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Here’s The Scoop … What’s The Political Climate In Lauderdale-By-The-Sea? …

March 13, 2011 by Barbara



BC- So what is the political climate one year later after the 2010 municipal election in LBTS? …. Is it one of general satisfaction overall in the current commission and the administration?…. Is the public on a whole being complacent?…. Are local voters apathetic? … What if any role will the two political action committees in town play next year for the next municipal election and are they lying in wait for a cause to circle the wagons once again? ….

The concern of this writer, still avidly observing and keeping well informed from afar is this … a lack of engagement at this point time from attending and participating in Town sponsored meetings and presentations and keeping up on what our elected officials and those they have employed are concentrating on and carrying out on our behalf leads to a small contingency making some very big decisions once again …. deja vu…

Yep … It’s really a matter of  your dollars and your sense … Truth or consequences people …truth or consequences …

More to come….

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