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December 23, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers … while many claim to be  “Switzerland” here in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea…Dave Gadsby and the Village Grille and Pump are still the real deal…Last night was no exception…We heard by word of mouth…the “Good Guys” were coming together to cheer in the holidays at this local cornerstone establishment courtesy of Dave and his first-rate staff…Those “Good Guys” in the room included Candidates Scot Sasser  and Chris Vincent…along with Commissioner Dodd ….As is always the case when entering the Village Pump warm welcomes were forthcoming and a good time was had by all!…There was music, food and drink…and plenty of lively conversation…….. But even here in Switzerland politics can’t always stay at the “border”………. Last night was no exception…somewhere around hour 2 we had ourselves a center floor show-down of sorts between a succession of well informed invitees and one Pesky “Nut” calling him out on his recent double dose podium “Greenfest gripes”…  All eyes were on the possible CIC- candidate backed for another run for elected Town office …From the “Peanut Gallery”….note to the Furths, you may want to reconsider!…..The VFD had a few off-duty members who were all still receiving congratulations……M.I.A. again was the former Deputy Chief./Vice Mayor…..a fact that was met with cheers”  from  “Good Guys” all around!…The new president of the VFD Kenneth Johnson took the time to explain some post-McIntee changes being made to move the department forward…Training will be done by different trainers as well as training in Coral Springs…(something this writer heard McIntee thwarted in during his reign)… The Deputy Chief and Battalion Chief will decide what medical calls the VFD will go on…after the members arrive to the station… Johnson said the McIntee-Silverstone sales pitch we all bought for 2 years concerning  firetrucks not going on medical calls to sell us AMR  vs. BSO  was  false according to a Supreme Court ruling 2 years ago ..He cited some information and I have asked him for it…and will make a PRR to the VFD to clear  up this bone of contention concerning assists on medical calls up and set the record straight… The incident reports have been reworked to bring them in line and up  to par…(prev. posts concerning an ineptitude found in what we  told would happen after a call and the sub-standard incident reports posted on this site…days late and often in conflict with the CAD report)… …..A laptop computer is now installed in  the Chief’s car to assist with the process… Johnson alkso said the ISO is expected back in February and Johnson thinks with the new canopy and the changes now being implemented we are possibly on track to get rating  of 2!… Now it goes without saying, if the LBTS-VFD is awarded a 2 rating from ISO before March 9th that would put the final nail in the McIntee’s coffin ….and affect his “pallbearers” as well….For this writer, after talking to FF Johnson, there really is a need for all of us to be re-educated about the new VFD in terms of operations, goals and service to the community…and not through a glossy appeal for Booster funds to pay for more BTSTimes back cover ads….(Can Johnson put a stop to this McIntee directive as well?…prev. post VFD minutes- ads pd to the BTST Editors Furths aka VFD photog Furth aka McIntee BFF/ another “not a nice guy”)… It’s a  real opportunity for the new leadership to continue to get more positive P.R. without any egos getting in the way to overshadow them! …All agreed last night …the “Peanut Gallery” will be out in full force at both commission meetings in January to see who is who for the March 9, 2010 election and to watch with great interest , the new VFD leadership when they are called to the podium to see them in action as we also cannot wait to see whom they will be questioned by on the dais… Commissioners offering great support or a few “has-beens” expressing sour grapes… For a little preview … it’s Christie and her “Gang”…

The evening wound down with dinner for some …more conversation and drink for others…and the “Good Guys” saying goodbye…happy holidays and offering a big thanks to Dave Gadsby and the Village Grille and Pump… a little piece of “Switzerland” right here on the corner in LBTS !……

Yodeladee…Yodeladee ….Yodelooo… NO “Puppets” here….


more to come….

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