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Here’s The Scoop … In 2010 …. It’s Still About The M & Ms & Fs … Part 1 ….

February 6, 2010 by Barbara


In 2008 the election was all about the M& Ms & Fs … MCINTEE- MACMILLANS &  FURTHS… In 2010 the initials remain the same with a change in the “players”… It’s the town MANAGER…those fully complicit with MCINTEE & FURTHS ….That’s all the voters are talking about throughout the Town!



We hear that Commissioner “He’s not a nice guy” Silverstone and his Campaign Managers/ BTSTimes Publishers Furths are actively boycotting a business owner after her business and her husband’s name showed up on Candidate Chris Vincent’s G1 reports submitted to the Town on January 15, 2010!…

The word going around is that Jimmy-boy  put his foot down and told his Fiancee’ she could no longer go to her longtime salon because the owners chose to support their longtime friend…It is said the Furth’s jumped on that boycott bandwagon as well!…

The owner was deeply hurt by the fact that such retaliation would result from her longtime Commissioner because she chose to exercise her right to support a candidate. other than him…The owner we hear has always kept politics outside the door of her business and has always kept both Town newspapers in stock for clients who support whomever they choose to…

The owner sent an e-mail yesterday to the Editors of both the By The Sea Times who is set to publish their next edition on Feb 12th and the By The Sea Future who is set to publish on the 19th….

The response from the Publishers of each could not have been more different!…

The Publisher of the By The Sea Future was deeply disturbed by the very idea of a business being boycotted for their political choice for Commissioner in a Town election and quickly decided to contact the owner with support and assurance they will be publishing the letter to the Editor in their next paper…

The Publisher of the By The Sea Times, Cristie Furth, it is said. contacted the owner of the salon and told the owner that she would not publish the letter to the Editor in the BTSTimes and went on to say the letter would  be damaging to the owner’s business if published!…HUH?… We hear Editor Furth went on to explain the owner should not have made a donation as a business …That it was “political” to do so!…HUH?… The Furth’s Blue Seas motel / By The Sea Times headquarters is also campaign headquarters for the Silverstone-Couriel-Evans campaign…The Furths are the CIC- endorsed candidates’ campaign managers and the Furths have the Silverstone-Couriel-Evans political signs the Furths designed attached to their motel sign!…Talk about a business (businesses) being political!… WOW!…

This writer has seen the e-mail sent to both papers….It is not only heartfelt, it is necessary for all voters to read before they cast their votes on March 9, 2009 for Commissioner in District 2!…

For Cristie Furth to refuse to print it…speaks volumes to what needs to change in this town……

In the writer’s opinion the damage coming from this letter to the Editor will be to Commissioner “He’s not a nice guy”  Silverstone- Joe Couriel-Marjorie Evans and Marc and Cristie Furth!…It’s well deserved!…

Readers will need to wait until Feb 19, 2010 to read the letter to the Editor in the By The Sea Future…it appears….due to the refusal to print it by Publisher Cristie Furth …

in the meantime…

BOYCOTT BOYCOTTING!… by the M & Ms & Fs!…

more to come….

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December 25, 2009 by Barbara




Want one ? … Contact the “Good Guys”…

Scot Sasser … 954-254-1743

Chris Vincent ….  954-612-8606

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … Signs Of The “Good Guys”….

December 24, 2009 by Barbara



Candidate Scot Sasser…”It’s Time”/ Candidate Chris Vincent…. “For Clear & Focused Leadership”

Want one ? …Contact the “Good Guys”…

Scot Sasser … 954-254-1743

Chris Vincent ….  954-612-8606

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … Smiles All Around ….

December 23, 2009 by Barbara

THE “GOOD GUYS ” … Village Grille and Pub ….12/22/09 …..


Candidate Scot Sasser and wife Teresa


Commissioner Stuart Dodd, wife Penny, Candidate Chris Vincent, Dave Gadsby and “Photog” Paige Vincent


Dave Gadsby, Lucke Riccioti, Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Judy Swaggerty, Chamber Board Member Guy Contrada, Chamber Board member Ed White

more to come …..

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Here’s The Scoop … 2009 LBTS Menorah Lighting ….

December 13, 2009 by Barbara



LBTS-BSO Chief Llerena, Candidate Chris Vincent,Candidate Scot Sasser, Broward County Sheriff Al Lamberti


Commissioner Clottey, Rabbi Singer, Vice Mayor McIntee, Commissioner Silverstone


Rabbi Singer, Sheriff Lamberti


Sheriff Lamberti lights the menorah



Mayor Roseann Minnet joins in the celebratory dance…

Dear Readers… the street was full tonight in Pelican Square with residents and visitors…along with dignitaries and candidates coming together to light the menorah on the 3rd night Chanukah… As we waited for the time to light the menorah there were donuts and latkes …as well as menorahs offered to those who were without one at home this year…..Broward County Sheriff Al Lamberti  was in attendance and was asked by Rabbi Singer to do the honors of lighting  the menorah’s middle candle…The wind was a little uncooperative, but the Sheriff persevered and got  the job done…to a big round of applause!… After the other 3 candles were also lit, Mayor Roseann Minnet was asked to say a few words and then the Rabbi spoke …giving an inspirational story … After the lighting the music began and there was dancing in the street with the Mayor right in the mix!…Candidate Chris Vincent also took to the circle to take a spin… The circles and the dancing continued on with young and old taking turns ….as the biggest crowd we have seen in sometime watched….

The parting shot…we hear that Vice Mayor McIntee was overheard telling the Rabbi “You guys have good soup!”…OUCH!…Lights out!…

more to come….

more to come……..

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Here’s The Scoop … Scene And Heard Around Town … Saturday Morning With The Candidates For Commission In LBTS …

December 5, 2009 by Barbara


The December Chamber Of Commerce Beach Clean up was still a big success with over 20 people coming out. Most were now “regulars” at this 1st Saturday of the month get together…including Chamber President Paul Novak, Commissioner Stuart Dodd, Candidate Chris Vincent, with his wife Christine and daughter Paige, who brought along her friend Christina…Candidate Scot Sasser came with wife Teresa, daughter Taylor and son Jake, Ben Freeny, Edmund Malkoon, Sharon from Frame N’ Art Gallery, and some newcomers that included Stuart  and Shanna Koss , Sandy Harrington, Danny Torrago and a few others who all brought in the biggest haul  of all… so far!…


Teresa Sasser


Christine Vincent, Sandy Harrington, Danny Torrago


Chris Vincent and Danny Torrago
The Holiday Craft & Outreach Fair is a community outreach and awareness project sponsored by the women of the church. The proceeds raised benefit local, non-profit organizations.
Dorothy and Candidate Scot Sasser
scot and chris
Candidate Chris Vincent, Dorothy and Candidate Scot Sasser
more to come….
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Here’s The Scoop … What They Don’t Know Can Hurt Us …

December 4, 2009 by Barbara


Image thanks to-

Dear Readers … It’s just unbelievable the way this town operates… Just when this writer thinks there can be no more…there always is!…

On December 1st 2009 we had the first readings for the Ordinances 2009-33 and 2009-34 to get a new height referendum on the March 9, 2009 ballot… It was discussed extensively, and readers are well aware of my position…that it was only on the dais and in play to offer a platform for the increasingly befuddled CIC- McFurth “Gangs” candidates ..who cannot win based on their two year reign of being the majority in town…. (Is Peanuts Wick [call him Larry] back in the mix? That alone, tells us the depths of disarray within the wall of Town Hall east these days!)…

Previously, it was asked of the Town Attorney about the pending litigation with the Bert J. Harris suits in the north and she did attest to it being a factor to consider…But, that was poo pooed by the platform deprived re-election commissioners…

We sat through the meeting, on Tuesday night with a court reporter sitting in the front row of the hall…a court reporter there on behalf or the Plaintiffs in the Bert J. Harris lawsuit currently pending in the Circuit Court for Broward County.

First we had public comments on the heights…below is the commentary from the candidates running against we assume the sitting Commissioners, Vice Mayor McIntee  and Commissioner Jim Silverstone aka “2-Hats, Broom Boys) …and By The Sea Future Editor Mark Brown …


Candidate Scot Sasser ( District 1/north side) …
“First I want to reiterate that I am all for clearly defining the height limits in all sections of town and assisting everyone in understanding what those are now and going forward. Height limits have been addressed in the past. Height referendums went on the ballot and the people voted for what we have today and over time, as the town residents change, we should address again However, I don’t think this is the right time to do so and I don’t think that either of the Ordinances, as written, succeeds in clearly defining the changes being proposed as to give the citizens of this town enough information to vote on this issue.

I would suggest that we all take the time to have much more communication on this issue before moving forward. Let us all understand the transparent reason for any changes, develop a clear statement of understanding of what we want to accomplish, then perform the proper diligence on the language to make sure the changes are consistent with the plan. Once we are in agreement with the plan and the language we should clearly communicate through how the Height Limits are applied today and how they would change. Only then should we proceed in making any changes to the Height Limits and all of this should be done after we know more about the pending litigation from the previous changes.

In summary:

• Now is not the right time
• Let’s determine the outcome of the current litigation before possibly exacerbating an existing issue
• Let’s take our time and develop a solid game plan
• Finally, let’s clearly communicate and educate rather than presenting solutions based on slogans and paraphrases that may tickle the ears but bind the hands of all those in town now and in the future.”

Candidate Chris Vincent (District 2/ south side)…
“Tonight the residents of this town are being presented with 2 height referendums, with the attempt to put one of these on the ballot this upcoming election in March. Either one of these will change the current charter again. The rush to do this is irresponsible and unnecessary.

The charter of this town and the process to change any of its contents, should be respected and given great thought and consideration by this commission or any future commission to ensure and protect the best interest of all people and property owners.

It was my understanding that certain commissioners on this dais had only requested to clarify the height limits and specifically stated they would not support any referendum that changed the current charter. The definition of clarify is: “to make clear or easier to
understand”. The town attorney put together what I thought was a clear and helpful presentation regarding the current height limits. The town attorney also stated that she felt the current code was clear.

What you are presenting today is not clarification but a substantial change to the current charter.

I ask this dais, why the rush to push forward with a new change to our charter at this time? The amount of time and money that has been spent to draft this NEW version must be substantial.

Personally, I do not want to see any change to the charter at this time. We are currently protected from any further increase in height and we are maintaining our quaint seaside town.

The people of this town HAVE already voted on this multiple times . I feel the voters did get it right last time. Why would you find it necessary to change what is already working for our great town.

If your goal was as you stated, to clarify the language, that could easily be solved through other means; such as an ordinance and not a referendum change to the charter. I think we should slow down and really put some constructive effort into this. An attempt to remove the current Florida Building Code language from the charter and insert your own will only cause further confusion.
A round table to have input from the residents would be a start. This would be a way to find out what would make our height limit language more user friendly to the community. We have round tables on different sorts of issues, I would think that this being a possible election referendum it should be given the same consideration.

Thank you”

Mark Brown …. Editor of By The Sea Future/ Resident of LBTS….
“Here we go again. Three years ago, I wrote an editorial in the newspaper in which I expressed my concern that the town would be sued if it passed a referendum lowering the building height limit in the north end of town. I suggested several alternative ways to protect the visual integrity of the town without taking the risk of being sued.

In response to my editorial, I was called an alarmist by some members of this commission. I was accused of using scare tactics to try to defeat the referendum. We were promised by Commissioners McIntee and Silverstone that the town would not be sued. Well guess what? They were wrong. The town is now being sued for $23 million because of the last height limit referendum. That’s more than the entire budget of the town.

In view of the pending lawsuit, why in the world would the commission want to put another height limit referendum on the ballot, and practically invite every motel and small business in the south end of town to file more lawsuits against the town? The town attorney has already advised you that if this referendum passes, it could open the door for more lawsuits. I have nothing against lawyers wanting to put their kids through college, but let them pay for it with someone else’s money, not ours. We are already spending more than a quarter million dollars this year just to pay the legal bills from the first batch of lawsuits. Why should we encourage more lawsuits and legal bills?

I have a question which I would like to direct to Commissioner Silverstone, which I hope he will address during his commissioner comments. I would like to know what his contingency plan is–or what the town’s contingency plan is–to pay the legal judgment if the town loses the lawsuits? Where is the $23 million going to come from? Is every resident of town going to be hit with a $35,000 special assessment? Will our taxes be tripled or quadrupled? Will the town simply go into bankruptcy and cease to exist? Tell us what the plan is.

Sure the town might win but the town might also lose, so wishful thinking by itself is not a good enough answer. Tell us where will the money come from if we lose? Then tell us why it’s worth the risk of putting yet another height limit referendum on the ballot, so even more lawsuits can be filed against us. If we keep this up, pretty soon every law firm in the state is going to open an office in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea so they can get in on the action.

Lowering the height limit in the south end of town might sound like a great idea, and it might be a great campaign issue to run on, but you can’t ignore the potential consequences of your actions. It’s your responsibility as commissioners to protect us, and to protect our money, not to put us at further risk. We’re already on the hook for $23 million plus legal costs. I urge the commission to defeat these two height limit ordinances and stop making things worse for us.”


The public comments portion was closed by the Mayor and Commissioner Silverstone spoke first…

Commissioner Silverstone-“Thank you Mayor, I am for clarifying the height restrictions we presently have in town right now. In reviewing this and reading the Charter and the, the, the um, attached um, ordinances, and um, the zoning requirements we have in town. It’s obviously very confusing to a lot of people. If it’s not cleared up now, it will be in the future. I’ve awlays stated that for people who own property or are thinking about buying property, buying property in this town it’s wise to have something set in stone that you know what you’re dealing with because a lot of people will just wait to see what happens with um the heighth (his verbage) and hopefully it will be increased or whatever and ah, then they’ll make a move on it. I, I maintain my, my thinking from the get go here we have to clarify this to make it easy for people to understand. And therefore I think we don’t we control the markets but we do have location here and by that fact I think buildings will start up and redevelopment will happen. I’m not for raising heighth (his verbage). I, I am for improving what we have. We live in a very special, as the gentleman said out there. A very special town and I would like to keep it that way.”…..

…..” Um, I also agree with Cristie Furth (the 33′ foot crazed woman) that the starting point of where you start building the building has to be defined so its townwide and it can’t be changed or um, misused.” (Readers take a look at his closing remarks) ….

” Um, Mr Brown again there seems to be a pattern here of um, saying something that is not true. I never said that we would not be sued. It’s obvious  that we could be sued for anything at anytime. What I said though is that I believe very strongly that the suit not, not would not ah, go through or, or cost the town a substantial amount of money twenty plus million dollars. In the original ordinance that was passed around there is language in there a safety clause. I’m not a lawyer. I’m nott sure how that would, that would ah, effect but, but there was a safety clause built in it.”


BC  …This writer went to the podium and asked former Town Atty. Cherof per discussions with my learned friend from Pompano of a “safety clause” …and was told on several occasions we had none…Later as I sat through a few years of 2 commissions tackling the Land Development codes…we did have “vested rights” … which I and my learned friend felt was an “out” in certain circumstances of property rights…Inquiry on it was met by 2 administrations with deaf ears… It is included on the Town website Muni-codes..


“Sec. 30-12. Vested rights determinations.
The Town recognizes that certain land development rights of property owners may be vested with respect to approved land uses, density or intensity of development and/or staging or phasing of development. Any person claiming vested rights to develop property shall make application for a vested rights determination.
(1) The Town Manager or his or her designee shall review the application and any supporting documents and shall consult with other staff and the Attorney’s Office. Within 45 days after the receipt of a complete and sufficient application, the Town Manager or his or her designee shall either grant the application for vested rights or respond to the applicant in writing the reason or reasons for denial. The decision shall be mailed by U.S. Mail to the address indicated on the application, return receipt requested.
(2) If the applicant disagrees with the determination of the Town Manager, he or she may appeal the decision of the staff by notifying the Town in writing that he or she is appealing the decision. The notification shall be received by the Town no later than 30 days after the Town “renders” his or her decision on the application. If the notification is not received within 30 days after rendition of the decision, the applicant is deemed to have waived his or her right to challenge the decision. For the purposes of this section, the term “renders” means the date the applicant initials or otherwise indicates receipt of the decision. However, in the event the decision is not accepted or is returned, the term “renders” means ten calendar days after the date the decision was mailed.
(3) Upon receipt by the Town of a timely notice of appeal, the appeal shall be assigned to a hearing officer. The procedures for conducting hearings shall be approved by a Resolution of the Town Commission. The hearing shall be set for no later than 60 days from the date of the notice of appeal unless an extension of time is requested or agreed to by the applicant.
(4) The Town Attorney shall represent the Town in the administrative hearing. The hearing officer shall determine whether vested rights have been created pursuant to the provisions set forth within this section, applicable statutes, or established case law and shall determine whether any time limitation is applicable to such vested rights.
(5) Nothing in this section prohibits the Town staff from reconsidering and reversing a denial of a vested rights application at any time prior to the start of the hearing before the hearing officer.
(6) The hearing officer shall within 45 days of the hearing issue a proposed order which shall include findings of fact and conclusions of law with respect to the claim of vested rights.
(7) The Town Commissioners shall within thirty (30) days of receipt of the proposed order issue its determination which shall be in the form of a resolution.
(Ord. No. 2007-14, § 2(Exh. A), 9-25-07; Ord. No. 2007-14, § 2(Exh. A), 9-25-07)”

The “safety clause is (5) Nothing in this section prohibits the Town staff from reconsidering and reversing a denial of a vested rights application at any time prior to the start of the hearing before the hearing officer.”


Comm. Silverstone- ” And so I felt um, when I ran at that time and when this was going on that we, we could have be protected still meeting the will of the people which was I think, um done at the end of the day there. So I never said we would not be sued. What I said is I felt very strongly that it would not go to a point where um, it would cost the town millions of dollars. That makes no sense to me at all. And I did do my homework in this. I did do my dil, due diligence and recently there was a case in Jacksonville Beach that was very similar to what’s going on here. I implore anybody to read that. Look that up on the internet and I think you will be ah, enlightened to our case”


BC- link…


From the article…

“Sandy Golding, president of the Beaches Watch Group, which led the citizens’ referendum to cap building heights at 35 feet, said she supports Jacksonville Beach’s handling of the Hionides cases.

“I think the council did what was really in the best interest of the city,” Golding said. “Nobody knows what would really happen if this went to court. The city did the best they could do.”


Commissioner Silverstone-” But again, it’s not exactly the same so, you know anything can happen in like a court of law, I know. But I feel confident that nothing, that it’s not to, to um, that the will of the people will  not be met with with a major financial burden to us. Um, that fear factor seems to be used a lot here and that’s unfortunate bu I think we should do everything possible to maintain the seaside village of this town. And I think that’s another reason why the people of the north decided to join us instead of Pompano Beach and Fort Lauderdale because of that special ambiance we have here and I think it’s just our job to make sure we do everything possible to keep it that way. Being a campaign issue to me, I said this from the very beginning we need to be clear this up  either now or later. It will be cleared up now or later, I mean cause the language is not uniform. It’s not consistent and we have to do everything we can in order to make it consistent and uniform. Um, and Mrs. Cole um, um, I don’t know, well never mind, But I yield. Um, um that’s I’m gonna vote to continue with this if only to clear up the language .”

“But I will not go forward with changing the heighth (his verbage) in this town.I think a firm way of saying that was stated to me was it’s 33 feet throughout the entire town unless there’s a property that cannot build and I think Mrs Boutin’s concern that because of the flood plain or the federal regulations that it’s not habitable on the first floor that would be allowed to go to 44 feet. Only in that case. That’s fair, that makes sense. That’s the way I understood the original ordiances and I would be, I would like to go in that direction, I yield.”


BC- Earth to Jimmy-boy…Do not run again!…What you ended up supporting…much to the chagrin of “Ms Hypo-Crissie” is what we already have in the 2006 3 over 1 Ordinance on the books!… YIKES!…

But Folks, it gets worse!…Worse than the previously posted Clueless Clottey commentary…Worse than the 2-2 “change my vote” Clottey (per Marc Furth) to keep the door open for the return of VM McIntee ( a man she claims to hate when he is not within earshot)…

This writer found out that on Dec. 1st before the close of business in Town Hall …The Town accepted letters addressed to the Mayor (a copy was e-mailed to the Town Law Firm of Weiss Serota , per the letters, to Atty. Dan Abbott in charge of the Bert J Harris lawsuits for LBTS (still)… It was from the Plaintiff’s law firm of Ruden McClosky and it was an objection to the height ordinances 2009-33 and 2009-34 being voted on for 1st reading for the ballot in March!…

The Town accepted it…the Town Atty. was in receipt of it…but the Commissioners were kept  in the dark!…

It was not brought to the dais by the Town Manager and given to the Mayor to open prior to the discussion!…

It was clearly from the Plaintiff’s law firm and it was clear even unopened, that it was important!

The Town Manager and the Town law firm  in not making it known to the commissioners the content of the letters  kept them from what definitely should have given them pause to forge ahead with any such discussion on the dais much less any ordinances with the pending litigation being brought to the forefront prior to the items addressed this night…WOW!…


The Letter…are all the same in content..just change the name of the Plaintiffs/ properties…James Edmondson-Delrado Inc. d/b/a El Dorado Club/Coastal Arms, Inc.-The Palm & Yacht & Beach Club, Inc.

“VIA Hand-Delivery”

“Dec. 1, 2009”

“Roseann Minnet, Mayor

Town Of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea

4501 Ocean Drive

Lauderdale -By -The-Sea, Fl 33308

Re: The Palm Yacht & Beach Club Inc.

Property located at 1431 and 1438 S, Ocean Boulevard, Lauderdale- By- The-Sea, Florida and Proiposed Town Ordinance 2009-33 and 2009-34”

“Dear mayor Minnet;

As you may be aware, this firm represents the Palm Yacht & Beach Club, Inc. (“Palm Yacht”), with respect to pending claims, including Bert Harris Act claims, against the Town. The purpose of this letter is to object to proposed Ordinances 2009-33 and 2009-34, to the extent both or either of the Ordinances will have any impact or limitation on Palm Yacht’s property and other rights including the use and/ or  ability to enjoy its property. Palm Yacht reserves its right to bring any action necessary its rights.

Palm Yacht further objects to the Ordinances to the extent the Ordinances attempt to limit Pal Yacht’s statutory and other rights under the Bert Harris Act. Please be advised that this letter is not intended to waive any rights in relation to Palm Yacht’s previously served Bert Harris Act claims and lawsuits as currently pending in the Circuit Court for Broward County, Florida


Beth-Ann E. Krimsky

cc: Daniel L Abbott (via facimile)”


So there you have it…the Town Manager let the commission go forth without all the important information they needed…and allowed one commissioner, Commissioner Jim Silverstone to run off at the the mouth as the Plaintiff’s court reporter typed away…unbelievable!…In this writer’s opinion…it’s dereliction of  her duties, plain and straight!…

This Town Manager…and this Commissioner and his Broom Boy pal…have gotta go in March!…

It’s up to the voters…to tell 10 friends to tell 10 friends…to vote for Roseann Minnet/ Chris Vincent and Scot Sasser in 2010…


south end voters vote for Sasser in the north along with Vincent in the south..

north end voters vote for Vincent in the south along with Sasser in the north…

And both north and south vote for Roseann Minnet …

So we can be assured of no more dark days on the dais!…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … Have You Met Chris Yet? …

November 22, 2009 by Barbara


Candidate Chris Vincent , daughter Paige and Mayor Minnet at the Craft Fair

Dear Readers… Candidate Chris Vincent is really the man about town these days… He has been seen at all the events going on … those in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea from one end of town to the other and those benefiting our town in neighboring locales …… He knows how important it is for residents to put a face with a new name …..

From the response this writer is receiving…Chris has been getting to know quite a lot of people in every part of town!…There’s a definite buzz!…

With the holidays coming up and the back to back events…commission meetings…one round table meeting….holiday gatherings….he will be there…ready to get to know what’s on the minds of those he wants to represent on the dais in 2010…

He will be going throughout the town after Thanksgiving and be every neighborhood …knocking on doors …..just as all successful Lauderdale-By-The-Sea commissioners have done in the past…

So make sure to take the time to meet Chris Vincent and find out all he has to offer LBTS in the next 4 years!…

This site will keep you all informed about the comings and goings of Candidates Chris Vincent,Scot Sasser  and Mayor Minnet during the next 4 months as we approach this very important municipal election on March 9, 2010…

The best chance we have for a positive change  … is an informed voter who knows the person they are electing to office…without fear or fearmongering leading them astray using the “ghosts” of election tactics past…….and that Dear Readers is this writer’s mission… to see that once inside that voting booth you can be your decision knowing all the facts!…

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … Scene And Heard Around Town …

November 20, 2009 by Barbara



Candidate for Commission Chris Vincent, wife Christine, daughter Paige


Mayor Roseann Minnet lends a hand to owner Mark Silver to pick a winner


Chamber of Commerce Board Candidate Yann Brandt and Commissioner Stuart Dodd


Argenti Owner Mark Silver, Chamber Board Member Malcolm McClintock, Edmund Malkoon, Commissioner Stuart Dodd and Penny Dodd

What a great turnout for a new business in town…Commissioners, candidates, local newspapers, Chamber members…fellow businesses and many, many residents and guests came to join in the celebration …. and quite a few walked away with something sparkling to remember the evening!..

We hear BTSTimes Editor Cristie Furth was walking around with a pocket recorder…and “finagled” a pic with Candidate Chris Vincent… What a nice guy!… Looks like the Furths missed 2 “siestas” in a row…ZZzzzzzzz

We saw a very long winded (as always) Vice Mayor McIntee standing in front of  Basilic Vietnamese Grille  (218 E. Commercial Boulevard, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea 954-771-5798) …as BFF Comm. Silverstone stood and listened, nodding in agreement to whatever he was being told…..”Bobblehead” BFFs!…

McIntee then made a beeline towards a 30- something blonde on the corner …spending quite some time 20 minutes or so feeding her some lines….But what was really the kicker…we hear later on inside the store…the very same blonde was heard to say “If that guy thinks I would vote for him, he’s crazy!”… Ahhh…a very smart blonde indeed!…

Interesting ….a driver in Bel Air  made mention that McIntee has some black plastic over his windows at his house on S.E. 21st Ave….Hmmm… Is he protecting the interior from some future street flooding ….or doing some remodeling?… Anyone see a permit?…. Check with the town?….


We hear the CIC must have realized their drab (CIC -Pres. BTSTimes Editor Bob Roberts version?) last minute invite sent out last week was not going to do the job…and the “fundraiser” might not pan out either…(Can VFD members contribute to candidates, seeing they are paid by a town- contracted vendor?)…So yesterday the CIC sent a colorful (Furth ?) version of the an invitation for a dance…minus the “fundraiser”!..

Updated-We also heard a certain Commissioner’s Fiancee’ was making CIC calls for the now- CIC-non-fundraiser…She has made it known it was not her!…The person insisting so, must be mistaken unless there is another member with the same name. … More to come on this one…

We heard the the Vice Mayor is so desperate to win another 4 years on the dais that he is now going to pull another VFD “bait and switch”…He is going to forgo running for VFD Deputy Chief  or VFD Chief….He will say he is not going to run because of all the “attackers”…and the “haters”…to “protect” the VFD from those who “spit” on the department because of him!… Don’t be fooled..voters….We’ve gone down this path before…You will recall when McIntee and his BFF (Best Friends Forever) Silverstone sat on the podium at the end of their last stint as Deputy Chief and Chief and told all they would only be members if the VFD was reinstated…That was a ruse…and it will be again!… McIntee giving up his new souped up red command car…Yeah right!… McIntee not instructing “Little Chief” Perkins? …. Yeah right!…  VFD Chief, Perkins or whomever McIntee “installs” as Chief …will be “Towing” the McIntee line…and will continue that all too familiar “mantra”   “It’s the Chief”s discretion”…..allowing “member” McIntee to break the VFD-SOPs… and enjoy the perks…such as the VFD-Training Officer 3 (McIntee) gets the command car!… The “puppeteer” will still be ….”Puppet Master” McIntee!…


Interior Digs Owners Ken and Wayne….with guest from Ohio at the store’s Holiday Gala (Nov.14,2009)

“Hi Barbara, I saw the post, thank you. I wish you could of made it…it was quite an interesting crowd bringing both old guard, new guard, whatever guard, north south middle high risers and one story residents all together and getting along.

Many great items were donated from merchandise, art, photography, all the food, bar and so forth was donated by Aruba’s, Village Grille, Athena’s, Fernando’s Italian Market, Lenore Ryan and the Cookie Shop also gave a great deal on a variety of wonderful holiday cookies.

We did raise a total of $2400 so for the charity JDCHF and we are continuing to collect for the charity until the December 25. (Our goal is $4000) So if there is anyone that would like to donate that did not get a chance please let them know to drop off a check made out to the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation in any amount they wish. All and any amount I know would be appreciated as this is wonderful dedicated foundation doing many incredible things for the children of our future.”

Make sure to stop in…and help them achieve their goal!…Kudos to all that participated! ….

258 Commercial Boulevard
Lauderdale by the Sea, FL 33308
(954) 938-0101

Got a picture/ tidbit…an event you want posted?…Let me know…[email protected]

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop …. Cutting The Ribbon For The A1A Scenic Highway …

November 19, 2009 by Barbara



LBTS Mayor Roseanne Minnet and Gladys Leeks


LBTS Mayor Roseann Minnet  Broward County Mayor Ken Keechl, State Representative Ellyn Bogdanoff

Dear Readers…One of our “Roving Reporters”…contributed these wonderful pictures of our Mayor who attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for the A1A Scenic Highway that will tour through our town in the future…The Mayor was involved in this from the beginning when the committee came to Jarvis Hall to enlist help and to introduce the project to residents and visitors from neighboring municipalities (prev. post)… Along with the Mayor at that point in time was Asst. Town Manager John Olinzock… At that Jarvis Hall  meeting, local Windjammer Manager Diane Boutin came on board…Both John and Diane were present this evening  and acknowledged for their participation … A few commissioners from our town were in attendance..They were among many dignitaries from throughout the county…  Candidate Chris Vincent also came to celebrate this important asset to our town………Chamber President Paul Novak was on hand with Chamber board member and By- The- Sea- Future Editor Cindy Geesey…as the LBTS Chamber was thanked for helping sponsor the ribbon cutting event at the Bonnet House.

Thanks, to all for the reports…and the pics….they are always welcomed and most appreciated…by this writer and the readers!…

more to come….

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