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August 16, 2010 by Barbara


In an interview with Pompano Pelican (now online …see below) …in the Aug. 13, 2010 edition in an article written by Judy Vik about  the Artificial Reef Workshop (prev. posts)… “Meanwhile, since the commission workshop, nearly $9,000 has been donated toward completion of the project, according to Commissioner Birute Ann Clottey. Bob Roberts , a LBTS resident, donated $6,000 in memory of his wife Adrienne, who recently died. He is the former chair of the Citizens Initiative Committee.” (BC-and former Editor of the Furth -owned-now defunct BTSTimes) “Many  others have stepped forward with donations, Clottey said this week.”…

BC- What is not stated and we wonder if the donors are aware …are the requirements per the permits of this project…It is a research project with strict ongoing criteria to be met with the Town being held liable for any problems…(prev. post…backup to the A. R.workshop on Town website)… We could not take a “hatchet” and take it down at the end of the first year as Dr. Goreau so flippantly stated at the podium during that workshop…It is not just a “feelgood” project that will have Cry of the Water and Furth going out monthly to see that the buoy is floating…secured and powered up…They or whomever the Town employs over the next 5 years will need to do studies and reports using 4 control sites and taking video to turn over to the Army Corp. of Engineers and others… The Mayor and the other Commissioners correctly put the brakes on this long stagnant project which is now in breech on the part of GCRA per the contract…to ensure the Town is properly covered…and the permit from the Army Corp of Engineers was done properly due to a 200 ft. requirement that is not even possible to do…and last but not least…is the alternative going on right next door in Fort Lauderdale…while according to the Army Corp permit and Dr. Goreau himself (at the podium on July 28th) the Town owned buoy sits in the Furth’s parking space outside their motel on El Mar Drive…

The Monument reference came from the granite monument the Commission wanted erected for themselves…The idea for a monument  popped up the first time around the same time the Artificial Reef Project did and came to the forefront once again before the last election with a call for donations…It was on the Town’s website to the right of the homepage for quite a while …It’s gone now…It was also covered in the Sentinel and in Town Topics…in the Aug/Sept. 09 edition also available on the Town’s website…(see below)…
“Town seeks donations
for granite monument
The Town of Lauderdale-By-
The-Sea is seeking donations
from residents to help defray the
cost of building a granite monument
to honor all of the elected
officials who have served on the
Town Commission since 1947,
when the Town was incorporated.
The Commission said it wanted
to first ask residents in the
community for donations to help
defray the total cost of the project
to taxpayers
If you would like to make a
donation to this project, please
make out a check to the Town of
Lauderdale-By-The-Sea and mail
to Town Hall, 4501 Ocean
Drive, Lauderdale-By-The-Sea,
FL 33308.
Please be sure to specify that
you want your contribution to go
toward the construction of the
granite monument honoring all
past and Town commissioners”


BC- Pretty funny…in looking for the monument info…in the same Aug/Sept 09 issue on pg. 3 was this…
“U.S. Corps of Army Engineers
approves fish habitat project

The U.S. Army Corps of
Engineers recently awarded the
Town of Lauderdale-By-The-
Sea a federal permit to proceed
with its fish habitat project off
Commercial Boulevard.
The Broward County Environmental
Protection Department
is expected to award the
Town the final permit it needs (to
proceed) in September.
The construction of the
artificial reef, which was initially
discussed by the Town Commission
in July 2005 and approved
in June 2006, is expected
to start sometime in September.
The Town plans to construct
the artificial reef off Commercial
Boulevard south of the pier to
help boost local fish populations.
The Town approved a $64,500
contract with the Global Coral
Reef Alliance, a non-profit
organization, to build an artificial
reef with a solar-powered, lowlevel
electric current to help
stimulate coral growth.
The newest artificial reef will
be located near the Town’s
Snorkel Trail off Datura Avenue.
Dr. Thomas J. Goreau,
president of Global Coral Reef
Alliance in Cambridge, Mass.,
said scuba divers with Cry of the
Water, a local non-profit environmental
group, were responsible
for mapping the ocean bottom
where the reef will be located.
Goreau said the the goal of
the project is to restore the coral
reef fish habitat, which has
declined severely over the years.
The coral reefs off the Town’s
shores are extremely popular
with snorkelers and scuba divers.
The reason is simple: their close
proximity to the beach. A
snorkeler can be swimming over
a reef before he or she reaches
the end of the pier.


of the fish
project is
expected to
start in Town
sometime in

BC- September of what year?….That is the question….and of course we now know that pricetag was $76,000+ not the oft-touted $64,000 …OOPS!…



The Pelican comes out weekly and is delivered to a limited area of our town …making a consistent online edition a must for LBTS …Our area is covered by Reporter Judy Vik…The coverage of LBTS in the paper has been expanded in the last year…and Readers will recall the Pelican Special Edition coverage helped secure the 65% landslide last March…

It joins the By The Sea Future …the sole LBTS newspaper left standing after the last election….which now comes out the 3rd Friday of each month …It will be out this Fri. Aug. 20, 2010 in print throughout the town and always online …

They join the newly expanded Town website …which is still undergoing some major improvements …in providing background …archived background…minutes…videos….and updated as well as the archived budget and justification sheets…

Don’t forget the LBTS Chamber of Commerce that now posts its monthly newsletter online as well as other pertinent info…such as the Hurricane Seminar on Wednesday in Jarvis Hall…a combined program for the 1st time for the Chamber and the Town…


Wednesday, August 18
9:00 – 11:00am
Jarvis Hall, 4501 Ocean, LBTS

Special Guest Speakers
Jeff Beraradelli
WFOR/CBS4 Meteorologist

Chief Oscar Llerena
Broward Sherrif’s Office

Chief Steve Paine
LBTS Volunteer Fire Department

Seminar Brought To You By
The Lauderdale-By-The-Sea
Chamber of Commerce
The Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea

Complimentary refreshments courtesy of
Aruba Beach Café,Sandra K. Booth
and the LBTS Chamber
Call 954-776-1000 for more information.



The Int. TM sent a memo to LBTS-BSO Chief Llerena on Aug. 5, 2010


Please share the attached letter with Officer Melbourne and advise him that the Commission and I are very appreciative of the excellent customer service he & BSO provided this resident.”

The Letter..


Dear Connie,

I am a longtime resident of our beautiful Lauderdale-By-The Sea. For the past few years I have been using my home as a vacation rental when I am up North. I have always had fabulous renters that left my home in excellent condition.

On May 31, 2010, I rented my home to XXXX XXXX. I didn’t have any indicattion that things would turn out as they did…

My housekeeper informed me that they were trashing my house–broken furniture, using furniture for ashtrays, running AC at 60 with doors open, plumbing issues etc.

After a frustrating run of phone call with XXX (and reports from my neighbors) I knew she needed to leave. The reports from the neighbors were concerning–cars coming and going at all hours, garbage issues, and suspicious behavior.

I spoke to the Town Manager and she referred me to the Sheriff’s office. I had the good fortune of meeting with Officer Melbourne. He took down all the information and said he would look into it.

He was fabulous–went to the house, interviewed the tenants, looked around inside. Turns out there were warrants for their arrest. With his encouragement they have now left my house. I am currently restoring it to its original prisitne condition. I do not have any plans on renting again!

Officer Melbourne could not have been any better. I truly felt like I had a big brother helping me get this unpleasant group of Gypsies out of my home.

He was kind, effective, and communicated with me along the way. I feel such comfort knowing that we have such outstanding, quality people protecting our homes and town.

Sincerely, Carolyn Zaumeyer”

BC- Readers …have seen Deputy Melbourne’s name posted often on this site over the last few years… as he offered the same quality service in other situations throughout the town… Kudos to Officer Melbourne and the BSO!…



We were made aware of a memo to the Commission last week which included a series of exchanges between the new Acting Finance Director Doug Haag and Int. TM Hoffmann concerning a disturbing find made by Mr. Haag in mid July…The Town’s Emergency Reserve Account…a checking account with $1.9 million in it…was a non-interest bearing account… He had SunTrust Bank review their files to see why this was not changed to an interest bearing account… Ms. Hoffmann asked if there was anything in the Code that required this to be a special kind of account and that could be the reason why it was a non-interest bearing account…Mr. Haag had June White search of the finance policies and they came across one that required the funds be set aside in a separate bank account but made no mention that would be construed as to putting them in a non-interest bearing account … Ms. Hoffmann notified the Commission that they were converted into an interest-bearing account in July and that at today’s interest rates for public funds which are 100% insured as opposed to the normal $250,000 coverage while not earning much 0.22% at least it’s something…She also stated she asked Mr. Haag to either negotiate a better rate with the bank or find a better one elsewhere… We also hear VM Dodd gave the TM some input on the penalty paid without negotiating for the line of credit repaid last year along with other banking concerns he had including the many different accounts and the rates and encouraged changes being made… We are sure there will be more to come on the bank accounts…



The Interim Town Manager updated the Commission concerning the sewer rate increase from Pompano Beach …(prev. posts)…The north end of town who pay Pompano directly have already been hit with an increase that began Aug. 1st…They received a letter to that effect…The Town determined that Pompano put an ad in the newspaper advising of their rate increase but was not required to sent it to customers… (Sorry to say , since arriving in Chicago…looking at the local page and public notices stopped for this writer…with long hours of babysitting…researching and writing into the wee hours…something had to give… perhaps the Pelican will start publishing them?)…The Town received a copy of the letter sent to the north end residents and also spoke to the Utilities Director for Pompano who indicated they had not yet done their calculations on how this will effect the Town’s master sewer agreement and he anticipated they will assign that work to their consultant in Oct. leaving it to appear that rates will not increase to the south until Jan. but when they come they will be substantial!… OUCH!…

BC-As previously posted this writer made PRR for the master sewer agreement and will post upon receipt…It is also imperative that the Town look into what we provided to Pompano by way of the new sewers in the north and if that should have brought the Town any relief in charges as well as the SRC debacle…



We hear that the VFD will elect their new Chief in September as previously posted…. The other news is the VFD is considering changing its bylaws to make it a 2 yr position…Hmmm….there’s a lot of other bylaws and SOPs that need changing as well!… Newly elected Chief Steve Paine went on vacation this month right after his win…It is said it was planned…and his opponent for the Chief’s job Dep. Chief Padden will cover for him… Hmmm….. Will that lead to a shift when the vote come up again next month?… We also hear Paine has indicated he will significantly curtail the medical calls with a protocol change that will have no negative impact on resident safety and medical outcomes…

The Int. TM advised the Commission she has been meeting with the VFD Pres., acting treasurer (who is that? Silverstone?) and VFD Board …(prev. post) …discussing a variety of issues…those concerning the budget and the contract…along with audit results on qualifications…apparatus etc… The VFD is going to have to come to some changes in terms and so far seems to be concerned most with the funds kept for future apparatus in a Town only account…They are concerned a future change in the Commission could divert the monies elsewhere and want the funds only spent by mutual consent… The Town will confer with the Town’s attorney…Ms. Hoffmann is also having the Town Atty. look into the proper use of fire inspection funds…per a further inquiry from VM Dodd….He was informed as this writer was and has posted that State Statute does not allow for profits on fire inspections …more to come on this one as well on Aug. 25th at the 5 pm budget workshop before the only Regular Comm. mtg. in Aug…..



Unfortunately no agenda or backup is on the Town’s website as of this afternoon… We are told the Int. Asst. TM will again present the CIP …and perhaps there will be discussion on the 2005 Master Plan revisions and El Mar Drive (say it ain’t so!)… This writer sure hopes the meeting will be cancelled…due to the fact the Commission upon advice from the Int. TM did not direct the MPSC to begin the revisions until after the budgeted “Vision” is done…We are also told that a re-instituted CRA would require a broader input before the MPSC does any revisions… Therefore save the time and the money for the video and transcriber until September and further instructions…The CIP can be watched on the Town’s website on the archived video from the July 28, 2010 Comm. Roundtable and in the archived backup…Below are the links to the Peter J. Smith Co. website and the LBTS Master Plan…

LBTS Master Plan PDF  sheet with an interesting pic of just how many came to be involved ….
BC- From Town Topics…April 2005 …(on Town Website…link above)…
“The Town’s Master Plan Steering Committee has worked hard during the past year reviewing proposals and recommendations that will
affect the future of our Town. The Town Commission first held a workshop with members of the original Master Plan Steering Committee on April 20, 2004.

The Commission agreed that the “T” — basically Commercial Boulevard from the Intracoastal Waterway to the ocean, including Basin Drive, and from State Road A1A to the ocean — should be a priority for study and recommendations.
Since that time, the committee has held 18 public meetings. It has also met jointly with the Planning and Zoning Board and three times with the Commission. The committee has discussed each of the proposed projects recommended by the Master Planners, prioritizing them as high, medium and low. The committee concentrated on El Mar Drive, primarily because of the impact of three redevelopment projects. After much discussion of various alternatives, it was decided to ask the Commission to consider:
• Placing overhead utilities underground.
• Installing a new drainage system.
• Reducing the two lanes of traffic
on each side of the median to one.
This would allow for construction
of 8-foot sidewalks, 4-feet of landscaping,
2-feet of curb and gutter, a
4-foot bicycle lane and a 12-foot
driving lane.

The Commission agreed to this concept and a Master Utility Plan is currently underway. Developers will be responsible for making these improvements to their properties fronting El Mar Drive Several meetings, including ones with the Town Commission and the Planning and Zoning Board, were devoted to discussing the Goodkin Report, an evaluation of the socioeconomic and land use issues facing the Town, particularly in light of the replacement of hospitality units with condominiums and townhouses. Goodkin Consulting’s recommendations are still part of an ongoing discussion among Town officials and residents. The Master Plan Steering Committee approved a design that was forwarded to the Commission by the Gateways Committee for placing 14-to 18-foot high pelican “totems” at entrances into Lauderdale-By-The-Sea on Commercial Boulevard and A1A. The concept was informally approved by the Commission. A conceptual plan for a pavilion at the end of Commercial Boulevard was also approved by the Master Plan Steering Committee and the Town Commission; it is currently in the design phase. The Committee was asked to make a recommendation on the location for a new public safety building for police and fire services. The Committee recommended this building be placed on the south side of Town Hall where the current Public Works Complex is located. The Town Commission placed a 180-day moratorium on a block between A1A and El Mar Drive, bordered by the alley south of Commercial Boulevard and Datura Avenue. the Committee indicated to town Planner Walter Keller, who’s preparing a study of three alternatives for this area, that retail on El Mar Drive would not be an appropriate use. ”

Time once again to fill up Jarvis Hall with those who attended last time and those who want to participate once more…..

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … Scene And Heard Around Town …

January 26, 2010 by Barbara


Did you get your letter yet from Town Manager Esther Colon?… Seems TM Colon is just basking in the glow of her choice of “appropriate meeting”…(per Jan. 12, 2010 comm. meeting) .. for the “music problem resulting from downtown special events”… What planet is the Town Manager living on?…This writer has not met anyone who thinks there is anything to feel positive about much less bask in with her choice and style of a forum to deal with this issue!… It was a poorly executed, hastily put together and unnecessary meeting to begin with…It gave rise to anger throughout the town…and began the meeting itself with the attorney representing the businesses who brought their charges to the Jan 12th commission meeting to state this forum in Jarvis Hall  was not what she or her clients deemed appropriate!… The hall was full and with the exception of one comment by a Windjammer Manager Diane Boutin stating she felt it was positive, thanking the Manager, there was no one who was on board with the Town Manager’s choice of “appropriate meeting”!… Never mine that though…this Town Manager who falsely spent the last 2 years stating LBTS is a Town Manager form of government (prev. post)…when in fact it is a Commission-manager form of government…(just as she spent 2 years stating she had the same contract as her predecessor, aided by contract signer Candidate -Comm. Jim Silverstone. when she in fact she gave herself a $250,000+ termination clause)… decided to politicize her choice of “appropriate meeting” by sending out letters of thanks to some of the speakers!.. That’s right she spent 44 cents each and sent letters thanking speakers for their participation…including the only positive quote of the evening from Windjammer Manager Diane Boutin, (if this writer was Ms. Boutin I would not have liked to been used in such a manner to pat the Manager on the back for this fiasco!)…. The Town Manager has done this before…when she sent letters and pins to thank volunteers for 4th of July…Ms. Colon really has come to think that SHE runs her Town”…..Time to Burst her bubble!…


Have LBTS voters had enough of the false statements made by the LBTS-CIC in campaign 2010 yet?…The CIC paid for ads in the BTSTimes and did not include the required disclaimer…Their candidates signs are missing the required “for” a violation of the elections rules…Their CIC- funded- Furth BTSTimes  newspaper has violated the elections rules for not including “for” under the names of the candidates on their last edition…Mayoral Candidate Jo Couriel has under his ad “AS” Mayor instead of “For”… The CIC has co-mingled in their paid ads with the candidates…another violation…and while their CIC backed candidate Comm. Jim Silverstone states he is the author of the campaign finance reform in LBTS lowering the allowable amount from $500 to $300…the CIC website as of today 1/26/10…states otherwise!…OUCH… The above is another reason why…it is time for new leadership in LBTS…from those that pay attention to details, know the rules and play by them!


CIC WEBSITE…1/26/10 (this writer printed out the page …as proof before they fix it)….
“You can be assured that your contribution will be a well-spent investment in your own community as the CIC continues to support candidates who support our views on behalf of traditional small-town values, controlled development, responsive and transparent government, and low taxes and assessments.
You don’t even have to be a member of the CIC to donate and we gratefully welcome any donation up to a maximum of $500. You can make your contribution by sending a check payable to the LBTS Citizens Initiative Committee to:
• Carol Dickman
• Treasurer, LBTS CIC
• 4900 N Ocean Blvd Apt 1607
• Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, FL 33308
If you would like a receipt, please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope.”

Sec. 2-25. Campaign finance restrictions.
(d) Campaign contribution limits. No candidate for the office of Mayor or Town Commissioner shall accept a campaign contribution, and no person or entity shall make a campaign contribution to such a candidate, in an amount which exceeds the aggregate amount of $300.00 per election, adjusted for inflation based upon the consumer price index.
(e) Penalty. Violations of this section shall be punishable as provided in section 1-12 of this Code.
(f) Applicability. This section shall be applied only prospectively to campaign contributions which are made after the date of adoption of this section.
(Ord. No. 2009-04, § 2, 1-27-09)
Secs. 2-26–2-30. Reserved.



We hear that some well placed “moles” will be on hand to see if any VFD give $ to the CIC or CIC-endorsed candidates at their upcoming”Fundraiser”….. It is against rules for VFD “vendors” to contribute to candidates…directly or indirectly!… OUCH!… Cash under a certain amount is not reported but…the moles will watch any money changing hands!….PRR have been made for the candidate campaign G1 reports filed  on Jan. 22nd  as well….to be posted soon…



While Comm. Jim (He’s not a nice guy) Silverstone is being portrayed by his camapaign manager’s Furth as “Coach Jim”…and Santa Clause…Many see him as the “Pillsbury Dough Boy” or Norm Crosby…a man who “Pecifically”…saw “Udder”…. ways to enact a code of “Ethnics” for the Town Commission… Voters need to remember…Silverstone is no “harmless ” Commissioner…worth a vote in 2010 now that his BFF McIntee will not be on the dais to lead him by the nose in how to vote ( a look at their records over the last 4 years show they were identical )… There is no such thing as a “harmless elected official”…  Not when that elected official is “armed” with a vote that impacts their constituents!… Jimmy-boy also has a problem with details and following election rules…as seen from his site…”For Commissioner COMMITTEE”…Hmmm….something new he has in mind for LBTS if he returns?….OOPS…(this writer printed it out to retain proof before he can fix it)…

“© Jim Silvserstone for commissioner committee 2010”



Looks like the LBTS Town website needs a little look-see for accuracy…OOPS!…


Comm. “Silvertone”…YIKES!….

“Commissioner Jim Silvertone
Tel: 954-771-0355
[email protected]



The website says..”A limited number of names are randomly selected by the Town Clerk”…OOPS!… The commission changed this a while back…the public comments are now done in order!….WOW!….

“Can I speak about issues at Town Commission meetings?

Yes. The Town Commission holds public hearings on all proposed ordinances. Members of the public are also allowed to speak during the Public Comments portion of the meeting. Residents must sign up beforehand. Public Comments lasts for 30 minutes. A limited number of names are randomly selected by the Town Clerk. During Public Comments, members of the public can address the Commission for up to three minutes.”


more to come……

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