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Here’s The Scoop … 9/9/09 LBTS Commission Meeting #1 …. He’s REALLY Lost It ….

September 10, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers …. Appearing live …loud  and ludicrous as all get- out….the Vice Mayor’s loose lips…. lost it for him…legally and politically…He’s gone…He’s in free fall…He’s toast….Guess his “handlers” in Town Hall East couldn’t tame the guy this year anymore than they could in the past!…

Opponents, you have just been handed the greatest gift…a sitting Commissioner who has followed up his written admission of deleting “Town related business” e-mails …(prev. post scoops cat.)….with a videotaped version…( online 3:11 in…. ) a stunning presentation done with such abandon and glee!…A Commissioner telling all that he regularly deleted all his e-mails…over 3 1/2 years!….. This after his election time find of having 2 properties homesteaded in 2 states….This after his past “Probable Cause” findings by both the Florida Ethics and Election Commissions….This after not following the promise made to not be a VFD Officer and ignoring the LBTS-VFD Inc. By-laws that prohibit him from being both an elected official and an officer…. And then after admitting he violated the Sunshine Laws throughout his first term… openly declare he will do whatever it takes to get the e-mails he requested NOT as CITIZEN Jerome McIntee as he insinuated in his commentary…but requesting them in his official role as Vice Mayor McIntee via the Town Manager via the Town Clerk…and  only from his opposing dais members salivating as he said….”It will be great reading  for me” …thus putting those voters who sent e-mails to your chosen Commissioner…on notice!…

The Vice Mayor’s hammer kept on hammering it home…nail after nail after nail……the death Knell to his future….NEW COMMISSIONER COMING FROM THE NORTH….NEXT YEAR!….

Vice Mayor McIntee…began “pounding”….” Ah, first of all I’m gonna clarify some things on this e-mail. Folks, I don’t do e-mails. (see below) Everybody that knows me knows that I have stayed away from e-mails since long before I became a commissioner. If I do ten or twenty e-mails a year it’s a big big number. I just don’t do e-mails. I have an AOL account. If I get an e-mail from somebody in the Town I READ IT. I HAVE ONE LINE I USUALLY USE WHICH SAYS THANK YOU FOR YOUR E-MAIL,Vice Mayor McIntee. I THEN DELETE IT. And it goes into a recently deleted file. Up until this date when I called about this I didn’t know that AOL was wiping them out on a wheel. ( under oath…whom did he call…it is recorded somewhere) Now I will be more than happy to ride my hard drive to any expert who wants to look at the e-mails if he can find then in AOL by God he can have them because I know there’s only about a handful. (big hands…little hands?) I just don’t do e-mails, I don’t know how to do e-mails. I don’t know how to do any of the sending and the other stuff. I just don’t do it. (see below) Now if you think I’m trying to hide e-mails , go for it. Because I’m gonna enjoy it when they go into my hard drive and find there’s probably eight or nine in the last four months. ( how many?) Just outrageous. That’s typical of the marching season. That’s the time, it’s election time try and make him look bad. Try and make him go down. I asked for e-mails from the mayor and Commissioner Dodd. THAT’S MY RIGHT! I WANT EM. He wants to give them to me that’s fine. IF HE DOESN’T THEN I’LL TAKE WHATEVER ACTION PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGHT TO TAKE when if they handed over I DO, BUT THAT’S MY RIGHT! I’m  the same citizen you are. I WANT THOSE E-MAILS, I HAVE A RIGHT TO THEM AND I’M GOING FOR THEM,OK!” (Thinking about Howard Beal in Network?)….

The e-mails were put aside for the moment …but the nailing didn’t stop……” Now the lifetime contract on the Town Manager this is being abused. It’s being run, being taken completely out of context. The contract this woman has is the same contract as our ex- Town Manager Baldwin had word for word except for one thing Baldwin got ten weeks off paid” (see scoops  cat. prev. posts…NO WAY…NO HOW!) ” She’s one of the greatest Town Managers this Town has ever seen. So we have a situation of a lifetime contract. She’s getting more than the Governor. I , folks you better call all the Town Managers in Broward County, She’s in the middle of pay.”(LBTS is one of the smallest in population and size) “And the other thing we all have to remember we’re the only, one of the few towns in Broward County that is in great fiscal positions. Taxes have gone down. The town looks great!” (flooding streets/infrastructure/ pavilion/ construction sites/ empty properties/ public safety complex) ” It just, it just she’s just done a great job and these continual attacks , I’m use to them, but I don’t think she is. I think they’re abusive and I think they’re way out of line.” (Early Town Manager Performance Review?)…

Nearing the end of the box…old nails used for old news…” I’m gonna close out with the attack on the VFD not helping the sailor (prev. post) disgusting! Those guys would jump into a ten foot wave to save somebody and they accused them of not helping a guy who ran his boat to the beach is just not fair and not acceptable. Just way out of line. I ah, I don’t know why it happens, I just don’t know.”  (Somebody that did know said so from the audience…the VFD came on scene  after the BSO..while the boat had an intact mast …despite a false claim it was broken in a Town press release …no water and never entered the water to guide it to the buoy)…

Back to the e-mails and the final blows…..” And in closing again, come and look at my e-mails. You can have them. I called AOL.( verification is a must) Any way I can get em I believe me, I want you to have them because there aren’t any and the people that know me know I don’t do e-mails. So I’m loving this folks. I’m looking forward to receiving Commissioner Dodd’s and the Mayors e-mails. IT WILL BE GREAT READING FOR ME!”…(He’ll have plenty of time in March!)

The Mayor responded that she looked forward to him paying her for them…the Vice Mayor said “I’ve been saving all summer and I think it’s only fair I get them.”…The Mayor said she was glad he was “saving your nickels and dimes”…and the Vice Mayor said “more than that!”…

BC- He received e-mails…He sent e-mails…HE DELETED TOWN RELATED BUSINESS E-MAIL!….HE’S NAILED!!!!
1. From: [email protected]
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2009 17:56:21 EDT
Subject: Re: Re-Assignment of Chief Gooding
To: yannbrandt

The police department surrounded the VFD station with no notice and locked
all the doors and took all the equipment, shutting the VFD down
completely.. The situation with the Chief is not anywhere near this
type of action.
The Sheriff has the situation under control the department is covered by
supervisors and no one is in any jeopardy in out town. I support the actions
of the Town Manager and have faith in her actions. VM McIntee

In a message dated 6/28/2009 12:52:17 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,

Members of the LBTS Town Commission,

I am seriously concerned regarding the dismissal of Chief Gooding LATE
Friday afternoon. In this obvious pre-meditated move by the Town
administration, the public safety in our town is without a leader.

This move also is reminiscent of when our Volunteer Fire Department was

I have spoken to Commissioner Clottey and attempted to call Commissioner
Silverstone. There seems to be a great lack of concern coming from the dais.

My understanding at this point is that no member of the commission had any
knowledge or input in this matter. If you, as a Town Commission member,
accept that our Town Manager (who lives outside of our Town) control our
public safety without going through the clauses, without public input, and
without getting Town Commission input, unilaterally fires our long time police
chief, then I graciously request your resignation.

As a Town resident, I adamantly request the following.

– A special meeting regarding this matter as early as Monday or as late as
– A vote supporting the Town Manager’s decision to remove Chief Gooding
– A sworn testimony under oath by the Town Manager regarding the matter
including: steps taken to remove Chief Gooding as well as a sworn statement
that NO commission member was involved in the decision or notified of the

It is not acceptable to me what occurred on Friday. I demand to hear
answers and see action by the Town Commission. I will not stand by
and let the
Town Manager run this town as a dictatorship. If the Town Commission
supports the Town Manager on this, make it reflect as such in a vote on record.

This is an obvious first attack on our Town police department by the
administration. The residents do not support unilateral action of this
magnitude without ANY public input.

I will stay aware of any special meeting called on this matter. I repeat,

With great concern,

Yann Brandt
4537 W Tradewinds Ave
Lauderdale by the Sea, FL 33308

To: (private)
Sent: 6/27/2009 1:27:43 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Re: (no subject)

There is no public emergency in the world of the Sheriffs department, commanders are transferred all the time. This is no difference then if the man was promoted which is what I heard was going to happen. Have no fear the public safety in this town is not jeopardy.

3. IN THE BTSFuture 7/13/09…pg. 3 via E-MAIL …

“Dear Commissioner McIntee,

All I hear and read suggests Chief Gooding was dumped with your blessing. If this is not true, I expect you to take the Town Manager to task. Anything less will indicate the rumors are true, and you were a willing participant in this shameful act. This will not bode well for your political future in this town.

Tom LaSalle, Sea Ranch Cub Condo”

Response (AOL)

“I don’t react to threats very well but thank you for your concern about my career.

VM McIntee”

I am sure there are many other voters who if they look at their computers over the last 3 1/2 years will find e-mails sent to then-Commissioner/VM McIntee and received….round em’ up!….

As shown above, there must be many such e-mails kept by the other Commissioners to show e-mails received by McIntee as well….OOPS!….

more to come….

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