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Here’s The Scoop … Scene And Heard Around Town …

November 20, 2009 by Barbara


Candidate for Commission Chris Vincent, wife Christine, daughter Paige

Mayor Roseann Minnet lends a hand to owner Mark Silver to pick a winner

Chamber of Commerce Board Candidate Yann Brandt and Commissioner Stuart Dodd

Argenti Owner Mark Silver, Chamber Board Member Malcolm McClintock, Edmund Malkoon, Commissioner Stuart Dodd and Penny Dodd

What a great turnout for a new business in town…Commissioners, candidates, local newspapers, Chamber members…fellow businesses and many, many residents and guests came to join in the celebration …. and quite a few walked away with something sparkling to remember the evening!..

We hear BTSTimes Editor Cristie Furth was walking around with a pocket recorder…and “finagled” a pic with Candidate Chris Vincent… What a nice guy!… Looks like the Furths missed 2 “siestas” in a row…ZZzzzzzzz

We saw a very long winded (as always) Vice Mayor McIntee standing in front of  Basilic Vietnamese Grille  (218 E. Commercial Boulevard, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea 954-771-5798) …as BFF Comm. Silverstone stood and listened, nodding in agreement to whatever he was being told…..”Bobblehead” BFFs!…

McIntee then made a beeline towards a 30- something blonde on the corner …spending quite some time 20 minutes or so feeding her some lines….But what was really the kicker…we hear later on inside the store…the very same blonde was heard to say “If that guy thinks I would vote for him, he’s crazy!”… Ahhh…a very smart blonde indeed!…

Interesting ….a driver in Bel Air  made mention that McIntee has some black plastic over his windows at his house on S.E. 21st Ave….Hmmm… Is he protecting the interior from some future street flooding ….or doing some remodeling?… Anyone see a permit?…. Check with the town?….

We hear the CIC must have realized their drab (CIC -Pres. BTSTimes Editor Bob Roberts version?) last minute invite sent out last week was not going to do the job…and the “fundraiser” might not pan out either…(Can VFD members contribute to candidates, seeing they are paid by a town- contracted vendor?)…So yesterday the CIC sent a colorful (Furth ?) version of the an invitation for a dance…minus the “fundraiser”!..

Updated-We also heard a certain Commissioner’s Fiancee’ was making CIC calls for the now- CIC-non-fundraiser…She has made it known it was not her!…The person insisting so, must be mistaken unless there is another member with the same name. … More to come on this one…

We heard the the Vice Mayor is so desperate to win another 4 years on the dais that he is now going to pull another VFD “bait and switch”…He is going to forgo running for VFD Deputy Chief  or VFD Chief….He will say he is not going to run because of all the “attackers”…and the “haters”…to “protect” the VFD from those who “spit” on the department because of him!… Don’t be fooled..voters….We’ve gone down this path before…You will recall when McIntee and his BFF (Best Friends Forever) Silverstone sat on the podium at the end of their last stint as Deputy Chief and Chief and told all they would only be members if the VFD was reinstated…That was a ruse…and it will be again!… McIntee giving up his new souped up red command car…Yeah right!… McIntee not instructing “Little Chief” Perkins? …. Yeah right!…  VFD Chief, Perkins or whomever McIntee “installs” as Chief …will be “Towing” the McIntee line…and will continue that all too familiar “mantra”   “It’s the Chief”s discretion”…..allowing “member” McIntee to break the VFD-SOPs… and enjoy the perks…such as the VFD-Training Officer 3 (McIntee) gets the command car!… The “puppeteer” will still be ….”Puppet Master” McIntee!…

Interior Digs Owners Ken and Wayne….with guest from Ohio at the store’s Holiday Gala (Nov.14,2009)

“Hi Barbara, I saw the post, thank you. I wish you could of made it…it was quite an interesting crowd bringing both old guard, new guard, whatever guard, north south middle high risers and one story residents all together and getting along.

Many great items were donated from merchandise, art, photography, all the food, bar and so forth was donated by Aruba’s, Village Grille, Athena’s, Fernando’s Italian Market, Lenore Ryan and the Cookie Shop also gave a great deal on a variety of wonderful holiday cookies.

We did raise a total of $2400 so for the charity JDCHF and we are continuing to collect for the charity until the December 25. (Our goal is $4000) So if there is anyone that would like to donate that did not get a chance please let them know to drop off a check made out to the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation in any amount they wish. All and any amount I know would be appreciated as this is wonderful dedicated foundation doing many incredible things for the children of our future.”

Make sure to stop in…and help them achieve their goal!…Kudos to all that participated! ….

258 Commercial Boulevard
Lauderdale by the Sea, FL 33308
(954) 938-0101

Got a picture/ tidbit…an event you want posted?…Let me know…[email protected]

more to come…

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