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Here’s The Scoop 11/10/09 LBTS Commission Meeting … #4 …. Trickle Down Town UN-Truthfulness …

November 13, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers … The Town Manager has a variety of tactics she uses when trying to cover her tracks…This writer has alerted you to them before and unfortunately must do so again…At the 11/10/09 meeting under Town Manager Report Town Manager Colon started out with one of her tried and true ones …”As you know”…When Ms. Colon starts out with that opening my ears perk up and I zone in on the untruthfulness to follow!… It’s a tactic that puts the recipient in the position of not wanting to appear stupid…akin to not remembering someone’s name, so they immediately nod as if they recall when in fact they do not, and the Manager knows they do not because it never happened!… When that happens she is even more in control, with no one to challenge her and gets emboldened to continue the farce…That’s what took place again with this report…

TM-” As you know the Town Commission has been speakin’ about doin’ some kind of survey for several months. ”

BC- The Town Commission spoke of doing a straw poll in the Town Topics from the dais and that was brought up in 2008 and periodically afterward in varying items…While they did it in the Topics for the doggy beach that was a 1 shot deal. If we are to believe this opening salvo from the manager then it would have been imperative for her to bring it to the commissioners for direction before sending the survey out, due to the request…neither ever took place!…

TM-” I took it upon myself to get the survey done in order to obtain information for the commission to have some guidelines of what residents are askin’ for or what kind of improvements they would like.”

BC- There is not a scintilla of truth in her statement… for as the manager knows there are other long term avenues to gather that information in already in place…the suggestion box in Town Hall and the Citizen Request form…to name two…neither have been used in by he Town Manager or staff to report “what residents are askin’ for”!…

TM- “I did speak with three of the commissioners. The Mayor reviewed some of the comments with me at yesterday’s meeting. Some of the comments were constructive, some of the comments have been resolved. As for the where we got our source of information, it’s common to municipalities, we all share information. Our Waste Management contract is currently being shared by another city.”

BC- The  survey information came as previously posted from Wilton Manors… through Asst. TM Olinzock who is a resident of Wilton Manors (more on him and his role below)… As far as sharing information with other municipalities…on that she is correct…This TM has done it with abandon throughout her short stint …and the results have been dismal…as previously posted… one size does not fit all….This writer found it most amusing she used the Waste Management contract as an example…having sat in the pre-meeting for the solid waste RFP…I posted on the lack of knowledge then- Asst.TO the TM Olinzock showed when sitting at the table going through the contract with Waste Management, Choice and others…Waste Management brought their Atty. who repeatedly informed Olinzock of outdated or non-applicable clauses in the contract…Olinzock much chagrined as well as inept came up with his own telling “cover lines”…of it being above his “pay grade” and “I’ll have to get back to you on that.”… So whatever municipality  is sharing our Waste Management contract…are hopefully “sharing” with other municipalities as well!…

TM- ” Um, is this a survey that was done to benefit me, I don’t see how? It basically spoke about the services of the Town. It spoke about what improvements the administration or the Town commission needs to address and yes it was a lengthy process , it’s done in house as time permitted and I believe that the results gave us a benchmark of what the residents want to see.”

BC- It was not lengthy according to the public requests information received …from the time Olinzock “lifted” it or “shared” it…to the Sept. townwide mailing…As far as benefiting the TM, it will most likely be skewed that way in the BTSTimes… as Mc-Furth factoids….and they’d get away with it…(they did in the past)….if the “gang” did not have a counter …(this site)…to any “cheerleading” claims armed with the real backup of e-mails and memos from my public records requests…. A far as a benchmark, come on…182 people out of 4802…(more on this below)….

TM- ” Whether it was a small response at least we did over 3% of the residents responding. I thank those that did response.As far as the comments most of those comments are policy decisions and I hope it’s a tool that the commission can use to move forward with our future capital improvement projects and our future code revisions or policy decisions that have to be made by the commission.”

BC- 3.79% is the real number…dismal at best…and again some of the comments were identical…and suspect…If she really believes in the comments than the manager must see the writing on the wall and her days are numbered as well as her co-horts…No mention of that…Hmmmmmm…

Commissioner Clottey spoke next and lived up to her “clueless” moniker…she spoke of not receiving her survey until 3 weeks after they were sent out…and blamed the post office…Clottey said therefor she did not mail hers in!…It really was a math challenged night for the 3 Mc-Furth commissioners…The survey went out at the beginning of Sept. and was not presented until the 10th of Nov….So Comm. Clottey had approximately 6 weeks to get it in…and we know that the commissioner is a regular visitor to Town Hall…she could have hand delivered the thing herself!… The Town Manage said as much and told al lit would be updated as more are received… I discourage any further surveys being sent in…they are faulty with the inclusion of the 33′ maximum height question…which is what this survey was all about!…The voters can offer a the commissioners and the administration a real “benchmark” with the ouster of McIntee, Silverstone and Clottey…in March…contained in the survey comments!…(prev. post)…

Comm. Silverstone was next up and he decided to present one of his famously foolish spreadsheets…as you read the following remember…he will be running for either commissioner or mayor…..

CS-” I work with numbers all day”…”Numbers, statistics” “Interesting to looking at the numbers”…

He went on to inquire from the TM about there being 4800 responses and how she arrived at that number …did it include residents and businesses…The TM even looked at him in disbelief!… She replied she got the recipients from the Broward County Property Appraiser list…unfortunately, like his BFF McIntee Jimmy-boy was oblivious to the reception he was getting…and proceeded on…he said there were 182 responses and that equaled 3.7901% as a return …


CS- ” The important thing is it wasn’t known you [TM] were going to do this, so therefore it was kind of a surprise for people! Now if we’d worked on one of this one of the bad things about doing that is then there could be some funny business going on to change these numbers around!”

BC- from the dais could be heard (the Mgr.?) “totally ridiculous!” …So if you use Jimmy-boys logic…. then Wilton Manors residents should not accept their town directed survey…and the Range Rider  who came for the Colon evaluation and said he would get direction for a survey was also setting up constituents for “funny business”…OUCH!…

CS- ” So I’m assuming that given a small percentage of the response. But still it’s going to be a varied response for the 182 who did respond. It gives a pretty a good overall view of the town.Both businesses and residential, condo owners and everything else we have in town.”

BC- HOW?….There was no breakdown of the responses offered in the backup!.. No percentage or numbers for businesses, residents, north side, south side, single family homes, duplex, condos…So what kind of a “statistician” can make such a statement?…. The non- CPA …kind!… It gets worse from here folks…

CS- ” Now what I did because we did it or the Town Manager did it  (Freudian slip?) in pretty much 4 groups of grades. one excellent, good, fair poor. I then sub-grouped it into excellent-good as one group, fair-poor in another group. And in looking at this there was one thing that shot up and I think it had something to do with why there is a division in this town. The number 1 question, question number 1 was a place to live. Do you like living here. The excellent and good totaled 82.53% and the fair and poor response totaled17.47%. But the poor response was the highest poor response of any of the questions that were asked at 14.46% . So somewhere along the line there’s a lot of people that loving in this town and think it’s a great thing and you people that don’t like living here for whatever reason that could be.”

BC- Looks like Jimmy was doing a Clottey when she described evaluating the TM…(lame for her..lame for him!)..The 1st question on the survey was …

1 How do you rate the Town of LBTS as a place to live?

Excellent 77/ Good 60/ Fair 5/ Poor 24

The question was to “rate” the town…not if you like living here!…As for the division…as your BFF McIntee is so fond of saying…”Look in the mirror”…

CS- ” But that was interesting staticallying (Jimmy-boy verbiage) these numbers cause the next lowest, the next highest poorest percentage was about half of that and that was the building department which I found really kind of strange. But if you look through this you’ll see that overall ah, I think people are very happy to um, overall the services and so forth. On a percentage basis the ah, on the excellent, the highest excellent rating was for the fire and EMS ah at 48.19%. But the total of good and and excellent totaled 77.71% the highest out of that was actually beach and park at 86.75%. The recreation, I think.”

BC- From the survey…What Jimmy-boy excludes…the satisfaction numbers..that put BSO Police above Fire-EMS…and the high number of “no contact” with the departments …Hmmm. no percentage on that…

2. How satisfied are you with the following Town services?

*Enforcement of Municipal codes & regulation

Very satisfied 37/ satisfied 80/ dissatisfied 21/ very dissatisfied 11/ no opinion 16

*Recreation or cultural programs

Very satisfied  34/ satisfied 71/ dissatisfied 22/ very dissatisfied 9/ no opinion 30

* Fire response/ services

Very satisfied 80/ satisfied  49/ dissatisfied 7/ very dissatisfied 8/ no opinion 22

* Fire rescue/(EMS) response/ services

Very satisfied 80/ satisfied 49/ dissatisfied 6/very dissatisfied 5/ no opinion 28

* Police response/ services

Very satisfied 73/ satisfied 63/ dissatisfied 5/ very dissatisfied 3/ no opinion 22

*Building dept. services

Very satisfied 26. satisfied 61/ dissatisfied 17/ very dissatisfied 13/ no opinion 40

* Beach and park maintenance

Very satisfied 57/ satisfied 87/ dissatisfied 16/ very dissatisfied 1/ no opinion 8

8. How do you rate the importance of providing the following services?

* Public safety

Very important 165/ somewhat important 10/ somewhat unimportant 1/ very unimportant 0/ no opinion 0

* Recreational and cultural

Very important 62/ somewhat important 74/ somewhat unimportant 26/ very unimportant 3/ no opinion 7

* Enforcement of municipal codes & regulations

Very important 113/ somewhat important 47/ somewhat unimportant 7/ very unimportant 1/ no opinion 5

* Preserving open space and waterways

Very important 137/ somewhat important 29/ somewhat unimportant 6/ very unimportant 0/ no opinion 0

* Land use, planning and zoning

Very important 143/ somewhat important 22/ somewhat unimportant 6/ very unimportant 0/ no opinion 4

10 Within the past year, if you made contact with the following Town departments, how satisfied were you with the service you received?

* Police

Very satisfied 54/ satisfied 30/ dissatisfied 8/ very dissatisfied 4/ no contact 51

* Fire

Very satisfied 38/ satisfied 15/ dissatisfied 4/ very dissatisfied 2/ no contact 75

*Fire Rescue

Very satisfied 43/ satisfied 11/ dissatisfied 3/ very dissatisfied 4/ no contact 73

ed 12/ no contact

* Building & Permitting

Very satisfied 18/ satisfied 21/ dissatisfied 10/ very dissatisfied 16/ no contact 71


Very satisfied 33/ satisfied 30/ dissatisfied 12/ very dissatisfied 12/ no contact 52

* Town Hall

Very satisfied 38/ satisfied 39/ dissatisfied 11/ very dissatisfied 7/ no contact 46

CS-“Um, but if anyone else wants a copy of this contact me or the Town. But I think that’s another good way of looking at this to get an idea of those numbers and what they mean. But I like the idea of having a survey. I like the fact it wasn’t pre- planned. So it was kind of a spontaneous action with this and I thank the Town Manager fro doing it!”

BC-He actually said …” I like the fact it wasn’t pre- planned. So it was kind of a spontaneous action with this and I thank the Town Manager fro doing it!”…HUH?…Did he not hear the TM begin this “exercise” with the “as you know”…and the some months of the commissioners wanting a survey…and the “lengthy process”…and he says it was a “surprise” and “spontaneous”…4 more years …really?…4 more years of Silverstone statistics?… Save Silverstone from himself!…

Comm. Dodd questioned as to why the Town Manager would only speak to 3 of the 5 commissioners and she replied they came to her…Comm. Dodd again found no validity in the response… and the “division” that exists for those commissioners who do not do a “pop in” because they actually work…He went on to speak of his dissatisfaction with the response of 3.9%…lack of input from the commission prior to the finished product and inquired what the response was to Wilton Manore (the originator of this survey)…

With that Asst. TM Olinzock came to the podium and said Wilton Manors had not yet reported their results…A very interesting statement considering their went out before ours and the TM said ours was a “lengthy process.”…Comm. Dodd requested them when they were announced…

We witnessed the trickle down of Town un-truthfulness front and center with a big O.J. “If the glove fits” assist by none other than Vice Mayor McIntee going for a Town commission trifecta!…

VM- ” Ah, John this isn’t identical to Wilton Manors is it?”

JO- ” No, it’s not identical.”

BC- Looks like Olinzock has learned well how to deceive from his boss…”No, it’s not identical.”…because they changed city to Town and added a the bond/height issues…took away services we do not have…but the survey is the Wilton Manor survey! …(prev. post side by side comparison…scoops cat.)…

VM- ” So is it fair to say you took this from Wilton Manors?”

JO-” When Esther spoke to me about the, the desire to do a survey that it was evident this commission wanted to do something like that and I got that [Wilton Manor survey] in my mail, I came to her with a copy of it and said to her look at this, this might help save us a great deal of time compiling and putting a form together that can be used.”

VM- ” But did you use other sources also to do it?’

JO- visibly angry- ” No I didn’t feel I needed to! It covered everything that we’re doing . It’s a similar municipality. They’re 13,000, we’re 7,000 people. They provide very similar services.”

VM- ” So there was no ulterior motive? Just to save the Town money?”

JO -” I was trying to help Esther get something accomplished!”

BC- So what we have here…is a failure to communicate!… Asst. Olinzock thanks to the Vice Mayor’s ignorance was put on spot …Olinzock says “When Esther spoke to me about the, the desire to do a survey that it was evident this commission wanted to do something like that.”…he admits there was no commission direction for a “survey”… Olinzock also had to own up the the fact…he got the survey…they copied the survey…and he looked no further!…

One last thing…Wilton Manors as previously posted…also got a new 7 million dollar Town Hall…This writer sure wishes  Olinzock had come to Esther with that!…ARGHHHH….

Those familiar with McIntee trying to dig himself out of a hole…will notice …late to come to the realization that it was the Wilton Manor survey…he tried to “clean it up” with “there was no ulterior motive”…”Just trying to save the Town money”…It didn’t work…the glove was too small!…

This survey is not quite the total loss I first thought it was…Upon further reflection…Perhaps it sums up much, much more than the questions  contained within it……It  could actually serve the voters well in their decision for who to elect for commission next winter……It’s a look at how this Town operates……with the majority on the dais…This survey speaks volumes ……from the unilateral administrative decision to send it out… (perhaps with a few commissioners who frequent the Town Manager’s office may having had a heads- up) ….the “sharing” of the survey.. being “lifted” from Wilton Manors… the “piecemeal”…assembling of it by Town staff to send out…the poor response…the Town Manager relying on her tried and true pre-amble to rectify yet another ill-thought out action….and the neverending display of dais back-flips made by the Town Manager “protectors “…to save her “thin-skinned” hide!…

Does this survey  say 4 more years?……see the comments below… … EXCERPTS…(full comments prev. post scoops cat.)

#11. What do you see as the biggest challenges facing Town of LBTS in the next 5 years?

End the Political Bickering. Please develop A city plan that creates and aesthetic cohesion & financial responsibility/ /We need to vote out McIntee, Silverstone, Clottey and fire Colon! These people are inept, laughable at best./ A more cohesive council/ Unifying the 2 sides of Town, letting go of the past and once that is done, the rest will come/ In-fighting, the commissioners are all pathetic./ Keeping our height limits, our commissioners and our Town Manager are doing a great job/ Establishing the reality & perception of sanity in our politics. Extremes on both sides are damaging our reputation./ Electing people that are tolerant of other opinions/Esther Colon? No Comments/A Commission with a sense of harmony/ Keeping our height limits our commission and our manager are doing a great job / Restore civility by getting Rid of Colon, Silverstone, Clottey, Esther, McIntee/ Town Management issues/ Getting less vindictive commissioners in office and getting Ms. Colon out of there. Let’s get  LBTS back to a happy well-organized Town as it has been in the past./  In Fighting!/ Retaining 3 and eliminate Mayor and Dodes/  Leadership/ Responsible management and public relations which are currently embarrassing/ Getting rid of “Jerry McIntee” He’s an embarrassment to out Town/ More cooperation between North & South and not falsifying the Truth/ Move forward, get things accomplished/Keeping Esther C.John O. J. Silverstone & J. McIntee in office to keep everything running smoothly/  The conflict between the 2 factions of government. I have no idea who is right and who is wrong. One side is vicious with their comments. I never met any of these people/ stop the infighting/ 1. Harmony on the Commission. /stop the inner fighting of the Commission/ Stopping the political nastiness and becoming a cohesive community/  Uniting the Town. Get rid of MacEnty & Silverstone.- they have a conflict of interest being Commissioners./Clean house on your city Commission- New Leadership is badly needed/  Getting Commissioners to work well together for the Town and the people/  Stop arguments and so much animosity among City Departments/  cost of employee benefits, employee moral regardless of Commission demands/ Removing the Town Mgr. & hiring an independent Town Mgr. Ms Colon is OK as Accountant only. Presently has too much power/ Childish political warfare among Town officials/ Coming together as 1 Town/ Getting a Commission and Town Mgr. who is concerned with the welfare of the Town and not their own personal agendas. Every effort to untie the Town/  Civility on Commission / Bringing community together. Cease and desist polarization/ Get rid of McIntee, Silverstone. Colon, Clottey/  Township members working together

#15. What suggestions can you provide for improving the quality of life for its residents?

Less negativity and -or discourteous arguments during meetings. Better sharing of unbiased information/ If you want tourists spending money here Respect their needs. Stop catering to local favorites. Transparency Please!/We need to fire Colon;get rid of McIntee, Silverstone & Clottey/ Very satisfied with our Commission & Town Manager . Keeping our millage rate down/Reduce Commission Mtg. duration/ Redo contract for #11 Above/ 2 yr. Terms for all political officers with Term limits/ Very satisfied with our Commission & Town Mgr. Keeping our millage rate down/ Listen to us/Equal treatment & Enforcement/ Get rid of McIntee &Colon/  More transparency & accountability from Town Commissioners &Town Manager/ Get rid of the Town Manager. No one should have a lifetime contract that was written by themselves. Also get rid of Commissioners McIntee, Silverstone, Clottey, Dodd. Get rid of conflicts of interest going on in this Town. Why is Commissioner McIntee Vice Mayor plus a paid volunteer fireman? It’s absurd!/  Add -one-new commissioner and new mayor/ Be respectful to each other-offer AA & NA program 3-4 times a week / Stop the incessant political slandering of each other & think of helping the town improve! /Stop Bickering/  Clean up the Commission/”Listen” when a Resident offers suggestions/Encourage all the nasty self serving people to leave town. /More respect from the Commissioners and less self service to themselves!/ Get rid of government and start over. Some personalities are just unbelievable. I call one town paper the nice one and the other the ugly one/ Stop the fighting!/ Listen to the Residents. Citizens Forum?/  Stop the infighting on the Town Board and focus on the issues!/ Stop bickering at meetings/The Town is fragmented & the Commission members must be changed to neutral parties. Can’t wait to vote in new positive people working for the people of LBTS/ Stop the North-South arguments!/ Replace the Town Manger/The fighting has to stop-Those who argue all the time should have to come up with ways to correct those problems/People who criticize should suggest a solution for the problem/ Esther Colon is key to the future of this Town, the elected officials need to keep their attitudes in check/ Keep up the status quo/Get off everyone’s back when only 1 or 2 people complain so what is right for the majority. Listen to the people. Vote with the majority. Do not follow small organizations who yell louder/   Do not use it to erect monuments to egomaniac commissioners and overpaid Town Mgr. UNITE OUR TOWN!! /Less fights among all of the Commissioners & more peace/ Stop bickering and rudeness at meetings, put garbage back into taxes, embrace the VFD, support Commercial Blvd. merchants/  Next year support a new roster & new candidates for mayor & Commissioners. Let’s stop the infighting/change in Town Commissioners who only care about the volunteer fire department/ Get rid of McIntee, Silverstone, Clottey & Colon/ Improve courtesy at Town meetings. Keep original promises at annexations/The Town is doing Great.

Statistics anyone?….How about placing your bets?…

more to come….

Post Division

Here’s The Scoop …. ROADBLOCK…..

September 30, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers… As expected the Town Administration is still playing with the RFPs… No surprise to this writer…but another unexpected surprise to the 6 out 9 companies who came to hear the bids for the Public Safety Building Renovation RFP for the BSO Police!…

The meeting was held in Jarvis Hall at 2 pm … All signed in….In attendance 6 companies/ Asst.TM  Olinzock/ Town Clerk White/ Chen & Assoc. Architect Ernie Ocampo ( who will making the big bucks this year according to the LBTS 2009-10 adopted budget )….After the Town Clerk sat down at the end of the conference table she immediately declared this was an “RFP” and she would NOT be reading the BIDS aloud…She proceeded to read the name of the company, the town and opened them…putting them in a pile…

1. Coastal Construction – Hollywood

2. Primus- Pembroke Pines

3. Acme Construction Group LLC- Palm Beach

4. New Living Construction- Hallandale Beach

5. LHP General Contractors LLC- Weston

6. MDR Construction- Ft. Lauderdale

7. West Construction Inc.- Lake Worth

8. Built Right Construction- West Palm Beach

9. Boran Craig Barber Angle- Naples

Right afterward it happened again…the attendees asked them if they were going to read the bids… June White tersely replied she said they were “RFPs” and they would not be read aloud…The companies could see them in 10 days or they would cost 15 cents a page in 10 days……Again the company reps were shocked and puzzled …rightly so!…

This time the Town brought forward a “shield” …Town contracted Architect Ernie Ocampo who said he was going to “evaluate” the “cost of change orders”…and some gibberish about deciding on “bid one, bid two or no bids”…He then said he might follow-up with calls to see if the companies “submitted the bid or there was a substitution”…The Town Architect will be ranking the bids…and then they will go to the “Town”….. with Asst. Olinzock quickly adding by “Town” they mean the commissioners…(expect another song and dance from Colon and Olinzock about their “expertise” in procurement)…

One vendor asked the Asst. Town Manger and the Town Clerk if they realized the companies were required to send the information to the bond company within 10 days?…It did not faze either one (Olinzock/White) …what an inconvenience this decision would cause!…

I shook my head and said “Oh, boy”…and walked out upon the end of the meeting with the bidders… I asked them if they have ever had this happen in any other town…”NO!” was the universal response…. I asked the Rep. who spoke of the bond company requirement when he usually sends in his information from an “RFP-BID”…he answered “The same day!”… WOW!… He said they get the tabulation…(the price bids by each company)…call the bond company and inform them where they stood among the bids submitted…He said the “evaluation” comes afterward…(Just as it did BEFORE July 29, 2009!)…

The process took minutes…and to read the bid aloud would have added at the most…5 minutes…and everyone would have walked away happy…Instead the Town Manager and her staff have added another layer to the process…by using the Architect ($$$$)…and making the companies come back in 10 days, hoping they make their bond requirement in time!…

Commissioner Dodd at the last Commission meeting asked for a change to be made in the Town Purchasing Manual on page 19 Section D. FORMAL BIDDING PROCESS 4a. in that section it says “Each RFP shall contain the following standard provisions:

a. BIDS must be received by the LBTS Purchasing Administrator no later than the time and date identified in the RFP. BIDS received after this time for any reason shall be returned  unopened to the BIDDER. All timely-received BIDS shall be  … ( NEW 5-0 inclusion) ….

“All timely received bids shall be publicly opened, read aloud to include the name of the bidder, the town, the bid number and the bid value. Contractors present at the bid opening have the right to visually inspect the lowest bid if requested. The staff will announce that the bids have not been evaluated for mathematical errors and responsiveness.” … the time and place designated in the RFP!

It does NOT distinguish between an RFP and a BID!….

The Town Manager, Asst. Town Manager, Town Clerk and now the Town Architect are just plain wrong to continue this practice.

Next March, they all need to go!…

more to come….

Post Division

Here’s The Scoop … Esther And John….”Skipped” A Few Steps …….

September 29, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers.. Early this month this writer wrote about the LBTS Town Survey sent to all residents in town…It was sent without coming in front of the Commission and it contained the misleading Mc-Furth question #12 “Do you support the current maximum height limit 33’0″ in Town?” (The Town’s maximum height is 44′)… along with questions about the Town and Town services…I  went to Town Hall and asked about the survey knowing it had never come before the commission…Asst. Town Clerk Nikki Smith said staff put the survey together. …I asked for a Public Records Request form (9/4/09) …When she asked why, I said it was because I wanted to know how it came about…My request asked for the following… “Town sent out survey, all e-mails/memos/ letters to put it together, cost of survey including mailing/ who participated in questions , decisions”….Ms Smith asked why it should have gone in front of the commission and I said because it should, she disagreed…. Maybe after reading this post she will change her mind?….

Today, I picked up my PRR at Town Hall…included were e-mails from Asst. Town Manger John Olinzock to Dawn Walker  …Wed. 10-jun-09 6:48 PM…”Dear Dawn , As a resident of Wilton Manors, I recently filled out the Residential Survey that was included in the utility billing and returned it to City offices. I considered it a very well planned out survey. The Town wishes to do something similar to (TO?) its residents. Might I be able to receive a copy of the survey in electronic format? Thank you in advance, John E. Olinzock Assistant Town Manager Town of Lauderdale By-The- Sea 4501 Ocean Drive Lauderdale By-The-Sea ,Fl. 33308-3610 954-776-0576″…Also included were a copy to Marta Isla the Town Manger’s assistant along with the phone number John provided to her with the City Manager’s number (Wilton Manors)…and an e-mail to Marta from LBTS Office Specialist Karen Gates forwarding the Wilton Manors Resident Satisfaction Survey and an e-mail from the Assistant to the City Manager (Wilton Manors) Leigh Ann Henderson ….

This writer immediately contacted Ms Henderson upon arriving home with the my paperwork…..I  told her I was a resident of LBTS and that our town had recently sent out a survey based on the survey Wilton Manors provided to us. I said I had one question for her. I asked the Assistant to the City Manager “Did you ask for your Commission’s approval before you sent your survey out?”…Ms. Henderson replied “of course”…She then explained it was the Mayor’s idea, the Commission discussed it and requested it…the staff put it together and then presented it to the Commission for their approval!…Hmmmm…….

Well, my question to Assistant Town Manager Olinzock is simply this…Why was your hometown Commission allowed to have input and final approval and my hometown Commission was not?… The Town Manager and the Asst. Town Manager skipped some very big steps in their process of doing “something similar “TO”  LBTS residents …Perhaps when Mr Olinzock wrote “TO” …he meant “TO ” instead of “FOR” …especially with the inclusion of question #12 and purposely deciding to leave the Commission in the dark!… The Commission should give these two “poor sports” a “time out” for their actions…

The Wilton Manors Survey and the LBTS survey was based on…(both use ratings)

1. was the same question …rate the City /Town as place to live

2. was the same question …satisfied  with City/Town services

Wilton Manors -library services/ garbage collection & recycling/ enforcement of municipal codes and regulations/ water service/ parks amenities/recreation programs or classes/ police services/ clean and well maintained streets/ emergency preparedness/ communications of information/ drainage. land use, planning and zoning/ fire/ems response….very satisfied-no opinion

LBTS- enforcement of municipal codes and regulations/recreation or culture events/ fire response-services/fire rescue (EMS)response-services/ police response-services/ building dept. services/ municipal service (public works)/ street & right of way maintenance/overall Town appearance/ communication of information ….very satisfied- no opinion

3.Wilton Manors -Overall how do you rate the job the City is doing in providing services? excellent- no opinion

3. LBTS-Which method do you use when contacting the Town for information or services? circle one- mail/telephone /in person/ email

4. Wilton Manors – City taxes account for approximately 25% of your annual property taxes. How would you evaluate the value of the services Wilton Manors provides for your tax dollars? very good- no opinion

4. LBTS- How many times in the past year have you visited or contacted a Town office? never- more than ten times

5. Wilton Manors- How do you rate the importance of providing the following services?…public safety/ parks amenities/ recreation programs and classes/ cultural programs enforcement of municipal codes and regulations / library services/ garbage collection/ preserving open space and waterways/ land use, planning and zoning …very satisfied to no opinion

5. LBTS- How many times do you visit the Town’s website?never- more than ten times

6. Wilton Manors- Which method do you use when contacting the City for information or services? circle one- mail/email/telephone/in person/city website

6. LBTS- How often do you dine or shop in Town? weekly- never

7. Wilton Manors- How many times times in the past year have you visited or contacted a city office? never-more than ten times

7. LBTS- How would you rate your shopping or dining experience in Town? excellent-fair

8. Wilton Manors- How many times in a month do you visit the City’s website? never- more than ten times

8. LBTS- How do you rate the importance of providing the following services?  – public safety/ special events/ recreational and cultural/ enforcement of municipal codes and regulations/solid waste collection/preserving open space and waterways/ land use, planning and zoning …very important- no opinion

9. Wilton Manors- How would you rate the following in your most recent contact with City Personnel?  a.- courteousness/b. knowledge/c. timely response….excellent-no opinion

9. LBTS- Same as Wilton Manors #9…

10. Wilton Manors- In the past year, if you made contact with the following City Departments, how satisfied were you with the service received? -police department/ utilities department/code enforcement/building and permitting/leisure services/City Manger’s office/ City Clerk’s office/ public works….very satisfied-no opinion

10. LBTS- Within the past year, if you made contact with the following Town Departments, how satisfied were you with the service you received?- police/ fire/ fire rescue/code enforcement/building & permitting/ municipal works( public works)/ administration/ Town Hall…very satisfied- no opinion

11. Wilton Manors- How often do you shop or dine in the Wilton Manor District? ….weekly-never

11. LBTS- What do you see as the biggest challenges facing Town of Lauderdale By-The-Sea in the next five years? …written explanation required

12. Wilton Manors- How would you rate your shopping or dining experience in the Wilton Drive Arts and Entertainment District?….excellent – don’t know


13. Wilton Manors- What do you see as the biggest challenges facing Wilton Manors in the next five years? …written explanation required

13. LBTS- OOPS!….no #13!

14. Wilton Manors- What suggestions can youy provide to the City for improving the quality of life for its residents? written explanation required

14.LBTS- Do you support a bond issue or pay as you go method for future capital improvement projects?…bond issue- pay as you go

15. LBTS- What suggestions can you provide to the Town for improving the quality of life for its residents? …written explanation required

BC- This writer prefers the “original” Wilton Manor’s survey because it was properly prepared with the Wilton Manor Commission and sent out only after they approved it……I find the actions of our current LBTS  Town Administration incomprehensible!….I also find that once again this Colon- led Administration has politically aligned itself to the Mc-Furth Gang with the inclusion of question #12  misinforming the voters about the Town’s current maximum height limit and possibly “fixing” the March height referendum by doing so…

The cost to prepare and send the survey townwide…..according to my PRR…supplies $231.22/ postage $1,639.78….The real cost though to us all?…We shall see ….

more to come….

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