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July 6, 2010 by Barbara


If you look in the midst of the rained out July 4, 2010 afternoon event in this “Avid Reader’s” photo you will see the Furths… Hmmm…comparing this year’s event to theirs the year prior?… In the days after the event we are hearing the factions have stayed squarely in their jaded corners on where this year’s celebration landed in the annals of LBTS festivities…The rain did a number on the food sales and beer sales compared to last years…which was down from the Dodd/Clottey event that preceded it… The VFD were not ready to go with food as soon as the parade was finished…We heard today from quite a few “old timers” in town…they did not recognize any of the volunteers giving credence to the warning of a huge shift in VFD personnel … We heard Sea Ranch Lakes had their own parade this year ….The “disjointed” fireworks we were informed did not only come from the limited funds allotted ($15,000) but because VFD Chief Perkins made a call to begin earlier than scheduled and many not right on the beach thought the fireworks were from beachgoers and not the Town… Add to that as this writer posted yesterday…some that did not detonate… Next year once again… is up to the taxpayers… For this taxpayer…it’s the same as it was in every prior year…Town parade… Town fireworks on the barge … and if the VFD is still in flux…skip the afternoon rides and food….

The rumors are true…We hear the Interim Town Manager did stay at the the Furth’s Blue Seas Motel over the 4th…We also heard there was no room elsewhere…It will sure provide fodder for the factions… Also, a heads-up today the Coral Reef “contraption” was back in front of the Blue Seas this morning….What’s up with that?… Stay tuned for the Roundtable next Wed.?….

Big City /Little Town …Doesn’t seem to matter when you have “rogue” City/Town Managers… Tomorrow night Fort Lauderdale will address their budget with their outgoing City Manager Gretsas…. They face a $611million dollar budget …keeping their millage the same..overages in their reserves…5% increases for a bloated staff and no cutbacks … Hmmm….Sounds pretty much like what our Int. TM presented us with at the last Roundtable only on a smaller scale ….left over from the former Town Manager’s way of doing business…. Our budget for 2010-11  is coming a week from now at 6 pm and the backup should be online Friday afternoon as promised per PIO D’Oliveira with the justification sheets….

Speaking once more of Interim Town Manager Hoffmann…this writer always wondered why she would not want to go back to Fort Lauderdale for a second time as City Manager…When she put her name in for Int. TM …I posted some online bloggers had her as a shoo-in for the spot… After a few months with the mess we hear was left behind closed doors …literally…I ask that question once again… Does she want to go put out the fires in the big tent rather than in the small one…as in trade one “circus” for another?….The online posters over the previous few weeks have stated the outgoing City Manager is finally out on July 31st…and that he is one of 3 candidates for the Manager job in Reno, Nevada…with Reno making the trek to Ft. Lauderdale to check him out!… Another blogger had the City Auditor lined up to be Interim City Manager stating the Commission has not put out an ad or an RFP for a search firm … The Auditor seemed to want the position… (see below)…So, if out Int. TM and/or the Asst. Int. TM Bentley want the Fort Lauderdale job…how’s that gonna work and when will they clue the Commission in?…Stay tuned…. Fort Lauderdale should be addressing it tomorrow night as well as their budget…

“Tuesday, June 15, 2010
New City Manager?

“Hit the road”, says Jack.

In the nicest possible way, but the net effect was the same when the City Commission voted three to two not to renew the George Gretsas contract a few months back.

Meanwhile the City Commission appear not to have made any move to hire a replacement.

No executive search firms have been briefed, no ads placed. And there’s only four weeks left to fill the post.

Maybe the Commissioners already have someone in mind for the interim.

He’s well liked. He’s well prepared. And he’s ready to serve.

City Auditor, John Herbst.

Well not exactly. First the City Attorney, Harry Stewart must rule on whether a City Auditor can resume his role once he has spent time overseeing the function, without creating a conflict.

John Herbst admitted to this blog, the challenge of the job may be rewarding but it can bring with it unpopular decisions. Even sound decisions have shortened many a career in city government.

Who ever said good judgment and politics were compatible?

Nonetheless Mr. Herbst has indicated his willingness to serve as interim City Manager if asked. Opportunities like this don’t come often and it’ll do wonders for his professional résumé.””


Meanwhile…LBTS has started the process for that ICMA online ad which was to go out in July…

LBTS- RFP online …

It’s also on the Town website and….. but MIA on Florida League of Cities classified…and as for the printed papers…nothing cam up online for the Sentinel….Commissioners should be getting an update from the PIO on placement…and responses thus far…

Is it all in the name….or is it in the record of service?…Still the ongoing “hot potato” in the Broward Judge elections… One person being in the group of “last name matters”…former Mayor Oliver Parker… who has made it clear to anyone he meets..this time around he is not putting his own money in to win (as he did against Ellyn Bogdanoff)… Want a trip down memory lane… … just to keep showing …nothing changes much in LBTS….
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Attorney Oliver Parker has filed against Circuit Judge Ken Gillespie.

The filing is here.

Parker is a veteran Broward Republican politician and experienced campaigner.

Time to rally for Gillespie, if you believe in good judges, and diversity on the Bench.”

Next up on the Judge names v. records…the race between Judge Carlos Rebollo and Robert Nichols…

“In its third round of independent endorsements, The Miami Herald has picked three more incumbent judges — Matthew Destry, Carlos Rebollo and Barbara McCarthy.

The Herald says voters should vote for Rebollo, who prosecuted more than 200 felony cases while at the Broward County State Attorney’s Office.

“Word around the courthouse has Mr. Nichols openly bragging that he’ll win this race based on his name.  That’s disappointing,” said The Herald.”

We hear plans are in the works for an August fundraiser for Judge Reollo in LBTS …more details to come…..

more to come….

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