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November 15, 2008 by Barbara

‘The Future of Parking in Broward County’

Parking Meters

‘On-street parking in commercial areas raises the issue of parking meters. Meters serve two purposes, one obvious – revenue – the other not so obvious but also important – turnover. Turnover means new visitors can have some expectation of finding a space. No turnover, probably the result of employees parking in front of the store, does not encourage people to stop and shop. While people can find parking meters and parking tickets an annoyance, they not only fill municipal coffers but serve the public as well by keeping alive at least the hope of achieving the American dream: an empty parking space right in front of my destination. It just won’t be free. There is a large body of information and technology concerning the placement, design and monitoring of meters as well as an entire business of collecting parking tickets. We feel that is outside the scope of this study.

All of the above parking strategies can be implemented with existing low-tech methods. High-tech parking can be seen in our future as well, however.’

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