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December 29, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers… You know that oversight many residents including this writer were looking for last year from Town Manager Esther Colon?… Well, now that her “pal and biggest supporter” Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee  ( She is “Tenth” on his list of accomplishments in his BTSTimes Comm. comments – “The hiring of Ester (his spelling) Colon, the best town manager Lauderdale-by-the-Sea has ever had”)  lost by a landslide in his “gamble” to be the new VFD Fire Chief  on December 14th (prev. post) and is ready for some major payback, the Manager is ready, willing and able to take on the assist him!… Vice Mayor McIntee is “gunning” for Chief Perkins…and requested through the Manager the following ” the report indicating compensation received by Chief Robert Perkins during the period of October 2008 through October 2009″…He and his fellow commissioners received it yesterday…McIntee made another request through the Town Manager ….again, not going directly to the VFD…This one was for the current VFD Roster also received by the commission on the 28th…Hmmm…. Perhaps the Vice Mayor wanted to see if he was still on it?…He is…. and so is his son Beau…listed as a training instructor …which confirms he gets paid by the VFD and Vice Mayor McIntee did indeed vote on items that “benefited” his son!… ( a definite conflict of interest, in this writer’s opinion)…We hear the other reason may be due to a reinstatement of  the firefighter that was suspended for some time…..But if McIntee’s going after this action by Chief Perkins …YIKES!…Is that not “the Chief’s discretion”…just as it was for the countless times Chief Perkin’s offered the same “discretion” to the former Deputy Chief ?…OOPS!…. For McIntee to slink back into town and take aim at the new McIntee- free VFD really says it all.. He’s toast!….. And only VFD ally left to “butter” him up ….none other than his BFF Commissioner Jim “Not a nice guy and Not a gentleman” Silverstone… what a guy…”Broom Boys” to the end…( March 9, 2010) …..

more to come…

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