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Here’s The Scoop ….LBTS 9/22/09 Regular Commission Meeting Agenda ….. Nope, Can’t Wash It Off …

September 19, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers…The September 22,2009 Agenda is out and it shows that the “Broom -Boys” pre-election strategy is out of sight…out of mind…For the 2nd time Vice Mayor McIntee has not put a single item on the agenda…This time his BFF (best friends forever) Commissioner Jimmy Silverstone has followed his lead (surprise, surprise)……Perhaps they really think if they keep themselves off the dais and out of the spotlight the voters will have short term memories when the March election rolls around…NO CHANCE!… Their records are long…their misdeeds are recorded …and their spots are too numerous to wash away…They face some very stiff competition from some newcomers….and a growing Unite Our Town organization along with 1 in-town local NEWSpaper, one neighboring local newspaper  and this site all armed with their collection of past articles and posts for reminding and informing the voters of the reality of what has transpired from the “Broom Boys”  4 year term!….

Jarvis Hall
4501 Ocean Drive
Wednesday, September 22, 2009
7:00 P.M.



3. INVOCATION – Reverend George Hunsaker


BC- last meeting we were overloaded with presentations…this time there are none…poor administrative planning…



a. Development Services Monthly Report – August 2009 (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)

BC- visitors 482/informational calls rec’d 490/ verbal warnings 29/notices of violation 60/citations issued 0/ Spec Master cases 19/complaints investigated 37/re-inspections 136/lien searches 15/zoning reviews 61/ final zoning inspections 26/ licenses inspections 5/ PRR 0/ fire permit inspections 16/ fire permit apps & resubs 17/ special event app reviews 3/ new bus. research 0/ courtesy letters 0/ building permits issued 116/ Some descriptions-no single family rental violations/1 illegal sign/Town Atty req. for copies of codes and variance file/staff printed over 80 sea turtle disorientation report complaints/prepared a history report and pre-hearing inspection forms for Bel Air sewers for code hearing/drafted courtesy letter for the final orders regarding shed and setback/STAFF ASSISTED 6 businesses with licensing requirements for custom made apparel (see previous post..bus. given verbal warning & complied/ met with Finance dept. for Town addresses for State master list/staff drafted NEW Complaint Form and submitted for approval/performed a backup of the occupational license data and completed a system rebuild/researched cases and drafted memo on sea turtle lighting issue/staff sent notification to resident with illegal July 4th firewks display…

b. Municipal Services Monthly Report – August 2009 (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)

BC- Some interesting hours…”Building Maint”- PUBLIC SAFETY COMPLEX- 8-11 9 hrs/8-12 3.5hrs/8-20 1,50 hrs/ 8-20 1.50 hrs/ 8/-26 8 hrs/8-26 12hrs…”Off SITE COMPLEX” 8-25 14hrs/8-27 11 hrs….”Wash and Clean service”…”off site complex” 8-5 3 hrs….”Ground Maint.” Chamber 8-3 6.5 hrs/ 8-12 4 hrs…”Off Site Complex” 8-13 6 hrs/ 8-14 6 hrs/ 8-21 15 hrs…”OFF SITE COMPLEX”…warehouse in the west or?…

c. BSO Police Monthly Report – August 2009 (Chief Llerena)

BC-Cases Reported  (2008-2009 )Auto theft … (12-8 )33.3%/ (2-7) burg. business 250.o%/(24-35)  burg. convey 45.8%/( 34-12)  burg res. -64.7%/ (6-1) burg struct. -83.3%/(1-0)  foreciable sex -100%/( 0-0)  homicide 0.0%/ ( 3-2) robbery -33.3%/ ( 26-19) theft-grand -26.9%/ ( 28-32) theft petit 14.3% /totals-14.7%



BC- perhaps the “little Chief”  Perkins has come up with the “bargain” price the VFD wants to sell the 102′ ladder truck to the Town for?…

At the 9/9/09 Commission meeting Town Manger Colon told the Mayor that the Chief had the ladder truck on that agenda because the VFD wanted the Town to buy it from them at a reduced price! The VFD bought the 1989 truck for $150,000 on their own…and now they want to “sell it” to the Town for less?…I’d call that being “fiscally irresponsible”…

One story being told by the VFD for buying the truck was to use it in Pompano Beach…..for mutual aid…In the Sentinel this week the Pompano Beach Fire Chief said Pompano was going to purchase their own 100′ ladder truck..OOPS!…Add to that when Chief Perkins answered Comm. Dodd about the condos in the north and using the new truck… he admitted the truck would need to stay on A1A…because it was too big to go onto the condo’s property!…OUCH!…Perhaps, a reduced “fire” sale of the truck to the Town was really …buyers remorse?…


a. Staff discussion

BC- No backup but this writer wonders…if the Town Manager is going to talk of “morale” or make more false accusation of “instigating” going on when a certain “blogger” attends RFPs or make public records requests…PRRs are the only way to get answers from the Town, (even though the time of receipt is still not “reasonable” according to the Fl. statute)…if you aren’t in the Town Manager’s good graces…and positioned for “fast track” responses as recently seen with the Vice Mayor’s flood drainage problem, (the Aug. shows a change for the complaint form is coming..Hmmm)…Comm. Clotteys’ concert series and Bel Air sign Resolution…and the Furth’s events…(see below)…Perhaps she is going to speak about the New Business item put on by Comm. Dodd for a part-time procurement position…either way..with no backup…she opens herself up to speculation..Hmmm….there will be a “staff discussion “…but not a  Town Manager discussion…(prev. post)…


BC- OOPS no minutes!..What happened to the 2nd half or July 28,2009?…MIA minutes…shades of the former Town Clerk?…The “2-Hats” were all over her…for being remiss in her duties…but the present Town Clerk… gets a pass…


1. Ordinances 1st Reading

2. Ordinances 2nd Reading

BC- will the “Broom-Boys” speak? Will it be a litany of the great things they have done for this town..VFD..VFD…VFD….and Jimmy’s “I made a promise to myself” and then going after the public comments made this meeting?… leaving Comm. Silverstone…”black and blue”…per his budget statement on 9/14/09!….


a. Commission approval of Special Event Permit Application for Athena By The Sea and 101 Ocean “Music By The Sea” Event, every Saturday night, 4:00 PM till 11:00 PM, October 1, 2009 thru October 10, 2010 (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)

BC- The “Gang of 3” made it so the Athena needs to re-up their Saturday night permit every 3 month…which means they re-up and then they prepare to get the paperwork in to re-up again…a waste of staff time and the time of the Commission…it needs to be put back to 1 year!…

b. Commission approval of Special Event Permit Application for Jazz on the Square – Village Pump and Grille “Jazz on the Square” Event, every Friday night 4:30 PM till 11:30 PM, October 16, 2009 thru October 15, 2010 (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)

BC- Ditto ….make it 1 year!…

c. Commission approval of Special Event Permit Application for “Christmas By-The-Sea 2009”, a Town sponsored event, Wednesday, December 9, 2009, 1:30 PM till 11:00 PM. Co-Applicants are LBTS Chamber of Commerce, Aruba Beach Café, Village Grille, 101 Ocean, Athena – $5,000 (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)

BC- Looks like the Chamber gets a reprieve this year now that the “Broom Boys” realized they don’t want to continue to go after the Chamber if they want 4 more years…No Problem…..if they win, they can pick up where they left off!…The $5,000 from the Town is even included …imagine that…And maybe now the Asst. Town Manager will back off …after making them jump through countless…ridiculous hoops just because he could…Did Olinzock ever work for the DMV?…

d. Commission approval of Special Event Permit Application for “Halloween 2009”, a Town sponsored event, Saturday, October 31, 2009, Waiver of Code requirement of submission sixty (60) days before the special event – $4,000 (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)

BC- This one is a classic “case in point” of the “Town Hall East” Coordinators and their 2009 reluctant Commission sponsor,Vice Mayor McIntee doing as they please compared to the 3 applicants above… It waives the 60 day requirement  for submission….and  a look at the application…  written by McIntee? (or employee)…Marc is written as “Mark” Furth …and no information is included..”TBA” (to be announced)…stated the same way as last year… and “TBD” (to be decided) is among the empty pages…a BSO empty page report that says “after Oct. 1st?” at the top……and there’s a copy of the 2008 application…Yes, it’s a “Town” event but the rules should still apply…and we hear the other 3 applicants were not allowed to use their prior applications ….allowing them to add only an updated addendum… What happened to “following the rules?”…….Look for Jarvis Hall to again be shut down for at least 2 weeks!…

e. Commission to approve waiving of right-of-way permit fees as noted in the attached letter from the City of Fort Lauderdale for replacement of water mains (Assistant Town Manger Olinzock)

BC- a $360,000 Fort Lauderdale project for the Galt and Imperial Lane…Fort Laud. funded…we just give them a pass on the fees…

f. Commission approval of Broward County Community Bus Service Interlocal Agreement FY09-FY10 (Clerk White)

BC- this is for the Pelican Hopper…This was never brought back to the Commission before the budget…The only time it was discussed at length …the Commission said if it was going to cost us money…forget about it…But the Town Manager had other ideas and it went forward…in the budget…with a County workshop…and here we are…It would still be cheaper for the taxpayers to send a car for whomever wanted to use bus in our town…Many say the VFD has plenty of vehicles, perhaps they could be our LBTS “Community ” transportation…

g. Commission approval of twenty-five (25) additional parking permits for use by the Woman’s Club of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, valid Wednesday only from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM and the third (3rd) Thursday of every month from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM expiring September 30, 2010 (Clerk White)

BC- It’s that time of year a gain…asked and answered…should be no discussion…

13. RESOLUTION – “Public Comments”



a. Discussion and/or action regarding draft Resolution 2009-23 concerning street names in Bel Air (Commissioner Clottey) Deferred at the September 10, 2009 Commission meeting

BC- This one just might take a while…we hear the Town Manager is none too pleased with the board of Bel Air…and even though she [TM] “fast tracked” this project with a draft Resolution prepared by the Town Atty. before any discussion by the Commission…she [TM] was peeved (we hear) when she was called on her dais statements that she had not received the complete street name package and the signatures required…Bel Air board member Edmund Malkoon came to the podium to say he was told it was delivered on the day before..The Town Manager said it might have gone to her subordinates…an exchange took place (we hear) after the meeting and the VP of the board watched the Bel Air portion of the meeting online and disagreed with the Town Manger’s statement…He sent an e-mail on 9/12/09 to the Town Manager, Commissioners and the Bel Air board and said the following ” I would like to make clear the documentation that WAS hand delivered to Esther Colon on Tuesday afternoon in preparation for Wednesday evening’s commission meeting”…adding what the packet contained…all the required materials…he ended it with “Esther, feel free to contact me if you do not have the documents delivered personally to you on Tuesday. Next time I hand deliver documents I will insist on a signature accepting the forms.”…Well, them is fightin’ words…for this Town Manager who proceeded to send a memo to Commissioner Clottey on 9/14/09 with copies to the Commission,the  Bel Air board along with Town Clerk White, Asst. TM Olinzock and (pseudo) Development Director Bowman…”I am in receipt of another e-mail from Mr Saindon inferring information requested and/or received was not passed on to the Commission on a  timely basis”…She then stated memos for PRR on the zip codes and the Bel Air Street names…We hear that when the VP of the board handed over the packet at the front desk the Town Manager was standing there and took it!..OUCH!…Now the Town Manager after making her “fast track” Resolution decided to send a 1st class letter to all Bel Air residents about the signs and the boards decision …”giving notification”…it was sent with the draft resolution and a map…WOW!…This writer asked if the Town Manager did this for the Bel Air entryway signs…the answer was “NO!”…Hmmmm……..This one should be interesting…


a. Commission nomination of Florida Municipal Insurance Trust (FMIT) – Nomination must be accompanied by a resume or biographical sketch reflecting nominee’s background and qualifications to serve (Clerk White)

BC-added on the backup…”not mandatory” it’s an “oversee” board for the pooled self-insurance program for local gov. ins….Hmmm. maybe we had it wrong …not an oversight board…we want and oversee VFD board…any chance we’d get one with the change…NAH!….
b. Commission approval of amendment to Choice Environmental Services Agreement (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)

BC- The amendment is only to address a 1 cubic dumpster …with a cost residential per month with 2 x wkly pickups $199.80/ Commercial  $220.17…It still offers no relief to those who have too many garbage cans…which the Town Manger and the Commission need to address… allowing for the owners to decide how many they really need…The Town makes no money off the cans…so why keep hurting the residents with the increase cost?…CHA-CHING just remember residents/ property owners in March…the touted lowered taxes…don’t mean nothing…when you look at the Town Manager free fall in new …heavy duty fees!…

c. Discussion and/or action by Town Commission to provide Resolution to approve encroachments existing on public property (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)

1) 4404 Bougainvilla Drive
2) 263 Commercial Blvd

BC- Did the Vice Mayor do a late night “tour” as “Code Enforcer” and have the Town go after those “encroaching” on the public right-of- way?…Sure looks that way from the memo on Sept. 3rd in the backup…A resolution needs to be made to allow the status quo for a breezeway with a few tables on Commercial and a barrel with some flowers… WOW!…Cha-Ching…businesses,  you too are getting “black and blue”  with “black and white” Town Manager directed code enforcement and fees…fees…fees…

d. Discussion and/or action regarding supporting the Town Manager’s request for a (part time?) Procurement Officer needed to handle RFP’s in a professional manner (Commissioner Dodd)

BC- The Town Manager being characteristically snide after she stopped reading the RFPs and not in any hurry to return to the practice…No vote was taken to fix the purchasing manual threw out the “procurement ” card…(her scare tactic for personnel costs)… Comm. Dodd picked it up and decided it might be worth it…especially with the lack of judgment we have seen in the RFP/BID process done by Town staff…

The Town Manger directed her staff to do a comparison…in her usual procurement manner …apples to oranges…The backup shows procurement managers for Davie/Sunrise/BSO/ Coral Springs/ Davie/ Hollywood/ LauderLakes/ Lauderhill/ Oakland Park/ Plantation/ Pompano Beach/Tamarac…the cost for full time salaries…min. $35,000- max. $90,000 per yr/ A chart …”Are Bid/RFP amounts “read aloud”….RFP only Plantation/ Bids only Davie-Coral Springs-Hollywood-LauderLakes-Miramar/ Both read aloud Lauderhill-Oakland Park -Pompano Beach- Tamarac…It’s  definitely worth it to hire a competent procurement manager to deal with the RFP/Bids and for the Commission to now make a motion for the change in the purchasing manual and an ordinance….which many of these towns have as well!

e. Discussion and/or action to change the Commission’s organizational rules to allow the Mayor to make and second motion’s in her own right (Commissioner Dodd)

BC- A little CIC history….It was a dirty thing to do and I am sorry to say I was there …I knew they were going to do it and did not say a word, I was complicit …The Mc-Gang wanted to try and do anything possible to embarrass the new Mayor…They planned and enacted to stop her from making motions and to move the Town Atty. down the dais so the Mayor would not have any help!….Well the Mayor has done very well without the Town Atty. by her side and now the ability to make motions should be returned to her ….for 3 reasons…1- it should never have been done/ 2- it is the right thing to do to rectify a bad deed/ 3- to stop the Vice mayor from further embarrassing himself when she hands the gavel to him for the next 6 months!…My apologies Madam Mayor…

f. Discussion and/or action regarding communication from Hannelore Heiden (Mayor Minnet)

Bc- This woman is asking for some relief …she has been the recipient of a myriad of code violations over quite a long time…..and all of it has grown beyond her capability to comply…This one puts the Commission between a rock and a hard place…but…election time is coming…so?….




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