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Here’s The Scoop … Flash From The Past … ARE WE ANY BETTER OFF TODAY ? …

December 23, 2009 by Barbara



Dear Readers …… as we approach the March 9, 2010 municipal election in LBTS it’s time to ask that tried and true question …are we any better off today than we were 4 years ago?… Here we are approaching 2010 and what have we had on the commission agendas  are the same old items…but instead of moving forward…we have been stuck in the past, especially when it comes to the town’s infrastructure and capital improvements!… It’s time for a change…It’s time for town boards to be filled with residents that can get us back on track…without the expected “fearmongering” from the Furths -McIntee and Silverstone screaming “developer” at anyone that is looking for a full fledged plan…We are at that juncture again with the 2005 Master Plan needing to be replaced…whether by “tweaking” it or starting over…This all important election will provide those people who will spearhead the Master Plan Steering Committee and the Planning and Zoning Board as we deal with this …It needs to be done right…It needs to be done with input from those that were not around for the last one…as well as those that were to be provided all the materials that sit on the shelves to see what’s come before them… This was repeatedly asked for by Commissioner Dodd and this writer…(prev. posts)…and was ignored by the current majority on the dais and the current administration for the last 2 years…..It needs to be done with the right people on the commission and the right people in the administration… so that 5 years and 8 months from now…we can answer that tried and true question in the affirmative!…..


“The Town’s Master Plan Steering Committee has worked hard during
the past year reviewing proposals and recommendations that will
affect the future of our Town.
The Town Commission first held a workshop with members of the
original Master Plan Steering Committee on April 20, 2004. The Commission
agreed that the “T” — basically Commercial Boulevard from the Intracoastal
Waterway to the ocean, including Basin Drive, and from State Road A1A to
the ocean — should be a priority for study and recommendations.
Since that time, the committee has held 18 public meetings. It has also
met jointly with the Planning and Zoning Board and three times with the
Master Planners, prioritizing them as high, medium and low.
The committee concentrated on El Mar Drive, primarily because of the impact of three redevelopment
projects. After much discussion of various alternatives, it was decided to ask the Commission to consider:
• Placing overhead utilities under-
• Installing a new drainage system.
• Reducing the two lanes of traffic
on each side of the median to one.
This would allow for construction
of 8-foot sidewalks, 4-feet of land-
scaping, 2-feet of curb and gutter, a
4-foot bicycle lane and a 12-foot
driving lane.
The Commission agreed to this concept and a Master Utility Plan is currently underway. Developers will
be responsible for making these improvements to their properties fronting El Mar Drive.
Several meetings, including ones with the Town Commission and the
Planning and Zoning Board, were devoted to discussing the Goodkin Report, an evaluation of the socio-
economic and land use issues facing the Town, particularly in light of the replacement of
hospitality units with condominiums and townhouses. Goodkin Consulting’s recommendations are still part
of an ongoing discussion among Town officials and residents.
The Master Plan Steering Committee approved a design that was forwarded to the
Commission by the Gateways Committee for placing 14-to 18-foot high pelican “totems” at entrances
into Lauderdale-By-The-Sea on Commercial Boulevard and A1A.
The concept was informally approved by the Commission. A conceptual plan for a pavilion at the
end of Commercial Boulevard was also approved by the Master Plan Steering Committee and the Town Commission; it is currently in the
design phase.The Committee was asked to make a recommendation on the location for a new public safety building for police
and fire services.The Committee recommended this building be placed on the south side of Town Hall where
the current Public Works Complex is located. The Town Commission placed a 180-day
moratorium on a block between A1A and El Mar Drive, bordered by the alley south of Commercial
Boulevard and Datura Avenue. The Committee indicated to Town Planner Walter Keller, who
is preparing a study of three alternatives for this area, that retail on El Mar Drive would not be an
appropriate use. ■
The Master Plan Steering
Committeemembers include
Michael Arker, Diane Boutin,
Sandra Booth, Kit Cashman, Sue
Delegal, Ernie Fontaine, Marc
Furth, Walter Keller, Everett
Sorensen and Bob Terrien.
The committee generally meets
the first Thursday and the third
Monday of each month at 6 PM in
either Jarvis Hall or the Development Services Department.
All persons interested in the
betterment of our Town are urged
to attend the meetings. The agenda
and meeting notices are also posted
on Channel 78, the Town’s Government Access Channel.”

more to come ….

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