS was underbid 21% which computed out 798 thousand dollars we owe BSO and I said what is this and she said I have not been contacted by BSO about this, but it’s in the paper in the Sun Sentinel and said LBTS was underbid by 21% and we look at our contracts it comes out to 798 thousand. I said Esther are we gonna have to pay this back? She said I know nothing about it. They have not contacted me from the  Sheriff’s office and that’s it. And what else happened between her and Chief Gooding that’s, that’s She’s the Town manager and I support the Town Manager and I yield.”

BC-  I support the idea that was put forth to put the “Gang of 3”, The Furths and the Town Manager under oath!…The McIntee spin to change the subject to the underbid that stemmed from Town Manager’s buddy Ken Jenne is a ruse…The Town Manager, if she even had such a conversation with the Vice Mayor, might have found out where the town stood if she represented us at the Sheriff’s meeting …the one in which she was the only Town Manager who chose to skip it….Anybody inside the Town Hall and outside the Town Hall will also “tell you” that Vice Mayor McIntee is in the Manager’s office daily…In my opinion …anybody believing he had an detailed conversation with Gooding and was in the dark with TM Colon…has their head in the sand!…What the VM has conveniently left out is his conversations with other constituents where we hear he told them when asked about where his stood on the Gooding situation answered back……he [McIntee] would not be threatened!…McIntee it is said, told another taxpayer  (who unfortunately did not relay the encounter at the podium)…that he was able to get a police department up and going from his own police experience!…If his “experience” is being used as criteria to run a LBTS police department…..take a look below…..

BC- ALERT…We hear there is great dissension within the VFD today!…We hear it comes from the inner circle…and that the Vice Mayor/Deputy Chief is going to “SET UP” any of those who dare to question his methods…and kick them out!…The walls in the department are getting awful thin….and word is leaking out from a growing number of those who are becoming aware of the facts……the Townspeople and Commission are not going to disband the VFD if McIntee is out…..The Town and the Commission is behind the VFD members……just not the Deputy Chief…OUCH!……..

The meeting on the 30th began to stall as the Mayor thanked all for coming and then needed to pass the gavel to the Vice Mayor in order to make a motion or to 2nd Comm. Dodd’s motion…With his usual lack of decorum…the Vice Mayor said “So step down!”…The motion was made by Comm. Dodd…and as previously posted it needed to be revised per the Town Attorney…This now familiar passing of the gavel allowed all in the hall once again the full viewing of that the  Vice Mayor is totally  inept  when it comes to being Mayor…even for a few minutes!…The Vice Mayor only added the following before repeatedly trying to call for a vote…and get out of the hall….

Vice Mayor- ” Okay, I do have a short question for the Town Attorney. Do you see anything that the Town Manager’s done as being illegal?”

Town Atty.- ” No, not anything that I’ve seen.”

BC- The Town Atty. certainly gave herself cover in this suspect situation!…KUDOS!…

BC- The Vice Mayor after the 3-2 vote ..where he voted with his “Gang”…then handed the gavel back to the Mayor and Adjourned the round table…again keeping in this writer’s opinion the real “fiscally irresponsible” Town employee from facing her required annual review BEFORE the annual budget!…

BC- Again, just as with his BFF-Jimmy-boy Silverstone…the Vice Mayor  should not be allowed to vote or discuss anything concerning the BSO while actively participating in the VFD!…

BC-To talk about the “cause” of fiscal irresponsibility with  Chief Gooding and BSO…Dear Readers…pick a post…any post…and just try not to hurt yourselves from laughing too long and too hard at the irony of who the Town Manager chose to dismiss!…

That 800 pound Gorilla in the room….needs to be removed….in March 2010!…

Calling all zookeepers!…

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop…It’s A Mc-Furth Fourth Of July Brought To You By The CIC/VFD……

July 4, 2009 by Barbara

“IT’S NOT POLITICAL”….Vice Mayor McIntee/Comm. Jim Silverstone…

Dear Readers…This front and center self promotional July 4th float says it all  ( 1 of 2 in the parade)…It was definitely political…It was narcissistic….. And it was unbelievably  tone-deaf to the Town and where we find ourselves in at the present time!…

From the opening blunder of applying for a special event permit as a Town/CIC/VFD co-sponsored event …the sole control for the event for Coordinator Marc Furth…and the secretive and suspect planning …( a far cry from the co-chaired transparent event the year prior)….the 24 hour notice limited posting of meetings…( done with the Town Manager being fully complicit)… …The Mc-Furths went against the DEP’s known recommendations by planning  the fireworks display smack-dab on 3/4 plywood on the beach in the center of town…closing down the entry…along with a  280 ft. radius  perimeter…..requiring  Nova University monitors to be assigned to watch for any disturbances in the area to the sea turtle nests…  The Mc-Furth’s told the DEP untruths for why it must be on the beach…Coordinator Marc Furth made demands per a letter to the Town Manager/Commissioners that he reprinted in his  Mc-Furth BTSTimes accusing the Mayor and Comm. Dodd when they did their due diligence in checking out the facts…The Vice Mayor made “bloated” statements from the dais…and at the July 1st volunteer meeting…throwing out “garbage numbers” of who was volunteering for the event…going so far as to say his wife “turned away volunteers”….and the response from the VFD had been tremendous…(with Chief Perkin’s having to promise Comm. Dodd that the members not participating would not be fired as a memo said they would be …per the Dep. Chief)….Mark Conn and Cristie Furth spoke of a entries in the parade and for the afternoon party that never appeared….(Pompano FD engine/NY FD Engine/Antique Fire engine/Traveling Vietnam War wall)….Mark Conn said there would be 80 entries…(was an “entrie”counted as a person, a bike, or a trailer?)… The participants were as follows…….The Furth Float (LBTS Artificial Reef Project)….The  Marines…The American Legion- Thomas P. Johnston Post 222…VFD Captain Mark Conn on VFD-ATV (with a Sal’s towing ad on the side..a permanent ad)….NYPD car….The Mayor…(CHEERS)…VM McIntee and wife…(SILENCE)….Com. Silverstone….(SILENCE)…Comm. Clottey…(SILENCE)…Comm. Dodd and wife…(CHEERS)…2 vans with veterans….Army truck with disabled veterans…Congressman Ron Klein…….State Representative Ellyn Bogdanoff….The VFD members walking in front of ATV-Jet Ski….3 VFD-Firetrucks…(Squirt 12 was called to an alarm at the Mayor’s building!)… the VFD-pickup pulling the hurricane trailer…(with the strange permanent lettered sign of Commander Mikos Angeles on the side of it…HUH?)….2 AMR ambulances…Republican David Maymon …(running for State Rep. Dist. 91)…….2  classic cars….The LBTS -Community Church Noah’s Ark float….Lord’s Realty car…Bel Air Assoc. car….Cindy Geesey- POA Hometown Hero car (see below)….By-The- Sea- Future car….Kids on bikes etc…1 classic car…1 classic truck…Choice Environmental truck…and 2 BSO Mounted Police…(which produced a large amount of shock…sadness and anger from the parade attendees for their placement in the parade…behind the garbage truck!)……Political?….OUCH!…They were also the end of the parade… (28 entries)…No Senator Jeff Atwater?…Hmmmm……The crowd on the street was down from prior years…and Publix parking lot was empty…something very unusual for a LBTS parade…Just as the paltry donations (June 24,2009 memo $5,600) …small amount of volunteers …(despite unprecedented excessive measures taken to recruit both)…and silence the “Gang of 3” received as they drove by…it continued on to the afternoon El Prado event…Residents not affiliated with the CIC/VFD stayed away…resulting in an attendance of half of the year before….and we hear that at 3 pm the total cash was also half of what was made the year before…..Those privy to the borrowed City radios used for VFD communication……heard VM/Dep. Chief McIntee yelling at his “troops” for not showing up and helping at their required 4 hour minimum assigned jobs in the park….Included at the event…Pep Boys tent with a sponsored raffle…a Johnny Depp look- a-like pirate… a single tent for selling merchandise ….Pirates of the Treasure Coast…(an out of town vendor)…VFD T-shirts for sale…($5)….Choice Environmental tent for recycling information and getting to know the residents…a Dunk Tank…(at 11 am it was CIC- Mermaid Cristie Furth)…The 2 water slides…and 1 kids ride…classic cars…a band…a beer truck…sno-cones…3 veterans tents…and finally…the Anglin Monument wasn’t the only thing moved out of the park for the Furths…the Town Manager’s gift from last year… …the “United We Stand” sign remained in front of Town Hall…OOPS!…

BC-This writer wrote repeatedly that this “Gang” was in trouble from the start….but with the upheaval reverberating throughout the town as a result of the Town Manager’s “reassignment” (WITH CAUSE!….in the press)….of BSO Police Chief Scott Gooding… on June 26th ….(a move that was and is wholeheartedly supported by them all)….one can only wonder if any one of them is having second thoughts about their future endeavors …political and otherwise…for today’s response should tell them loud and clear….”WE WILL NOT FORGET!”….

2009 POA HOMETOWN HERO….CINDY GEESEY…..Mayor Minnet…State Representative Bogdanoff…..Resident Judy Jones…..

‘Cindy Geesey — Cindy has been part of LBTS for 55 years and has worked very hard on many projects in LBTS for over a decade. She has been a board member of the Chamber of Commerce for eight years, was President of the POA for eight years and introduced many new programs.  She has been on the boards of Sister Cities and the LBTS Performing Arts Center and served on the Board of Adjustment and as Chair of Planning and Zoning for four years.  She’s been a member of LBTS Kiwanis and the Assumption Altar Guild.  She co-chaired the 4th of July festivities for 3 years.  Cindy also does volunteer work for Broward Humane Society and organizes a group from LBTS for the annual Doggy Walk. This event raises thousands of dollars for the shelter.  Cindy is an editor for By The Sea Future newspaper and reports on town happenings to our residents and visitors. Her newest project is bringing military families to LBTS for a free weekend of fun and sun. She collects donations from all of our great merchants and puts everything together for a much needed R & R for families that protect our country.  All and all Cindy is there for LBTS and works hard for the town she loves.’


More to come…..

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July 1, 2009 by Barbara

THE BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE……..(The current “Holding Cell” in LBTS)


Dear Readers….. at the 6/23/09 Commission meeting The Town Manager in her opening comments (Old Bus. 15 C.) said the following (Please check out the previous post from the 6/30/09 special meeting…and compare)

Town Manager- ” As you know about a month ago I requested approval to proceed with the improvements made to the Public Safety Building. I spoke with um, the Chief. We received plans. They’re in your package and their proposed improvements cost over $420,000.00 . The current funds available in the fund are and there’s a memo attached, are $284,000. I felt it was irresponsible of me in this economic climate to go ahead and make all the improvements when I believe the improvements that we already made for police department, the fire department and the fire rescue department (HUH?) met their needs as far as their work environment changes that we made are far superior then the work environment they have. I proposed a holding cell, not that we need it by law, becuase I think it’s beneficial for them to have a holding cell. The Sally Port is something that we don’t need to have. I guess what I would ask this Commission, do we need to have a gym? Do we ned to have a conference room? Do we need a roll call room? The funds aren’t there. I would love all my departments to have facilities as are on the plans but right now we can’rt afford them. I think we need to move them out of the area cause it’s right. It is, the conditions are very bad and the area that has been designated for them is far superior than what they have. If the Commission decides to go forward with this any and all additional funds that are not in the LETF account would have to be paid for by the General Fund. I’m here for direction. I just wanted to clarify because it’s a big responsibility. Thank you.”

BC- A look at BSO Colonel Ed Werder’s statements on June 30,2009….show that Town Manager Colon strung the BSO along…encouraged them to proceed with their plans…to come back for meetings…investing both BSO department time and money …. and for some reason known only to her?….She did an about face…asking at the June 23rd meeting for “direction” saying she wanted to”clarify” …”because it’s a big responsibility”….What gives…All the while she is assuring the BSO …she is mute to the Commission on her concerns…Hmmmm……..When this writer and others including Comm. Clottey asked about renovation costs to the new hotel the Town Manager “fudged” the numbers …and was coy with remarks of town employees doing painting…removal of debris and a “garage sale” of discarded items…All the she was  hiding the “looming” costs known from the get-go per a”litany” of problems the hotel presented for the police department….The Town Manager was deceptive in her assertions to the BSO as well by repeatedly (according to the Colonel’s statement) telling them it was the Commissioners “pushing” the BSO out of their current office…The Commission were “informed” by the Manager that the Police would be relocated and the current BSO office would be used by Town staff or for files currently stored in the still unsold warehouse west of Federal Highway….Then after finding no real direction from a thoroughly confused “Gang of 3” … she gets the approval for the Town contracted  engineers to start on the pared down plans….and proceeds to destroy the reputation of Chief Scott Gooding for calling her on her actions by the end of the week……In sharp contrast to her asking for direction and wanting clarification from the Commission on the 23rd….by the end of the meeting on the 30th…she says “I don’t need direction from any member of this dais”….WOW!…

BC- Have a seat Madam Manager…You have the right to remain silent…..

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop….5/12/09 LBTS Commission Meeting #1…..Nevermind…

May 15, 2009 by Barbara


Ordinances…1st reading…(a) Ordinance 2009-22 AKA 2008-17 was McIntee’s “baby” an ever changing ordinance to start the VFD , a non- profit corporation on its path to being the only permanent contracted vendor this Town has ever had…Vice Mayor McIntee wanted to defer it to the 2nd meeting in June…Perhaps seeing a room full of voters against this referendum signed up to speak…made him decide tonight wasn’t the night to push this through…

BC- This one shouldn’t have been on in the first place…as previously posted it was suspect that it was on the night before the Referendum Workshop…that it was the only referendum item on for 1st reading and somewhere along the line Ord. 2008-17 morphed into 2009-22 with a super majority inclusion that was never commission directed to be changed as a such….a point made by Comm. Dodd…despite the Vice Mayor trying to shut him down…

The Vice Mayor must have not wanted to deal with much this evening…First we started the meeting well after 7 pm starting time due to his lengthy conversation outside the front door with VFD Chief Perkins….( last minute instructions for the Chief?)…Then we had to wait while once again LBTS  Office Specialist and commission meeting clerk Nikki set up his computer…leading many to think he never bothers to look at the backup materials delivered to the commission the Friday before..Finally underway…McIntee tried to table and then properly instructed tried to defer his VFD referendum ordinance…..Judging from the fact that he spent public comments reading a novel behind the dais…the Vice Mayor was definitely wanting to “cut to the chase” for this regular commission meeting..He asked for and unfortunately it was agreed to…to put aside decisions on 3 agenda items….He leaned into the microphone to say  they would be there for hours….. putting forward  motions to come up with their individual choices and hand them into the Town Manager … the Scenic Highway Trolley suggestions for signage/and rest stop…passed 4-1 (Mayor Minnet dissenting)….the Art Institute student winners of the El Mar Drive project was also “sidelined”….. and the banner designs…with little discussion…and when questions were asked of the Assist. Town Manager sitting in for Ms. Colon…nary a one could he answer…anyhow………

The 2nd reading of Ordinance 2002-10…was also sent back to the drawing board when Commissioner Dodd and Commissioner Clottey made discoveries of inadequacies in the final product…Much to Comm. Dodd’s dismay much of the commission direction given at the first workshop months before were not incorporated …He found this was particularly troubling after the last commission meeting where the Town Atty. informed the commission that she and the Town Manager made the decision to include all of the P & Z recommendations..thereby usurping the proper procedure…in which the commission would make that inclusion from the dais….after they accepted the boards recommendations…We hear Assist. Town Manager Olinzock sitting in for the Town Manager was none to pleased with staff being called out on doing a poor job. Luckily for Comm. Dodd he was not alone on this one…due to Comm. Clottey saying she looked it over with a “fine tooth comb” and stated her items of concern…hedges,the crown of the road and types of businesses (which was not discussed at the workshop for inclusion of “other”businesses)…At the beginning in public comments this writer once again asked that more than 50% destruction of non-conforming properties be allowed to be rebuilt in the same footprint and height…imploring the aversive dais majority to do so despite the “messenger”…Surprise…surprise all were on board and it was repeated this evening and at the referendum workshop!…It was deferred until the 2nd meeting in July…Hopefully the staff will look at the videos from all the meetings …and the Town Attorneys will return with a final ordinance fully complying with the commission’s directions…

The second Ordinance for 2nd reading was quickly passed…no discussion for Choice Environmental…our new trash service starting July 1st….to operate in town….passed 5-0

Ordinance  #3….2009-14…the “noise” ordinance was already deferred to June 9th…with the commission “Field Trip” taking place May 15 & 16…previous scoops/ LBTS agenda/meetings categories…….

We had two presentations…by BSO…with Chief Gooding putting forth the need for red light cameras…At this meeting was Gatso USA giving the info on their well known company…which is used in the states and abroad…with a success rate of 72-75% for the first ticket…moving up to the 80’s (%) and with collections they have a 95-96% recovery of fines…(The company info is posted under the 5/12/09 agenda cat.)…it includes an encryption data bar that gives the proof needed to succeed that the charges are accurate and undeniable…Gatso has never lost a court case…it decreases accidents and makes people more aware of their actions…The Vice Mayor wanted to know the company’s cut…and the Rep. responded with a $125 ticket the company would get $30…The VM said there was no enforcement for those who have left the state…so why would anybody comply?…The Rep, said it was a “civil infraction”…( The VM is a former cop…Why would he ask such a question…put it “out” there?…and with the success rates quoted it seems out of state visitors comply)…Breaking from his BFF…Comm. Silverstone gave it a “thumbs up” and asked about cost to the Town…Chief Gooding said there is no charge to the Town…Comm. Dodd was behind this and asked if it could be used in “real time for an Amber Alert”…The answer was yes…not at the same time as the red light monitoring  but could go to Amber Alert when required…Chief Gooding later on responded that in itself made this an important tool to have when responding to Comm. Clottey that is sounding more and more crazy…in her anti-police rants….(A throwback to the 60’s ?)…Comm. Clottey thought it would turn away tourists…and asked “should we be ticketing everybody?”…Chief Gooding was quite  stern in his  response saying he disagreed with her…saying “we should ticket the violators”…..Comm. Dodd said the violators are the residents who know just how long some of those red lights are!…Other companies will have a chance to respond as RFPs will be going out…Chief Gooding went on to discuss the new BSO “Cybervision”..(previous post…public safety cat.)…a new informational service that is winning KUDOS from all over the county…Unfortunately this was the opening salvo of the “2-Hats” and their sour grapes attitude for lack of recognition for the hyperbaric chamber explosion …and their hard feelings toward BSO leaving them out of the BSO press releases…It wasn’t a pretty sight to see Silverstone say these alerts would be the “BSO version”….

Public Safety Discussion consisted of the Chief of the VFD coming forward to answer questions on the recent rash of public safety response events in town…First the Mayor asked about the explosion and the Burger King crash…asking about an injured member (previous posts…VFD/scoops categories)…where a VFD- Explorer was injured…a 15 year old minor sent in to clean up in the building that was deemed an unsafe structure by Broward County soon after the accident…Comm. Dodd asked as well about the Burger King injury after hearing this was poor judgment used by those in charge…Dodd went on to ask about the beach posts and life rings…for additional numbering on the back of the posts…and LBTS to be on the poles as well…Chief Perkins said LBTS will be on the rings…Comm. Dodd then asked about the ability for VFD members to speak to any commissioner without repercussions…(previous VFD/scoops cat.)….and about the ISO report…and the need for improvement…and time to address the  training…The Chief said he was happy with the ISO report …they were able to “hang with the big guys, the (BSO) left with a 4 …we got a 4, our first ISO”….but admitted some areas needed improvement…Comm. Clottey gave the Chief AMR and BSO her congratulations…and said she understood he was “one of the heroes that day”…The Chief modestly replied he “was doing my job”…and she responded “You’re too modest”…She then wanted to know why they were training on a Sat. afternoon when it was busy and they should be patrolling the beach…The Chief rather sheepishly replied they could find a better time..adding it is difficult to get the guys together…( quite a few chuckles with that response)…Comm. Clottey went further by asking the Chief why he did not find adjunct trainers …after using college and universities as an example of not training your own….The Chief said they were looking into that…HMMM…(ISO training rating?)…They are looking for somebody that is certified!….Comm. Silverstone gave Chief Perkins high marks for “not freezing up” on scene…acting “calm and collected”…saying only as “Jimmy” can say it “real coming to the road is met”…”you’re tested”…He went onto talk of the ISO report being a summary…not the “detailed report”…HMMMM…(a 36 page summary)…then going into the “chain of command” (previous post VFD/scoops cat.)…and of course this agenda item ended with the Vice Mayor …saying he was happy with a 4…that we would get a 3  shortly due to the canopy..the 4th truck…and some problems were due to BSO…that there was” intense pressure “(on the ISO) with ” calls  from unions all over the country”…He said the public safety of our town were outstanding…and worked together…he then read the VFD press release…(previous post VFD/scoops cat.)…Comm. Dodd then asked the BSO to come up to add anything …Chief Gooding said it was still an active homicide investigation and he will not comment until it was done…adding the boy was still alive…

No questions on the Consent Agenda items…swiftly passing 5-0…

The Town Manager Review will be done…and by putting it on once again under old business…..Comm. Dodd was able to have the staff finally provide the commission with the section stating “at least annually”…along with a survey of other towns who review their managers… not included was the content of their reviews…as requested…This writer spoke about the need for this and that it was indeed required…no matter who the manager is…Comm. Clottey reminded Comm. Dodd that she had wanted it done at a round table…that it was “not fair” to do it from the dais …it could take hours (McIntee lite?)…She also added that the McIntee orchestrated “parade” of CIC members could perhaps be the review of the manager…with their “vote of confidence”…HUH?…Comm. Silverstone said said he agreed and that he felt the manager deserved a raise!…After all he said…she did not accept the 10 week vacation time Baldwin had in his contract……PUT THE BRAKES ON COMMISSIONER!….This Town Manager received the same salary as her predecessor left with!…In most cases the new hire does not start out with what the last hire received after many years of employment!…So in this writer’s opinion , she already received quite a few pay raises in her 2 years on the job…..especially for not having the required qualifications we had in place when hiring her predecessor….The Vice Mayor agreed on the pay raise and compared Ms. Colon’s late hours to his (VM) never seeing Baldwin staying late…What is not said is Ms. Colon starts late, spends countless hours with her door open for daily BFF commissioner visits…and is not on any regular work  hours…as is the norm for someone in her position….The Vice Mayor went on to add this was “throwing stones at the Town  Manager”…HMMM…(Was this why she was MIA at this meeting and the workshop the following night?)…Comm. Clottey did speak up to say she did not agree with the VM…Thanks to the Mayor, she did what Comm. Dodd was looking for with this item being returned to the agenda……she asked for and then saw to it…that a date was set for the round table to discuss the review…June 30,2009 7 pm…passed 5-0…The public is welcome…and according to the contract the review is to be done before the budget….

Under new business the Mayor once again asked for a way to get more people involved…using online resources speakers and even a “citizens academy” and “youth council”…Vice Mayor McIntee , Comms. Silverstone and Dodd seemed ready to let this pet project of the Mayors move forward…but Comm. Clottey sounding as she did with the Adopt- A- Street  program, brought forth by the Mayor…sounded awful petty when she threw out that we have civic activity with a large voter turnout…It passed 5-0…

BC- by the way Comm. Clottey…whatever happened to your alternative Adopt- A- Street program?…

Next on new business was Comm. Dodd’s item to have a budget review board…He began introducing this item previously brought up as a Citizens Review Board by none other than Comm. Silverston on May 23, 2006…and as recently as last year before the budget by resident Bob Eckblad….Comm. Dodd has been informed by a CPA in town that there is a much easier way of displaying the figures and giving the commissioners and the residents the insight to the finance reports in town…Comm. Silverstone said he had recommended a board …but now it is not needed because he had written how it functions in the BTSTimes …(still not quite the facts…per those CPAs and Comm. Silverstone while calling himself an accountant does not possess that CPA degree)…and, said Silverstone the budget is now online for all to see…ONE PROBLEM COMMISSIONER…the budget is online after it is approved not before…while in process!….OOPS!…He went on to say it would not make sense to have a budget board because of Sunshine law…and it would restrict people..HMMM…Just for this board not for other boards?…Sunshine concerns from the BFF “Broom Boys”…now that’s rich!…The Vice Mayor took “Jimmy” -boy’s lead and spoke of the “logistical nightmare it would present…that ” finding CPAs would be difficult” …(He know this how?)…that there are “stacks of financial” reports…and it would involve “hours and hours” of work…adding CPAs in a room being asked to agree on anything is like lawyers in a room…WOW!…Comm. Clottey who we all thought would be the lead on the budget and the town finances…but has thus far been a major disappointment in this area…said the Manager gives a review and explains this type of accounting…going on to say as she has said many times before government accounting is different and it is something most accountants are not used to…”Because of the way she (Town Manager Colon) moves money from one fund to another”!…

BC-Which is exactly why we need a budget review board!…This writer is concerned that 2 proprietary funds seem to have had money moved to the general fund…..It  does not sit well with a few in the know of government funds are supposed to be treated……The 1st was the Sewer assessment fund…which rather than being returned to the taxpayers when found illegal was moved….Why?…Why not have used it for its intended use?…We certainly have sewer problems …The other is the parking fund…also moved into the general fund…we certainly could use monies in parking as seen recently with the parking ticket hand held devices and updated equipment…

The Mayor asked Comm. Dodd if he had finished with his budget review board…he replied…”I get the feeling of the dais”…..

Comm. Clottey put on Comm. Dodd’s original call for more help in Town Hall  to supply backup material and do research…She threw a few “zingers” at  Comm. Dodd by saying an inequitable amount of work was being required by some…She did add that the Town Manager did not think it was necessary …The Mayor said the staff was doing a good job and that she was opposed to spending $2200 at this time …The Vice Mayor asked Town Clerk June White to come to the podium…(Clerk White sits at the staff table, while Office Spec. Nikki sits on the dais)…The VM asked Clerk White if this would be beneficial…Clerk White said not really!…Comm. Dodd said he had been accused of monopolizing staff time…of being ungrateful and that was not so…He felt it was up to the Town Manager to decide if they were “overloaded” and  that perhaps Comm. Clottey was now the one “micro-managing”…The Vice Mayor and BFF “Jimmy” “defended” Comm. Clottey saying her actions were not micro-managing…and such assertions were “uncalled for”…thanking her for putting it on!…(How different the response was from when Comm. Dodd asked for additional staff)….Comm. Dodd also said this is why he wanted regular round table discussion by the commission…to cut down on what will be on the agendas…

BC- There you have it folks…all the assertions made on the dais from McIntee and Silverstone…printed in the Mc-Furth BTSTimes…concerning the staff being overworked…experiencing low moral…inundated with work …was bull!…The Town Manager said help “was not necessary”…and the Town Clerk said it would not be beneficial….HA!…

The last two Commissioner Clottey new business items were to stop any businesses from having special events when the town or the chamber had one…saying these businesses draw away the crowds and they (the businesses) do not make a  donation to the event!…(An intervention needs to be done with Comm. Clottey being a mouthpiece for the Furths…it’s getting embarrassing!)…She followed that one up with having the Town Manager put in place a plan for media information…especially after the BSO put out their information and the VFD did not…left to look petty and desperate for recognition well after the news cycle had passed them by….The Mc-Gang of 3 want the Town Public Information Officer to be the sole disperser of media info…something the Town Atty. will need to get involved with…and will surely bring forth some problems with BSO who have been doing it thus far…and who have just upgraded their informational media releases with alert and cybervision…Chief Gooding said it was something that would need to be looked at contractually…

BC- This was more of the ongoing bad blood felt by the VFD for the hyperbaric explosion…a recurring theme throughout the night…We hear VFD Chief Bob Perkins was told not to speak to anyone by the BSO PIO…and Chief Perkins took that to mean everyone…including the Town…leaving the media with nothing…a motion to direct the Town Manager passed 5-0…

The Town Attorney this evening was Dan Abbott who finished up the evening with his report that answered July 4th event Coordinator Marc Furth’s letter…(previous post…scoops cat.)…assuring Mr Furth that he would not be liable for the barrier fencing etc…on July 4th due to an exemption for gov. volunteers…per the Fl. League of Cities…who also said volunteers working for the event were covered as well…Also answered was Comm. Dodd’s inquiry from a resident concerned that their rights were being taken away with chain link fences being prohibited and house colors being enforced…the atty. said the Town has the constitutional authority to enact these rules…


Next posts comments…public/commissioner…and the minutes

more to come…

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Update…4th Of July …Fireworks On The Beach?…Turtles Beware…

April 14, 2009 by Barbara


We hear the Mc-Furth all inclusive 4th of July “Committee”…The “no need to post meetings gang”……are indeed planning to shoot the fireworks of from the beach…

They will use smaller fireworks and may have made a “deal” with Minto…

The Manager is aware of all…so we hear…Again this is the same Manager that turned away Comm. Clottey from the 1st July 4th meeting last year…due to it not being posted ahead of time and appropriately…The same Manager in receipt of all the current 4th backup materials…that clearly show a lot has been going on out of the Sunshine…and the same micro-managing Town Manager that has approved the Fire Display RFP  being “advertised” only in the the Town Hall that guarantees limited “bids”…thus delivering to the Mc-Furth event team the desired result ahead of time….selective actions… wonder she and McIntee are side by side…

Does anyone else wonder…how it is ….we were emphatically told by the Manager we could not have built the pavilion after season due to turtle season…(a fact still in doubt, from other ongoing beachfront construction and that very question being asked at the opening bids for the pavilion …in which it was answered that turtle monitoring and inspections would be required…with no talk of no work allowed in season…..previous post)…We have no lights in the pavilion or on El Mar due to turtle season…But we are to believe it is alright to shoot off fireworks on the beach…by the nests…in dry season…when individual fireworks are not to be allowed?…

At the followup meeting (previously posted) for the 4th of July last year Cristi Furth made a point that we should skimp on the fireworks and make a bigger event!…At the time she had no support…but maybe out of the Sunshine that too has changed!…

This writer still thinks as I did last year…in better economic times…the 4th should be a parade…a small town kids event with VFD hotdogs and burgers for town folks not the tourists who are staying at the event coordinator’s motel……and definitely not to be subsidized by our taxpayer monies…when it could be done by the businesses downtown…with taxpayer money to be spent on great fireworks from the Pier or on a  barge….

Is DEP on board with this plan?…Anybody know?….Who talked to them and when?….

We hear this is not in the backup for tonight…it is available…but won’t be on until a future meeting….after no RFP responses….or only the one “pre”-planned?…

This writer did send Assist. Manager Olinzock an e-mail….last week..

Dear Assist. Town Manager Olinzock;
Could you please inform me where the RFP for fireworks is advertised besides in Town Hall? it states adv. 4/9/09
Also it says for scheduling  inspection of the display site contact you. Where is the display site.
When are the RFPs due by and who will decide, in what forum?
Thank you, Barbara Cole

As of today, there has been no response….

If the status quo continues this will not be discussed…New Bus. item 16g…until the 2nd day of the Reg. Commission meeting…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop…Yes, Commissioner We Do Now Live In A “Honky Tonk Town”…

March 29, 2009 by Barbara


Yes Commissioner Clottey…Unfortunately….we do now live in a “Honky Tonk Town”…Thanks to the “new majority”…Vice Mayor McIntee…and his “Honky Tonk Disciples”…Commissioner Silverstone…(now you,)  Commissioner Clottey….Marc and Cristie Furth….Maureen  McIntee….Some CIC Board members…….The VFD Leadership…and especially the Town Manager…who allowed this to come to be …in just over 1 year at the helm …following the Jan. 2008 election….and the making of a Vice Mayor/VFD Deputy Chief…

We have a 1 man ruled town…with 1 man running the show….and in his wake while running roughshod on so many fronts the “promises”made of change for the better are now leaving no doubt that was never his intention….He had an agenda…

The question is…who’s watching…who’s paying attention…who is going to hold him and his  small group “disciples” accountable in 2010?…

I’m here to tell you Faithful Readers….The signs are there …The wheels are turning….

We hear organizations are re-forming…in preparation…that independent citizens who have either been involved in the past or who are now ready to enter the arena are lining up…careful not to show their cards too soon…to counter the “free fall” this town is in…

They are not buying into ….the “Bully” pulpit “peace claims”….A “year of no politics”……the “Cutesy” front page pictures on CIC-Mc-Furth “slanted” publications….the “planted” parades of “CIC-VFD -newbies” most who are likely unaware of the behind the scenes tactics they are being used for as a diversion for what is required in a town  contract,town charter or VFD & CIC  By-laws…….These bait and switch “operations”cannot cover up what has been a concerted agenda by these few to control this town with no accountability while using Vigilante actions with the aid of Town departments and orchestrated “scorched earth” tactics against those who question what we know is unscrupulous…and wrong…

Lately the one-two punch they pack side by side…this Vice Mayor and this Town Manager along with their  “disciples” has shown a disturbing brazen intensity ….emboldened by those who stay mum…afraid to say anything…..for now….

We see this Vice Mayor…with a “checklist”…confident no one will say “NO!”……He does code enforcement/ Police work/Detective “investigations” while riding around town in the VFD-SUV/ATV  in whatever “hat” he chooses to wear………He is fully confident in the knowledge that Town code enforcement will comply with his independent charges no matter what the Town charter says……This week it was written up in the Pompano Pelican with code employees meekly saying as much caught in the middle apparently “guided” by their superiors…….Comm. Clottey has introduced a decibel meter that will surely “arm”  “Enforcer” McIntee with even more in his persoanl “arsenal”…Reporters from the Sentinel…3 that we have heard of are well aware of the Vice Mayor…the Manager… and the VFD…Also they ask often about the “Greeks”…and the Vice Mayor’s alleged “Vendettas”….

Here’s a new one…Have you all seen the self -aggrandizing new sign on the VFD-ATVs…said to have cost a cool $1000?…A sign that attaches to the side of the ATVs that reads….”Now on Duty Deputy Chief Jerry McIntee”…YIKES!….A campaign tool for his use on the beach and parked outside Country Ham and Eggs!…


He’s got the VFD….Check…(It is said)…He’s got the Town Manager in his pocket….Check….He’s got the Deputy Chief position…Check…He’s removed the VFD members that dared to follow the VFD By-laws….Check….He’s got the SUV…Check…He’s got the ATV’s…Check… ( It is said)…He’s got the VFD credit card….Check….He’s doing the purchasing….the negotiating….for trucks…canopies….Check….He’s got the 4th firetruck….Check….He’s got the boat….Check…He’s got his 3rd Commission vote on the dais….Check….He’s filling the “seats” in the CIC….Check….He threw out anyone who knew the CIC history/ By-laws….Check…(It is said) plans have been made for 4th of July…with no Sunshine meetings being posted…Check….(so much more can be added to this list…check…check…check…check…check…..)

And the biggest “Check” of all….

It appears ….He and his “disciples” are aiming to replace the BSO police…looking  for a big- time re-election check to make it happen!……

This one readers will be up to you…it’s a drumbeat that has been in the Mc-plans for some time…(pre- 2008 election…1st the VFD…then the BSO police)….Are you ready for that…a police department…run like the Town …the VFD….the CIC…..just what we’ve seen over the last 12+ months…

Think about it…a McIntee Police Department!…..De-facto Police Chief McIntee!…

What do you want….a “Honky Tonk”…”Boss Hogg” Town…like the one we are witnessing today?….

Or a civilized first rate well-planned developed town that abides by the Charter…Where the rules apply to everyone equally….With accountability for all that represent us and work for us dutifully transparent in allowing us the very best people we can elect and hire to lead us back to normalcy and a future that is free of one man’s “Honky Tonk Town-vice grip”….

Dear Readers…I expected so much  in 2008….sadly I was “hoodwinked” along with so many of you….This is why I too am keeping an eye on 2010…to try again to reclaim the delightful LBTS town I chose to call home 10 years ago…….a town we can be proud of…we can be happy in with the knowledge that this present political situation we are experiencing was a mere “stumble” …a “blip”  in our Town’s history…Always mindful to look back on it ..and never forget it …  make sure that it never happens again!…….

To those preparing for the next election…be strong…be independent…have a quiet demeanor…do your homework…know our history…know what the job entails…and do it for the right reasons…for the love of this town…Good Luck to you all!…

more to come…….

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Here’s The Scoop…. 2/24/09 LBTS Commssion Meeting…#1…Wednesday Matinee….

February 25, 2009 by Barbara


2 pm Today Wed. 2/25/09…Jarvis Hall…

For those of you who missed Act 1…a brief overview…with the “scenes” to come in later posts….

For the truly addicted ….who chose to attend the political “theater” on the west side of A1A…..leaving the party goers to mingle across the way …at Taste of the Beach…it says volumes…. about our social skills…Tongue- in- cheek…fellow attendees…tongue-in-cheek…

While the “Taste “patrons were wining and dining…we were hearing Whining and digging…posturing…disingenuous statements on and off the dais…while watching “orchestrated” vignettes …

“It’s the VFD Chief’s Discretion….or giving the Deputy Chief a Hall Pass”…

“It Was Brought To My Attention, A Problem With The Pavilion….or A Definite Double Standard”….

” I Am Not A Cockroach….or You Have To Live With Him”…..

” An Auditor’s Unqualified Opinions…or Not For The Purpose Of Expressing An Opinion On The Effectiveness Of The Town’s Internal Control Over Financial Reporting for $31,000.00″….

” The Manager’s Report…or Taming Of The Shrew”…..

” Public Commentary….or The Past Comes Back To Haunt You”…..

“Show me the Ordinance 1st Reading…2nd Reading…or Do Not Pass Go”…..

So….dear readers…have a hearty breakfast… enjoy that second cup of coffee…and chill out ……for when these “actors” congregate…returning to their places on the “stage”….they’ll be starting with Commissioner Comments….and you “regulars”  all know what that means…..

“2-Hats…chewing up the scenery…..and  spitting out their brand of nonsense……hype…and ….drama…..or The Emperors Have No Clothes”….

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop…Words From The Past……April 24,2007….

February 23, 2009 by Barbara


April 24,2007….

Here’s the lead up…Town Manager Bob Baldwin was away …”helping out Lake Worth” …as his contract allowed him to do…and Finance Director /Acting Town Manager Esther Colon was doing the job…and being “courted” big time by many to replace him….a process that “ratcheted” up with whispers swirling around that the “Old Guard” had someone in mind from the north end…and was busy playing with the required qualifications to be the Town Manager to help this person slide into the position….

On the agenda this night Discussion and/or action regarding how to proceed further on the issue of Town Manager Baldwin’s resignation (Mayor Parker -tabled from 4/10/07)

‘Mayor Parker stated that Baldwin knows that the Commission has accepted his resignation in 90 days and Mr. Baldwin indicated he did not intend to withdraw the resignation. Mayor Parker indicated that he doesn’t think they should wait 90 days hoping Mr. Baldwin will change his mind. He further stated that the Town needed to take some steps to figure out what its going to do.’

‘Commissioner McIntee motioned to have Esther Colon be appointed Town Manager and request the car be returned immediately. He stated that Town workers have a right to know who their boss is.’

‘ Discussion followed regarding keeping Acting Town Manager Colon until they could ( have a ) workshop and work towards hiring a permanent Town Manager.’

‘Commissioner Clark asked if Acting Town Manager Colon was agreeable to this.’

BC- the word at the up to this time was…Ms Colon wanted to retire soon and was not interested in the Manager position… much for rumors….

‘ Acting Town Manager Colon stated she was tired of playing second fiddle to everyone. She said either she’s the Town Manager or she’s going back to Finance.’

BC- Guess we got a “little preview” of the new Manager’s style…with this opening salvo…

‘Mayor Parker asked if Acting Manager Colon was willing to take the job permanently.’

‘Acting Town Manager Colon stated that she was willing to take the position with the same contract that Robert Baldwin had with the exception that she will not work on a day to day basis.’

BC- What was Baldwin’s contract?…The exception  she referenced about “day to day”?…No follow- up…What were we all (not) thinking?….

‘ Mayor Parker moved, seconded by Commissioner Clark, to appoint Esther Colon as Town Manager with the same contract as Robert Baldwin with the one exception.’

‘ Vice Mayor Yanni asked if the Town would need a new Finance Director.’

‘ Acting Town Manager Colon stated that for 11 weeks she has been doing five jobs, and the only thing she is asking of the Commission is that they hire professional people in Town.She said it may take longer, but she’s rather have a decent staff that can work together towards.’

BC- So what happened?…Why has the Town Manager not followed her own declaration…. made at this meeting and placed ads in the proper publications for the professionals she asked the Commission for?…She has continued to do the five jobs…and elevated personnel unable to head the departments…(previously posted)…

‘Commissioner McIntee asked to withdraw his previous for acting, and wanted to amend it to permanent Town Manager.’

‘ Mayor Parker stated he already made the motion.’

‘ Commissioner McIntee stated that his own motion was before Mayor Parker’s.’

‘ Attorney Cherof indicated that there is no such position as permanent Town Manager, only Town Manager.’

Maayor Parker asked Attorney Cherof whose motion counted.’

‘ Attorney Cherof indicated that the Chair decides what came first or second.’

‘Discussion followed.’

‘ Everyone withdrew their motion.’

‘ Commissioner Silverstone motioned, seconded by Vice Mayor Yanni, to appoint Esther Colon as Town Manager starting immediately.’

‘Commissioner McIntee directed the Town Attorney to send a letter to Mr. Baldwin asking him to return the car.’

‘ Vice Mayor Yanni stated Esther Colon should get the car.’

The motion passed 5-0′

Discussion followed regarding Robert Baldwin’s resignation.’

‘ Commissioner Clark motioned, seconded by the Vice Mayor to accept Robert Baldwin’s resignation.’

The motion passed 5-0′

BC-Did it really happen this way?…The Commission voted to hire Esther Colon before they voted to accept Robert Baldwin’s resignation? I was in the hall…admittedly  I was caught up in “drinking the Mc- kool-aid”…thinking this was a great moment……This was only the beginning ..of the change to come…an upfront honest Town Manager who would bring transparency…Hire top notch personnel …..and after that……we would elect a new majority on the dais…..working together with a return of a new VFD  all beyond reproach…..WOW!…

What do I see now…that I didn’t see that night…April 24,2007….a Commission falling over themselves to install a Finance Director…without fully vetting her credentials…. her ability to be Town Manager for the long term…..and fully knowing what Robert Baldwin’s contract contained before voting 5-0….

In full disclosure…a look at meeting minutes to follow…public comments…will show this writer praising the Manager…thinking she was in process of carrying out what I had high hopes for…but unfortunately it was not to be…and today almost 2 years later…once again I look forward to making a change of Town Manager in the near future…in the correct manner for filling such an important position….

more to come……

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Here’s The Scoop…2/10/09…Commission Meeting..#3…Public Comments…Testing The Freedom Of Speech…

February 13, 2009 by Barbara


Hot off the Town Attorney’s dissertation on what the Commission can and cannot do…when it comes to public commentary and freedom of speech …(previous 2/10/09 Comm. meeting  #1)…it was time to face the music…see what would transpire…and if certain speakers would “push the envelope”…or play it safe….it turned out to be a mixed bag…that really covered all the aspects of speech the Attorney addressed…from unfavorable speech…which IS allowed…to irrelevant speech…which WAS allowed for a CIC member…and used to as an excuse to 2nd a point of order to quash another speaker….with the “regulars” …who speak at each meeting interspersed….

Right out of the gate…Bob Fleishman…who had previously been escorted out…in what was deemed “a personal attack” against Vice Mayor McIntee…(the comment portion was not actionable…but the exchange  afterward in a heated moment qualified as a reason to shut him down…although McIntee-disciple…Joe Couriel was left alone in an inequitable call of who was tossed from the hall….Fleishman apologized on his next viist to the podium at the next Commission meeting)….after commenting about Greenfest being an issue only to take aim at the Mayor over a limited expenditure…he went onto discuss his belief that is was wrong to approve the large expenditures for the entryway at Bel Air…the neighborhood of 2 of the Commissioners along with the monies allocated for N. Tradewinds…for marks left on the street from work done on Seagrape…He spoke of the lack of decorum coming from Vice Mayor McIntee for interruptions and disruptions  on the dais causing topics to fall by the wayside without results…ending with asserting the Town instead of looking for revenue was draining the resources dry….

Next up was Spiro Marchellos …which also produced edge of our seats response…due to the “history” between the Marchellos brothers and the Vice Mayor…the latest making the Pompano Pelican’s paper a few edition’s ago along with the front page of the Hi-Riser/Sentinel over the Pier Alleyway….Spiro spoke of an e-mail he sent to the Commission and the Town after watching the Comm. Round Table meeting where McIntee accused Spiro of “forging a signature” for signing in a woman who had asked him to do so….(The VM “profiled” the woman with a Greek last name…and did not let her speak…the Comm. went along with him…a decision in the aftermath was to allow sign-ins for others as long as the signed acknowledges it has been done)…Spiro asked for a retraction for this actionable remark…but the VM did not respond….Spiro also said the use by the VM of “Athena Boys” was disrespectful and made citizens sound like juveniles..(this writer has previously used the same reference…but will no longer , his point well taken)…He felt that McIntee had slandered him which again was actionable putting the Town and Commission at risk…still asking for a public retraction…also citing numerous acts that have targeted his businesses…and acts that Spiro believes were to cause divisiveness thus driving a wedge between their restaurant and others establishments in the town…he went on recounting the “code enforcement” being done by the Vice Mayor…and the possibility that in acting in this capacity the Vice Mayor may be violating town code by interfering in operations of various town departments…in finishing up Spiro asserted that he and his family were now insecure in regards to their fire protection, because of McIntee…making sure that while he has full faith in the volunteers, he is considering barring McIntee from their property…

Next came CIC /BOA member George Crossman…who asked for and received an extra 20 seconds to speak about carbon…no objections came from the Commission …although it was irrelevant to the business being addressed this evening….

The gentleman who last came on behalf of the Tennis Ordinance spoke of money making…tourist boosting ideas for the Town ranging from surfing …classic cars and a “bike night” for motorcycles…

Louis Marchellos  then came to the podium…he of the “Hissing Cockroach” remark made to the Vice Mayor’s wife after she was said to be “acting up” behind Louis and his brother as they dealt with her husband on the dais…..(The cockroach remark has developed legs…pun intended thanks to the VM…and later on at Comm. Comments…he did it again…Will it make the front page once more?)…A point of order made by the VM ensued…context below…..

Louis-“One Commissioner is trying to make my business fail. There is constant harassment in regard to every aspect of my business. This is not right. This Commissioner is abusing his position for personal reasons. He reminds me of a bully (#1) in a schoolyard. Unfortunately we cannot report his unethical behavior to our teacher or to our parents. As we not being Commissioners are at a disadvantage. The playing field is not even. Our only choice is to let the voters decide. And I remind you that the errant Commissioner is apt to choose one of you next. Whether it’s another business or another person in town. This Commissioner should be removed from office and censured by the other Commissioners. There is no polite word to describe him other than to name him a bully (#2). Just like a bully (#3) he refuses to give us rational for  this abusing of power.”

Vice Mayor- “Point of order Mayor point of order.”

Mayor-” I’m not going to recognize it. I will let him continue unless you want to call a vote for it.”

VM-” I’ll make a motion that we overrule the Chair.”

Mayor-” There’s a motion by the Vice Mayor to overrule the Chair.Is there a second?”

Comm. Silverstone-” This doesn’t have to do with really Town business…(although Silverstone did not object to previous speaker George Crossman’s irrelevant carbon speech), I think we got to discuss it with the Town Attorney.”

VM-“It’s slanderous!”

CS- “I’ll second that.”

The clerk was to take the vote…

Mayor-” …Clarified the motion to stop the speaker, correct?”

VM-” No the motion is to , let me ask the Town Attorney, When a Commissioner asks for a point of order does he have the right to express the point of order, Town Attorney?”

TA-“Yes, of course.”

VM-” Well the mayor did not allow me to o that. Is she out of line?”

TA-” I think you should be given time to explain your motion.”

VM-” I’ll reiterate my point of order.”

Mayor-” Yes sir.”

VM-” My explanation is I have no problem with what he’s saying but when he makes  personal attacks using the term bully(#4) he’s making slanderous terms towards me and there’s no foundation or proof of what he’s saying. That’s my argument.”

Mayor-” Okay, there’s a motion and a second.”

Comm. Clottey-” Mr. Town Attorney what do you think, I didn’t hear a name mentioned.”

TA-” I didn’t hear a name mentioned.”

Mayor-” No conversation from the audience, the Town Attorney has the floor, thank you.”

TA-” Well, a speaker can be out of order for reasons other than using a name. The motion that the speaker has spoken slanderous comments, that’s a matter for the Commission to decide.”

The vote…3-2…”2-Hats” VM & CS dissenting

Clerk-“Motion fails.”

Mayor-” I would ask you to continue but please under this advisement to adjust your conversation.”

Louis-” Yes Ma’am, I’ll make it brief…(he reminded the Chair of his remaining time on the clock)…He refuses to sit down and make peace. Instead he wastes time of Code Enforcement and BSO Sheriffs with nitpicking complaints. Why? What’s the reason? This bully (#5) must be stopped! This bully (#6) must be removed! Thank you.”

BC- the Vice Mayor responded in his Comm. comments…(will post later)…

Peanuts Wick came too speak about the conflict the Feb 24 Comm. meeting and Taste of the Beach…(no decision was made at the meeting)…the height referendum..N. Tradewinds…ethics and the Miami backup being poorly written…Oriana and the vacated property…needing to come to P & Z…and no one has ever been allowed to sign in for someone else (he must have missed the round table agreement)..

A spokesman from Leisure Towers (will post later) thanked the Commission for finally having this on the agenda…pointing out a whole row of LT residents…

Diane Boutin spoke about liking the bags off the meters…the looming lighting problem on El Mar for turtle season…looking for action…Oriana’s donated beach access…helping out each other in a small town…and Taste of the Beach…

A woman from the north end who previously came to spak out on the boats…came to set the record straight on the 2nd reading of the boat Ordinance for the next meeting which was wrongly included on this agenda under futures agenda items…

end of comments….

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