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Here’s The Scoop … 3/4/2010 LBTS Commission Meeting #1 …. Furth-er Finger Lickin’ Good …. Fear-mongering …

March 5, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers… Did the Roosters come home to roost?… The last meeting of the current majority was a fully orchestrated event…It had all the “Mc-Furth Gang”members in Jarvis Hall….(including Moe McIntee) all their assigned roles fulfill a last ditch effort to bring the voters of LBTS “pure propaganda of fear”… It must have been “hatched”at Town Hall East… and all in hopes that you the voters are ready to buy what they are selling …It was cheap and plentiful!……Tonight the white gloves were off…This was to be no fancy table cloth affair…This was a down and dirty…greasy and grubby …roll up your sleeves and prepare to need a bath just to get the scum off back door”Barbs”-on- cue!….CIC “Newbie” Liliana Pomareda was “sitting in wait” to sign up first before half past 6…Cristie Furth arrived looking like she hadn’t bathed in weeks…(Familiar- 2008) …A small but vocal contingency of CIC members were seated in a pack on the left side in order to boo as directed…and boo and hiss they did (who’s the real mob?)… Cristie sat next to Louis Dvorak, the man Marc Furth and Jerry McIntee told this writer long ago was responsible for many after midnight runs of mischief and supposed vandalism alongside them in the Parker days…( I asked him to leave my house alone as I left)…Christie Furth could hardly contain her glee when off camera… (On camera was another “Oscar” worthy cameo)…She was ready …”Smackin her lips”…like she had a big old bucket of KFC…She would tell this writer to shut up…she would boo…she was full of such cackling laughter  (like the cat who ate the canary…fried?)…as she watched what she designed,…..the most orchestrated meeting we have seen in this town since the orchestrated VFD Fire Dept. meeting …. …. Cristie sat down when one of her “Swedish” minions came forth to recreate more hearsay …She was practically playing patty-cake with Louis when heard one by one tell their story…and what stories they were…Liliana acting all concerned about her children being on Youtube…(we hear earlier in the day the “concerned ” mother practically had her child running in the road)… The Youtube-child predator “angle” was  a last ditch effort to thwart the mess she put herself in with the camera putting a damper on her exploits!… The McIntee- Silverstone-Clottey majority stopped the DVD from being shown knowing it would contradict her claims of intimidation and fear after resident Diana Kugler stepped up to counter her claims and asked for it to be shown to put this matter to rest and let the viewers decide……. …..(I can guarantee you if the time had been 2 years prior and it was a help to McIntee-Silverstone-Clottey and Furth…it would have been shown at least twice!)…..Liliana Pomareda broke the rules of the hall as she came back up to try and stop the DVD…as she used “politics” in the process….going after the Mayor…The CIC group had by all accounts “baited” their opposition…as they positioned their Mayoral candidate Couriel to set-up what happened on Monday night……Both sides provided the LBTS Police with reports…and it is an ongoing investigation……. What a proud “Den mother” Cristie was as she gave me smirked and smiled with zeal……overjoyed with what she…her husband …the McIntees…Silverstone…and Clottey created all in the comfort of her Hacienda …..Undoubtedly they were deep in planning it all when the residents would see their cars there 24-7…. (Sunshine be damned…the rules do not apply to them)… She had Hannah Hempstead, a nasty piece of work in this writer’s opinion taking videos of this writer and others in the hall …(Youtube bound no doubt)…Many in the hall spoke to me of their discomfort being around her at the break…Cristie herself  took to the podium to pounce and spew out a one sided “woe is me” type fairy tales as she stuck it to the Mayor (the Mayor let Cristie go on the attack much further than any other speaker in recent memory)….The residents who observed the incidents countered the claims  tit for tat with yet another resident stepping forward to say he was “assaulted” in the hall by “Newbie” Liliana Pomareda…This time with her glasses!…( On Feb. 9th it was paper)…YIKES!…They had their “Golden Parachute” Town Manager Esther Colon fully engaged as she falsely claimed (As you recall) with the assistance of Jim “He’s not a nice guy” Silverstone that her “Commission & Staff Past & Present Accomplishments” were done routinely as the commission observed its last meeting before an election… A look at agendas in 2006 and 2008 show it was false to state it as fact…and Jim Silverstone was dishonest to claim it was so!… (He is so easily led in her “recollections”)….

The Manager did a power point that was as political as it gets…She is very secure in her declarations of this being a Town Manager form of government and after witnessing this type of behavior she is right!……She  spoke of herself in the 3rd person…saying Esther Colon was responsible for so much all on her own…(disturbingly slanted and distorted)…She went head on in her politically pointed arrows at those candidates running against her choice of Furth-CIC endorsed candidates…knowing these candidates will offer her unparalleled job security and a Town Manager form of government that’s here to stay if they win!… She was rude to the Mayor..and equally nasty to Commissioner Dodd…and no one…put a stop to it… Cristie could not have been prouder!…She glossed over the fact that we had $18 million dollars  (now down to $12+ million) and could have built our Town Hall Complex…and our El Mar Project…and our drainage townwide…forgoing a crappy $ 2million dollar motel…and piecemealing McIntee Memorial “median walkways”…and we could have lowered the millage rate… She did not address all the big projects she miserably directed unilaterally…( Beach Pavilion/Public Safety Motel/ Off-site warehouse) the below the belt tactics of going after the Fire Marshal after she terminated him……the ongoing denigrating and out and out attempt to replace the Senior Center Director… and stopping RFPs from being read aloud as she claimed to be above reproach for opening sealed bids …not reading them aloud and taking them to the back room…….She did not point out her termination of  BSO Polcie Chief Gooding or leading on the BSO for months over their new offices…She did not talk of her thwarting public records requests and financial statements….looking the other way on VFD oversight…or anything McIntee-Silverstone related….Her payback actions to those residents and businesses that dared to call her on her actions……She left off the presentation her shorting the Chamber /Welcome Center and sullying their personnel…All this was aided and abetted by the current majority…They sat mute as she denigrated CPAs and hurled insults and innuendo to residents and businesses…. Silverstone/ McIntee love to  talk of her sterling reputation…her being highly regarded everywhere she goes… This writer hears of her other reputation that counters their claims from those who have felt her wrath… She and Silverstone and McIntee were responsible for keeping it quiet for 2 years that she gave herself a years severance if she is ever terminated……..and so much more…(prev. posts)….But tonight it was a last ditch effort to hold on to their power…… Yes, it’s nice to have a healthy budget…but you can have that with a Manager that understands her place in on the dais…and her place in the LBTS Commissioner-manager form of government mandated by the Charter!…

The Public Safety item was odd with McIntee and Silverstone “going after” the VFD Fire Chief for the Beach Patrol ATVs not saying “Volunteer”..The Chief was short and stood his ground and the BFF “Broom Boys”…were left with nothin’… (This writer has heard the VFD is not on board with this Silverstone re-e-lection…guess those who said so, were not speaking out of turn)….

Commissioner Comments was the most disgusting display we have ever witnessed in this town…thanks in large part with “Besotted” Clueless” “Classless” “Crazy” Clottey…She should be removed from office!…It was shameful…She lied and perpetrated false statements of racial slurs that she says took place in the hall…False!…A look at the Feb 9 2010 public comments (yes, again proves it did not happen!… She made statements to incite…and distort and then crossed the line further with references Nazi Germany… Going so far as to say her candidate received a threat to “kill” him.!….I am told the majority of voters (this voter is among them) feel worse about voting Clottey in than they do about McIntee or Silverstone!…WOW!…I could take it no longer and told her “Shame on you!”… She answered and asked if I wanted to speak since I know more… That was the only honest thing that came out of her mouth in this whole despicable diatribe!… Commissioner Jim “He’s not a nice guy” Silverstone lied about this writer when he said I said drivers that honked were “stupid voters”… I said they were “misinformed”…perhaps Silverstone does not understand what “misinformed” means!…Pecifically!… I said it was a lie…and I was given a warning…I took it gladly to right his wrong…… Vice Mayor McIntee seized his opportunity…He called for me to be removed and said it was a 2nd warning… A vote was taken and surprise, surprise…these three “led by the nose” Furth Commissioners voted 3-2 to remove me… I took the parting shot at the door to say “Shame” on them…and tell them they were “lying” …”propaganda”…”fear-mongering”… I am told the CIC- Furth “pack” clapped at my removal…and a call to give them a second warning and removal by the Mayor was voted down…3-2 by “led by the nose” Furth Commissioners Silverstone- Clottey-McIntee…It figures!… I am told Jimmy campaigned big time on false statements…and false attacks he said he received……and of course he steered clear  on his McIntee-like voting record!…I missed Comm. Dodd’s comments…and heard a small portion of Mcintee’s swan song…No matter…it was the same old tired stuff…No mention that he is leaving a despised man…who was given the heave-ho by the VFD  (who now says it’s our turn …meaning the voters …and the CIC and is slinking out of town… (Pod and all)…The Mayor finally broke down……Town Manager Colon was seen and heard chuckling at the Mayor’s pained reaction to what she has been in receipt of over the last 2 years and the last 2 hours of this evenings “game plan”…….. The Mayor shot back at outgoing, disgraced Vice Mayor McIntee that he finally succeeded after 2 years…He made her cry!… What a fitting way for such a “pox” on our town to exit!…The “bully” made an elected official cry!…Sums up the Vice Mayor’s..M.O.”Quack, Quack”…In the line of fire …the Mayor still called the present majority to task for all their bad acts…and said it was the voters…the taxpayers who paid the the long run..not she!… This writer agrees…not she!…

Did they pull off this dastardly planned parting night of propaganda?… We shall see…Next Tuesday…after 7 pm…

Are the voters still uninformed in 2010?…Are the voters gullible in 2010 ?…Are the voters so complacent that it matters not as long as the ends justify the means in 2010?…

I certainly hope there is an  overwhelming number of informed voters this year and they are ready to say enough is enough to this type of shameful orchestrated fear-mongering….I must hold on to the hope that they will not fall prey to orchestrated race baiting being spewed as we saw last night in order to retain Furth-er Colon Silverstone-Clottey-Evans-Couriel style power over the next 4 years…Because it we are so easily deceived…so disengaged that we allow it to go on…heaven help us all!…

Time to come clean in 2010….. napkins …silverware…. table manners …and properly attired…. Leave the buckets outside the door in 2010!…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … 2/9/10 LBTS Commission Meeting … Walks Like A Duck Local News ….

February 11, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers…….. at the Feb 9, 2010 Commission Meeting. Owner-Publisher-Editor-CIC- Board Member-Campaign Manager for Mayoral candidate Joe Couriel ,Cristie Furth came to the podium to address her candidate’s opponent Mayor Roseann Minnet over the statements the Mayor made at her Jan 26, 2010 Commissioner Comments concerning the Mayor’s voting record that were inaccurate in the Times 1/22/10 issue……

Here is what led up to the public comments made by Cristie Furth…and the truth of the matter….

In the January 22, 2010 edition of the By The Sea Times on page 6 an article was written by “Staff Writer” titled “The VFD is not an election game!”…it included the following “Here’s what our Mayor, Roseann Minnet has done for the VFD during her last two years on the Commission dais: Minnet voted No to awarding fire suppression services to the Volunteer Fire Department. Minnet voted No against a transition budget for the VFD when BSO Fire was voted out of town. ….Minnet voted No against providing lifebuoys on the beach for residents…..”


Mayor Minnet sent a certified letter on Jan. 26 2010 to respond to the article…

2000 S. Ocean Blvd. #llE
Lauderdale-By- The-Sea, FL 33062


To: By the Sea Times Publishers and Editors:
I have read with great disappointment the following falsehoods printed in
your publication. I understand that you are not supporting me in the
upcoming election, but that does not give you the right to inaccurately
report my voting record to further your political goals. I am specifically
referencing the following claims in your January 22, 2010 issue of By the
Sea Times on page 6:
1. Mayor Minnet voted no to awarding fire suppression services. to the
Volunteer Fire Department. This is false. In fact I voted yes to
approve the contract with the Volunteer Fire Department on
September 12, 2008.
2. Mayor Minnet voted no against transition budget for the VFD. This
is false. In fact I voted yes for the transition budget on March 25,
3. Mayor Minnet voted no against providing life buoys on the beach
for residents. This is false. In fact I voted yes for the signposts and
the Volunteer Fire Department was providing the life buoys on
September 25, 2008.
Had you been interested in printing the truth, you could have contacted
me or some credible source before you printed these falsehoods.
I demand you print in your next issue a retraction/correction of these
falsehoods .
Roseann Minnet, Mayor ”


Mayor Minnet made the following comments in her Jan. 26, 2010 Commissioner Comments…

“I’d like to address this to By The Sea Times actually By The Sea Lies. The first time that I have ever stated anything like this. The first time I have ever stated anything like this but I have sent a certified letter to the By The Sea Times in reference to three votes that they said that I did not make and I do want to make reference to them. The first one that they said I did not vote for the VFD contract. On September 12, 2008 in fact I did vote Yes for the VFD contract. Number two the By The Sea Times said I did not vote for the transition funds for the VFD. I voted yes on March 25, 2008 to approve the transition funds. Third item they said that I did not vote for the beach signs, beach posts. I did vote yes for the beach posts on September 25, 2008 and the VFD was providing the life buoys. So in the future, again I have sent a certified letter to the publishers and editors of  By The Sea Times asking them to please send clarification in their next issue and I’m sure they will. It is unfortunate. Others have sat up here as well and nobody likes to be the brunt of lies or mistreatment. So I am asking you to look into that. And the next time you look at credible sources like the Town video to see how I did vote in the future. So I would really appreciate that. Thank you.”


The By The Sea Times Owner-Publisher- Editor Cristie Furth was sitting in the hall and did not raise her hand to respond…


On Jan 28, 2010 the By The Sea Times sent all the candidates a question to answer for their next edition ( Feb 12, 2010)…
“From: “Marc Furth”
Date: January 28, 2010 11:58:16 AM EST
To: , , “Joe Couriel” , , , “Jim Silverstone”
Subject: Question to candidates.doc
Reply-To: “Marc Furth”
Question to candidates:

While the maximum town wide height limit is 44 feet, the current zoned height limit in the RM25 zoning district – which extends east and west from El Mar Drive to Seagrape Drive and north and south from Palm to Pine Avenues – is 33 feet (3 stories).

Where do you personally stand on increasing the existing zoned height limit of 33 feet to the maximum allowable height of 44 feet in the RM 25 District?

Please submit your answer (200 word maximum)along with a photo by Wednesday, February 3 to

Thank you,
By the Sea Times”


On Feb 2, 2010 Mayor Minnet responded in a letter to the By The Sea Times….

2000 S. Ocean Blvd. #llE
Lauderdale-By- The-Sea, FL 33062
By the Sea Times Publishers and Editors:
On January 26, 2010, I sent a certified letter to your office asking for a
retraction and correction of misinformation the By the Sea Times printed in
the January 22,2010 edition of the paper regarding my voting records. I
am in receipt of the notification that you received the letter on January
As of today, I have not received a response from you. Accordingly, I
cannot respond to your questions until I have seen the correction printed
in your newspaper.
Roseann Minnet, Mayor”


At the Feb 9, 2010 Commission meeting Cristie Furth came to speak at the podium….

Cristie Furth- ” I am the co-owner of the By The Sea Times newspaper. At the last commission meeting Mayor Minnet publicly called my paper By The Sea Lies claiming that I published lies about her voting record. In the interest of fairness I believe I must be allowed to answer her slanderous charges publicly. A little over a year ago my husband and I purchased the By The Sea Times, Lauderdale By The Sea’s oldest newspaper and we are proud of the contribution being made to the community by providing accurate and factual, actual and factual community news and human interest stories. We do not engage in yellow journalism. Nor are we the National Enquirer or Paparazzi of Lauderdale By The Sea. We do not deliberately try to confuse readers with character assassination, sensationalism, scare tactics or misleading headlines cleverly disguised as fact. Mayor Minnet you stated I publicly published lies about you in a story regarding your voting record.Mayor those are very strong words and libelous statements against my newspaper. We are a Lauderdale By The Sea owned and operated small business and I take offense to being the target of your public attack of us. If you yourself had been interested in speaking the truth at the last commission meeting you might have contacted me to discuss your concerns which I could have easily have clarified for you before your public comments. However you did not. I stand fully behind the story on your voting record regarding the VFD which I will be fully addressing in the next issue of By The Sea Times. I hope everyone takes the time to read my response to your incorrect accusations. Thank you very much.”


BC- I have looked into the votes with obtaining the Town minutes online…and compared them with the above exchange between the Christie Furth-By The Sea Times and Mayor Minnet….

1- The BTSTimes – 1/22/10 printed…Minnet voted No to awarding fire suppression services to the Volunteer Fire Department.

Mayor Minnet -1/26/10 letter sent- 1. Mayor Minnet voted no to awarding fire suppression services. to the Volunteer Fire Department. This is false. In fact I voted yes to approve the contract with the Volunteer Fire Department on September 12, 2008.”

Mayor Minnet 1/26/10 Comm. comments- “The first one that they said I did not vote for the VFD contract. On September 12, 2008 in fact I did vote Yes for the VFD contract.”

Editor Cristie Furth 2/9/10 public comments-“I stand fully behind the story on your voting record regarding the VFD”

Town Minutes – September 12, 2008 -pg 11-“Consent Agenda b. Commission approval of Volunteer Fire department Contract for Fire Protection and Fire Prevention Services (Manager Colon) pg 12- Commissioner Dodd made the motion to approve the Volunteer Fire Department Contract of Fire Protection Services commissioner Clottey seconded the motion. In a roll call, the motion carried 5-0”

BC- The Mayor voted YES for the VFD “fire suppression” services …The By The Sea Times was incorrect…


2. The BTSTmes printed 1/22/10-“Minnet voted No against a transition budget for the VFD when BSO Fire was voted out of town”

Mayor Minnet 1/26/10 letter-“2. Mayor Minnet voted no against transition budget for the VFD. Thisis false. In fact I voted yes for the transition budget on March 25,

Mayor Minnet 1/26/10 Comm. comments -“Number two the By The Sea Times said I did not vote for the transition funds for the VFD. I voted yes on March 25, 2008 to approve the transition funds.”

Editor Cristie Furth 2/9/10 public comments-“I stand fully behind the story on your voting record regarding the VFD”

Town Minutes- February 19, 2008-pg 9 “New Business e.Discussion and/or action of Lauderdale By The Sea- Volunteer Fire Department (Commissioner McIntee) -pg 10.”In a roll call vote, the motion carried 2-1. Vice Mayor McIntee and Commissioner Silvsertone recused from voting. Mayor Minnet voted no.”

Also included in the Feb 12, 2008 minutes- right above the vote on pg 10- ” Mayor Minnet believed the commission was a bit premature and felt it was important to have an agreement in tact. She said it was imperative to have a workshop and listen to the people. Commissioner Silverstone said the people had spoken during the election.”

BC- While the BTSTimes is correct “Minnet voted No against a transition budget for the VFD”…they neglected to explain her fiscally responsible reason for that No vote!…

Mayor Minnet in her response to the Times to rectify her voting record most likely thought they were referring to her March 25th vote…

Here is why she voted No……

Town Minutes March 25, 2008- pg. 9- “Old Business b. Discussion and approval of the VFD Transistion Agreement 3/01/2008to 9/30/2008 (Manager Colon) (voted on 24 days after it was to be in effect per TM Colon)- pg. 10 “Vice Mayor McIntee made a motion to approve the agreement as provided. Commissioner Silverstone seconded the motion. Vice Mayor McIntee amended the motion to direct VFD to provide a roster within 48 hours after the signature of the transition to the Town Manager. Commissioner Silverstone accepted the amendment. In a roll call vote, motion carried 5-0.”

BC- No wonder the BTSTimes stayed away from the transitional vote itself on 3/25/08… it shows front and enter the “2-hats” voting that begs for ethics rules on the dais …due the the 1-2 votes from VFD- VM McIntee and VFD-Comm. Silverstone…

BC- The Times was correct on #2, the Mayor did vote No to the transition budget and the Mayor was mistaken. This writer see it as an easy mistake to make in light of the above information….


3.BTSTimes  1/22/10 printed “Minnet voted No against providing lifebuoys on the beach for residents.”

Mayor Minnet 1/26/10 letter “3. Mayor Minnet voted no against providing life buoys on the beach for residents. This is false. In fact I voted yes for the signposts and the Volunteer Fire Department was providing the life buoys on September 25, 2008.”

Mayor Minnet 1/26/10 Comm. comments “Third item they said that I did not vote for the beach signs, beach posts. I did vote yes for the beach posts on September 25, 2008 and the VFD was providing the life buoys.”

Editor Cristie Furth 2/9/10 public comments “I stand fully behind the story on your voting record regarding the VFD”

Town Minutes September 25, 2008 pg. 11 “New Business e. Discussion and/or action regarding the cost of putting up ID posts and beach equipment (Commissioner Dodd) Chief Perkins recommended about 20 wooden posts 6 x 6, with lifeguard rings and numbers on them to be placed on the beach every 500 feet at an approximate cost of $28 each. Discussion followed regarding monies that had not been budgeted. Attorney Abbott thought state approval would be required. Chief Perkins advised the poles were not a permanent structure. Manager colon asked if the Volunteer Fire Department would be able to purchase the poles by September 30, 2008. Chief Perkins saids he would. Commissioner Silverstone made a motion to appropriate $2,000 to pursue pending state approval. Commissioner Dodd seconded the motion. In a roll call, the motion carried 5-0.

BC- Mayor Minnet voted YES to the ORIGINAL “Buoys” (life rings) and poles…as she wrote and stated on 1/26/10…

BC- On 12/8/2009 under “New Business 16b.  Discussion and/or action regarding the responsibility to replace the lost buoys (Vice Mayor Mclntee)”

The vote was 3-2 against “REPLACING” the “buoys”…Commissioner Clottey/Commissioner Dodd/ Mayor Minnet voted No- Commissioner Silverstone/Vice mayor McIntee voted Yes..

BC- So if the BTSTimes is referring to the Mayor voting no on these “replacement” buoys it was less than forthcoming in its printed statement “Minnet voted No against providing lifebuoys on the beach for residents.” due to the FACT that the “ORIGINAL” buoys were already in place for the resident’s safety, the Mayor voted YES to them on Sept. 25, 2008 and the VFD stated they would be responsible for “REPLACING” them!…


As far as the rest of Owner-Editor – Campaign Manager Cristie Furth’s 2/9/10 public comments…”we are proud of the contribution being made to the community by providing accurate and factual, actual and factual community news and human interest stories. We do not engage in yellow journalism. Nor are we the National Enquirer or Paparazzi of Lauderdale By The Sea. We do not deliberately try to confuse readers with character assassination, sensationalism, scare tactics or misleading headlines cleverly disguised as fact.”

This writer must wholeheartedly disagree…I have seen ads placed that target this writer in a site, it is said, the  BTSTimes owners…Commissioner Silverstone and both McIntees own and operate aimed at me, I have seen photos badly taken on purpose by the owner/Editor and Official Town photographer of residents in our town …We have seen many untruths and distorted statements throughout the last year plus…along with accepting ads from their endorsed candidates that do not meet the Fl.election rules of disclaimers…We have heard the VFD is paying for the back page ad at a cost to the taxpayers or Booster Fund donators and perhaps at a rate not offered to others…. The Owners/Editors Furth have a political bias as Campaign Managers to Commissioner Silverstone/ Marjorie Evans/ Joe Couriel and that political bias is evident in their paper. So the statements made by Cristie Furth on 2/9/10 do not ring true in this writer’s opinion!…

I also found the following statement by Cristie Furth made on the 9th, particularly amusing …” I take offense to being the target of your public attack of us. If you yourself had been interested in speaking the truth at the last commission meeting you might have contacted me to discuss your concerns which I could have easily have clarified for you before your public comments.”…especially after the last few years of her BFFs McIntee and Silverstone and Clottey using their own Commissioner Comments in what can only be characterized as public attacks aimed at the By The Sea Future, and their Editors and Owner…

As for the timing of Cristie Furth to make such a statement just moments before the all out- political-personal attack made from the dais this very evening from Town Manager Esther Colon during her Town Manager Report against Ms. Furth’s rival local newspaper!…PRICELESS!…. ( post to come)…


more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … THE LBTS “Go Away” Center …

February 3, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers… The Town Manager does not like what she cannot control….and she cannot control the Chamber…So she retaliates…we’ve seen it before …over and over again in the last 2 years …All done with no regard  to protocol or the commission-manager form of government spelled out in the Town Charter…Why should she care…she knows the current majority on the dais Comms. Silverstone-Clottey and VM McIntee will have her back no matter what unilateral action she takes…And if at anytime the majority changes and the “party” is over …TM Colon knows she has her ace in the hole …The Silverstone-McIntee 2007 contract they kept under wraps for 2 years that gives her $250,000+ if she is terminated!….

The Manager held off in giving the Chamber their budgeted $28,000 dollars until the 20th of January and then went ahead without consulting the Commission and chose to pay out $19,081.23 to bring them back to a 0 balance according to the Chamber’s profit and loss statement…After the fact she put it on the Jan. 26, 2010 agenda under Manager’s report…Needless to say, once again her unilateral actions brought forth a flurry of upset from the Chamber, their supporters, businesses and the minority Commissioners on the dais in the days in between… UGH!…

Before we cover the meeting…let’s go back over a few important points…

On July 28, 2009 the Town Commision had a Special Hearing on the 2009-2010 budget…from the minutes…

“Commissioner Clottey believed that if ANOTHER $20,000 donation by Broward County Vice Mayor Ken Keechl was received for the Chamber, that amount should come off the budget.”

“Mayor Minnet reviewed the items discussed”..

“10) SHOULD the Chamber receive a $20,000 donation from the County for the Visitor Center that amount should be reduced out of the budget.”

“It was the consensus of the Commission that SHOULD the Chamber receive the $20,000 donation from Vice Mayor Ken Keechl, the Chamber would only receive $8,000 from the Town”

BC- The Commission was in consensus only if the Chamber received a 2nd $20,000 from the County there would be a deduction of the $28,000 budgeted to them!…

On page 47 of the 2009-2010 LBTS Adopted Annual Budget ” Municipal Building- Chamber Of Commerce”

“Funding of contractual service for the Chamber of Commerce Welcome Center. Maintenance, operating, building supplies, and repairs. Funded allocation of maintenance worker for maintenance of grounds and building.”

On Page 49-“Cultural & Recreation”

” Funding of contractual services for the concert series . Funded equipment maintenance and service agreements. Provided funding for special event activities for Easter, Halloween, Christmas By The Sea, July 4th and other special events sponsored by the Town.”

On Page 64- “Municipal Building -Chamber Of Commerce”

“GOAL: To act as host to visitors while providing a wide range of information to residents and visitors.”

“DEPARTMENTAL OBJECTIVES: To assist in their transportation needs to assist visitors during their vacation to provide tour information to major attractions and restaurants in South Florida, and to provide assistance to visitors in finding accommodations.”

“ACHIEVEMENTS: The Chamber provided assistance to over 7,845 residents and visitors that walked in as of 04/30/09, made 1,440 Visitor’s guides as of 04/30/09,. The web-site has recorded 43,318 as of 04/30/09.

On page 65 General Fund -Chamber of Commerce… the adopted budget under “maintenance materials” jumped from 2,750 to 18,601.00…Hmmm….

In the justification sheets it was 33,251.00of which 30,000 was for a new roof …it was addressed prior to the special hearing by Comm. Dodd after he was informed the Chamber did not need a 30,000 new roof…somehow the amt. is now approx. half… If the Chamber is still not in need of a new roof…the $15,000 plus the 9,000 …will go into what many refer to as the Town “slush fund” that begins in June of every year…Those “unencumbered” funds are then used for all kinds of things…left to the Town Manger’s discretion…in the last 3 months of the budgeted year for items such as new vehicles for staff …. OUCH!…

We are told …The Chamber is open 7 days a week, 8 hours a day 52 weeks of the year…The employees make $11 per hour and that comes to 32,032.00…add in social security and the cost annually is 36,837.00…

To date the Chamber of Commerce has not received their new contract from the Town…

The Town Manager’s Report- The Manager said she sent the Commissioners a memo which included the Chambers profit and loss statement ending in Dec. 2009 …on the cover it stated that and  “Payment for the loss will be made accordingly.”…She went on to try and justify her unilateral actions by repeating that the Chamber is a non- profit organization.

The Mayor spoke and said that this was supposed to be an appropriation for the funding of the Chamber and questioned the Town Manager on changing that allocation to be based on the Chamber’s profit and loss. She asked about such changes being made at the discretion of the Town Manager.

The Manager shot back it was not at her discretion and then did what is now the Esther Colon M.O. of covering her actions…Readers…anytime TM Colon starts her response with “As you recall”…sit up and pay attention because it never fails to be something that never took place!… This time was no exception ” But if you recall the Chamber received $20,000 from Broward County so that would probably be my assumption of why their loss was only 18,000 dollars. But I don’t believe that this town can use private funds for private gain when they are clearly a non profit organization and that is why I remitted the funds in the amount of the loss.”

The Commission addressed the issue later in the evening when Comm. Dodd’s item came up  in New Business… Comm. Dodd added to the Mayor’s earlier comments about the Commission budgeting 28,000 for the Camber for the year and put forth the Town Manager should not have changed what was voted on for this year…He said it put the Chamber in a bind as they already budgeted for the amount the Town had advised them they would receive…

Comm. Silverstone who always has the Town Manger’s back …( a vote for Silverstone means 4 more years of having TM Colon)…answering the minority Commissioners about the money the Chamber was “shorted” by the Town Manager  Silverstone said ” Thank you, missing money? Nothing’s missing! It’s just that it’s not a profit organization. I don’t understand that! I don’t understand the logic in that! Why we, we’re in a sense giving them a profit then. We’re using taxpayers money to give them a profit. How do you justify that? “…

BC- Hmmm. The VFD is a non- profit that takes the excess funds and puts them in a fund in the bank…paid for by the taxpayers…

The Town Manger then reiterated the non profit status and held up their documents for effect…

Comm. Silverstone ” So, so if somebody can justify to me. I’ll vote for it. If you can justify to me why we should do this, why we should use taxpayers money to in effect give them a profit you got my vote.”

Commissioner “Clueless” Clottey tried to do a McIntee …wheel and deal on the dais with offering up that they already gave the Chamber $4,500 so they were actually closer to the 28,000 …Hmmm…problem is …the 5,000 was in ADDITION to the 28,000 per the budget!…Apparently Clottey forgot her statement in July 2009  when she brought up the 20,000 from the County and really crossed over into la la land with stating ” Ah, this is supposed to kinda be reimbursing the Town for what they have paid.”… HUH?…She also said “We’ve already given them way over the 20,000 this past year, we have!”…

The Town Manager or as she is now known Commissioner #6…went after Comm. Dodd saying she looked at her files from 2006 when Dodd asked about the Chamber and why they were making a profit… With zeal she wanted to do a “gotcha” …But what Comm. Dodd will tell you is he was unaware of all the Chamber did at that time, like so many of us drinking the Kool-aid of anti- Chamber of Commerce!…After he zingers she said meekly she would follow the direction of the commission… Cart before the horse…comes to mind…

Comm. Dodd again spoke of what was budgeted and that his was deja vue to the Town Manager’s actions with the Chamber’s Christmas By The Sea monies shorted by the Town Manger without consulting the commission…

The Town Manager did not back down on his past inquiry and tried mightily to use it to back up her unilateral actions…

Mayor Roseann Minnet asked about the dates of the profit and loss for the Chamber which are January to December  not coinciding with the Town’s budgeting time…She again spoke of the Town appropriating the money for projects throughout the year for the Chamber of Commerce and said ther were no stipulations attached….She said the Chamber should be funded the full amount and asked about the VFD and their non profit status…

Rudely, the Town Manager responded to the Mayor that the VFD had a different contract than the Chamber …adding “I’m sure you looked at that one!”…(insinuating the Mayor looked into the VFD contract)…

Diane Boutin Manager of the Windjammer Resort came to speak as a “loyal member” of the Chamber, not a board member…and addressed the role of the Chamber as “the sole marketing arm for the Town of Lauderdale By The Sea”…it brought LBTS to national attention 8 -9 years ago and spoke of the tax revenues …She spoke of the visiting center …being historic …for 45 years…and the A1A Scenic highway and supporting it just as supporting the Senior Center and the VFD and their new equipment…She said it was contractual work they do for the Town and it is not a donation…

The Vice Mayor (we are counting down the meetings until he’s history)… went after the Chamber spouting Furth-isms…of the Chamber being mostly outside businesses that diminishes their standing…He brought up the Green Market (that shut down thanks to his actions)…and his tirade from the past when he played his “David vs Goliath” due to a vendor being an out of town flower shop competing with local flower shops…Those shops are now gone…He tried to call for the vote on Comm. Dodd’s motion to give the Chamber the full 28,000

Comm. Clottey a tried to amend the motion to deduct the 4,500 (Christmas By The Sea budgeted funds-separate from the budgeted 28,000) Dodd accepted it but there was no 2nd…

Paul Novak President of the Chamber rose from the front row to speak and Vice Mayor McIntee (still having the gavel after taking it when Mayor Minnet 2nd Comm. Dodd’s motion) ..tried to stop him due to the late hour…Mr Novak said he wanted to respond to  McIntee… He said the Chamber cannot stand on its own “in our geographic location”…He said they Can’t make it, that’s why they go out of town and “there’s nothing wrong with it.”… He addressed McIntee’s comments about the flower shops and the farmer’s market …saying for $20 those shops could have participated…it was a success…He said they are  a welcome center and it costs a  lot of money to run it…that we are the only welcome center in Broward County …they expected 28,000 and the 20,000 was “a windfall” from Broward County …He said they look at the Town as sponsors of the Chamber …They are the only group that promotes this town “if you want to blow the Chamber away I don’t know who else is going to do what we do. It’s not that simple.”…He went on to speak of the change from 35,000 a few years back to 28,000 and said 28,000 was not “exorbitant”…Paul said 30% are out of town businesses and they have 280 members…He appealed to them for the 28,000 and asked for “some kind of clear path of knowing what is going to happen in the future”…

Comm. Silverstone (his insert foot in mouth finale)… ” Last bite of my apple here. I appreciate the Chamber Paul and appreciate what’s been done but I also know we have a contract with the Chamber (has Jimmy even seen it?) and I also understand that um, um I have politically, the smartest thing for me to do politically would be to give you money and vote for it and go that’s the thing to do but I have a higher responsibility to the citizens of this town and the people who pay taxes and unfortunately the reality is 90% of the tax money that comes in of all the money that comes in to support this town comes from residents and I’m probably being generous with that. (Shades of Oliver Parker!)… I cannot. I’m not doing my job by giving money to a non profit organization. I can’t justify it with the taxpayers money. Ah, you have a contract. If you need more that’s next year. Ah, this year you came under budget. But I, I can’t justify giving you ah, ah what in turn is a profit. It just does not make any sense to me. It’s not right to the citizens taxpayers of this town. Um I yield.”…

BC-4 more years… really want 4 more years of this?…

Mayor Minnet” I look at this a whole different way. This is not looking at the whole picture of what the Chamber actually does for this community and how they offset what the residents have to do because id you took the mix of the businesses out of what they offer to this community as far as revenue is concerned taxes on the residential base would be considerably higher. These businesses and this Chamber is saving this town money by bringing revenues into this town by staying with us and continuing to service that visitors center.Even though I know it does serve quite a bit of Broward County, it’s still in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea. It still is a name recognition for the Town Of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea and that’s what the most important thing is. So I’m looking at the bigger picture here and the long term benefits of what it has for the residents of this town. You can look at it any other way you want, this was an appropriation fro the Chamber of Commerce and I will leave it at that.”

BC- This is who we need in the “center seat” on the dais for the next 2 years!…

Commissioner Clottey interrupted the vote to say she wanted to make a motion afterward…The vote was taken and it failed 3-2!

Commissioner Silverstone-Commissioner Clottey- Vice Mayor McIntee voted against the 28,000/ Mayor Minnet-Commissioner Dodd voted yes to honor the 2009-2010 budgeted amt. for the Chamber…

Comm. Clottey again tried for the 4, died for lack of a 2nd…

The LBTS Chamber of Commerce was “shorted” by the Town Manager-Commissioner Silverstone-Commissioner Clottey- Vice Mayor McIntee $9,500 this year!…

The Commissioners receive approx. 10,ooo a year plus….perks and “pet” programs funded…

Commissioner Silverstone received in 2009-2010 from the Town  …insurance-cellphone allowance- his recreational programs 34,000/ Easter By The Sea 3,000/Halloween 4,000

Commissioner Clottey received in 2009-2010 from the Town …insurance- cell phone allowance – her concert series 7,500

VM McIntee received in 2009-2010 from the Town …. cell phone allowance- his recreational programs 34,000

Comm. Dodd received in 2009-2010 from the Town…cell phone allowance

Mayor Minnet received in 2009-20110 from the Town ……nothing…nada….zip!…

more to come……..

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Here’s The Scoop …. Tennis Anyone? …

January 18, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers… An e-mail was sent to a commissioner and some like-minded residents …concerning the Tennis courts and their use…past …present and future … We hear some more election time misinformation and fearmongering are making there way throughout the town…to steer votes to Furth-endorsed candidates Comm. Silverstone, Joe Couriel and  M.I.A. Marjorie Evans …A few days ago it was the heights…with Furth-fearmongers saying a vote for their opponents would be a vote to raise heights to a Galt Ocean Mile 15 stories if elected……The Candidates Minnet, Sasser and Vincent countered with by providing voters with the factual information Article 7 Section 9 that states no increase in height can be instituted without a vote of the LBTS voters by referendum….With that off the table…we hear the fear now is the tennis courts being opened up to non- residents…Well, let’s get some facts on this latest mumbo-jumbo… from Town Hall East…


At that meeting Commissioner Silverstone stated he put this on to increase the use of the tennis courts…(his campaign manager Cristie Furth  “thought the tennis courts should be kept in house” according to the minutes…On the video she actually says “keep it for Town residents”)… Town Manager Colon says at this meeting there are a total of 40 residents and 3 commercial “key” holders who use the 2 tennis courts…and stated she has never had any issues with the tennis courts in her 9 years of being in Town…Town Manager Colon also says the courts were insured and updated in the previous year…Commissioner Clottey thought the rate should be higher in season. Commissioner Silverstone liked the idea of pro-rating it “He believed it would get MORE people out there”…Mayor Minnet “thought it encouraged more people to use the tennis courts”…according to the minutes…Comm. Silverstone and Mayor Minnet agreed. ….”Commissioner Silverstone made the motion to adopt Ordinance 2005-05 on first reading as written with a 5% annual increase. Vice Mayor McIntee seconded the motion. All voted in favor.”

BC- OOPS!…The ordinance to open up the tennis courts came from Commissioner Silverstone and was seconded by Vice Mayor McIntee and all voted in favor!…OUCH!…

The Ordinance came back for second reading on January 27, 2009 …It was read by title by the Town Attorney who clearly pointed out the change was to allow non-residents which was not allowed prior to Comm. Silverstone’s Ordinance…The Ordinance as a second reading was published in the Sentinel…($$$)…….Public comment was allowed and a group of the regular tennis players (the 40) came to speak out against the Comm. Silverstone Ordinance to allow non-resident to use their two prized Town tennis courts…After their impassioned pleas the Mayor closed the public comments portion and discussion began by the Commission….According to the minutes …Vice Mayor McIntee (who was the second for Jimmy-boy’s Ord. for first reading) jumped at the bit and said he “knew the people of the Town wanted to keep the tennis courts for residents.”…Commissioner Silverstone, the Ordinance originator “thought this was a great example of the way government should work”….Mayor Minnet, according to the minutes stated ” felt there should be some parameters to allow other guests and tourists to use the courts. She said she would like to see the Town share a little more.” ..A look at the video shows Mayor Minnet was actually saying what she heard from one public comment, “sounds like you don’t want to share “…Vice Mayor McIntee “was against sharing. He believed it opened up a Pandora’s box”…The Town Attorney advised how the Commission could move forward with the Ordinance to remain the same with the exclusion of non-resident usage for first reading yet again. “All voted in favor.”

BC- Commissioner Silverstone states he “thought this was a great example of the way government should work”…. WOW!…We paid for a second reading in the newspaper and with legal costs to go back to first reading because it was done without input from the residents… Commissioner Silverstone believes  THIS is the way government should?…And he wants 4 more years?..YIKES!… The misinformed are blaming Mayor Minnet for wanting to “share” when she was actually repeating what a fellow speaker said and she has voted along with Silverstone on both votes?…Hmmmm….

On February 10, 2009 the Commissioner Jim Silverstone Ordinance 2009-05 became Ordinance 2009-15 changing the fee structure and keeping the tennis courts as they were prior to Comm. Silverstone’s Ord. 2009-05 for residents only with hotels /timeshares being able to use the courts along with annual renters ….A few public comments were made…including Diane Boutin stating she made a public records request for the costs associated with the tennis courts.. “Commissioner Dodd made a motion to approve Ordinance 2009-15 on first reading. Commissioner Silverstone seconded the motion. All voted in favor.”

March 10, 2009 Ordinance 2009-15 was on the agenda for second reading …It was read by title by Town Attorney  Trevarthen…Public comment was opened and one proponent of keeping the tennis courts “private” came forth to thank the “Commission for a wonderful Ordinance…. Stating “he always looked forward to working with Assistant Town Manager Olinzock and Manager Colon”…”Vice Mayor McIntee made a motion to adopt Ordinance 2009-15 on second reading. Commissioner Dodd seconded the motion. The motion carried 5-0″..

BC- So from the time Commissioner Jim Silverstone tried to amend the longstanding Tennis Ordinance in January 2009 to allow for non-resident use…to the final adoption without the non-resident portion in March 2009……Mayor Minnet voted along  Commissioner Silverstone and the rest of the Commission 5-0!…

One point this writer thinks needs to be brought forth at this time is this…Since the Ordinance passed in March 2009… the Town Manager merged the Senior Center and the Recreation department….What rears it’s ugly head for the present Tennis Ordinance as it stands is the following……

On January 12, 2010 at the Regular Commission meeting, after the Town Manager created chaos by directing the Senior Center Director to post a sign of requirements to allow only certain Seniors to participate, the Commission decided on new rules for allowing residents and NON-residents to use the activities the Town offers…

Commissioner Silvserstone stated the following. I think for in-town residents free, absolutely, but for people who are also using this from Galt Ocean Mile from Fort Lauderdale, a small charge to just, to, to help out with the paperwork and so forth I think would be reasonable. I’d like to go in that direction.”

Mayor Minnet and Commissioner Dodd concurred with a fee for non-residents….. Vice Mayor McIntee stated the following…” What I’m saying is you indicated we can let anybody come in if we create two lists. One for legitimate people per the grant and one for the people who do not make the grant standards,. Is that correct?”…

The Town Manger responded she did not like to use the word “legitimate” …preferring those that do not fit the “criteria of the grant”…

The Vice Mayor then added this ” Let’s open it up! Let’s get it going. Encourage two lists and encourage people to come and use our services!”…

Commissioner Dodd made a motion …

The Town Manager asked for clarification… then stating a $30 charge once a year for “ANY AND ALL ACTIVITIES”… OOPS!…

Commissioner Silverstone perhaps recalled the Tennis Ordinance…and stated the following ” I just have I, I think we’re missing something here. I learned a lesson a long time ago the people who are enjoying these services should have input here. So I think I would like to get their input what the  would like to see as any restrictions. Cause I could see that Yoga class being almost over, overly. Anyway, we have, we have a certain limitations in the room and that sort of things. I think getting their input directly about what would be workable for them as far as ah, restrictions. I think it would be a good thing. Unless the Town Manager thinks she has enough input currently to judge that.”….

The Town manager gave her examples of the Yoga class led by Pauline McGuiness and her cutoff of 35 people in the room…

Commissioner Silverstone responded “Got you. That’s fine.”…

The Motion was made by Commissioner Dodd and seconded by Vice Mayor McIntee …passing 4-0 (Comm. Clottey was out ill)…for the Senior Center-Recreational Department activities to be used by residents…NON- residents …of any age and any income!…

With that vote…on January 13, 2010…ALL ACTIVITIES in LBTS are open for use EXCEPT the Town Tennis!…

The Furth-endorsed candidates are at “MATCH POINT”…. in the “2nd set” of trying to fearmonger their way to a victory in March!…OUCH!…

Pass the Ben-Gay…..



Sec. 17-14. Persons who may use tennis courts; access to tennis courts; issuance of keys; fees.
(a) There shall be available only (1) to persons who own property within the Town and/or (2) to persons who lease residential property (single-family detached homes, townhomes, condominium units or rental apartments) within the Town (tenant-residents) under a written lease for a term of one year or longer, and/or (3) to owners and/or operators of hotels and motels located within the Town for use by the registered guests of such hotels and motels (hotel/motel operators), the opportunity to use the tennis courts which are owned by the Town subject to such rules and regulations pertaining to such use as may from time to time be promulgated by the Town Manager.
(b) The tennis courts may only be accessed through the entrance gate and with a key to be issued by the Town for that purpose.
(c) Keys to the tennis courts may be rented annually from the Town by property owners, tenant-residents, and hotel/motel operators on a fiscal year basis. Keys rented during the fiscal year will be charged a prorated percentage of the annual fee. Only one key shall be issued to a hotel/motel operator and only one key shall be issued to a property owner (for each residential property owned) and only one key shall be issued for any one residential dwelling unit tenant-resident.
(d) The annual fee for the issuance of keys shall be as follows:
Single-family and duplex dwelling, including individual condominium units (and any unimproved lots)** . . . $100.00
Hotel/motel operator*
3–12 units* . . . 100.00
13–50 units* . . . 100.00
More than 50 units* . . . 100.00
Individual tenant-residents** . . . 100.00
*Only one key shall be issued to a property or complex–transient licensure
**Only one key shall be issued per residential household
(e) All fees contained in this section shall be automatically increased by five percent on October 1, 2009, and by five percent on each October 1st thereafter.
(f) The Town Manager shall verify the particular property owner, resident-tenant and/or hotel/motel operator status prior to issuance of a tennis key.
(Ord. No. 353, § 1, 9-14-94; Ord. No. 2009-15, § 1, 3-10-09)

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … The “Median” Municipal Election In LBTS ….

January 15, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers.. The March 9, 2010 LBTS Municipal Election will be about the El Mar Drive Million Dollar Medians …. and if voters want to spend a million to be “educated” in walking the medians along with our furry friends…they should vote for the Furth endorsed candidates of Joe Couriel, Marjorie Evans and Commissioner Jim Silverstone…These three agree with Marc and Cristie Furth, Commissioner Birute Clottey and Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee that walking the medians is the way to go!…People just need to be educated to do so!….

Here’s what CIC Board Member-Editor of BTSTimes and Campaign manager to the CIc-endorsed candidates said in her public comments on January 12, 2010…

“I will speak on an agenda item but not this particular agenda, a previous one. The passage of the El Mar Drive beautification project. I’m very pleased that the majority of the dais (Silvertone, Clottey, McIntee) went ahead with that project that has been a year and a half in the works. Um, decided on by the Master Plan Steering Committee and with the dais being well informed that you only have so much money, that one million dollars which was a penalty for overbuilding the Oriana was designated to make pedestrian El Mar Drive more pedestrian friendly and this plan does exactly that. Everything else was discussed in the year and a half. Everybody was aware when it came time to vote for it. I would have liked to have seen a majority vote of 5-0 up there for it because it is exactly what the Master Plan Steering Committee was charged with doing and it’s exactly what they did. I don’t understand why anybody would vote against it. It’s not money taken out of anybody’s budget and anybody’s tax dollars. It is designed exactly for this purpose and another sidewalk down the middle of a ah, park like area, shaded ah, people can walk their dogs and would be if people want to get out of the sun because it’s very hard to get out of the sun on El Mar and it’s a very popular exercise boulevard. This is an absolutely ideal plan and I’m looking forward to its implementation.”

Well, Ms. Furth is very good at revisionist history at the podium….She has conveniently forgotten that for that year and a half the MPSC on which her husband is a member was misinformed by the Town Manager that the Oriana million per the agreement was only for the south end of El Mar Drive…thus the median idea came forth, using the Art Institute students …Although the Town Manager was repeatedly asked to verify her assertions by the committee,including both Mrs Furth and her husband along with certain commissioners ….the answer from the Manager was emphatically yes…only the south end of El Mar Drive could benefit from the monies…Not until Commissioner Clottey befriended former Mayor Oliver Parker and made the request yet again…at the 11th hour (true to TM Colon’s M.O.) did the Town Attorney state that the Oriana million could be used anywhere on El Mar Drive!…On top of that the Town Attorney added she did not need to contact “Mr. Oliver” that all she needed was staff supplied information!…YIKES!…

Ms. Furth also seems to have forgotten that after that information was revealed…the MPSC was thrown for a loop and had plenty of second thoughts for implementing the median project!…Among those calling attention to being led down the wrong path by lacking full knowledge was none other than galpal Maryann Wardlaw, and even Furth’s husband Marc!…(prev. post)…

At the Dec. 7th meeting according to the minutes approved on Jan. 12, 2010 by the commission 4-0 ,(Clottey was absent ) which means that each Commissioner approves the content as correct for the official record…the official minutes state on page 2 ” It was the consensus of the Commission to give the project back to the MPSC to gain an overall concept before spending the $1 million and return to the Commission at a later date with their recommendations. With no further business before the Commission, Mayor Minnet adjourned the meeting at 6:37 p.m.”

Again, when the Commission approves the minutes, they are approving the content as accurate for the official record…After reading the Dec.7, 2009  Commission Conference minutes above …here are the Dec. 8, 2009 Commission Meeting minutes on New Business item 16a….

“Discussion and/ or action reference: El Mar Drive Project (Vice Mayor McIntee)

Vice Mayor McIntee stated that the Master Plan Steering Committee was given direction to move forward. He believed the project was money well spent.

Commissioner Dodd said the Master Plan Steering Committee wanted to re-evaluate Ocampo & Associates recommendations and come up with a complete plan. He suggested the Commission follow the recommendation of the Master Plan Steering Committee.

Commissioner Clottey asked if any of the money could be used towards drainage improvement at the Pavilion. She preferred sidewalks but understood there was not enough money to do all the sidewalks. Commissioner Clottey stated that she would support Option #1.

Commissioner Silverstone also supported Option #1. He believed the intent of the Master Plan Steering Committee was to get going on the project.

Mr. Novak stated at the end of the Roundtable meeting the Committee agreed they wanted to move forward, but the Commission wanted them to have a couple of more meetings to make to sure it was right and move forward on the first phase.

Mayor Minnet agreed that it was the consensus of the Commission to look at the whole picture and have a correct plan. She did not believe it was wise to spend $980,000 on just a cosmetic fix for El Mar Drive.

Mr Novak believed the master Plan Steering Committee would need 2 or 3 more meetings to fine tune it.

Commissioner Dodd inquired of the street lighting and stamping.

Commissioner Clottey advised that Option #1 did not include stamping. She believed it was included in Option #3 or #4.

Vice Mayor McIntee made a motion to approve the $980,000 for the El Mar Drive Project Phase 1. Option #1. Commissioner Silverstone seconded the motion. The motion carried 3-2 Mayor Minnet carried 3-2. Mayor Minnet voted no. Commissioner Dodd voted no.”

This writer has spoken to countless longtime walkers of El Mar Drive and as previously posted they think totally the opposite of Cristie Furth-BTSTimes- Candidates Silverstone/Evans and Couriel -Commissioner Clottey and Vice Mayor McIntee …that this is “an absolutely ideal plan” and a great use of the Oriana million!…

Sea Ranch Club resident and El Mar walker Pauline McGuiness told this writer that it is ridiculous to think anyone will walk in the medians…She went on to explain as all the walkers have,  they will continue to walk in the street for the surface that is easier on their joints, further explaining which side of the road used depends on the sun and emphatically stating that one major point that has thus far been ignored from all discussion is that of the fumes from the vehicles! She said she will not walk the medians…and so far from the comments this writer has received…neither will anyone else!…So whether the money is as Mrs. Furth stated “It’s not money taken out of anybody’s budget and anybody’s tax dollars.”…it’s still money thrown down the drain!…OOPS!… No drainage in this project!….

So to Mrs McGuiness and all the other El Mar Drive walkers …remember when you vote on March 9, 2010……. vote for Mayor Roseann Minnet who voted against the El Mar Drive Project on Dec. 8, 2009 and Candidates Scot Sasser and Chris Vincent who are on record at the podium and speaking to residents throughout the town, stating they too opposed the use of the $980,000 for putting walkways in the medians and they too are concerned that a majority on the Commission ignored not only the MPSC but the walkers of El Mar Drive!…

More to come……..

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Here’s The Scoop … “2 Hats” …. 1 New 2009 LBTS Campaign Ordinance …. Bring Forth An Inquiry Of Possible Restrictions In Place …

January 15, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers….. as previously posted we heard  Vice Mayor McIntee asked for and received a leave of absence from the VFD to assist Commissioner Silverstone in his re-election. The action made this writer take a second look at the newly enacted campaign ordinance put into place by the present commission in January of 2009. In the new ordinance it appears the VFD and its members as contracted vendors to the Town, appearing on the Town’s current vendor list fall under…. “ARTICLE II. TOWN COMMISSION* Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, Florida – Code of Ordinances
…2, 5-11-04) Sec. 2-25. Campaign finance restrictions. (a) General prohibition of campaign contributions by Town vendors, disqualification…give, solicit for, deliver or provide a campaign contribution directly or indirectly…”….and as such are subject to follow it. …I sent an inquiry to address this issue to the Town Manager and the Commissioners today. I also asked if there was an added possibility of breaking Sunshine for Comm. Silverstone and Vice Mayor McIntee in discussing items alone or being in rooms campaigning while Comm. Silverstone is discussing items that will be brought to the dais over the next two months….I asked  Commissioner Dodd prior to my e-mail being sent to the Town and Commissioners to put this item on the Jan. 26, 2010 agenda and he said he would. I further asked the Town to put a copy of my inquiry in the Vice Mayor’s box due to his “no-e-mail” on the Town website…The e-mail and the ordinance are below with a link to the Muni-code…


[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Dear Town Manager Colon, Commissioners and Attorney Trevarthen:
It has come to my attention that Vice Mayor McIntee has asked for and received an “exemption” from service in the VFD for a month to concentrate and assist Commissioner Silverstone in his campaign for re-election.
I would like the Town and the Commission to inquire if this is a conflict on two fronts.
First, is there a Sunshine problem for 2 Commissioners to be discussing issues or be in rooms during the campaign together with the candidate discussing issues that are to be discussed on the dais.
Second, and more important is the possible conflict under the new campaign restrictions enacted by the commission in 2009. As you can see from the below ordinance no vendor can give, solicit or indirectly provide campaign contributions directly or indirectly to a candidate, or to the campaign of a candidate for the offices of Mayor or Commissioner. This is in effect and I cannot see how a member of the VFD can campaign with Commissioner Silverstone. The Vice Mayor’s ” exemption” does not mean the Vice Mayor is no longer a VFD member, it means he will not vote or participate while on leave. As a member of the VFD he is a vendor contracted with the Town and I believe falls under the restrictions stated in the ordinance, as the VFD is on the Town’s vendor list.
I am also curious if Commissioner Silverstone also falls under the same restrictions, as he too is a contracted vendor to the town as a VFD member.
I await the Town’s response and that of the Commission.
I want to make it clear I am asking the Town and the Commission, not the Town Attorney. If the Town and the Commission decide to get a legal opinion from the Town Attorney that would be at the expense of the Town, and not at my personal expense.
I await an answer to my concerns and have asked one commissioner to put this item on the next agenda to address.
Please see that Vice Mayor McIntee receives a copy of this inquiry due to his not having a town e-mail.
Thank you, Barbara Cole

The Muni-Code-Town Website below

1. ARTICLE II. TOWN COMMISSION* Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, Florida – Code of Ordinances
…2, 5-11-04) Sec. 2-25. Campaign finance restrictions. (a) General prohibition of campaign contributions by Town vendors, disqualification…give, solicit for, deliver or provide a campaign contribution directly or indirectly…
Sec. 2-25. Campaign finance restrictions.
(a) General prohibition of campaign contributions by Town vendors, disqualification, definitions.
(1) a. No vendor shall give, solicit for, deliver or provide a campaign contribution directly or indirectly to a candidate, or to the campaign committee of a candidate, for the offices of Mayor or Commissioner. Commencing on the effective date of this section, all proposed Town contracts, as well as requests for proposals (RFP), requests for qualifications (RFQ), requests for letters of interest (RFLI), or solicitations of bids issued by the Town, shall incorporate notice of this section so as to notify potential vendors of the proscription embodied herein.
b. No candidate or campaign committee of a candidate for the offices of Mayor or Commissioner, shall deposit into such candidate’s campaign account any campaign contribution which is received directly or indirectly from a vendor or which such candidate or campaign committee knows or should know was solicited by or for a vendor or delivered or provided by a vendor. Candidates or those acting on their behalf shall ensure compliance with this Code section by confirming through examination of the official vendor list maintained by the Town to verify the vendor status of any potential contributor. A candidate or the campaign committee of a candidate shall not be in violation of this paragraph b. if the vendor was not listed as a vendor on the Town’s official vendor list at the time that the contribution was received or deposited so long as the candidate or the campaign committee of a candidate did not know that the person or entity was a vendor of the Town.
(2) Each prohibited act of giving, soliciting for, delivering or providing a campaign contribution or depositing a campaign contribution in violation of this section shall constitute a separate violation. All contributions deposited into a candidate’s campaign account in violation of this section shall be forfeited to the Town’s general revenue fund.
(3) a. A person or entity, other than a then existing vendor, who directly or indirectly makes a campaign contribution to a candidate who is elected to the office of Mayor or Commissioner shall be disqualified for a period of 12 months following the swearing in of the subject elected official from serving as a vendor with the Town. A then existing vendor who directly or indirectly makes a contribution to a candidate who is elected to the office of Mayor or Commissioner, shall be disqualified from serving as a vendor with the Town for a period of 12 months from a final finding of a violation of this section, or from the time of action on a waiver request by the Town Commission pursuant to paragraph b. below, in the event that a waiver is sought by the vendor. In the event that such waiver request for a particular transaction is granted, the affected vendor shall nonetheless be disqualified from serving as a vendor with the Town as to any other goods, equipment or services to be provided by the vendor to the Town, beyond the vendor goods, equipment or services which are the subject matter of any waiver which is granted. In the event such waiver request is denied for a particular transaction, the 12-month disqualification period shall continue to apply to both the particular transaction for which the waiver was sought, as well as all other vendor activities for the provision of goods, equipment or services to the Town during that 12-month period.
b. For purposes of this section, the term “disqualified” shall be defined to include:
1. Termination of a contributor/vendor’s existing contracts with the Town, subject to the applicable waiver provisions of paragraph (b) herein; and
2. Disqualification of a contributor’s response to solicitation requests for prospective vendor contracts with the Town, subject to the applicable waiver provisions of paragraph (b) herein.
(4) As used in this section:
a. Vendor.
1. A “vendor” is a person and/or entity who has been selected by the Town as the successful bidder on a present or pending bid to provide to the Town goods, equipment or services, or has been approved by the Town on a present or pending award to provide to the Town goods, equipment or services, prior to, upon or following execution of a contract, or purchase order.
2. “Vendor” shall include natural persons and/or entities that hold a controlling financial interest in a vendor entity. The term “controlling financial interest” shall mean the ownership, directly or indirectly, of ten percent or more of the outstanding capital stock in any corporation or a direct or indirect interest of ten percent or more in a firm. The term “firm” shall mean a corporation, partnership, business trust or any legal entity other than a natural person.
3. “Vendor” shall include a labor union whose members provide labor services for a vendor entity.
4. “Vendor” shall not include Town officers or employees.
5. For purposes of this section, “vendor” status shall terminate upon completion of performance of the agreement for the provision of goods, equipment or services.
b. Services. For purposes of this section, the term “services” shall mean the rendering by a vendor through competitive bidding or otherwise, of labor, professional and/or consulting services to the Town, including, but not limited to, the provision of lobbying services to the Town.
c. Campaign contributions. The term “campaign contribution” shall have the meaning which is ascribed to the term “contributions” pursuant to F.S. § 106.011, as amended.
(b) Waiver of prohibition.
(1) Criteria for waiver. The requirements of this section may be waived by the affirmative vote of four members of the Town Commission for a particular transaction after a public hearing, upon finding that:
a. The goods, equipment or services to be involved in the proposed transaction are unique and the Town cannot avail itself of such goods, equipment or services without entering into a transaction which would violate this section but for waiver of its requirements; or
b. The business entity involved in the proposed transaction is the sole source of supply as determined by the Town Manager in accordance with procedures established by the Town Manager; or
c. An emergency contract must be made in order to protect the health, safety or welfare of the citizens of the Town; or
d. A contract for the provision of goods, equipment or services exists which, if terminated by the Town, would be substantially adverse to the best economic interests of the Town.
(2) Limited waiver. Notwithstanding the denial of the Town Commission of a waiver request regarding the provision of goods, equipment or services under an existing contract pursuant to paragraph (b)(1) above, the Town Commission may, by the affirmative vote of four members of the Town Commission after a public hearing, grant a limited waiver concerning an existing contract for the provision of goods, equipment or services between a vendor and the Town upon finding that in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the Town, it is necessary that the affected contract be continued for a limited duration (not to exceed a period of six months) in order for the Town to obtain a replacement vendor.
(3) Full disclosure. Any grant of a waiver or limited waiver by the Town Commission must first be supported with a full disclosure of the subject campaign contribution.
(c) Implementation. The Town Manager is authorized to adopt additional procurement procedures for goods, equipment or services to implement this section. These procedures shall provide for the assembly, maintenance and posting of an official Town vendor list as referenced herein.
(d) Campaign contribution limits. No candidate for the office of Mayor or Town Commissioner shall accept a campaign contribution, and no person or entity shall make a campaign contribution to such a candidate, in an amount which exceeds the aggregate amount of $300.00 per election, adjusted for inflation based upon the consumer price index.
(e) Penalty. Violations of this section shall be punishable as provided in section 1-12 of this Code.
(f) Applicability. This section shall be applied only prospectively to campaign contributions which are made after the date of adoption of this section.
(Ord. No. 2009-04, § 2, 1-27-09)
Secs. 2-26–2-30. Reserved.”


more to come…………..

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Here’s The Scoop … And You Thought He Was Being “Swept” Aside … Think Again …

January 13, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers … We hear the CIC-endorsed candidates  Commissioner Jimmy (He’s not a nice guy and not a gentleman) Silverstone, Candidate Marjorie (” I’m sorry I came” to City Hall) Evans and Mayoral Candidate Joe (“McIntee is GOD”) Couriel were making the rounds together this afternoon…to the downtown businesses!…

What a hoot !….Lightning Joe Couriel who said not so long ago the businesses should have a more restrictive noise ordinance…pay more to use the streets …and who shook his head like a “bobblehead”  fully aligned with Silverstone and McIntee up there on the dais last night when they refused to vote at first for Athena’s 3 month extension for their Sat. night event permit  …Joltin’ Joe was rearin’ to jump up from his seat to be able to sit up there between them and stick a fork in the weekly event by using the Atty. who was thrust into the limelight by some less than candid clients concerning the background of their case!… With Joe Couriel in the center seat in 2010 ….we can all say goodbye to downtown entertainment! ……

These three are big time supporters of  Town Manager Colon…… They revere the very same Town Manager who  has taken every opportunity to wreak havoc on the Chamber of Commerce and one downtown business after another …. personally and professionally … over the last 2+ years…

We hear the “support” is mutual… Was there a Marc Furth photo-op  done with Candidate Marjorie Evans and Town Manager Colon for the Furth BTSTimes!… Hmmm…. an endorsement Madam Manager?…. Taking political sides?….

Did the Vice Mayor receive more than just the kind remarks from the VFD at their Monday night “business” meeting?…If he did …he better fully declare it!…

But sit down folks…The big…big…big news leaking out as well…. The Vice Mayor asking for and receiving from the VFD a temporary leave of absence from the VFD for 1 month… Why?…

McIntee wants the time off to concentrate on Jimmy-boy’s campaign!…

McIntee may not be in the 2010 race… but if this news pan out… there can be no doubt …with Silverstone you always get McIntee…pulling his strings!…

Broom-Boys 2010!…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop ….. Oversight … Overlooked … Overreaching

January 7, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers…The Town Manager is actively doing oversight and micro – managing the VFD now that McIntee is no longer the Deputy Chief…He has been observed in her office since he returned back from up north…and what comes after these visits…requests from McIntee for the VFD as Vice Mayor vs. Mcintee going to he VFD as a member still on the roster for info in an all out effort to undermine them…Now the Manager has again decided to do oversight …we hear on McIntee’s behest …TM Colon sent a memo on Dec. 30th to VFD Chief Perkins stating that they had a conversation on Dec. 28th and wrote to Chief Perkins “you advised me that the above firefighter (John Louvaris) is on administrative leave”…She went on to add the following ” This memorandum will serve to confirm that the above firefighter is on administrative leave until further pending investigation is complete and/ or resolved as you previously notified the Town on Sept. 9, 2009.”…

The Town Manager is following up on a request for the roster that was made through her by Vice Mayor McIntee (prev. post)…It is said the VFD made the decision to reinstate from leave firefighter Louvaris as is the right of the Chief…”the Chief’s discretion”…a familiar phrase used often to cover the questionable actions made by Dep. Chief McIntee (prev. posts)… This writer has been told there is nothing in the VFD By-laws to keep Louvaris from coming back as a firefighter as he awaits a court date which could take quite a long time…Louvaris was was charged with misdemeanor petit theft. He spent the night in jail before paying $25 bond…and as he said to the Sentinel is “he is innocent until proven guilty”…. For Town Manager Colon to send this memo is yet again another sign of where her loyalties lie…with Mcintee / Silverstone… This is the very same Manager that did no oversight when former Battalion Chief Patrick Pointu sent his letter of concerns about Mcintee…This is the Town Manager that did no oversight McIntee when he broke VFD By-laws to become Deputy Chief of the VFD…This is the Town Manager that did no oversight when McIntee was purchasing for the VFD contrary to what he told the Fl. Ethics Comm. ….This is the Town Manager that did nothing when McIntee was involved in the suicide and did not follow VFD SOPs…This is the Town Manager that did no oversight when McIntee was the recipient of a complaint filed against him in Mexico and This is the Town Manager that has done no oversight about the 5 other complaints in McIntee’s file according to the VFD Chief!…

Another memo went out to address the new contract for Choice Environmental that left many residents in Town  with overflowing garbage for days after Christmas…(prev. posts)…The new contract was put together by the Town Manager and longtime readers will recall it was substandard… How substandard it was posted in a Feb 24,2009 post on this site after I attended the pre-contact meeting…At that meeting besides all the problematic inclusions and exclusions found by Waste Management and their Atty. was the following …


2/24/09 Pre-Waste Contract Meeting”


Waste Management asked for their “guys” to get Thanksgiving off…believe it or not…it’s up to the Commission to decide…right now…they only get Christmas off…that should be a big “passes 5-0”!
So Waste Management the Town’s longtime vendor at that time made a point of asking for a 2nd holiday off for their guys…
The memo from TM Colon dated 12/31/09 included the previous Waste Management contract …and the following…
“ARTICLE 11 HOURS OF OPERATION 11.1 FRANCHISEE shall not be required to provide collection service on Christmas Day or any other legal holiday when the County incinerator is closed for delivery, however, if the holiday falls on a normal collection day, collection shall be made no later than three (3) business days after that holiday.”
When the contract was passed by the Commission I posted the following….
4/14/09 post..
“The waste employees will get an additional holiday off…in addition to Xmas…New Years Day…(this needed to be voted on to allow)
The new Contract would have applied to whomever..was awarded the RFP…. New Years was added in as a second holiday by this commission ….
Previously posted on December 28th…was “HOLIDAY PICK-UP SCHEDULE”  portion of the new contract for Choice..
“RFP #09-02-01 Effective July 1, 2009…page 22- 7.2 “HOLIDAY PICK-UP SCHEDULE Christmas and News (as written) Years Day shall be a Holiday. The CONTRACTOR shall not be required to provide Solid Waste, Bulk Waste, and Recycling Collection or maintain office hours on that Holiday. Solid Waste and Bulk Waste not collected on a designated Holiday SHALL BE COLLECTED ON THE CUSTOMER’S NEXT REGULARLY SCHEDULED PICK-UP DAY AFTER THE HOLIDAY. Recycling Materials not collected on a designated Holiday. The TOWN reserves the tight to add or delete designated holidays for the duration of this agreement.”
Readers can see how the Town Manager changed the contract and why they were impacted ….There was no attempt by the Town Manager or her staff to “educate” the residents to the change in service…and the residents assumed that the service would remain as they were used to…thus the piling up garbage and possums…
Someone must have done something behind the scenes because Choice did not follow the new Colon contract and came to pick up the garbage on certain streets earlier than required after Christmas … Choice also picked up garbage and recycling earlier than the Colon contract after New Years Eve… So will the contract be re-negotiated in time for next Christmas and New Years?…..
The Chamber of Commerce was given a budgeted $5,000 for Christmas-By-The-Sea this year…but when they received the money from the Town the Town Manager sent along a letter on Dec. 30th that said “Attached please find a check in the amount of $4,552.00. Please note that I did not reimburse the Chamber for the donation made to the Children’s Home Society, since you clearly indicated it was a donation made to them. Happy holidays and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Sincerely Esther Colon Town Manager”… The Town Manager chose unilaterally to deduct  almost $500 from the allotted amount the Commission voted on 5-0 to give the Chamber because they chose to give to a charity!.. There were no stipulations and no direction asked for from the dais…….
more to come….
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Here’s The Scoop … Scene And Heard Around Town … Updated ..

January 6, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers … Perhaps the walls are closing in too fast …..and the Town Manager and her “Gang” of staunch supporters are acting out!… We hear today the Manager sent out Code Enforcement bright and early in the chilly temps to check the signs for Candidates Minnet, Sasser and Vincent on properties throughout the town!.. WOW!… We are told a knock at the door …was for the homeowner to move the sign 6 inches!.. We hear the Code Enforcement officer was polite and and chagrined to be doing this job…

Just Monday, the first signs were removed from a home in Commissioner Jim (He’s not a nice guy and not a gentleman) Silverstone’s neighborhood…This occurred right after the 2 newly qualified Candidates Scot Sasser and Chris Vincent went door to door!… We hear there would be a complaint filed for the removal since it was authorized by the property owner.

Right out of the gate…old habits die hard…for the “Gang”…While  Candidates Minnet, Sasser and Vincent are organized, supported, endorsed and qualified…and already going door to door for the 2nd time…the “powers that be” seem only prepared  for one thing ….to cause trouble…and isn’t that why it’s time for them to go in 2010?…

Readers keep an eye on your signs…and an eye out for anyone taking a sign away…cooperate with Code Enforcement and let the Manager and the “Gang” know this is not going to be done without a spotlight on what’s behind the acts being done!..

UPDATE.. We are hearing this 2007 ordinance which was not enforced in 2008 enforced now in areas such as Silver Shores will preclude many supporters from showing their support of a candidate in 2010!… ARGHHH!…..

We  also hear the Manager who cannot seem to step up to the plate and remedy the chaos with the Senior Center…still turning away 60 and under and non-residents…(Comm. Dodd will address this on Jan 12th at the 1st commission meeting of the new year)…. decided she did have time to go after the former Fire Marshal!…The Fire Marshal Alex Stevenson was entitled to unemployment benefits…and received them…But the Town Manager it is said, thought the way in which she terminated him took those benefits away!…She, on behalf of the Town appealed the benefits and lost!…Hmmm…The same $250,000 if terminated Town Manager (Thanks to Comms. Silverstone and McIntee)  went after the Fire Marshall she gave the ax to on top of not allowing him to do his job while he was here with a big assist from her pal Vice Mayor McIntee… With McIntee’s action of going after the VFD after his big loss … no wonder these two get along so well and have each others back at all times!..Two peas in a pod…No make that “Three’s Company” …because right there in the mix…Comm. Jimmy-boy Silverstone… no doubt about it!…

We hear Vice Mayor McIntee made his first VFD fire response appearance a couple of days ago…The question is …did he arrive at the station to go like every other member?… And what kind of response is he getting when the VFD is fully aware of his requests through the Town Manager at the end of Dec.? (prev. post)…We hear someone told McIntee they thought he had quit and he responded “Do I look like I quit?”…Word also is…McIntee could not find anyone besides Jimmy-boy to spy on the VFD to aid in his vendetta…OUCH!…

Will he or won’t he?…The Vice Mayor said he “might need” to be excused from the dais on January 12th… Was that “might need” due to his belief he would be the new chief or the VFD?…We shall see! …If he does take his seat …we will know!… Cart before the horse, Vice Mayor…OOPS!… If Mcintee is up there on the 12th…will he be candidate McIntee or 1 term McIntee going after the VFD Chief when we get to the  Public Safety item on the agenda?… YIKES!..


*State law references: Sign ordinances, authority not superseded by shall not conflict with state of federal law, F.S. § 166.0425.


Sec. 30-501. Administration and permits.
(6) Political signs (Note: Unlike other temporary signs, political signs do not require the issuance of a permit, however, the person in charge of the campaign or the company erecting the sign shall be responsible for removing the signs within seven days after the date of the election.);

(7) Temporary political signs: to be set back at least five feet from any right-of-way or property line.
(Ord. No. 465, § 2, 3-27-01; Ord. No. 2007-09, § 2, 5-22-07; Ord. No. 2007-14, § 2(Exh. A), 9-25-07)

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop …… Scene And Heard … 24 Hours Before ….

January 3, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers… It’s quiet today in Town Hall…but tomorrow it will be quite a different story…Tomorrow is the first day the candidates for the March 9, 2010 Municipal election can qualify to officially run for a seat on the LBTS Commission!… We know three declared candidates already…Mayor Roseann Minnet, Scot Sasser and Chris Vincent…You know them as well… They made their way to your neighborhood in the past weeks….and you now see their signs all over town…from the north to the south… Who they will be running against is still up in the air!…As previously posted the CIC canceled (according to their site) a meeting tonight …It was thought they would be announcing who the CIC would vote to back one day before the official qualifying begins….This is quite a change from the 2008 election….In the CIC that was Chaired at that time by then-candidate Stuart Dodd and Vice-Chaired by this writer…the candidates had already answered an extensive CIC questionnaire put together by CIC member and former Mayor Ken Wardlaw…The candidates had been to several CIC meetings to answer questions and the CIC was mailed ballots to vote for candidates…as well as a final vote done prior to this time to officially validate that the candidates were CIC endorsed…

With the fallout of Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee’s big gamble and big landslide loss for VFD Fire Chief and his all-out “war” to take the VFD down and go after Chief Perkins with an “oversight” assist from Town Manager Colon (prev. posts)…how could the CIC back him?… After all, THE major accomplishment for the CIC-PAC after getting the “Broom Boys” elected in 2006 and getting the majority on the dais in 2008, was and is the return of the VFD!.. So can the organization and the Furths still find a way to back McIntee now that he is actively trying to destroy the VFD because they did not support him for Fire Chief?… That will be some spin if they do!…Just how much Kool-aid would need to be consumed to make that appear kosher?… As for Jimmy-boy (He’s NOT a nice guy-and certainly NO gentleman) Silverstone…We are told he too is actively helping McIntee and Colon fro behind the scenes to hurt the VFd (being we are told 1 of ONLY 4 -5  members that actually voted for Mcintee to be Chief)…We  have heard from countless patrons that his Fiancee’ does not want him to run…And those he used to be friends with but threw under the bus to aid and abet his BFF McIntee and TM Colon have told him his “unfinished business” is finished and to get his priorities straight!.. “Walk away from the dais,you’re done!”… Cristie Furth, appears to have no one left to enlist..Will she usurp Silverstone’s Fiancee’ and get Jimmy-boy to do what then-candidate Dodd would not?…(Sausage series-cat.)…Ms. Furth, as longtime readers will recall was promised by then-candidate McIntee in 2006 that in the next election (2008) he would back her for commission …That did not happen when Stuart Dodd chose to run for the seat…(This writer backed him)…Stuart would not switch to run for Mayor (despite Cristie’s pushing hard for it)…and McIntee while feigning his support for Christie did “a McIntee” and threw her under the bus as she was assured of time to explore her options by enlisting Peanuts (who will always be Peanuts, not Larry) Wick…Thus ending her run in 08…We have heard for some time she would try again for a commission seat…and unless it is she who wants to run against the incumbent Mayor… In the end it will be quite interesting to see who has Jimmy-boy’s ear ..the Fiancee’ or the Furths?… As for Peanuts… We are told his longtime acquaintances have also told him, take a pass…Especially after his embarrassing “boy-messenger” time at the podium at both meetings in December…and going after the Mayor’s long- gone previous campaign manager and Greenfest …a non-starter for a “paltry $33″…that has cost the taxpayers much more in Town attorney fees…Also, he’s a goner for a run after Commissioner Clottey essentially called him a lush for his intoxicated and slanderous attacks on the Mayor in her [Clottey] presence at the Chamber’s Holiday party at Aruba in order to defend herself for not interjecting or stopping him after a resident called Clottey out on her “assist” in the diatribe at public comments!…We hear overtures have been made from the “Gang” to the Bel Air Assoc.President and Vice President…. to no avail..A look at the last  required CIC  filing with the Town proves that  the lack of attendance in Jarvis Hall since the orchestrated “CIC-Parade” of support for TM Colon…(prev.posts- TM annual performance review) is due to lack of members…In 2009…most members were from one building of  a new member’s ( Furth friend /BTSTimes staff writer) building in the south and VFD members…. One member that is new, a VFD member has told many he was being actively “courted” to run for Mayor is now as of Dec. 14th a newly elected  officer in the VFD and openly anti-McIntee …So there is a conflict ..via the still in place and again observed VFD By-laws prohibiting an officer from being an elected official…

So what can we expect in the next days of qualifying for the March 9,2010 election? … Who knows?..

The disarray in the CIC finds itself in now, was written on this site long, long ago…right after the last election…with the Sausage series…The PAC voting  Cristie Furth and Moe Mcintee  (the new Vice Mayor’s wife) in as Chair and Vice Chair…They actively changed the organization from a “watchdog” group to a Jerry McIntee “Cheerleading” group…and nothing else with the vile e-mails and verbal attacks from these two and the current Chair/ BTSTimes Editor Bob Roberts toward CAC (pre-CIC)  founder John Thompson…the “tar and feathering” of Commissioner Stuart Dodd after he requested a simple and long known “sabbatical” from the CIC ( Sausage series)…and the continued false statements of him being a “turncoat” when a look at Dodd’s 2008 campaign and his actions over the last 2 years prove he has not changed one iota …the CIC has!…

Guess the word got out loud and clear….from one end of town to the other…why in the world would anyone in their right mind want to run for the commission endorsed by the CIC, much less belong to this failing organization itself?…The CIC  in 2010 remains as it was when this writer left it in 2008….LBTS’ own “Hotel California”…”You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave!….Just ask the VFD!…

Who will be walking through the Town Hall door tomorrow?…. Mayor Roseann Minnet, Scot Sasser and Chris Vincent…three fine candidates…who are fully supported…totally organized and ready to earn your vote!

more to come….

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