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November 7, 2022 by Barbara


Dear Readers……
On Wednesday November 9, 2022 at the Town Commission Meeting in Jarvis Hall our Town Manager under New Business wants to receive authorization and approval from the Commission to negotiate a contract to purchase a 9- unit  multi-family property on Bougainvilla that the Town already received two appraisals for between $2.4 million and $3.75 million for future use to build a new multi- million dollar Public Safety Complex!……
We  heard from this same Town Manager, town staff and some Commissioners a few months ago that we needed to raise the millage for lack of funds!…..
As a result of those Commissioners who listened to those they represent and prevailed to not raise the millage we were told we needed to remove capital improvement projects due to this loss in revenue….
There was no discussion when these claims were made….as once again the Commission left it up to thIs Town Manager and staff to cut out items…..
What did they remove?…. Resurfacing our streets along with some erroneous and unneeded new town events….
This came after the opening blow at the first budget meeting last summer…. when the Town Manager and this Commission took away the $1.6 million dollars that was “ earmarked”  ( as stated when they put forth the 2022 town budget archived on video…)…for El Mar Drive to be refreshed in 2023!…..
El Mar Drive has now been relegated for yet a third round of costly design plans in 2025 with possibly being implemented in 2026  if this time it succeeds…..meaning El Mar Drive will sit dormant for 2-3 more years with a few handfuls of paltry “ fixes” such as the piecemeal sidewalk and swale patchwork witnessed since the demise of the 2nd costly and unwanted incarnation El Mar project! …..
Unfortunately this travesty was aided and abetted in large part by two stake-holding hoteliers who decided to put all their time and effort towards fear-monger in order to remove Aruba Beach Cafe’s outdoor dining in the Ocean Plaza, in my opinion…
This purchase of yet another town property after paying $5 million for the parking lot across from Walgreens shows we have money and that the money is being designated for more parking and possibly now for those who work in the town rather than for those who live here and pay the taxes!…..
This town has not grown…..It is no larger than it ever was… due to our town limits…north to south and east to west….
This  town has a volunteer fire department that is handsomely paid for what they are able to do here….. Just look at all the equipment that now is need of  a state- of- the- art complex to house it….
This town has a small BSO police presence and AMR ambulance service….. due to its size and population….
Why would we or should we purchase land and even contemplate building a Public Safety Complex based off of only one Public Safety study?….
We will still be the same size town and we will still require mutual aid….. that won’t change….
Also, on Wednesday night’s agenda is a 90 day extension for the VFD contract…..and once again this commission has chosen not to look at alternative fire department coverage from Pompano Beach and/or Fort Lauderdale or the BSO…
If the ultimate plan of this administration, and commission is to build a multi- million dollar Public Safety Complex then surely alternatives should be up for discussion and executing bids…….such as using other municipalities as Sea Ranch Lakes does and seeing what BSO would offer as a comparison …..
We will always have a finite number of taxpayers footing the bill……
As I have stated in the past, I believe in the future small municipalities such as ours will be to incorporate with the county for public safety services and to become satellite towns due to the lack of sustainable funding for these services….and the retirement funding for our increased town employees….
It is time to stop the purchasing of more and more land for parking lots and future mega structure builds… and step back to fulfill the fiscal responsibility owed to our residents and our small town….
It is long overdue for this Commission to finally step up and take back the control of the dais, the agendas and to represent their constituents by turning down this purchase and any monies planned for building an overblown Public Safety Complex and/ or Town Hall Complex…..that does not fit the town character, town size or town needs….
Are we at a crossroads in our town which will determine its future….. Will we retain our low- rise heights and charm? …..
For those who think of course we will…..maybe you need to think again….
To this resident….when you really take a hard look at these ongoing Town staff led acquisitions… I sure wouldn’t bet on it!….
More to come….
Link to Agenda item purchase..
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Here’s The Scoop … LBTS Regular Commission Meeting …4/13/10 …A Thing Of Beauty …

April 14, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers … I think tonight’s Regular Commission meeting showed all the voters that business is being done once again in LBTS!…It’s going to be a bumpy ride as this new majority plays catch-up with the bogged down agendas filled to capacity and then some in order to whittle them down to size after two years of neglect…. One thing that was impossible to ignore tonight was the way each commissioner on the dais was working toward a common goal and were respectful of each other in the process… The other was the way that none of them were about to let this Colon-Olinzock Administration off the hook any longer or let them skirt the issues or dance around providing the answers that these commissioners were looking for… Finally!…. Yipee!…

We began as always with the pledge and the invocation…and then the Mayor did some housecleaning with the discussed items from the prior night’s Round Table informing the audience which item was headed in which direction… roughly 10 items were now off the 4/12 Old Business portion …Comm. Sasser asked for the El Mar Project to be remain to clarify some issues and VM Dodd wanted to add a date for the next Round Table along with a termination letter for the current leftover boards (P&Z/BOA)…The Mayor wanted to add the 3 month spec. permit for Village Grille that was on and then off this agenda…and Comm. Vincent wanted his New Bus. item to be moved before the TM’s NB item…Director of Development Jeff Bowman looked a little nervous as he presented the Employee of the 4th Qtr. of last yr to Kimberly Williams Code Enforcement officer…..Another Rep. from the School Board Staff came to plead his case for a Resolution to approve the Second Interlocal Agreement…and again this 2nd “bite of the apple” went on way too long…In the end the dais was divided on this sop-gap fix for a long term problem that does not seem to have the answer to stop the potential “bleed” of portables vs boundaries…and as Comm. Sasser said it was “patching it up”…and VM Dodd said it was providing us nothing but a “carrot until 2018″…The Mayor and Comm. Clottey seemed to feel otherwise…Seeing that after much back and forth …including some relevant information asked for and received from the TAtty. …the commission was not ready to sign on…it was sent back to the Round Table and will return for a vote on April 27th… As one Avid Reader said “Vouchers”…

Public comment went quickly with a doctor from El Dorado who wanted to keep the longtime use of his boat being on his property  tied to his seawall…hoping for some relief in his sudden code violation situation…John Oughten spoke on Choice the garbage vendor once again and the lack of proper procedures with the notification…along with a disturbing memo he was in receipt of from the Town that he called “Choice-gate”… Mark Brown spoke of the A1A and El Mar Drive projects with questions on their plans…and an idea of use that if possible may kill 2 birds with 1 stone..for the Oriana million’s use… Adam Geesey asked for this commission to carry the ball on moving forth with burying the utility lines….Ray Walowicz asked for a welcome to LBTS sign and a thank you for visiting sign at each entry of the Town…(We hear JohnO was all over this after the comments were made…) …Cindy Geesey had a bone to pick to clarify the actions of Comm.Clottey on the dais at the last Comm.meeting when MPSC members were appointed and her husband and a few of the By The Sea Future connected volunteers were singled out and in her opinion disparaged…She was also not happy with with the Round Table the night before and lack of input…Edmund Malkoon came to congratulate the commission and speak on the Chamber and what was the original look …mid-century modern that was changed in 1994…He spoke of buying the Demko House in the future…(It was offered to the Town to buy a few years back with no takers)…He also experienced trouble with Choice…

Reports …James Barton spoke of the stormwater project and said it was on target to finish in 2 weeks with a presentation……He answered the Mayor that he worked with staff…used resident complaint forms and went to various areas to see the problems in poor conditions…

The Gorilla came for his first visit of the night…It was when the 2nd Report was addressed with the A1A Enhancement Project and Asst. TM JohnO came to present …He spoke of the PBS&J… utility companies …Pomp. Bch and getting the boards in place for one large meeting…He did his usual dance of acting like we the taxpayers and the commission just don’t get it…when it comes to this project…But tonight it was JohnO that didn’t get it…at first…Comm. Sasser asked him specifics about PBS&J and what they were doing for the money…He finally got JohnO to say the design…Yep, the Sasser walked him down the aisle a little bit and to place JohnO has not seen in a while…his place in the scheme of things…answering to the commissioners and offering to get them what they are asking for…JohnO began to fold like a shar pei as Sasser made it clear he wanted the designs to be shown to the MPSC before the state…He did not allow JohnO to throw out all the reasons why it could not be…until finally JohnO was offering even more…PBS&J and FDOT and possibly more than 1 big meeting …3!… VM Dodd asked for a report with the real matching funds …which somehow changed from 600 thou to 300 thou for us vs 800 thou for the government…Hmmm…Comm. Clottey wanted the residents to understand the requirements as well…basic principals…and the Mayor prevailed in getting info top the committee before their Tuesday April 20th meeting…

The public Safety portion of the meeting brought the VFD Fire Chief and VFD Fire Inspector-LBTS Fire Marshal Pain to the podium…It was a request of VM Dodd’s…He wanted a rundown on the April6-7thgas leak incident (prev. post)…as well as making mention of being in the dark with no alert from Town…and added that to the Round Table to discuss…Perkins came up and handed it off to Paine… Paine stated he was the “Fire Code Official-Volunteer- Battalion Chief-Fire Inspector”…He went through the case stating a call came on the 7th from owner in Orlando of the smell of gas…he told the caller to call 911…911 dispatched the VFD and he went through the order of which truck came first…the hoses and the staging …He spoke of the evacuation the BSO traffic assist…and BSO and Ft. Lauderdale coming for a Hazmat call… He answered questions about the pilot light…the smell …a possible ventilation fan problem and why they chose to break the glass on the front door vs an inside french door or a costly fire door…He spoke of the life safety issues that brought him there the day before and to shut the business down …unfortunately that report was not provided to the commission… and while at the podium the leak was made to sound like a small situation at best… The incident report though states “standing outside the structure, Sq-12 smelled gas coming out the door.”… Asked about the seriousness …Paine did use a scary scenario when recounting a gas leak in Davie that was devastating…He was asked about wearing “2-hats” and any conflict …he appeared to take offense and recounted his positions in town from his start here and after the “reorganization (Fire Marshal Stevenson was terminated)…and ended with this “No, not a problem right now.”…Hmmm….  Also no questions were asked about a prior incident with a ventilation fan problem last Memorial Day…This writer put in a public records request… after hearing and verifying that VFD stayed at the hotel instead of closing it down…collected $16,000 and possibly split the funds with the Town….

The Comm. took a break…

They returned for the Town Manager report …and she called PIO D’Oliveira up to speak of his ole in media releases…Chief Perkins also came forward and spoke about the role he was supposed to play when the PIO was not there…He did not do that on the 7th…as D’oliveira said he was out sick…The release will now go to Comms as well as press…but the Commissioners said that was not enough…again for the Round Table said VM Dodd…The TM tried 2x to pin it on the BSO saying “BSO said when we know, you’ll know”…HUH?… The Manager went on to her first progress report that did not contain the content desired by the commission… What she had was the Bel Air signs…Public Safety Bldg…and Broward Sheriff’s office for the 2011 contract coming up… The VM wanted the Choice info on the report…she deferred to the TAtty. who basically said we are waiting to hear from Choice…who was met with a month ago and said we would hear back in a month or month and a half…She could contact them, and add the billing problem cited at public comments…JohnO said this was the first he heard about it…Really?…and that he sent an e-mail to Choice (JohnO sent an e-mail …hear that Comms.?)….Comm. Sasser asked for this to return to the Round Table and for all commissioners to bring what they want on the progress report …so nothing falls off the radar…. Mayor Minnet wanted info on the “Wings” parking lot delay of being completed…seems the Wings has different people in place who want the video from the meeting long ago where the deal was made for 10 parking spaces for their apartments in the municipal lot…They want proof there was no assigned spaces…This writer recalls there was not…The atty. told them the same… standoff for now….The Mayor asked about single stream recycling…JohnO walked up and gave the single stream rah rah…as the Mayor looked at him quizzically due to his assurances …what we all thought to be so as she proceeded to read a memo from the Tm that started “as you recall” saying we ere working for single stream…that some Commissioners and residents didn’t want it and she was going to do a survey (prev. post)…For the Mayor…check mate!…The Mayor asked about the energy stimulus funds and the TM stated they are waiting for the RFP waiting to submit name on list…Really?… We hear a list just came out and LBTS was not on it….Comm. Vincent took the Manager and the Town Clerk to task for the keys incident and the gas leak…He too wanted proper notification and also wanted the lack of the key to Town Hall and the story being told by the Town Clerk that she made every attempt to contact all the Commissioners dealt with…The Manager skirted it…and then threw the Town Clerk under the bus…only to state she was human it was a mistake and perhaps Comm. Vincent could address this with them in private …HUH?… Com. Vincent didn’t fall for the familiar ruse that used to stop commissioners in their tracks…He sorted out the mistake aspect and spoke of the false statement being made…and VM Dod concurred… The Tm actually apologized…Comm. Clottey joined the chorus of dealing with Choice although her statements of different pricing for different customers in town leading to a big lawsuit against the Town was right up there with her old BSO fear of calling claims…She also was having problems getting e-mail from town on her Blackberry…(Windows 2000)….This go round the minutes were approved…Really?…

Comm. comments were actually Commissioner comments…about Easter By The Sea …its success…congrats all around to the Chair, Christine Vincent…the volunteers…Interior Digs…Comm. Sasser’s mini cooper…and the fun that was had by all ages…children to volunteers…comments from most on the Round Table being a work in progress…as they try to head in the Adventura direction per Atty. Weiss….Condolences to the Marchelos family…the census…Earth Day…  Congrats to Scott Gooding…and some discontent about the possibility of no fireworks this year..Easter By The Sea came in at $1918.07 with 6 full boxes of decorations for next year!…Kudos!…

Consent agenda items…no discussion…extending tree trimming…turtle shields on lights on El Mar $3,018 and 3 mo. special event permit Village Grille…passed 5-0

Resolutions…2010-05…opposing the local bill proposal to create the Broward Ind. Fire Dist…no public comment…passes 5-0

Resolution 2010-07…on procedures/protocol for Town Commission…deferred back to next Round Table for additions …tweaking..

Mark your calendars…2nd Round Table Friday April 16, 2010 4 pm Jarvis Hall….

Resolution 2010-08 MPSC …appointing the member’s…passes 5-0….

Resolution 2010-03 Ocean Energy …no public comment..passes 5-0

Old Bus. April 12th…left on the agenda… 15 d. Capital Imp. wkshop …Mon.April 26th….

15 G. El Mar Drive project…Comm. Sasser still had questions and asked for backup never provided on the grant…(He’s not chasing grants..a campaign promise)…He spoke of the Ocampo contract from Dec 10, 2009…(prev. post)…and wanted information on the CCNA Consultant’s Competitive Negotiation Action …and VM Dodd chimed in as well on wanting information from the Town Atty. to verify claims made the night before by the Town Manager… The Town Atty..responded she had not been sent the information…but would look into it…WOW!…The TM tried lamely to “clarify” her statements made …and it was not adding up…Comm. Sasser wasn’t falling for it …stood his ground and now low and behold both companies will be at the MPSC and the TAtty. is now going to see all the paperwork…The Mayor said there seemed to be 2 different stories…yep!…

July 4th chair…Mayor Roseann Minnet…with a $45,000 budget a very short time to see if fireworks are even possible…The Town should have gone for an RFP in January… 3 years of past July 4th info requested by Comm. Dodd …(prev. posted the last 2 4th side by side …and 2008 actually cost less )…

Old Bus. April 13th…Hillsboro Inlet …back for a 2nd 2 yrs…VM Dodd motion made by by Comm. Vincent..2nd by Comm. Sasser…4-0 (Clottey voted for him after all her shenanigans)… VM Dodd abstained…

Lighting in Jarvis and Comm. Vincent called JohnO out again when it was revealed thsi was no apples to apples RFP it was phone calls and piecemal and DOA…Round Table….

Bus shelters…This writer was a little disappointed in the vote…after some more discussion…still not verified for its urgency…Comm. Sasser came up with a plan worth a vote from all…move ahead with the contract…but go to MPSC next Tues. with the design as requested by a new MPSC member…. OOPS…3-2 Sasser-Vincent voted no…

New business special meetings…now at 24 hours…not 6 ..BUT…still with 2 commissioners rather than all being able to call it on their own…another OOPS!… revisit this one asap….


Commission approval to proceed with RFP 10-03-01 Audit Services… remember the Feb 9, 2010 meeting when the Town Manager had the top 3 companies from the RFQ come to make presentations to the Commission (prev. post)… She wanted her pals at Rachlin…and this writer asked one of her Rachlin presenters how he got there to present…he told me through the auditing committee….I asked who is the auditing committee…2 of the Commissioners had no clue…the question was never asked..but much to her displeasure…the TM did not get her choice of auditors and the process was to go for RFP…Comm. Vincent read from the purchasing manual and the requirement for an RFP and an auditing committee…He asked for explanations on the prior RFQ vs this RFP…The Manager got her back up and said the RFP was due VM Dodd…that the RFQ was null and void… They were starting from scratch…Comm. Vincent asked who was the committee before the RFQ…no response was forthcoming from Colon…The Manager spoke of the Finance Director…The Mayor read it was the Manager…Finance Director and an external Finance Director…The Mayor wanted to know if someone else could be added to the committee… The Manager said she would leave that to this commission…The Tatty. said it was possible and the RFP could add that… It seemed once again this Town Manager was going to dance her way around answering the question…who was on the audit committee before the RFQ in Feb.?….Comm. Sasser did not let that happen…he called her on it again…and again she tried to not answer…he persisted…She turned to the Town Clerk and asked if it was Chris Wallace from West Park…The Town Clerk was perplexed …How could the TM not know?… Comm. Sasser said it was a simple question…and he understood the RFQ was null and void… but who was the person…The TM said we’ll get you the information tomorrow…JohnO came up and said the West Park Finance Director is Chris Wallace…FINALLY!…The Town Manager as the Mayor called for an extension for the meeting as it was no 11 pm…could be heard to say “this is too much”…VM Dodd asked mote about the RFP process…and the TM got combative…thinking he did not get it…the qualifications vs the cost…He “got it”… and so did she!… Comm. Clottey was concerned about the time and a deferred decision to April 27th…but she too thought price was an important factor…and wanted to see both…The TM used Choice and their contract as an example…The Mayor asked for a summary at the end to make comparisons easier…The TM did not get the point and spoke of the RFQ …Comm. Sasser said he wanted the RFPs opened up…and the Mayor reiterated having another person on the committee…the Maanger said they had to be municipal…The audit will be addressed on the 27th…

This writer sent a Public Records Request to Finance Director Wallace after the meeting…and will post the response and the requests as they arrive…


[email protected]


[email protected]

Dear Director Wallace;
I am making a public records request on verifying that you were the external Finance Director placed on the audit committee for the Town of Lauderdale By The Sea for the Audit RFQ that was presented to the Commission on Feb 9, 2010.
Our Town Manager said you were and I would appreciate your reply to affirm this as fact along with any correspondence asking you to fulfill this role and your final decision on choice of the top 3.
I also am asking if you have done this for our town prior to this year.
Please acknowledge receipt of this PRR and please let me know when the request is ready so I can send you the cost to cover the charges.
I would prefer e-mail responses if possible, otherwise let me know the postage costs as well.
Barbara Cole
Address 5000 N. Ocean Blvd. #412
Lauderdale By The Sea, Fl. 33308



West Park contracts with New Community Strategies for the management of its Finance Department. Christopher Wallace has over 25 years of experience with government agencies serving as a Finance Director and Budget Officer. He has received several awards for financial statement presentations, and was a charter member of the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) Budget Review program, advocating the use of program and performance budgets. Mr. Wallace holds over 16 certificates in specialized education and training relevant to government operations and cost studies. Mr. Wallace has also been directly responsible for all aspects of procurement and contract administration.

Mr. Wallace is known as a leading advocate of performance measures and assessments, and has conducted more than 20 management and performance studies. Mr. Wallace also conducts fiscal impact analysis studies addressing land use, annexation, and service delivery issues. Mr. Wallace also provides consulting services to units of local government and developers and financial planning services to organizations and individuals.


Thanks to the new commission… We were going “bananas” for way too long!…..

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … 2/9/10 LBTS Commission Meeting … Walks Like A Duck Local News ….

February 11, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers…….. at the Feb 9, 2010 Commission Meeting. Owner-Publisher-Editor-CIC- Board Member-Campaign Manager for Mayoral candidate Joe Couriel ,Cristie Furth came to the podium to address her candidate’s opponent Mayor Roseann Minnet over the statements the Mayor made at her Jan 26, 2010 Commissioner Comments concerning the Mayor’s voting record that were inaccurate in the Times 1/22/10 issue……

Here is what led up to the public comments made by Cristie Furth…and the truth of the matter….

In the January 22, 2010 edition of the By The Sea Times on page 6 an article was written by “Staff Writer” titled “The VFD is not an election game!”…it included the following “Here’s what our Mayor, Roseann Minnet has done for the VFD during her last two years on the Commission dais: Minnet voted No to awarding fire suppression services to the Volunteer Fire Department. Minnet voted No against a transition budget for the VFD when BSO Fire was voted out of town. ….Minnet voted No against providing lifebuoys on the beach for residents…..”


Mayor Minnet sent a certified letter on Jan. 26 2010 to respond to the article…

2000 S. Ocean Blvd. #llE
Lauderdale-By- The-Sea, FL 33062


To: By the Sea Times Publishers and Editors:
I have read with great disappointment the following falsehoods printed in
your publication. I understand that you are not supporting me in the
upcoming election, but that does not give you the right to inaccurately
report my voting record to further your political goals. I am specifically
referencing the following claims in your January 22, 2010 issue of By the
Sea Times on page 6:
1. Mayor Minnet voted no to awarding fire suppression services. to the
Volunteer Fire Department. This is false. In fact I voted yes to
approve the contract with the Volunteer Fire Department on
September 12, 2008.
2. Mayor Minnet voted no against transition budget for the VFD. This
is false. In fact I voted yes for the transition budget on March 25,
3. Mayor Minnet voted no against providing life buoys on the beach
for residents. This is false. In fact I voted yes for the signposts and
the Volunteer Fire Department was providing the life buoys on
September 25, 2008.
Had you been interested in printing the truth, you could have contacted
me or some credible source before you printed these falsehoods.
I demand you print in your next issue a retraction/correction of these
falsehoods .
Roseann Minnet, Mayor ”


Mayor Minnet made the following comments in her Jan. 26, 2010 Commissioner Comments…

“I’d like to address this to By The Sea Times actually By The Sea Lies. The first time that I have ever stated anything like this. The first time I have ever stated anything like this but I have sent a certified letter to the By The Sea Times in reference to three votes that they said that I did not make and I do want to make reference to them. The first one that they said I did not vote for the VFD contract. On September 12, 2008 in fact I did vote Yes for the VFD contract. Number two the By The Sea Times said I did not vote for the transition funds for the VFD. I voted yes on March 25, 2008 to approve the transition funds. Third item they said that I did not vote for the beach signs, beach posts. I did vote yes for the beach posts on September 25, 2008 and the VFD was providing the life buoys. So in the future, again I have sent a certified letter to the publishers and editors of  By The Sea Times asking them to please send clarification in their next issue and I’m sure they will. It is unfortunate. Others have sat up here as well and nobody likes to be the brunt of lies or mistreatment. So I am asking you to look into that. And the next time you look at credible sources like the Town video to see how I did vote in the future. So I would really appreciate that. Thank you.”


The By The Sea Times Owner-Publisher- Editor Cristie Furth was sitting in the hall and did not raise her hand to respond…


On Jan 28, 2010 the By The Sea Times sent all the candidates a question to answer for their next edition ( Feb 12, 2010)…
“From: “Marc Furth”
Date: January 28, 2010 11:58:16 AM EST
To: , , “Joe Couriel” , , , “Jim Silverstone”
Subject: Question to candidates.doc
Reply-To: “Marc Furth”
Question to candidates:

While the maximum town wide height limit is 44 feet, the current zoned height limit in the RM25 zoning district – which extends east and west from El Mar Drive to Seagrape Drive and north and south from Palm to Pine Avenues – is 33 feet (3 stories).

Where do you personally stand on increasing the existing zoned height limit of 33 feet to the maximum allowable height of 44 feet in the RM 25 District?

Please submit your answer (200 word maximum)along with a photo by Wednesday, February 3 to

Thank you,
By the Sea Times”


On Feb 2, 2010 Mayor Minnet responded in a letter to the By The Sea Times….

2000 S. Ocean Blvd. #llE
Lauderdale-By- The-Sea, FL 33062
By the Sea Times Publishers and Editors:
On January 26, 2010, I sent a certified letter to your office asking for a
retraction and correction of misinformation the By the Sea Times printed in
the January 22,2010 edition of the paper regarding my voting records. I
am in receipt of the notification that you received the letter on January
As of today, I have not received a response from you. Accordingly, I
cannot respond to your questions until I have seen the correction printed
in your newspaper.
Roseann Minnet, Mayor”


At the Feb 9, 2010 Commission meeting Cristie Furth came to speak at the podium….

Cristie Furth- ” I am the co-owner of the By The Sea Times newspaper. At the last commission meeting Mayor Minnet publicly called my paper By The Sea Lies claiming that I published lies about her voting record. In the interest of fairness I believe I must be allowed to answer her slanderous charges publicly. A little over a year ago my husband and I purchased the By The Sea Times, Lauderdale By The Sea’s oldest newspaper and we are proud of the contribution being made to the community by providing accurate and factual, actual and factual community news and human interest stories. We do not engage in yellow journalism. Nor are we the National Enquirer or Paparazzi of Lauderdale By The Sea. We do not deliberately try to confuse readers with character assassination, sensationalism, scare tactics or misleading headlines cleverly disguised as fact. Mayor Minnet you stated I publicly published lies about you in a story regarding your voting record.Mayor those are very strong words and libelous statements against my newspaper. We are a Lauderdale By The Sea owned and operated small business and I take offense to being the target of your public attack of us. If you yourself had been interested in speaking the truth at the last commission meeting you might have contacted me to discuss your concerns which I could have easily have clarified for you before your public comments. However you did not. I stand fully behind the story on your voting record regarding the VFD which I will be fully addressing in the next issue of By The Sea Times. I hope everyone takes the time to read my response to your incorrect accusations. Thank you very much.”


BC- I have looked into the votes with obtaining the Town minutes online…and compared them with the above exchange between the Christie Furth-By The Sea Times and Mayor Minnet….

1- The BTSTimes – 1/22/10 printed…Minnet voted No to awarding fire suppression services to the Volunteer Fire Department.

Mayor Minnet -1/26/10 letter sent- 1. Mayor Minnet voted no to awarding fire suppression services. to the Volunteer Fire Department. This is false. In fact I voted yes to approve the contract with the Volunteer Fire Department on September 12, 2008.”

Mayor Minnet 1/26/10 Comm. comments- “The first one that they said I did not vote for the VFD contract. On September 12, 2008 in fact I did vote Yes for the VFD contract.”

Editor Cristie Furth 2/9/10 public comments-“I stand fully behind the story on your voting record regarding the VFD”

Town Minutes – September 12, 2008 -pg 11-“Consent Agenda b. Commission approval of Volunteer Fire department Contract for Fire Protection and Fire Prevention Services (Manager Colon) pg 12- Commissioner Dodd made the motion to approve the Volunteer Fire Department Contract of Fire Protection Services commissioner Clottey seconded the motion. In a roll call, the motion carried 5-0”

BC- The Mayor voted YES for the VFD “fire suppression” services …The By The Sea Times was incorrect…


2. The BTSTmes printed 1/22/10-“Minnet voted No against a transition budget for the VFD when BSO Fire was voted out of town”

Mayor Minnet 1/26/10 letter-“2. Mayor Minnet voted no against transition budget for the VFD. Thisis false. In fact I voted yes for the transition budget on March 25,

Mayor Minnet 1/26/10 Comm. comments -“Number two the By The Sea Times said I did not vote for the transition funds for the VFD. I voted yes on March 25, 2008 to approve the transition funds.”

Editor Cristie Furth 2/9/10 public comments-“I stand fully behind the story on your voting record regarding the VFD”

Town Minutes- February 19, 2008-pg 9 “New Business e.Discussion and/or action of Lauderdale By The Sea- Volunteer Fire Department (Commissioner McIntee) -pg 10.”In a roll call vote, the motion carried 2-1. Vice Mayor McIntee and Commissioner Silvsertone recused from voting. Mayor Minnet voted no.”

Also included in the Feb 12, 2008 minutes- right above the vote on pg 10- ” Mayor Minnet believed the commission was a bit premature and felt it was important to have an agreement in tact. She said it was imperative to have a workshop and listen to the people. Commissioner Silverstone said the people had spoken during the election.”

BC- While the BTSTimes is correct “Minnet voted No against a transition budget for the VFD”…they neglected to explain her fiscally responsible reason for that No vote!…

Mayor Minnet in her response to the Times to rectify her voting record most likely thought they were referring to her March 25th vote…

Here is why she voted No……

Town Minutes March 25, 2008- pg. 9- “Old Business b. Discussion and approval of the VFD Transistion Agreement 3/01/2008to 9/30/2008 (Manager Colon) (voted on 24 days after it was to be in effect per TM Colon)- pg. 10 “Vice Mayor McIntee made a motion to approve the agreement as provided. Commissioner Silverstone seconded the motion. Vice Mayor McIntee amended the motion to direct VFD to provide a roster within 48 hours after the signature of the transition to the Town Manager. Commissioner Silverstone accepted the amendment. In a roll call vote, motion carried 5-0.”

BC- No wonder the BTSTimes stayed away from the transitional vote itself on 3/25/08… it shows front and enter the “2-hats” voting that begs for ethics rules on the dais …due the the 1-2 votes from VFD- VM McIntee and VFD-Comm. Silverstone…

BC- The Times was correct on #2, the Mayor did vote No to the transition budget and the Mayor was mistaken. This writer see it as an easy mistake to make in light of the above information….


3.BTSTimes  1/22/10 printed “Minnet voted No against providing lifebuoys on the beach for residents.”

Mayor Minnet 1/26/10 letter “3. Mayor Minnet voted no against providing life buoys on the beach for residents. This is false. In fact I voted yes for the signposts and the Volunteer Fire Department was providing the life buoys on September 25, 2008.”

Mayor Minnet 1/26/10 Comm. comments “Third item they said that I did not vote for the beach signs, beach posts. I did vote yes for the beach posts on September 25, 2008 and the VFD was providing the life buoys.”

Editor Cristie Furth 2/9/10 public comments “I stand fully behind the story on your voting record regarding the VFD”

Town Minutes September 25, 2008 pg. 11 “New Business e. Discussion and/or action regarding the cost of putting up ID posts and beach equipment (Commissioner Dodd) Chief Perkins recommended about 20 wooden posts 6 x 6, with lifeguard rings and numbers on them to be placed on the beach every 500 feet at an approximate cost of $28 each. Discussion followed regarding monies that had not been budgeted. Attorney Abbott thought state approval would be required. Chief Perkins advised the poles were not a permanent structure. Manager colon asked if the Volunteer Fire Department would be able to purchase the poles by September 30, 2008. Chief Perkins saids he would. Commissioner Silverstone made a motion to appropriate $2,000 to pursue pending state approval. Commissioner Dodd seconded the motion. In a roll call, the motion carried 5-0.

BC- Mayor Minnet voted YES to the ORIGINAL “Buoys” (life rings) and poles…as she wrote and stated on 1/26/10…

BC- On 12/8/2009 under “New Business 16b.  Discussion and/or action regarding the responsibility to replace the lost buoys (Vice Mayor Mclntee)”

The vote was 3-2 against “REPLACING” the “buoys”…Commissioner Clottey/Commissioner Dodd/ Mayor Minnet voted No- Commissioner Silverstone/Vice mayor McIntee voted Yes..

BC- So if the BTSTimes is referring to the Mayor voting no on these “replacement” buoys it was less than forthcoming in its printed statement “Minnet voted No against providing lifebuoys on the beach for residents.” due to the FACT that the “ORIGINAL” buoys were already in place for the resident’s safety, the Mayor voted YES to them on Sept. 25, 2008 and the VFD stated they would be responsible for “REPLACING” them!…


As far as the rest of Owner-Editor – Campaign Manager Cristie Furth’s 2/9/10 public comments…”we are proud of the contribution being made to the community by providing accurate and factual, actual and factual community news and human interest stories. We do not engage in yellow journalism. Nor are we the National Enquirer or Paparazzi of Lauderdale By The Sea. We do not deliberately try to confuse readers with character assassination, sensationalism, scare tactics or misleading headlines cleverly disguised as fact.”

This writer must wholeheartedly disagree…I have seen ads placed that target this writer in a site, it is said, the  BTSTimes owners…Commissioner Silverstone and both McIntees own and operate aimed at me, I have seen photos badly taken on purpose by the owner/Editor and Official Town photographer of residents in our town …We have seen many untruths and distorted statements throughout the last year plus…along with accepting ads from their endorsed candidates that do not meet the Fl.election rules of disclaimers…We have heard the VFD is paying for the back page ad at a cost to the taxpayers or Booster Fund donators and perhaps at a rate not offered to others…. The Owners/Editors Furth have a political bias as Campaign Managers to Commissioner Silverstone/ Marjorie Evans/ Joe Couriel and that political bias is evident in their paper. So the statements made by Cristie Furth on 2/9/10 do not ring true in this writer’s opinion!…

I also found the following statement by Cristie Furth made on the 9th, particularly amusing …” I take offense to being the target of your public attack of us. If you yourself had been interested in speaking the truth at the last commission meeting you might have contacted me to discuss your concerns which I could have easily have clarified for you before your public comments.”…especially after the last few years of her BFFs McIntee and Silverstone and Clottey using their own Commissioner Comments in what can only be characterized as public attacks aimed at the By The Sea Future, and their Editors and Owner…

As for the timing of Cristie Furth to make such a statement just moments before the all out- political-personal attack made from the dais this very evening from Town Manager Esther Colon during her Town Manager Report against Ms. Furth’s rival local newspaper!…PRICELESS!…. ( post to come)…


more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … Updates … And More …

January 24, 2010 by Barbara


Looks like the the BTS-TIMES is catching up with paper distribution today …2 days late …OOPS! … It will aid in the repercussions the paper should face on every level for “Truth Deflector” type “reporting”…Is there a “staff writer- Town Tidbits- Truth Deflector” job awaiting in Temple Terrace Florida?…Hmmmm….

Looks like the Fire Chief position is spoken for!….OOPS!…



DAY 3…..No computer communication still to Town Hall…An informed and knowledgeable reader says this is highly unusual for government to be down so long…This writer’s public records request made on Friday came back today as mailer failure as did others who made important requests to their Town government….Essentially Town Hall in LBTS is shut down!… No back-up for the meeting on Tuesday night…So where is the administration on this?…OUCH!…



Last night LBTS Pacific Blues the business who brought us all together for the Town Manager’s choice of an “appropriate meeting” (per her statement at the 1/12/10 Commission meeting) …did not turn on their sign’s lights!…We hear the managers did not take any of the businesses on their offers to assist in the store’s lack of business they contend results from the Saturday night special event put on by Athena and 101 Ocean!… Too bad, the Town was filled to capacity with those united in support of weekend special events in LBTS!…



This writer had a “visit” at Sea Ranch Club from the VFD today…lights and sirens blared…as the call came for an elevator malfunction….Nice response…but lights and sirens…Really?….OOPS!…


more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … Scene And Heard Around Town …. JAN. 14, 2010 …. VFD Passing The Boot … RFQs For A Scenic A1A … Election Time Logic ….

January 14, 2010 by Barbara


LBTS-VFD Doing their part by filling the boot! …


Pursuant to Florida Statutes, Section 287.055 (Consultants Competitive Negotiations Act), the
Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, Florida, invites qualified engineering firms or individuals to
submit Letters of Interest, Statements of Qualification and Experience, and Standard Forms 254
& 255 for consideration to provide professional general civil engineering and landscaping services
for the design of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Local Agency Program (LAP)
Landscaping, Enhancement Project FM – 418022-1, on SR A1A from Pine Avenue To Terra Mar

The RFQ was opened today, with name of company and town read aloud only… at Town Hall at 2 pm…in attendance this writer… Erez Bar-Nur from Landscape Design Workshop, Fort Lauderdale (who designed El Prado Park and the Minto properties) …opening up the Requests For Qualifications …Town Clerk June White, Asst. Town Manager John Olinzock and Finance Director Kaola King.. fourteen submissions from large and small companies…including some familiar names…

1. Landscape Design Workshop-Ft. Lauderdale

2. Ocampo & Assoc.- Stuart Fl.

3. Keith + Schnars – Ft. Lauderdale

4. IBI Group- Coral Springs

5. Miller Legg- Pembroke Pines

6. Botech Thurow Eng. Inc.- Ft. Lauderdale

7. Caufield & Wheeler Inc.- Port St. Lucie

8. Curtis & Rogers- Coconut Grove

9. Bermello Ajamil & Partmers Inc.- Ft. Lauderdale

10. Calvin Giordano & Assoc.- Ft. Lauderdale

11. Walter H. Keller Inc.- Coral Springs

12. A.E. Com Design & Planning -Orlando

13. PBS & J Ft. Lauderdale

14. Tylin International- Ft. Lauderdale




Taped onto the counter in front of the receptionist in Town Hall today a memo for a special meeting to discuss “recurring special events which close town streets and its effect on adjacent businesses”…WOW!….

Readers may recall at the commission meeting on the 12th the exchange that went on with an attorney who was insulted by the Vice Mayor when he called her “A big girl”…And that was after the poor woman came to realize that her clients who rent 2 stores in town neglected to tell her their objection to the re-up of the 3 month special event permit for the Village Grille’s Friday night Jazz on the Square was extending an established Friday night event that has been going on for the last 7 years…(not counting the weeks it went dark due to the Town Manager unilaterally shutting  it down after finding a snafu ….Hmmm..reminiscent of her recent actions with the Senior Center )…Athena has also been a Saturday night standard for some years now…

Commissioner Silverstone and Vice Mayor McIntee looked pretty glib as they found another way to stick it to the Athena owners when the attorney said her client’s businesses were facing a loss of revenue on nights these events take place…..Suddenly here we are less than 2 weeks later with a special meeting called …You can tell it’s election season!…

There was no special meeting called for the pavilion!…There was no meeting called for the pavilion and street floods!…There was no special meeting called for the termination of BSO Chief Scott Gooding this fast!… But for two businesses that according to the Town never contacted them prior to this podium visit by their attorney…. Two businesses never contacted Village Grille or Athena according to statements at the podium …And two businesses who  did not show up to accompany the attorney in Jarvis Hall to speak…a special meeting was put together at record speed…YIKES!…

This could be the noise ordinance all over again…Do residents want music in the square on Fridays and Saturday nights?…  Then come and show your support… Send an e-mail…or call your commissioners …This meeting on top of the ridiculous requirement put in place by Commissioners Silverstone and Clottey and Vice Mayor McIntee for Dave Gadsby and the Marchelos brothers to re-apply for these permits every 2 months followed by a night of coming to Jarvis Hall the following month to receive the commission’s consent to continue the events for another 3 months is enough to make anybody throw up their arms and throw in the towel…and that would truly be a shame!…

Dave Gadsby reminded us all the other evening what it was like in town when the music was gone…It’s time for residents to say enough before that happens again…. and time for voters to say enough to elected officials making it so hard for those businesses to do something good for the town!

Mayor Roseann Minnet
Tel: 954-326-0594
[email protected]

Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee
Tel: 954-943-8539
No e-mail is available.

Commissioner Birute Ann Clottey
Tel: 954-895-6595
[email protected]

Commissioner Stuard Dodd
Tel: 954-772-4121
[email protected]

Commissioner Jim Silvertone
Tel: 954-771-0355
[email protected]


[email protected]

more to come……….

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Here’s The Scoop ….. Oversight … Overlooked … Overreaching

January 7, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers…The Town Manager is actively doing oversight and micro – managing the VFD now that McIntee is no longer the Deputy Chief…He has been observed in her office since he returned back from up north…and what comes after these visits…requests from McIntee for the VFD as Vice Mayor vs. Mcintee going to he VFD as a member still on the roster for info in an all out effort to undermine them…Now the Manager has again decided to do oversight …we hear on McIntee’s behest …TM Colon sent a memo on Dec. 30th to VFD Chief Perkins stating that they had a conversation on Dec. 28th and wrote to Chief Perkins “you advised me that the above firefighter (John Louvaris) is on administrative leave”…She went on to add the following ” This memorandum will serve to confirm that the above firefighter is on administrative leave until further pending investigation is complete and/ or resolved as you previously notified the Town on Sept. 9, 2009.”…

The Town Manager is following up on a request for the roster that was made through her by Vice Mayor McIntee (prev. post)…It is said the VFD made the decision to reinstate from leave firefighter Louvaris as is the right of the Chief…”the Chief’s discretion”…a familiar phrase used often to cover the questionable actions made by Dep. Chief McIntee (prev. posts)… This writer has been told there is nothing in the VFD By-laws to keep Louvaris from coming back as a firefighter as he awaits a court date which could take quite a long time…Louvaris was was charged with misdemeanor petit theft. He spent the night in jail before paying $25 bond…and as he said to the Sentinel is “he is innocent until proven guilty”…. For Town Manager Colon to send this memo is yet again another sign of where her loyalties lie…with Mcintee / Silverstone… This is the very same Manager that did no oversight when former Battalion Chief Patrick Pointu sent his letter of concerns about Mcintee…This is the Town Manager that did no oversight McIntee when he broke VFD By-laws to become Deputy Chief of the VFD…This is the Town Manager that did no oversight when McIntee was purchasing for the VFD contrary to what he told the Fl. Ethics Comm. ….This is the Town Manager that did nothing when McIntee was involved in the suicide and did not follow VFD SOPs…This is the Town Manager that did no oversight when McIntee was the recipient of a complaint filed against him in Mexico and This is the Town Manager that has done no oversight about the 5 other complaints in McIntee’s file according to the VFD Chief!…

Another memo went out to address the new contract for Choice Environmental that left many residents in Town  with overflowing garbage for days after Christmas…(prev. posts)…The new contract was put together by the Town Manager and longtime readers will recall it was substandard… How substandard it was posted in a Feb 24,2009 post on this site after I attended the pre-contact meeting…At that meeting besides all the problematic inclusions and exclusions found by Waste Management and their Atty. was the following …


2/24/09 Pre-Waste Contract Meeting”


Waste Management asked for their “guys” to get Thanksgiving off…believe it or not…it’s up to the Commission to decide…right now…they only get Christmas off…that should be a big “passes 5-0”!
So Waste Management the Town’s longtime vendor at that time made a point of asking for a 2nd holiday off for their guys…
The memo from TM Colon dated 12/31/09 included the previous Waste Management contract …and the following…
“ARTICLE 11 HOURS OF OPERATION 11.1 FRANCHISEE shall not be required to provide collection service on Christmas Day or any other legal holiday when the County incinerator is closed for delivery, however, if the holiday falls on a normal collection day, collection shall be made no later than three (3) business days after that holiday.”
When the contract was passed by the Commission I posted the following….
4/14/09 post..
“The waste employees will get an additional holiday off…in addition to Xmas…New Years Day…(this needed to be voted on to allow)
The new Contract would have applied to whomever..was awarded the RFP…. New Years was added in as a second holiday by this commission ….
Previously posted on December 28th…was “HOLIDAY PICK-UP SCHEDULE”  portion of the new contract for Choice..
“RFP #09-02-01 Effective July 1, 2009…page 22- 7.2 “HOLIDAY PICK-UP SCHEDULE Christmas and News (as written) Years Day shall be a Holiday. The CONTRACTOR shall not be required to provide Solid Waste, Bulk Waste, and Recycling Collection or maintain office hours on that Holiday. Solid Waste and Bulk Waste not collected on a designated Holiday SHALL BE COLLECTED ON THE CUSTOMER’S NEXT REGULARLY SCHEDULED PICK-UP DAY AFTER THE HOLIDAY. Recycling Materials not collected on a designated Holiday. The TOWN reserves the tight to add or delete designated holidays for the duration of this agreement.”
Readers can see how the Town Manager changed the contract and why they were impacted ….There was no attempt by the Town Manager or her staff to “educate” the residents to the change in service…and the residents assumed that the service would remain as they were used to…thus the piling up garbage and possums…
Someone must have done something behind the scenes because Choice did not follow the new Colon contract and came to pick up the garbage on certain streets earlier than required after Christmas … Choice also picked up garbage and recycling earlier than the Colon contract after New Years Eve… So will the contract be re-negotiated in time for next Christmas and New Years?…..
The Chamber of Commerce was given a budgeted $5,000 for Christmas-By-The-Sea this year…but when they received the money from the Town the Town Manager sent along a letter on Dec. 30th that said “Attached please find a check in the amount of $4,552.00. Please note that I did not reimburse the Chamber for the donation made to the Children’s Home Society, since you clearly indicated it was a donation made to them. Happy holidays and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Sincerely Esther Colon Town Manager”… The Town Manager chose unilaterally to deduct  almost $500 from the allotted amount the Commission voted on 5-0 to give the Chamber because they chose to give to a charity!.. There were no stipulations and no direction asked for from the dais…….
more to come….
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Here’s The Scoop … Scene And Heard Around Town … Updated ..

January 6, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers … Perhaps the walls are closing in too fast …..and the Town Manager and her “Gang” of staunch supporters are acting out!… We hear today the Manager sent out Code Enforcement bright and early in the chilly temps to check the signs for Candidates Minnet, Sasser and Vincent on properties throughout the town!.. WOW!… We are told a knock at the door …was for the homeowner to move the sign 6 inches!.. We hear the Code Enforcement officer was polite and and chagrined to be doing this job…

Just Monday, the first signs were removed from a home in Commissioner Jim (He’s not a nice guy and not a gentleman) Silverstone’s neighborhood…This occurred right after the 2 newly qualified Candidates Scot Sasser and Chris Vincent went door to door!… We hear there would be a complaint filed for the removal since it was authorized by the property owner.

Right out of the gate…old habits die hard…for the “Gang”…While  Candidates Minnet, Sasser and Vincent are organized, supported, endorsed and qualified…and already going door to door for the 2nd time…the “powers that be” seem only prepared  for one thing ….to cause trouble…and isn’t that why it’s time for them to go in 2010?…

Readers keep an eye on your signs…and an eye out for anyone taking a sign away…cooperate with Code Enforcement and let the Manager and the “Gang” know this is not going to be done without a spotlight on what’s behind the acts being done!..

UPDATE.. We are hearing this 2007 ordinance which was not enforced in 2008 enforced now in areas such as Silver Shores will preclude many supporters from showing their support of a candidate in 2010!… ARGHHH!…..

We  also hear the Manager who cannot seem to step up to the plate and remedy the chaos with the Senior Center…still turning away 60 and under and non-residents…(Comm. Dodd will address this on Jan 12th at the 1st commission meeting of the new year)…. decided she did have time to go after the former Fire Marshal!…The Fire Marshal Alex Stevenson was entitled to unemployment benefits…and received them…But the Town Manager it is said, thought the way in which she terminated him took those benefits away!…She, on behalf of the Town appealed the benefits and lost!…Hmmm…The same $250,000 if terminated Town Manager (Thanks to Comms. Silverstone and McIntee)  went after the Fire Marshall she gave the ax to on top of not allowing him to do his job while he was here with a big assist from her pal Vice Mayor McIntee… With McIntee’s action of going after the VFD after his big loss … no wonder these two get along so well and have each others back at all times!..Two peas in a pod…No make that “Three’s Company” …because right there in the mix…Comm. Jimmy-boy Silverstone… no doubt about it!…

We hear Vice Mayor McIntee made his first VFD fire response appearance a couple of days ago…The question is …did he arrive at the station to go like every other member?… And what kind of response is he getting when the VFD is fully aware of his requests through the Town Manager at the end of Dec.? (prev. post)…We hear someone told McIntee they thought he had quit and he responded “Do I look like I quit?”…Word also is…McIntee could not find anyone besides Jimmy-boy to spy on the VFD to aid in his vendetta…OUCH!…

Will he or won’t he?…The Vice Mayor said he “might need” to be excused from the dais on January 12th… Was that “might need” due to his belief he would be the new chief or the VFD?…We shall see! …If he does take his seat …we will know!… Cart before the horse, Vice Mayor…OOPS!… If Mcintee is up there on the 12th…will he be candidate McIntee or 1 term McIntee going after the VFD Chief when we get to the  Public Safety item on the agenda?… YIKES!..


*State law references: Sign ordinances, authority not superseded by shall not conflict with state of federal law, F.S. § 166.0425.


Sec. 30-501. Administration and permits.
(6) Political signs (Note: Unlike other temporary signs, political signs do not require the issuance of a permit, however, the person in charge of the campaign or the company erecting the sign shall be responsible for removing the signs within seven days after the date of the election.);

(7) Temporary political signs: to be set back at least five feet from any right-of-way or property line.
(Ord. No. 465, § 2, 3-27-01; Ord. No. 2007-09, § 2, 5-22-07; Ord. No. 2007-14, § 2(Exh. A), 9-25-07)

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … Nice Response From The VFD …

January 3, 2010 by Barbara


We hear a 911 call came today from Kilwins and first on scene in the VFD command car was Battalion Chief Kevin Padden…

This Battalion Chief is also an AMR employee and thus able to perform as a first responder unlike the previous command car driver..the former Dep. Chief/ Vice Mayor Jerry mcIntee!…

Those who witnessed the scene have high praise for the new Battalion Chief!….

Nice Response!…

Thanks to the “Roving Reporter” for the photo….

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop …… Scene And Heard … 24 Hours Before ….

January 3, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers… It’s quiet today in Town Hall…but tomorrow it will be quite a different story…Tomorrow is the first day the candidates for the March 9, 2010 Municipal election can qualify to officially run for a seat on the LBTS Commission!… We know three declared candidates already…Mayor Roseann Minnet, Scot Sasser and Chris Vincent…You know them as well… They made their way to your neighborhood in the past weeks….and you now see their signs all over town…from the north to the south… Who they will be running against is still up in the air!…As previously posted the CIC canceled (according to their site) a meeting tonight …It was thought they would be announcing who the CIC would vote to back one day before the official qualifying begins….This is quite a change from the 2008 election….In the CIC that was Chaired at that time by then-candidate Stuart Dodd and Vice-Chaired by this writer…the candidates had already answered an extensive CIC questionnaire put together by CIC member and former Mayor Ken Wardlaw…The candidates had been to several CIC meetings to answer questions and the CIC was mailed ballots to vote for candidates…as well as a final vote done prior to this time to officially validate that the candidates were CIC endorsed…

With the fallout of Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee’s big gamble and big landslide loss for VFD Fire Chief and his all-out “war” to take the VFD down and go after Chief Perkins with an “oversight” assist from Town Manager Colon (prev. posts)…how could the CIC back him?… After all, THE major accomplishment for the CIC-PAC after getting the “Broom Boys” elected in 2006 and getting the majority on the dais in 2008, was and is the return of the VFD!.. So can the organization and the Furths still find a way to back McIntee now that he is actively trying to destroy the VFD because they did not support him for Fire Chief?… That will be some spin if they do!…Just how much Kool-aid would need to be consumed to make that appear kosher?… As for Jimmy-boy (He’s NOT a nice guy-and certainly NO gentleman) Silverstone…We are told he too is actively helping McIntee and Colon fro behind the scenes to hurt the VFd (being we are told 1 of ONLY 4 -5  members that actually voted for Mcintee to be Chief)…We  have heard from countless patrons that his Fiancee’ does not want him to run…And those he used to be friends with but threw under the bus to aid and abet his BFF McIntee and TM Colon have told him his “unfinished business” is finished and to get his priorities straight!.. “Walk away from the dais,you’re done!”… Cristie Furth, appears to have no one left to enlist..Will she usurp Silverstone’s Fiancee’ and get Jimmy-boy to do what then-candidate Dodd would not?…(Sausage series-cat.)…Ms. Furth, as longtime readers will recall was promised by then-candidate McIntee in 2006 that in the next election (2008) he would back her for commission …That did not happen when Stuart Dodd chose to run for the seat…(This writer backed him)…Stuart would not switch to run for Mayor (despite Cristie’s pushing hard for it)…and McIntee while feigning his support for Christie did “a McIntee” and threw her under the bus as she was assured of time to explore her options by enlisting Peanuts (who will always be Peanuts, not Larry) Wick…Thus ending her run in 08…We have heard for some time she would try again for a commission seat…and unless it is she who wants to run against the incumbent Mayor… In the end it will be quite interesting to see who has Jimmy-boy’s ear ..the Fiancee’ or the Furths?… As for Peanuts… We are told his longtime acquaintances have also told him, take a pass…Especially after his embarrassing “boy-messenger” time at the podium at both meetings in December…and going after the Mayor’s long- gone previous campaign manager and Greenfest …a non-starter for a “paltry $33″…that has cost the taxpayers much more in Town attorney fees…Also, he’s a goner for a run after Commissioner Clottey essentially called him a lush for his intoxicated and slanderous attacks on the Mayor in her [Clottey] presence at the Chamber’s Holiday party at Aruba in order to defend herself for not interjecting or stopping him after a resident called Clottey out on her “assist” in the diatribe at public comments!…We hear overtures have been made from the “Gang” to the Bel Air Assoc.President and Vice President…. to no avail..A look at the last  required CIC  filing with the Town proves that  the lack of attendance in Jarvis Hall since the orchestrated “CIC-Parade” of support for TM Colon…(prev.posts- TM annual performance review) is due to lack of members…In 2009…most members were from one building of  a new member’s ( Furth friend /BTSTimes staff writer) building in the south and VFD members…. One member that is new, a VFD member has told many he was being actively “courted” to run for Mayor is now as of Dec. 14th a newly elected  officer in the VFD and openly anti-McIntee …So there is a conflict ..via the still in place and again observed VFD By-laws prohibiting an officer from being an elected official…

So what can we expect in the next days of qualifying for the March 9,2010 election? … Who knows?..

The disarray in the CIC finds itself in now, was written on this site long, long ago…right after the last election…with the Sausage series…The PAC voting  Cristie Furth and Moe Mcintee  (the new Vice Mayor’s wife) in as Chair and Vice Chair…They actively changed the organization from a “watchdog” group to a Jerry McIntee “Cheerleading” group…and nothing else with the vile e-mails and verbal attacks from these two and the current Chair/ BTSTimes Editor Bob Roberts toward CAC (pre-CIC)  founder John Thompson…the “tar and feathering” of Commissioner Stuart Dodd after he requested a simple and long known “sabbatical” from the CIC ( Sausage series)…and the continued false statements of him being a “turncoat” when a look at Dodd’s 2008 campaign and his actions over the last 2 years prove he has not changed one iota …the CIC has!…

Guess the word got out loud and clear….from one end of town to the other…why in the world would anyone in their right mind want to run for the commission endorsed by the CIC, much less belong to this failing organization itself?…The CIC  in 2010 remains as it was when this writer left it in 2008….LBTS’ own “Hotel California”…”You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave!….Just ask the VFD!…

Who will be walking through the Town Hall door tomorrow?…. Mayor Roseann Minnet, Scot Sasser and Chris Vincent…three fine candidates…who are fully supported…totally organized and ready to earn your vote!

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … The Sun Finally Set On 2009 In Lauderdale-By-The-Sea ….

January 1, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers …as promised the real retrospective of what happened in LBTS in 2009…Informed readers know that repetition of “fearmongering” by the “gang” cannot pass muster this time around…because nothing goes unchallenged ….What has been posted from daily is an accurate account their own actions and in their own words …

IN 2009….

We heard Calypso’s time was running out prior to the presidential election and in the end it was a no go after communities came together to speak out against it… We saw that the pavilion had a permit problem at the end of 2008 and the start of a unilateral decision made by the Town Manager to change the Forbes design seen only when a rendition was put up causing quite a ruckus that continued on throughout 2009…and continues still…We saw fees increasing at an alarming rate brought forth by the Town Manager and staff through codes and code sweeps…Moe McIntee went “Truth Deflector”…and tried unsuccessfully to remain anonymous as she “slapped” those who called it like it is …Vice Mayor McIntee made a scene at Athena By The Sea and was called out in a letter …with fallout to come…A drowning victim was found on the beach…The CIC called for members to re-up and found their re-up efforts were re-down…Vice Mayor McIntee was now VFD Deputy Chief McIntee despite promises made after his last turn in the same role and breaking the VFD By-laws…The Pelican Hopper was hopping out of money and needed an influx of taxpayer cash…it would come unilaterally from the TM…Height referendums  were discussed at workshops …Palm Club residents were called to come to Jarvis Hall with Vice Mayor Mcintee “pulling a Parker” on them…with false hopes of ” Gold Shovel” federal funds for the sewers…Vice Mayor McIntee went after the Pier sign to take it down …Athena By The Sea owner Louis Marchelos caught his hypo-Crissie on tape and played to a “hissing” response from the Vice Mayor’s wife…In the infamous “Cockroach” exchange…an encounter after the meeting with Mr Marchelos.. a filed McIntee  police report ..The incident was published in and outside of town limits in local newspapers…and in Feb. Moe McIntee had a different version at the podium…(like husband like wife)…Decorum special meeting…The Master Plan Steering Committee began talk of the medians for the south per the Manager’s continued instruction the Oriana million could only be used for that part of El Mar….only to find at years end she was wrong…and the “Gang would” vote in Dec. to spend the million on it anyway…no matter walkers of El Mar and the MPSC do not want it!…

The ribbon cutting for the $2 million dollar Public Safety building…despite the BSO not in…and VFD not allowed to sleep there …Bags finally came off the meters throughout town…The new VFD-ATV  broke …Vice Mayor was caught in the “purchasing” on the repairs /new  apparatus despite a letter to the Fl. Ethics Comm. he did not have any such role…Comm. Silverstone began frequent his freedom of speech “Norm Crosby”/ answering the public comments made act…Joe Couriel thrown out of the meeting called VM McIntee “God”…Vice Mayor McIntee was now called a “Vigilante” in town for patrolling and calling out code violations…Vice Mayor McIntee was proposing his VFD referendum to make the VFD a lifetime public safety provider…Vice Mayor McIntee, Comms. Clottey and Silverstone  wanted to put bathrooms in the alleyway…This writer found out Deerfield Beach was asking for the annual performance review for their Town Manager and began the search to see if TM Colon was to have on as well…The pre-proposal meeting took place for the Waste contract RFP …This writer found a seriously flawed contract brought to the table by the Town Manager and poorly presented by her Asst. TM contained a requirement for a toter per unit and warnings given verbally that day and posted of the up-rise that would ensue fell on deaf ears…This writer received the Manager’s contract to find an annual performance review was indeed required before the budget was adopted each September…This was just the beginning for that portion of Esther Colon’s contract and for what else she put in it….

We saw 2nd readings of ordinances …go back to the drawing table numerous times…$$$$…boats and Tennis and more…because some commissioners could not do their homework..Comm. Dodd offered up a code of Ethics based on the Miami/ Dade ordinance…and it died as a “2-hats” ordinance from the dais majority…contents buried in it would come back into play later in 2009 with the “cone of silence” lame excuse by the TM who erroneously after she used it to imply the Town had such it on the books …and it wad found we do not…… Broward Commissioner Ken Keechl gave the Welcome Center $20,000 and the TM, and Comm. Clottey tried to take it away from the Chamber’s annual amount for 2010… as the Chamber had to jump through hoops to get the check from the Town…. A look into the audit for this writer brought forth the news that the Town Manager had unilaterally accepted a 3 year $200,000+ contract with the (way too) long Town Auditors after a look back at the video and the minutes showed she was “informing” the commission of her actions never getting a vote and she supplied them with the prior contract with the prior amounts made to the previous commission although the Town had a current packet at that time…Comm. Dodd chased this one down…leading to an ongoing RFP/ITB conflict that later boiled over in July…The new RFP for audit went out at the end of the 2009…Looking forward to the 2010 election and needing new blood in the CIC the majority CIC dais member voted for spending over $50,000 for blacktopping N. Tradewinds despite protestations from other area residents that said there’s was worst……The recipient became a CIC member and a writer to the BTSTimes Editor…. Bel Air and Terra Mar residents were at odds over the way Bel air got its new signs and Terra Mar’s bridge is again pushed to the future…(in the budget for over 5 years).On March 10, 2009 this writer posted an article from the Miami Herald Business section that Mayor Minnet and family had sold a warehouse for $416,340 stating maybe the Mayor could help the Town with their still unsold and never brought back to the dais west side warehouse sale …The Mayor’s warehouse would pop up at the last meeting of 2009 with the Vice Mayor and his anonymous letter where he lied and said she flipped a house for that amount and he had a letter from the not so anonymous letter writer…There is no letter…and the Mayor requested it on Dec. 9th with still no response from the VM…because this was the sale..and again McIntee screwed up his “investigation”…RFP bids were opened for the Waste contract problems at all reading them “aloud” after being “publicly opened”…but that would change in July anyhow…The last sight of any real number of CIC members were directed to Jarvis Hall after a CIC meeting to “parade” to the podium and support the TM and thwart an annual performance review…..The CIC tried again to have a Town Hall meeting after failing with the 1st one…and failed once more……it was the last one…Planning and Zoning finally sat on the dais to get to some land regulations…(Chap. 30) …and found as the year went on most went un-noticed by the the end of 2009 another portion is in the works for 2010…ISO had a workshop for the community and no one came except this writer, and the Sentinel and a few commissioners…..Waste Management after the bid opening sent out a last ditch letter to longtime customers…Choice Environmental won the contract …and the “toters” this writer warned about early on…came into play just as uprising with the increase of fees as well as cans…The pavilion saw a sinkhole and flooding…renamed “Lake Colon”…..A police chase took place..SWAT teams were in place and a BTSTimes newsflash was at odds to give way to the rumblings of a LBTS Police Dept. from the Mc-Furths…A semi tractor trailer came a rushing down Commercial and ended up at the pavilion and in the news…Later in the year it would be a car chase from Radio Shack and a car on its side at the pavilion….Suddenly majority on the dais began a new “mantra”…”we’re in the black”…although numbers from the multitude of Sun Trust Bank accounts would not be brought forward until right before the 2009-2010 budget in September…A fire in a kitchen condo and a few incident reports at odds with the VM/ Comm. Silverstone’s dais accounts for pats on the back to the Dep. Chief… … McIntee again sat on the dais and spoke of the end of his and Comm. Silverstone’s 2006 Fl. Elections complaint investigation..whitewashing the many “probable cause” findings…

McIntee went after the Mayor still on the Mayor’s  problem with Greenfest…all for a paltry $33 …the cost to the Town must be tenfold at the very least……This continued on even as late as Dec. through  McIntee/ Furth  “minion” and former candidate for Mayor /P&Z Chair Peanuts Wick at 2 public comments …He was “outed” on his intoxication by Comm. Clottey after his “slanderous” comments concerning the Mayor were repeated at public comments in a recap of the Chamber’s Holiday party …The Pier and Athena By The Sea made the New York Times Travel section…along with La Spada  winning Zagats 2009 award later in the year…The Beach Pavilion had their ribbon cutting…and Comm. Clottey though she had no part in the project became the MC…This writer sent her an open letter  to that effect…The project shut down within hours due to faulty siding and continued problems…Thanks to PIO D’Oliveira the backup material for meetings was not to be online on the Town website until the next meeting…Former Mayor Oliver Parker showed up in the news to perhaps run for County Commission against Ken Keechl…Parker would rise up again in the news concerning his run against Bogdanoff…a possible 2nd run for that seat…and later in the year as a BFF to the Furths and Clottey and Moe Mcintee… who sang his praises for keeping decorum as Mayor …and again as a nominee for the Hillsboro Inlet by fast food pal Clottey after she threw Comm.Dodd under the bus……and then he changed his mind per an interview in the Pompano Pelican?…Easter By The Sea took place as a drowning arose and the ATV’s were stationed in the park with the Dep. Chief’s sign front and center…it included mandatory VFD participation at the Mc-Furth led event…July 4th fireworks on the beach began and this years event was filled with appearances of breaking sunshine…non-RFP fireworks…and we hear an accusation by the VM that threw the then-Fire Marshall under the bus for a “Kick-back” to “job” the appearance of bidding on the display from the beach…Turtle and environmental groups were mortified…TM Colon assisted in lack of public notices etc….The noise ordinance began with Comm. Clottey and more “claims” on phone calls of complaint…although no one ever came forward to verify them……and ensued for some months…bringing lots of angry residents and businesses to the podium…and hilariously videoed “field trip” to do a “gotcha” on the entertainment providers… The Vice Mayor went after the Mayor in an orchestrated display with the BTSTimes for her removal from her condo board ……it backfired ..Jay Leno did his “headlines” using the By The Sea Future’s “Town’s Colon wins an award”…The Furths through “besotted, clueless” Clottey had the Anglin monument moved across A1A in order not to interfere with their July 4th extravaganza…McIntee Free Zone signs went out to keep the unwanted first responder on scene for medical/fire calls outside their door…

The Hyperbaric explosion took place while the VM was out of town…BSO had a real hero and the VFD was heroic as well as AMR in an event that touched us all…  The Dep. Chief came back with his usual P.R. overload that was embarrassing  considering the devastation of what took place…Aruba canceled it’s Beach Bash..due to the ongoing noise ordinance /code invasion…The VFD was still feeling their oats when they went on a mutual aid-McIntee free…A suicide took place in Bel Air and the VM broke the VFD By-laws/ first responder and changed the story later in the year when the 1st investigation was posted and printed…It would be active at the end of 2009 still…A ceremony would be held to Hero BSO Deputy John Melbourne for his role in the Hyperbaric explosion…The ISO report came out and the Town retained the same as BSO with a dismal training score under McIntee’s training direction…… The power went out in downtown with 2 electrical one day…..McIntee faced with a crowded Jarvis Hall withdrew his  call for a permanent VFD referendum…..5 near drownings More riptide encounters brought a flurry of beach incidents..and VM McIntee and his photog Marc Furth put together a powerpoint to show the Beach Patrol in action…another near drowning followed …Bert J.Harris came into play serving the Town with 4 north end properties lined up with lawsuits…Comm. Clottey had her 1st concert series at the Community Church…Marc Furth was tagged as the VM’s personal photog…Chief Gooding came to the podium to address Comm.Clottey’s charges of residents fearing to contact BSO and did not know  then that his days were numbered…Kite surfing was put on the forefront…bringing forth quite a number of agenda item discussions and groups with input for regulations and fees pro and con that in the end went nowhere…Same scenario for lifeguards on the beach…The Mc-Furth gang was talking of  replacing  BSO police……The VFD “Bee Foam” incidents took place ….Beach access was  being used to keep the alleyway closed ….it was introduced yet again in a flawed “traffic study” wrapping that was payback to the Marchelos brothers…and made the news in and outside town limits in print…Doubled up another year with dueling Hurricane events…and a dismal turnout for the Town sponsored one where the soon to be terminated Fire Marshal was thwarted from his speech due to TM fears of questions about the fireworks on the beach…The Scenic Highway was approved for LBTS and neighboring coastal towns……Manatees were beached en’masse and an overzealous Deputy Chief wanted to assist…told to stand down by the experts…he had his 15 minutes to embarrass us all with crass statements made on and off the dais… BSO Chief Gooding was thrown under the bus by TM Colon with a big assist by Clottey, Silverstone and McIntee…after the TM pulled the plug on the long agreed upon BSO renovations… A special meeting was called by the Mayor to a packed room of Chief Gooding supporters… The Town Manager stood her ground…The Vice Mayor was asked for his e-mails in the matter by resident Yann Brandt…Some weeks later  McIntee told constituents from the dais he deleted all 3 1/2 years of emails..He further lied about writing e-mails…and this writer posted many from his past…The VM  proceeded to ask for email from his opposing dais members Mayor Minnet and Comm. Dodd…for payback…going to the State Atty. to get them, the same State Atty. looking into his own lack of e-mails produced…It ended later in the year with the state not wanting to get involved…and only Mayor Minnert turning over the PRR made by the VM through the Town Manager…..the other 2  Mcintee and Dodd are still in a holding pattern…The fallout from the TM termination of Gooding resulted in a talk radio interview “Th Banana Republic of LBTS”…The Furths put on the July 4th event…They were the CIC “Citizens” of the year…small participation by non -CIC members (the few left)…and mandatory for VFD… smaller turnout for the parade/ event in El Prado park…The fireworks were on the beach…with highly accessorized ATVs and VFD Seadoo taking up the center of Town’s fenced of El Prado beachfront…The numbers for the event were “jobbed” something seen again with the Halloween event………Clottey resorted to pull out her “degrees” to stand up against her mounting lack of support in her role to oust the Chief…The TM assisted in buying VM/Dep chief McIntee a brand new red command car…which was as it turned out only his til the year ended…The Town Manager’s contract was posted on this site to show she had a guaranteed $250,000 addition to it if she was fired…unlike the “as is” she required for her staff including the soon to be terminated Fire Marshal Alex Stevenson…The VFD Fire Inspector was given a 2 titled job…Also posted was a side by side comparison of Colon’s contract and her predecessor Baldwin…showing they were nothing alike as she/McIntee and Silverstone insisted for 2 years!….The VFD purchased a $150,000 102′ ladder truck with a big “purchase” assist from the Dep. Chief….and multiple attempts and removals  on the agenda with an offer to the town  to buy it a a reduced rate…after the fact…. Fire assessment and millage were addressed and a unilateral Sun Trust acct. for the VFD Beach Patrol was put in place by the TM after it was found to not be allowed to come from the fire assessed funds as was being done…A goodbye party at Village Grille for outgoing BSO Police Chief Scott Gooding…with Sheriff Lamberti  to sing his praises…No longer were RFP’s read aloud after publicly being opened…in an effort by the TM to stop transparency and accountability in the process…with the info being posted by this writer ….A fallout would ensue after a room full of vendors came and were turned away in Jarvis Hall…with calls of “backroom deals”….Adding to further RFP problems seen in faulty and substandard TM practices for putting out the parking RFPs …resulting in a new low in dealing with “Who’s the Boss” and insulting interested vendors like Chris Hood …with untruthful assertions made   by the “tag team” McIntee and Colon…Fishing from the beach started with an assist from this writer to a comment sent in for help and a directive to come to Jarvis Hall and speak at public comments……the Broom Boys took it as a sign of a new voter and a way to cause yet more trouble for the Marchelos…and eventually despite it was voted in 3-2 despite the will of the people…The Manager left her Finance Director here and went to partake in a basic course at the very place that gives her kudos for her presentations of budget (not the budget itself)…Later in the year after the 1st quarter the new Furth assisted budget book would appear to give her another presentation award in 2009…This writer through a PRR obtained (finally) TM Colon’s resume…in fact 2 were found that showed why she hires from within…it was familiar territory she did not meet the requirements for her 1stposition as well… Another PRR and we found the Manager’s contract was in the 2007 backup…or was it?… Still questionable…leaving the Broom Boys either complicit in the contract or accountable for lack of due diligence…

The old BSO Chief was gone…New BSO Chief  Oscar Llerena was brought in to work with Lt. Angelo Cedeno…..The RFPs went out for the slimmed down BSO renovation…with again the results not being read aloud…extra time and money spent to keep all in the dark with Ocampo and the deadline missed as was required…again swept under the rug……The administration went ahead and changed out the windows in the existing BSO headquarters…The TM bought new vehicles for town and tried unsuccessfully to sell the old…also unsuccessful in selling the development trailer…on its way out…as Minto is allowed trailers across the way with no expiration date…We still we have the warehouse in the west…and no updates on the dais…We finally learned about the money for capital improvements…thanks to Comm.Dodd/Resident Yann Brandt  persistence and the hefty pre-payment penalty thanks to Finance Director Colon’s past direction……we took a financial hit due to the TM secrecy and lack of response for the requests…despite Comm. (He’s not a CPA) Silverstone’s bait and switch attempts to give the TM cover…In a 4-0 vote at the 1st Sept. budget meeting …Clottey was M.I.A. ..the direction was pay it off…TM Colon paid it off the next morning.. with no negotiation… We had the adoption of the annual budget scheduled on Yom Kippur…with fallout and the “slights” spoken by  McIntee and Silverstone that cannot be wiped away…despite McIntee’s action of trying to appease the Town’s Jewish residents by enlisting a  Chabad Rabbi to give the invocation thus  bypassing protocol and going behind the Town Chaplain’s back…There was a unilateral action by Town Administration using a Wilton Manors copied Townwide survey…It out with the politically driven and factually inaccurate question for the townwide height of 33’……The expected dismal response came in…It was used as a slanted Town Topics entry at the end of the year…. Comm. Clottey and TM Colon put out an RFP for the Senior Center…bypassing the rest of the commission and treating the center’s Director very badly…In the end the Director was re-upped…there was alot of bad P.R. and less than truthful response for their actions on the dais…and payback from the Manager with not allowing under 60/non- residents from attending after 9 years…at the end of the year petitions are in the works once again……Fees for town went up 5% in 6 months rather than a year…The “Gang” brought some back down to appease their upset supporters…The Town Manager fought back often from the dais saying she will be the “browbeater” of her staff and will not be the “browbeatee”…The TM went after a early candidate for McIntee’s seat early on with a questionable and unconvincing use of the BSO to undermine his podium claims…it failed…The Manager’s performance review consisted in the end of 2 round tables…a special meeting with a “Range Rider” brought in though unfamiliar with the town…and a borrowed  Lauderhill based evaluation  done by 4 of the 5 commission members of the dais…More Referendum workshops …. heights and ethics and lifeguards…Halloween came with alot of unnecessary Mcintee noise …literally…and more “jobbed” numbers of the cost……… Esther’s evaluations of her staff proved she evaluated THEM annually …McIntee tried to get the sewers in front of his house fixed  “anonymously”…and withdrew the item when caught…A number of candidates came forward for the 2010 municipal election to run against the “Broom Boys”….Unite Our Town now the largest growing Town PAC had a fundraiser at Athena By The Sea and an overflowing crowd….The CIC’s was not so plentiful except in the propaganda published after the “it’s a fundraiser …it’s a dinner…it was a fundraiser after all” event in the Surf and Yacht Club whose Board has asked the CIC Chair/BTSTimes Editor Bob Roberts to stop the CIC use.. A meeting set for Jan. 3, 2010 shows Robert’s does not abide by the rules either……Bonnet House was the sight for the ribbon cutting ceremony for A1A scenic Highway….McIntee again tried to get the cul-de-sacs back and go after the “developers” of Garden Court…The VFD sent out a colorful mailed plea for Booster Fund donations claiming they needed the money and saying it was tax deductible…which it is not…a big problem for longtime VFD Registered Agent Comm. Jim Silverstone… McIntee went on a cruise and left the Furths high and dry…as the vote for heights and ethics  went down…and off the 2010 March ballot…It happened in a preview of a whatt a McIntee -free dais can be like…Commissioner Clottey accused political opponents of vandalizing her car…and later it was found she made no police report…McIntee came back and returned to the dais on Dec. 8th with an anonymous ( or was it?) letter accusing the Mayor’s occupation …and ended up with the majority voting to allow for anonymous letters being accepted as long as one commissioner knew the identity……A 1960s evaluation was posted about a certain “Quack” at the beginning of his chosen occupation…. Upon his return from the sea …McIntee chose to throw his Chief of the VFD under the bus…and ran for Fire Chief position himself ready to resign from the commission ( or was he going for both?)……He lost in a landslide… as a complaint made against him for his altercation in Mexico was read and put with 5 others in his permanent file…He is said to have made threats and then went underground…although he attended the CIC- Carribean Christmas party and was promptly welcomed back into the Furth Town East fold…He went away for Christmas only to return a few days before New Years Eve with a TM “oversight” assist to go after the  VFD ….and take down what he said he built… The VFD are seeing support everywhere without him…knowing now his threats were empty and when all said the “problem” was not with the VFD was with their leadership…They really meant it was with McIntee!… The new candidates, Scot Sasser and Chris Vincent were busy going door to door .. Chris had  a Boat Parade fundraiser…and they are way ahead of whomever they run against…The CIC has yet to announce…with word going around McIntee is over…or McIntee is in…Silverstone is not yet finished…or Silverstone will finally put his Fiancee’s wishes first and not run…And Cristie Furth is still trying to ascend to the commission…… Christmas brought a weekend of overflowing garbage /recycling cans…due to a change in the Choice contract…and a myriad of calls that despite the Colon negotiated contract brought Choice out to deal with the lack of oversight…New Years Eve was last night…it was another McIntee- free event.. Fireworks and warm wishes were the universal theme of the night….as the ball dropped and shouts were heard in Pelican Square…”Happy New Year!”..

As the sun finally sets on what looks to be the end of the last year of a 4 year reign of McIntee terror…This writer looks forward to a much different…much shorter year in review next December…coming from a newly elected commission that provides me with nothing much to write about…due to representing the will of  all of the town’s people …openly, honestly and transparently… as the sun rises in 2010!…

more to come….

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