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Here’s The Scoop … In 2010 …. It’s Still About The M & Ms & Fs … Part 1 ….

February 6, 2010 by Barbara


In 2008 the election was all about the M& Ms & Fs … MCINTEE- MACMILLANS &  FURTHS… In 2010 the initials remain the same with a change in the “players”… It’s the town MANAGER…those fully complicit with MCINTEE & FURTHS ….That’s all the voters are talking about throughout the Town!



We hear that Commissioner “He’s not a nice guy” Silverstone and his Campaign Managers/ BTSTimes Publishers Furths are actively boycotting a business owner after her business and her husband’s name showed up on Candidate Chris Vincent’s G1 reports submitted to the Town on January 15, 2010!…

The word going around is that Jimmy-boy  put his foot down and told his Fiancee’ she could no longer go to her longtime salon because the owners chose to support their longtime friend…It is said the Furth’s jumped on that boycott bandwagon as well!…

The owner was deeply hurt by the fact that such retaliation would result from her longtime Commissioner because she chose to exercise her right to support a candidate. other than him…The owner we hear has always kept politics outside the door of her business and has always kept both Town newspapers in stock for clients who support whomever they choose to…

The owner sent an e-mail yesterday to the Editors of both the By The Sea Times who is set to publish their next edition on Feb 12th and the By The Sea Future who is set to publish on the 19th….

The response from the Publishers of each could not have been more different!…

The Publisher of the By The Sea Future was deeply disturbed by the very idea of a business being boycotted for their political choice for Commissioner in a Town election and quickly decided to contact the owner with support and assurance they will be publishing the letter to the Editor in their next paper…

The Publisher of the By The Sea Times, Cristie Furth, it is said. contacted the owner of the salon and told the owner that she would not publish the letter to the Editor in the BTSTimes and went on to say the letter would  be damaging to the owner’s business if published!…HUH?… We hear Editor Furth went on to explain the owner should not have made a donation as a business …That it was “political” to do so!…HUH?… The Furth’s Blue Seas motel / By The Sea Times headquarters is also campaign headquarters for the Silverstone-Couriel-Evans campaign…The Furths are the CIC- endorsed candidates’ campaign managers and the Furths have the Silverstone-Couriel-Evans political signs the Furths designed attached to their motel sign!…Talk about a business (businesses) being political!… WOW!…

This writer has seen the e-mail sent to both papers….It is not only heartfelt, it is necessary for all voters to read before they cast their votes on March 9, 2009 for Commissioner in District 2!…

For Cristie Furth to refuse to print it…speaks volumes to what needs to change in this town……

In the writer’s opinion the damage coming from this letter to the Editor will be to Commissioner “He’s not a nice guy”  Silverstone- Joe Couriel-Marjorie Evans and Marc and Cristie Furth!…It’s well deserved!…

Readers will need to wait until Feb 19, 2010 to read the letter to the Editor in the By The Sea Future…it appears….due to the refusal to print it by Publisher Cristie Furth …

in the meantime…

BOYCOTT BOYCOTTING!… by the M & Ms & Fs!…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … 1/26/10 LBTS Commission Meeting …. #1 …. THE Chief Blogger …

January 27, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers… Thanks to Commissioner Silverstone and Commissioner Clottey…this writer is now known as “The Chief Blogger” …or as one resident put it “The Blogger in Chief”!…

Commissioner Silverstone and his “gang” must be receiving a mighty cold reception as they try to campaign on his 4 year record,with Marjorie Evans jumping in at the 11th hour with absolutely no knowledge on anything to do with the Town even thought she has lived in Bel Air for 40 years (She has been a resident of LBTS for 9 since the annexation of unincorporated Broward in Oct. 2001)… she did not make it through the entire commission meeting again, in her 2nd commission meeting ever!….She left the hall.early on did Mayoral candidate Joe Couriel who has also made a name for himself by calling Mcntee “God”  losing his cool ( he ‘s an equal opportunity hot-head yelling at Comm. Dodd’s wife)…and talking out of both sides of his mouth on any subject!…

The Mayor in her public comments called out the “By The Sea Times” or as she referred to it the “By The Sea Lies”…(A big OHHH…came from the back staff table…the responder-none other than  Moe McIntee, the BTSTimes”Truth Deflector”)…for inaccurately reporting her voting record ( this was followed up by a CIC e-mail stating the same false statements from BTSTimes Editor and CIC-Chair Bob Roberts)… The Mayor said the paper made these false claims and she had sent a letter in for a retraction…The Letter was sent certified mail to the Furths on earlier in the day…In it she pointed out her votes ..YES for the VFD fire suppression services on 9/12/2008…YES to the VFD transition on 3/25/2008…YES to the signposts on the beach 9/25/2008…The Times falsely stated the Mayor voted no on all three!…. The Mayor went on to speak of the false statements she has heard as she runs for reelection and set the record straight on that as well…She concluded her comments and that’s when the lunacy began to unfold…..

“Clueless” Commissioner Clottey has really lost her mind…She is way beyond Clueless”…she is now incoherent…rambling on about politicking done by the Mayor when she herself sat mute as the Vice Mayor did the very same in his declarations of false statements and threats made toward the By The Sea Futures… ( only one had any merit and it was erroneously stated to be printed in the paper,…the VM asked for legal action to be taken…over a few commission meetings ….it was only on a newsflash to a limited number of online recipients and  it was retracted…the rest of McIntee’s charges of slander…had no merit…. It was just a lot of McIntee blowing smoke!)…Comm. Clottey spoke of a local blogger, the “Chief Blogge”r and could hardly contain her disdain … The Comm. has only herself and her own words and actions such as these to blame for the “negative” posts…To go after the Mayor for calling out the Times on falsely stating her votes… To sit up there and say she did not ” stir the pot” with the Senior Center….Get real, she did!…The Senior center was going along just fine until she started down that path of no return…Her memory lapses on the MPSC and her and Commm. Silverstone’s role…perhaps come from to many late night house call to Town Hall East…And saying that sidewalks down El Mar would cost millions…come on!..Tthat was for a ful-l out plan of #1,2 and 3 including the medians….It was in fact “The whole enchilada”!..Pretty funny to be called the “Big Blogger”…kind of like the Vice Mayor calling the Attorney for Pacific Blue a “Big Girl”…and then for Clottey to disparage Comm. Dodd  on what he can accomplish on the Hillsboro Inlet being from little old LBTS and implying he is unable to speak up and be forceful enough or carry any weight on the Hillsboro board…That the board requires someone who can really read financial statements ….What a loon!…Phone calls were made from those watching from home…deeply disturbed by what they were hearing and seeing as she continued on!….She lost all credibility in offering up a plan to rent the dredging equipment from Port Everglades to save money…Who’s filling her in on this?…Frank Rysavy?…( a candidate for the positon-prev. post) ….The Hillsboro Inlet isn’t exactly chomping at the bit for his return from what this writer hears!…Comm. Clottey decided to pull her item not wanting it to be political…(Now she decides she doesn’t want it to be political!)…She did an about face yet again from her vote that she made as instructed by the Furths for the McIntee median walkways..A look back shows her flip-flops as she dutifully towed the Furth line…(Cristie put her foot down…”her people” loved the walkways”per the MPSC meeitng1/19/10…prev. post)….

Commissioner Silverstone said he was going to expand on Comm. Clottey’s comments in his…(A pre- meeting pow-wow in Town Hall East?)… He spoke of a friend from Chicago (would that be the “inner city” where according to the Times Jimmy-boy hails from ..Cabrini Green, Commissioner?)…. He said his “friend” googled Lauderdale By The Sea and found on the first page all negative info from a blogger…and his pal asked what kind of crazy place it LBTS?…He warned of such blog sites showing up on google being a “major danger” that brings down property values and effects businesses and properties”…Furth-er fearmongering….That” it’s on the internet forever”… The “negativity” ..the “attacks on the staff “or him…the spinning of issues…The he says there a lot of “smart people” doing it for negative reasons…and named the Future’s paper…HA!… Comm. Silverstone and his running mates Evans and Couriel sent in answers to questions to be published in the By The Sea Future on Friday… OOPS!…(Will he read it?)…He again tried to to bully the residents as he has been passed the”bully baton” from his BFF, one foot out the door, Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee…He again tries to challenge residents and voters in a debate…Note to Jimmy “He’s not a nice guy” Silverstone…debates are on Feb 16th and Feb 25th with your opponent!…Candidates should be listening to residents and voters one on one……as your opponent, Chris Vincent has been doing as he goes to  each and every door throughout the town…(perhaps that’s why Silverstone is running so scared…Who would want to open their door to be dared to debate him?)…Back to his old habit of “taking on” constituents who decide to speak at public comments to critique or to berate them.. PUBLIC SPEAKERS…NEXT TIME, SIGN UP AND SPEAK ON ONE TOPIC AFTER COMMISSIONER COMMENTS TO AVOID HAVING TO HEAR SILVERSTONE’S UNWANTED FEEDBACK!… Calling Al Gore ….according to Jimmy-boy it was he who started the internet!…(In LBTS)… YIKES!…

What fun it was in the aftermathof their comments……The texts and e-mails came pouring in o ..”The Chief Blogger”…Voters and residents in the hall came over grinning  and laughing, giving high-fives and thumbs -up!….A special thanks to Comms. Silverstone and Clottey!…..You always give me so much material …so many posts…in each every comment…keep it up!…

By the way…a google of Lauderdale By The Sea …produces….NO BCbythesea on the 1st page…But a google of Jim Silverstone and Birute Clottey…yep…page 1!… The best way for either commissioners to get off google page 1?….Get off the dais!… OUCH!…

more to come…from “The Chief Blogger”……

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Here’s The Scoop … Behind The Snapshots Are Always The “Negatives ” … Part One …

December 28, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers …2009 in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea amounted to 2008 in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea on steroids!… “Ramped up” is the only way to describe what we saw and endured from the current Town administration and the majority sitting on the commission….We watched the “Gang” go negative with fearmongering …..from the dais…and in their BTSTimes newspaper … part payback…1 part clean-up crew…1 part Furth campaign playbook…with a big dash of  desperation coming from the rapid decline of supporters …who now have a chance to change things in 10 weeks time!…

Let’s look back … and show the “negatives” behind the Mc-FurthBTSTimes “snapshots”…

“A BTSTimes Retrospective” …..

Besides the fact that a 2009 retrospective begins in January …the Editors needed to add in the previous 3 months of 2008 to give themselves a pat on the back…

Sept. 11, 2008 “The Spirit Continues”…The VFD Beach Patrol in September…not quite what we signed onto…We were introduced to a beach patrol headed up by Ft. Lauderdale Lifeguard/ VFD member Scot Fowler…who left abruptly shortly after when he came head-to-head with training officer Jerry McIntee…who wanted to run the show…The funding of the patrol was also incorrect and a “sudden” account was opened  by the Town Manager almost 9 months later to remedy it after it was addressed by Comm. Dodd at the fire assessment special meeting…The amount of money poured into the purchasing of Seadoos…and upgrades was excessive and done at Vice Mayor/Dep. Chief  McIntee’s whim…Next up the Minto developers and the sidewalks “They said it couldn’t be done”…a snapshot of the 8′ sidewalks…problem is when will it be “done”…due to a vote by the commission in late July that lowered the bond and made it so the sidewalks will not be done anytime soon…Minto is now in a “holding pattern”…with no more construction…a change in plans for the next oceanfront project …and we are left with a doublewide “sales office”  and construction trailers  (no trailers allowed in LBTS- per TM Colon reasoning to buy the Public Safety building…and  no change of the “Furth” medians to keep the trucks from turning in front of Town Hall East (fast-tracked and approved by the administration/commission and Minto)…”LBTS A Diamond In The Rough”…rough times for photo updates at the Times? …A dated photo of former Mayor Wardlaw..circa-1960’s?…He writes that many “new arrivals” do not know the “basic history of our town”…going onto write of “grandiose plans of a few money hungry developers supported by a few politicians”…What the former mayor does not include in the Times…is the pitfalls he wrote this writer about extensively when it comes to bailing on “plans” in his dealing with the Times Editors in the past……and the “ego” of the Vice Mayor…as well as his disenchantment with the CIC- backed choice in 2008 for Mayor…

Sept. 24, 2008…a 2-fer… of “hypo-Crissie”…”Moe” than likely the writer did not realize it as such…”Justice is Served”…”When you allow your political views to trump the vast majority of the town and refuse to do the will of the people, the results can only be catastrophic for the politicians who take this road”…. and so it will be in 10 weeks…and “Town of LBTS Mission Statement”…written by Comm. Silverstone …It was actually written prior to 2008…and again for Jim Silverstone to be in the same sentence as “transparency” …while being fully “complicit” in all things McIntee…it’s the height of you know her name.. much higher than 33’…

Oct. 24, 2008 “A Whistle Sounds”…The VFD came back alright and the writing was on the wall from the start… it was startling to watch …the ceremony to bless their return looked like a funeral…the turnout was CIC backers …and the VFD personnel was somber…Little did we know that behind the scenes Battalion Chief Patrick Pointu resigned and wrote a letter of his reasons why…The letter was published and McIntee-Silverstone-Furth payback ensued with the 1st anonymous letter being distributed to the commission …an “attack” letter put on the commissioners boxes by Vice Mayor McIntee without the ok from the Town Manager (in Dec. we will see that she would have done it for him)…We found from this letter that the Town Manager’s assertions of VFD oversight were empty promises… and to this day there is none…

December 5th,2008 “Surveillance Cameras” …left out was the work done by former BSO Chief Scott Gooding..little did he know his days were numbered…when he stood up for his troops…

December 30, 2008 “Seagrape sidewalks, Finally.The Dirt Settles”…That depends on what kind of “dirt” you are talking about!…..this is one of the McIntee “mantras” he uses when speaking of his accomplishments …conveniently left out was the “pulling the rug out” from under the CIC members who lived on the street and were promised that he and BFF Silverstone would help them…the “majority of the people” who lived on the street…did not want it…and when the vote came down on the dais…former Vice Mayor Yanni commented on the flip-flop made by McIntee and Silverstone…who voted with former Mayor Parker…Also left out was the “appearance” of a few up for re-election commission members buying some new votes with voting to extend the the blacktop on N. Tradewinds at a cost to the taxpayers of over $5o,000!…

Jan. 3, 2009 “Editorial”……It’s always a new year that starts with the heights…33′ or die!…”Slogan contest off and Running”…Yep, the slogan contest started in the Times…unsolicited…not presented to the dais…no input from the Chamber…just full throttle ahead (the Furths did the same with their own Christmas Decorating contest in this issue…POA be damned) …Just as we saw from the VM and his “dream to move the Chamber”…Besotted “Clueless” Comm. Clottey initiated a slogan contest at the end of the year…

February 13, 2009 “Decorum:The New Order of the Day”…The opening salvo to take down the dissipating supportive attendees and Mayor Minnet”… Decorum was shown…whenever McIntee was M.I. A. on the dais…”Happy Valentines Day in LBTS” from a woman who got what she wanted…over $50,000 big ones to blacktop her road…”The new LBTS Public Safety Complex”…an albatross for the Town…and what might take down the current administration and majority on the dais…just as it “did in ” former BSO Chief Scott Gooding …especially now that we know the facts…the BSO and the VFD did not see it as viable ..The Town has not sold the warehouse…and we had the money to build a Town Hall Complex..on the property we already owned…

March 6, 2009 “Town Atty. Bids Adiue “…While his goodbyes may have been heartfelt ..Atty. Abbott is hardly “former”…he is lead atty. for the Bert J. Harris lawsuit…you know the lawsuit that McIntee-Silverstone-Clottey and Furth said would never come!… “Interview with Ken Keechl”…While his responses made the “Cheerleader” perk up…would he have been so responsive if he knew the money he presented to the Chamber was initially held hostage…and held over the Chamber’s head by TM Colon and Comm. Clottey (who never makes a move without her mentor Marc Furth?)….”Art Institute Students Introduced To El Mar”…The Town was ready to spend the Oriana million in the south (McIntee now says in his comments HE secured the million solo…not so!)…The A.I. students were treated so poorly with numerous delays in the commission award ceremony…after their fast-paced( done in a matter of weeks) class project…that Vice Chair Sandra Booth said any the school would be reticent to do it again…We were operating under faulty assertions from TM Colon on the use of the Oriana millions (obtained in a “Backdoor deal with Parker” claimed VM McIntee until his latest pre-election rendition where it was he who made it happen)….”Editorial ” Today’s active minority is very vocal at commission meetings…that “minority” increased 10-fold throughout the year…and the CIC “majority” left in droves after the “tar and feathering of Comm. Dodd and the trashing of John Thompson and anyone who did not tow the line…

March 27, 2009 “Editorial” George Carlin …perfect for the Furths and to follow up the previous Editorial…”one TOKE over the line”… epiphanies at sunrise…

April 17, 2009 “Grand Opening of Commercial Blvd. Beach Pavilion”…While the retrospective showed a photo of Edwin Forbes..the pavilion was the fraught with problems and unilateral TM decisions from before a shovel ever hit the ground…First the pavilion was not THE “Edwin Forbes” design…something we did not find out until the work began…The renderings kept from the commission along with any updates or requests for direction…The A.I. had no sign of recognition…literally…and did not receive one until they made it themselves…The permits were not in place before the project began…The job was done on a shoestring…in the customary Colon “piecemeal” manner…leaving us with a substandard pavilion with massive flooding problems that the contractor is on record informing the Manager about at the beginning…… The TM sat on the dais and insulted not once but twice MPSC Vice Chair Sandra Booth and put Comm. (Clueless) Clottey in charge of the ribbon-cutting event…even though she had absolutely nothing to do with the project..except to initiate the Lynn University Chamber Music a few weeks prior….The pavillion was shut down immediately afterward due to having improper siding installed…and went without lights for months…and is still missing the Silverstone-Furth build $1000 clock…..”Swat Team to the Rescue in LBTS”…The BSO did the job …but the Mc-Furths in their quest to get the LBTS Police Dept. back…(do not believe attempts now made otherwise)…. Editor Furth was in the way and reported a story…and Newsflash in direct contradiction with the BSO- CAD report…and officers on scene…

May 8, 2009″Pocketbook Concerns Oust LBTS Mayor from Condo Board”…The Furths -Clottey- McIntee and “Not a Gentleman” Silverstone lobbed onto the “precursor” to the Dec. 8th anonymous letter that was the lowest of the low points on the dais in 2009…..The “Gang”  got into the business of a private condo and their residents for an unfounded  personal attack against the Mayor…They were reprimanded at the podium by condo unit owners…and of course the charges were bogus… “Heartbreak at the Hyperbaric Chamber”…a terrible situation made worse in the ego-driven P.R. perpetrated by the vacationing and not on scene Vice Mayor/Deputy Chief McIntee…that tried to downgrade the actions of the BSO “Hero” and whose own VFD incident reports were not in sync with the CAD-BSO and Fire Inspector reports of this devastating incident…

May 29, 2009″LBTS Retains High Fire Protection”…a look at the real ISO criteria shows we have the water and the the “kindler, gentler” ISO provided the rest…We had a terrible rating for training under none other than VFD Trainer McIntee… “Tragedy averted in Riptide Rescues”…Another big McIntee VFD-P.R.campaign…when the VM used a power point to show their quick response actions…Instead it showed the Seadoo was useless…and it was really one VFD officer doing most of the rescues while others in distress were helped by beachgoers…

June 1, 2009 “A Moonlight Rendezvous”…we became the laughingstock of the internet with the unseemly comments made by the Vice Mayor…He was ready to jump right in and assist.the manatees….but the wildlife officials instructed “stand down”…That didn’t stop McIntee from using it on the dais…with his usual lack of style and grace…”Editorial This can’t be LBTS ‘s Finest Hour”…seeing their time in control…short as it has been slipping away…the Furth campaign is to fearmonger..The leadership of the Town was theirs to lose…and they did…with bad acts …and bad actions…

July 31, 2009 “Editorial”…”The Real Us”…the real “Old Guard”?…The latest incarnation?…Still reacting to going down for the count …lashing out at those who call it like it is…

September 22, 2009 “Editorial” .. talk of preserving the town…which in Furthspeak means…do nothing to move forward….”LBTS Still affordable”… Talk about propaganda …the longtime unilaterally re-hired auditor stood before the dais and gave high marks …but the double -digit Sun-Trust bank accounts…and the pre-payment penalty loans…were never ever mentioned…”LBTS to host the Nations first Biorock Coral & Fish Habitat Project”…This was questioned for the lack of validity in the press…and the response from the man in charge…no time for that…it will speak for itself…Let’s hope so…

Oct. 2, 2009.”Editorial Mayberry Fl.” even Mayberry evolved from black and white…”Happy One  Year Anniversary VFD” The VFD was one year old…complete with 3 new McIntee assisted purchased firetrucks including the $150,000 102’ ladder truck …(offered to the Town at a discount) …a new Command Car for the Deputy Chief…along with upgrades and toys for all…no oversight for McIntee’s VFD…

Oct. 23, 2009 “What Was Written Was Not What Happened-Wife of Suicide Victim Sets the Record Straight”…The Sept. 25th edition of the BTSFutures along with this site used the BSO  reports and the statements made by McIntee and the widow…The 2nd investigation is still active…and yet to be released…The Vice Mayor/ Dep. Chief admitted he broke VFD bylaws by entering the scene and broke first responder rules by not assisting the victim… Until the 2nd report is released…this writer will go with the initial reports…because not to…implies a massive conspiracy on the part of the BSO vs McIntee’s revisionist history…”Editorial Who Do You Trust”… (My personal favorite) …the “Good Year Blimp”…flying above the old Villas By The Sea…and then to go on and disparage those LBTS family men who have chosen to get involved…Who do we trust…we’ll find out in 10 weeks time… “New Marine Park!”…This one was a feel good vote done way too quickly on the dais…with the Furth pals…and no RFP…putting  lights on the back burner yet again…

Dec. 11, 2009 “A Trojan Horse for Christmas”…All negative…all reactionary.. all in a last ditch attempt to lick their wounds…after a major loss on Dec. 1st……No platforms to run on thanks to their pal McIntee and mighty Moe who cruised off leaving them high and dry …with a 2010 election without the heights referendum….. only to return to shore with more bad news to come…for them anyhow…..

Interesting and very telling for the Furths to leave it off their 2009 By The Sea Times Retrospective…along with so much more…they would prefer to forget…but no such luck….

MORE TO COME…next post…

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Here’s The Scoop … Flashback … Dec. 29, 2008 … The Pot Is Boiling Over …

December 28, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers… The Mc-Furth BTSTimes is out…and boy the Kool-aid is extra strong this year!…This writer will post the real year in review and not a regurgitated  “peace-meal” (it’s pscho-delic baby) list of  HI-lie-tes  (Hi as in anybody new in town we can appeal to?/lie-te on the facts) from the Times publications spun directly from Town Hall East over the last year…. While the pictures may be Marc Furth pretty … those 1000 words they’re suppose be worth… is pure Mc-Furth-fantasy…circa 1973 !…( as real as the Good Year Blimp cover shown flying over the LBTS of the past)…. Will there be any takers for the “Tall Tales” spun in this year-end  CIC-Commissioner (Clueless) Clotttey -Commissioner (He’s not a nice guy- or a gentleman) Silverstone- Vice Mayor (welcome back/ all is forgiven /we need you to run again-  Furth-fold) McIntee- VFD (Booster Fund?) ad driven “diary” of delusions, diatribes and drivel? It  all comes down to the next 10 weeks …door to door to door!.. It’s up to all of you to open your doors for a change in 2010!….

Below…an excerpt of what was written 1 year ago… BCBYTHESEA …12/29/08….when looking back at 2008…

“February …Swearing in….It began…..

The rules….the hierarchy….the cop-mentality….the payback…the town according to McIntee and his Mc-gang…….

We faced the ridiculous…no names of Commission members allowed to be used…Jarvis Hall not allowed to be used by non-residents…despite the short- lived official “Town Historian” explaining the Jarvis’ words at the dedication of the hall said otherwise….(they made sure the “historian” was soon history…in the CIC …the BTSTimes…and at the Commission meetings)….

We endured the “right out of the gate”….embarrassing “perks”… health insurance…said to be for the “2 Hats” pal…( stated to anyone around…pre-election)… cell phones….and talk of increasing Commission salaries…along with a failed attempt to get the money for insurance not taken….put forth by the Mc-Manager….

We dealt with payback…and insults…to past Board members…Commissioners…Administrators…Residents….newspapers….websites…

We had a no questioning allowed “policy”………just sit back and follow the lead of the Town Manager…with her substandard hires…and hiring practices…with  a hand-picked  Town Attorney…Special Magistrate…Assistant To…becoming Assistant Town Manager…and heads of departments….code citations…independent decisions made…belying the form of government LBTS operates under…whether it was banners…flags..entries…or pavilions…

We scratched our heads as the “savings” on public safety flew out the door with a dilapidated land/ hotel purchase…and the buying of trucks…cars…and ATVs….promised with assurance of the quick sale of  the west-side warehouse making it a wash….

We actively approved the overturn of Overlay Districts…..only to find out….unfortunately we were  duped……not realizing…sinister undercurrents…were working behind the scenes…to thwart the quick repair work  required to rectify their demise….all planned and calculated…to stop the town in its tracks…and keep 33 feet…no matter what the voters …or the Charter said…

We may have felt pride and hope with the return of the “new” VFD…finding it short lived at best….. observing  on the day of their taking over…at the ceremony….all those faces of VFD members…looking more like they were at a funeral…were really mirrors into the behind the scenes…..fallout…from the departure of their Battalion Chief…and the de-facto “2 hats” Vice Mayor/Training Officer Mc-Chief actions……enabled by no accountability…and no oversight coming from within the department…or within the Town Administration….

We saw the increasing anger…the increasing disregard …on and off the dais…towards anyone who questions…or disagrees….the accusations..the half truths…regarding ethics decisions….the endless bloviating…the yells of “traitor”…”witch hunt”…the Mc- “slap” site…the threats…the bullying…..the ongoing attempts to stop the flow of public records information being requested in town or from the VFD……..constant acts of bad behavior……continue to be the status quo…

We saw the promises….pealed away… fiscal responsibility flubbed……decorum disregarded…….inclusion obliterated……transparency tossed…accountability abated…..

What we have in 2008….. is not  a new majority…it is a non- majority………made up of….

“2 Hats”McIntee and Silverstone…Mc-pals…joined in the VFD/Commission and at the hip……

“Old Guard” Mayor Minnet…who has increasing approval numbers from both “guards”……due to her fiscal votes…and her dealing with the Vice Mayor…

“Independent” Commissioner Dodd…happy to be in this position…doing his job….away from the “under the bus” crowd…..

“Sandra Day O’Connor” Commissioner Clottey…..who really has the “catbird seat”…being planted firmly in the middle…with the deciding vote….

In conclusion….in this writer’s opinion …. that initial pre-election “tinge” that crept in ….has given way to what now is  a “tidal wave” of regret…….and for the loss of what might have been….

more to come….”


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Here’s The Scoop …FLASHBACK! … Reprimand The Mayor … Cuckoo Comes A- Calling …Yet Again …

November 23, 2009 by Barbara

“THIS IS NOT A JOKE, MAYOR ” …Comm. Birute Clottey 11/10/09

Dear Readers … Flashback time on the dais…circa 2006-07…. “Been there, done that” …The “writing’s on the web” for the current majority…4 months away from extinction..It is clear to those who participated in the previous campaigns emanating out of Town Hall East (aka Blue Seas Courtyard/Furth BTSTimes Hdqtrs) …..This time aiming for the Mayor , this writer …and anyone else in their sights…that will play a role in their demise… That “role” …getting out the vote to replace them!…

At the Nov. 10, 2009 meeting during the Vice Mayor’s long, long, long winded ( aren’t they all?)…Commissioner Comments…(time to run the dais clock for all in the hall and at home to see his long winded politicking minutes tick away)..McIntee had just begun on one of his well known “bluffs”…The one that involves total “recall” of buddy, buddy conversations to disparage someone while offering himself “cover”  because he always makes sure his fellow conversationalist is absent so as to not contradict the exchange or counter that it even took place at all!…

At this point in McIntee’s comments he was droning on about several exchanges ( 4 or 5) he claims to have had with the State Attorney, to state he informed the Atty. that  Mr Brandt had it in for him [VM] because Mr Brandt was terminated from the VFD …. ( a questionable termination, due to a loss of Mr Brandt’s father ) …The Mayor implored the Vice Mayor to stop his distasteful diatribe…and the Vice Mayor answered her back  “Is it any different than what they do to me?”….. (Flashback!) …Mr Brandt responded from the audience that he was not an elected official…The Vice Mayor responded to his constituent, Mr Brandt…”Oh, ok, but you can yell out. You can yell out!…(Flashback!)…Applause drowned out the Vice Mayor as he made this response…(Flashback!)…. and that’s when “Clueless” Clottey jumped in… The same Birute Clottey who has spent the past month going to the opponents of the Vice Mayor and his BFF Silverstone telling them to run …( she is being coached to do so from her pals at Town Hall East and/or she is hedging her position once she is in the minority after March 9th …) …Comm. Clottey ” Ah, excuse me Madam Mayor, you’re job is to control the meeting, . Please do so.”… There was one clap from the audience…from CIC Vice Chair Joe Couriel (the same Joe Couriel that said outside Jarvis Hall “McIntee is God!”) …(Flashback!)… The Mayor responded to Mr. Couriel’s clap with her own clap…and Comm Clottey was angry…” Madam Mayor, I’m asking for you to control the meeting and there are people that are speaking back and you are supposed to give them a warning!”……The Mayor responded “I give everyone in the audience including this commission a warning.”…..Clottey was furious “This is not a joke Mayor. This is not a joke!”… (Flashback!)…BFF Jim Silvestone (He is NOT a nice guy!) dove in “I make a motion to reprimand the Mayor!” … (Flashback!) …The audience booed and groaned…and then laughed at Silverstone and Clottey for the ridiculous orchestrated motion… (Flashback!) …The Mayor tried to calm the room by saying “Let’s all take a deep breath.”…But that was not part of the Mc-Furth plan…The Vice Mayor said “No, I second that!”… (Flashback!) …The Mayor knowing full well there was no way to stop this train-wreck said “Fine, let’s reprimand the Mayor. That’s fine, there’s a motion”… The roll was called (seems the voting board has been out of order since the Halloween event…Hmmm)… The vote was as expected 3-2 Silverstone, Clottey, McIntee vote yes to the reprimand …Mayor and Comm. Dodd vote no…(Flashback!) …The Mayor said “Ok, now that I’m reprimanded what would you like to do?”… The Vice Mayor jumped in to say “I think it’s certainly symbolic Mayor.But it’s my time to talk”… (Flashback!) …This was the only honest thing that came out of McIntee’s mouth during his comments!… He continued disparaging his constituent and eagerly embellished any”relationship” he has with the State Atty. ..(Can the State Atty. really be so cozy with a Vice Mayor  with McIntees’ probable cause track record?)…

Now ain’t funny that this new “Turkey” ( 1 week late) edition of the poorly distributed (lack of funds?) Mc-Furth paper has included from Clottey, a story about a 6th grade substitute teacher (Moe McIntee-light) .. and has Furth-er tried to pull the wool over the eyes of those with short memories…or new to the LBTS political arena in dishing out cries of lack of decorum on the dais and in the hall …(Flashback!) … Perhaps it’s time for the Professor to  pull out the 2006-2007 commission videos ( current CIC Pres/ BTST Editor Bob Roberts regularly distributed them)…take a seat, get a bucket of popcorn…and with her newly reconstituted “mentor”…purported “fast food eating buddy” and her announced nominee for the Hillsboro Inlet, “Mr Oliver Parker” (Former Mayor Parker…he of the failed CIC-led recall- [see below]…Flashback!)… watch as each video exposes the “decorum” from those seated on the CIC- side of Jarvis Hall…and the over-the-top heated exchanges on the dais between the BFF “Broom Boys” McIntee and Silverstone  vs. “Mr. Olivier” … (Flashback!)…

Comm. Clottey wrote ” In my opinion, rolling once eye’s, smirking, changing one’s voice to play supporting, and make fun of others is a rather strange route toward maintaining respect and fairness. Obviously others have different opinions.”… Did she run this one by “Mr. Oliver?”……. This from “nails on a chalkboard” Clottey, the “besotted” Town commissioner who has regularly embarrassed and offended so many of her constituents with her off the Marc (pun intended) behavior toward the BSO, businesses, attorneys and no surprise…especially to this writer  …. the Mayor…. the recipient of this oddly versed opinion piece!… She has had it in for the Mayor since running as a candidate …. (catfight!)……(Flashback!)…

The Mc-Furths… continued their politically motivated “reprimand” of the Mayor in their Moe McIntee (Truth Deflector/#1 suspect for the 11/11/09 anonymous letter writer? prev. post) “Town Tidbits”… (Flashback!)….. The same Moe McIntee who suddenly now has glowing words of appreciation for former foe-Mayor Oliver Parker…the new “Oracle” of the Mc-Furth-BTSTimes Gang!… Talk about “Old Guard”…Talk about “Cuckoo For Coconuts”….Talk about  a 2006 FLASHBACK!….When you finish the videos, Commissioner… you may want to proceed to Google….


(With Commentary )….full text link w/out below…

“Cuckoo for Coconuts
Lauderdale-by-the-Sea may lose its soul over a political firefight.

By Bob Norman
Published on December 21, 2006

“Mayor Oliver Parker knows he’s the most unpopular person in his own town.”

(VM McIntee  should know he’s the most unpopular person in his town.)

“A hundred-and-fifty years ago there probably would have been tar and feathers involved. Pitchforks and a greased rail would have likely also come into play.’

(Ditto -VM!)

“Looked at that way, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea Mayor Oliver Parker can be thankful. He’s only facing a recall petition, an endless stream of insults, and the undying ire of a large percentage of his constituency.”


“Parker, who has been mayor of the town since 1998, may very well be the most reviled politician in Broward County right now, per capita. And if you listen to him, the conflict boils down to a couple of time-honored staples of subtropical life, coconuts and bared breasts.”

Those are the first things that the mayor brings up when asked about the issue that is ripping his quaint and unique beach burg apart: The hostile takeover of the town’s fire services by the Broward Sheriff’s Office.”

(STILL-Ditto!….The McIntee -Furth 2010 re-election playbook)

“The longstanding Volunteer Fire Department was ousted from the town after BSO terminated its contract in November. Parker made the motion and cast the deciding vote to kill the 60-member VFD. The sheriff’s office then locked the volunteers out of the town firehouse and commandeered their fire trucks and equipment.”

(Ah, “Mr Oliver”….Clottey’s nominee for the Hillsboro Inlet)….

“The town’s surrender to empire-building Sheriff Ken Jenne enraged many of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea’s most civic-minded residents. Think Wal-Mart swallowing Mayberry. Darth Vader trumping Luke Skywalker. To them, the move was nothing less than a Gestapo tactic and another sign of democracy’s demise in their hyphenated town of 7,000 people.”

(Playbook 2010…to keep in power)

“At last week’s city commission meeting, several citizens lined up to berate the mayor. It’s a regular occurrence these days. And a newly formed Recall Oliver Parker Committee has already procured more than 700 signatures, which, if their petition stands, is enough to force a recall vote on Parker next year.”

(Nah,according to the “revisionist” CIC history…the current podium participants are something new to Jarvis Hall!)

“These people are our family; they help get us through hurricanes,” five-year resident Lisa Maxwell told the mayor last week, outrage dripping from her voice. “Why did you turn away from your history?”

Calling Lisa Maxwell, will there be enough of you to believe it is 2006 again?…Hmmm… how about blacktopping your road?…Free Kool-aid at the door!)

“It’s a good question, one that I posed to Parker during a phone interview last week. That’s when he told me about breasts and coconuts.”

“First off, I’m a supporter of the Volunteer Fire Department, always have been and always will be,” said the 55-year-old Republican who missed being elected to the Florida Legislature in 2004 by a mere 12 votes. “But I believe the volunteer fire department has to be professionally trained. Back in January, the department elected a chief and deputy chief who had no business being chief and deputy chief. They had no qualifications whatsoever.”

(New VFD…leadership problem…FLASHBACK!)…

“I’ll give you an example. We had an incident last October where a firefighter was cooking hamburgers for rescue workers right after Hurricane Wilma. A young lady comes up to the firefighter who was doing the cooking and says, ‘May I have a hamburger?’ He tells her she has to take her shirt off and show everybody her boobs. And she does it.”

“The horror. The woman did, indeed, flash her assets to at least some of the hungry volunteers. But the firefighter/cook in question, none other than Deputy Fire Chief Jerry McIntee, who is also a city commissioner, says he didn’t ask the woman to do it.”

“You drive down the beach and women are flashing the fire truck — c’mon, it’s South Florida,” says the married McIntee, who retired to Florida after a career as a police officer and arson investigator in Buffalo. “I didn’t see any boobs. She had a halter top and a throw thing on and she took it off and I told her to put her clothes back on. Apparently, she’s about 35 years old and she’s an exhibitionist-type person.”

(Yep, he was still using the “career cop” crap)….

“The real bottom line is that this guy [Parker] has turned into an ogre. He has the town furious at him.”

(The real bottom line is that this guy [McIntee] has turned into a bully. He has the town furious at him)

“The mayor says he’s just protecting the town, even if it hates him for it. He points to the fact that the volunteers were taking coconuts — which could become dangerous in hurricanes — down from trees as part of a paid training exercise.”

(The Vice Mayor says “He’s” protecting the town….Hmmm… Flashback!)

“Parker is most angry that they were taking the coconuts from some of their own yards.”

“That’s misappropriation of funds, embezzlement, and theft,” Parker says. “They could have done it on town trees and there would be no problem, but instead they decided to provide a special benefit to private citizens.”

(No oversight…thanks to the Town Manager…so any continuation …”hands off”…until after March 2010)

“Again, McIntee scoffs.”


“We have taken coconuts out of all sorts of people’s trees,” he says. “If it happens to be a volunteer’s house, well that’s what we do. If an old lady asks us to take their coconuts down, we’ll be there. Before the hurricane, an old lady called and said she needed help with her shutters. We had 12 guys over there to board up her house. We did this 30 or 40 times.”

“In other words, it’s typical small town stuff, which is the way the overwhelming majority of the people seem to like it. The volunteers respond to a pet dog stuck in a canal. BSO doesn’t. The volunteers cook burgers for hurricane victims and help them with their shutters. BSO doesn’t.”

(Get ready…to take out VFD and put in LBTS Police Dept…if the current majority wins)

“And the VFD has been around for a half-century without many complaints. It wasn’t until 2000 that the trouble began.
That year, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, which lies just north of Fort Lauderdale, annexed a piece of beach to its north, nearly doubling its population. “New Town,” as it’s commonly called, had none of the charm of traditional Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, which is now known as, you guessed it, “Old Town.”

(2010 Mc-Furth playbook -Flashback!)

“New Town has sterile and imposing condos lining the beach. Old Town has little old motels with names like “High Noon” and “Sea Spray” and “A Little Inn By The Sea.”

(2010 Mc-Furth playbook- Flashback!)

“New Town has a 15-story height limit, Old Town’s is a mere three. And New Town had massive contractor BSO as its fire service provider, while Old Town had just the little VFD.”

(2010 Mc-Furth playbook- Flashback!)

“The cost difference was jarring — at first, BSO was charging New Town residents five times what the VFD residents were paying for fire protection. And initially Parker vowed not to let BSO take over Old Town.”

(2010 Mc-Furth playbook- Flashback!)

“But Sheriff Ken Jenne has been a master at usurping the towns of Broward County. That’s a given — and Parker eventually gave in. In 2004, he helped the five-member commission pass a resolution to put BSO in command of the VFD. Of the $2 million contract for fire service paid to the sheriff’s office, it subcontracted the VFD for about $500,000.”

(2010 Mc-Furth playbook- Flashback!…except now the VFD costs close to a million…with a $2 million dollar crappy motel and a$3 million dollar “fire garage that sleeps firefighter”…if the majority stays)….

“By that time, the two agencies were already involved in a bitter turf war. And there was growing consternation about it in the town, which overwhelmingly supports the volunteers. Parker also was gaining political enmity for his growing commiseration with developers. The mayor isn’t shy about the fact that he wants to tear down the old motels and redevelop the town with condo and hotel projects.”

(2010 Mc-Furth playbook- Flashback!… But this is “Mr Oliver” the CIC- Mc-Furth “Oracle” of heights…Hmmmm…..)

“So the town, led by a small newspaper called By The Sea Times, turned on the mayor. In March, VFD leaders McIntee and James Silverstone ran for the commission against two incumbents who favored BSO, Ed Kennedy and David Wessels. The volunteers crushed the competition, gained two seats on the commission, and stunned Parker and the old guard.”

(2010 Mc-Furth playbook- Flashback!….But this is “Mr. Oliver the man quoted in the new Furth owned BTSTimes!…Hmmm…)

“In that same election, the town voted on a referendum to impose term limits. The measure, aimed squarely at putting Parker out of office, was passed by a resounding 74 percent of the vote.”

(2010 Mc-Furth playbook- Flashback!)

“The mayor responded by making Sheriff Jenne — who has been hobbled by scandal himself — the grand master of the town’s July 4 parade this year.”

( This year’s 2009 CIC Citizens of the Year…BTSTimes Publisher /Editor & owners Marc & Cristie Furth)….

“And he still controlled a three-vote bloc majority — with commissioners John Yanni (who happens to be employed by BSO) and Chuck Clark. It was that trio that ousted the VFD in November.”

(a three-vote bloc majority- with commissioners Silverstone (who happens to be a VFD member), McIntee (who happens to be a VFD member), and Birute Clottey. It is the trio that will oust the BSO Police if the two are re-elected in March)

“The vote came after BSO terminated its contract with the volunteers, saying they weren’t safe, and backing it up with a list of minor complaints.”

(2010 Mc-Furth playbook- Flashback!…. longtime VFD members who have left due to McIntee have repeated these complaints…due to substandard training and leadership)

“What BSO did was dump the volunteers and get a bonus of three quarters of a million dollars in equipment that was bought by Lauderdale-by-the-Sea,” McIntee says. “[The BSO fire department] has no home so they try to steal other people’s homes to exist. They will do anything they can to control what they can.”

(2010 Mc-Furth playbook- Flashback!…. McIntee got a 2 million dollar crappy motel…trucks…toys…He will do anything he can to control what he can.)

“Because VFD can serve the town for about half the cost of BSO, it’s commonly believed that Parker has struck up an unholy alliance with Jenne. “There is no reasonable justifiable reason to terminate the volunteers the way they did,” says Silverstone, the volunteer fire chief and new city commissioner. “Terminating the contract and kicking us out of our own station and taking our equipment, they didn’t need to do that. There must be some backroom politics going on here.”

(2010 Mc-Furth playbook- Flashback!…. Silverstone ….who spent 2 years insisting the Town Manager’s contract was the same as the former Town Manager….who voted against VFD by-laws for McIntee to be Dep. Chief…Who is NOT a nice guy!)

“Parker admits he’s become friends with Jenne, but says they aren’t close and he has cut no deal with the sheriff.”

(Parker admits he’s become friends with Clottey, McIntee, but say they aren’t close and he has cut no deal with the “gang”?)

“The sheriff can’t afford to pay me enough to make it worth my while,” says Parker, a multimillionaire who pumped about $350,000 of his own money into his losing 2004 state house race.”


“He insists he’s just looking out for the town — even if it hates him for it.”

(2006-Parker/2009 McIntee)…

“We don’t need the fire version of the keystone cops,” he explains. “They’re incompetent, they’re dysfunctional, and, in my opinion, they are corrupt. And they refuse to discipline themselves. Put it in plain English, they refuse to accept civilian control.”

(2009….the VFD leadership “shoe” still fits)

“The volunteers are still functioning, if barely. They operate out of an office and have one fire truck left (which the department paid for rather than the city).”

(The volunteers have a 5 year contract with a 4% increase…5 firetrucks…..3 acquired in 2009 …1 paid for by city/ 2 VFD …the $150,000 non- RFP  purchased 1989  102′ ladder truck is sure to be paid for by the city if McIntee/Silverstone are re-elected in March….new command car…2 ATV’s…..Fire boat…Skidoo …$2 million dollar “Public Safety building”…$3 million dollar Fire Garage in their future…No oversight from town……all for approximately the same number of VFD members as when they were terminated!)….

“We’re doing community service, we’re going out with Santa Claus. We aren’t running away,” McIntee says. “Yesterday, an individual walked in and gave us a $50,000 check on the spot and said, ‘Now you have all the money you need to fight BSO.’ All of this money is going to be used to drive Ken Jenne and Oliver Parker out of this town. The mayor is part of the evil empire and it’s not going to stand.”

(Was that $50,000 ever checked out?…Booster Club Funds are not disclosed!)…

“Even if the recall fails, Parker’s term runs out in 2008. But the mayor says he’s going to run again despite the new term limits. He argues the new law is retroactive and the city attorney has agreed with him.”

(“Mr. Oliver” is is said wants payback for those that did not back him for his re-election…that would be the “Old Guard”)….

“The townspeople are livid about it, saying he’s a disgrace to democracy. Parker, who admits that his political career is probably doomed, says it’s just the opposite.”

“It’s real simple, if the voters want me out they’ll vote me out,” he says. “That’s what democracy is all about. I may not have any base of support for all I know. Maybe I won’t get any votes next time.”


Cuckoo comes a-calling  …in the 2010 CIC- McIntee- Silverstone-Furth Re-election Playbook…where it’s always 2006 and 2008…and 1973!….

I make a motion, as a LBTS registered voter to reprimand them all!…..Roll call please!…

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … Scene And Heard Around Town…

November 21, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers … This writer has been out and about all day…..and the consensus is this… What year is this?… Can we phone this next election in?… The Mc-Furth “Gang” gave away the playbook in their latest edition for their 2010 campaign!…

They are running the 2006/2008 campaigns!….They are running against the “ghosts” of candidates past!….They are running on north vs south!…They are running on “Galt Ocean Mile”…and no VFD!…. The are running on empty!…. They haven’t got a turkey leg to stand on!…

The Furths, McIntees, Clottey and Silverstone are so off in their collective analysis contained in this  VFD/CIC funded newspaper that they have become a laughingstock to the many who are watching their most deserved descent…They have no one to blame but themselves…

Where is the paper?…Trouble again with distribution?… It did not make it to the condos, still… and downtown…we hear it few and far between… Funny, how much this Mc-Furth publication……with its disjointed, dismal  distribution…sums up the group in charge!…

Earlier in the day…Commissioner Silverstone and VFD at the Surf and Yacht Club….pre-party set-up?… Hmmm…VFD neutral?…

A quick walk-by of the CIC-“it’s a fundraiser”…that quickly backtracked and became the CIC- “it’s a dinner dance by the ocean”……..showed a lack of response…with the “usual suspects” and mostly VFD?…Looks like another mandatory requirement from the Deputy Chief?… Remember guys…the new campaign rules that you voted on kicked in …No donations from the members….If  the comparison in fundraisers is any indication….there will be a new commission coming on the dais!… Yeah, Baby!…


The Altar Guild of the
Assumption Church
sponsored their
First Annual Craft and Gift Show
Saturday, November 21, 2009
in the Church Hall

Candidate Chris Vincent and LBTS resident Anne Meretsky

Altar Guild ladies Joan Englander Schot, Dorothy Smith, Alana Brady, Lorene Parker, Sunny Eckhardt, Loyola Gray
Altar Guild President Marie Chiarello & Altar Guild VP Mayor Roseann Minnet
more to come…
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Here’s The Scoop … The BTSTimes Letter To The Editor Writer…

November 20, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers… In the Mc-Furth Times “Thanksgiving Edition” out for distribution today… It seems their “Letter to the Editor Writer” John Aydinian is just another “insert foot in mouth” moment for the Mc-Furth”Gang”..

You may recall from previous posts the disturbing and questionable comments and actions made by the Vice Mayor and BFF Jim Silverstone over the Town’s actions before,during and after the Yom Kippur Town final budget meeting debacle…Silvertone’s ludicrous, applicable and non- applicable Jewish Holidays question…McIntee’s using the lack of those absent due to observing this most important  holiday to imply the lack of attendance proved all are happy with the Town…Followed by trying shamelessly to take care of  the Town’s “ignored” Jewish population …by inviting a  Chabad Rabbi to do invocations at the Town Commission future meetings …..McIntee bypassed the Town Chaplain who is in charge of extending such invitations…Now it seems they found themselves a “live one” in their zeal to “attack”……….adding another sad chapter to the above missteps ….. A quick google of the Mr. Aydinian produced another letter he wrote…to the New Times in response to a Bob Norman column…in 2002… He  follows another writer with a  familiar name…Last seen on this site last September…in response to the Yom Kippur comments made by the Town Manager and Town Clerk…the Broward Jewish Federation Community Relations Director Pepi Dunay… see below….


‘Letters for October 10, 2002
Hawks versus doves versus free-weekly lovers versus anti-Semitic rag haters Share

Published on October 10, 2002

Editor’s Note: This week, we publish an extended letters section dedicated only to Bob Norman’s September 26 column, “Hawking for Israel.” We received dozens of missives in response to the article, so many that we couldn’t fit them all. We will publish more in upcoming weeks.

They feel we are despicable questioners:Bob Norman’s September 26 article, “Hawking for Israel,” was more than repugnant. To question the loyalty of Congressmen Peter Deutsch and Robert Wexler as Americans brings to mind the accusation of dual loyalty, one of the anti-Semitic canards.’

“It is the responsibility of all elected officials to analyze public policy issues and determine a course of action based upon the facts and shared values. Since September 11, 2001, the United States has been forced to view the world differently. Now we know that state-sponsored terrorism can be exported anywhere in the world and that the United States might be forced to act first. Most members of Congress, regardless of religious persuasion, share that view.

Norman’s tone, unsubstantiated accusations, and muckraking style conjure up images of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic propaganda designed to tear the South Florida community apart. No one is disputing his right to advocate for a careful analysis of President Bush’s Iraqi policy, but that should be done in a thoughtful, well-reasoned way.

Questioning the loyalty of two local congressmen is a despicable act. Norman doesn’t question the American loyalty of hundreds of other representatives, in both the House and Senate, who have consistently supported the only true democracy in the Middle East, to say nothing of every president since Harry Truman. We would have expected more from New Times.

Amy Goldin, Chair, Community Relations Committee

Pepi Dunay, Vice President, Community Relations Committee

United Jewish Community of Broward County



“Your recent cover story raises questions about President Bush’s proposal to authorize military force to obtain Iraq’s compliance with U.N. resolutions regarding the development, storage, and use of weapons. In our democratic society, a vigorous debate over the use of such military force is essential. However, Mr. Norman’s column goes beyond vigorous debate. It contains vehemently anti-Jewish attacks.

It is absurd to imply that, because U.S. Congressmen Robert Wexler and Peter Deutsch support the state of Israel, they are working for Jerusalem. The vast majority of Congress supports Israel — not because of any American-Jewish influence but because it is in the best interest of the United States to be aligned with Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East.

Mr. Norman’s reference to certain key U.S. administration officials as “Jewish,” and Wexler as “Orthodox” implies that our government is controlled by some sort of Zionist cabal. It is repugnant and smacks of anti-Semitism.

It is acceptable and healthy to voice strong opinions about President Bush’s plans. Jewish-Americans and all other Americans — including elected officials — are entitled to advocate for their own interests without having their patriotism and integrity questioned. Fortunately, in a democracy, it is possible to be Jewish, pro-Israel, and a loyal American.

It is our opinion that New Times owes sincere apologies to the Jewish community.

Stephen Mendelsohn, Vice Chair Jewish Community Relations Council Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County”


“Thank you for Bob Norman’s excellent article. The story was like a breath of fresh air, and Norman will probably receive some abusive letters.

I agree that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has a lot of innocent blood on his hands; his track record is horrible. Our brave president told him to “pull out” when his troops went into Palestinian territory, and the president then said, “I mean what I say.” Sharon ignored George W. Bush, who sided with the Israeli leader against a very weak Arafat after that.

The late actor Sterling Hayden said during the Vietnam War: “No politician should be allowed to make war.” We have Sen. Joe Lieberman, Rep. Robert Wexler, Rep. Peter Deutsch, and many other politicians pushing constantly for war. Not one of these men, who always seem to hide behind the American flag, will shed a drop of blood. Lyndon Johnson, another president from Texas, used to say in his speeches at the beginning of the Vietnam War, “My fellow Americans.” He painted North Vietnam as something of an evil empire. George Bush says, “We are Americans.” Somewhat similar?

The butcher bill for the unnecessary war in Vietnam was 58,219 Americans killed, probably three times as many wounded, and more than 300,000 North Vietnamese killed. What will the butcher bill be for a war in Iraq? Not one American should die fighting in Iraq (another unnecessary war), and not one Iraqi should die (we have more than enough Iraqi scalps on our belts from the Gulf War). Even if they have a nuclear bomb, which they don’t, let them and “us Americans” have peace.

The cost of a war (not my figures) is $50 billion to $200 billion. With some of that money, we can help the 12 million people who are starving to death in Africa or even maybe help keep our airlines, which are in the red, flying.

As for Lieberman, Wexler, and Deutsch, if the bodies of young Americans start to come back from their war, there will be a backlash, and many fingers will be pointed at them. Unlike them, I want our servicemen and women to have long, happy lives.

John Aydinian


LETTER TO THE EDITOR  JOHN AYDINIAN- PART 3…as Mr Aydinian said in his BTSTimes letter part 2….”Definitely guilt by association”…..for the BTSTimes…Gobble, gobble!

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … LBTS Halloween 2009 ….Became A Political Football …

October 31, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers …I had intended to do as I did last year and write what a great amount effort went into the 2009 LBTS Halloween Event at the direction of the Furths … I had intended to do as I did last year and speak of the hours spent on this production and the incredible man hours put in once again by that small knit CIC group that are very generous with their time each year in accommodating the Furth’s perfectionism and their countless artistic changes during the annual 3 week process in getting the many props just so … I was going to write of the service this town does for all the neighboring communities who come in droves to partake of Lauderdale By Sea’s generosity in time and talent along with taxpayer funds… And while that is all true  this year as well as all the last such Halloween extravaganzas …This time it was marred by politics…Blatant…biased politics and an in your face encounter with one half of the event coordinators…Marc Furth…

Before the event began this writer was contacted by those who happened by the park, only to observe banners being used for Commissioner Silverstone, the CIC (a political action committee) and the By The Sea Times… What gives these resident asked?…We were told by Commissioner Silverstone and Vice Mayor McIntee that this was not a political event…Well obviously Comm. Silverstone, Vice Mayor McIntee, the CIC and the By The Sea Times decided to not abide by their own rules…

I had thought of wearing an old CIC t-shirt as my costume…along the lines of the latest editions of the BTSTimes…and all their “FLASHBACKS”…But I was having 2nd thoughts…That is until I got the tips that something rotten was brewing this Halloween in LBTS… So I went with the T-shirt and added on the back a a combo of the “WHO DO YOU TRUST” photo-shopped blimp on the last cover of the BTSTimes (prev. post)…their last edition with the old Villas By The Sea on the cover below the blimp and  I put it on top of the last cover of the BTSFutures with the 4 new commission candidates ready to run against the incumbents…McIntee and Silverstone… A point made by wearing a “costume” of the CIC’s past and the Town’s Future…sans the CIC…

As we approached the event near Publix a loud booming voice came throughout the town, it was Vice Mayor McIntee …saying how long until the event and that he was going sound the VFD siren…( to be used for emergencies only…such as disaster)…People came out of their homes…it was quite a site…most were disturbed and were anything but pleased… We arrived at the park to hear the siren go off..and go off …and go off…as people looked around in disbelief…It continued on throughout the event…this unnecessary disturbance of the noise level wafting way beyond the boundaries of the event itself in the tiny town park…….It was such a display of overbearing self- aggrandizing that even the VFD “rank and file” were looking at the Vice Mayor’s actions and shaking their heads….as he kept saying “This is Vice Mayor McIntee”……over and over again…

As we made the rounds through the maze in the park…We looked at the 3 banners and thought, it was not a smart move …It was very unfair …It was just not right and totally inappropriate..but then desperation does make for inappropriate actions … and from what we have seen around town going door to door… the Mc-Furths have much to be desperate about…

As I stood by the BTSFuture table, the paper with no banner, though they have one…. (they play fair)…BTSTimes Editor, Town Photographer, VFD Photographer, Event Coordinator, blue Easter egg dye suspect,Marc Furth came by and said hello, ( because my husband was standing next to me)…I did not answer…He said you’re not going to say hello? I answered why? …I have no reason to speak to Marc Furth…But he would not accept that and move on… Instead he chose to get in my face and try to say he has never done anything to me..(yeah, right)….I told him this was not the time or the place…He continued and said he was once my friend and never done anything to me…(yeah, right)…I am sorry to say I answered, I couldn’t help it …I said, “come on!” (as give me a break!)…He went on to say the only reason I was mad at him is because he is friends with Jerry…(yeah, right!)… I just looked at him like he was nuts..(and he is!)….He kept pushing, and I finally said he was being disingenuous and untruthful…and again said this wasn’t the time or the place…Then he said “You write all lies”…and I responded “See! Now why should I say hello?”….He walked off…but then  he then kept trying to take my picture … Later as I was with my husband he again got in my face and took the photo, I told him he did not have my permission to put my picture in his paper, he told me to sue him. He said he could sue me for the lies I write, I told go ahead…as there is nothing I have written that I cannot back up…and much more I have kept quiet….(He knows it)… So if he goes forth and puts my picture in his paper…so be it…It will fit right in…It will just be another BTSTimes ” flashback” to the 2 years my life that I spent wearing a CIC shirt, drinking the CIC kool-aid and thinking he was a good guy…who wanted the right things for this town…just like his pal Jerry and his pal Jimmy…

The Furth’s BTSTimes said…”WHO DO YOU TRUST?”….The same guys who said this Halloween event would not be political?…….Nahhh……

Time to open your eyes voters …and think twice who you say “hello” to….

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … The Mc-Furth Times …Livin’ In The Past … Who Do YOU Trust? …..

October 23, 2009 by Barbara



Dear Readers…WOW!…That’s all I can say …the Mc-FurthTimes is out…A look at the cover answers the question on the Marc Furth photo-shopped blimp…”WHO DO YOU TRUST?”… All the voters  have to do is look at the rest of the cover and it’s LBTS BEFORE the Minto redevelopment…It’s the old Villas By The Sea!!!… That really says it all with this group …We will never see any planned investment in our town…We will never see a real comprehensive plan to bring progress and stability to this town…We will be stuck in the past with decaying properties and revisionist history…just stuck in a  Furth induced timewarp!….

This paper was hastily put out early to accommodate the Vice Mayor’s and the Furth’s attack on the BSO… There is yet another story with another version about the May 4th, 2009 suicide in Bel-Air…and it is a stomach turner….The Vice Mayor who was the first one to publicly use the widow’s name has now put her picture and name in this edition…It opens up so many questions…and opens the door for BSO to respond and investigate even further…The story and the “Editor’s note” call into question the BSO’s ability to handle a crime..It accuses the BSO of being screw-ups from the time they arrived at the scene all the way to the final investigative report…It says BSO did not get the woman’s story right, did not get McIntee’s statement right…did not investigate properly with “no formal interviews conducted,  no recordings or official depositions taken, or written notes preserved to verify the witness statements”…because it was not a “homicide investigation”…OUCH!… How can residents of LBTS feel secure with the BSO if the BSO does not get this straightened out?… It is this writer’s opinion that going after BTSFuture Editor Mark Brown is just an aside to what McIntee is doing to the BSO Police…McIntee knows full well that with the investigation re-opened, the BSO cannot answer back until it finishes… Mark Brown should sue McIntee for his recent slanderous statements on the dais (Oct. 20, 2009 Comm. comments) when McIntee falsely stated Mr Brown pushed his way into the widows front door. The widow contacted Mr. Brown through his paper and set an appointment to meet with him in Pompano Beach…Mr Brown passed by her residence and she came out to see if it was him that drove past. Without her giving him directions and setting a time he would not have known where she lived. The woman was shown the police reports and Mr. Brown proved to her as he did for the readers of his article that he took all his information from the 6 official reports on the incident. He has nothing to worry about from any threat of a lawsuit from VM McIntee…Because unless you are a conspiracy theorist or you really do believe the BSO is inept…the reports from all of the BSO personnel from the day of the incident  up to the final release of the investigation 4 months later (which LBTS -BSO Chief Llerena said was standard practice in a crime) are the same…The story only changes from McIntee and the widow…and each new version (The “Truth Deflector/ Oct. 13, 2009 Comm. meeting/ Oct. 20, 2009 Comm. comments/ this issue of the BTSTimes) becomes more and more fanciful…pure comic book “superhero”stuff with a seedy underbelly that looks shamefully like McIntee using this woman for grand self promotion for his re-election in light of his dwindling support…

In the latest version…there is a picture of the Vice Mayor shaking hands with the widow in front of the Blue Seas (Furth’s motel and BTSTimes headquarter-Town Hall East)…So first we must ask…At the Oct. 13th meeting in Jarvis Hall VM McIntee is on the record saying the widow was already interviewed by “an Editor of the By The Sea Times”…that we now know was Cristie Furth…McIntee said it was recorded …Did he sit in on that interview?…Did he and/or Editor Furth tape the widow?… BSO better get that tape to verify this article…and protect themselves from this ongoing scandal… The story is written with quotations… and they are damning…she has changed the story significantly from the BSO police account (prev. posts )…saying this time around “When the suicide happened I started screaming  I’m sitting next to my husband’s body, just screaming at the top of my lungs and my 7 year old daughter is distraught…..” “I had already called 911 and standing over my husband’s body still screaming when, almost immediately Mr. McIntee came into the room and said “I heard you from down the street before I got the call” . He then got on his walkie talkie, called for assistance and tried to calm me down”… Well if you believe the widow…Jerry McIntee heard her screaming from inside his house approx. 400 ft. away around the corner while she was inside her master bedroom …BEFORE he got the call (was it on the radio or pager…in 2 prior versions)… If you believe this version and the previous versions of McIntee he must have broken into her house to get to the master bedroom (unless it was unlocked?)…Has BSO spoken to the many neighbors to see if the widow ever came outside the house when yelling for help?….In this version the paramedics arrive within 15 seconds…not even the “Truth Deflector” tells it this way…(they say 30 secs. for the BSO)…In this version McIntee is asked “Please save him”…In the prior versions McIntee admits he did not check for vitals and knew he was gone …in the police report it was by “his color”… on the dais Oct. 13th by the type of wound describing “his head half blown off”…This version makes McIntee’s lack of proper “First Responder” action even worse!… The widow states in this version “I had assumed when I looked into my husband’s eyes and saw the wound- that he had passed. Although he had a faint pulse there was no one home anymore, he was brain-dead.”…The Vice Mayor said he took no vitals, so how did the widow know there was a pulse?…If the widow is correct about a faint pulse it further causes trouble for McIntee not providing any aid for the husband!…According to the AMR and BSO report and McIntee in prior versions…he [McIntee] took the mother and child to the living room and they were not in the room when paramedics worked on the husband…and it was the paramedics who say they found a faint pulse…According to the prior versions the BSO came first…removed the gun and then instructed AMR they could come into the house…In this version the widow says the paramedics came first….It is sad to see the widow feeling the need to enter into McIntee’s politics and be used in such a way… It is disturbing to read  that after the incident a week later McIntee came by  offering “maybe  a ride on the fire truck for my daughter?”… The VFD took up a collection and a sympathy card…but we hear the BSO also collected approximately $3000 for the woman…Then it goes deeper around the bend in including comments about Maureen McIntee and the mutual loss of their dogs… There is nothing that can clarify why that would be included except campaigning in its lowest form …What needs to be remembered here is this…This poor woman went through a life altering ordeal…and what she does or does not remember from it is not the issue…How she felt Vice Mayor McIntee responded is not the issue…The issue is what VFD Deputy Chief McIntee did per the VFD SOPs when responding to a call as a VFD member and a “First Responder”… and what matters is that he says he will not follow the rules if he is faced with a similar call again…no matter how he hears it…by radio …pager or super human hearing!… What matters now to the residents of LBTS is to know if the BSO was correct in their response and investigations…or if McIntee is correct and the BSO was not!…

The rest of the paper is the same old drivel of old guard and new guard…by the Editors Furth…who are the real “Old -Guard” in this town having backed both sides of the aisle in their years of politicking in their lust for retaining their hold on their piece of the pie….The same- old, same -old political rhetoric …is now falling on a shrinking number of ears according to the 4 new candidates who are indeed knocking on those doors around town and are being met with welcoming smiles after voters are seeing new blood arriving on their doorsteps with new names…that are not Furth…and not McIntee!…..

The skewed Town Manager review by Editor Cristie Furth tells half the story …leaving out the the points made by Mr. Simmons himself, that this evaluation is required in the manager’s contract and Mr Simmons acknowledging that he himself was reviewed with this type of review!…(prev. post)…OOPS!… It was sad …kind of like the widows remarks to see the Furths and the CIC bring forward old- time CIC members yet again unaware of the requirement in the manager’s contract when making their remarks …And a repeat of the Manager’s remarks claiming the former Town Atty. met independently with the commissioners…a statement the former Town Atty. denies…The rest of the managers explanation for her need to add in a large severance and other perks…it doesn’t add up…because the clean-sweep was a year prior to her contract…and those “Broom Boys” were front and center for wanting her in  as TM as shown in her hiring in the minutes and the video……Perhaps she is spending too much time with the VM …and following suit with ever changing versions of this story……You know what they say about the “clean up” …that’s what brings them all down in the end!…

Tidbits…more  Moe-misstatements.. Commissioner Dodd put the 15 stories on the agenda…the Town Clerk put all the Referendum items underneath and did not include the word Referendum in his items as turned in…He did what Jimmy-boy said a good commissioner does…he put items on that his constituents asked for…You see many feel if you’re are going back to see what height the voters want…to LOWER the height to the Mc-Furth33 ‘/ maintain the 3x voted for 44’/ or increase the north back to 15 stories along with lifeguard…and oh yes…the constituents want ETHICS… (with or without 2-hats)…

On the subject of heights…this brief intermission from the Times…

From the previous CIC website before 2009…


“* The CIC Height Limit Charter Referendum, which lowered the maximum allowable height limit in the Northbeach coastal area from 15 stories to 3 over 1 stories, won despite fierce campaigns by developers and pro-development commissioners. This charter amendment will prevent our barrier island from over development, limit further congestion along A1A, and preserve the Town’s low-rise image. A critical clause of this referendum was that no major zoning changes can now be made in any neighborhoods without a vote of the people.”


From the defunct previous BTSTimes after the 2008 election…

“All About Lies and Backroom Deals

The election is already history, yet campaign lies continue by the old guard Commissioners John Yanni and Chuck Clark who refused to accept their defeat graciously.

In another publication, both Yanni and Clark claimed their loss was the result of lies by the opposition, when in fact, they were ousted by their own deplorable records and disregard for the will of the people.

Yanni claimed the opposition said that the Commissioners were “for high rises.” The documented record of both Yanni and Clark prove they supported high rises and fought to defeat the 44-foot height limit every step of the way. When Judge Barry E. Goldstein’s court order directed the old guard to place the citizens’ height limit referendum on the ballot, the old guard refused. Clark and Yanni even went so far as to order Town Attorney Cherof to use “every means available” to challenge the court’s ruling.

The old guard approved spending $75,000 of our taxpayer money to fight the height limit. Nevertheless, the voters approved the 44-foot height limit in March 2006.

Meanwhile, the 15-story referendum was placed on the November 2006 ballot and defeated by the voters, while the old guard stood next to developers at the polling places, clearly supporting the referendum!

So when Yanni and Clark say they support the 44-foot height limit, it is only because their 15-story high rise referendum was defeated by the people.

Clark claims there were lies about backroom deals. Clark created and signed the annexation agreement as President of the South Beach Civic Association (SBCA) which falsely claimed to represent the entire “Intracoastal Beach Area.” Bel Air residential homeowners had no input whatsoever into the decisions or actions of the SBCA nor did other residents of the north. There were no public hearings for the residents of the north or the south ends of town to voice any input. So where was the honesty and openness in this deal?

Let’s proceed from here with an honest and open government; the people have spoken.

Maureen McIntee”

From the Florida Attorney General….

Mr. James A. Cherof
Town of Lauderdale By The Sea Attorney
3099 East Commercial Boulevard
Suite 200
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308

RE: BERT J. HARRIS, JR., PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS PROTECTION ACT – MUNICIPALITIES – REAL PROPERTY – PROPERTY RIGHTS – CHARTERS – citizen initiated charter amendment as governmental action under Bert J. Harris Act. ss. 70.001 and 166.031, Fla. Stat.

Dear Mr. Cherof:

As Attorney for the Town of Lauderdale By The Sea, you have asked for my opinion on substantially the following questions:

1. Does an amendment to a town charter initiated by ten percent of the registered electors pursuant to section 166.031(1), Florida Statutes, constitute “action of a governmental entity” as that term is used in the Bert J. Harris, Jr., Private Property Rights Protection Act?

2. Following such amendments to the charter, does subsequent action by the Town Commission, compelled by language in the charter as amended, constitute “action of a governmental entity” as that term is defined in the Bert J. Harris, Jr., Private Property Rights Protection Act?

Your questions are related and will be answered together.

According to your letter, the electors of the Town of Lauderdale By The Sea submitted a proposed amendment to the town charter using the procedure authorized by section 166.031(1), Florida Statutes. This amendment was submitted to the electors and was approved earlier this year.[1]

The charter amendment provides for a 44-foot height limit on new construction in the area that was annexed into the town from unincorporated Broward County in 2001. Prior to approval of the charter amendment, the 44-foot height limit did not exist in the annexation area. Under Broward County zoning regulations, buildings as high as 15 stories or 150 feet were allowed, subject to other zoning regulations.

In the annexation area there are several 15-story high-rise buildings that now exceed the new 44-foot height limit. These buildings are now legal nonconforming structures. In addition, there are several undeveloped parcels in the area that were zoned under Broward County regulations to permit structures of 15 stories in height that now may only be constructed to a maximum height of 44-feet. The town is concerned about potential liability for imposing an inordinate burden on property rights through the adoption and implementation of this charter amendment and has requested assistance in resolving these questions.

The 1995 Legislature enacted the “Bert J. Harris, Jr., Private Property Rights Protection Act.”[2] The act provides in part that when a specific action of a governmental entity has inordinately burdened an existing use of real property or a vested right to a specific use of real property, the property owner of that real property is entitled to relief that may include compensation for the actual loss to the fair market value of the property caused by the action of government, as provided in the statute.[3] This cause of action is separate and distinct from any cause of action that might arise under the law of takings.[4]

The term “inordinate burden” or “inordinately burdened” is defined in section 3(e) of the act to mean that

“[A]n action of one or more governmental entities has directly restricted or limited the use of real property such that the property owner is permanently unable to attain the reasonable, investment-backed expectation for the existing use of the real property or a vested right to a specific use of the real property with respect to the real property as a whole, or that the property owner is left with existing or vested uses that are unreasonable such that the property owner bears permanently a disproportionate share of a burden imposed for the good of the public, which in fairness should be borne by the public at large.”

Legislative intent is the polestar that guides statutory construction analysis.[5] The legislative intent of the Bert J. Harris, Jr., Private Property Rights Protection Act is evident from the first section of the act, which clearly provides that the statute was intended to protect private property interests against “inordinately burdensome” governmental regulations that do not necessarily amount to a constitutional taking.[6]

Section 70.001(1), Florida Statues, provides for relief or payment of compensation “when a new law, rule, regulation, or ordinance” unfairly affects real property. An amendment to the municipal charter would appear to come within the scope of this language. A municipal charter is the paramount law of that municipality. It represents the constitution of the town, enumerating and providing all the powers the town possesses. A municipal charter consists of the creative act and all laws in force relating to the corporation, whether in defining its powers or regulating the method of their exercise.[7] Thus, the provisions of the Charter of the Town of Lauderdale By The Sea are laws within the scope of section 70.001, Florida Statutes, and can give rise to liability for any inordinate burden the charter provisions impose on real property “for the good of the public” when “in fairness [this disproportionate share of the burden] should be borne by the public at large.” Likewise, the regulations, ordinances or rules adopted by the town to implement the charter amendment, would constitute “action of a governmental entity” that may implicate the Bert J. Harris, Jr., Private Property Rights Protection Act if these regulations impose an “inordinate burden” on real property.

In sum, it is my opinion that an amendment to a town charter proposed and approved pursuant to section 166.031(1), Florida Statutes, does constitute “action of a governmental entity” as that term is defined and used in the Bert J. Harris, Jr., Private Property Rights Protection Act. In addition, any new rules, regulations, or ordinances adopted by the town to effectuate the terms of the amendment to the charter would also constitute “action of a governmental entity” as that term is defined and used in the act. I note that the authority to determine whether such action gives rise to a claim under the act is expressly vested in the judicial branch.[8]


Charlie Crist
Attorney General


[1] As you note, pursuant to section 166.031(1), Florida Statutes, the town commission, as governing body, has no discretion regarding submission of the proposed charter amendment to a vote of the electors:

“The governing body of the municipality shall place the proposed amendment contained in the ordinance or petition to a vote of the electors at the next general election held within the municipality or at a special election called for such purpose.”



Commissioner comments…Jimmy-boy loves his new home…with the foliage…the code violating foliage…OOPS!…. That foliage was conveniently overlooked when he got HIS variance…(unlike Mrs. D’Uba)….not too long ago…Many say Jimmy-boy is no longer the lovable fumbling …bumbling goodhearted basketball coach…He’s mean…He’s a pit bull and he’s history… Hate…you speak of hate…as your BFF says all the time on the dais……Jimmy-boy…”look in the mirror”…

Vice Mayor McIntee… “Dogs of war are in full attack mode”…”This writer is going to do all he can to take the high road”…”Hate mongering”…All this writer can say…stand outside the VFD and listen to the VFD “Premier Trainer”… you’re sure to get an earful… Catch the VFD Chief when he’s out of earshot of his Deputy Chief and he’ll let you in on the “High road”…It’s not pretty… Look at the tired old litany…lackluster at best…what’s an “old dog” to do…. deflect…deflect…deflect…What’s a newly informed electorate to do defeat..defeat…defeat…the “old dog”….movin’ to Tampa…

Comm. Clottey… “Communism”…Clottey is talking “communism”… “”?…The commissioner is clueless on many crackpot topics when she speaks out on the dais……But she knows what the truth is …and like the VFD Chief …it depends what living room she is sitting in and who’s ear she is bending at the time…for what “truth” comes from her mouth…and as for McIntee being “a gentleman”…that is one for the comic books!….This commissioner knows full well what was “expected” of her from the “gentleman” in her first days on the dais…and this “blogger” is definitely one who intends to see that does not happen again!…

The “Truth Deflector”… The Town Manager did not reveal the town’s funds until the 11th hour…talking of paying it off and sitting on the actual accounts for way beyond the PRR “reasonable time”…only to produce portions…is just plain wrong. and violates the PRR rules…..anIf it had not been for Yann Brandt and Comm. Dodd…we would still be left with the elusive “we’re in the black” remarks…The taxes lowered …sounds good for running…but the devil is in the details …and like his e-mails…the Vice Mayor deletes them!….The Vice Mayor is on video at the Oct. 13, 2009 meeting …side stepping as to not be re-interviewed himself by BSO…any question watch the video online…The VFD Chief we all know talks out of both sides of his mouth…to keep the Vice Mayor at bay!… So no surprise he would not own up to his statements to Mr. Brown…Comm. Silverstone was a dunce in his verbatim remarks of Yom Kippur being “applicable” for a meeting date……and the Vice Mayor clearly and unequivocally used the lack of audience to say the voters were happy with the town a blatant act …that smacked of exactly what it was in this writer’s opinion…Doesn’t really matter if McIntee becomes the next Police Chief…if he can undermine the BSO (suicide incident) and get the ball rolling if re-elected …he will run the police just as he runs the VFD by putting in another “little chief”…Moe- is a moanin’  again…

Mary Ann Wardlaw is talking down the Mayor…nothing new she has not liked a Mayor in town since her husband…Is she going to back Crisite Furth if she runs for Mayor?…Hmmm…That will be a big change from the Wardlaw point of view in 2008…when this writer was for Ms. Furth as a candidate (before I knew the personality) …and the Wardlaws  were definitely not!…And as far as  the audience in Jarvis Hall for the VFD not feeling threatened …she’s correct…It was those on the dais who felt threatened…and needed to be protected by BSO as they left Jarvis Hall……

Beware of the new ad from Resident Jerry Sehl…it is not a unbiased Town survey…by any stretch…This writer had my link removed…as did the By The Sea Future newspaper…and we hear the Chamber was none too pleased that the give-aways made it look like they were associated with the site…The Chamber is non-political…So this site will be Mc-Furth CIC- skewed and any monthly reports at the podium should be taken with a grain of salt…

Funny when a letter writer writes of “so much hatred”…and then calls a sitting commissioner a “turncoat” and Judas”…Have you drunk the Kool-aid?… De-tox is coming in March!…

On the back a full page yet again from the VFD Booster fund…if the pics are more proof of the VFD drills at Minto…these “2-hats” better recuse themselves when Minto comes a callin’ for an extension or a change in plans…. The Deputy Chief is an Instructor III?… Who was his trainer?… According to the requirements…he needs..

1. Six years experience as a regular member of an organized fire department.

2. Documentation of completing the 40- hour Fire Service Course or equivalent.

3. Documentation of completing the 40-hour Fire Service Course Design class or equivalent.

4. Documentation of a Bachelor’s Degree or higher that meets the requirements of s 817.567

5. Physical ability to perform the tasks associated with the training.

6. Form DFS K-4-1453 and current application fee (no examination is required.)

A PRR will be made to the VFD…

So,Hey Man….Who Do You Trust?….

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … Words From The Past …. The Circus Is Still In Town ….

October 7, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers… In the Mc-Furth Halloween Edition…the Vice Mayor commented…”I am shocked that for the first time in my life I am dealing with people that who seem to have no conscience when it comes to presenting their side of any issue.”…”The same mean-spirited people come up to the podium at every commission meeting and spout negativity  and hate based mostly on misinformation”…Editor Cristie Furth wrote about “what’s a nice citizen like you”…writing about the lack of decorum inside the hall, practically making the case for metal detectors to be installed and mace as a requirement for those that dare to enter……Editor Furth also wrote about this writer and “outbursts…and “taunts”…(which I already addressed as false…prev. post)….The Mc-Furth Gang come up short on their collective  memories though….as seen in this excerpt from the Sentinel…in 2008….


“Circus always in town
The election of Jerome McIntee, then a volunteer firefighting leader, was the beginning of the end for Parker.
The gruff, retired police officer who beat Ed Kennedy in 2006 bows up at the slightest challenge.
“I don’t take crap from people and nobody can touch me,” he said in a recent interview. “I’m untouchable.”
Parker had met his match. Town meetings became forums to air the dirtiest divides.
“I went to one meeting to see what it’s all about because I’d heard so many stories,” said town resident Nick Musso. “It’s just a circus.”
The competing ringleaders, Parker and McIntee, embodied the war over firefighting service, and many other issues. Almost always on opposite sides, and at each other’s throats.
McIntee said people urged him to run, because no wallflower could topple Parker. It would take a McIntee.
“My style was if you create the monster, I’m going to slay it,” said McIntee. The “monster,” he said, was Parker’s abuse of political enemies, his “picking on” them from the dais, his moves to remove dissenters from advisory boards, his refusal to let critics respond, or have a proper say.
McIntee used the town meeting agenda as a weapon, putting on such agenda items as these: “Discussion regarding Commissioner Yanni calling Christie Furth a liar and claiming she displayed a sign in 4th of July Parade that said ‘BSO Fire Must Go.’ ”
The fighting words are spread throughout meeting minutes, documenting the rancor for posterity: “kangaroo court,” “bad dream,” “behavior unbecoming a commissioner,” “mistrust and miscommunication,” “a slap in his face,” “a disgrace, “a blatant lie, “an evil person,” “back stabbing and lying,” “motion to reprimand the mayor,” “motion to reprimand Commissioner McIntee.”
A withered Parker said he was tired of arguing and didn’t run for his seat this year.
“It’s been an out-and-out war for two years plus,” said Stuart Dodd, a McIntee ally who led a recall effort against Parker last year. “It’s absolutely absurd what’s been going on there.”
Dodd is on the Town Commission now.
At its first meeting last week came the first signs of conflict.
The matter was minor; a change in the seating chart so Mayor Minnet wouldn’t be able to sit next to the town attorney and talk to him excessively, as Parker was accused of doing.
Minnet appeared flustered; the veneer of civility had been cracked, so soon.
“I am not Mayor Parker,” she said firmly. “I am Mayor Minnet. You do not know me, you do not know who I am, and I would request that you get to know me and you understand who I am. I would ask that of you.”
The vote was 4-1 against her.
Brittany Wallman can be reached at [email protected] or 954-356-4541.”



full text link below….

more to come….

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