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Here’s The Scoop … 7/14/09 LBTS Town Commission Budget Workshop Agenda … Kept Under Wraps…

July 12, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers…On Tuesday we will be having the second in the series of required Budget Workshops….This time it’s the Manager’s Budget Presentation….and it’s being kept under wraps…No prior backup has been provided for residents/taxpayers or even the Commissioners….This writer asked a former Commissioner if this was the practice used in past years under past managers…The answer was sometimes yes and sometimes no…Well in my opinion even if it was sometimes not given to them prior…it ought to be done!…Not having it gives both the taxpayers who want an input and the Commissioners who like to be prepared a severe and unnecessary disadvantage to address their concerns before the final adoption in September in a public forum…

As a fine learned friend of mine has so often said (very diplomatically) when I have spoken of the sub-par behavior coming from the majority on the dais and the Town Manager as well as her administration points out…. they had some “teachers” who may have taught them “too well” to act in such a manner and have chosen to not only follow in their footsteps but to step it up from there…ARGHHH…

Unfortunately we art at the mercy of the Town Manager until Tuesday to see what she has proposed…and then sadly we will most likely be at the mercy of her guaranteed “Gang of 3″…to accept and vote to do whatever she is presenting!…OUCH!…

We have already heard the ramped up rumors of getting rid of BSO …along with the “sweetheart” inclusion of $25,000 for fast tracking a project for the Vice Mayor in front of his home…… A look at the backup under consent agenda (prev. post) shows in the June 24th proposal that the Town Engineer states this proposal most likely will not solve the problem…(the proposal that would solve it [6/23/09] was not included in the backup…and not accepted by whom in the administration?)…So if this is any indication…get ready….

We also need to be aware that the Town Manager making the presentation has still not had her performance review…as required by her agreement with the Town to be done before the  adoption of the annual budget….It was tabled…not deferred to a date certain at the special meeting to address her actions of “reassigning” Chief Gooding…


2. Pledge Allegiance To The Flag

3. Items For Discussion

a. FY09/-FY10 Budget Presentation

4. Adjournment

BC- an interesting front page story today in the Sentinel (link below) about state employees still enjoying their perks such as the health benefits at a very low cost or no cost…In LBTS the employees get health benefits as do the commissioners…so what is the amount they pay?….,0,4070131.story

more to come …….

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