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Here’s The Scoop … What’s Inside The “Pie” … Lauderdale-By-The-Sea August 25, 2010 Budget & Town Manager Workshop Agenda …

August 24, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers …Tomorrow night at 5 pm will be the Budget Workshop …The previous post covered the sewers…and this post will address the other items ….

Town Commission Meeting Room
4505 Ocean Drive
Wednesday August 25 2010
a Town Budget
i Community Theater (Interim Town Manager Connie Hoffmann)

Town Backup-

“EXPLANATION :The Community Theater group has reduced their planned performance schedule to three plays to be put
on at Jarvis Hall and as a result has reduced their request for funding from the Town. The Commission had requested that
staff meet with the theater group director and iron out an agreement that would define the responsibilities of the Town and the
Theater group A draft agreement is attached.
RECOMMENDATION: Commission to provide direction on acceptability of the schedule and the Town’s contribution to
the program.

Excerpts from draft agreement …

“CPAC shall provide 3 shows and 12 performances including a matinee on
Saturday The shows and dates are identified as follows
Murder at Howard Johnsons November 18-20 2010
Saint or Sinner February 3-5 2011
Horowitz and Mrs Washington April 5-9 2011”

The Town will provide the following…

“3.0 Services and Responsibilities of the Town
3.1 The Town agrees to provide funding for the term of this agreement in the
amount not to exceed ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS ($1,000) annually to
assist in the funding of the performances payable in three 3 increments
THREE CENTS ($333.33) Each payment will be made after the
performance series for each play is completed
3.2 Generally
3.2.1 The Town agrees to advertise in Town Topics and Channel 78
3.2.2 The Town agrees to provide storage space at the Town municipal site
of an amount not to exceed 100 square feet from November 1, 2010
to April 30, 2011
3.2.3 The Town agrees to provide Jarvis Hall at no charge and will provide
chairs for the performances
3.2.4 Town will provide year round storage for the set offsite during the
off season or until October 31, 2011
4.0 Term and Termination
4.1 The Term of the Agreement shall be one season starting November 1, 2010 and
ending October 31, 2011
4.2 The Agreement may be terminated for either party for convenience upon written
notice to the other party Upon receipt of such notice the Agreement shall be

They will also be required to have liability insurance prior /and the Town will be released of any and all liability in connection with the company/ and the rest of what is normally in contracts with independent contractors …

BC- The biggest change will be that this go-round the cost is minimal as compared to the past budget of the Company and what was represented by Comm. Vincent at the Roundtable… Hopefully this will be a win-win all the way around this time…
ii Sea Ranch Condos Sewer Fees Analysis (interim Town Manager Connie Hoffmann)

BC- See previous post….

iii Proposed FY 20101 Budget Updates (Interim Town Manager Connie Hoffmann)

Town Backup-

“Recommended Budget 2011
The following report is being submitted to let you know about developments that will affect next year budget and to outline suggested changes to the FY 2010/2011 budget in July. Once we have your direction on these changes, we will incorporate them into a revised budget document which will be available for the first public hearing on September 13, 2010. I want to thank Doug Haag and Bud Bentley who contributed immensely to the preparation of this memo.”

BC- There is a link below to the backup on the Town website…and it is well worth the read…the TM and her team made the long asked for and necessary changes to the budget that consistently fell on deaf ears during the last administration… Fire Funds will now be in the correct accounts …and cuts will come from areas such as Town TopicsĀ  (from the options presented by PIO D’Oliveira this writer’s choice is to go with 4 issues…with less pages as well as instituting an Town e-mail alert and a Town Facebook site)…The VFD will re-negotiate their contract and come down to $700,000 as long as their membership agrees and votes to do so before the Sept. 14, 2010 Budget Meeting…The difference from the $1,008,916 originally slated to fund the VFD will go into a special apparatus account…There will also be changes in the fire inspection fees concerning where those funds end up… The VFD recommendations from this administration are the very much in-line with 2008 recommendations we hear came from ousted former Battalion Chief Patrick Pointu …Perhaps with the change in the leadership of the VFD, due to the recent ouster of Chief Perkins and the election of Fire Marshal-Inspector Steve Paine who is expected win the Chief’s spot again at their Sept. meeting maybe it is also time for the VFD Executive Board to welcome back Pointu as well as former VFD member Paul Lacoursiere….and any others who left due to the former VFD leadership….The Town is making I.T. updates long needed to be to ensure a more efficient way of doing daily business …These changes may allow us to make some “outside the box” changes to the bloated number of Town employees in certain departments… Some personnel changes have already been enacted and will continue with those who employees being retained….A myriad of problems were identified over the last 4 months including surprisingly antiquated practices which thankfully are no more ….

iv Chamber of Commerce request for $55,000 in funding next year
(Commissioner Scot Sasser)

BC-There is no backup on this one… We have heard there may be some “growing pains” involved in the vision of the future of the Chamber of Commerce/ Welcome Center that have arisen in the process thus far… I will wait on this one until after the meeting to see what will be presented by the Chamber and by whom as well as what will be offered by the Commission and the Town …. after hearing from the representative(s) … How much of an “arm of the Town” will they be in FY 2010-2011? ….
b Town Manager Applications Applications previously distributed Town
Manager applicant ranking sheet (Town Clerk June White)

BC- See previous post…


Link to website-

more to come….

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