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Here’s The Scoop … The Evaluatee Evaluates Her Staff …

November 1, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers … This writer made a public records request for any annual performance review done for the Assistant Town Manager and the Town Clerk… I made the request after watching 10 months of rancor and rhetoric concerning fulfilling the clause in the Town Manager’s 2007 contract that requires an annual review prior to the adoption of the final budget…(prev. Posts)… Right up until the end the commission could not agree on the content, the forum or the even form itself…. Vice Mayor McIntee was the worst offender (with a close second from the Manager herself) … with his grandstanding claims of  the “pillorying ” of Esther Colon by any commissioner or taxpayer daring to evaluate or comment on her performance in any manner ….One remark that should follow the Vice Mayor as he exits the dais in an overwhelming March 2010 defeat will be his Sandy Koufax analogy …(previous post) …. made at his Oct. 27, 2009 commissioner comments…The Vice Mayor said Esther Colon deserves all 5’s for being outstanding in every category of the Lauderhill based review reluctantly chosen by the commission … but not filled out by the Vice Mayor although he agreed to do it on Sept. 10th….Vice Mayor McIntee chastised his fellow commissioners for their rating the manager with 3’s, 2’s, and 1’s…

I knew annual employee performance appraisals were done for Town staff after receiving a few quarterly reviews for the newly terminated Fire Marshal…who was definitely terminated by the Town Manager and  verified in the termination letter this writer also received in the same  public records request contrary to false statements made by VM McInee and Comm. Clottey at the Round Table meeting last month…I wanted to see what Manager Colon did when she evaluated ….Did she do a McIntee style evaluation …or was she more in line with the minority on the dais?…

I received the 2 appraisals last week… and what first jumped out upon a quick once over…Town Manager Colon did NOT give either Asst. Town Manager John Olinzock or Town Clerk June White one single outstanding rating…The form while not numbers based…is based as close to 1-5 as it can be…O -Outstanding – Performance is exceptional in all areas and is recognizable as being far superior to others/ V- Very Good- Results clearly exceed most position requirements. Performance is of high quality and is achieved on a consistent basis/ G- Good- Competent and dependable level of performance. Meets performance standards of the job/I-Improvement Needed- Performance is deficient in certain areas. Improvement is necessary/ U- Unsatisfactory- Results are generally unacceptable and require immediate improvement. No merit increase should be granted to individuals with this rating/ NA_ Not Applicable- or too soon to rate


Town Of Lauderdale- By- The -Sea

Employee Annual Performance Appraisal

Prepared 8/06/09

Employee Name John Olinzock …Title Assistant Town Manager

Department Administrative

Reason for Review- Annual

Date Employee began present position 10/04/08 (he was prev. Asst. TO the Town Manager)

General Factors…………………………Rating……………………..Supportive Detail or Comment

1. Quality- The extent to which an employee’s work is accurate, thorough and neat………G(Good)……Recognizes the importance of accuracy and achieves timely results. Mainatains accurate documentation

2. Productivity- The extent to which employee produces a significant volume of work efficiently in specified period of time………G (Good)…. Is consistent, dependable and can be relied upon to meet schedules and deadlines.

3. Job Knowledge- The extent to which an employee possesses the practical/ technical knowledge required on the job…….G (Good)…. Possesses an invaluable source of knowledge and keeps well informed.

4. Reliability- The extent to which an employee can be relied upon regarding  task  completion and follow-up….V(Very Good)…. Can be relied upon to meet schedules and deadlines.

5. Availability- The extent to which an employee is punctual, observes prescribed work break/ meal periods and has an acceptable overall attendance record…..V-(Very Good)…. Observes work schedules and cooperates with flexing hours to meet demands of responsibilities.

6. Independence- The extent to which an employee performs work with little or no supervision……V (Very Good)…. Requires no supervision and maintains daily contact when necessary with Administration.

7. Creativity- The extent to which employee proposes ideas, finds new and better ways of doing thing…….G (Good)….. Provides valuable insights. Taps the creative potential of staff.

8. Initiative- The extent to which an employee seeks out new assignments and assumes additional duties when necessary…..G (Good) …….Anticipates and meets unexpected situations. Plans and organizes with little or no assistance.

9. Adherence to Policy- The extent to which an employee follows safety and conduct rules, other regulations and adheres to company policies…..V (Very Good)…. Adheres to policies.

10- Interpersonal Relationships- The extent to which an employee is willing and demonstrates the ability to cooperate, work and communicate with co-workers, supervisors, subordinates and/ or outside contacts G (Good)…. Understands  personal values of superiors, subordinates and peers.

11- Judgment- The extent to which an employee demonstrates proper judgment and decision making skills when necessary….G (Good)… Is open minded when forming opinions. Can be entrusted to use good judgment.

EMPLOYER COMMENTS:….( no comments were made)

Complete if Applicable:

1. Accomplishments or new abilities demonstrated since last review: Took charge of A1A Scenic LAP Process. Preliminary funds were awarded.

2. Specific area of improvement needed : N/A

3. Recommendation for professional development (seminars, training, schooling, etc.) Continue to attend conferences to keep abreast of changes in area of responsibilities.

4 Absences: number of incidents:0 / number of days: 0

EMPLOYEE COMMENTS: (no comments were made)

Discussed with Individual on : (no discussion date was filled in)/ Employee’s Signature: (it was signed by John Olinzock)

Follow-up Requested / Desired (No was marked)/ Follow-up Date- (no date was filled in)

Evaluator’s signature: (Esther Colon signed/ Date: 8/20/09)


Town Of Lauderdale- By- The -Sea

Employee Annual Performance Appraisal

Prepared 8/06/09

Employee Name June White …Title: Town Clerk

Department Administrative

Reason for Review -Annual

Date Employee began present position 07/31/07

General Factors…………………………Rating……………………..Supportive Detail or Comment

1. Quality- The extent to which an employee’s work is accurate, thorough and neat………G(Good)……Is Performance Conscious.

2. Productivity- The extent to which employee produces a significant volume of work efficiently in specified period of time………G (Good)…. Achieve results within timeframe, i.e. minutes.

3. Job Knowledge- The extent to which an employee possesses the practical/ technical knowledge required on the job…….G (Good)…. Demonstrates competent performance. (see attached)…(no attachment was included)

4. Reliability- The extent to which an employee can be relied upon regarding  task  completion and follow-up….V(Very Good)…. Can be relied on to meet schedules and deadlines.

5. Availability- The extent to which an employee is punctual, observes prescribed work break/ meal periods and has an acceptable overall attendance record…..V-(Very Good)…. Observes work schedules and cooperates with flexing hours when Commission meetings exceed one day.

6. Independence- The extent to which an employee performs work with little or no supervision……G (Good)…. Requires minimum supervision.

7. Creativity- The extent to which employee proposes ideas, finds new and better ways of doing thing…….G (Good)….. Seeks creative alternatives.

8. Initiative- The extent to which an employee seeks out new assignments and assumes additional duties when necessary…..G (Good) …….Consistently finds new ways of performing duties and takes initiative on her own.

9. Adherence to Policy- The extent to which an employee follows safety and conduct rules, other regulations and adheres to company policies…..V (Very Good)…. Adheres to policies.

10- Interpersonal Relationships- The extent to which an employee is willing and demonstrates the ability to cooperate, work and communicate with co-workers, supervisors, subordinates and/ or outside contacts ………….G (Good)…. Provides subordinates with the resources needed to attain results.

11- Judgment- The extent to which an employee demonstrates proper judgment and decision making skills when necessary….G (Good)… makes thoughtful determinations.

EMPLOYER COMMENTS: Completed more than 50% of the Certified Municipal Town Clerk Institute.

Complete if Applicable:

1. Accomplishments or new abilities demonstrated since last review: Ability to complete Trim Process with little instruction.

2. Specific area of improvement needed : Delegation.

3. Recommendation for professional development (seminars, training, schooling, etc.) : Completion of Certification process for Town Clerks.

4 Absences: number of incidents:0 / number of days: 0

EMPLOYEE COMMENTS: (no comments were made)

Discussed with Individual on : (no discussion date was filled in)/ Employee’s Signature: (it was signed by June White)

Follow-up Requested / Desired (No was marked)/ Follow-up Date- (no date was filled in)

Evaluator’s signature: (Esther Colon signed/ Date: 8/18/09)


While it seems a substandard form of  evaluation used…pretty rudimentary at best……It was completed annually and done with no histrionics as far as we are aware… No outstanding rating was given to either one even though some supportive detail/comment seemed to assert job well done…..For Town Clerk White …the question is …how long does it take to get certified for the job you have held that title to for more than 2 years?….

Town Manager Colon herself must have had the same performance appraisal while serving as Finance Director. So why did she fight so hard to stop what was required in her contract?… As one faithful reader told this writer today, all the Town Manager had to do was supply the commission with an evaluation such as this 10 months back…In all likelihood it would have been accepted, filled out and completed by the commissioners…..Now that would have truly been outstanding!….Like pitching a no-hitter!…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … Slippery Slope For Silverstone ….

October 25, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers…What’s going on in the 2 Town Halls (A1A/El Mar ) these days?…Is it a repeat of what this writer personally witnessed in last commission race?… I would walk into Furth Headquarters  to find the latest hair-brained idea courtesy of McIntee-MacMillan (M & Ms) … Only at that time Stu, Birute (yes, Birute) John Thompson and myself would put a stop to it…Maybe with the bubble they find themselves in this election…there is no one to counter the craziness… That can be the only reason why this group keeps coming up with so many stories that just don’t add up ….

At the Oct. 23, 2009 Town Manager final review after the Mayor spoke of the 2 loans paid off in September having  a pre-penalty clauses attached and the fact that those loans were paid off without negotiating the penalty with our sole long -time bank Sun Trust …Commissioner Silverstone brought to light for the very first time information that if true puts him and the Town Manager on a very slippery slope with the taxpaying voters…

Commissioner Silverstone said he went into the manager’s office months ago with all the discussion about “being in the Black or being in the red” that was coming from the people…He said that certain commissioners (Dodd ) did not understand when the manager said we were in the black and we had the money to pay off our loans…Well, she did say that…BUT…the Town Manager also made no attempt to explain why.we wee in the black…..No attempt to explain we had pre-penalty clause even though many (this writer included) felt strongly that we  must… with no information being brought forth…Now,  Jimmy-boy says he went in and the manager told him we had the clauses…BUT…if it’s true it means that Jimmy-boy sat on the dais and did not divulge that information to the other commissioners or his constituents along with the Town Manager!…  He now says it took a while for the Town to calculate what the cost to pre-pay would be (Huh?) and that is why it took so long to be brought to the floor…Hmmm… Not quite… The Town Manager saw to it that the statements and the loan information were slow in being turned over in separate public records requests made from Resident Yann Brandt and Comm. Dodd…When they finally received the information…they received incomplete and differing information… Why didn’t the manager inform Comm. Dodd as well as Comm. Silverstone, if Jimmy-boy is being factual?…Comm. Dodd made his request back in August!… The Town Manager brought in our Rep from SunTrust Bank to speak at a presentation …to reply for her….A previous post from the Sept. 9, 2009 commission meeting included the following…

“Mr. Shackman-  went on to discuss the 2 promissory note loans with details of what the payoff amounts are and some options…He said we saved over the last 5 years or when the loan originated  and it’s over $100,000 by getting this lower interest rate of origination because we CHOSE to have the present pre-payment penalty versus no pre- payment penalty …”The Town chose the present value pre-payment which says ultimately you got all those savings HOWEVER due to where the rates are today there is a pre-payment calculation if the Town chooses to pay it off today.”…He explained it varies per day with interest rates…The numbers are such that it will cost us approximately $300,000+  to pay of the Promissory 2 notes!…So the gamble the Town took …and the savings we earned …mean we did not earn $100,000 …it is costing us $200,000+ now and as the Town Manager pointed out in Report to keep it would end up costing us a approximately $600,000 more!. ..”

After that commission meeting the pre-payment was definitely now made public and much discussion took place on the dais of what to do about it … It was this night that the manager spoke of the downside in holding onto the funds adding up to a million in costs to the town if we kept the loans …and to pay them off now would save us from more costs… Comm. Silverstone wanted to wait a while to see if the amount due would go down and Vice Mayor McIntee did not want to go there at all….(perhaps feeling if the 3 million grant for the firehouse [a garage that sleeps firemen] fell through monies would be available) … Never once did the manager talk further about any more specifics involved… It was decided there would be a workshop to discuss the pay off of the loans… Unfortunately it came up at the next budget meeting and though McIntee again spoke out against paying it off again…he did a 180 and in the end it was voted on and the manager was hastily directed to do the deed (Comm. Clottey was absent) completely disregarding Comm. Clottey’s desire for the workshop and any further discussion about a possible negotiation of the penalty before agreeing to pay it off … ( we were later informed by the manager it was paid the next morning, as directed) …Even though the negotiations were still brought up on this site, in the BTSFuture and at the podium by concerned taxpayers when addressing the Town Manager’s review… At that time Comm. Silverstone said he did not know if there was any negotiations done and he would let the manager answer that, BUT he was sure if that was possible she would have done it…The manager never spoke of it despite the “opening” to do so from Jimmy-boy…… Just as she never took the opportunity to advise the commission of the possibility of negotiating at the prior meetings or in any memos…

That brings us to the afternoon of Oct. 23, 2009 when Jimmy-boy said the following…”But when I approached the question of the pre-penalty clause payment, she said the contract was not written between the town and the bank. There’s a separate board that does that and they wrote this loan so to speak. That’s the way Florida works. They are the ones who developed this and the reason it was done. We got a better rate of interest because the original thought was considering it was going to be used for sewers in Palm Club and some other issues that came up that it wasn’t used for. So it was just laying in the bank….” He went on to repeat his past excuses of it taking a year to get the Master Plan in place and permits …BUT…Jimmy-boy never says permits for what?…”So it really made sense to everybody to pay it off”…”But there really was no control of negotiations with the bank. We don’t do that the bond, I think she called it organization or something that handles that is really in  control of that. If you have any questions, please call the Town Manager.”…HUH?…

According to a memo received by the commissioners in response to Comm. Dodd about the Town Manager and her authority to open up accounts on her own, the Town Atty. included a packet which had the Town Charter, code and investment policy Provisions  including the Town Manager’s duties, a Resolution 2001/1517 for “Adopting An Investment Policy For Town Fund”…The Sept.19, 2001 Investment Policy only lists the commissioner, TM Baldwin, Finance Director Colon, and our $200,000+ long-time auditors Rachlin with the same Principle Chiocca we have in 2009…It also includes the authorized investments page…Throughout the packet there is only room for the Mayor, TM Baldwin and Finance Director Colon to sign…On the 2 repurchase agreements there is only Sun Trust Bank and Finance Director Colon on the cover sheet and both are signed by the Town Manager 7/11/01 only…in the pages contained it says the bank and the Town only…

While many disagree with pre-penatly clause loans as a practice and may not have gone that route…that is not the point…The point is that like buying stocks…it’s great to get in on a deal…but the risk is not the buy…it’s knowing when to get out!…This manager as pointed out by the Sun Trust Rep on Sept.9th…did well…for  a while …in choosing the option….Where she did not do well by the Town was not getting out before it cost us hundreds of thousands!…It was known that the sewers were not going in March of 2008…but rather than advise the commission to unload the loans and pay them off …Town Manager  and the Finance Director kept the information of the mounting costs quiet…(except for Jimmy-boy?) …until September 2009!… Jimmy-boy would now like us to believe her hands were tied and she could not negotiate with Sun Trust?… Come on… That’s a slippery slope Silverstone!…

This writer sent in a PRR for the 3rd party “organization” that Comm. Silverstone brought up at the “Dog and Pony show” 2009 annual LBTS-TM Performance Review……
Sunday, October 25, 2009 6:39 PM
“Barbara Cole”
[email protected]
Steve, I am making a Public Record Request for the information Comm. Silverstone spoke of at the Oct. 23, 2009 Performance Review of the Town Manager.
Comm. Silverstone said we could not negotiate the paid off loans due to a “separate board” and that our agreement was not with the bank but with them. I would like that information. Any exchange with them from August 2009-Oct. 23, 2009. Also the initial agreement with them in 2001 or any repurchase agreements after that.
Please acknowledge receipt of this request
Please let me know if the cost is over $20
Thank you, Barbara Cole

If by some slim chance there really was a “third Party”…what kind of strong-arm organization would not allowed us to negotiate with the bank?..

Commissioner Silverstones’s performance review comments just further enforce this writer’s opinion…..that these 3 need to go next March!…


more to come

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Here’s The Scoop … Directions For The Town Manager Performance Review #4 ……Mr Simmons Rides In …. But Why?…

October 23, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers as we approach the final meeting for the annual Town Manager Performance Review today at 4 pm …lets go over what came about at the Oct. 12, 2009 pre-evaluation meeting …that would be the 2nd pre- evaluation meeting not to be confused with the 1st pre- evaluation meeting on Sept. 10th…

Mr Simmons of the Range Riders came…he was asked to come by Comm. Clottey …He came to the podium and first stated  he would address the type of government we have in LBTS…”Esther suggested I briefly review that a lot of people don’t understand especially those of you in a town like this where they move from other places.”..As he went on to explain it…at some length with a lot of history of the origins…I found it interesting in content but disturbing that right out of the box he had followed a “suggestion” from the Town Manager that he was going to inform this commission how to evaluate… So much for impartiality… He then spoke of his qualifications stating he had been a former city manager for over 40 years in Florida in 2 towns…then stating” I am not an expert on this subject  [evaluations]. You asked me to speak tonight. I have some feelings and the reason is because when I was hired as manager and certainly I’m not recommending you do this now, nobody had a contract. You just lasted as long as 3 members of the council thought you was to stay there and they had no contract, no annual review, but you know it worked.” I was amused because Mr. Simmons was describing the former TM Baldwin’s “agreement” with LBTS as well as the “agreement” we now have with our current Town Attys. per March 17,2008 on a “day to day” basis…At that March meeting after asking Weiss if he would take a 12 month contract with Mr Weiss responding no, he would never take a 12 month contract ..”I’ll take a contract for a day” McIntee said “That’s even better”..Weiss said “The day you’re not happy with our services”..McIntee replied ” That’s the best answer you could have given!”… Mr. Simmons continued going through info the commission received from FLOCities on how to conduct a performance review….”there are pluses and minuses . In my opinion you should not have to have any review your manager should have good comments all the way around. The reason I say that is because you should not wait annually to tell your manager when you’re forced to do it, that you don’t like something they’re doing. If you meetig with that manager and you should let them know the direction they’re going . You should meet with that person every couple of weeks for 20-30 minutes and let them know because Esther or Esther’s predecessor or one after that they can try and guess but you need to talk to them and they should straighten up and do what you want to do. But always remember, when I say that always remember that sometimes you get one person that disagrees with everybody else on the council and you come in and suggest the question she follow and that’s difficult sometimes because you work with 5 bosses but that is what I would recommend first for good relations with your manager and your citizens. Sit down on a 1 to1 basis.”.” I was totally astounded…did Mr Simmons just happen to use that “anology” of having 1 person on the dais that disagrees or was that 1 person included in any conversation between Mr. Simmons and the TM prior when she made her “suggestions”?…Mr Simmons went on to talk of his own days of managing…after he said he never had a review he said the following ” The plan you got from Lauderhill is a pretty typical type of plan. My last years they DID review. I did have reviews like that. “…So contrary to the Vice Mayor’s assertions…Mr Simmons himself was reviewed like the Town Manager is supposed to be!…He went on to speak “you shouldn’t wait til you get the press here and make a big deal once a year if you want to get rid of your manager if your manager cannot perform after you’ve talked to them what the majority want. You don’t have to wait a year.”…For Mr Simmons to speak of the press being there further raises some prior input…and later he will backtrack yet again in discussions saying the annual review is required  ..[It is in her contract]…… He was not adequately informed when he said “If you felt like it have an annual review and if you rehire the manager you’ve done a review”…obviously not knowing she has no term and to fire her would cost us $250,000+…He also admitted he did not read the charter and sadly replying to VM McIntee he announced that the manager’s contract was not sent to him!…He went on to say “You’re fortunate you’ve got a good manager and I’m very impressed with the cleanliness and the friendliness of your city and I’m really impressed by the people here who came out tonight at 4 o”clock.It shows you’ve got a town that people care about….I found it astonishing that he would say we have a good manager because the town is clean and people are in the hall…He missed the point that most people were there because of their displeasure with the TM….Mr Simmons then took a question from  Comm. Silverstone to again reiterate the Town Manager form of government…with Mr Simmons speaking also to ethics and managers having a “tough code of ethics, we cannot eneter into partisan politics in any way.He [manager] must stay out of it, no endorsing commissioners.”…I thought to myself chalk up another reason to oust this TM who is political in every way, shape and form fro her unequal treatment with commissioners. residents and local newspapers!..Mr Simmons said “Theory is if you want to give them [managers]the authority, you got to give them the responsibility and then hold them responsible.”…”If a manager is not doing there job, bring it up and discuss it. That’s one of the negatives of doing annually forces you to do that which is good, but you don’t have to do it that way”…(Yes, Mr Simmons we do according to the contract)…The Vice Mayor then had his O .J. moment “First of all have you had an opportunity to valuate at all the job our town manager has done? Have you looked into the business of the town at all?”…Mr Simmons said “No sir, I have not” (Hmmm)..Simmons then said “I’ll say this she’s been here a pretty good period of time”…he went on to speak of recruitment and said “I would no individually evaluate your manager.”..(To this writer he already did”…Mr. Simmons spoke of the role of the Range Riders…”to help the manager if they are in trouble”…that it would be “confidential” and they [Range Riders] “would not tell us what they thought.”…So hardly an unbiased group to instruct a manager evaluation as I previously posted…Vice Mayor McIntee”Let me take another avenue, confidence. Is that a common routine for towns throughout the state of Florida to have a public vote of confidence in their town?”…This writer knew instantly the “Truth Deflector” was on the “case”…calling for the CIC orchestrated parade (the one with the ever increasing #’s in revisionist Mc-Furth history) as a “review”…Obviously Mr Simmons was not informed of the “parade” and responded “You’re gonna doing that WHEN you do this evaluation.”..McIntee answered “What if we did it before?” (BINGO!)…”For your information about a month , month and a half ago ago (longer) we did a vote up here and she got a 5-1, 5-0 vote. She’s great we support her and we’re happy with her. So think this is redundant what ewe’re doing now.”…The audience booed and the VM knew that parade and vote of confidence would have been 3-2 if the Mayor and Comm. Dodd were told it was in place of the evaluation….Mr Simmons said “Unfortunately the charter does require a vote of confidence.” I was surprised due to Mr Simmons stating he had not read the charter and nowhere does it say the manager requires a vote of confidence…Mr Simmons went on ” You can almost say, ask attorney give a vote of confidence almost the same as review without writing out. I commend Esther if she got a vote of confidence5-0. You’re doing something right Esther. I always look for that 3-2.” WOW!… What a mess!… Com. Dodd chose to ask Mr Simmons about how he would have acted in certain situations as manager due to his history…Comm. Dodd asked Mr Simmons about a town survey and if Mr Simmons would have brought it to the commission before sending out…Mr Simmons obviously did not know our TM had decided not to bring it to thew commission (prev. posts)..Mr Simmons responded” I think I would, I certainly would.” …Comm. Dodd asked about the Chief of Police and firing him unilaterally …again it was obvious that Mr Simmons did not know about this either..Mr Simmons responded ” That’s the riskiest thing a manager can do!”…the audience went wild…Mr Simmons did go on to say that it was the responsibility of the TM and if he was TM Yes, he would do it too..The small CIC contingency in the hall applauded…What Mr. Simmons might not have known was there was no disagreement about the TM ability to fire the Chief…he was not aware of the aftermath and the manager’s words from the dais at the special meeting with a full Jarvis Hall …Comm. Dodd also asked about RFP’s and the audit…Mr Simmons was a little confused in the response…Mr Simmons went on to say ” Let me tell you ethically when I go the call from Commissioner Clottey I called Esther. You do not come into a community and play one side vs. the other. I’ll give you my frank opinion, but I did not know Esther before that time and ethically you do not do that and certainly she said come I congratulate you on having a manager open to that.”…Why would she be concerned, one manager to’s a win-win…for her…Comm. Clottey felt she needed to do a “McIntee” and say she and Mr. Simmons “had not met until this evening and had not discussed anything.”…Mr Simmons agreed and the mayor said we would go to public comments…NOT SO FAST…The Vice Mayor said  “Point of order, Mayor, Yes , I’d like to read something for an informational basis before the public comments started. Ah, I’ve been advised by camp counsel(?)  to do this. My own counsel. Defamation laws which can vary from state to state have been established to counter balance an individuals first amendment rights which guarantee free speech and the and the rights of an individual to protect his or her reputation. United States citizens are also entitled to exercise fair comment which enables Americans to comment freely even unkindly about matters of public interest as long as their written or oral statements are truthful derived from fact and not intended to be malicious. I just wish everybody in this room to listen to what that says as long as their written or oral statements are truthful, derived from fact and not intended to be malicious. I yield”…The audience yelled “Threat”!…Public comments took place…most were critical about the TM and some, this writer included tried to inform Mr. Simmons about the contract and the facts…He did not seem all that interested…(Once a manager always a manager?)…There was a small group of CIC old- timers who just repeated broad and vague words “fed to them” with no specifics that showed the great divide..those informed and those taking “marching orders”…It did end with Rev. Hunsaker making a statement that was a little out of character from the previous invocations witnessed by this audience and this writer…He related the issue of the Town Manager to his days as a minister and those minister’s who seemed to wear “Teflon”…He felt the previous TM [Baldwin] wore “Teflon”…and went on to talk of this TM being a victim of “Monday morning  quarterbacking” and those without the proper knowledge to criticize…It was a huge shock to those in the audience who are definitely informed and a “boon” to the “Gang-CIC’…with the VM afterward informing the Town Chaplain it was the “best speech he ever gave.”..It became a source for the “Broom-Boys” to use after public comments to disavow any criticism they just heard overwhelmingly from their constituents…This writer cannot believe that was the intention of the Reverend…and found out after the meeting it was not after speaking to him. I do believe the Rev. should clarify his statement at some point in time if indeed it was not received as he intended….(The Reverend did point out also the commissions role and their duties, but that was lost after his opening statement)…

Afterward came the statements from the Commissioners…next post…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … Town Manager Performance Review Evaluation #3 … Comments …. Minus 1!…

October 22, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers…at the September 10, 2009 Round Table the commission sat down and made some decisions about the Town Manager’s review…This review was brought to their attention last winter and it was made known to them it was stipulated in the Manager’s 2007 contract to be done annually BEFORE the final adoption of the Town’s annual budget…Tomorrow they might finally finish some sort of review…But they have already breached her contract by not getting done on time…At this Round Table meeting they all agreed to use the Lauderhill Evaluation put forth by Comm. Clottey (prev. post ) and it was Vice Mayor McIntee who stated they would tabulate the numbers (1-5) …anything 3 or below would be discussed… True to form this elected official who regularly disregards the rules (being an elected official & VFD Officer against the VFD By-laws/deleting 3 1/2 years of Town business related e-mails/ breaking the “cone of silence” by talking to bidders and Attys. that are coming before him/(we hear) purchasing for the VFD in violation of his Fl. Ethics statement to name just a few)…has now ignored the commission’s decision and chose to not fill out the Manager’s review …instead he spoke at the Oct. 20th continuation commission meeting misstating the visiting Range Rider and offered up his own way of doing an evaluation off the cuff not using numbers…stating at the workshop he would say “good, bad or fair”…(The dais seemed to be ready to allow this…they should not!)…Below are the comments that were added into the evaluation forms..( the form can be found by scrolling down or going to the scoops/LBTS agenda-meeting cat.)…by those who followed the rules…

Comm. Silverstone- Chose to just add a few points…


“ADD-  Best Contract w BSO Then Any other Contract City”(as written)

2) “Better New contract with Choice for Waste Removal [Silv. sp. ]then WM” [Waste Management]

BC-Note…His evaluation must have been a 5 minute “ordeal” at best….

Commissioner Clottey…answers correlate to the form…(prev. post)…some will surely raise the ire of many of her constituents and a certain Commissioner …..

I.-“Good relations between the Commission and the Town Manager is a two way street The good of the Town should be the foremost concern . The Town Manager does a very good job of providing information in a timely. Perhaps providing some of it a little earlier on reoccurring items as well as reminding the the Commission in writing on pending issues would ease some of the criticism.”

II-We are fortunate to have someone of Ms Colons financial expertise at the helm.Most of the criticism is unfair since issues being raised are the result of policy decision made by previous Commissions. While other municipalities lost considerable portions of their investments when the stock market crashed a few years ago, LBTS did not due to the diligence of our Town Manager.This and other belt tightening policies implemented by Esther Colon coupled with the current  Commissions decisions on spending and use of funds resulted in the lowering of the mileage rate last year and no increase in the mileage rate in the coming year in spite of a major decrease in revenues.”

BC-Note…That would be the insurance “pools ” which Ms. Colon as well as Pompano Beach did thwart a major loss for bot municipalities… But Ms. Colon never answered the question of any penalty loans being attached …although repeatedly asked…

“Government uses a different methodology for their financial statements than most of us are use to seeing. To criticize the Town Manager because one does not know how to read these statements is again not fair. I have asked the the TM to explain the system during a commission as we are heading into budget season. Both times she complied with a nice power point presentation.”

BC-Note…Ms Colon and staff would not produce the bank statements and the accounts in a timely manner…Ben Freeny a CPA , now a candidate for commission absolutely knows about government accounting and was treated poorly at the podium by the Town Manager, Comm. Clottey and the non-CPA Comm. Silverstone who nastily refers to him as “Mr. Freely”…Former Commission Chuck Clark also understands the statements…the problem again is receiving the complete PRR for those statements and accounts…

” I would recommend a monthly session, in addition to Commission meeting, where the Town Manager or the Finance Manager goes over the monthly financial statements including a summary of current assets. If these are not well attended they can be discontinued.”

BC-Note…A memo was sent back to an e-mail from Comm. Dodd last month that showed the Town Manager was and is supposed to give this information to the commission monthly, as of this date she does not.

III-” Ms Colon is fair in her dealings . While some may not like her answers at times, including me, she treats everyone the same. Problems have arisen when someone wants special treatment. This is not unique to LBTS.”

BC-Note… Take that voters!…

IV- “Unfortunately, size does matter when dealing with other governments, meaning the LBTS does have a more difficult time getting its fair share of resources. For example, when the Broward Planning Organization votes on important issues, LBTS can only vote when larger cities representatives are absent. In spite of this and the town’s limited resources, Esther Colon does an excellent job working and keeping up with other municipal governments and state agencies. Town staff do work hard to track grant money and submit grant applications.”

BC-Note…Both Comm. Clottey and the Town Manager misstated and derailed resident Yann Brandt in his offer to help the town with “green” grants as well as putting the kibosh on a establishing a new committee brought to the dais by the Mayor….after “fearing” Mr Brandt’s involvement…calling it a conflict…pretty funny in light of their support of the “2-hats”…

“Additional Comments:”

“I think that Esther Colon has done a great job considering all the constraints that she has faced. She has taken an organization that was quite lax and turned into one that is trimmed down but very efficient. This is a real bonus to the taxpayers, especially in this economy.”

“I would like the Town Manager to consult with the Commission before making decisions that she knows have the potential to become very controversial or political footballs.”

BC-Note…. The Town Manager has already told the Commissioners she will not comply with this …

“I would like to see Commissioner Dodd and the Town Manager sit down together for several long conversations. They must both agree to keep the contents of these conversations to themselves. Otherwise it will do more harm than good,”

BC-Note…The Town Manager had a meeting with Comm. Dodd a few weeks back and asked her Asst. TM to sit in for “protection”…so any kind of one on one seems out of the question…This writer thinks Comm. Clottey was way out of line to include this in her evaluation…

” I would also like to see an orientation program for newly elected Commission members. Sunshine prevents one commissioner from mentoring another so the orientation program would be very useful. Providing a timetable for expected decisions as well as a presentation on financial statements and terminology would be helpful and alleviate some misunderstandings.”

BC-Note…We hear this was offered at the start of the term by the TM but was not accepted…

Mayor Minnet’s comments…correlate to the form…(prev. post)….these comments show why this Mayor will easily be re-elected …expect a huge win!…

1.”RELATIONS WITH GOVERNING BODY: PROVIDING INFORMATION:”… “openness and non-biased relations are important factors for a town manager. The manager needs to remain neutral at all times and present the facts openly and fairly. Whenever there is the mere appearance of favoritism, the system becomes skewed. I know I am at the top of the loop but I am the last in the loop. Staff is cordial but distant. The town manager has been available but I have to call an assistant first. Changes have been made to procedure without first explaining to the residents and commission. RFP’s must be take into consideration all variables for the community and these have not been identified properly by the town manager. When problems have surfaced, such as issues involving the new garbage collector, the process to fix them has been slow and difficult, and the residents and business owners feel alienated by the process. We are experiencing some problems with areas not properly identified to use and this could have been addressed within the RFP. The town manager’s role is to have plans in place for emergencies such as hurricanes, fire or any other catastrophes. We have a volunteer fire department and a private transport company for advanced life support, but we do not have a fire marshal. Has this been thought through, and its the public health, welfare and safety of the residents of LBTS being considered in all these decisions?”

2. “Organizational relations: the town manager meets expectations on fiscal management except when it came to the payment of the loans. The prepayment clause should have been negotiated before the payment was made. This recommendation did not come from the town manager or the commission. If the commission was better informed about the surplus, it may have opted to reduce mileage and give the taxpayers a significant reduction in this year’s taxes.”

3. Personnel Management: the total number of full-time and contractual employees is 156.25 for a town of 5852 people. Our population has decreased and the amount of employees has increased. Are there job descriptions for all employees, including the town manager? Do we really need a full-time assistant town manager, or four full-time employees in the finance department? Public service role could be promoted and supported better if there was better cooperation between the entities in our community that provide similar activities and have them work together.”

4. ” Managing the organization: the town manager falls below expectations of managing the organization. Where is the planning process and long-range goals? We hear about grants being submitted without our knowledge or approval when we have adequate public safety facilities. A property became available behind the existing public safety facility just months after it was purchased. Why did we have to rush into the purchase? The BSO hasn’t moved , planning and zoning hasn’t moved. Is the public safety building properly utilized? The town manager has a myopic point of view, not able to think outside the box and take recommendations that may benefit the system. Communication is aloof, especially with residents. The town manager will often not speak to residents and will only speak with one local newspaper. The town manager’s position should be neutral and fair.”

5. ” Relations with the public: a town manager’s role is to be fair. The mere appearance of retaliation on anyone’s part is not acceptable, and yet there have been numerous examples of code sweeps or enforcement actions which were aimed at specific businesses or residents. Residents, businesses and employees alike are afraid to speak up.”

6. ” Relations with other governments: the town could reach out better to its closest neighbor, Sea Ranch Lakes. The town manager does look for grants”

Comm. Dodd’s comments…correlate to the form as well…(prev. post)….

“Relations with governing body:”

1. “At times material has been placed in the mail box on the day before the meeting. I believe this is too late and the matter should have been postponed to the next meeting. Last minute submissions should not be made. No updates on the pavilion, no updates on sweeps before they happened, pelican hopper. Budget surplus 18 million not revealed till the last minute. Audits, RFP’s- It’s like pulling teeth to get information.”

2. ” Announced at the last meeting she has discussed rolling over unfinished items with the mayor, town attorney and the commissioners. She did not contact this commissioner. I am not updated because I do not do regular “pop-ins”. This has happened before and the manager stated publicly she will speak to each commissioner as they come through the door.”

3. “Not equally between all Commissioners. The rest of the commission make visits every couple of days and get their questions answered promptly. This commissioner sends e-mails and receives answers on a date received basis. Also often takes 2 e-mails because the question is not answered correctly. The conclusion to get quicker answers is to do Pop-ins.”

BC-Note Comm. Dodd’s business make such Pop-ins a problem, and if this TM is still in place future commissioners who work may also face a disadvantage with this type of management in place

4. ” Yes- when we asked for an appointment or meeting”

5. “No- very little report at all about anything staff is doing, has achieved or is planning to do except through quarterly departmental report. The only time any staff “projects” get discussed is during budget questioning.”

6. ” Yes- She has advised the commission on legislative or public policy but I would like to receive more.”

7. “Understands most of the issues well but fails to update the commission because of frustrations. Example- Pavilion 9 years in the making. Finally the manager took several decisions on her own rather than expalin all the details and refer to the commission. Does not appear to push for updates to the comprehensive plan or push for priority reports for sewer repairs or storm drains and has chosen to run on a day to day repair as it fails basis. Appears not to have understood the height limit issue by virtue of the incorrect survey question.”

8. ” Considered all alternatives-no. Time and again the Town manager has not investigated other municipalities or sought direction before making decisions to the detriment of the town. Recommending to the commission is a course of last resort. She would prefer to make the decision on her own. Evidenced by the bid opening process, changing the wording on special permits, referring the boats problem before writing 24 citations.”

9. ” The commission should have been given a list of her priorities once we were elected as to decisions we needed to make decisions regarding storm water funding, storm water drains, the need and cost for town wide surveys against a top ten list of priorities. Other problem areas needed to be addressed- resurfacing town roads. No mention of the actual cost at the time of purchase to make Police quarters in the public safety building usable.”

Personnel Management”

1. ” Has had an unusually high turnover of staff in key positions. Most of her appointments were from within thereby limiting the new blood, qualifications and new experience needed to help improve town staff expertise. Did not appear to use Florida League of Cities and other municipal journals to even find out the state of the market or the qualifications to fill the post. No competitive interviews held.”

2.” Following the rude argumentative attitude of staff in the front lobby with this commissioner it is evident this attitude has trickled down from the top. Where is the motivation with the manager arriving at 10:00 a.m. Why did she attend the GFOA when this is the fianace director’s conference and not the town manager’s annual conference to further her own ability.”

3. ” Negative- This commissioner has not heard one case of diciplanry action, reprimand or criticism other than the dismissal of Chief Gooding. The other members of staff that left or were fired did so without the matter being brought to the commission’s attention that someone had been disciplined or letters place on their personal files. The commission is not made aware of these instances. Nor is the commission updated with any staff changes till after they happen.The manager regards this as her bailwick and none of the commission’s business.”

4. ” The town manager has by example failed to instill support of Public Service role for city employees. She does not return call, gets in at 10:00 a.m. works late, resents interference and is not personable, diplomatic or approachable in a crisis. She always takes the side of staff irrespective of the issues. Good managers lead by diplomacy, skill, negotoion, humor, sensitivity, understanding without giving ground on the issues.”

5. ” Yes- She will fire them if they dare to disagree-equitable-yes.”

Additional Comments I get the impression that the manager “micromanages” everything and refuses to fully delegate responsibility. The manager will jump in and defend staff before staff have had a chance to express their opinions- the assistant was asked why staff chose Duncan for the recommendation on the parking RFP. The manager appears reluctant to let me question staff because she has the experience to deflect and divert and does not appear to trust staff to answer questions or handle themselves diplomatically or intelligently. Why aren’t the heads of departments at commission meetings to represent their departments and the work they are doing.”

“Managing the organization”

1. ” Appears to have overruled the commissions mutual agreement not to fund the pelican hopper unless it pays for itself. The Pelican hopper continues to run, probably funded by the taxpayer without reference back for direction.”

2. ” Repeatedly asked to give the commission a list of the top ten worst drains, sewers, road flooding only to be faced with stonewall atitude that a survey will cost thousands of dollars. Not prepared to use staff or town contractors to arrive a tht e best estimate rather than spend a large sum on a town wide survey.”

3. No comment”

4. “Appears happy to leave the master plan become obsolete, no pressure on updating the comprehensive plan- it will hapen whenever the legal requirement arises.”

5. ” No- when asked specific questions has a tendency to be monosyllabic in response with unsatisfactory answers. When asked when- instead of a date I get “soon”. When I ask how much did it cost- I get “staff time”. Theserare inappropriate and unhelpful answers. Tries hard not to communicate with this commissioner at all.”

6. No- The administrations attitude is “Black and White”- Code sweeps. If it says Read the we read but not aloud. Spoke down to residents at budget meeting and treated them in a derogtory tone and manner.”

7. While it may be admirable to work till 10:00 p.m. it is still not acceptable to arrive at 10:00 a.m.  Staff needs to be lead by example and leadership.”

8. Has fought this commissioner over many issues usually doing just enough to stay out of trouble. Resented my “interference” on more than one occassion. Does not give any appearance of liking change because it may make more work for staff.”

9. N0- It is my opinion the manager should have stepped in and read the construction bids aloud to diffuse the situation when faced with 14 angry contractors. The issue should have then have been brought before the commission for direction rather than be intransigent and refuse to “read aloud” because it doesn’t say “I have to.” Always takes any comments as a personal attack and responds accordingly instead of diffusing, deflecting and making decisions after a cooling off period.”

“Additional Comments”

“Below average performance because the manager wants to be Number one and not take or ask for direction from the commission. As stated she doesn’t want to be second string to anyone when she took the job. Several issues should have been presented for direction either on the agenda or through the manager’s report for this commission’s decision rather than making her own decision. Pavilion drainage by change order and not new proposal one year later. Pelican hopper, RFP’s -read aloud, Scott Gooding dismissal.”

“Relations with the public”

1. Has been reported to me that she does not return phone calls by many individuals and does not return calls after leaving a message. Does not speak to the press and deflects to the P.O. who is left without adequate information at times. The fishing issue, Interior Digs and several  problems of Trash collection, Causing the Marchelos brothers to go to an attorney and then refuse to discuss other town related issues with them.”

2. ” Makes herself available to certain people. Picks and chooses. Has been seen wearing sunglasses looking for code issues on open containers. ”

3. ” Blames city over the “read aloud” issue stating she had a legal opinion she didn’t have to read aloud. Un-constructive and unhelpful”

4. ” Not heard many words of credit as to how the commission performs. Usually the only criticism is that the commission does not give her direction yet she does not follow up and ask the question until she does get direction but makes the decisions instead.”

“Additional Comments”

“Not sympathetic to any causes or charities- shouldn’t give town money to women in distress, Boy scouts etc., etc. Fiercely protective to town staff even when there might be fault on both sides. She speaks down to residents with demeaning attitude as evidenced at the last budget meeting.”

BC-Note- the commissioners comments were written up on Oct. 5, 2009 and some of these  items have been addressed in the last few weeks …although the managers personality and management style are ongoing…

The Final “installment” of the Town Manager Review is at 4 pm in Jarvis Hall …it will be televised  (Comcast ch. 78) and online…

Public is welcome…but no public comment… and we hope the commission will not allow the Vice Mayor to participate due to his non- compliance in filling out the evaluation forms and handing it in…

more to come…

Post Division

Here’s The Scoop … Which Path? ……

October 17, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers …at the Oct. 12, 2009 Town Manager “almost” Review we had a chance to see 2 candidates for commission in 2010 have the opportunity to discuss the topic at hand…The evaluation of Town Manager Esther Colon..

Commissioner Jim Silverstone- ” Like I normally do I wrote a list of speakers and ah, ah what they had to say. But I’d like to thank George Hunsaker. I think that was a great ending to this ah, this  workshop. He said something very important  a couple of things he said were very wise. And I’d like to thank Mr. Simmons for being here too because I think sometimes wisdom transcends the, the the vision of the town here. I’d like to see that kind of subtle things and people together here. Unfortunately I believe we created an environment here by allowing certain things to happen that has divided the town even further. I’ll get into that tomorrow. It’s not the “porpoise” (his word) of this talk here. But you said something very important Mr. Hunsaker when you said it’s ah, which I agree with you I don’t like people being so critical. They don’t have adequate knowledge and, and that to me is really the core of the issue here. When people come up there and they complain and they have issues and we do listen by the way. I write down notes at  every meeting down here and if you don’t see me looking at you it’s because I’m looking at, look down like we spoke to at the last meeting. So I do pay attention fully. But the wisdom that was transmitted by, by Mr. Hunsaker there I think we all need to listen to was very important and I think that’s the beginning of getting the town back together again. But, if you have any questions. If you’re not getting the response from the administration that’s why we’re here for. And as, I’m not going to repeat myself but I did say earlier that the way, the chain of command here is you the people, we represent you. You elect us . We then direct the Town Manager to perform the day to day operations here which is her responsibility. And I believe she is doing a very good job with doing that. Again, her financial background to me is a huge advantage. At the end of the day it’s really about the numbers, it’s really about your tax money, it’s really about the town, how the town looks. It’s about those intrinsic values that you see our there that I think makes the difference between us and any other town in Broward County or in the United States. When I look out there I see the town workers working. I see the beautification that’s going on. I look at the numbers and I see that we’re, we’re lowering taxes and we’re, we’re making these things work. That’s just, that just happens with a lot of hard work and somebody made a comment earlier that you know, I think it was Mr. Brown about what does the Town Manager do. I have never seen anybody work as hard as she had in a public office. She’s there unbelievable hours. Um, to quote Mr. Thompson again he’s been involved in public service all his life and um, Esther was the hardest working best public servant he has ever witnessed. That comes with a lot of weight with me.”

(BC- Note to Comm. Silverstone…Mr Thompson again authorized this writer to tell you he made that statement about Laura Ward!)

CS- “Ah, to begin Mr Vincent had a question regarding Mr. Gooding I think that’s a lot of people’s opinion a lot of people’s strife that the, the firing  or transferring of Mr., Chief Gooding was a problem. But as Mr. Simmons and I kinda conversed up there about keepin’ the politics out, if you think about it by getting, ah, by transferring Scott Gooding it was probably the worst thing for me politically. So if that doesn’t tell you that nothing was going on here I don’t know what more can be said and I think the new chief is doing a great job the new Lieutenant I think ah, things are happening now. They’re moving in next door and, and it’s definitely progressing I think the way it shoud have been. So that was the decision the Town Manager made and I think she made it outside of politics which I think is the core reason why we have this form of government and that’s a good example of it working. You may not have liked what transpired. I think its for the benefit of the town at the end of the day. Um, and Mrs. Geesey said something about citizens being the boss for us. You elect us you are not the boss of the administration. You are not the boss of the Town Manager or the employees. Um that, that’s not how we work here. Um, if you have a problem with us guess what you don’t elect us. That’s, that’s the way it works and that’s America. Um, the one thing that was mentioned up here which I’ll. I’ll give some time for the Town Manager to address was the pr-payment on the loan and I’m the one that brought that up to get it paid off again. And the reason that was done not to repeat myself again but we can’t make a decision on spending that money for about a year. The Master Plan Steering Committee has to meet to decide what to do. We have to get the permits and it has to be done. That takes a long time. By the time that happened a year would have gone by and the interest that’s occurring on the money and the penalties we’re paying would have cost us a lot more money. It would have been, It’s cheaper at the end of the day to pay it off now. Now you do have a point that maybe some negotiations could have been done. I don’t know the answer to that but knowing Esther I think ah, again she would have done something it, we’ll find out about that. Um, the I’ll save the rest of this. But I pretty  much went over the key points. um, oh just one “udder” thing about insinuating there’s back room deals and permits being issued illegally. I think that was the term used and these are facts (laughing), let’s remind each other here that the ah, the alleyway was you guys the two brothers that own the lot back there agreed to, what we approved to have , have access to your, your parking are there. We agreed to it you said we, talked about it, is that ok with you, you said yes. There’s a couple of things you had to do as far as I know they weren’t done yet but you got permission to do that and why this keeps being brought up again, I don’t understand it. We talked about that it was put on the agenda we approved it with some conditions and that’s the last I’ve heard. So I don’t know where this other information’s coming from but it was approved to go forward. Um, that’s all I have for now”


Candidate Christopher Vincent….

“Christopher Vincent – Corsair Avenue – Lauderdale By The Sea.

I will limit my comments to a few areas of concern.

Number 1: The firing of Chief Gooding.

Even though Ms. Colon had the authority to fire Chief Gooding she used poor judgment by not informing the commission of her plan prior to taking action even if she didn’t have to. Chief Gooding had not made any decisions that jeopardized the public safety of this town, or behaved unethically. To dismiss him in the manner that she did was unprofessional and an embarrassment to our town. This is not my opinion but a fact based on the number of citizens that filled town hall objecting to her action and in full support of our Chief of Police. This should be noted in her review.

Number 2: Decorum

From what I have witnessed attending these meetings and watching from home, Ms. Colon does not possess the ability to be impartial to certain members sitting on this dais. She addresses them with a tone of contempt and disrespect.

It is the responsibility, duty and right of any member of this commission or citizen of this town to question the action or actions of this Town Manager. When doing so Ms. Colon should welcome the opportunity to respond and should do so without a defensive or condescending tone. This should also be noted in her review.

Number 3: To Review or Not to Review

Certain members of this dais have said on the record that Ms. Colon is doing a super job and in their opinion it is not necessary to perform this review, since it has never been done in the past. In the Town Managers contract it states she is to have a yearly review which is to be completed before the final adoption of the Town’s annual budget.

This is not a choice but a contractual obligation that must be met. As the Town Manager Ms. Colon should have insisted this take place to ensure she was meeting the obligations in her contract and not jeopardizing her contract. She did not. It makes you wonder what other contractual obligations are not being met or simply overlooked. There has been a deliberate intent to delay or skip this review completely. Why? This should also be noted in the review.

In closing I would like to remind the Dais and Town Manager that transparency in government is everything. Once you start working for the politics and not the people you loose all credibility and the trust of the people.”


Dear Readers… This writer could put in point by point where Comm. Silverstone is way off the mark with his so called facts…but I will do that in other posts…( although I felt obligated to carry out Mr Thompson’s clarification concerning who his praise was for)…The point of the post was for you to see the side- by- side how these two candidates handled their review comments…and to remind all voters…this Town Manager according to  her contract is required to be reviewed yearly……which will require us to sit through the commentary from one of them as our commissioner sitting on the dais again next year…who do you want to listen to?

more to come…

Post Division

Here’s The Scoop … “Stemming” From A Question …… The LBTS Town Manager Performance Review … Monday Oct. 12, 2009 4 PM Jarvis Hall …

October 11, 2009 by Barbara



Dear Readers …..I didn’t know when this writer happened upon the Deerfield Advocate website such a long time ago and read about their Manager having a contract that required an annual Performance Review it would lead us to tomorrow afternoon at 4 pm in Jarvis Hall LBTS Town Manager Evaluation….I didn’t know  it would take a Public Records Request for her contract to see if she had it as a requirement as well because her staff and the commission did not know…I didn’t know that the simple act of having her yearly contractually required evaluation completed before the final adoption of the Town’s annual budget in September would produce so much time and effort put forth by the present majority to deflect from facts…I knew the Mc-Furth Gang would enlist their remaining  CIC members to “parade” to the podium with most speakers having no idea about the Manager but dutifully speaking the “talking points” they were told to address about her finance acumen……I didn’t know it would come to the dais…time after time……with no date certain…and no certainty of an evaluation ever coming to pass…(pun intended)…I didn’t know  it would take until the next fall to finally have the workshop…I didn’t know  the ball would be dropped when the Commission fumbled and did not make a motion for a date for the evaluation on dais that very day following the workshop…I didn’t know  there would  be an onslaught of comments on and off the dais by local newspaper in their editorials and opinions and posts on this site….I didn’t know the directives that were agreed to at the Sept. 10, 2009 workshop would fall  by the wayside as well ( Agreed to was the Lauderhill evaluation/Commissioners handing it in to Town within the week for distribution to each other/ the meeting with discussion on any cumulative rating on a topic of 3 or below/ public comments/ Comm. comments/ and at some point in time the Range Riders coming separate from the TM evaluation for help with the commissioners and future meetings, relations in the future)…I didn’t know  in their place would be a different version  from Commissioner Clottey on the dais implying the Range Riders would do the evaluation being “unbiased …I didn’tt know the FLOC Range Riders were retired Town and City Managers…..I didn’t know  Commissioner Clottey would try version #3 in her BTSTimes  Halloween Edition comments stating the Range Riders would not be evaluating the Manager but ” act as a consultant through the process”….I didn’t know  the Pompano Pelican would have information on its front page with the name of the FLOC Range Rider consultant, Richard Simmons from Orlando when some Commissioners still have not been informed of his participation….I didn’t know  the Town Clerk’s minutes (backup in the 10/13/09 commission meeting)…would  erroneously describe “consensus to not condemn the Town Manager for previous mistakes made, only to give direction for them not to occur in the future”…..I knew the CIC would send out a call to arms membership e-mail for their members to attend and defend the Town Manager from “attacks”….I knew Unite Our Town would send out 2 membership e-mails to ask for their members to attend and voice their concerns…I knew the BTSTimes would send out some “Flowery” newsflash  ….I knew the Times would “evaluate” the Manager giving her credit for the financial shape we find ourselves in today……. I knew the very CIC-Mc-Furth group who stood up for the VFD and heights and term limits would come out now  that the other shoe is about drop and say that their fellow residents and taxpayers …”intend to launch attacks against her during the public comment portion of the evaluation”…..I knew the BTSTimes “evaluation” would be half truths such as she “has often stated that she is willing to undergo an evaluation at any time”…. “a spotless record” …. “award- winning financial background”.. “completing major capital improvement projects”….”reduced from $25 million to $15 million”…””assisted the Commission in paying of $9 million in Town debt”…”does things by the book”….”her loyalty is to the law of the land and ethical government procedure”…”by treating everyone fairly”….”following the rules, and providing Town management that is solely in the best interest of the overall health of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea”……

I also knew…the full-truth…and it comes with lots and lots of thorns……4 dozen thorns ….

1.The Town Manager chose to ignore her contract required a performance review annually …..thus the “spotless record”…

2. The Town Manager chose to add to her own contract perks that never appeared in her predecessor’s contract as she stated over the past 2+ years…with $250,000+ if she is ever fired…

3. The Town Manager chose to not go out for re-bid with only one Law firm to choose from and to not go out for re-bid on a Special Magistrate…

4. The Town Manager chose to write ordinances and resolutions rather than go to the Town Attorneys…

5. The Town Manager chose to whittle down the cost of the Beach Pavilion…. to a paltry $150,000….

6. The Town Manager chose to not inform the Commission or the businesses of the extension of the Broward County Grant, thus allowing for construction to take place after season on the Beach Pavilion ….

7. The Town Manager chose to change the plans unilaterally on the Beach Pavilion, causing a problem with the permits and the final sign off and resulting in a Beach Pavilion unlike the pavilion voted on by the Town’s elected officials …wrought with ongoing problems structurally to the building and the surrounding area…severely impacting local businesses…

8. The Town Manager chose to not work with the Turtle people for turtle friendly lights to be installed in the El Prado parking lot…

9. The Town Manager chose to routinely hire unqualified employees lacking the experience and educational  requirements from within the ranks thus forgoing the process of hiring those truly qualified for department head positions…

10. The Town Manager chose to routinely keep information away from the Commission and from those who made Public Records Request in matters of finance …until the 11th hour of the 2009/2010 budget…

11. The Town Manager chose to routinely charge exorbitant fees for Public Records Requests…at random for certain people to stop the flow of information…

12. The Town Manager “chose” pre-payment penalty clauses for promissory notes that ended up costing the Town hundreds of thousands to pay back…last month…

13. The Town Manager chose to routinely informs contracted employees of the Town that the Commission wanted certain heavy-handed action taken, when knowing it is false …keeping both at arms length in the process…as seen with BSO per the Colonel at the Scott Gooding meeting/ The Senior Center RFP…

14. The Town Manager chose to routinely inflate the budget leaving funds for use in the last 3 months of the fiscal year…aka “sludge fund” …

15. The Town Manager chose to unilaterally uses the “at will” contracts to hire and then fire seen with the termination of Fire Marshal Alex Stevenson…

16. The Town Manager chose when to be “oversight” for the VFD and when to call them a “contracted” employee…

17. The Town Manager chose to buy 2 fire trucks espousing the Town’s need to own all public safety vehicles and then said we did not need to with the 3rd fire truck VFD purchased…..

18. The Town Manager chose to spearhead the purchase of the hotel next door without proper information on what would be allowed (sleeping quarters)…

19. The Town Manager chose to withhold the true renovation costs for the hotel from the Commission and residents…

20. The Town Manager chose to ignore the will of the people and fire the Police Chief… using faulty reasoning of “fiscal irresponsibility”…

21. The Town Manager chose to not inform the Commission of BSO’s prior to purchase response that the hotel was not suitable…

22. The Town Manager chose to lead the BSO on at a cost  to them for architects as she promised them all they asked for throughout the process…

23. The Town Manager chose to be the only Town Manager in the County to not attend a BSO meeting with Sheriff Lamberti…

24. The Town Manager chose to not return with ongoing information on the warehouse and the 90 day real estate sale “option” that ran out long ago…

25. The Town Manager chose not take any action pertaining to the VFD breaking its by-laws…when allowing for Vice Mayor McIntee to be an Officer…

26. The Town Manager chose to ignore “breaches” of the VFD contract with the VFD not having a Battalion Chief for a period of time/ not having an VFD Administrator for a year/ and in-town members not fulfilling the 20% response requirement  ….

27. The Town Manager chose to request and give a 2.5% increase to employees when the cost of living is 1.8%…

28. The Town Manager chose to pay 30 hr. employees the same as 40hr. employees in other municipalities…

29. The Town Manager chose to raise all new fees 5% after only 6 months….

30. The Town Manager chose to go after Town businesses…unfairly….enforcing codes that have been on the books  but not enforced…making them to jump through hoops to ask for Commission “resolutions” to retain their benches and outdoor decorations…depending on a selective Commission vote…

31. The Town Manager chose to lead the Town Engineers to single out the Pier Alleyway from the others….to not allow for egress…

32. The Town Manager won finance awards for “presentation” of the budgets…not the budgets…

33. The Town Manager chose to attend an introductory GFOA course in place of the Finance Director…

34. The Town Manager chose not to let her department heads and employees come to answer to Commissioners upon Commissioner’s requests at Commission meetings …

35. The Town Manager chose not to reply to a sitting Commissioner…

36. The Town Manger chose to continue to do “pay as you go” on improvements knowing we had the funds….

37. The Town Manager chose to “inform” the Commission of her 3 yr Rachlin Audit contract for $200,000+ then sending an engagement letter “informing” Rachlin the Commission approved it when they had not….

38. The Town Manager chose to inform the Commissioners at their pre-budget department meetings about possibly putting an RFP out for the Chamber of Commerce Welcome Center…but did not inform at least 2 Commissioners of her intention to put an ITB (invitation to bid) for the Senior Center and her plans to combine it with the Recreation services…

39. The Town Manager chose to allow herself “her constitutional right to freedom of speech”…in disparaging a resident in a memo to the Commission…

40. The Town Manager chose to thwart the RFP/Bid process and put the Town of LBTS in a questionable position of “backroom” deals when “sealed proposals” are opened and taken away having not been read aloud…

41. The Town Manager chose not to evaluate the RFP/Bids for the Commissioners…thus  extending the process ..

42. The Town Manager chose to recommend certain vendors that will cost the town thousands while she purposely misstated the comparable bids…

43. The Town Manager chose to falsely state she does not “buy anything upfront” when addressing the Parking Citation RFP…

44. The Town Manager chose to not put out public notices in newspapers of a size and in detail for a fair response from residents for input…thus “using” the “rules” to skew the outcome…

45. The Town Manager chose materials that are ill-suited for LBTS procurement process..Garbage/IT/Parking Citation…

46. The Town Manager chose to make garbage per dwelling unit and not allow per need….

47. The Town Manager chose to send out a survey townwide without input from the Commission or the residents and businesses…based on Wilton Manors…taking credit for it and including misinformation on the town’s maximum height limit which may skew the 2010 referendum outcome…

48. The Town Manager chose to go out for a $3 million dollar Fire station …to house vehicles and allow the FFs to sleep somewhere…after failing to secure lodging in the $2 million dollar Public Safety Complex…..

I knew these were 48 reasons why this Performance Review needed to happen even if it took this long…..and I know these are 48 very important reasons why this Town Manager and all her “thorns”  will effect the outcome of the 2010 election……

more to  come….

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Here’s The Scoop … Town Manager Colon Allows Herself … “My Constitutional Right To Freedom Of Speech” To Disparage Town Taxpayers …..

October 8, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers …I wonder what the Florida League of Cities Range Riders  …a group of retired Town Managers would say about the LBTS Town Manager’s “report”  on two longtime residents received by the Commissioners on Oct. 5, 2009…It is a public record and it is certainly an insight to yet another reason why there is a real need to evaluate her….. and hold her accountable!

Excerpt 9/9/09 Public Comments… Edmund Malkoon…
“I personally have been the recipient of vandalism three times. The last occurrence was just over a month ago. In fact I know, based on evidence, a current member of this audience is responsible for carrying out at least one of those acts.”

Excerpt from 9/22/09 Public Comments…Edmund Malkoon….

“At the last public comments, I was very critical of the mishandling of public records by the Vice Mayor. I also spoke of witch hunts and scare tactics which are causing our citizens to think twice about speaking up. I gave an example of harassment & vandalism that occurred at our home.
What happened the next day shocked and astonished me and many members of the community. The Town Manager, in her continuous role of abusing power and going where she shouldn’t go, asked Mr. Olinzock, the Assistant Manager, to investigate my claims through the Police Department. Why did she not call me instead? At the time Chief Llarena wasn’t able to locate the claim and told him that he needed more information. Later that day, the Town Manager issued a false memo attempting to discredit me. Last Tuesday, I went and spoke with the chief myself. He was able to locate the CAD report and on the following day provided it to Mr. Olinzock.
Did another memo go out to correct the previous one?
Did the members of the commission receive a copy of the report provided?
The Town Manager has used town money and time for a personal vendetta. I ask the town manager: Who directed you to investigate this? Was it a disgruntled commissioner who didn’t like what I had to say? Here is another example of a type of dictatorship that is occurring in this town. Last I checked, we live in a country where freedom of speech is our constitutional right. It is not I who should be defending myself. Rather it is the citizens’ right to hold their elected officials responsible for any wrong doings.”

Mrs. Malkoon was not going to be intimidated by Esther Colon and stood her ground with the Town Manager telling her she [TM] “you have  too much time on your hands, you tangle where you don’t need to and with the wrong people!”…..

Excerpts TM Colon Town Manager Report 9/22/09…(prev. post)…

“The Manager then stated there was a “resident who made a comment a break-in or some incident in their house (neither comments were said in Mr. Malkoon’s public comments)… she said she “told John to please contact the police department because to me it’s rare that the police department does not respond to any kind of situation.” She said “this is no personal attack, this is no personal vendetta. I don’t know where these words are comin’ from, because I have…”and she stopped, looked at the Mayor and said “I’m trying to explain, but obviously nobody wants to listen, that’s okay. I’ll put the “facts” in writing. Why should I sit here and every time I sit here I get interrupted and there’s plates it’s”… “I will put the response in writing if this Commission does not disagree with me I’ll put the “facts” in writing.”

Now we find the  Town Manager’s “facts in writing” …took quite a different turn…At the 9/22/09 Comm. meeting she said she “told John to please contact the police department because to me it’s rare that the police department does not respond to any kind of situation.”…but in the Oct. 5th memorandum she states ” During the Public comments portion of the town hall meeting on 09/09/2009, Mr. Edmund Malkoon made a comment regarding three acts of vandalism at a resident’s home and more importantly, the insinuation that the offender was present in the audience, was a cause of concern for me. As Town Manager, I have not only the authority, but the moral responsibility to find out if a member of the audience in a public meeting committed acts of vandalism victimizing a town resident. This inquiry was pursued in the interest of public safety in order to identify any potential problems at future public meetings.”

(BC- Come on!…That was not the reason given on the dais!…And Mr. Malkoon could have told the police or the Manager if she called him who he felt the vandal was. The Town Manager’s obvious attempt to tie this issue in with the Mc-Furth BTSTimes Halloween edition and the “theme” of safety in Jarvis Hall smacks of politics…big time!)..

“I instructed staff to a public inquiry with the Police Department to find out the status of these reported crimes. The Police Department informed that no Police Reports had been filed documenting these misdemeanor offenses. Since these comments were directed at five members of the Dias, I saw fit to report to the Dias that there were no official Police reports filed documenting these acts of vandalism in order to dispel any unfounded fears. The memo certainly was not an attempt to discredit anyone and I fail to see how it is a falsehood or an abuse of power.”

(BC- the memo attempted to portray Mr. Malkoon’s assertions as false, and as Mr. Malkoon said himself, she and her staff made no attempt to contact him.)

“For purposes of clarification, I need to address Mr. Malkoon’s insinuation that there was a Police Report filed. During the 09/22/09 public comments, Mr. Malkoon states  “I went and spoke with the chief myself. He was able to locate the CAD report”…… “Did the members of the commission receive a copy of the report provided?”

( BC- The TM conveniently left out was the rest of the statement Mr. Malkoon made…between the above [where she put ….]  “and on the following day provided it to Mr. Olinzock. Did another memo go out to correct the previous one? “…Hmmm. The BSO Police Chief did indeed send over the CAD report to TM Colon and Asst. TM Olinzock the next day (9/16/09)…The Tm/Asst. TM did not distribute it then and did not distribute it with the “report” on Oct.5th to the Commissioners… A look at the comments from Mr. Malkoon show he used the terminology “the claim”, not Police Report no “insinuation”.)

” A CAD report is a “Computer Assisted Dispatch” report that documents a request for police service, it is not a Police Offense-Incident Report documenting the commission of a crime. What Mr. Malkoon has chosen to interpret as a Police Report was in fact his call for service on July 16th, 2009. The Police were dispatched to the complaint’s address, investigated the complaint and found no reasonable suspicion or grounds to produce and create a Police Offense-Incident report requiring investigation, documentation or follow up. To the best of my knowledge, there was and there is still no Police Offense-Incident report in existence.”

(BC- the report…supplied by the LBTS BSO….




“Finally, I would like to address the public comments portion of the town hall meeting of 09/22/2009 when Mrs. Rosalie Malkoon made a comment of accusations of my attempts to discredit and intimidate her. What possible motive or vendetta is there to cause me to intimidate any resident in this community? I am not running for office and I have no political aspirations; if I am allowed to express my constitutional right to freedom of speech, I must conclude that Mr. and Mrs. Malkoon’s fears are unfounded. I should follow Mrs. Malkoon’s advice and consider the source.”

EC/mi (no signature)..

BC- This alone should be grounds for dismissal…”if I am allowed to express my constitutional right to freedom of speech, I must conclude that Mr. and Mrs. Malkoon’s fears are unfounded. I should follow Mrs. Malkoon’s advice and consider the source.”…OH MY GOD…NO!…

You, Madam Manager are an employee of the Residents and taxpayers of this Town… and are to act accordingly!

As far as you discrediting and intimidating…for what reason?…The very reason that when the election is over and the Mc-Gang is replaced…you are out of a job!…

Monday October 12 at 4 pm is the Town Manager’s Annual Performance Review…any mention of such behavior from the commission on this?…. Don’t hold your breath…it’s gonna be a “whitewash”…Just get your scorecards out…and add it to the list of reasons to vote in new Commissioners in March!….

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … 9/22/09 LBTS Commission Meeting #2 … BAIT & SWITCH ….

September 24, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers…At the Sept. 22, 2009 Regular Commission meeting Commissioner Dodd asked that the agenda be amended to include discussion and/or action concerning the Town Manager’s Annual Performance Review which was to have taken place at a workshop prior to this evening’s meeting…(prev. post)…Commissioner Clottey said in what would be the first of many disturbing comments and actions made on the dais that she was going to address this topic at her Commissioner comments…This writer thought for a moment she was trying to stop the process again because it made no sense to say she was going to discuss it in her comments…nothing could be acted on at that time and we would again leave a  Commission meeting with no time and date for the evaluation….Luckily the Mayor and Commissioner Dodd paid no heed and proceeded to put it on as New Business item 16 g……

In her Commissioner comments, Commissioner Clottey appeared to be in cahoots with the “2-Hats” and perhaps the administration… she totally changed the rules agreed upon for Town Manager’s review!… And this change stinks to high heaven!….

At the Round Table meeting on Sept. 10th…the Commission decided that the FLOC  would be contacted to send someone to out Town ….BUT, that was separate from the Manager’s evaluation…

The Commission agreed to  the following at the Round Table……

1. For each Commissioner to fill out the Lauderhill evaluation ( with comments and all contracted vendors) and turn it into the Town for the Town to distribute copies to the Commissioners before the Sept,. 22, 2009 5:30 pm workshop….

2. To allow an hour and a half for the public to comment on the Town Manager….

3. To tally the evaluations and any results that averaged a 3 (meets expectations) or below …(does not meet expectations) were to be addressed in order to find solutions to improve the situation ….(Vice Mayor McIntee’s suggestion)….

But maybe this writer was correct when I wrote that the  “2-Hats” did not realize what they agreed to when they went along with Comm. Clottey’s Lauderhill evaluation and perhaps Commissioner Clottey herself saw just how hard it might be to evaluate honestly with her choice of material?…..

Now  the Commissioner and her pals want to bring in a FLOC “retired” Town Manager to do the evaluation!….  Commissioner Clottey, Commissioner Silverstone and Vice Mayor McIntee says it will not be biased… In fact the Vice Mayor said the Town Manager is doing a great job and “he’ll prove it”…Hmmm….

A Google of the THE FLOC RANGE RIDERS….produced the following….(2008-2009)

“Local Government Management
The Range Rider Program, a joint project of the Florida City and County Management Association
(FCCMA) and the International City/County Management Association (ICMA), is designed to make
retired members of the city and county management profession available to local government
managers and administrators to help solve their business-related problems. Range Riders, who are
selected by the FCCMA Board of Directors, are made available at no charge to local government
managers and non-manager cities and counties for private counseling. Range Riders are envisioned
as friends, colleagues and counselors to the government and individual managers and should not
be considered as “consultants” to the local governments.
Range Riders will meet periodically with managers, on request, to discuss developments in the
management field and professional concerns of the managers. Range Riders also are available to
discuss the form of government with elected officials. Discussions may include such topics as relations
with council, career changes, selection of managers, professional management techniques, financial
and general budgetary problems, staff reorganization and training, and questions of professional
The Range Riders also have easy access to FCCMA and ICMA programs and resources. These
advantages make this program an attractive source of outside counsel for the management

You cannot tell me that a former Town Manager will not be biased…How could they not be?….They held the position themselves…..The evaluation of a fellow Town Manager does not fit the description supplied above… in fact it states …”Range Riders are envisioned as friends, colleagues and counselors to the government and individual managers and should not be considered as “consultants” to the local governments.”…OOPS!…

This is a total cop-out ….. The Commissioners are not abiding by the Town Manager’s agreement with the Town to have an annual performance review BEFORE the annual Town budget is approved (Monday Sept. 28, 2009)….after dealing with this issue since last February!…

If the majority on the Commission go this route they will be letting down their constituents and not be fulfilling their duties ….

Let them bring the Range Riders in after the review…for dealing with their own problems concerning meetings…organization and communication…and their interaction with the Town Administration…but not for a “hand-off” having  the FLOC do the Town Manger’s Performance Review…that is unacceptable…

At the meeting Resident Christopher Vincent gave his public comments before the Commission discussed the item….

Christopher Vincent…..

“At the round table discussion two weeks ago, there was some confusion on how to review the town manager’s performance. So I would like to share some ideas and practices of other towns.

I am suggesting to the dais and the people of our town, that we need to take a responsible approach to the performance review of the Town Manager, which still has not been done.

We keep hearing that we haven’t reviewed town managers of the past, so why bother now. Well maybe it’s time to do what the contract reads. This is just another example of the commissions ineptness to perform and delay its duties and responsibilities.

I would like to bring to the attention of the Dais, information regarding the position for Town Manager in Pompano Beach.

According to the consultants search description, commissioners are seeking someone with experience, managing city duties during a shrinking economy; with a willingness to upgrade job performance, responsiveness and customer service of city staff. Someone who has 10 years of proven good Judgment and good communication with elected officials and residents as a town manager.

The Pompano Beach Town Manager’s salary will be between $175,000 and $195,000.

Pompano Beach’s Town Manager will oversee 716 employees and a $204 million dollar budget.

Also another point of reference is the Town Manager of Davie.
He Earns $171,000 a year with an annual car allowance of $6,600.

Oversees 610 city workers and a $91 Million dollar budget.

A few areas that need to be considered when evaluating a Town Manager are:

Salaries- Does our Town Manager’s salary and benefits match that of cities of similar size? Our Town Manager is earning in the area of $155,000 including benefits. She oversees approximately 25 employees and a budget of approximately $20 million dollars. The budget of Pompano Beach is 10 times the size of LBTS and Davie’s is 5 times the size of LBTS. Their town manager receive an additional $15,000 to $20,000 more in salary then our Town Manager

Does our town manager have the experience to manage a city during a shrinking economy with the willingness to step up job performance.

Has she Proven good judgment? I’m sure we can debate this one on many issues. This is just other towns criteria of evaluating a performance review.”

This writer has another “evaluation” for the Town Manager and that “evaluation”has been right in front of the Town Manager, the Town Commissioners and the Town residents the whole time…(prev. posted)…


Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea

Mission Statement: The Commission is committed, under complete transparency, to pursue the will of the people, and acknowledge that any decisions shall maintain and enhance the charm and pattern of a people friendly sea-side village.

To focus on and achieve the Town’s vision and mission statements, we will uphold the following values:

1. Town Administration exists to serve our community. We will provide open access, encourage involvement, and ensure accountability.

2. Town employees are invaluable. We will attract the best recruits, retain the top employees, and invest in personal and professional growth.

3. Under honest, ethical, and diligent values, we will provide outstanding customer service that is polite, friendly, and responsive.

4. Neighborhood involvement is crucial. We will preserve continued encouragement in our tradition of community participation for all Town activities and functions.

5. Economic viability is essential to our Town’s success. We will assure fairness in the collection and spending of all public funds while effectively ensuring the Town’s short and long term financial strength.

6. To assure a safe and protective environment, we will comply with the Town Charter, as well as local, state, and federal laws.

7. Maintaining the natural environment of the Town is essential. We will strive to preserve and protect the Town’s charm, beaches, and finite natural resources.

Answer the LBTS Town Mission Statement honestly and it is this writer’s opinion…this Town Manager receives a 1….” DOES NOT MEET EXPECTATIONS!”…

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop …. REPRIEVE ….

September 18, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers…

Yes, the Commission did meet  for a Round Table meeting to discuss the Town Manager Performance Review evauation on Sept. 10, 2009…

Yes, the Commission did decide on a which review to use…

Yes, the Commission did decide to allow the public to speak about the Town Manager before the September 22, 2009 LBTS Regular Commission meeting…

Yes, the Commission did decide to fill out the evaluation and turn it into Town Hall to distribute to each other this week …

Yes, the Commission did decide they would discuss the results after the public comments on September 22, 2009 …

Yes, according to the Town Manager’s contract the Performance Review is to be done BEFORE the annual budget is approved (Sept. 28.2009)..

Yes, the Commission decided to make a motion at the Sept. 10, 2009 “continuation” meeting…

Yes, the Commission did NOT make that motion on the Performance Review workshop…… (the Mayor is not allowed to make motions…an item to be addressed /on the Sept. 22, 2009 agenda)…

Yes, the Commission instead made a motion to put on a workshop to discuss the Promissory notes from 5-7 pm in conflict with that Performance Review workshop on the dais…

Yes, the Commission decided at the September 14,2009 budget meeting to pay off the promissory notes…

Yes, that action negated the workshop that would have competed with the Performance Review workshop…

Yes, this writer sent in an e-mail to describe the above sequence of events and ask about the Performance Review workshop….


From: Barbara Cole [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Tue 9/15/2009 3:14 PM
To: Steve D’Olivera
Subject: Request

Steve, I need to get a response about the 9/22/09 schedule. The Comm. decided at the 9/10/09 round table that the Town Manager Performance review would have a 5:30 -7:00 pm time for the public to speak about the Manager. I believe they were going to turn in their reviews prior to the meeting and they would be distributed to all Commissioners to discuss that evening as an agenda item. It was not brought up on the dais at the continuation meeting on the 10th. At the meeting on the 10th it was decided there would be a workshop for the promissory notes and the time decided was the about same time as the agreed upon round table time for public comments about the Manager…5 pm…At the 9/14/09 budget hearing the promissory notes were voted on to pay off.
So what is scheduled for 9/22/09?
Please respond to receipt of this request and a fast response from the Town would be most appreciated by a lot of very confused constituents.
Thank you, Barbara Cole

From: “Steve D’Olivera”
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2009 13:12:13 -0400
To: Barbara Cole
Subject: RE: Request


I don’t have the agenda yet; I have a call into Nikki right now to get an official response.

I believe the two hours are being split between a roundtable discussion about the TM’s review and a workshop on setting priorities for capital improvement projects.

Please don’t take that as gospel until I hear back from the Town Clerk. As soon as I hear back from them, I will e-mail you ASAP.


[email protected]
“Steve D’Olivera”

Yes, this writer thought that the Town Manager would do her usual “black and white” style of management…and not do the workshop, due to no motion made by the Commission on the dais…(although there is precedent for round table decisions to be enacted without motions made on the dais…ie…meeting times etc…)…

Yes, I received what I had expected at 4:39pm on Thursday September 17,2009….

Sept. 22nd workshop on town loans cancelled
Thursday, September 17, 2009 4:39 PM
[email protected]

I am off today, but just heard from the Town Clerk’s office.

The Sept. 22nd workshop on the promissory notes has been cancelled, for obvious reasons.

The Town Clerk’s office also said there is no roundtable scheduled for the 22nd.


Steve d’Oliveira
Public Information Officer
Town of Lauderale-By-The-Sea

Yes, the Town Manager got a “REPRIEVE”… for now…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … CH- CH- CH- CHANGES …..

August 27, 2009 by Barbara

PLAN A …..


‘City Manager – City of Pompano Beach

Source: Connie Hoffmann

(pop. 104,000) Salary: $175,000 – $195,000 DOQ. $204-million budget; 700-plus employees. Located on the Atlantic Ocean in southeast Florida, Pompano Beach presents a great opportunity for a seasoned city manager with exceptional leadership skills and a track record of success in implementing plans and projects to help this All-American City award winner make the most of its considerable assets. The city’s roots run deep and, despite its size, it has retained a friendly and family-oriented atmosphere more commonly found in smaller towns. The mayor and City Commission are a collegial group and share the same vision of what they are seeking in a city manager. The successful candidate must have excellent judgment and effective communication skills, and be forthright with, and responsive to, the members of the City Commission and the public. Establishing a good relationship and communicating with various community groups is an important part of the job in Pompano Beach. The ideal city manager will be forward-thinking, capable of assisting the City Commission in establishing a clear vision for the city’s future and drive the organization steadily to the attainment of that vision. Candidates must have a track record of obtaining a strong performance from staff, improving customer service, and managing successfully under tight financial constraints. The ability to drive the organization to higher performance levels and build consensus in the community to achieve the city’s plans on a variety of fronts is also important. Candidates should have experience in managing in an urban environment and have demonstrated good working relationships with diverse populations and neighborhood associations. City manager experience and Florida local-government experience is strongly preferred. Pompano Beach is in the process of evaluating whether to discontinue contracting for police services with the sheriff and reestablish its own Police Department. The new city manager will have to help the City Commission analyze the challenges and costs inherent in such a move and direct the implementation effort should it be decided to build a new department. In other significant initiatives, the city recently contracted with a private firm to manage the city’s two community redevelopment areas (CRAs) and is in the process of completely updating its zoning code. The city manager is expected to coordinate city efforts with the CRAs, oversee implementation of the new zoning code, and spearhead the development of a transit hub and redevelopment of the city’s center core. The position requires a bachelor’s degree in public administration or a related field, and 10 years senior-management experience in a medium or large city or in an urban county. See a more detailed job/city profile at Send résumé, cover letter and five professional references to Connie Hoffmann of The Mercer Group at [email protected]. Closing date: August 31, 2009.’


It comes with a catchy theme song ….

Billing and Customer Service Supervisor – The Villages

Source: The Villages

(pop. 73,000) Salary: $31,183.92 – $54,681.19. Provides daily operational oversight and supervision of Finance Department employees engaged in billing and customer-service functions for the district utility bills, district recreation amenity bills and trash bills rendered on behalf of private contractors for a fee. Incumbent will direct a workforce of five to 10 employees. Incumbent must be able to operate within district or department policy guidelines using independent judgment in achieving assigned objectives. Must possess the ability to read, analyze and interpret general business periodicals, professional journals, technical procedures and government regulation, and the ability to write reports, business correspondence and procedure manuals. Requirements include a bachelor’s degree in accounting, business administration or a closely related field from a four-year college or university. Requires a minimum of three years of related job experience in the management of utility customer-service functions for a large and complex utility in the public or private sector. This position requires computer skills with working knowledge of governmental accounting and billing software and Microsoft Office. Exempt-level position with full benefits. DFWP/EOE. Submit application to District Human Resources Department, 3231 Wedgewood Lane, The Villages, FL 32162; fax: (352) 751-3909, Attn: Human Resources. Applications are available at

more to come….

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