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Here’s The Scoop … Scene And Heard Around Town …

January 25, 2010 by Barbara


By The Sea Future Editor Marc Brown sent the candidates a question in the mail on Jan. 12, 2010 to answer for the paper’s Friday Jan. 29, 2010 edition and asked them to respond by Jan. 25th… Candidates Roseann Minnet , Scot Sasser and Chris Vincent answered as they have done for some time now ….Today on the last day to respond the CIC-endorsed candidates  responded as well!…In the morning came a response from Marjorie Evans and in the afternoon came responses from candidates Couriel and Comm. Jim Silverstone! WOW!… At the last LBTS Commission meeting Town Manager Esther held up the BTSFuture newspaper and spoke negatively of its content…Comm. Silverstone repeatedly badmouths the BTSFuture and Editor Mark Brown …Vice Mayor McIntee has threatened to sue the paper and Editor Brown (empty threats due to them having no merit)… Marc and Cristie Furth owners-publishers- editors of the BTSTimes and campaign managers for CIC-endorsed candidates Silverstone, Evans and Couriel go after the Future newspaper every chance they can and doubled up on casting aspersions in their latest CIC- backed candidate edition…the one that still has not been fully distributed 4 days after publication….What’s up with this?…Is the “Truth Deflector” home tossing back a few extra glasses of wine to soften the blow?… Those CIC- minions who regularly hisss about there being “two  newspapers in town” while cursing those who bring the indisputable facts to residents every 3 weeks will surely be left in flux after hearing and reading their candidates have crossed over into the Future!…

While Mark Brown followed protocol and sent a letter to the candidates giving them a couple of weeks to respond, Cristie Furth called candidates Minnet, Sasser and Vincent the day before the Times came out on Jan. 22nd…Cristie left a voice mail for Scot Sasser who was away on business …She called Mayor Minnet and Chris Vincent and asked if they would answer questions for her paper, each said yes and send them over them…. Mayor Minnet,  Chris Vincent and  Scot Sasser never received any questions from Cristie Furth and the BTSTimes…despite that, Cristie Furth falsely stated the following in her paper the next day… “By The Sea Times asked each candidate to submit biographies and personal statements.”…No- Guard Candidates Minnet, Sasser and Vincent all state Ms. Furth not only never sent the e-mail questions…M.s Furth never asked for a biography or a personal statement!… Candidate Sasser called Editor Cristie Furth today to ask about the questions and Editor Marc Furth indicated that the BTSTimes would be following the BTSFuture’s and asking questions of all the candidates in their upcoming editions…OOPS!…

Perhaps, with the dismal distribution of the BTSTimes and the less than exemplary quality of the content…(The Nat. Enquirer comes in at a close second)…the CIC -candidates know they need to reach BTSFuture readers in order to have any chance at becoming an elected official in LBTS!…OUCH!….



Today  CIC Chair and Editor of the BTSTimes Bob Roberts chose to perpetuate the false statements made int the Times concerning Mayor Minnet’s voting record!….

“Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 16:57:51 -0500
From: Bob Roberts
Subject: LBTS Commission meeting

Dear CIC Member

The last LBTS Commission meeting for January, and the third from the
last meeting with the present Commissioners, will be held on Tuesday
evening, January 26th. It is again important that as many of us as
possible attend the meeting to show support for those Commissioners that
support policies that enhance the quality of life for Town residents.
Mayor Minnet now claims to be for the same policies that the CIC has
always endorsed, however her record shows that she voted NO on every
major action such as bringing back the VFD.

See you at the Commission meeting!

Bob Roberts, Chair”






I see a retraction coming…..



After sending the code enforcement officers throughout the Town when candidates Minnet, Sasser and Vincent put out their lawn signs…..where they knocked on doors and informed residents of the rules……and after a 4 day “pass” for CIC- candidates signs boldly put in the Right- of- Ways and anywhere else Marc Furth and his Mc- pals wanted to stick em’…the Town has suddenly decided the candidates should become code enforcement and police the signs going forward!…WOW!… We hear one code enforcer told a resident they had over 400 complaints…HUH?…..Maybe the Town Manager believes this too falls under a “Town Manager form of government” (prev. Post)… OOPS!….


“From: June White
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2010
To: , , Mayor Roseann Minnet , Scot Sasser , Commissioner Jim Silverstone
Cc: John Olinzock , Jeff Bowman
Subject: Political Signs

Code Enforcement has observed violations of the sign code 30-308 (a)(5), (b)(7) and (c)(8) that was included in your Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Elections Manual, March 9, 2010. Your cooperation is being requested to observe the sign code.

Thank you.

June White, Town Clerk
4501 N. Ocean Drive
Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, FL 33308
Phone: 954-776-0576
Fax: 954-776-1857”


more to come……….

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Here’s The Scoop … “2 Hats” …. 1 New 2009 LBTS Campaign Ordinance …. Bring Forth An Inquiry Of Possible Restrictions In Place …

January 15, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers….. as previously posted we heard  Vice Mayor McIntee asked for and received a leave of absence from the VFD to assist Commissioner Silverstone in his re-election. The action made this writer take a second look at the newly enacted campaign ordinance put into place by the present commission in January of 2009. In the new ordinance it appears the VFD and its members as contracted vendors to the Town, appearing on the Town’s current vendor list fall under…. “ARTICLE II. TOWN COMMISSION* Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, Florida – Code of Ordinances
…2, 5-11-04) Sec. 2-25. Campaign finance restrictions. (a) General prohibition of campaign contributions by Town vendors, disqualification…give, solicit for, deliver or provide a campaign contribution directly or indirectly…”….and as such are subject to follow it. …I sent an inquiry to address this issue to the Town Manager and the Commissioners today. I also asked if there was an added possibility of breaking Sunshine for Comm. Silverstone and Vice Mayor McIntee in discussing items alone or being in rooms campaigning while Comm. Silverstone is discussing items that will be brought to the dais over the next two months….I asked  Commissioner Dodd prior to my e-mail being sent to the Town and Commissioners to put this item on the Jan. 26, 2010 agenda and he said he would. I further asked the Town to put a copy of my inquiry in the Vice Mayor’s box due to his “no-e-mail” on the Town website…The e-mail and the ordinance are below with a link to the Muni-code…


[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Dear Town Manager Colon, Commissioners and Attorney Trevarthen:
It has come to my attention that Vice Mayor McIntee has asked for and received an “exemption” from service in the VFD for a month to concentrate and assist Commissioner Silverstone in his campaign for re-election.
I would like the Town and the Commission to inquire if this is a conflict on two fronts.
First, is there a Sunshine problem for 2 Commissioners to be discussing issues or be in rooms during the campaign together with the candidate discussing issues that are to be discussed on the dais.
Second, and more important is the possible conflict under the new campaign restrictions enacted by the commission in 2009. As you can see from the below ordinance no vendor can give, solicit or indirectly provide campaign contributions directly or indirectly to a candidate, or to the campaign of a candidate for the offices of Mayor or Commissioner. This is in effect and I cannot see how a member of the VFD can campaign with Commissioner Silverstone. The Vice Mayor’s ” exemption” does not mean the Vice Mayor is no longer a VFD member, it means he will not vote or participate while on leave. As a member of the VFD he is a vendor contracted with the Town and I believe falls under the restrictions stated in the ordinance, as the VFD is on the Town’s vendor list.
I am also curious if Commissioner Silverstone also falls under the same restrictions, as he too is a contracted vendor to the town as a VFD member.
I await the Town’s response and that of the Commission.
I want to make it clear I am asking the Town and the Commission, not the Town Attorney. If the Town and the Commission decide to get a legal opinion from the Town Attorney that would be at the expense of the Town, and not at my personal expense.
I await an answer to my concerns and have asked one commissioner to put this item on the next agenda to address.
Please see that Vice Mayor McIntee receives a copy of this inquiry due to his not having a town e-mail.
Thank you, Barbara Cole

The Muni-Code-Town Website below

1. ARTICLE II. TOWN COMMISSION* Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, Florida – Code of Ordinances
…2, 5-11-04) Sec. 2-25. Campaign finance restrictions. (a) General prohibition of campaign contributions by Town vendors, disqualification…give, solicit for, deliver or provide a campaign contribution directly or indirectly…
Sec. 2-25. Campaign finance restrictions.
(a) General prohibition of campaign contributions by Town vendors, disqualification, definitions.
(1) a. No vendor shall give, solicit for, deliver or provide a campaign contribution directly or indirectly to a candidate, or to the campaign committee of a candidate, for the offices of Mayor or Commissioner. Commencing on the effective date of this section, all proposed Town contracts, as well as requests for proposals (RFP), requests for qualifications (RFQ), requests for letters of interest (RFLI), or solicitations of bids issued by the Town, shall incorporate notice of this section so as to notify potential vendors of the proscription embodied herein.
b. No candidate or campaign committee of a candidate for the offices of Mayor or Commissioner, shall deposit into such candidate’s campaign account any campaign contribution which is received directly or indirectly from a vendor or which such candidate or campaign committee knows or should know was solicited by or for a vendor or delivered or provided by a vendor. Candidates or those acting on their behalf shall ensure compliance with this Code section by confirming through examination of the official vendor list maintained by the Town to verify the vendor status of any potential contributor. A candidate or the campaign committee of a candidate shall not be in violation of this paragraph b. if the vendor was not listed as a vendor on the Town’s official vendor list at the time that the contribution was received or deposited so long as the candidate or the campaign committee of a candidate did not know that the person or entity was a vendor of the Town.
(2) Each prohibited act of giving, soliciting for, delivering or providing a campaign contribution or depositing a campaign contribution in violation of this section shall constitute a separate violation. All contributions deposited into a candidate’s campaign account in violation of this section shall be forfeited to the Town’s general revenue fund.
(3) a. A person or entity, other than a then existing vendor, who directly or indirectly makes a campaign contribution to a candidate who is elected to the office of Mayor or Commissioner shall be disqualified for a period of 12 months following the swearing in of the subject elected official from serving as a vendor with the Town. A then existing vendor who directly or indirectly makes a contribution to a candidate who is elected to the office of Mayor or Commissioner, shall be disqualified from serving as a vendor with the Town for a period of 12 months from a final finding of a violation of this section, or from the time of action on a waiver request by the Town Commission pursuant to paragraph b. below, in the event that a waiver is sought by the vendor. In the event that such waiver request for a particular transaction is granted, the affected vendor shall nonetheless be disqualified from serving as a vendor with the Town as to any other goods, equipment or services to be provided by the vendor to the Town, beyond the vendor goods, equipment or services which are the subject matter of any waiver which is granted. In the event such waiver request is denied for a particular transaction, the 12-month disqualification period shall continue to apply to both the particular transaction for which the waiver was sought, as well as all other vendor activities for the provision of goods, equipment or services to the Town during that 12-month period.
b. For purposes of this section, the term “disqualified” shall be defined to include:
1. Termination of a contributor/vendor’s existing contracts with the Town, subject to the applicable waiver provisions of paragraph (b) herein; and
2. Disqualification of a contributor’s response to solicitation requests for prospective vendor contracts with the Town, subject to the applicable waiver provisions of paragraph (b) herein.
(4) As used in this section:
a. Vendor.
1. A “vendor” is a person and/or entity who has been selected by the Town as the successful bidder on a present or pending bid to provide to the Town goods, equipment or services, or has been approved by the Town on a present or pending award to provide to the Town goods, equipment or services, prior to, upon or following execution of a contract, or purchase order.
2. “Vendor” shall include natural persons and/or entities that hold a controlling financial interest in a vendor entity. The term “controlling financial interest” shall mean the ownership, directly or indirectly, of ten percent or more of the outstanding capital stock in any corporation or a direct or indirect interest of ten percent or more in a firm. The term “firm” shall mean a corporation, partnership, business trust or any legal entity other than a natural person.
3. “Vendor” shall include a labor union whose members provide labor services for a vendor entity.
4. “Vendor” shall not include Town officers or employees.
5. For purposes of this section, “vendor” status shall terminate upon completion of performance of the agreement for the provision of goods, equipment or services.
b. Services. For purposes of this section, the term “services” shall mean the rendering by a vendor through competitive bidding or otherwise, of labor, professional and/or consulting services to the Town, including, but not limited to, the provision of lobbying services to the Town.
c. Campaign contributions. The term “campaign contribution” shall have the meaning which is ascribed to the term “contributions” pursuant to F.S. § 106.011, as amended.
(b) Waiver of prohibition.
(1) Criteria for waiver. The requirements of this section may be waived by the affirmative vote of four members of the Town Commission for a particular transaction after a public hearing, upon finding that:
a. The goods, equipment or services to be involved in the proposed transaction are unique and the Town cannot avail itself of such goods, equipment or services without entering into a transaction which would violate this section but for waiver of its requirements; or
b. The business entity involved in the proposed transaction is the sole source of supply as determined by the Town Manager in accordance with procedures established by the Town Manager; or
c. An emergency contract must be made in order to protect the health, safety or welfare of the citizens of the Town; or
d. A contract for the provision of goods, equipment or services exists which, if terminated by the Town, would be substantially adverse to the best economic interests of the Town.
(2) Limited waiver. Notwithstanding the denial of the Town Commission of a waiver request regarding the provision of goods, equipment or services under an existing contract pursuant to paragraph (b)(1) above, the Town Commission may, by the affirmative vote of four members of the Town Commission after a public hearing, grant a limited waiver concerning an existing contract for the provision of goods, equipment or services between a vendor and the Town upon finding that in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the Town, it is necessary that the affected contract be continued for a limited duration (not to exceed a period of six months) in order for the Town to obtain a replacement vendor.
(3) Full disclosure. Any grant of a waiver or limited waiver by the Town Commission must first be supported with a full disclosure of the subject campaign contribution.
(c) Implementation. The Town Manager is authorized to adopt additional procurement procedures for goods, equipment or services to implement this section. These procedures shall provide for the assembly, maintenance and posting of an official Town vendor list as referenced herein.
(d) Campaign contribution limits. No candidate for the office of Mayor or Town Commissioner shall accept a campaign contribution, and no person or entity shall make a campaign contribution to such a candidate, in an amount which exceeds the aggregate amount of $300.00 per election, adjusted for inflation based upon the consumer price index.
(e) Penalty. Violations of this section shall be punishable as provided in section 1-12 of this Code.
(f) Applicability. This section shall be applied only prospectively to campaign contributions which are made after the date of adoption of this section.
(Ord. No. 2009-04, § 2, 1-27-09)
Secs. 2-26–2-30. Reserved.”


more to come…………..

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Hewre’s The Scoop … From “Bombshell” To “Bomb” To “Bombastic” …

January 11, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers …This afternoon shortly after 3 pm this writer went to Town Hall to pick up some public records requests… as I awaited them I asked the Asst. Town Clerk Nikki Smith for a list of who qualified..Ms. Smith gave me a public records request…I said “Really, a public records request?”…Ms. Smith answered they needed to put it together…I said what there were only 3 positions…She lamely explained she needed to get more qualifiers than that…”I said “Really?”…Town Clerk White stuck her head out of her office and said they would call me by the end of the day..I said “Really?”…I asked if the P.I.O. (Steve D’Oliveira ) had notified the Sun-Sentinel?…The answer was they did not know….I said “Really?”…Then as I looked over my PRRs Town Clerk White came from her office and said “we’re going to just post them”…. (the candidates)… I said “Works for me!”…Then Town Clerk White put up the qualifying candidates…just as previously posted last night the list showed the following…. Mayor- Mayor Roseann Minnet vs Joe Couriel/ Dist 2 Comm. Jim Silverstone vs Chris Vincent/ Dist 1 Marjorie Evans vs Scot Sasser …

If you were looking for decorum and civility to return to the dais after McIntee was off…Forget about it!…The CIC is in bigger trouble than this writer ever imagined with it’s shrinking membership as a result of the McIntee- Furth disembowelment of this once proud organization… They chose their own Vice Chair of the last year Joe “McIntee is god!” Couriel for Mayor …A non- participating non- involved member who happens to be the wife of one of their former board secretary’s, Marjorie Evans, who we hear did not inform her boards and might have some explaining to do…Although her husband might be the only one that had a heads up since he sits on the board as well….She has, as far as we can find, never attended a Jarvis Hall meeting…And Jim (He’s not a nice guy and not a gentleman) Silverstone who cannot push aside his complicit bad acts over the last 4 years while joined at the hip with BFF McIntee!… While McIntee is saying he was not running due to his wife’s health sure looks like he ended up his only term as a commissioner to follow his old nemesis and new-found buddy former Mayor Oliver Parker in not being supported or encouraged to run by his own group!…As for Joe Couriel, today’s last official qualified candidate for the 2010 March 9th Municipal Election (as of this morning.)…readers are already sending in some of his “noteworthy” public comments from some prior meetings ….



“Joe Couriel on 2-24-09 at 1 hour 55 minutes- A. reason why I moved to town was to get reserved spot at the beach/
B. need to reclaim swales

Joe Couriel on 3-10-09 @ 2:04 – Congratulate Esther on fine job. ” stand behind anything that comes up”
Silverstone is shown on video clapping at this statement

Joe Couriel on 3-24 @ 2:04 -Beach Parking blah blah blah don’t care about town wide parking…………………..just beach parking

Joe Couriel on 4-28 @- 1:15 – Special events for village and Athena permits should be for 3-4 months maximum. need to look at their violations they should pay a substantial fee paid by the users.
Couriel states ” he is a party guy” ” I like to party hard” parties so hard that he doesn’t remember what happened. He then states the businesses should not get a free ride on the permits and should pay a substantial fee for usage of the street. Also states, there should not be a workshop for noise ordinance and the city should give violations for the noise immediately.”


On the very first day of qualifying….Candidate for Mayor Joe Couriel is 100% behind Town Manager Esther Colon…..100% for premier beach parking at $20 annually….100% against the Downtown businesses….and don’t forget the CIC endorsed candidate was 100% behind the McIntee-Silverstone-Clottey vote of $56,000+ to repave his own street of N. Tradewinds after the Seagrape Drive beautification despite it not being worse than other streets in Silver Shores!…OUCH!…

In the weeks to come there will be years and years of classic- bombastic Joe Couriel…the CIC endorsed Mayoral Candidate with the short fuse!…POW!…

CIC  endorsed Marjorie Evans…the candidate for District 1 is so unknown that we hear those listed on her Broward Children’s Center Board and all the various boards connected to it do not know her very well at all…And they did not know she was running for LBTS Commission…We also hear that all around town there is a new game going on…Any woman with a short blond “bob”…slightly soft around the edges is assumed to be Candidate Marjorie Evans…Not even her neighbors can pick her out of a crowd and as far as her Bel Air Homeowners Assoc…she has been M.I.A. according some regulars…. So when we see her tomorrow night …Will the real Marjorie Evans Candidate for Dist. 2 step up to the podium or….will we really know?…OOPS!…

CIC endorsed Commissioner Jim (You all know what goes here by now!) Silverstone for District 2 has “unfinished business”…Well for once this writer can say his BFF McIntee, if we are to believe one of his excuses for not running,  did something right by putting his wife first…Jimmy-boy cannot say the same!…His Fiancee’ was very vocal over the last few months in voicing her strong opinion and desire that she did not want him to run again…..We hear their wedding was postponed due to his possible run for re-election…and we hear that on the very day he went in and filled out his qualifying paperwork for re-election as Commissioner, she was not aware he did!…So what does that say about the man’s character and priorities in life?…. That on top of his dismal 4 year record and his 100% support for Town Manager Colon…His voting with Vice Mayor McIntee and Former Mayor Parker for her $250,000 contract if terminated….(He is on record this year wanting to give her a raise!)…His conflict of interest votes… both as VFD and as a Pension Consultant … His findings of probable cause by both the Fl. Ethics Commission and the Fl. Elections Commission…His backing McIntee for VFD Dep. Chief and VFD Fire Chief…His vote for the $2 million dollar motel…His vote for using the Oriana Million for a few medians..His votes to go after Greenfest for a paltry $33 …His vote for allowing “anonymous letters”…His going into a Shade session while being fully engaged with the litigates as Chief of the VFD…His being the Registered Agent for the VFD and not properly filing for the correct tax deductible status leaving VFD supporters to date unknowingly in violation of the law if they took their donations as such…all the way up to the last VFD Booster Fund Drive a few months ago…(aside from the 501c3)….and so much more to come…Jimmy-boy should have chosen love over a big time loss!…OOPS!…

So the qualifying is over and the race is officially on…Now it is up to the voters to decide…to stick with the status quo from the CIC-endorsed bunch above……or change for some much needed decorum on the dais , individual accountability in voting while abiding by the rules ….with transparency due to no personal agendas being in play…and elected officials that are seated on the dais to serve all the people …. all of the time…no ifs …ands…or buts!….

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … The CIC Endorses 3 Candidates One Day Before Time Runs Out ….

January 10, 2010 by Barbara

CHOSEN BY “GOD” ….. AND THE CIC …1/10/2010

Dear Readers…. Jerry Sehl, the Mc-Furth insider …spilled the beans tonight on the purported CIC “bombshell” for Mayor who turns out to be a CIC  “BOMB”!…

Jerry Sehl sent out an e-mail to vote on the candidates from his site …which tries to portray itself as impartial …but with his ties to the Furths …it is anything but!

We heard earlier from a source that a white haired man with an accent spoke at the CIC meeting tonight and called candidates Sasser and Vincent “sandbaggers”…That sounds like Joe alright!…Classic Joe Couriel! (Candidate Chris Vincent has lived and owned here since 2002 and Candidate Scot Sasser has lived and owned  here since 2003…not quite “carpetbaggers”…the term Joe Couriel was looking for.)…

Readers will  remember Joe Couriel … He’s the current Vice Chair of the CIC who was thrown out of Jarvis Hall some time back…He stood outside the hall and yelled “McIntee is god”…(prev. post)…So tonight “god” was handing over his chance at the “throne”, the mayoral seat  to Joe Couriel!… WOW!… But do not think “god” handed it over easily, we hear McIntee was quite upset that he was not running citing his wife’s health and the fact that nobody wanted wanted him to run!…But Joe Couriel?…If you ever saw him in action…he makes McIntee look like milk toast!… Joe Couriel, readers may recall berated and yelled at Commissioner Dodd’s wife after a meeting….(prev. post)…This writer took him to task telling him if he had a problem with the Commissioner he should talk to the Commissioner and not yell at his wife. I asked Joe Couriel how he would feel if someone yelled at his wife. Joe Couriel never apologized for yelling at a woman! …Joe Couriel is a hypocrite, and readers may also recall that it was he who stood before my husband and I a few days after the new majority from the CIC took the election and said he would have to switch sides because  he never liked being with the majority!…OOPS!… Joe Couriel, readers may recall sits on the Board Of Adjustment …(prev. post)…and asked an applicant for a variance on El Mar Drive why he needed such a such a large room..or a chandelier …or a wide stairway!… He was awful!…

We heard earlier in the day that Joe was driving around looking at the Minnet, Sasser, Vincent signs throughout town…Was he looking for more signs from”god”?….He found it via the CIC tonight!…

The CIC also endorsed Marjorie Evans from Bel Air for District one and Commissioner Jim Silverstone from Silver Shores for District 2…

We hear Commissioner Clottey left the meeting at 7:24 pm …Hmmmm….not all that enamored the CIC candidates?….

From Jerry Sehl’s site…tonight …


Roseanne Minnet – incumbant

Joe Couriel

District 1

Marjorie Evans
Scot Sasser

District 2

Jim Silverstone – incumbant
Chris Vincent

Thanks Jerry Sehl….Thanks CIC …and Thank You “god”!…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … The CIC Digging Deep For Candidate From District 1 …And Then There Were 5 On Day 5 … LBTS 2010 Municipal Election …

January 8, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers….I’ll preface this by saying I am still in Chicago and without my old CIC records…But from a few phone calls and a quick Google ….Here goes….

It sure looks like the CIC had to dig deep to find a candidate from the north to run for commission for District 1 …. Marjorie Evans (I believe) is the wife of former CIC Secretary Geoffrey Evans…He sat on the CIC Board when this writer was Vice Chair in 2007-2008…I can tell you that I would not know Mrs. Evans if she was standing in front of me…she was not a participant in any political or volunteer event I was involved in. A call to fellow board members in the CIC provided the same response…they would not know her if I saw her on the street…and she certainly has not stood at the podium over the last year… She has not written anything in the last year…and I cannot recall her name on any list of volunteers in the last year…

So when the CIC  endorses her in 2 days the Mc-Furth Roberts -CIC will now have lost one of their loudest poison arrows against Candidate Scot Sasser and Candidate Chris Vincent!…

The CIC-Mc-Furth “Gang” and the BTSTimes have actively gone after the two candidates asking where have they been and what have they done in town by way of volunteering and participating until now when they have chosen to run for office?…

Well, Scot Sasser and Chris Vincent have been at the commission meetings and fully engaged for more than a year now…They have been walking door to door in neighborhoods and going to all the Town sponsored events…

Attending Town events was something they did long before they decided to get involved politically, they were involved as residents and fathers participating their children in all this Town has to offer…….

With Mrs. Evans as a candidate who will have to make herself known to the voters  in 8 weeks time…those accusations are now moot!…

And while we’re on this point of volunteerism and participation…If we are to take her fellow CIC- endorsed (no doubt) Candidate for District 2…Commissioner Jim (he’s not a nice guy and not a gentleman) Silverstone at his word…he does not even want Mrs. Evan’s vote…because she has not volunteered or participated in anything in town! …Commissioner Jim Silverstone  stated emphatically on the dais  that was a requirement  for voters to vote for him in 2010!…OOPS!…

SENTINEL 1/8/10….

“On day five of the qualifying period for the seven Broward County municipalities with March 9 races, candidates came forward in Hillsboro Beach and Lauderdale-By-The-Sea. Candidates have until noon Monday to file their paperwork and pay fees.
LAUDERDALE-BY-THE-SEA District 1: Non-profit executive Marjorie Evans and credit card executive Scot Wayne Sasser; District 2: incumbent Jim Silverstone and builder Christopher Vincent; Mayor: incumbent Roseann Minnet”

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … Town Hall East …A Hub Of Sunshine? …

January 8, 2010 by Barbara


Commissioner Clottey’s white Prius parked behind the Furth van on El Mr Drive -1/8/10

Clottey’s white Prius photo #2- 1/8/10

Comm. Silverstone’s  Silver Porche parked a few cars away  from Clottey’s in front of Town Hall East – 1/8/10

Silverstone’s silver Porche photo #2- 1/8/10

Dear Readers…Hmmm…. Is there a Sunshine problem inside Town Hall East?… An emergency strategy meeting for the 2010 municipal election with 2 days to file left?…Is a Furth going to step up and run for Mayor?…Are they talking about the “Jerry” problem they all have on their backs?… Are they commiserating  about the “Sea of Minnet, Sasser, Vincent” signs  throughout town?…. Are they concerned if any more of those signs are removed by the “Vigilante” what will be posted on this site?.. Perhaps, they are holding their noses while deciding between Jerry or Peanuts for the CIC- endorsed Mayoral candidate if neither Furth is willing to take on Mayor Minnet?….. Send in the tequila…they’re going to need more than a siesta today!…

No voters should doubt that this Furth”gang” is still tight as can be and taking their directives  from the Furth’s Town Hall East motel…especially after seeing these photos!… For now, on day 5 of qualifying for the 2010 LBTS commission… it is a given this IS Commissioner Jim (He’s not a nice guy and not a gentleman) Silverstone’s campaign headquarters!… La Cucaracha!

Thanks to the “Roving Reporters”…

more to come………

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Here’s The Scoop ….The CIC …. “Wag The Dog” … Updated …

January 6, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers..The decline in the once highly regarded CIC organization continues to be in free fall under the control of Mcintee, Furth and Roberts!..

Previously  this writer posted how things were done in the past when choosing a CIC endorsed candidate…The CIC spent much time, in following the rules and offering its members the ability to have a say in the process…This year…no such luck!..

The CIC canceled their meeting on the 3rd of January…and if that wasn’t telling enough… today on Wednesday the  6th  the board sent out an e-mail to their diminishing membership to come on Sunday January 10th … ONE DAY before the last day to qualify to for the commission stating in that e-mail that  they can endorse them now that they have qualified!…

For now on day 3 (before the end of the day updates) the only candidate the CIC has to endorse is Jim (He’s not a nice guy-He’s not a gentleman) Silverstone …Because there is no way they will endorse Minnet, Sasser and Vincent who qualified on the 4th and are already endorsed by Unite Our Town!..



“In day three of the qualifying period for eight Broward County municipal races,….”

“LAUDERDALE-BY-THE-SEA District 1: Credit card executive Scot Wayne Sasser; District 2: incumbent Jim Silverstone and builder Christopher Vincent; Mayor: incumbent Roseann Minnet.”


These head-scratching actions make for even more fodder from the sidelines over the next 4 days as we all look to see if  the CIC is left with only …(due to no “newbie-takers”/ or CIC -Recalled Former Mayor Parker)……Silverstone…McIntee …and  Furth…. on the CIC endorsed short-list…(Been there,done that)…”Broom..Broom”…

THE CIC E-MAIL … Jan. 6,2010…

“Dear CIC Member
There will be a very important CIC meeting on next Sunday evening, 7:00pm, January
10th, at the Surf and Yacht Club. The filing period for candidates for
the LBTS Commission runs from Monday, January 4th until noon of Monday,
January 11th. By the time of our meeting, we will know who all the
candidates will be and can then decide on who the CIC will endorse.
Please plan to attend and take part in this most important decision for
the future of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea.
Your CIC Board”

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … Day 2 … Nothing To Wear …

January 5, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers … Day 2 of qualifying found no takers…Was it the cold temps?… Too far to walk from Town Hall East in the cold?…Perhaps, someone couldn’t find the right outfit to go with those boots?…Hmmm… Maybe Christie Furth is not quite ready to go head- to- head with Roseann Minnet for Mayor now that  Jimmy-boy walked in on day 1 to Town Hall  ( to run for re-election as Commissioner and took that seat off the table yet again ?… Ouch!…..

Sentinel 1/5/10…

“LAUDERDALE-BY-THE-SEA None qualified Tuesday. For District 1: Credit card executive Scot Wayne Sasser; District 2: incumbent Jim Silverstone and builder Christopher Vincent; Mayor: incumbent Roseann Minnet.’

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop …… Scene And Heard … 24 Hours Before ….

January 3, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers… It’s quiet today in Town Hall…but tomorrow it will be quite a different story…Tomorrow is the first day the candidates for the March 9, 2010 Municipal election can qualify to officially run for a seat on the LBTS Commission!… We know three declared candidates already…Mayor Roseann Minnet, Scot Sasser and Chris Vincent…You know them as well… They made their way to your neighborhood in the past weeks….and you now see their signs all over town…from the north to the south… Who they will be running against is still up in the air!…As previously posted the CIC canceled (according to their site) a meeting tonight …It was thought they would be announcing who the CIC would vote to back one day before the official qualifying begins….This is quite a change from the 2008 election….In the CIC that was Chaired at that time by then-candidate Stuart Dodd and Vice-Chaired by this writer…the candidates had already answered an extensive CIC questionnaire put together by CIC member and former Mayor Ken Wardlaw…The candidates had been to several CIC meetings to answer questions and the CIC was mailed ballots to vote for candidates…as well as a final vote done prior to this time to officially validate that the candidates were CIC endorsed…

With the fallout of Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee’s big gamble and big landslide loss for VFD Fire Chief and his all-out “war” to take the VFD down and go after Chief Perkins with an “oversight” assist from Town Manager Colon (prev. posts)…how could the CIC back him?… After all, THE major accomplishment for the CIC-PAC after getting the “Broom Boys” elected in 2006 and getting the majority on the dais in 2008, was and is the return of the VFD!.. So can the organization and the Furths still find a way to back McIntee now that he is actively trying to destroy the VFD because they did not support him for Fire Chief?… That will be some spin if they do!…Just how much Kool-aid would need to be consumed to make that appear kosher?… As for Jimmy-boy (He’s NOT a nice guy-and certainly NO gentleman) Silverstone…We are told he too is actively helping McIntee and Colon fro behind the scenes to hurt the VFd (being we are told 1 of ONLY 4 -5  members that actually voted for Mcintee to be Chief)…We  have heard from countless patrons that his Fiancee’ does not want him to run…And those he used to be friends with but threw under the bus to aid and abet his BFF McIntee and TM Colon have told him his “unfinished business” is finished and to get his priorities straight!.. “Walk away from the dais,you’re done!”… Cristie Furth, appears to have no one left to enlist..Will she usurp Silverstone’s Fiancee’ and get Jimmy-boy to do what then-candidate Dodd would not?…(Sausage series-cat.)…Ms. Furth, as longtime readers will recall was promised by then-candidate McIntee in 2006 that in the next election (2008) he would back her for commission …That did not happen when Stuart Dodd chose to run for the seat…(This writer backed him)…Stuart would not switch to run for Mayor (despite Cristie’s pushing hard for it)…and McIntee while feigning his support for Christie did “a McIntee” and threw her under the bus as she was assured of time to explore her options by enlisting Peanuts (who will always be Peanuts, not Larry) Wick…Thus ending her run in 08…We have heard for some time she would try again for a commission seat…and unless it is she who wants to run against the incumbent Mayor… In the end it will be quite interesting to see who has Jimmy-boy’s ear ..the Fiancee’ or the Furths?… As for Peanuts… We are told his longtime acquaintances have also told him, take a pass…Especially after his embarrassing “boy-messenger” time at the podium at both meetings in December…and going after the Mayor’s long- gone previous campaign manager and Greenfest …a non-starter for a “paltry $33″…that has cost the taxpayers much more in Town attorney fees…Also, he’s a goner for a run after Commissioner Clottey essentially called him a lush for his intoxicated and slanderous attacks on the Mayor in her [Clottey] presence at the Chamber’s Holiday party at Aruba in order to defend herself for not interjecting or stopping him after a resident called Clottey out on her “assist” in the diatribe at public comments!…We hear overtures have been made from the “Gang” to the Bel Air Assoc.President and Vice President…. to no avail..A look at the last  required CIC  filing with the Town proves that  the lack of attendance in Jarvis Hall since the orchestrated “CIC-Parade” of support for TM Colon…(prev.posts- TM annual performance review) is due to lack of members…In 2009…most members were from one building of  a new member’s ( Furth friend /BTSTimes staff writer) building in the south and VFD members…. One member that is new, a VFD member has told many he was being actively “courted” to run for Mayor is now as of Dec. 14th a newly elected  officer in the VFD and openly anti-McIntee …So there is a conflict ..via the still in place and again observed VFD By-laws prohibiting an officer from being an elected official…

So what can we expect in the next days of qualifying for the March 9,2010 election? … Who knows?..

The disarray in the CIC finds itself in now, was written on this site long, long ago…right after the last election…with the Sausage series…The PAC voting  Cristie Furth and Moe Mcintee  (the new Vice Mayor’s wife) in as Chair and Vice Chair…They actively changed the organization from a “watchdog” group to a Jerry McIntee “Cheerleading” group…and nothing else with the vile e-mails and verbal attacks from these two and the current Chair/ BTSTimes Editor Bob Roberts toward CAC (pre-CIC)  founder John Thompson…the “tar and feathering” of Commissioner Stuart Dodd after he requested a simple and long known “sabbatical” from the CIC ( Sausage series)…and the continued false statements of him being a “turncoat” when a look at Dodd’s 2008 campaign and his actions over the last 2 years prove he has not changed one iota …the CIC has!…

Guess the word got out loud and clear….from one end of town to the other…why in the world would anyone in their right mind want to run for the commission endorsed by the CIC, much less belong to this failing organization itself?…The CIC  in 2010 remains as it was when this writer left it in 2008….LBTS’ own “Hotel California”…”You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave!….Just ask the VFD!…

Who will be walking through the Town Hall door tomorrow?…. Mayor Roseann Minnet, Scot Sasser and Chris Vincent…three fine candidates…who are fully supported…totally organized and ready to earn your vote!

more to come….

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