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Here’s The Scoop …Easter Fun Was Had By ALL! ….

April 3, 2010 by Barbara


Commissioner Sasser Helps The Easter Bunny Arrive In Style …


Former Commissioner Jim Silverstone and 2nd place Bonnet winner Fran Scheffler…

Teresa Sasser and Chair of Easter By The Sea,Christine Vincent …

Mayor Roseann Minnet, Commissioner Scot Sasser, Commissioner Chris Vincent and Vice Mayor Stuart Dodd

Dear Readers …we hear there were around 500 in attendance with approximately 300 children of all ages….Word is that it was an overwhelming success ….Parents and Grandparents were so happy to see the small hometown feel return with the event returning to be held in front of Town Hall … (It was done in front until 2008 )….The egg hunt was well organized and was over for all age groups by 9:30 am…Thus addressing and alleviating past complaints about children having to wait too long to begin…(as was the case in the last 2 years)…We are old the same amount of eggs were stuffed as were stuffed last year 5000… We were also told it took the 30-40+ volunteers little time to get them ready … In fact one new participant said the experience was like an old time quilting bee… Age appropriate eggs were included…(another complaint heard in the past)…. The VFD was happy to help with water being chilled and in anyway they could assist …such as adding extra tables and chairs on the portico ….They were present but on a much lower key than in 2 prior years…able to enjoy rather then work the event…and VFD member Bob Karley was a judge….AMR had a judge as well and put in 100 eggs with dollar bills and BSO Sgt. Tom Palmer was also a judge… The Easter Bunny, Vincent Ragusa arrived in Comm. Sasser Mini-Cooper (in the hall he had his Bunny Asst., wife Connie )….The Cooper was such a hit with the crowd that photo-ops were taken with kids in it …We hear it was even decorated with a bunny tail!… Jarvis Hall was absolutely first class with decorations done by a committee headed up by Ken Brenner and Wayne Diliston of Interior Digs and their committee…Baskets were done by Rosalie and Edmund Malkoon…Photos and fliers as well as working with Town for event ads were done by Sunny Eckhert….Maryann Gress was in charge of procuring the candy and eggs for stuffing… There were so many who stepped forward to offer help on short notice (just a matter of weeks vs. months of preparation…done with no previous years Easter decorations to work with ..prev. posts)….to make this event the success it was…Some may call them “Old Guard”….or “New Guard”…but this writer will call them “No Guard”…because everyone was asked to participate …and Chair Christine Vincent made calls to both camps inviting them to do so…. All who came and did their part should be commended on making the first step forward to a united town…We even heard that lots of the volunteers participated for the very first time…..Bravo!…Mayor Minnet, Vice Mayor Dodd, Comm. Sasser and Comm. Vincent were at the event throughout (we were told Comm. Clottey made a late appearance)….Of course the biggest kudos go to Chair Christine Vincent and her Co-Chair ( though not officially named as co-chair from the dais…she was definitely that….according to Christine) Teresa Sasser, for doing such a tremendous job…and making it so enjoyable and fun!…No drama…and no endless days of preparation that closed down the park…The take-down of the hall was lickety split as well…(it was packed up shortly after the event was finished )… and especially for allowing the volunteers to bring forth their own ideas and creativity and letting them shine as well!… Easter By The Sea 2010…. a job well done in making memories for everyone who joined in!….

Look for more photos in the next edition of the By The Sea Future…..

Thanks for the photos …Roving photogs….

more to come….

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