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October 19, 2009 by Barbara


RFP 09-08-01

Dear Readers…you may recall the Public Safety Complex needed to be renovated ….and though it will not be the “Star Wars” version…(maybe the “Star Wars” reference was the impetus for former Chief Scott Gooding’s demise?…just joking)…it was put out for bid after the LETF ponied up $150,000 (the previous price around $400,ooo+)…There was a pre-bid meeting at the Complex and a large turnout (prev. post)…On Sept. 30, 2009 there was a RFP date and time…but the sealed bids were sliced open and reading them “aloud”…this despite 6 of the 9 companies sent representatives to hear them…The companies also made clear they were required by the bond companies to respond within 10 days of this opening …the staff could not have cared less…that being said the bid package was not ready in the required 10 days (10/12/09) for the companies to see and contact the bid bond companies within their required time… …This writer was contacted last Friday (10/16/09) and contacted Town Hall and was told they did not receive it from Ocampo until the day before …but it was being put out by the 2nd call back approximately 3 pm…

Today I went in and looked at the RFP from Ocampo…It was contained in a white notebook with an opening cover letter to Town Manager Colon dated 10/13/09 (1 day after the 10 days per RFPs in the LBTS Purchasing Manual)…There were 2 bids #1/#2 and a total bid…

Ocampo stated that the lowest bidder for bid #1 was Boran Craig Barber Engle at 60,000.00/ 2nd lowest bid #1 Acme 73,350.00…a difference of 14,690.00

Ocampo stated the lowest bidder for bid #2 was LHP General Contracting 10,678.00/ 2nd lowest bid #2 West Construction 11,669.00 …difference of 991.00

Ocampo stated the lowest bidder of #1 &#2 was Boran Craig Engle 73,660.00/ 2nd lowest bid #1 & #2 LHP General Construction 94,519.00…difference of 20, 859.00

Included analysis…

Based on the results there is a large numerical difference between lowest bidder Boran and the other bidders. The other concern this bidder is home based in Naples area (west Fl.) – travel distance  question should be addressed at contract negotiations and response evaluated.

Note: no other abnormalities in the rest of the bids provided in this package.

Important item per change order range 5-15%. Percentage important since the “fee” value that each contractor with change in the scope contract and the reason we added some contingency into the budget. May wish to negotiate during contract negotiations.


1. BORAN CRAIG BARBER ENGLE CONST./60,660.00/13,000.00/73,660.00/Y/5%

1st lowest bis #1/1st overall lowest bid

2. MBR CONST./ 79,340.00/24,549.00/103,889.00/Y/15%

3.PRIMUS CONST./148,730.00/143,730.00/292,460.00/Y/14%

4.WEST CONST./ 112,531.00/11,669.00/124,240.00/Y/15%

2nd lowest bid #2

5. BUILT RIGHT /100,711.77/14,972.81/115,684.58/Y/15%

6. COASTAL CONST./117,000.00/12,000.00/129,000.00/Y/17.5%

7. LHP CONST. /83,841.00/10,678.00/94,519.00/Y/15%

2nd lowest bid overall

8.ACME CONST. /75,350.00/29,650.00/105,000.00/Y/14%

2nd lowest bid #1

9. NEW LIVING CONST. / 180,000.00/ 32,000.00/ 212,000.00/Y/15%

Commissioner Dodd again sent in an e-mail after hearing the bids were not opened for this RFP…below is the response back from the Town Manager…she basically repeats that RFPs are more involved…and again this writer says…open them all…ITB (Invitation To Bid) and RFP (Request For Proposal) …in front of the bidders…clarify the parameters and either read them aloud or put them out on the tables for the companies to take the information and go back to their companies and bid bond issuers…as is done by many municipalities (info was provided at a prev. commission meeting verifying both are opened)… It will alleviate the time lapse and the extra cost we found in this latest “exercise” in bad government…Why have “sealed bids”…if not opened and read aloud at the time and date they are opened?… Time to stop the nonsense..and the black eyes…

The memo from TM Colon…

09 memo

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop …. ROADBLOCK…..

September 30, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers… As expected the Town Administration is still playing with the RFPs… No surprise to this writer…but another unexpected surprise to the 6 out 9 companies who came to hear the bids for the Public Safety Building Renovation RFP for the BSO Police!…

The meeting was held in Jarvis Hall at 2 pm … All signed in….In attendance 6 companies/ Asst.TM  Olinzock/ Town Clerk White/ Chen & Assoc. Architect Ernie Ocampo ( who will making the big bucks this year according to the LBTS 2009-10 adopted budget )….After the Town Clerk sat down at the end of the conference table she immediately declared this was an “RFP” and she would NOT be reading the BIDS aloud…She proceeded to read the name of the company, the town and opened them…putting them in a pile…

1. Coastal Construction – Hollywood

2. Primus- Pembroke Pines

3. Acme Construction Group LLC- Palm Beach

4. New Living Construction- Hallandale Beach

5. LHP General Contractors LLC- Weston

6. MDR Construction- Ft. Lauderdale

7. West Construction Inc.- Lake Worth

8. Built Right Construction- West Palm Beach

9. Boran Craig Barber Angle- Naples

Right afterward it happened again…the attendees asked them if they were going to read the bids… June White tersely replied she said they were “RFPs” and they would not be read aloud…The companies could see them in 10 days or they would cost 15 cents a page in 10 days……Again the company reps were shocked and puzzled …rightly so!…

This time the Town brought forward a “shield” …Town contracted Architect Ernie Ocampo who said he was going to “evaluate” the “cost of change orders”…and some gibberish about deciding on “bid one, bid two or no bids”…He then said he might follow-up with calls to see if the companies “submitted the bid or there was a substitution”…The Town Architect will be ranking the bids…and then they will go to the “Town”….. with Asst. Olinzock quickly adding by “Town” they mean the commissioners…(expect another song and dance from Colon and Olinzock about their “expertise” in procurement)…

One vendor asked the Asst. Town Manger and the Town Clerk if they realized the companies were required to send the information to the bond company within 10 days?…It did not faze either one (Olinzock/White) …what an inconvenience this decision would cause!…

I shook my head and said “Oh, boy”…and walked out upon the end of the meeting with the bidders… I asked them if they have ever had this happen in any other town…”NO!” was the universal response…. I asked the Rep. who spoke of the bond company requirement when he usually sends in his information from an “RFP-BID”…he answered “The same day!”… WOW!… He said they get the tabulation…(the price bids by each company)…call the bond company and inform them where they stood among the bids submitted…He said the “evaluation” comes afterward…(Just as it did BEFORE July 29, 2009!)…

The process took minutes…and to read the bid aloud would have added at the most…5 minutes…and everyone would have walked away happy…Instead the Town Manager and her staff have added another layer to the process…by using the Architect ($$$$)…and making the companies come back in 10 days, hoping they make their bond requirement in time!…

Commissioner Dodd at the last Commission meeting asked for a change to be made in the Town Purchasing Manual on page 19 Section D. FORMAL BIDDING PROCESS 4a. in that section it says “Each RFP shall contain the following standard provisions:

a. BIDS must be received by the LBTS Purchasing Administrator no later than the time and date identified in the RFP. BIDS received after this time for any reason shall be returned  unopened to the BIDDER. All timely-received BIDS shall be  … ( NEW 5-0 inclusion) ….

“All timely received bids shall be publicly opened, read aloud to include the name of the bidder, the town, the bid number and the bid value. Contractors present at the bid opening have the right to visually inspect the lowest bid if requested. The staff will announce that the bids have not been evaluated for mathematical errors and responsiveness.” … the time and place designated in the RFP!

It does NOT distinguish between an RFP and a BID!….

The Town Manager, Asst. Town Manager, Town Clerk and now the Town Architect are just plain wrong to continue this practice.

Next March, they all need to go!…

more to come….

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