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Here’s The Scoop … Scene And Heard Around Town …

December 20, 2009 by Barbara



Restaurants 1st 1 Commercial Boulevard Aruba Beach Café
2nd 4400 Ocean Drive Athena By The Sea
3rd Anglin’s Beach Cafe Commercial & the beach
2008 6002 N. Ocean Boulevard Sea Watch

Merchants 1st 258 Commercial Boulevard Interior Digs
2nd 238 Commercial Boulevard Cathi’s
2008 217 Commercial Boulevard P.J. Rossi Jewelers

Hotels/Motels 1st 4408-4424 El Mar Drive Sea Foam & High Noon
2nd 4433 El Mar Drive Ocean Reverie
3rd 4209 El Mar Drive Sea Echo
2008 4553 El Mar Drive Rainbow By-The-Sea

Low Rise Condos 1st 4117 Ocean Drive Leisure East
2nd 1751 S. Ocean Boulevard Jade Beach West
3rd 1481 S. Ocean Boulevard Leisure Gardens
2008 1461 N. Ocean Boulevard Leisure Gardens North

4448 Seagrape Drive

4518 Seagrape Drive

Single Family 1st 1981 West Terra Mar Drive Bruce & Diane Grigsby
2nd 261 Algiers Avenue Richard & Lucila Lang
3rd 4511 Seagrape Drive Bob & Ruby Schuyler
2008 279 South Tradewinds Avenue

High Rise Condos 1st 4900 N. Ocean Drive Sea Ranch Club C
2nd 5100 N. Ocean Drive Sea Ranch Club A
3rd 1800 S. Ocean Boulevard Hampton Beach Club
2008 5000 N. Ocean Drive Sea Ranch Club B

Congratulations to all ….

You just can’t make this stuff up!

The longtime Holiday Decorating Contest has been done by the LBTS POA…and as seen above it was done again …but for some reason the Mc-Furth BTSTimes…Editor Cristie Furth decided to thumb her nose at the organization and start her own per their last edition…Why?…This is not the first time Ms. Furth has done this…she did it with the BTSTimes “slogan contest”…which has miraculously found its way to the dais thru her galpal Comm. Birute Clottey…while upsetting the members of the Chamber and many constituents around town…The action from Commissioner Clottey reminded this writer of Vice Mayor McIntee’s false assertions that he came up with the idea to move the Chamber to Commercial Blvd…This writer re-posted that the idea had indeed come months earlier from a reader of this site!…Oops!… The  new slogan…should go the way McIntee’s unoriginal idea!…

Friday at the Senior Center was no better than Thursday…residents under 60 were turned away from computer class and more…We are told petitions are going around to make a change…and Commissioner Dodd has sent in a request for just how this sad turn of events transpired after so many thought it would be divided between the town and the county to remain open to all!.. If this was a misunderstanding…or there was a  way around it…this writer asks…why staff did not hightail it over to the center first thing Friday morning to alleviate the problem ASAP?…

On the party scene the feedback from the CIC Caribbean Christmas was a small turnout …while a private party in the south-end town last night outdid the organization in the numbers of  guests…some that crossed the Jarvis Hall aisle to extend warm holiday greetings!…

We hear that sightings of Vice Mayor McIntee’s car at the CIC party….and at Town Hall East show where loyalties lie with the CIC-Furths-Silverstone-Clottey after the  gamble McIntee took to oust Chief Perkins the previous Monday…”mean-spirited”…was Perkins’ quote (prev. post)

We hear from those behind the scenes that the undermining of the department from McIntee and Silverstone is as corrupt as it gets…with fearmongering of an unsafe VFD department and going after the new leadership…Talk about an overinflated ego…McIntee it is said. believes he really was the VFD and without him in charge there is no viable VFD!… On the contrary…we hear there is a renewed sense of trust and support for both the VFD and AMR… We are told by many they will no longer think twice about calling 911!..Many have told this writer they did just that when they conjured up images of McIntee showing up first for a fire or medical call!..Now many residents are feeling just peachy about the new Deputy Chief Joe Padden and Battalion Chief Kevin Padden arriving…both fully trained as firefighters and EMTs…and that they both work for AMR…It’s a win-win in their eyes!..

One reader spoke of a rumor going round perpetrated by the “Broom Boys” that our neighboring towns will not come in to help this new McIntee -free VFD…to the contrary…we hear the departments have said…”What took em’ so long!”…This writer was reminded some time back of a “mutual aid” situation in Pompano (prev. post) carried out when McIntee was out of town…and Pompano was quite pleased!…

What kind of person tries to tear apart an organization because of losing a balloted fair election? … What kind of supporters welcome back someone within days who is dead set on causing such destruction…Many are dumbfounded by this, when to the CIC-Furths…the tradition of the VFD is one of the cornerstones of our seaside village of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea!..OUCH!

Tonight the new VFD is throwing their Holiday party…all commissioners have been invited to attend…and just who the VFD will now see supporting them and who they do not…You just can’t make this stuff up!…

more to come…

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