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Here’s The Scoop … From Posted “Notes”… Lauderdale- By- The- Sea E-Mail Updates/ Town Projects In Process & Completed/ LBTS-CIC Desparate For A Cause In 2010? …

October 1, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers …it will be an extra long day today with Lilly…and the last post on the 9/27/10 Comm. Mtg. is in the works…In the meantime…just a few “notes” that have crossed my desk and are of interest…

“From: Finance Director
Sent: Mon 9/27/2010 10:47 AM
To: Finance Director; Roseann Minnet; Chris Vincent; Stuart Dodd; Birute Ann Clottey; Scot Sasser
Cc: Connie Hoffmann; Bud Bentley
Subject: Termination Terms of SunTrust Agreement
This is a follow-up to a question that was asked at a recent meeting. Under the SunTrust Treasury Management Terms and Conditions as reviewed by the town attorney, there is essentially a 30 day notification period required in order to terminate the relationship with SunTrust Bank. The town manager and I have discussed the desire to issue an RFP and competitively bid the Town’s banking services in the near future. In the meantime, we will look to diversify some of the holdings by investing with other institutions. Those investments will also be done competitively. Hope this helps. Please call or write if you have any questions.


Doug Haag
Acting Finance Director
Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea
4501 Ocean Drive
Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, FL 33308
Phone: 954-776-0576
Email: [email protected]

From: Finance Director
Sent: Mon 9/27/2010 9:59 AM
To: Finance Director; Roseann Minnet; Chris Vincent; Stuart Dodd; Birute Ann Clottey; Scot Sasser
Cc: Connie Hoffmann; Bud Bentley
Subject: RE: Helpful Information re: Tax Distribution
I just wanted to add a point of clarification regarding this memo I sent to you last week. You may have noticed that the total amount for tax revenues ($7,090,763) is not consistent with the amount in the budget summary that is on the agenda for tonight’s hearing ($6,736,225). The reason is that Florida Statute allows us to budget a collection rate of only 95% on ad valorem tax revenues. If you multiply the $7,090,763 by 95%, you will get $6,736,225. I apologize for leaving this out of the original memo.


Doug Haag
Acting Finance Director
Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea
4501 Ocean Drive
Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, FL 33308

From: June White
Sent: Fri 9/24/2010 5:05 PM
To: Susan Trevarthen; Commissioner Birute Ann Clottey; Commissioner Chris Vincent; Commissioner Scot Sasser; Mayor Roseann Minnet ; Vice Mayor Stuart Dodd
Subject: Town Manager Project Report
Attached is the Town Manager’s Project Report which was not included in your flash drives.

June White, CMC
Town of Lauderdale By-The-Sea
4501 N. Ocean Drive
Lauderdale By-The-Sea, FL 33308
Office: 954-776-0576
Fax: 954-776-1857

As previously posted the project list did not make it to the online backup for us non-Commissioners … There were 9 pages of the “Town Manager’s 8/20/2010 List of Significant Assignments/Projects”..


Non-profit & Church waiver from temp sign fees …TAtty working on a new resolution and necessary code amendments to not only address fees but other sign codes… To Comm. Oct.

Other Fire Inspection Fee Modifications …Staff & Fire Marshall are evaluating fire inspection fees to align them with actual costs …To Comm. Oct.

Outdated Technology …Report from consultant received. PC & laptop replacements called for completed. Funds included in FY2010/2011 budget to network servers for better efficiency & other hardware improvements. Included $25K in budget to replace telephone system …Report to Comm. Oct.

Personal Policies …Policies are outdated and need a substantial overhaul; Town Manager to prepare proposed revisions for Commission review in Sept….To Comm. Oct.

BC…of note…need to remove the accrued vacation/sick leave upon leaving employment …caps…and no yearly accruals either…use it or lose it policy please…

Purchasing Policy …Request for review/updating of purchasing policies. T Atty has prepared a boilerplate RFP format that we are now using. Project to review purchasing policies on backburner due to higher priorities…No date to Comm….

BC…of note…need to make sure all are read aloud as prior to the vindictive and unnecessary past actions of the former TM in slighting the contractors who came to hear the bids and were able to get info to get their bonds in time…returning the  bid process to being transparent in LBTS…

Town Website Improvements…Funding proposed in FY 2010/2011 budget to improve the website from the user’s perspective & reflect our brand better than it currently does. Consultant will be selected to do work in October…To Comm. Dec.

BC-…of note…to come with improvements will be e-alerts…

Revisions to Dept. Monthly Reports… Development Services and Finance Dept. Reports revised. Municipal Services next up for revisions. Delayed by other priorities. Will discuss revisions to VFD report with new Chief

Town Attorney cost projections & possibility of different fee arrangement…Discussed fee arrangement with Town Attorney and will updat the Commission at first meeting in October…To Comm. Oct.

BC…of note…Mayor asked for a long overdue look to put TAtty. on retainer v hourly rate…as well as cut down on # of Atty’s coming to meetings…

Evaluation of cost reduction alternatives for building services….Presented report to Commission in July; direction to come back in 6 months w proposals…To Comm. Jan 2011

BC…of note…a look to see about contracting out for building services..that should also be looked at for other departments in the future to save on costs for ins/benefits of full time Town employment…

VFD budget & Agreement….Revised fire budget provided to Commission with Sept. 27th budget agenda item. Drafting amendments to the agreement with VFD …To Comm. Oct.

BC-…of note… New Chief…new 5 year plan he stated he is implementing…so far …so good….

BC…Alert….Talk about old CIC playbook being dusted off yet again…scroll down ….

Status of Contracts for Planning Services ….Town has 2 open contracts for planning services- Walter Keller and Keith & Schnars- and Chen has done some ping (?)under. Need to determine relative experience and cost of all three and make recommendations to TC (Town Comm) on how to handle. Dure to workload, this will not occur until October at best…To Comm. Oct.

BC…of note… $$$$$…what is Walter Keller charging these days…We heard former TM Colon was hit w/ a $9,000 bill from K & S and refused to pay…Chen…not thrilled w/ them or Ocampo…

Visioning & Master Plan Updates….Staff preparing a report on which 2004 Master Plan recommendations have been implemented in all or part. TMgr to outline suggested approach…To Comm. October Roundtable

BC…of note… Looking forward to TM Hoffmann’s suggested approach! …

Banking Services….Town will consolidate various accounts effective October 1. Assessing existing banking agreement for competitiveness and will seek TAtty’s reading on ability to terminate agreement early if we wish…To Comm. Fall 2010

BC…of note…see above e-mail from Acting Finance Dir. Haag…former TM Colon stuck it to the taxpayers …yet again…with a 3 yr. term w/ SunTrust and all those non-int. bearing accts. we have  in there..(prev. post)…

Improved efficiency in finance operations…Consultant has identified numerous efficiency improvement opportunities & is now implementing them as Acting Finance Director. Funds to buy upgrades for financial system in the proposed budget

BC…of note…hopefully a cut in finance staff from 4 as the prev. TM employed down to?…

Review of Boat Ordinances & Fishing Ordinances…Commission asked that these items come back for discussion in September; since Sept. agendas are so full, suggest items be placed on the October roundtable instead…October roundtable

BC- of note…per Comm. Sasser recommendation and the direction of the Comm…”At the 4/16 roundtable, Commission expressed desire to have recurring events placed on calendar two years in advance…

Choice Environmental Negotiations ….Comm. Sasser, Town Attorney & Asst T Mgr have met w Choice several times on a variety of issues; Ordinance amending mixed use options and providing for temporary suspension of service was adopted by the Commission on 1st reading on 7/27 and on 8/25 on second reading. Negotiations with Choice on other issues continues…To Comm. Oct.

BC…of note… Choice had a 3 yr contract…up next year….

Lease of warehouse…Intent is to lease out north half of the warehouse & offices. Staff developing an RFP for leasing agent…To Comm. Oct.

BC…of note…. back to a real use of the bldg. …that now makes more sense to hold on to…

Revisions to Special Events Policy …Staff to draft amendments to policy to allow TMgr approval of some events; fee schedule to reflect $200 for annual events of higher#? ; look at issue of Traffic control officer being mandated at some events (discuss w/ Police Chief) ….October roundtable

Reso 1222- Retiree Health Insurance …to come back to the Commission to discuss…October roundtable

BC…of note… Cha…Ching ….

Charter Review Board…Commission to appoint board

BC…of note…Mayor put this on…it’s time…

Commission Districts Study… Intent is to hire a university to do analysis of balanced districts for next Commission election in2013; RFP for study to Commission in Spring 2012 for adoption of new districts in summer of 2012…

BC- sent note to town…election March of 20102…not 2013… From Town Muni-codes under elections…

“(5) The geographic boundary for the northern and southern districts shall be designated, prepared and identified no later than the first of September, 2004, and again in 2012 through a contract entered into by the Town with an accredited four (4) year college or university located within the state of Florida for the purpose of identifying and designating the northern and southern election districts within the Town. The Town Commission district boundaries shall be of equal population, compact, proportional, and logically related to the natural internal boundaries of the neighborhoods within the Town. The principal of nondiscrimination and one person/one vote shall be adhered to strictly.”

BC- so according to the above it needs to be clarified if the time to enter is the first of Sept. 2012  as well which is after the March 2012 election…If that is the accurate timeframe …the March 2012 LBTS municipal election will remain as it has been with 2 north/2 south candidates for Comm…and Mayor townwide… leaving decision for 2014 March municipal election…


Investigation of Missing Halloween & Easter Items…TM met with Police Chief 9/24 for his input on information needed to start investigation. Information will be provided to BSO next week


Swimming Pool at Public Safety Bldg…Got study results back, no asbestos. Don Prince is arranging for bids to fill in pool

BC…of note…. can we fill in the bld. as well?…

Imperial Lane Traffic Calming …. Commission reviewed Traffic Engineer’s plan & directed us to implement. Staff to discuss with neighborhood. Neighborhood entryway features will be considered as part of neighborhood entry program.

Trial Valet Project…Plan approved by Commission in July. Valet Parking operation trial stage…report to TC in October

BC…of note… is it a go for season?…

Open outlet to alley from Pier pkg lot…Walter Keller did on-site evaluation on Aug. 5th and recommendations provided Aug. 13th. Copy given to Pier tenants to evaluate their costs and to Commission. Advised Commission we will proceed unless they asked for discussion

BC- of note…the Town/Pier tenants are waiting for Broward County to do striping as advised…not open yet…

Red light camera for Comm/A1A inter…Have prepared a report on implementation issues for Commission review. Deferred to October roundtable due to heavy meeting schedule in Sept…Oct. roundtable

BC…of note…still want a reconsideration on this one… drop it…

Town-wide Parking Study…Asst. TM has reviewed 2005 parking study & having consultant who prepared it (Keller) update certain data in it. That will cut down the cost of the Parking study. RFP for study given to Commission in September. To report back to Commission on cost of Keller update.

Reduction of Parking Requirements….At  6/23 mtg TC (Town Comm.) asked we look at possible parking requirements in the downtown. Walter Keller tasked to look at options and prepare recommendations. Will go to P & Z for review.

BC- of note…Comm. Sasser in reviewing the minutes from the 6/23 rountable and seeing VM Dodd’s inclusion of this downtown requirements as well as it going to P & Z… has put it back on the Oct. 12, 2010 Comm. Mtg. to go to P & Z …

Completed Projects…emails over memos…implemented in May /Jarvis Hall lighting …completed in June/Ords. for Administration…adopted in June & July 2010/P & Z & Bd of Adj. …adopted in May 2010/ Ethics Ord….adopted in July 2010/Code of Conduct …signed July 2010/ Lien Mitigation…adopted in June 2010/ LAP project match …Town advised of match req. in May 2010/Speeding on Seagrape…BSO conducted traffic enforcement in April & May/ Analysis of Contingencies & Reserves…provided in June/July 4th Fireworks…completed/Colon Payout…inquiry completed;settlement agreement approved by TC in July; reimbursement recd in agreed amt in Aug; TA withdrew suit/ RFP for External Auditor…completed; Audit Committee has met and ranked proposers…(BC- of note new audit firm hired…less cost…and found payroll MIA not found by Colon preferred-firm)/Additional Bocce Court…completed 8/15…(BC-of note…completed within months of new TC afte r a 2 yr delay from prev. Comm…at fraction of cost)/ Olinzock final separation…on 6/22 TC decided to revise termination “with cause/ Granicus …Report provided to TC on 5/25 agenda; staff reviewed list of Granicus features Comm. Vincent submitted & provided report that we can use almost all features/ Soccer Program ….Town staff approved lease of soccer field for soccer camp/ 24 hours opening Ordinance….Staff researched other cities’ practices; ordinance reviewed and recommended 3-2 by p & Z Board at June meeting; Commission decided not to proceed with ordinance on July 27th…(BC- of note…The Comm. was not given correct P & Z info on vote and members of prevailing side intentions…needs to be revisited by Comm.)/ More detailed Commission mtg. minutes…At the 4/12 roundtable mtg the Commission asked that Commission minutes contain more detail. That is now being done & Commission has expressed approval of the degree of detail/ Perez & Assoc. site plan issues…have been issued a permit after meetings with Jeff Bowman; determined they would be exempt from site plan requirements if they changed their renovations from a duplex to a triplex which they did/


Pavilion Clock…Clock deemed not appropriate for proposed location by the four Commissioners who viewed it, so clock returned to maker. No cost to Town …

BC- of note…This writer sent an inquiry to the Town on this one..which 4 Comms…and who is the “maker”? …Former Comms. Silverstone & Furth…No funds were fronted to them by prev. TM?…

Continuing…Stormwater Plan Contract Questions…Asst. TM completed review of Chen contract and prior studies to determine compliance w contract terms. Concluded Chen complied with contract terms… (BC …of note…Question still is the amount of the plan that was already in the Town’s receipt from Tele-Vac etc…and charged to Town to reprint in report?)/Ord 2013-3 City Organization Ord 2010-4… Commission reviewed at 6/23 roundtable; Ordinance passed on first reading in July and second reading in August/ Monthly Report from Chamber of Commerce …At the 4/16 roundtable mtg. the TC asked the Chamber to provide a monthly report to the Town. Chamber’s newsletter which provides statistical data is provided to TC…(BC—of note…needs to be revisited by TC after new advertising funds approved in budget…as well as TC establishing a Business Development Committee to address the future advertising etc…for Chamber)/Corner Lot Pool Ordinance…passed on first reading in August & 2nd reading in August 2010/Abandoned Property Ordinance…Passed on first reading in August & 2nd reading in September 2010/ Reduce Fire Inspection Fees for Small Business…Passed on 1st reading in August & 2nd reading in September 2010/Appropriation to cover budget shortfalls from Colon payout…Completed.Commission approved appropriations in June & August 2010/ Chamber of Commerce Roof…Completed September 2010/Selection of External Auditor …Grau & Assoc. selected by Audit Committee/ Cash Reports…Provided report to Commission on September 124th. Will provide quarterly in future/ Investment Policy & Review of Current Investments…Presented new investment policy for TC consideration at Sept. 14th meeting and reported on current investments at same meeting/ Withholding $7,000 from Chamber of Commerce… At 4./16 roundtable meeting Commission discussed former TMgr’s decision to withhold funding from the Chamber due to financial reports showing profit for 2009. Commission asked the Town Atty. to provide legal advice on this matter. Topic has come up several times at Commission meetings, but no direction to make payment, so moving this item to completed list…(BC…of note…seems to be completed due to the VM as proponent not voting for the $11,500 advertising budget approved)…Ordinance amending code on accessory buildings….Staff developed an ordinance & P & Z reviewed it and recommended approval. Notice of intent on 8/25 agenda…(BC…of note…TC passed it)…Status of projects approved in prior fiscal years and closeout of old projects ….Addressed in CIP plan presented at September 20 roundtable…(BC- of note…would like to see what was done behind the scenes under the $15,000 by former TM for prior yrs. as well as full backup of Pavilion and Public Safety Bldg)/Senior Program Operation Issues….Commission concerned whether Town satisfying grant requirements, policy of charging non-residents and pt residents and hold harmless forms participants required to fill out. TM provided TC with a report on what grant required during the week of August 9th. Implementing changes to improve compliance. Recommend we drop hold harmless agreements…(BC…of note…Do not recall hold harmless was voted or directed to drop…also name change to Community Center from Senior Center)….

BC…of note…look what can be done with the right TM & TC at the helm!….


IT’S 2010….NOT 2006….TIME TO MOVE ON….

Received this at 10:07 pm yesterday on my Blackberry to me and undisclosed recipients…Titled “VFD FYI From Ken Wardlaw  Nov. 8, 2006 1:51 pm”
“In as much as the citizens prevailed on all four of the amendments on the ballot., this would appear to be Parker’s revenge. Ken

Volunteer fire crew kicked out
The volunteer fire department in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea no longer exists.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office, which provides fire-rescue services for the tiny northeast Broward city, kicked out the department, and notified Chief James Silverstone to return all equipment.

The city contracted with BSO in 2004 to provide fire-rescue services. BSO, in turn, hired the volunteers — with the understanding that they would follow BSO’s safety regulations. But, things didn’t go as planned.

”We had problems with the leadership,” said Elliot Cohen, BSO spokesman. “For two years, they haven’t followed safety procedures.”

Leaders sometimes showed up at fire scenes wearing T-shirts and shorts. Radios were not used to communicate at scenes. Volunteer leaders did not check in regularly with BSO.

The department’s breaches of the contract ”constitute an immediate threat to the health, safety and welfare of the residents, citizens and visitors,” read a BSO letter given Tuesday to Silverstone.

The volunteer fire department plans to fight BSO’s actions, Silverstone said.

”BSO is looking for a way out of the contract,” he said.

BSO said it is creating a reserve unit where the rank and file can sign up to continue working as firefighters”

BC…of note…I have not had contact with Mr. Wardlaw in 2+ years…to send this now…looks like that dusty playbook of CIC desperation is looking for something to rally the “troops”…The only way the VFD will cease to exist in this town is from within… which hopefully will not happen with the recent cleaning of their house… with more cleanup to come….


more to come…

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