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Here’s The Scoop … “Dust Bunnies” …Need To Be “Swept” Out As Well …

March 31, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers…When the voters “swept” out the Mc-Furth “Gang”…not all the “Gang” members left the “building”…There are “Dust Bunnies” still left in Town Hall…and as everyone knows about “Dust Bunnies”…They always seem to cling to each other and grow in size ….While you cannot see them lurking in the corner… they are there…they muck up your “clean house”… as they “stick” together ….

In this case the “Dust Bunnies” are Town Manager Esther Colon, Asst. Town Manager John Olinzock , Town Clerk June White and the Town Attorney”… They have “stuck” together since the election and are continually mucking up efforts to move forward in the town…

They are either incapable or  unwilling to contact the Commissioners on their cellphones… Instead the Town Clerk wastes days trying to reach them at home or by calling their wives…Case in point, was the ill-conceived and inconvenient first Round Table on Monday morning which lasted all of 18 minutes… The Town Clerk had in her possession a list of dates from Comm. Sasser and we hear most if not all of the other Commissioners…For some reason she could not correlate them to come up with a date for all 5 to attend after normal work day hours …. So the Commissioners unable to speak to each other due to Sunshine assumed they would all be there at 9:30 am Mon. morning …At least one Commissioner believing he was the last one called and the holdup to having it … rescheduled his jobs to attend and accommodate …One of the Commissioners found out the Friday before while attending the A1A Scenic Highway event and one had no idea there was a meeting until Saturday afternoon…Comm. Sasser was left last minute to rely on an astute fellow Commissioner to give him an excused absence at the meeting because he did not have ample time to offer one up beforehand…(Mayor Minnet did make that motion immediately upon convening the meeting)… Vice Mayor Dodd finding out that the full dais would not be assembled and being at a disadvantage as they all were due to it being the weekend sent a one-way communication to the Commission stating his opinion and intention… The Mon. morning meeting was held …(prev. post)…and as expected it was deferred after VM Dodd made a motion to do so… The Mayor asked the Town Clerk to look at Comm. Sasser’s e-mail dates after Town Clerk White stated he could not meet on Mon. April 12th..While the Commission waited (June White apologized stating she had so many e-mails …more on this to come)…She read the dates and as anyone could decipher from her own words….Comm. Sasser’s dates did not include the 12th. as being a date he was unavailable…..The Mayor asked her to read them again and she did with a noticeable chip on her shoulder …The Mayor pointed out, as did VM Dodd that indeed Comm. Sasser was available on the 12th…The Town Clerk said another Commissioner was unavailable…The Mayor said we’re all here who can not make it?…Comm. “Clueless” Clottey said she guessed she could rearrange her schedule…(“Clueless” told this writer long ago her hours are her own, and she could travel to all her time-shares and work at any hour)…The Town Attorney was at the table as well and from beginning to end (all 18 minutes)…she bent over backwards to assist Town staff with getting them off the hook…Why?… One of the few times Clottey spoke up she tried (unsuccessfully) with the assistance of Town Atty. Trevarthern to put a “pin” in VM Dodd’s one-way communication…Oddly (as is her usual style) Comm. Clottey pointedly addressed her “take” of one- way communication needing to go through the Town Clerk to Comm. Vincent …HUH?… Trevarthen lamely said while it is not a legal requirement it “adds a layer” of protection if anyone ever takes the communicator to task (Sunshine claim)…VM Dodd was not going to fall for these two or back down……..He stood his ground and stated that he has done this 3 times before ( advised he was allowed this type of 0ne-way communication without fear of violating Sunshine by the former Town Atty. Abbott) in the last 2+ years and seeing that it was a weekend he felt he had no other choice…and would continue to do so…How could he have gone through the Town Clerk over the weekend in any event? ….Why in the world would he trust the Town Clerk to get it out correctly?… The Town Atty. again was “off”, in this writer’s opinion in telling the Commissioners that if they called that morning (Mon. morn before 9 am) and said they could not or would not be there …having no quorum the meeting would be canceled…How responsible would that have been…and what a field day the “spin” would have been if 3 Commissioners did that!.. In any event the “Dust Bunnies” were clinging together in Jarvis Hall that morning and it appears they came in the door that way!…

From the start these new Commissioners have made it clear they operate in a business manner…an up- to- date organized manner…a electronic communications manner…That is why they are all successful in their businesses …. It was a big part of the allure to elect them in order to make a change from the antiquated and inferior “business as usual” aspect of this Town…All are computer savvy and are finding they are way ahead of the Administration and staff…The “Dust Bunnies” are slow to catch on preferring to follow the head “Dust Bunny” and clog up the system to  thwart these “Dust Busters” …They are trying to retain their control …keep safe within their comfort zone…It is not only the lack of fast communication that should be done by cellphones or texts to each busy Commissioner for quick, reliable and timely responses…but a tug-of- war for e-mailed scans of important information versus Town Manager Esther Colon’s incessant “memos” placed in their “boxes” in Town Hall…It matters not if the Town receives the request by e-mail…the Town (TM Colon) still replies in paper…Each day the Commissioners are faced with “memos”…upwards of 20 – 40 pages  each day… The Commissioners are being held “hostage”… in having the up- to- date information…. depending on what time and what day they make it in to collect the memos!… How sick is that!..  It goes like this….Comm. A. goes in on a Tuesday morning …picks up his/her “stuff” …and leaves … Comm. B. makes a run to Town Hall and picks up his/her “stuff” Tuesday afternoon…Even with picking it up in the same day …odds are Comm. B. has more information (some important and some not so much) than Comm. A. just because he/she made it in later in the day…  Furthermore…If Comm. C. doesn’t make it in until Thursday… well forget about it!… Comm. C. is totally out of the “loop”!… Town Manager Colon does this “memo”action on everything from a one line response to a 4 page request/ opinion/direction for the Commissioners to call a supplied list of elected officials to vote against a certain bill coming before the Senate and the House!… WOW!… What to do instead……That’s easy…SCAN!… The Town Manager’s secretary only needs to scan the “memo: and send it to all Commissioners at the very same time with a click!……BUT…that scan should definitely, in this writer’s opinion exclude the Town Manger’s request/opinion /direction for the Commission to do anything!…(She should not be political)….How simple…How Green!…And the result…all Commissioners have the same influx of information at the same time wherever they are…without being tied to come to Town Hall!…(Take note …. next Town Administration!)..I wonder if this was how Obama felt going into the White House ?…

It’s ongoing with an Asst. Town Manager John Olinzock …He can hardly contain his “Pissy” behavior …(prev. posts) at the podium during meetings and up close and personal….The latest for JohnO was when he wanted a new Commissioner to deal with yet another staff scheduling blunder and told the Commissioner to contact the condo who were given the go ahead by JohnO himself to use the Jarvis hall on Sat. April 3rd to  inform them that Jarvis Hall would be used for Easter By The Sea and the kids!… The Commissioner was not going to fall for the Asst. TM’s “pissy” action and called it like he saw it…that it was for the Town to remedy the situation… (This Comm. said he was observant while sitting in the audience for the last 2 years and he must have observed JohnO alright!)……JohnO was not giving in easily though and brought it up yet again to the Commissioner, again the Commissioner stood his ground…….In the end JohnO sent a letter to the condo informing them …although never owning up to the self inflicted blunder….In the Commissioners boxes was the following “memo”to show JohnO had done the deed…It included 3 pages….

1.-February 3, 2010

“Dear Mr. Bee

Upon review of your application for use of Jarvis Hall, Town Administration gives approval. Consider this correspondence the permit for use. Please pick up a key for the entrance from Town Hall in advance of the event. As is requested of all users of the facility, the Town requests that it be left in the condition that it was found.

Please do not hesitate to contact my office should you need additional information or have any questions regarding the use of Jarvis Hall.

Sincerely John E, Olinzock

Assistant Town Manager

CC: Esther Colon, Town Manager

Mayor & Commissioners”

BC….Hmmm. so if the election had turned out differently…would the Asst. TM have directed Silverstone/Evans or Couriel to contact Mr. Bee to move his meeting?…Not a chance!…

2.-“March 29,2010

Re: Use of Jarvis Hall- Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dear Mr. Bee:

Due to the wishes of the Town Commission to utilize the Commission Chambers in Jarvis Hall for the annual town sponsored Easter Egg Hunt event, your  meeting on Saturday, April 3rd, 2010, at 10:00 am will be relocated to the Senior Center in the same building.

Please do not hesitate to call us regarding this last minute change if you have any questions.

Your cooperation in this matter is very much appreciated.

Sincerely John E. Olinzock

Assistant Town Manager

CC: Esther Colon, Town Manager

June White, Town Clerk

Mayor and Commissioners”

3.-The 3rd page of the “Memo” was a copy of the April Jarvis Hall calendar showing the 10:00am-12:00 pm annual meeting condo association..

BC- Again, “Dust Bunnies”… First, the Asst. TM should have been aware of the conflicting date request from the get-go…so should the Town Manager and the Town Clerk…Second, the condo located at 4636 El Mar Drive is a small condo…and last but not least, despite dropping the ball and clearly being unable to admit the Town had done so…JohnO knew on March 15th there would be an Easter By The Sea Event that day…He chose to take no earlier action to inform the condo in ample time…It is also quite interesting to find note that the April Jarvis Hall calender included in the March 29, 2010 memo shows no name for the condo…Hmmm…Without the condo’s name it led to the assumption it was a large condo in need of the hall…In fact the condo is rather small in size…..and it seems to this writer a move to the Senior Center portion of the hall will not impede their annual meeting…. Other than that…why no deposit?…And come pick up the key?…Again, Hmmm…Is it who you know when it comes to both?… Comm. Vincent had to call the Town Atty. in order to use the hall and get the key when he wanted it for the first Easter Volunteer meeting!…OUCH!… The Town has not stopped there with trying to impede the event …..The Town Manager and Asst. JohnO …tried to give the event chairs…half of the allotted $3000 Easter budget…(They were called on it by the chairs and the Mayor/VM)….and “piecemealed” certain Easter items suddenly being “found”….after it was stated by the Administration that the Furths took all the decorations saying they were theirs…(prev. post).. This too is something that needs looking into after the Sat. event… If the Town Pays for the paint and the wood etc…(Easter receipts/CIC website photos) and the event chairs/volunteers paint the wood…who owns the finished product?… Seems to this writer it would be the Town (taxpayers)….The Town also messed up online with the event by stating egg stuffing (it was too late to get the pre-stuffed ones ) would be on Saturday the 27th..It was last night…And it you look at the Town website on the right side it states “Easter Event Help Wanted!”…as if they are having trouble getting volunteers…Not so!… Help is plentiful and many are first time volunteers still “stoked” and wanting to participate in the Town after the “landslide” election!…This year we are told, is a return back to the event being held in front of Town Hall (and inside Jarvis thus the condo move)….as it was in 2007 and before…We hear many are thrilled with it going back to a small hometown feel ….with no blaring bullhorns…firetrucks…No overwhelming extravaganza…it will be a time for children… grandchildren and tourists of LBTS and those close by Town to participate … enjoy and go home…(photos to come after the event) …From what this writer has seen …. the renderings from Wayne of Interior Digs…all I can emphatically say is “Cristie and Marc WHO?”… The Easter By The Sea event will be the event that assures all July 4th and Halloween will also be better than ever…despite the repeated “clumps” of “Dust Bunnies”…

The “Dust Bunnies” have slowed down the process not only day- to- day but they have slowed down the process of getting the Resolution of  protocol and procedures in place…and any action to be taken to clean up the “Dust” left behind once and for all!… That should come soon after we get through the next 11 days …  with the rescheduled Round Table on Mon. April 12, 2010 at 6 pm… The next day, with the Regular Commission Meeting on April 13, 2010 at 7pm…and the second Round Table that must come ASAP after that!…

In the end….one thing is for certain….these “Dust Bunnies” ….will be “Dust in the Wind”…

more to come….
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