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Here’s The Scoop …. 12/8/09 LBTS Commission Meeting … Vice Mayor McIntee … “Quack, Quack!” ….

December 11, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers …at the December 8, 2009 Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Commission meeting Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee put an item on for new business… “16 c. Discussion and/or regarding the conflict of interest regarding Mayor Minnet voting on any development issues when in fact she is a full blown developer herself (Vice Mayor Mclntee)” ..It was what this writer held off to comment on this meeting… I spoke of what I previously posted on this site…that this was a letter sent to the Vice Mayor and that the Vice Mayor then gave it to the Town Manager and she distributed it to the commissioners and sent it on the the Town Attorney to look into… The letter in question was anonymous, we were told.. …which according to all past Town Hall rules was not to be accepted, much less distributed… But the Vice Mayor and the Town Manager decided that since it did not come directly to the Town Hall…going instead to McIntee’s house ( I have made a PRR for the envelope w/ return address…public record and stated received by McIntee)…it did not fall under that criteria..Hmmm….I spoke to the Vice Mayor, Commissioner Silverstone and Commissioner Clottey along with the Town Manager telling them they took a page out of their adversaries playbook from 4 years ago and stepped it up a notch…(The new Mc-Furth BTSTimes…is a case in point…The poor pseudo-Furth grandchild is put on the cover of what amounts to be a paper full of nothing but reacting to their rival’s paper and printing false accusations at 2 fine family men who have chosen to step up to the plate for a change to be made in the town they are raising their children in and run for Town Commission!) It was a new low…for LBTS commission meetings…many did not think that was even possible…Surprise!…

I walked away to take my seat and as I was about to sit down I heard the following  as the Vice Mayor began to speak…

VM- ” Ok, I got a letter from a woman and”

I could not help it, I said out loud “How do you know?”.. He said it was anonymous prior to this meeting..I was kicked out after a 2nd warning for that. I left and listened to the rest from the front door of the hall…

The Vice Mayor continued..” Ok, I received a, a letter in the mail from a woman and the woman called me after the letter and did not want to divulge who she was or her name because she was afraid of retaliation. Ah, the information she gave me was clearly Town business. When I received it in a written form in my hand and I was contacted by the individual to look into it, it suddenly became Town business. Once it becomes Town business I’m obligated to turn it over to the Town. I went to the Town Manager and she was not voluntarily putting this into out boxes. I requested she do that because it became a public record. And once that individual claims that the Mayor is a house flipper and ah, is nothing more than ah, well I can read it all.”

He proceeded to read the not so anonymous letter (the VM knows the accuser) casting aspersions to the Mayor…clearly, the Vice Mayor was relishing each nasty word ( was he smacking his lips?) as he said them…his pals Clottey and Silverstone were so zoned in it was like they were having a CIC- induced group hug!… He went on to read from the 2nd and 3rd articles of the Mayor’s incorporation papers droning on with the definitions found in any such documents…rudimentary in nature…but it was all the Vice Mayor needed to allow him to introduce the nasty letter and  create in Jarvis Hall what amounted to what an low-life attorney does deliberately in the courtroom causing the judge to instruct the jury to disregard what they have heard…which we all knows is a virtual impossibility… He went on…

VM- ” Clearly the corporation guidelines of a developer. I was always under the impression she sold lights folks! I’m being 100% positive and honest about that!  (That was the only thing he was 100% honest about!) I never knew she was a developer. When I found out she was, I wen to the Town Manager and asked her to distribute what I had because it became a Town record, asked her to send a letter  to the Town Attorney.  ”

BC- So if we are to believe the Vice Mayor thus far in his 2nd attempt to explain his despicable action, he proceeded because she might be a “developer” ….and that was enough to warrant paying taxpayer funds to have the Town Atty. look into the Mayor’s corporate papers!..WOW!…


BC- But that was not good enough…the Vice Mayor always quick to sink lower than the rest of the scum-divers he swims with headed for the drain…Watch out for the back-splash!..

VM- ” So now when the woman calls me back to ask what I  did she’s probably watching this now on T.V. she’ll have the same answer I got. It’s legal what Mayor Minnet is doing . That there’s no big hidden game here. That’s it, so, so I yield. That’s it.”

BC- The jury will disregard the elephant in the room…yeah right!

The Mayor was prepared, but began by asking for a copy of a piece of paper the Vice Mayor falsely claimed was included in the paperwork from his “anonymous” woman-support ( the same woman who ended her letter stating she hoped it would “help the Vice Mayor) …The Vice Mayor had claimed the Mayor sold a house …in Fort Lauderdale for $340,000…This writer posted months ago that the Mayor sold a warehouse in Fort Lauderdale …it was in the Miami Herald Mon. Business section…and I commented at the time maybe she could give the Town some pointers on selling the never addressed Town warehouse still not sold…As of today the VM has not produced the “house sale” due to the fact he lied!… And no matter if it was a warehouse or as he claimed a house…he also stated it was in Fort Lauderdale…So when and if the Vice Mayor finally unloads his Buffalo home that has been on the market for over 2 years will he also be a “house flipper?”?…Perhaps the Town Atty. should look into that one…OOPS! That residence was already looked into last time around when he was running……
“Lauderdale-by-the-Sea candidate fined for
claiming two homestead exemptions

A Lauderdale-by-the-Sea commission candidate has been slapped with a $6,919 fine for claiming two homestead exemptions, one local and the other in New York.

The Broward County Property Appraiser’s Office reports Jerome McIntee, a candidate in the March 14 election, has claimed the double tax break since 2002. That violates a Florida law that says a homeowner can claim only one primary residence for tax relief even if a second home is out of state.

The $6,919 fine reflects the Broward taxes owed, as well as government expenses.

McIntee, a retired police officer, has improperly received tax relief since 2002 on his 1,600-square-foot home in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, a property assessed at $318,000. During that time he also received similar relief on a $170,000 home in East Aurora, N.Y., according to a Feb. 6 letter to the candidate from the Broward Property Appraiser’s Office.”


Mayor Minnet-” Vice Mayor McIntee I have listened to some outrageous remarks, but this one is the worst. The bottom line is a person who was very, very mad made up lies and claimed lots of things and you took this anonymous letter, which should not have been accepted and made it public record without checking the facts. I too have received many anonymous phone calls and letters and these go right where they belong. Let me show you where they belong. (she held up the garbage can). Vice Mayor you stated verbatim if you have a situation where you get a nasty letter from a purveyor or a person trying to business with the Town, I would go right to the Town Manager and say Town Manager please investigate for me. Of course you’re going to say this was a concerned resident and not a purveyor. But I further ask did you try and even get another persons side of the story? Did you even question if this person was a resident of this town? But it’s obvious that you know this person because if you read this letter Vice Mayor it says I hope this letter helps you Commissioner McIntee. Almost sounds as if that’s a solicitation from someone.”

The Vice Mayor mumbled a response and the Mayor asked him to be respectful to her as she was listening to him…

Mayor-”  Vice Mayor I go on to say when you stated that the purveyors were similar to the resident, excuse me, this Lauderdale By The Sea resident did sign their name. As I stated how do you know that this was even a resident? Vice Mayor you interrogate people, you talk for other people when they are not present, represent yourself as speaking for all when in fact you are one vote, one voice, just as we all are on this dais.Vice Mayor you continuously say how much you are saving this town. Well I ask you, how much are you costing this town in time and outrageous requests for Town attorneys? And let me further state at the December 1st commission meeting, which a certain person was not in attendance, went extremely well. We had 3 ordinances to review for first reading. We had a full agenda. We all stated our stand , we made motions in the proper way, didn’t have a problem with them. Which I find interesting cause we do tonight. (Comm. Silverstone was needling the Mayor on her duties-per-Furth -plan ) What a concept! And how come tonight we can’t do that? Vice Mayor I want to say something you said at last night’s meeting if the complaint came to me I would have gone right to the horses mouth. Did you do this? Oh yes you talked to the Town Manager and when she said she wouldn’t put them in the boxes you went ahead and did it and then sent a request to the Town attorney and then continued to distribute them to all the commissioner. So you’re right you made this public record. Your blatant antagonism toward me on this dais is getting redundant and ridiculous. My business speaks for itself. I have been in lighting for over 30 years. My family started a lighting business. I was born and raised in this town and it really bothers me that you hit the integrity of who I am. Many people in town know me. They know my family, they know who I am. My occupational license states that I am a lighting designer. I don’t question anyone Else’s occupation up here on the dais. And if I had gotten an anonymous letter I would put where it belonged, where I showed you it belonged. Ten years ago I did pursue my own company and went on my own and became a lighting designer. You asked me about my articles of incorporation. Let me read the very first article that you neglected to read which states as typical on any standard form article one to do and transact any and all business as permitted under the laws of the State of Florida and the United States. Let me repeat that again Vice Mayor, any and all business. Sure I could have put down a thousand businesses if that’s what you wanted me to do, but no I don’t need to do that because everybody knows that I do lighting and lighting design. You know as far as a house flipper is concerned I have lived in my home for over 15 years. I have been involved in my family  businesses throughout this county. So if you’re questioning my family business, Vice Mayor then get the facts straight. And in the future come to me or come through the Town Manager and ask me the question. Not relying on an anonymous letter when you can’t even verify or let this dais know that she may or he may not even be a resident. Vice Mayor you continue to create your own set of rules and change them when you see fit. As you did last evening when it was brought up about the discussion for El Mar and it also being on the agenda. Are rules made to be broken? I have always asked everyone to please contact me. I’ve asked the residents to contact me. and  I would have assumed that this dais would have done the same thing and at least have the decency and integrity to treat each other respectfully. But after hearing some of the things that have been going on in this town this past week. The things that have been said about me. It’s rather unfortunate. It’s as bad as a school yard!  You may not always like the answers but you will get an answer and Vice Mayor I want an apology for your blatant attacks on my integrity. …


Commissioner Dodd spoke about the rules of anonymous letters and stated that if it had been him, the response from the Manager would not have been the same as for McIntee… He asked McIntee to answer why it was appropriate to break the rules…there was a silence…the mayor said the Vice mayor should answer and while he was at it he could make the apology she asked for…

The Vice Mayor made a snide remark about not pushing his button and saying the Mayor would “yell” at him for not pushing it…. He then went into version #3 to defend his despicable act of putting this on the agenda…

VM-” I’ll be glad to, here’s where two of you people up here must not have been listening. I had a phone call from the woman saying I sent you this. I don’t want to use my name because I’m afraid of retaliation. That’s the bottom line here.”

Comm. Dodd-” Then it goes in the bin.”

VM-” No, it’s not anonymous. I know where it came from.”


VM-” You don’t have to read it  is the bottom line. Let’s clarify something else. The Town Manager was directed by me to distribute it because I asked that, it was directed by me to distribute it because I asked that. It was decided that anything comes out has to go through the Town manager can’t be put in the box by yourself. (VM did that with the former Battalion Chief letter) She did nothing but take direction from a commissioner which any of, none of you had to read it! Throw it out the minute you saw what was inside. You throw it out! I had a phone call. She sent me a letter . She cooperated with a piece of property that was flipped in Fort Lauderdale and she cooperated with the absolute papers. (not true) Now clearly you know there’s not one red hair (herring?) about lighting contract. It’s all about development. Clearly she had a point and the point is clear if you walk like a duck, if you waddle like a duck, you gotta be a duck and that’s what #3 says clearly. I buy and sell property. Refurbish then that’s it and she showed me a document that showed she did property in I think it was 6 to 7 months ago in Fort Lauderdale for somewhere around 300, 340 thousand I think I may be off.”

BC- The Vice Mayor said SHE [anonymous writer] SHOWED ME A DOCUMENT… he met with the woman that said “I hope this helps you Commissioner McIntee”…OOPS!…

Mayor Minnet-” Excuse me Vice Mayor, that is a blatant lie!”

VM-” I said I’m not sure about…”

Mayor-” Even the thought of saying, Vice Mayor.”

VM-” I’ll get it for you.”

Mayor- ” Is cause for me to really question your…”

Commissioner Dodd asked the Vice Mayor again “Vice Mayor I’ll repeat my question because you haven’t answered it! You waffled off about the contents of the letter and i will ask you again Vice mayor what gives you the right to ignore our rules that we agreed in an attempt to discredit the Mayor by putting out an anonymous letter?”

The Vice Mayor…looking like a duck weighed down his own “muck”…lamely tried to compare his actions with Comm. Dodd sending an apology to a vendor who was informed of bad behavior from town staff (prev. post)…Comm. Dodd called him on it…and again Vice Mayor “Quack, Quack”…went back to excuse #3…

VM-” Nobody has to read it! It was your decision. You could throw it away. It’s public record. The minute I got it, brought it to the Town Manager, it became a public record that I felt was only fair. Everybody had a choice to , to read it and respond to it.”

Commissioner Dodd tried to make sense of what McIntee was trying to hang his hat on…and could not…(who could?)..The Vice mayor wanted Comm. Dodd to agree it was a public record…

Comm. Dodd- ” As far as I’m concerned I don’t want to waste my time. We wasted 30 minutes discussing an anonymous letter.”

VM-” Don’t read it!”

CD-” It’s not a question of don’t read it. It shouldn’t be in our mailboxes.”

The Mayor cut in and said “Bottom line, Vice Mayor  you shouldn’t have put it on the agenda, that’s the difference.”

Comm. Silverstone ever the befuddled “Not Nice” BFF…actually said the following…” Well, I just think, ah, ah we have an environment that has been created by allowing people to um, maybe they’re angry over the country as a whole because of economic situation and other reasons.”

The Mayor had to warn the audience who could not wrap their heads around Comm. Silverstone’s conclusion of what just occurred!..

CS-” And, ah, um, it just seems that this is continuing in one form or another. The mayor, I mean the Vice mayor had a right to do what he did and it was his decision and that’s it. We also have the right decision not to pay attention to it. Um.”


Dear Readers…I too have an anonymous letter…It is a public record…and I will post it next?…Hmmm…..Just remember afterward….” Nobody has to read it! It was your decision. You could throw it away. It’s public record.”…”It became a public record that I felt was only fair.”…”IF  YOU WALK LIKE A DUCK, IF YOU WADDLE LIKE A DUCK, YOU GOTTA BE A DUCK” Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee 12/8/09 …

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … LBTS Agenda 12/8/09 … Closing Out 2009 … PHEW!….

December 7, 2009 by Barbara

LOOKING TO 2010 ….







3. INVOCATION -Reverend George Hunsaker


a. Proclamation – January as Broward Diversity Community Month (Tom

Runyan, Esq., Chair of the Broward County Diversity Advisory Council)



a. VFD Fire Monthly Report – October 2009 (Chief Perkins)

BC- Still 31 Reg. in-town /36 Assoc out of Town members/ in-town 2 non-cert, 17 FF1 cert., 12 FF2 cert./ Assoc. 36 FF2 cert./ in-town EMT-B 9, Paramedic (FL) 3/ Assoc – EMT-B 21, Paramedic (FL) 12/ Call- Fire Rescue 36/ First Responder Training (Code for medical call runs) 61/Training fire-water drill 12/ D/E pump operator Class 4/ Beach Patrol hrs Beach 12 67hrs.- Beach 212 31hrs. -28.5 hrs non-paid out of 98 hrs/ station watch combined members in-town 39- 1848+ hrs./ Community service 16-5hrs each

OCT. Roster does NOT include McIntee son Beau…

Unit Resp. Time Avg.- avg response time for first engine out 4:14



a. Meet the Candidates February 16, 2010 – League of Women Voters

BC-prev post …sent an e-mail to LWVF and received a prompt reply that it was forwarded to Broward County LWV and will post the outcome of the TM interjecting unilaterally into Town politics and asking commissioners per memo to come up with their own questions at a debate!…Arghhh…..

b. Sea Turtle Lighting Workshop


a. November 10, 2009 Regular Meeting (This meeting was continued to

December 7, 2009. Continued minutes scheduled for future Commission



1. Ordinances 1st Reading

2. Ordinances 2nd Reading

BC- There are none!…Until and unless the “Gang” pulls a fast one?…


BC- expect more of the same…from the majority…Jimmy- attacks…we’re human beings not robots…answering to the public comments…just push mute!/ Jerry -everything is great folks…millage…taxes… and partridge in a pear tree/ Clottey-we’re “clueless” to what she will come up with but assured she’s been on a roll of illogical commentary for quite some time now…


a. Town Commission approval of Issuance of Refund to Our Lady of the

Assumption Altar Guild for Temporary Sign Permit Fee in the amount of

$30.00 (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)

BBC- they are a non- for- profit organization

13. RESOLUTION – “Public Comments”

a. Resolution 2009-32: A RESOLUTION OF THE TOWN OF








a. Discussion and/or action: Placement of Bel-Air Sign (Town Engineer James

Barton) This item was deferred at the December 1, 2009 Commission

Meeting by Commissioner Dodd

BC- we hear there was agreement on the final resting spot per the Bel Air Board…

b. Commission approval of ratification of Bel Air street names (Assistant Town

BC- Ditto…

Manager Olinzock) This item was deferred at the December 1, 2009

Commission Meeting by Commissioner Dodd

c. Discussion and/or action by Town Commission regarding Appointment of a

Local Complete Count Committee for the Purpose of Building Awareness of

the 2010 Census (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock) This item was

deferred at the December 1, 2009 Commission Meeting by

Commissioner Silverstone

BC- names were needed for the appointments…

d. Discussion and/or action regarding drafting a Resolution opposing Broward

County’s proposal to charge for Toxicological Services (Vice Mayor Mclntee)

This item was deferred at the December 1, 2009 Commission Meeting by

Commissioner Dodd

BC- deferred from 12/1 due to McIntee being on vacation … McIntee wants to join Weston and tell the county we won’t start paying for services for the 1st time…when dealing with analysis of of alcohol blood levels of individuals arrested or suspected of driving under the influence…The results are for the Broward County State Atty. to use in prosecution…and not the municipality..


a. Discussion and/or action reference: EI Mar Drive Project (Vice Mayor


1.) To move forward with appropriating the $980,000 needed for the EI

Mar Drive Streetscape Project

BC- prev. post…12/7/09 Round Table…should not be discussed at both…and keep the $$$ in the bank til march and new commission…

2.) Commission approval of conceptual design of EI Mar Drive. RFP

BC- prev. post…put it up on the shelf w/ the rest of the unused conceptual drawings for LBTS…

Process to begin by Ocampo & Associates

b. Discussion and/or action regarding the responsibility to replace the lost buoys

(Vice Mayor Mclntee)

BC- wow…we are to pay back the VFD when they are buying new toys at a record pace…maybe the Booster Fund can fund it?…

c. Discussion and/or regarding the conflict of interest regarding Mayor Minnet

voting on any development issues when in fact she is a full blown developer

herself (Vice Mayor Mclntee)

BC- How low can you go Vice Mayor…this one this writer will expand on (anonymous letter this stems from in prev. post ….the one that states at the bottom the anonymous writer hopes it will the Vice Mayor!)… The VM is wasting our  taxpayer money on this…a standard clause in the Incorporation  papers  of the mayor’s company…that encompass all “generalizations” …a standard practice on such documents we are told…The writer and the zealous Vice Mayor looking for a major gotcha…on the mayor again overshot and showed their ignorance…at a price to us the taxpayers!.. Talk of conflict…McIntee’s son the VFD/trainer ..paid by the dept. that McIntee votes on!…(posts to come)…OOPS!…

d. Discussion and/or action on a Commission directive to the Town Manager to

ask the League of Women Voters to set up two “Meet the Candidate”

debates for the next election (Commissioner Dodd)

BC- prev. post…just for directive and discussion…but as prev. posted the TM jumped the gun!…

e. Discussion and/or action: Town policy on anonymous letters received through

the Town and Commissioners Mayor (Mayor Minnet)

BC- see prev. post and above…


A memo was sent to the commissioners in response to Comm. Dodd who sent an e-mail to the manager after receiving the “anonymous” letter…

E-mail from Comm. Dodd…11/20/2009

“I was in receipt of another anonymous letter in my commissioner’s mailbox yesterday. It made numerous malicious allegations against the mayor. It makes no difference to me which member of the dais happens to be the recipient of the allegations, my response will still be the same-the commission made a policy and it should have been followed.

The commission decided some time ago that NO anonymous mail will be distributed or places in our mailboxes. I thought it was also a town hall policy that no mail will be opened without a return address on the envelope- are you able to supply this address? I would be happy to place an item on the agenda if you feel it necessary for the commission to re-affirm its directive to you concerning anonymous mail. Stuart Dodd.”

E-mail from the Town Manager to the commissioners on 12/3/09..

” Please be advised that the Town returns to the mail carrier any anonymous mail received in Town Hall stamped “REFUSED- no return address provided”.

The letter that you reference was not delivered to Town Hall but was received by Vice Mayor McIntee and; subsequently, distributed to the Town Commission upon his request.

Thank you EC/mi”


BC- Rules again do not apply to McIntee…he sat on the dais not long ago speaking out against anonymously supplied information…Does the TM really think this “exonerates” her participation in this matter?…The TM we hear said if she had not complied McIntee would have done it anyway!…Says it all…really…Chain of command… Is the TM akin to “Little Chief” Perkins…under McIntee?…Hmmm… Furthermore the TM complied with this anonymous letter going to the Town Atty. to go over!…unbelievable… March..voters…March!…



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