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Here’s The Scoop …… Scene And Heard Around Town This Holiday Season ….. There Is Joy In Week 1 ….

December 3, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers … We started off this Holiday season with a real gift  … The December 1, 2009 Regular Commission Meeting…The evening was McIntee -Free and with the usual agenda items  along with 6 Ordinances and 2 Resolutions it was still over a short time after 11 pm!…( including a break)…. There was decorum on the dais and in the hall….The Mayor was in control…It was easy for her, seeing that the out-of-control Vice Mayor was absent and his vacant seat proved to all…even the few scattered skeptics among us, just where the problems in Jarvis Hall emanate from! … Alas, enjoy it fellow residents ….. for it is to be but a brief glimpse into what can be … AFTER March 9, 2009 …when the Vice Mayor is voted out!… Remember voters, the continued “Joy in Mudville” …depends on your important vote in the voting booth!…

Day 2…. Dec 2, 2009 ……..

The Holiday parties are in full swing ….. with many townspeople…businesses… elected officials… and candidates making the rounds to partake in them all!…


“Lorene Parker and Sunny Eckhardt were guest bartenders at Stinger’s Beehive for a holiday fund raiser for the Assumption Church Altar Guild. Reports are that it was the best attended guest bartender event ever!”


“John Winningham, Georgette Sosa Douglas, John Zullo, Mayor Roseann Minnet and Bob Wolfe celebrated the holidays at a Lauderdale Beach Republican Club meeting.”


“Adam Geesey, Edmund Malkoon, Paul Novak, David Mayman and Dave Gadsby enjoyed a fabulous holiday party for Chamber of Commerce members, staff and volunteers thrown by the generous Peggy Mohler and Guy Contrada at Aruba Beach Cafe.”

Aruba Chamber

commission candidate Chris Vincent, Cindy Geesey, Edmund Malkoon and Dave Gasdsby

Thanks to the “Roving Reporter”…

Tonight the POA will be the place to be 6:30 pm at Jarvis Hall…Bring Holiday cookies …and join in the fun!…

more to come…..

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