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Here’s The Scoop … LOWV-LBTS Meet The Candidates Night #2 …Part 3 … Mc-Evans “Railroading” Her Way Into LBTS …

March 1, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers…The reference above about  Candidate for District 1  Marjorie Evans Railroading” into LBTS is in reference to one of her answers during her portion of the debate on the 25th when she laughed and answered she had never seen anything “railroaded in through this dias, dais. I certainly wish something would!”… YIKES!… That alone should stop voters in their tracks …make voters use their #2 pencils to fill in #2 on the March 9th ballot for her opponent Scot Sasser!… Anyone who has paid any attention in the last 2 years has seen a number of agenda items “railroaded” through to ordinances…Some done without proper notice to those it effects such as the condos on kitesurfing and fishing…and on fast tracking ordinances causing them to be changed multiple times … It is glaring how little Candidate Evans knows because…Candidate Evans did not show up to her hometown in any participatory way until she came to announce her candidacy in Jarvis Hall…her first visit to the hall since she was annexed into LBTS in 2001 as a homeowner living in Unincorporated Broward !… (So according to her running-mate Jim “he’s not a nice guy Silverstone- not only is he personna non grata …he doesn’t want her vote!-prev. post)….

In this writer’s opinion Marjorie Evans is “Railroading into LBTS”…As she has done so over the past few months there is no doubt we have seen this before…where?… Her predecessor from that District, outgoing Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee did the same thing…came into town like gangbusters…”David vs Goliath”…one quick visit …and HE could fix it all…On limited knowledge…”gleaning” bits and pieces HE was able to take care of it all…. Candidate Marjorie Evans has all the same traits…one visit to condos (her first she has admitted)…and she has a “plan”…same for the Chamber…only it was BEFORE a visit…and that goes for the MPSC…after again her first time attending ever…and only after insulting the committee…again with the Town and grants..(free m0ney )and her connections… Deja vu ….Voters…Deja Vu…

The last opponents of the evening District 1  Candidates Scot Sasser and Marjorie Evans…

Candidate Scot Sasser was first with his opening …
“Good evening. My name is Scot Sasser and I am running for Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Commissioner, District 1.

My wife, Teresa and I are raising two children here and we plan to retire here. As I like to say we’re all in. This is why the issues of our town are very important to us.

I come before you tonight because I feel the next few years will be critical for all of us. We have endured too much divisiveness, personal attacks hidden agendas and breeches of ethics. Quite frankly, town business is not getting done.

I have been attending commission meetings for quite some time and have met with many of you in your homes. I have taken the time to know the issues and know that you think it’s time for a change.

My experience in business has taught me to value different opinions. I don’t profess to know it all. But I have come to know you and together we can solve anything.

I will make a difference by championing a code of ethics as well as a personal code of conduct for all your elected officials.

I will make sure we make solid decisions based on a strategic plan that ensures us we don’t take a wrong turn. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.

I will make sure we spend our money wisely by insisting on the proper diligence of contracts and financial decisions before placing my vote.

I will preserve and protect our most precious asset by holding firm to our setbacks, municipal codes, density levels and height limits.

I will make sure to hold our public safety providers to the highest standards possible.

Finally, I have two ears and one mouth for a reason. I will listen twice as much as I speak. And, I will bring your voice to this town government. Not because you support one side or the other but because you can make a difference.

I ask for your support tonight, your vote on March 9th, and your involvement into the future.

Thank you.”

Next  Candidate Marjorie Evans…Thanked the LOWV and all “Live ” and “watching on TV”…She said she wants people to “Vote for me ” that she “brings 40 years of experience in securing and administering public funds in a responsible manner .” She has “an edge in how to negotiate with government to get funding” …”grant writing opportunities”…”and how to negotiate in the world of private foundations.” She said other commissions and state legislators know her as “responsible and a respected custodian of public funds”…She continued “At this time in our economy it is time to establish a town government that is not the laughing stock of Broward County.”…She said her credentials and reputation bring that to Tallahassee She “deals in reality”…”and leaves the emotions for the others”… She said the town is divided and she can bring the sides together…the 2 sides have a lot in common and she went through thee list of what she offered “low taxes, traffic under control,expand the business district and make sure residents in duplexes and condos are treated fairly”…She said “right now we are our own worst enemy”…and said it was all the negative and not the positive and with her “I will see that the good news gets out and we have a lot more of it”…

BC- Do voters really want another commissioner on the dais that has only been paid by the government?… Do the taxpayers really want a commissioner that receives $15 million in funding from mostly the taxpayers whether from public or privates sources in one way or another…and a commissioner who benefits from it to the tune of $150,000+ each year…with her husband on the board?… Do voters really want someone who thinks all the answers come from “jobbing” the government with “free money” for our town…Do LBTS taxpayers really believe money from County, State or Federal sources does not cost us a dime?… (Mc-Deja Vu)… Quite amusing Ms. Evans referred to us as the “laughing stock of Broward County”… (Was that Silverstone shooting her a look?)… especially after it was Silverstone/McIntee who lambasted Comm. Dodd for saying the same thing!… I’ll give her this..she’s a quick study…”A gleaner”…able to pick up what she needs in her encounters and use it  to her advantage …but again …such concern…such election time promises… from a candidate who was MIA for 9 years before she decided to run!…And there’s more…continue on…

BC- It appeared that if  Town Photog/ Silverstone-Evans-Couriel Campaign Manager Marc Furth felt if it was not going his candidate’s way he would “flash” a photo and blind the opponent…as seen even on the debate video…and as for a “photo op” there is one point when Candidate Evans outstretches her arms like a child awaiting someone to pick her up!…Marc also got a shot at the beginning that makes it appear that “experienced” Candidate Evans is showing that “experience” to her opponent Scot Sasser prior to the start of the meeting…(A look at a question of “experience” with Mr. Sasser’s response puts that photo in circular)…

The first question was the Master Plan and whether the candidates would update or revise them…

Marjorie Evans said she would definitely update the master Plan saying “a lot of residents are not happy with what’s on the Master Plan.” She went on to describe a “boardwalk” and that “most of the hoteliers do not want [it[“… “Actually I don’t know if I can as a commissioner, but I would love to sit on that master Plan Committee because I think it’s really vital we get up to date.”

BC- WOW!… First of all “Gleaning” from one meeting in SRClub on Feb 22nd (prev. post)..and ONE hotelier…Paul Novak who was asked about the boardwalk…and at the meeting she was in the dark about the boardwalks as well as her running-mates…including Comm. Silverstone… The boardwalk is dead…it only came to life recently because it was Town Manager Esther Colon who wanted to pay to keep the area behind the Oriana ours to allow for a boardwalk in the future…a look at the videos show that none of the commission wanted to use the big bucks…and it was Colon who did not want to give it up…In the end it went… Marjorie Evans is “Clueless #2″…She does not know as a commissioner she could not sit on the MPSC?… YIKES!… She is so concerned…she could have put her name in and been on that committee at anytime over the last 9 years…Especially over the last months as the Town website/ Town channel 78 and Town Clerk have announced they were looking for members!…OUCH!…

Candidate Scot Sasser said he would look to the MPSC and bring back to the dais their recommendations …He would listen to them…He said some of the Master Plan is old and in need of changing but he stated what would be the reoccurring theme in his responses of having a “strategic plan” as opposed to the “piecemealing” …”We can go chasing one thing or other. I’ve heard a lot about grants  but if you don’t have a plan you’re shoving projects into government works and it doesn’t work. We’ll end up piecemealing”..

BC- Candidate Sasser  was able to shut down the Evan-Grants…mantra for electing her in one answer…and would continue to do so as their half hour continued…

The BSO was next with the contract up in 2011…

Candidate Sasser said he supports the BSO and reminded us all that the crime rate has gone down considerably..He also reminded us that many BSO members are longtime LBTS officers and some came from the LBTS Police Dept. …He said he would negotiate hard and spoke of Pompano Beach who is in the process now…and that could be a good thing for us…in terms of all the information coming out out before we need to address it…He wants the same service at a decent rate…

Candidate Marjorie Evans “I did go to talk to the police Chief myself and ask him about the the crime rate and um, the big cause I’ve been very concerned about the amount of crime on both sides of us. He told me that this is a great town to be the chief in. That the crime rate is very low. However, I do know when BSO came in here it happened all over the county they low- balled the price. When they came in to get the various communities and I really am afraid of the amount of money they’re gonna be asking when they come back again.So I will be a hard nosed negotiator on that.”

BC- Either she “Gleaned” from Jimmy-boy on the BSO and Ken Jenne or she may have actually read the papers a while ago before she ran…This writer will go with her M.O.  thus far over the last few months…and say she “Gleaned” it from her running mate!…

Up next the garbage and again the question and how LOWV Carol Smith asked it shows why next time around…no to LOWV… “Now, the  garbage and trash removal contract has been signed. How will you deal with any problems that arise? Now I understand there are concerns.How  do you think you can deal with it?”

Candidate Evans “I, I there, definitely concerns about the amount of money they’re chargin’ the condos number one and the amount of money the people are paying over the summer when they’re not even here. I would definitely go back to that company and start re-negotiate, renegotiate with them. If they want to keep the contract they’re gonna have to give and that’s one place where they can give.”

BC- “Gleaner”…”Gleaner”… Perhaps Mrs. Evans should read the contract…should look at the RFPs and she would know it did not matter who was the company hired…As this writer wrote from the get-go…being the only person at the pre- meeting for the RFP…(prev. posts)The contract was substandard…it was done by the Town Manager and poorly handled (above his “pay grade” he declared at that meeting” by Asst. TM Olinzock)…and they were “warned” by this writer this outcome would come…Still they did nothing…and erroneous shots at Waste Mgmt. and “People not paying their fair share per her running mate Silverstone is pure Colon spin!…Besides if Evans sat on the dais and said what she just did…she would be…Comm. Dodd and she would be on the receiving end of TM Colon’s wrath and “as you recall” responses…with a perplexed Comm. Silverstone telling her this is a “Town Manager form of government and she was “micro-managing”…and perhaps for good measure throw in the erroneous “cone of silence” that does not exist in LBTS!…OOPS!…

Candidate Sasser said “Yes, one of  thing which I wish we would have done on the front end was to make sure the RFP (Request For Proposal) was correct as it went out.” …He said the people should have been polled as to what they needed in the change prior to it being sent out…He cautioned that any renegotiation could result in a new RFP going out and he went one step further showing why he should be on the dais…He offered up perhaps offering an extension on the contract to come to terms on what has hit so many so hard…

BC- This shows that Mr. Sasser was involved in the meetings back when it was in process, for he recalled Vice Mayor McIntee cutting down the 5 year agreement to 3….

During the meeting as previously posted CIC Newbie Liliana Pomareda walked up the aisle with questions while her candidate’s opposition was speaking and the LOWV timer walked up as Candidate Vincent was answering (bad form for the LOWV)…The next question and a few others it is said were hers…showing she is a “Newbie”….in her CIC indoctrination…

The question was if the candidates would be in favor of immediately using the Public Safety Center’s swimming pool for lessons and safety classes for children … free swim for residents etc… Mr. Sasser said he would want to check the liability issues involved and the viability of the pool itself…if all that was in place he was all for any activities that could benefit the children … Mrs. Evans said “Guess what I’m in total agreement with Mr. Sasser on this. I think he stated the case beautifully. “…She went on to speak of the liability and say “we should do all we can for our children.”…

BC- When we bought the McIntee Public Safety Complex the big idea was that the VFD would be putting on swimming/safety classes…That soon went poof…after the VFD found they could not pay for the insurance…a “hand off” went to the Town…and since that time the Town has budgeted and advertised for lifeguards…no takers…Anywhere else in town that pool looks as if it would not pass code…Anywhere else that pool would not meet ADA requirements for such uses and it should really be filled in…and the funds in recreation used elsewhere….

Question- “What is the first piece of legislation you would like to see passed by the commission if you are elected”

Candidate Evans-” There’ I’m there two  ordinances I want to change. One of them is the outdoor um, the outdoor patio, side, patio restaurants. The second one is for the bed and breakfast in the hotels. Those are my two main issues.”

BC-What about the sidewalk cafe ordinance does Candidate Evans not get?….


Sec. 17-85. Definitions.
The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this article, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, except when the context clearly indicates a different meaning.
Permittee shall mean the lawful holder of a sidewalk café permit obtained pursuant to the terms and provisions of this article.
Right-of-way shall mean land in which the state, the Florida Department of Transportation, Broward County or the Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea owns the fee or has an easement devoted to or required for use as a transportation facility or street.
Sidewalk shall mean that area, whether privately owned or a portion of the right-of-way, which is located between the curbline or the lateral line of a street and the adjacent building and which is intended for use by pedestrians.
Sidewalk café shall mean a use located on a sidewalk or portion of the right-of-way which is associated with a restaurant or food establishment where food or beverages are delivered and licensed for consumption on the premises. It shall be characterized by the presence of tables and chairs and may be shaded by awnings, canopies or umbrellas if permits for same have been issued.
Street means that portion of a right-of-way improved, designed or ordinarily used for vehicular traffic or parking.
(Ord. No. 342, § 1, 6-22-93; Ord. No. 03-520, § 2, 10-28-03)

Sec. 17-86. Permit and revocable license required.
It shall be unlawful for any person to operate a sidewalk café on any sidewalk or public right-of-way within the Town without first entering into a revocable license agreement with the Town for any portion of the right-of-way which is used for a sidewalk café and obtaining a permit as required by this article. Sidewalk cafés are a conditional use and shall be located only where permissible as prescribed pursuant to a determination by the Town Commission and where a lawful permit has been issued. No person shall establish a sidewalk café abutting any sidewalk unless such person has obtained a valid permit to operate a sidewalk café pursuant to this article. The revocable license shall be in a form approved by the Town Attorney and reviewed by the Town Commission in conjunction with its review of the permit application. The license is revocable at the sole discretion of the Town Commission and shall not constitute a vested property interest in any portion of the public right-of-way.
Any person or entity operating a sidewalk café without a permit or any property owner allowing the operation of a sidewalk café without a permit upon his/her/its property shall be subject to penalties as provided in this article.
Each operator of a sidewalk café that operates in a portion of the right-of-way shall pay to the Town a monthly rightofway license fee of $1.50 for each square foot of right-of-way licensed for use plus maintenance and capital improvement costs. In conjunction with the approval of a sidewalk café, the Town Commission shall waive the monthly license fee in an amount equal to the amount expended by the applicant for improvements to the public right-of-way, not to exceed two years of monthly license fees.
(Ord. No. 342, § 1, 6-22-93; Ord. No. 03-520, § 2, 10-28-03)

Sec. 17-87. Permit fee.
(a) All sidewalk café operators shall pay a permit fee based on the number of seats depicted on the Town approved site drawing required by these regulations. The annual permit fee for establishing or maintaining a sidewalk café shall be based on the total number of outdoor seats as follows:
Seating capacity from 1 to 15 . . . $105.00
Seating capacity from 16 to 50 . . . 150.00
Seating capacity from 51 or more . . . 225.00
(b) The permit fee shall be paid on or before October 1st and shall cover the time period from October 1st through September 30th of the following calendar year, except that where the permit fee exceeds $1,000.00 the fee may be paid in two semiannual increments, the first to be due on October 1 and the second to be due on April 1st. No license shall be issued for any fractional portion of the year; provided, however, that any person or entity operating a sidewalk café for a period beginning after May 1st, may obtain a permit for the remaining portion of the fiscal year upon payment of one-half of the permit fee required by this article. No refund of fees shall be allowed.
(c) The permit fees collected pursuant to this section from sidewalk cafés located in the Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea shall be placed in the general revenue fund.
(Ord. No. 342, § 1, 6-22-93; Ord. No. 411, § 2, 11-10-98; Ord. No. 03-520, § 2, 10-28-03)

Sec. 17-88. Permit application.
(a) Application for a permit to operate a sidewalk café shall be made at the office of the Town Clerk. Such application shall include:
(1) Name, address and telephone number of the applicant.
(2) Name and address of restaurant.
(3) A copy of a valid Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea business tax receipt to operate a restaurant adjacent to the sidewalk area which is the subject of the application.
(4) A copy of a valid certificate of use for the building frontage adjacent to the sidewalk and which is the subject of the application.
(5) Evidence of insurance containing terms required under section 17-90 of this article.
(6) An 8 1/2 × 11 drawing to legible scale showing the layout and dimensions of the existing sidewalk area and adjacent private property, proposed location, size and number of tables, chairs, steps, trees, parking meter, bus shelters, sidewalk benches, trash receptacles, and any other sidewalk obstruction either existing or proposed within the pedestrian area.
(7) Photographs, drawings or manufacturer’s brochures fully describing the appearance of all proposed tables, chairs, umbrellas or other objects related to the sidewalk café.
(8) Written consent from the building owner as to the proposed use of the sidewalk and building frontage for a sidewalk café.
(9) A nonrefundable application fee of
(i) $150.00 for sidewalk cafés operated only on private property;
(ii) $550.00, including the cost of notice, for sidewalk cafés which operate on a portion the right-of-way.
No application for use of the right-of-way shall be considered by the Town Commission until notice has been provided to all property owners within 300 feet of the proposed sidewalk café site.
(b) Applications shall be reviewed for compliance with Town ordinances and must be approved by the Town Commission.
(Ord. No. 342, § 1, 6-22-93; Ord. No. 03-520, § 2, 10-28-03; Ord. No. 2007-06, § 2, 4-10-07)

Sec. 17-89. Requirements of a sidewalk café permit.
(a) Sidewalk cafés shall be restricted to the sidewalk frontage of the licensed restaurant to which the permit is issued or within the sidewalk frontage of the building where the validly licensed restaurant is located, and in both cases, a portion of non-vehicular right-of-way.
(b) In the event the subject area of the permit extends in front of an adjacent owner’s property, the permittee must obtain written permission from the adjacent property owner for use of this area. Failure to obtain such written permission will not justify a refund of the annual permit fee or any other fees paid to the Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea for operation of a sidewalk café.
(c) Permits shall not be issued for those locations where tables and chairs would be placed within a ten-foot proximity of bus stops, taxi stands or fire hydrants.
(d) Tables or chairs will not be permitted within ten feet of a pedestrian crosswalk or handicap ramp.
(e) However, the Town Commission may permit an exception to the distance requirement from ten feet to five feet where established pedestrian and tram paths shall not be obstructed and where public safety shall not be adversely affected. In areas of congested pedestrian activity, the Town Commission is authorized to require a wider pedestrian path, as circumstances dictate.
(f) A removable barrier, the design of which shall be approved by the Town, shall be required to separate sidewalk café service areas from pedestrian and vehicular paths of traffic.
(g) Tables, chairs, umbrellas, canopies, awnings, removable perimeter barrier and any other objects utilized as part of the sidewalk café shall be of quality design, materials, size, elevation and workmanship both to ensure the safety and convenience of users, and to enhance the visual quality of the urban environment. Design, materials and colors shall be approved by the Town Commission prior to the issuance of the sidewalk café permit.
(h) Awnings, umbrellas and other decorative material shall be fire-retardant, pressure-treated or manufactured of fire resistive material. Signs, with the exception of the establishment name, are prohibited on awnings, umbrellas, chairs, tables and any other fixture which is abutting on the public right-of-way. Lettering may not exceed four inches in height.
(i) Prior to issuance of a sidewalk café permit, the Town Clerk shall certify that there are no outstanding fines, moneys, fees, taxes or other charges owed to the Town by the current or past owners or operators of the property requesting a sidewalk café permit. A sidewalk café permit will not be issued until all outstanding debts to the Town are paid in full.
(j) One (1) menu board only shall be permitted with a maximum size that does not exceed four square feet. The menu board shall be placed in a location approved by the Town Commission and the menu board location shall be shown on the permit. The menu board shall not be a sandwich sign.
(k) Any food service establishment that qualifies under the conditions of this article may redesign the face of their establishment to allow for doors or panels that permit the establishment to have totally open sides allowing for an indoor/outdoor “café” design. These changes in the building can only be made after a proper building permit is issued, said changes otherwise comply with the “Code of Ordinances of the Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea”, the Florida Building Code, and all appropriate fees paid.
(l) No sidewalk café permit shall be issued to any establishment which possesses less than 24 lineal feet of sidewalk frontage.
(m) Where public parking exists between the sidewalk area proposed for use and the portion of the right-of-way used for vehicular travel, a sidewalk café shall be located in such a manner that a minimum five-foot wide clear pedestrian path on the sidewalk is maintained at all times.
(n) Where no public parking exists, a minimum five-foot wide clear pedestrian path between the edge of the sidewalk closest to the right-of-way used for vehicular travel and the sidewalk café shall be maintained at all times.
(o) In areas of congested pedestrian activity, the Town Manager or his designee, is authorized to require a wider pedestrian path that that provided herein as circumstances dictate.
(p) No objects shall be permitted around the perimeter of a sidewalk area occupied by tables and chairs which would have the effect of forming a physical or visual barrier discouraging the use of the sidewalk by the general public.
(Ord. No. 342, § 1, 6-22-93; Ord. No. 358, § 1, 9-14-94; Ord. No. 03-520, § 2, 10-28-03)

Sec. 17-90. Liability and insurance.
(a) The permitee agrees to indemnify, defend, save and hold harmless the Town, its officers and employees from any and all claims, liability, lawsuits, damages and causes of action which may arise out of this permit, or the permitee’s activity on the premises by executing a written hold harmless agreement.
(b) The permitee agrees to meet and maintain for the entire permit period, at his/her own expense, the following requirements:
(1) Commercial general liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000.00 per occurrence for bodily injury and property damage. The Town must be names as an additional insured on this policy, and an endorsement must be issued as part of the policy reflecting this requirement.
(2) Worker’s compensation and employers’ liability as required by the State of Florida.
(3) All policies must be issued by companies authorized to do business in the State of Florida and rated B+:VI or better per Best’s Key Rating Guide, latest edition.
(4) The Town must receive 30 days’ written notice prior to any cancellation, nonrenewal or material change in the coverage provided.
(5) The permitee must provide an original certificate of insurance as evidence that the above requirements have been met prior to commencing operations. Failure to comply with these requirements shall justify a suspension or revocation of a sidewalk café permit by the Town Manager.
(c) The permit period shall run and insurance requirements as described in subsection (b) above shall be effective from October 1st until September 30th of the following calendar year.
(Ord. No. 342, § 1, 6-22-93; Ord. No. 03-520, § 2, 10-28-03)

Sec. 17-91. Sidewalk café permits.
(a) Each permit shall be effective for one year from October 1st until September 30th, subject to annual renewal with the approval of the Town Manager.
(b) The permit issued shall be personal to the permittee only and shall be transferable only with the approval of the Town Commission.
(c) The permit may be temporarily suspended by the Town Manager when necessary to clear sidewalk areas for a “community or special event” authorized by a permit issued by the Police Department.
(d) The Town Manager may require the temporary removal of sidewalk cafés when street, sidewalk, or utility repairs necessitate such action.
(e) The Town Manager or his/her designee, and/or an authorized police officer of the Town may cause the immediate removal or relocation of all or parts of the sidewalk café in emergency situations.
(f) The Town and its officers and employees shall not be responsible for sidewalk café components relocated during emergencies.
(g) The permit shall be specifically limited to the area shown on the scale layout drawing attached to and made a part of the permit. The Town Manager shall have the right to remove without notice, any tables, chairs or other objects not in the permit area.
(h) The permittee shall act to assure that its use of the sidewalk in no way interferes with pedestrians or limits their free unobstructed passage. The Town Manager may require relocation of tables, chairs and other objects at any time for safety or pedestrian flow consideration.
(i) The sidewalk café shall be opened for use by the general public, although such use may be restricted by the permittee to the patrons of the permittee.
(j) Permittees holding a business tax receipt or certificate of use limited to take-out food shall not be permitted to provide table service on the sidewalk.
(k) Tables, chairs, umbrellas, and any other objects provided with a sidewalk café shall be maintained with a clean and attractive appearance and shall be in good repair at all times.
(l) The sidewalk area covered by the permit and sidewalk and roadway immediately adjacent to it shall be maintained in a neat and orderly appearance at all times, and the area shall be cleared of all debris as needed during the day, and again at the close of each business day and as designated by the Town Manager.
(m) No signs shall be permitted in the public right-of-way.
(n) No tables, chairs or any other parts of sidewalk cafés shall be attached, chained, or in any manner affixed to any tree, post, sign or other fixture, curb or sidewalk within or near the permitted area. No additional outdoor seating authorized herein shall be used for calculating seating requirements pertaining to location of, applications for, or issuance of a liquor license for any establishment; nor shall it be used as the basis for computing required seating for restaurants and dining rooms, or as grounds for claiming exemption from such requirements under the provisions of any Town ordinance or state law.
The area between the exterior walls of a restaurant or other eating establishment and the edge of sidewalk shall be designated as public space. The placement of tables and chairs in this public space shall not constitute a building improvement which otherwise triggers structural improvements to the operating business under the provisions of the Florida Building Code or any state statute. In the event an operator of a restaurant or other eating establishment creates a sidewalk café pursuant to the terms of this section and such creation entails actual structural improvements to any portion of the structure other than the public space or in the event the creation of the sidewalk café permanently obstructs ingress or egress to the restaurant or eating establishment then, in that event, all applicable provisions of the South Florida Building Code or state statutes necessitating improvements to the property shall apply.
(o) The permittee shall notify the Town Manager when operation of the sidewalk café begins. Said notice shall be delivered to the Town Manager within 24 hours of such commencement.
(p) No food preparation fire, or fire apparatus, shall be allowed on the public sidewalk, other than that employed in the course of ordinary tableside service, including but not limited to menu items which require table preparation, whether or not such area is covered by this permit.
(q) Upon the issuance of a “Hurricane Warning” or “Hurricane Watch” by the Broward County Office of Emergency Management, the permittee shall forthwith remove and place indoors all tables, chairs, awnings and other equipment located on the sidewalk.
(Ord. No. 342, § 1, 6-22-93; Ord. No. 358, § 1, 9-14-94; Ord. No. 365, § 2, 7-25-95; Ord. No. 03-520, § 2, 10-28-03; Ord. No. 2007-06, § 2, 4-10-07)

Sec. 17-92. Denial, revocation or suspension of permit; removal and storage fees; emergencies.
(a) The approval of a sidewalk café permit is conditional at all times. The holder of a permit has no vested right or property interest in the continuation of the permit or the activity it allows. A sidewalk café permit can be denied, revoked or suspended if it is found that:
(1) Any necessary business or health permit has been suspended, revoked or cancelled.
(2) The permittee exceeds the approved square footage by placing any additional tables, chairs, etc., beyond the approved area.
(3) Changing conditions of pedestrian or vehicular traffic which causes congestion necessitating removal of the sidewalk café. Such decision may be based upon findings of the Town Manager that the minimum four-foot pedestrian path is insufficient under existing circumstances and represents a danger to the health, safety or general welfare of pedestrians or vehicular traffic.
(4) The permittee has failed to correct violations of this article or conditions of the permit within 24 hours of receipt of the Town Manager’s notice of same delivered in writing to the permittee.
(5) In the event the permittee fails to remove any tables, chairs, and other objects related to the sidewalk café within 24 hours of receipt of the Town Manager’s final notice of denial, revocation or suspension, the Town Manager may direct Town staff to remove said objects. The permittee shall be responsible for the expenses incurred by the Town for the removal and storage of said objects.
(b) Upon denial of the permit, the Town Manager shall give written notice of such action to the permittee.
(c) If the Town Manager believes that a permittee has engaged or is engaged in conduct warranting the suspension or revocation of the permit, he shall serve the licensee by certified mail or hand delivery, at his business address as disclosed in his application for the permit, a written notice of ordinance violation which affords reasonable notice of facts or conduct which warrant the intended action, and a reasonable time for the permittee to cure the violation. The complaint shall state what is required to be done to eliminate the violation, if any. The permittee shall be given adequate opportunity to request a hearing before the Town Commission, unless the Town Manager finds that an emergency condition exists involving serious danger to public health, safety and welfare, in which case advance notice and hearing shall not be required. In the case of an emergency suspension or revocation, the licensee shall immediately be advised of the Town Manager’s action. In the event the permittee does not cure the violation within the reasonable time designated by the Town Manager, penalties shall be imposed pursuant to section 17-93.”

(Ord. No. 342, § 1, 6-22-93; Ord. No. 03-520, § 2, 10-28-03)

BC-Bed and Breakfast…
Secs. 30-1–30-4. Reserved.

Sec. 30-5. Comprehensive Plan adopted.
Pursuant to the Local Government Comprehensive Planning and Land Development Regulation Act, Section 163.3161 et seq., Florida Statutes, the Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Comprehensive Plan, as hereby prepared by the local planning agency, and including but not limited to:”

“Dwelling, bed and breakfast. A building or part thereof, other than a motel or hotel. Where sleeping accommodations and breakfast are provided for transient guests, and which also serves as the residence of the operator. ”
d) Items of information: The items of information on permanent signs for the uses listed below shall be limited to the following:
(1) Hotels and motels (no more than three of the following items of information on any one permanent sign): Hotel or motel name, type of accommodation (i.e. suites, efficiencies, apartments, bed and breakfast, resort or spa), telephone number, chain and travel club affiliations. Address and vacancy/no vacancy information shall be permitted, in addition to the three allowable items.

The Little Inn on El Mar Drive when run by the Brandt family was a Bed and Breakfast…Hmmm…..


Candidate Sasser referred back to his opening and the need for ethics …done simply and succinctly …stating it meant “affiliation” not if the commissioner benefits monetarily and his belief that commissioner stays engaged in the discussion…but recused from the vote…He added his desire for a personal code of conduct to accompany the oath a commissioner takes upon their term…

Up next the next bungled question put forth by Moderator Carol Smith “This goes along with the lights on the turtles. Will you bring a stop to fishing off our beaches in turtle season? (Another Pomareda question?)…

Candidate Sasser said “It’s something that we have to look at. This just came up to me personally the other night.” He said it there was a need for more discussion and it has nothing to do with if he is for or against the fishing personally …”It seems like decisions like this seem to be railroaded through the dais and all of the sudden they become ordinances.” …He said after more discussion he would vote the will of the people and added the importance of the impact on turtles…

Candidate Evans..”Well on this one I respectfully disagree with Mr. Sasser. I’ve never seen anything get railroaded through  this dias, dais (the audience laughed at her ignorance) and I certainly wish somthin’ would!(Evans was laughing totally unaware of her ignorance and why the audience was laughing…further inserting her foot in her mouth) . …She went on to be PC (politically correct) on her stance calling herself a “tree hugger” and  “environmentalist”  …

BC- Readers may remember from prev. posts…it was this writer who was contacted by the “fishing guy”…I advised him to go to public comments (as I have with others) to address the commission (on a topic not on the agenda)…and he did …In this writer’s opinion Silverstone/McIntee “lobbed ” on to the guy seeing potential votes ala CIC Newbie Liliana Pomareda and her $56,000 street resurfacing (despite Candidate Silverstone’s “outcry” from the neighbors on N. Tradewinds  it was Pomareda who came with signatures 1 time and received a 3-2 vote despite the fact their street “lines” would wear away in time and other streets were cracked and worse)…Silverstone being unaware the gentleman contacted this writer first tried to use his actions as the right way of using the process… That’s right voters…take a look at the videos…they show his remarks…It was definitely “railroaded” or “fast- tracked as many other such items…in the last 2 years…If Mrs. Evans had traveled south of Bel Air and entered the hall before she announced ..or even done her homework she would have known what Mr. Sasser  was talking about…OOPS!..

Third question of Liliana Pomareda’s?..”This is way different” said Moderator Smith. “Would you be in favor of putting a link on the Town website for town residents to be aware of sex offenders and child molesters living in Lauderdale- By- The- Sea.’

Candidate Evans “I certainly would. I myself have gone on the Town website and tried to find sex offenders in our area and I have not been able to find them. About a year and an half ago I went ant and I did find them.”…After a personal account she went on to state “I think it is something we really need to look at and it definitely should be on our website.”

BC- Which is it…she went on could not find it…went on and found it…it should be on?… It has been on our Town website for approx. 2+ years after former resident Lisa Mitchell brought it forward at public comments…a simple click on  public safety provides the link …Locating sex offenders …(#10 last item)… OOPS!…

Mr Sasser asked for clarification and added there are links for that and he also was unaware of it being on the website…but did not pretend he did or did not know…

BC-By the time we got this portion of the questioning in their half hour Mrs. Evans like her running-mate Mayoral Candidate Joe Couriel seemed to be running out of logic or the ability to comprehend and answer the questions… If they cannot handle 30 minutes how will they handle 2-3 hours (if we are lucky) …At least Mrs. Evans stayed awake unlike when she sits in the audience and takes her shoes off (seen online Feb 23rd meeting)…case in point below…

The question posed was “What ideas do you have to beautify Lauderdale-By–The-Sea?”

Candidate Sasser spoke of the two that are in the works the El Mar project and the A1A  government project (matching funds)… He spoke of the need for the overall comprehensive strategic plan in moving forward on beautification projects to prioritize our projects…

Candidate Evans “Um, I also agree with Mr. Sasser on the plan to move in steps towards beautification. However, I would like our Garden Club,” (she’s never been involved in this group either) “I don’t know if they’re doin’ it now but we, I personally joined the National Wildlife Federation and my garden is um, has a little sign that notifies you that this is an environmentally safe area. I would like see every resident in ah, Terra Mar, Bel Air and of course the condominiums . Usually their gardens meet these standards but I’d like to see us have these little signs that said we, ah participated in that.”

BC- HUH?…OK, besides the fact that this was way of the beaten path from the question…Someone inform Mrs. Evans that her “galpal” Comm. “Clueless” Clottey better approve of the “little signs”..because otherwise Comm. “Clueless #1” Clottey will charge Evans with “sign pollution” a la the Adopt the Street signs… (Larger I know but no matter the size Clottey wanted them ditched!)…

“What experience do you have with parliamentary procedure and how would you ensure that it’s proper use during the commission meetings. That’s ah, a vehicle not just for the mayor but also for the commission members.”

Candidate Evans- ” In my lifetime I attended many meetings in which parliamentary procedure was used.” …She went on to say that the problem on the dais was “we have people out shout or pout talk or whatever.”…She did not want to enlist a parliamentarian , but then again she would do “whatever we need to do to get it done.”.. She thought the Town Attorney “needs to be a little proactive” saying the attorney was there “protect the commission”…


and “she’s here to protect the individual rights of the citizens and if the commission does not allow citizens to express themselves they can be sued and also if you happen to be of a different ethnic origin and you’re made fun of you have a right to sue the commission.”

BC- Huh? …Is this a shot at the perpetuation of the “Cuban issue” which if watched at the Feb 9, 2010 meeting online proves it was a non-issue perpetuated by the Town Manager and CIC  members…

Candidate Sasser answered he too has sat on boards using parliamentary procedures…He has read and understands Roberts Rules but he went in a different direction and said “I will say this the most important thing is the Golden Rule “…explaining how he will bring that to the dais …

The next question dealt with foreclosures properties and the ability for the LBTS  Commission to mitigate … Mr Sasser asked for clarification and was correct in his recollection that it was brought up after a Commissioner spoke to the Special Magistrate about other communities having the ability to do so (It was not backed by the majority) …Sasser said it should be looked at carefully and should be consistent…anything to aid in the process that followed a strict criteria and move these properties along…

Candidate Evans …said she wanted to speak to condo owners first…lots of empty apartments and she again tried to show her connections to “Senator” Ellyn Bogdanoff (OOPS- Representative)… and what Bogdanoff was sponsoring …She again was offering up recovery money (aka free money) in the neighborhood stabilization program …


Question- ” We have one question that would like you each to think about your strengths and your weaknesses and what you perceive in your opponent. So what distinguishes you from your opponent?

Evans-” Well, I prefer what me and my opponent and I have in common. The one thing that we do have in common is we’re positive people and we’re looking for what’s best for Lauderdale-By-The-Sea. The one thing that I do have that he doesn’t is a lot of experience. He will get that experience as he moves along and if he beats me in this race I’m sure he’ll get a lot more experience!”…

The moderator again showing a bias laughed and said good answer… Geeze!

Candidate Sasser-” I would agree with Mrs. Evans on the positive note. I know we both have business acumen. We both manage money. And I would say I’m very strong on strategic planning. You’ve heard me talk a lot about that tonight. I think I’m very strong on making sure that we have a plan and that government money never comes free. And that we need to make sure we’re not back-filling our own projects to fit government grants. I don’t like the government telling me how my town should look and feel. I know you guys don’t either.We just have to be careful with that.

And then I would say respectfully to my opponent that probably another thing I would bring is a familiarity. I know that I’ve been to commission meetings before I decided to run. So I would say the experience in that piece of it would definitely be an advantage for me.”


The next was the Furth question asked of all three..for the Bio-Rock Artificial Reef Project…Candidate Sasser was in agreement with the others who spoke before him this evening and added it was a top priority of his to protect out precious assets…

Candidate Evans…said she supported it and then said “I don’t know if you’re aware of this but it does help with the storm surge after the 100 year study done on our beaches. They determined that the ground floor all along the beaches would be flooded in a storm surge. …She must have had a cue from Furth because she quickly returned to “message” with “It will put us on the map” …Yadayadayada…

The Closings…

Candidate Evans- ” Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you again. I want you to vote for me for the following reasons. I am experienced in managing public funds and developing revenue streams through grants and legislation. I am a leader who knows how to get people to work together for a common cause. I’m experienced in local, state and federal grant negotiations” She went on to say she would “accentuate the positives of this town to show tourists, new property owners and prospective business owners alike what a great community we are. “…She said she would “enhance our civic and public services in a manner consistent with the authentic characteristics of our town and this will improve the image of the town as well.I will protect our standing emergency services and promote fair treatment to all that call our town home. I am determined to keep our taxes low and our streets safe.”

BC- Would Marjorie Evans vote for Marjorie Evans?… If she says yes…I question her judgment for having the best interests of the town in mind…I would have more respect for Mrs. Evans if she would have come to the town and offered her assistance on a board…perhaps if voters get it right…she will be available…The question then will be…will Marjorie Evans wait another 2 years to walk through Jarvis Hall for another run for Commission as a known participant  or yet again only as a candidate with all the Mc-answers?……


Candidate Sasser-

“Thank you for your time and consideration tonight. As stated earlier we are facing issues that are all too familiar and in need of being put to rest once and for all.

I attended meetings long before I decided to run. I bring a familiarity of the issues with me to this seat.

I WILL make a difference by championing a code of ethics and a personal code of conduct for all your elected officials.

I WILL make a difference by insisting on an overall plan for our town that ensures we stay on course.

I WILL make a difference by ensuring we spend our money wisely.

I WILL make a difference by reading contracts and performing the needed diligence before rendering a decision.

I WILL make a difference by making sure we protect our ocean views, greenspace and low profile.

And finally, I will listen twice as much as I speak and return your voice to the dais.

I ask for YOU to make a difference on March 9th by casting your vote for me. Scot Sasser”





more to come

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Here’s The Scoop … The Sizzle Or The Steak?…

February 23, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers …..  Commissioner “CLUELESS” Clottey  took to task a certain commissioner (Dodd) for what she said was politicking at a prior meeting when he spoke of getting the right people up on the dais after March 9th to help him  get the Town’s business done……Then true to her “CLUELESS” Clottey lack of character she proceeded to do just that!.. Once again she made all of us who voted for her sorry that we did…(2 more years)…as she told voters not to try the “sizzle” over the “steak”…

Judging from her choice of candidate…District 1 Candidate Marjorie Evans…definitely “no “sizzle” …… as she sat in Jarvis Hall and again either had her head in her hands or was leaning forward with her head in her lap, appearing to be asleep as the first presentations were being addressed…and if her “galpal” “CLUELESS” Clottey was insinuating Evans was the “Steak”…she was definitely “Cooked”!…

Voters should also be aware Candidate Evans again left the meeting early before public comments were done!…(approx. 8:45 pm)  Buyer Beware!…



District 1 Candidate Scot Sasser  ( in the suit) who sat upright at all times at the meeting…came prepared with public comments to address the Commission on the A1A project and informed the Town Manager of problems with her choice to give the contract to ….as well as the problem of not presenting the Commission with all the information to make their decision…Candidate Sasser stayed until the end of meeting…Fully engaged and in his upright position! …

Candidate Scot Sasser Public Comments….
“I would like to address the Consent Agenda Item for approval of contract agreement with PBS&J in the amount of $58,300.00 for the design of the FDOT Local Agency Program SR-A1A Enhancement Project. According to the minutes from January 26, 2010 3 companies were selected by a 4-1 vote. This begs the question; where are the other 2 design proposals? Shouldn’t the Commission at least be provided all 3 bids before making a decision? There is no back-up relating to the other bids, only the bid for PBS&J. While the header for the item listed in the minutes states to give authorization for the Town Manager to negotiate the contract it also states to set a date for presentation of short listed forms. This would indicate that there would be a presentation of ALL short listed responses.

Also, a quick Google of PBS&J provided information that they are being investigated for a “Corporate pay to play scandal” and two of their former chairmen have submitted guilty pleas. This was posted in two separate articles by the Miami Herald dated January 9, 2010 and February 2, 2010. I can only assume this was not known before short-listing the firms since it never came up in the discussion on January 26.

I would suggest that the Commission hold off on approval of this until all short-listed firms are presented (as was specified) and some consideration is given to the current state of affairs of this company in particular.”

He also addressed the $700,000 …that Comm. Silverstone,the Town and the Town’s auditor were trying to say “we saved” in the CAFR Presentation by stating he could do the math… “we should have saved a million.”…or in “steak” speak…Time to put a fork in it!…

links to PBS&J articles…


Thanks to the roving photog!….

This post is for a special Avid Reader in Georgia!….

more to come……

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Here’s The Scoop … The League of Women Voters Feb 16, 2010 LBTS Meet The Candidates Night … Fear-mongering Question and Answer …

February 16, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers…How sad it was that the Broward League of Women Voters chose to add to the fear-mongering Furth-campaign of Candidates Silverstone, Evans and Couriel…It came when the moderator Carol Smith presented Candidates from District 1 Scot Sasser and Marjorie Evans question number 3…Below is an e-mail this writer sent to Ms. Smith upon arriving home…I was very upset and disturbed that the question was asked without any prior investigation …In my opinion, Ms.Smith has given the Town of LBTS a black eye in the first Meet the Candidates Night meeting with introducing it and Candidate Marjorie Evans has shown that she will perpetuate a falsehood and run on fear-mongering to win a seat on the dais…. She was not alone in her plan, her fellow running-mates District 2 Candidate Comm. Jim Silverstone and Mayoral Candidate Joe Couriel also took time in their allotted 30 minutes on the dais to further assert fear of attacks and bullying and false statements…

I have asked for Ms. Smith to do now what she should have done prior to last night’s event and  look at what really transpired on Feb.9, 2010 ( … When and if I receive a reply I will post it…

The E-mail (w/out full BCbythesea post sent)


Re: Questions for LBTS Meet The Candidate Nights
Wednesday, February 17, 2010 1:11 AM
“Barbara Cole”
“Carol Smith”
Dear Ms. Smith,
While I appreciate that the Broward League of Women Voters came to LBTS last night to assist with our Meet The Candidates, I must voice my great displeasure at the third question you presented to candidates Scot Sasser and Marjorie Evans.
The question you asked was based on erroneous information and aided in the fear-mongering campaign being run by the campaign managers for Candidates Silverstone, Evans and Couriel.
The question you asked was this-
“This is a question on decorum on the dais. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the Unite States Constitution and by many State Constitutions etc.considering our protection on freedom of speech.
However, being educated enough to know when racism is being brought into Town meetings, how do you view the issue of recent public comments made in Town meetings such as Banana Republic. get out of this country, get back in your boat, go, I’m reading this, go find your paddles, go back to your Dictator. As a member of the Town council will you continue to allow this type of speech as freedom of speech or do you think it should be considered proper.”
Unfortunately Ms. Smith, you did not check out the validity of the question before asking it from the dais.
It was factually incorrect. The situation did not take place as you described and yet by your posing it, you further added to the propaganda being used to win an election by one side that cannot win on their record.
It was further troubling that Candidate Marjorie Evans who was in attendance on Feb. 9, 2010 chose to answer and further add fuel to the fire.
Ms. Evans answer last night-
“I believe the problem is not only on the dais. I believe it’s in both places. Unfortunately, Americans and it’s really sad that it has filtered down to this Town that freedom involves responsibility, responsibility involves listening to other people. When you shut off comment ah, public comment with words like “The Cuban” which was just used the other night um, what you’re doing is slandering those people and if you read your history that is the seed of totalitarianism. When people under the guise of freedom of speech say things about other people and intimidate people from appearing in a town meeting. My, the people that I’ve met on the streets, half of them won’t even come here because they’re afraid to come to this meeting. I was actually strong-armed myself once.”
This statement made by Candidate Evans is not supported by the video of the meeting on Feb.9, 2010 . I am providing you with a link to the Town website video (you will find this exchange under Public Comments) as well as a post I wrote containing the verbatim exchanges that took place that evening.
You will see for yourself that the Town Manager took a public comment out of context and the Vice Mayor who chose to assist in riling up the audience.
The Candidates opposing Candidates Evans, Siverstone and Couriel have also been going throughout the Town and have found that people in this town are not coming to the meetings because they feel their voices are not being heard by the current majority.
The hall was full last night, overwhelmingly it was citizens looking to change that. It was apparent from the sea of Sasser, Minnet and Vincent T-Shirts worn.
I hope to hear from you after you have looked at the incident and ask that you address this at the Feb 25, 2010 Meet The Candidates Night, to clear up the black eye this question has given our Town.
Thank you, Barbara Cole
From my website
“Dear Readers …Shades of the old CIC when this writer was front and center …a full participant in a purposeful agitation to defer and deter the voters from the business at hand and the facts… Silverstone-McIntee- Furth- style!…
You all remember this…
Last night we were a close second with the instigation coming from Town Manager Esther Colon…Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee and Commissioner Jim Silverstone!… As you read this full account…the first such account of perhaps the worst commission meeting we have seen in the last 2 years…ask yourselves…are you willing to assist with your vote to retain them or will you make it known that enough is enough and it is time for Commissioner Jim Silverstone-Vice Mayor McIntee- Town Manager Esther Colon- Marc + Cristie Furth to go!…


(the full prev. post scoops +LBTS Agendas/Meetings cats.)

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Here’s The Scoop … M & Ms & Fs … Part 3 … 4 More Years?….

February 7, 2010 by Barbara

IN M & Ms & Fs …WE TRUST ….  FOR 4 MORE YEARS?….

Dear Readers ….are you really going to put your trust and confidence behind 4 more years of an M & Ms & Fs run Lauderdale- By- The- Sea?… Can we afford it?… If you are truly looking for a change in the status quo…accountability with transparency along with inclusion and fair representation…it won’t be coming from this “New Gang”!…

In the campaign run by the Furths out of their Blue Seas motel we have encountered the worst of the worst in negative campaigning …sending the left over CIC minions to spread fearmongering and falsehoods throughout the town …with statements made by their candidates of the opponents being “fly by night candidates” who have not lived here long enough…We know that is false…The candidates opposing the Furths’ candidates have lived here for quite some time…

Candidate Mayor Minnet has lived here for 15 years/ Candidate Chris Vincent has lived here since 2002/ Candidate Scot Sasser has lived here since 2003 …All were homeowners-taxpayers from the beginning…

The Furths’ candidates Commissioner  Jimmy ‘He’s not a nice guy” Silverstone- not a homeowner until July 2008/ Candidate Marjorie Evans has been a LBTS resident since annexation in 2001, something she needed to clarify AFTER it was posted here that she was not a 40 year resident of LBTS/ Candidate Joe Couriel since 1994 about the same as the Mayor…OOPS! …

The Furths’ candidates are walking into meetings telling residents that their opponents can “stop Bert J. Harris”…and we hear the mayoral candidate Joe Couriel is saying Bert J. Harris “is done” we have nothing to worry about…Bert J. Harris cannot be “stopped”…The Town Atty. after being asked by Mayor Minnet conceded it was not yet known if it would be appealed….So to “predict” on the dais or on the campaign trail shows a clear lack of judgment ….The same Joe Couriel is said to be exclaiming he as Mayor can throw people out of Jarvis Hall with no warning!…To make such assertions reminds us all what an “Udder” (Silverstone “speak”)…hothead he is!…. We hear Jimmy and Marjorie stand by shaking their heads in full agreement when Joe rambles on and on and on… … Reports are that Candidate Marjorie Evans is telling people she will bring us grants and use her connections to Broward County and the State to benefit the Town……My reply is where has she been in the last 9 years with those connections?… I am told that at each stop and at events the same Marjorie Evans is said to be saying this site has “ruined her professionally” …How so?…Pointing out her lack of information and pulling up her deposition that made this writer shudder from reading her responses….She said she met me downtown and I would not speak to her…not quite true, lack of recall perhaps?…I did see her at the Jan 21, 2010 special event meeting and she turn to speak to me and I did tell her after she pointed her finger at me to make sure I knew she meant me that I knew she was speaking to me…I told her I had nothing to say to her……She is said to claim she sent me a letter… Never received, doubt it was sent …. Look, I have no respect for Marjorie Evans running for Commissioner in Dist. 1… I am quite serious when I write “Would Marjorie Evans vote for Marjorie Evans?”….She knows nothing about the Town…She walked into Jarvis Hall for the 1st time to announce for Commissioner and left after public comments……She and her newest”galpal” Comm. “Clueless” Clottey along with Furth CIC-Furth “galpal” Maryann Wardlaw keep perpetuating the false statement that Candidates Sasser and Vincent announced at the podium at Jarvis Hall…knowing they did not!… Marjorie Evans who it is said tells voters she is a quick learner and can bring much to the dais did not take time to “bone-up” on the Master Plan Steering Committee and proceeded to insult them with her lack of knowledge… A resident told this writer that Marjorie Evans did not know Comm. Stuart Dodd was the Chair of the CIC and I was the Vice Chair even though her husband sat on the board as our secretary in 2007!…Marjorie Evans, I am told claimed she will put a stop to blogs if she is elected …Hmmm…Joe Couriel will throw people out without a  warning and Marjorie  Evans will stop freedom of speech…Change on the dais in 2010?…Yeah right!… It is said all three are blaming all was out of control on the dais over the last 2 years due to  McIntee and Mayor Minnet’s not being able to control him… That’s priceless!…Jim Silverstone happily assisted McIntee in every bad act …they were joined at the hip!… We are told that Commissioner Jim Silverstone is boycotting a business along with the Furths, and while his Fiancee’ has sent an e-mail countering the “word going around town” as untrue… Many are quick to say otherwise …But this writer also recalls the same Fiancee’ was said to tell Jim’s opponents she did not know if he was going to run…and on that very same day…Commissioner Jim “He’s not a nice guy” Silverstone went in to  Town to do just that on day one of qualifying!…OOPS!………My response at the time  on whether his Fiancee’ lied…I said it is possible she did not know…but it was guaranteed Marc and Crisitie Furth sure did!…. We hear Jim’s “unfinished” business is to continue as the McIntee “heir” apparent…To have Town Manager Colon’s back for 4 more years… 4 more years of running the Town as a “Town Manager form of government” even though it is not!…(Commissioner-manager form of government)…4 more years of giving the Town Manager the center seat and the position of Commissioner #6… 4 more years to assist the Town Manager, it is said, in quest to remove BSO police from LBTS as payback from some sort of BSO-Colon bad blood going years back when she was employed there……That could just be an after election surprise ala the $2 million dollar McIntee Public Safety Center that was Jim Silverstone’s agenda item on the agenda BEFORE the election in 2008!… The political ploy from the Furths- Silverstone-Couriel-( he was angry the LBTS Police were replaced )-Evans- Clottey-and Colon of being happy with the BSO Police  now that former BSO Chief Gooding has been replaced and claims of a willingness to listening to what the people want for public safety in 2011… just that, a ploy for winning an election…The real question is will enough voters fall for it again?…

The Furth campaign has violated the disclaimers in ads from the CIC in their paper…The Furth campaign has put out their Candidate’s signs without the proper label of “for”…The Furth campaign has placed ads without the proper political wording…The Furth campaign has purposely printed false voting records for the Mayor in their paper…The Furth campaign has bullied other businesses for being political with signs as Chamaber members when they have signs outside their business as Chamber members… The Furth Campaign has the wrong amount of donations listed on their CIC site…($500 rather than the 2008 campaign finance amount of $300)…. The candidate for Mayor Joe Couriel has not stepped down from his Vice Chair position more than a month into his campaign…This is a known conflict the Furths-CIC  are aware of per the McIntee-Dodd throwing under the bus (prev. post)…in 2008……The lack of the Furths following the rules and playing by them are their well known M.O… the many who have witnessed it first hand or been been on the receiving end… and there are many…believe me!…

For some reason this writer has become a focal point in this 2010 election from the dais, being called  “The Chief Blogger” by Furth led-Commissioner Clottey and Commissioner-Candidate Silverstone….and according to those who have contacted me….  in condominiums, door to door and events it continues when Silverstone-Couriel-Evans are campaigning ….Why?… There can only be one reason…This election there is someone  “The Chief Blogger”….calling the Furths out on how they campaign their candidates…and they do not like it!…

Why do I keep doing it…because as I have said so many times before over the last 2 years…I was hoodwinked 2 years ago…I was disappointed 2 years ago……I did not know there was another agenda in play 2 years ago……and I made it my business to try and do everything in my power to rectify what I helped create in the next election!…That election is here!…

In the M & Ms & Fs …there can be NO trust in 2010….not for me!….

more to come…….

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Here’s The Scoop …. Scene And Heard Around Town …

February 4, 2010 by Barbara


At the Jan. 26, 2010 commission meeting Vice Mayor McIntee was still on his politically motivated Greenfest bent…going after $33 …He leaned into the mike with such vigor to rant about Terry Arthur and the message it would send if we let him the hook…The Mayor again the voice of reason, said the Town Manager has been in receipt of everything she needs to reconcile this issue…But McIntee insisted on paying more hourly fees to our still not on a retainer Town law firm…A certified letter was sent out on Jan 11,2010 and came back with no response…Good reason…The recipient Mr. Arthur is in Kabu,l Afghanistan!…OOPS!.. Seems he has been there for quite some time now, well over a year….so we hear…and he is said to concur with the Mayor that all required paperwork needed to rectify the issue were turned over long ago…So how far does the Special Magistrate’s jurisdiction go?…By the way…we also hear Mr. Arthur has been working with the kids in an orphanage …and isn’t it ironic that VM McIntee who consistently used the dais to speak about anything for the “kids”would want to go after Mr. Arthur for $33 and take him away from those kids who need him so very far away…GULP!….



A situation has reached its boiling point in Pompano Beach. The City Commission and newly hired City Manager are planning on getting rid of the Broward Sheriff’s Office as the law enforcement provider and re-start the Pompano Beach Police Department.

Now, with the input from two ex BSO employee’s the City Manager will recommend on February 9th (next Tuesday) re-starting the Pompano Beach Police Department.Those in the know say there will never be the old Pompano Police, it’s only alive as a website.

The City Commission is advertising the reason for this change is money; this is only part of the story. The real reason is local control and egos. Your involvement and support for BSO is needed.  Many cannot  wrap their heads around this recommendation.Has anyone thought about public safety , or is all money? What will the NEW police department being proposed to be like?

Come to the City Commission Chambers next Tuesday at 7:00PM to support the BSO including one longtime BSO member and Pompano Beach resident who will be speaking as a resident, former LBTS- BSO Chief, Captain Scott Gooding. The meeting is being held the Pompano Beach City Commission Chambers, across from City Hall at 100 West Atlantic Blvd. (Dixie and Atlantic )

First Pompano Beach…then Lauderdale -By-The-Sea…in 2011?….

Show your support inside and outside Town limits ….


So let’s see if you’re a business and you hang the political signs up of Silverstone-Couriel- Evans the Town and Code put their blinders on? … It certainly looks that way at Keese’s who has done just that! Out in from are benches and tables for outdoor dining..with outdoor diners observed…While at other establishments in town such as Lilacs and Lilies are prevented from putting mannequins out in front …the ice cream shop by the pier on Commercial is still on hold and prevented from putting her bench back out in front…and certain businesses with the opponents signs are continually cited for tables that are a few inches over on their own property!…Talk about special treatment…YIKES!…



Doesn’t look like 2010 is going any better 2 months in for the Commissioner who has commonly now called “Clueless”…We all heard about her brand new car being vandalized…she blamed it on politics and gave an ominous warning to candidates Sasser and Vincent…before we found out she never filed a police report!…Well now she has more trouble as the Prius is being recalled for brake problems and software problems…OUCH!….



We hear these two have become fast friends…and both are wining about “The Chief Blogger”  not being  fair to them on this site……UGH!… We hear there’s great concern among the voters…One Clueless Commissioner is one Clueless Commissioner too many!….Looks like “Clueless” #2…didn’t rate the Clottey Furth photo-shop treatment!… OOPS!…



Chief Perkins gave this writer the heads up last Friday…the LBTS- VFD is donating a fire truck to Haiti!… The Chief said they don’t need 5 trucks…”that was McIntee’s thing”… Question now for the VFD…which truck?…A VFD owned truck or a Town owned truck?… In any event it looks like the VFD is getting rid of some of their excess baggage…McIntee and having 5 trucks!…OUCH!…



Residents are hitting the roof …(pun intended) ….over the Town Manager’s unilateral decision to spent $15,000+ on a metal roof for the Chamber of Commerce building…. The only way to make it palpable at this late date if the contract is signed and the permits are in process as we hear they are … is if the roof she picked was a metal roof that imitates the tiles….Speaking of this purchase… we hear again that the Manager was informed last year of an alternative that came with a 4 year guarantee that cost about $3,000 ….Hmmm….. I’d say the Town Manager was “fiscally irresponsible”…and perhaps she needs to be “terminated”…ala Chief Scott Gooding?… GULP!….


more to come……

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Here’s The Scoop …This And That …

February 1, 2010 by Barbara


BTSTimes 2007- “(the same charge used to justify not letting the old “Citizens Action Committee” use Jarvis Hall in 2002 after Joe Couriel had the gall to exercise his right of free speech by publicly criticizing Commissioner Yanni for not keeping Yanni’s 2000 election promise not to replace our own LBTS police force with BSO), “…OOPS!….



We hear the Furth-BTSTimes may be for sale?…Did they really buy it from MacMillan and wife for $5,000?…. If true it’s not too surprising to many… after seeing major problems with the last Candidate Silverstone-Evans- Couriel issue…including purposely falsifying the Mayor’s voting record!…The Mayor called the Times on it in her Commissioner comments on Jan. 26, 2010…(We hear Comm. “Clueless” Clottey has gotten an earful from angry constituents after she  attacked the Mayor for calling out the Times!)…Editor Cristie Furth was sitting in the hall and made no attempt to rectify it!..Ms. Furth could have come to the podium and set the Mayor’s record straight, without further delay…But the BTSTimes owner and publisher made to such attempt!… The paper also made false  statements about Candidates Sasser and Vincent… A look at the dismal number of advertisers (the BTSFutures picked up 7 more last issue!)…Perhaps the new leadership of the VFD  has gotten the message that donors to the VFD do not want their Booster funds to go to a politically motivated paper!…On Mayoral Candidate Joe Couriel’s G1 report was 907.37 to Owner/Publisher /Editor Marc Furth…(no purpose listed) and all know Town Hall East aka BTSTimes headquarters is campaign headquarters for Silverstone-Evans and Couriel!…And don’t forget the 5 days it took to distribute throughout the town!….OUCH!….. Feeling green?…The leftover papers can always be reused…as confetti on March 9, 2010!



A resident pointed out to this writer something that just seems so wrong…The gentleman asked why “Official Town Photographer” Marc Furth was allowed to take bad pictures of town residents and print them in his BTSTimes newspaper?… Hmmm ……



Is there a mutiny against Choice garbage in town?…The Town Manager sent 2 separate letters to Choice stating on 1/21/10″attached are 18 residential commercial dwellings obtained from Broward County Property Appraiser that are requesting to be allowed to have discontinuation of service. I cannot provide data pertaining to discontinuation of service for these dwelling as they are exempt from the current code” and on 1/25/10 “attached are 217 multi family (10 units or less)  obtained from Broward County Property Appraiser that are requesting to be allowed to have discontinuation of service. I cannot provide data pertaining to discontinuation of service for these dwelling as they are exempt from the current code”…Only problem is… it seems most on these lists are not aware they made any such request!…OOPS!…



What’s up with Candidate Marjorie Evans?…She just keeps making missteps in her CIC- endorsed campaign…She came to the podium and tried to announce  in very first visit to Jarvis Hall ever..(though she has owned her home for 40 years)….leaving after public comments and saying she was sorry she came…She came to MPSC and asked what the committee did…as she insulted them…She came to the next commission meeting and offered up her Broward County connections to the presenter who already said what she was offering was not part of the program…( Why no offers until now?)…Marjorie again left before the meeting was finished…We hear Marjorie has spoken to residents saying she would not be putting any more of her own money in her campaign, despite the pressure from her manager Cristie Furth…Marjorie Evans Commissioner for Pompano Beach?…Her address on her CIC fundraiser invitation states her address is in  Pompano Beach Florida!…Candidate Evans this weekend wanted to know who was responsible for shutting down the “Green Market”…Hey Marjorie, those in the know say it was McIntee! …Now Marjorie has her website up…It was put together by “Skip” who’s on her Broward Childrens’ center board…It says nothing …but she shows a video…containing snapshots Marjorie from long, long  ago and ending with a photo of Marjorie and Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff!… (Her supporters the Wardlaws will be none too pleased!)….Not one thing on her site has anything that connects her to LBTS!… Again….Would Marjorie Evans vote for Marjorie Evans?…



Is she really that deceptive?…Is she living in a bubble?…. We hear the Town Manager pushed unilaterally for another “forum” on the special events & street closures on Feb. 11, 2010 at 6 pm in order to create a “diversion” from the election!… Nobody is on board with a 2nd meeting…Not the residents…not the Commissioners….not the businesses…not the Chamber…not the complainants….But TM Colon is not listening!…Why not ?… It’s clear to all ….it’s a parking -barrier issue…NOT a music issue and as such it needs to be set aside for the new commission to deal with!… Besides it being wrong on so many levels…who’s paying for the staff overtime?… And adding insult to injury …Feb. 11th is when the Chamber has their scheduled board of director’s meeting! …OUCH!…



For voters who think Commissioner Jim “He’s not a nice guy” Silverstone  is worth a sympathy vote fro a second term…think again!… The question being asked door to door  …”Would you vote for McIntee?”… The answer is a resounding “NO!”…”Then why would you vote for Silverstone who voted with McIntee over the last 4 years?”…The response to that one…”I won’t!”… NICE!…

more to come……….

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Here’s The Scoop … Scene And Heard Around Town ….

January 23, 2010 by Barbara


BTS-TIMES M.I. A. on driveways…in condos….downtown businesses…and in front of the BTSTimes headquarters/Town Hall East…….Hmmmm….Perhaps the publishers are feeling a little bit shaky after putting out their introduction edition to their CIC-endorsed candidates full of election violations…False voting records for Mayor Minnet that will require them to retract them in the following issue….and of course Editor Christie Furth’s page 3 editorial making claims that the Executive Director of the Florida Elections Commission, Simone Marstiller found probable cause BEFORE a full  investigation and BEFORE a hearing of the full commission….which if accurate amounts to the Florida Elections Commission violating their own procedures… (prev. post)…GULP!…



Would LBTS Candidate Marjorie Evans vote for Candidate Marjorie Evans?…. Would Marjorie vote for a candidate who never walked into Jarvis Hall until she came to announce for commissioner?…..Would Marjorie vote for a  candidate who did not know what the Master Plan Steering Committee’s function was and then insult them?….Would Marjorie vote for a candidate who never did any community work in the town she has lived in for  her 40 years?…Would Marjorie vote for a  candidate who was picked at the 11th hour to run by the CIC because they could find no one else?…….Voters want to know because if Marjorie Evans says yes….what does that say about her?…. OUCH!…



Day 2 …with no computers in Town Hall and no Town website…No back-up for the 1/26/10 Commission meeting…Hmmmm….Many in town wonder if those employees with one foot out the door after March 9th…are doing a VM McIntee and deleting 4 years of  public records!… Remember, the Town’s Information Technology vendor was recommended by the Town Manager despite the higher cost because of the reliability and quick response time for solving problems ASAP!…OOPS!…



We hear the telephone books are awaiting someone to pick em’ up at the LBTS still unsold warehouse ….sitting outside with the unsold municipal trucks…YIKES!….

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop …Scene And Heard Around Town ….

January 20, 2010 by Barbara


There is a war going on in LBTS this election season…The war of the signs for candidates for Town commission… Some are giving equal time…by putting up all 6…and some are playing tricks on one side …Feeling strong-armed and not up to drama… drama-queens…or cheerleaders showing up on their doorsteps…..they are putting signs up…that do not reflect their allegiance  to certain candidates!…OUCH!… Neighbors vs neighbors…We hear one such incident happened yesterday…when a neighbor with the CIC-Furth- Guard endorsed candidates went into the yard of supporters of the  No-Guard candidates and BSO was called it to smooth things out!…So what trumps what in the commercial areas with opposing signs on or around businesses in town?… Guess the Town’s code enforcement was told to stand down….now that the CIC- Furth- Guard endorsed candidates have put so many signs out in violation of the Town code!… Someone is still throwing out signs and moving signs after hours in the dead of night…Sad…to see the ongoing attempts to thwart a fair election process!…..



“OH NO!” is the response we are hearing loud and clear…another “clueless” Commissioner coming out of Bel Air !…Especially after her “clueless” statements made about the MPSC (prev. post)…One is quite enough and we are stuck with her for 2 more years…The Furths sure can pick-em’….Tonight will Candidate Evans go for strike 3 when and if she decides to make her 3rd visit to Jarvis Hall for the 6 pm Special events meeting for the businesses?….



The Town opened up the Requests For Qualifications for the annual auditors…to do the Town’s audit and that of the Volunteer Firefighter’s pension…RFQ 09-12-02 …in Jarvis Hall yesterday 1/19/10…

1. Harvey Covington Thomas LLC -Hollywood

2. Marcum Rachlin Acct. – Miami (our longtime auditors of over 10 years -recently merged …and unilaterally re-upped by the Town Manager last year for a 3 yr $200,000+ contract)…

3. Keefe McCullough LLC- Ft. Lauderdale

4. Goldstein Lewin & Co. Certified Public Accountants- Miami

5. Moore Stephens Lovelace Public Accountants- Miami



RE1 – SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENTIAL Southeast Florida MLS ML: F1049758 BC: 1011 OF: By The Sea Realty, Inc. 3121 SH SALE: N REO: N STATUS: A AR: AD: CITY: LAUDBSEA RP: LLP: LP: $299,900 CT: F#: 494307010060 ZIP: ¤33062¤-7639 ZN: STYLE: R30 #I: 10 NBEA GEOAR: LG: ¤BEL-AIR 32-10 B LOT 6 BLK 1 MC: TN: 4943 SE: 7 SD: 1 PN: 0060 MAP: ST: FL TYPE: / SINGLE DV: SN: ¤BEL-AIR 32-10 B MN: LA: 1,609 TA: ¤1,609 YR: 1958/ NEW CONV: BED: FBATH: 2 HBATH: 0 GARAG: 0 CPT: 2 WF: FACE: W F$: PARK: CIRCLDRV PARK RESTR: LT: SF/FF: 0 LOTDS: 0-1/4ACR WTRFR: N VIEW: GARDEN WTRAC: DESGN: ATTACH/ RANCH 1STORY ES: CONST: CBS ROOF: S-TILE MS: FLOOR: WOOD TILE DINE: HS: ROOMS: DEN FAMILY UTIL-LAU POOLS: N PL: SPA: REM: Walk to the beach or intra coastal from this beautifully updated home! All new Brazilian Cherry Hardwood floors, completely remodeled main bath with jacuzzi tub and modern fixtures, new interior & exterior paint, all new stainless steel appliances in the kitchen with gorgeous cabinetry & a tiled breakfast bar! The front & back yards are spacious with new landscaping and a fruit tree in the back! Circle drive way and a two car carport. This home is easy to show & by appointment only. DIR: TAKE A1A NORTH FROM COMMERCIAL BLVD. AND TURN LEFT ONTO SE 19TH ST. TAKE YOUR FIRST RIGHT ONTO 21ST AVE. 1621 SE 21ST AVE IS ON THE RIGHT. BRK-REM: Showings by appointment only. Please allow time to schedule. Call Kim Haun at 954-829-6530 or 954-351-7007. LV: DR: DA: KT: FR: FL: PR: MB: 2B: 3B: 4B: 5B: DN: PB: BEDRM: UR: CF: 4 MSBTH: WHRLPLSPA PETS: INTER: 1FLENTRY BAR FOYER FRENCHDR EQUIP: DISHWASH DISPOSAL HOOKUP MICRO RANGE-E REFRIG SMOKEDET WNDW: BLINDS RESTR: NONE HOPA: N EXTER: GUEST: GUEST SQ FT: 0 SUBDV: NONE MAINT: HEAT: CENTRAL SPRINK: AUTO CABLEAVL: COOL: CENTRAL WTR: MUNICIPL SEWER: MUNICIPL TRMSCONS: ASSUME: DAV/SOH: ¤$372,000 MPR: TOA: FEE: DMV/ASV: ¤$372,000 TX: $5,687 TXYR: 2009 TAX: HOMESTEAD TM: SPEC: POSS: FUNDING IDX: Y LPID: 570628 LS: John MacMillan APH: 954-351-7007 OPH: 954-351-7007 x 0 2PID: 2A: 2AG: 954-829-6530 FAX: 954-351-5005 LTY: ER ON: ON#: 2PH: URL: PHOTO: 1PLUS WD: EMAILA: [email protected] VT: COBA: 3.0% COTB: 3.0% CONR: VAR: N JA: BRD: F OCCUP: OWNER SHOW: CALL-LO CALL-LA LD: XD: PREV STATUS: STATUS CHNG: OK ADV: Y L1: PREV$: PRICE CHNG: ORIG LP: $299,900 L2: INet: Y/Walk to the beach or intracoastal from this beautifully updated home! New intr & extr paint, New Brazilian Cherry Hardwood floors, all new appliances MOBILE HOME DECAL: SZ: S#: BRAND: FEEINCL: MISC: PD: CONTING: FURN: CD: SP: DM: ECD: CB: SS: S1: SPID: TR: SC: SS2: S2: SPID2: *(c) 2010 01/20/10 11:50 PM 1612 SE 21ST AV BROWARD RESIDENT 2 MBRGRND EXTRABLD FENCE FRUITTREE LIGHTING PATIO SATDISH CONV N N

more to come……

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Here’s The Scoop … Brrrrrrr ….. UPDATED …

January 10, 2010 by Barbara


Stephanie Marchelos at Anglin Pier 1/9/09 …

Dear Readers … This writer is back from Chicago and like many here and there a little under the weather… First let me give a big thank you of appreciation and high marks for “health care” to Southwest Airlines in Chicago and 2 unknown passengers on flight 1258 (Chicago to Fort Lauderdale) leaving on the 5:05 pm (Chicago time) flight… I was feeling rather funky when I woke up yesterday morning and was not sure if it was the Thai food ordered in the evening before or  something else… I pulled it together and got to Midway Airport with much time to spare feeling a little run down but nothing more…Time came to board a flight that was running only a few minutes late which was lucky compared to most over the last few days of snow that caused cancellations and delays…Anyone who flies Southwest knows the Southwest “drill”,  you stand in line under your assigned number the number you scrambled to call 24 hours ahead. (akin to trying to win that prize on a radio show way back when)…Mine was A-24 and so I went and stood and as we waited I suddenly felt quite clammy and lightheaded, I asked a gentleman right nearby if I could sit on the arm of his chair, he said of course and I sat. Next thing I knew I had a two women standing on either side of me One was a doctor and one was a nurse and they were checking my pulse and asking me questions  …within moments three employees of Southwest came over and the women told them to get me some orange juice or a sugared drink as another passenger came forward with 2 peppermint candies which they instructed me to take. I answered their questions, explained why I had not eaten and said I just got overheated. The Southwest employees conferred with the doctor and the nurse who agreed with my self diagnosis and after I drank the juice and ate the candy gave me their all clear…But Southwest has a protocol and I was told I could not go on the flight until the paramedics came and checked me out and then they called their own doctor for an all clear to fly. They told me I would not be going on this flight. I was not happy about it and said so, but there was nothing I could do and I fully understood when they explained that if I felt this way again on the flight they would have to divert the plane. I sat and waited for what would happen next, quickly calling my husband and my daughter. In 10 minutes time, with the 2 Southwest employees standing by 2 Chicago policemen came one big burly guy and a policewoman on a Segway which must have looked to the new group of passengers who had arrived for the next flight leaving gate B8 as if I was being arrested…Then I looked out to see an ambulance by my flight that had not taken off yet…Out from the airplane exit came 3 paramedics …They swooped in and began taking vitals, asking questions, asking me if I wanted to go to the hospital (I responded no) and after another 10 minutes concurred I was now all clear to fly. The police took further information. For some reason flight 1258 was still at the gate and they said I could get on. I did. The flight was further delayed for another 40 minutes and then we took off. …. To finish out the story, because of the delay, Southwest gave all passengers free liquor (I stayed with plain OJ) and we were entertained by a airline steward that gave us a show while explaining the normal in flight procedures that made this the flight to be on!…Thanks again to all!…



UPDATED… Apparently even the computer did not recognize her….and her photo did not appear on the post…OOPS!…

Marjorie Evans ?…

I am told by a reader that new candidate for commission Dist. 1 Marjorie Evans is on the left…. This writer stated a few days ago that while serving as Vice Chair of the CIC I cannot recall ever meeting Mrs. Evans who is the wife of the former Secretary of the CIC Geoffrey Evans…I asked the Chair of the CIC at that time, Commissioner Stuart Dodd  if he recalled her…He answered no…I asked a longtime board member and founder of the CAC/CIC if he recalled any involvement in the CIC or town events/ Town Hall participation…He too, said no… Tonight is the CIC’s first meeting of the new year…According to their e-mail on Wed. (prev. post) they said they would know the candidates who qualified and would decide who to endorse….As previously posted the CIC has thrown out all the procedures they followed from the past 2 elections of questionnaires and having ballots and full member participation…If tonight the CIC endorses Mrs. Evans due to her husband’s past position and the fact that she is a longtime non-participating  CIC member only…they will again be throwing out their past precedents …just to have a candidate to run from the north… With the CIC endorsement Mrs. Evans will enter the race with a lot more baggage than  the fact that she is unknown to the voters…. …A CIC Mc-Furth endorsement says to the voters that this candidate is fully aligned with the “Gang” and what they represent…and she will guarantee more of the same or they would not support her… …She will be for keeping the Town Manager and possibly wanting to replace the BSO police…. She will be running alongside Comm. Jim (He’s not a nice guy and he’s not a gentleman) Silverstone and she will be saying she supports his actions as well as his BFF McIntee if he should be running for Mayor ….something we hear might happen on Monday!… This writer sure hopes so…for if McIntee takes another big gamble for  a top job in town  (as he did for VFD fire chief) I have one or two more items left  to reveal…along the lines of…”If it walks like a duck….”…”Quack, Quack”… Mrs. Evans may be a successful woman in her position as the Broward Children’s Center chief executive officer but that has nothing to do with running for a commission seat in LBTS…. In the previous post contains the only quotes I can find from Mrs. Evans …which are more than 10 years ago…Other items sent to me raise other “big red flags” as well…The fact that her husband sits on the board of her non- profit organization…The fact that she makes over $140,000 a year from her non-profit organization…The fact that we may again have someone on the dais that whose income comes from government funding and will not be making decisions on town fiscal responsibility as a private sector representative would ….Haven’t we been there, done that for far too long already?…The fact that there are some questionable fiscal problems she has had with her own property more than once….If they cannot be fully explained and verified as something different then they appear to be this too should give voters pause if she should be entrusted with fiscal matters as our elected commissioner… And finally again, the fact that a mere 8 weeks before a very important municipal election in our town Mrs. Evans decided to run …I have a question for Candidate  Evans ….Would she herself vote for someone that is unknown and would decide to run this way?…If the answer is yes…that is a “big red flag”!…And if the answer is no…then perhaps Mrs. Evans would like to reconsider her decision!… ..It’s cold outside… Brrrrrr…..



All the factual Town news and events……along with a cup of Joe…..has a warming effect in these cold climes!…

more to come……..

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