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May 3, 2022 by Barbara


DEAR READERS….Below is the email I sent to our Town Manager, Town Attorney and Town Commission today after receiving my Public Records Request for the required recusal disclosure that prevented new Commissioner Theo Poulopolis from voting on the Ocean Plaza outdoor dining policies and requirements and allowing for Aruba Beach Cafe to continue their extended outdoor dining in a portion of the plaza that the previous commission voted 5-0  on January 25, 2022 in favor of  and after an overwhelming number of LBTS residents, visitors and downtown patrons who were surveyed and who actively participated in many meetings stated they were all for!……If you watched the LBTS Commission meeting on April 26, 2022 you too saw the disgraceful debacle our Town Manager instigated….in my opinion….that resulted in a 2-2 failed vote due to Commissioner Poupolous’ recusal that for some inexcusable reason extended beyond his recusal disclosure statement it was for his father-in-law’s restaurant- the Pier!….

This needs to be rectified….ASAP!….

Please join those who support fairness and transparency in government and let them know they got this all wrong and they need a do-over on May 10, 2022 at the next LBTS Commission meeting….starting with Commissioner Poulopolis voting for what he is clearly allowed to vote for!….

Below is the 5/3/2022 Email….The 5/2/2022Poupolous Recusal Disclosure/ The 3/24/2022Town Attorney’s response to this writer and the Commission…..

May 3, 2022 Email…..


Mayor, Commissioners-

After watching the April 26,2022 Commission meeting and seeing the blindsiding of Aruba by the Town Manager and the resulting mess and utter confusion I sent you all an email.

I followed up that email by making a Public Records request for Commissioner Pouloploous’ required Recusal Disclosure form.

It verifies that this commissioner is only recusing himself from a conflict with one restaurant owned by his father- in- law.

Therefore, Commissioner Poulopolus should and can vote for any policies or requirements for outdoor dining in the Ocean Plaza.

Commissioner Poulopolous should and can vote for any policies or requirements for the Dune Plaza.

Commissioner Poulopolous should and can vote for any policies or requirements for outdoor and extended outdoor dining in the downtown area.

Commissioner Poulopolous should and can vote for Aruba Beach Cafe applying for outdoor dining in the Ocean Plaza as he has no relationship or financial interest or gain relating to Aruba Beach Cafe.

Commissioner Poulopolous should and can vote for any restaurant downtown applying for outdoor dining that he has no relationship or financial interest or gain in.

Commissioner Poulopolous CAN NOT vote for the Pier restaurant or any restaurant that is owned by his father- in- law in our town- PERIOD.

On May 10,2022 this commission needs to separate out the following- with all 5 commission members voting for-

1-The policies and requirements of outdoor dining in the plaza.

2- Aruba Beach Cafe applying for outdoor dining in the Plaza.

3- Downtown/ Ocean Plaza outdoor dining extension to continue until ordinances and design plans are enacted.

The only time Commissioner Poulopolous should and CAN NOT vote is when and if his father- in – law makes application for his Pier restaurant for outdoor dining in the Ocean Plaza or any other properties he owns in the downtown requiring a vote from the commission.

Commissioner Poulopolous’ father- in – law is the only business owner that should and can be the recipient of the outcome of only having 4 commission members able to vote leading to the possibility of a 2-2 vote leading to the failure of that vote.

Subjecting any other non- relative business owner to that outcome is a dereliction of this commission’s duties and I cannot believe it is not opening the town up for a legal challenge in doing so.

This Town Manager and some commissioners are unfairly and irrationally singling Aruba Beach Cafe out with denying not only the vote of all 5 commissioners but denying Aruba the same benefit of extended dining the commission approved and offered all the other downtown restaurants during covid.

Covid is not going away. To deny Aruba Beach Cafe now will further cause an inequitable outcome as a result if covid restrictions are returned for indoor dining anytime in the future.

As far as the Ocean Plaza and public use.
This was a metal shell roofed parking area until the pavilion was constructed not long before the remaining parking areas became what is now the Dune Plaza until 2013!

Those who speak of a Norman Rockwell type use in 2022 are not facing the reality of its use by homeless and other deterring actors who loiter in both plazas. This influx which we are prevented from interfering with is severely negated by having the extended dining !

At the April 26,2022 meeting Commissioner Oldaker and VM Malkoon spoke of calls and people opposed.

I know that if you look back at all of the meetings last year – commission, 2 failed round tables and the charette you are able to verify that  these handful of opponents fully participated in public comments as well as in-person!

This downtown development improvement project  is not to be jumbled with the failed El Mar Drive  Project. El Mar did not have overwhelming support despite the then Acting Town Manager and Town Engineer using the same strong-arming tactics we are witnessing with the downtown/ Ocean Plaza dining.

Outdoor downtown/ Ocean Plaza extended dining had and has such overwhelming support shown in- person and with the huge response survey cards the Town received and that were entered in to the public record during season!

This commission needs to follow the lead of Mayor Vincent and the overwhelming amount of your constituents who include as he repeatedly points out many of our restaurant and business owners in righting the egregious actions of April 26,2022 and not separating out Aruba Beach Cafe from the Pier Restaurant!

Barbara Cole’

The 5/2/2022 Poupolous Recusal Disclosure

The 5/3/2022 Town Attorney Response….


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Here’s The Scoop … Words From The Past …. The Circus Is Still In Town ….

October 7, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers… In the Mc-Furth Halloween Edition…the Vice Mayor commented…”I am shocked that for the first time in my life I am dealing with people that who seem to have no conscience when it comes to presenting their side of any issue.”…”The same mean-spirited people come up to the podium at every commission meeting and spout negativity  and hate based mostly on misinformation”…Editor Cristie Furth wrote about “what’s a nice citizen like you”…writing about the lack of decorum inside the hall, practically making the case for metal detectors to be installed and mace as a requirement for those that dare to enter……Editor Furth also wrote about this writer and “outbursts…and “taunts”…(which I already addressed as false…prev. post)….The Mc-Furth Gang come up short on their collective  memories though….as seen in this excerpt from the Sentinel…in 2008….


“Circus always in town
The election of Jerome McIntee, then a volunteer firefighting leader, was the beginning of the end for Parker.
The gruff, retired police officer who beat Ed Kennedy in 2006 bows up at the slightest challenge.
“I don’t take crap from people and nobody can touch me,” he said in a recent interview. “I’m untouchable.”
Parker had met his match. Town meetings became forums to air the dirtiest divides.
“I went to one meeting to see what it’s all about because I’d heard so many stories,” said town resident Nick Musso. “It’s just a circus.”
The competing ringleaders, Parker and McIntee, embodied the war over firefighting service, and many other issues. Almost always on opposite sides, and at each other’s throats.
McIntee said people urged him to run, because no wallflower could topple Parker. It would take a McIntee.
“My style was if you create the monster, I’m going to slay it,” said McIntee. The “monster,” he said, was Parker’s abuse of political enemies, his “picking on” them from the dais, his moves to remove dissenters from advisory boards, his refusal to let critics respond, or have a proper say.
McIntee used the town meeting agenda as a weapon, putting on such agenda items as these: “Discussion regarding Commissioner Yanni calling Christie Furth a liar and claiming she displayed a sign in 4th of July Parade that said ‘BSO Fire Must Go.’ ”
The fighting words are spread throughout meeting minutes, documenting the rancor for posterity: “kangaroo court,” “bad dream,” “behavior unbecoming a commissioner,” “mistrust and miscommunication,” “a slap in his face,” “a disgrace, “a blatant lie, “an evil person,” “back stabbing and lying,” “motion to reprimand the mayor,” “motion to reprimand Commissioner McIntee.”
A withered Parker said he was tired of arguing and didn’t run for his seat this year.
“It’s been an out-and-out war for two years plus,” said Stuart Dodd, a McIntee ally who led a recall effort against Parker last year. “It’s absolutely absurd what’s been going on there.”
Dodd is on the Town Commission now.
At its first meeting last week came the first signs of conflict.
The matter was minor; a change in the seating chart so Mayor Minnet wouldn’t be able to sit next to the town attorney and talk to him excessively, as Parker was accused of doing.
Minnet appeared flustered; the veneer of civility had been cracked, so soon.
“I am not Mayor Parker,” she said firmly. “I am Mayor Minnet. You do not know me, you do not know who I am, and I would request that you get to know me and you understand who I am. I would ask that of you.”
The vote was 4-1 against her.
Brittany Wallman can be reached at [email protected] or 954-356-4541.”



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more to come….

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