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Here’s The Scoop …5/26/09…LBTS Commission Meeting…#5…Surfing For Permits and Permission…

May 29, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers…At the May 26,2009 meeting the kitesurfers were asked to come back with some ideas of how do deal with the (McIntee instigated non-existent) problem with kite surfing on our beach..The real “problem” stemmed from someone teaching the sport behind the hotel near Pine Ave. and the interference for they cause McIntee in his daily beach patrol politicizing on the the VFD-ATVs…trolling for votes for 2010…while handing out business cards and lollipops…(we hear many folks think twice before heading to the beach these days…dreading the sight of the ATV approaching with his personalized board attached!)…Just as with his and Jimmy-boy Silverstone’s past foibles…with Sea Ranch Club residents..this one…will go down in flames!…Remember these are the “2-Hats” who wanted to introduce the “sliding scale” for fire assessments and then backed off after SRC resident McGinnis put forth a petition….These are the “2-Hats” who wanted to make sprinkler installation mandatory ….These are the “2-Hats” plus their McFurth -Gang and guaranteed 3rd vote from “Clueless Clottey”  along with Town Manager Colon who are on the fast track for taking away Friday and Saturday night LBTS street events and special events with their new Town fees…for code enforcement reimbursement to cover head counts and the new “noise” ordinance  (a shoo-in with their  a 3-2 vote)…along with the McIntee introduced strong-armed “lock-box” fee for using the Town’s streets…Now they want to permit and register the kite surfers…from our beachfront…The Town is to send a letter to SRC to see how we feel about them being back behind the buildings…(This writer hears with the exception of a few CIC member residents in building C who were not happy about the teaching…the overwhelming reply…after “How ya gonna enforce it?”( another use for the VFD Sea Doo/ boat?)…was “leave them alone! We love it!”…Most would prefer to keep McIntee off the beach!…..

Waiting in the hall until long past 11 pm…the kitesurfers were all ears to see what was coming next…First the Vice Mayor spoke of a woman who contacted him to tell him about her daughter being hurt…..and the proposal focusing on the business aspect of it negatively…The Mayor then recognized a resident from town come up to speak, Mike had been at the prior meeting and had offered to help with coming up with some answers …He is a kitesurfer and said that until this year and the teaching problem by the hotel…there have been no problems…He said the rules to follow are easy…stay 100ft. away from bathers/no flying on the beach-period/ no teaching on the beach…that’s it …and he added a registration done by the town was in his opinion the way to go…He did not want to see a designated area or vendors…

Rick Iossi came forward and of kitesurfing going “mainstream” that the people in the hall had collectively devoted in excess of 300 man hours to come up with solutions to maintain the ability to kitesurf here…and as asked for at the last meeting they came up with a proposal (see below)…It included the Crandon Park plan, because that had been brought up…He said it seemed that the agreement was for the Town to be the registering agent and that this could be managed…

This  proposal was given to the Commission before the May 26,2009 meeting…

Proposed Solutions
Three proposed approaches are presented to the Commission for discussion and
consideration in support of sustainable kitesurfing activities within a designed
kitesurfing operation area. These proposals have been the subject of multiple meetings
with members of the kiting community in the area including those that reside within the
Town. Like bicycling. boating, walking and use of public spaces such as parks and
beaches, kitesurfing is routinely enjoyed throughout the various seaside towns and
cities within Broward County and in fact, nationwide. These places are typically enjoyed
without consideration of place of residency understanding that residents may benefit
from privileges such as lower fees. Adherence to reasonable, safe and sustainable
kitesurfing practices is expected of participants. Observance of Ordinances forbidding
unlicensed commerce such as instruction should also be strictly adhered to and
aggressively promoted by the kitesurfing community.
Our goal is to request a designated kitesurfing operation area within Lauderdale By‐The
–Sea (LBTS) and to manage kitesurfing within this area in a safe, responsible and
accountable fashion in accordance with a set of rules.
Our intention is to facilitate reasonable separation of the kitesurfing activities from the
beach users. There are 2 very distinct groups of kitesurfers that currently kitesurf from
the area immediately north of the Pine Street public easement next to Damon’s. The
principle group is roughly 12 kitesurfers whose median age is 40, the second group are
local resident kids whose average age is closer to 17 years of age. As you might image
each group conducts themselves differently both on‐the‐beach and in‐the‐water. We
share this information by way of background to perhaps further enlighten you to the
unique problems of that specific area.
It is our intention to offer solutions that accommodate the concerns of the Commission,
residents, visiting tourists and kitesurfing community in that order. By way of
background it is important to acknowledge that presently; there are NO established
rules or policies in place at Lauderdale‐by‐the‐Sea Beach to our knowledge relating to
kitesurfing activities, therefore our proposal is not intended to encourage additional
resident or non‐resident kitesurfers using the LBTS beach. Instead it is designed to offer
guidelines for written policies and procedures that can be posted and enforced. We
believe this will add to the safety and enjoyment of all the beach facilities.
Some additional pertinent background points include:
• The kites parked on LBTS beach are parked high on the beach so as not to impede the
Volunteer Fire Department (VFD) vehicles or beach goers. This placement should not
interfere with the public easement or beach access and is further motivated by the
proximity of volleyball courts and tall beach signage.
• Approximately, 80% of all beach activity in this area takes place directly in front of
Damon’s or south of the beach easement towards the Commercial Pier, approximately
10% takes place within a 50 yard stretch immediately north of the easements and the
remaining 10% takes place over 1‐mile stretch north of the easement.
• Rarely are there ever more than 15 kites in the air or on the water at any time
• The stretch of beach much north of the Pine Street easement gets quiet due to the
lack of public vehicle parking and amenities. There are lots of people in front of the
Lauderdale Beach Hotel/Damon’s and south however,especially during spring break.
Another factor in lighter beach populations is that the buildings of Sea Ranch Lakes
Condos shadow the beach, preventing sunbathing by mid‐day.
• Kitesurfing in Florida is primarily a cooler month activity as the best winds come with
seasonal cold fronts. Summer is typically a quiet season for kitesurfing due to the
frequent lack of sufficient wind. Numbers of kitesurfers attending the beach will likely
be sharply reduced if not eliminated entirely by light winds for extended periods during
the calmer periods in summer.
The following proposals are intended to effectively manage kitesurfing activities on
Lauderdale By‐the‐Sea Beach. These proposals were developed from procedures
utilized in Crandon Park and proposed in discussions with Capt. Gooding of the BSO and
Town staff in 2005. It further incorporates procedures currently in‐place in Pompano
Beach and Ft. Lauderdale Beach. Nothing in this proposal is intended to speak to or
effect operation of “sport” and other varieties of kites not utilized for kitesurfing.
What kitesurfing problems that have been historically reported, typically have occurred
in the more crowded beach areas around Pine Road and southward to the southern
boundary of the Town. Few if any complaints have been noted north of Sea Ranch
Condominium within the Town. We recommend that limitations proposed on kitesurfing
activities proposed herein not be applied to these northern areas of the Town,
frequented by some resident kitesurfers. We recommend that the proposed “Kitesurf
Operating Area” serve for kiting ingress and egress and that kitesurfing within 100 yards
of shore along with normal launching and landing not be permitted on the beach to the
south of this proposed area. We recommend following discussion and finalization of
the approach, that an ordinance be created to formalizing kitesurfing criteria and
enforcement. We propose the following for the Commission’s consideration:
1. Create an area approximately 200+ yards north of the Pine Street (Damon’s) public
access path as a kite launch/recovery area that is a minimum 200 yards in width
referred to as the “Kitesurf Operating Area”.
2. The area will be properly identified with either posted signage or safety cones to warn
& advise the sunbathers of the “Kitesurf Operating Area.” Example requested signage
will be provided to the Town for consideration.
3. Similar to Crandon Park in Miami and 16th Street in Pompano normal water entry and
egress will take place only in the designated “Kitesurf Operating Area”
4. Any kitesurfing outside the designated “operating area” will be outside the existing
buoys. The goal of this is to avoid kitesurfers riding inside the buoys and away from
swimmers. This will also increase the viable number of kiteboarders that could use this
area without negative impact on other beach users.
5. Kitesurfing in the LBTS “kitesurf operating area” will require an International
Kiteboarding Organization (IKO), equivalent certification similar to Key Biscayne’s
Crandon Park or written endorsement by kiteboarding committee members once
established. This certification and/or endorsement is awarded only after demonstrating
competence in controlling the kite and rider in a safe manner. A nominal registration fee
is proposed to be charged and remitted to the Town for this authorization.
6. We recommend that the proposed “Kitesurf Operating Area” serve for kiting ingress
and egress and that kitesurfing within 100 yards of shore along with normal launching
and landing not be permitted on the beach to the south of this proposed area.
7. We recommend following discussion and finalization of the approach, that an
ordinance be created to formalize kitesurfing criteria and to facilitate enforcement.
8. We recommend that limitations proposed on kitesurfing activities proposed herein
not be applied to these northern areas of the Town, frequented by some resident
Proposal “A”
9A Registration is proposed to be performed by a private, insured, not‐for‐profit
corporation/entity, charged with registering and tracking kiteboarders, issuing
registration cards and kite streamers designating registration, subject to suspension or
forfeiture if guidelines are breached per set criteria. Guidelines will be drafted by the
entity in concert with Town and BSO representatives with the intent of promoting safe,
sustainable kitesurfing practices and in consideration of other beach users. Self‐policing
of kiteboarders will be performed by kiteboarders and problems reported to the entity
for enforcement. If necessary, the BSO will be notified (and Town representatives if
desired) if legal enforcement is indicated. No kitesurfing instruction in the kitesurfing
operating area is contemplated or requested under this approach.
Proposal “B”
9B. Registration will be performed by the Town of LBTS, with a database of kitesurfers
maintained by the BSO under Captain Gooding as previously discussed in 2005. Fees will
be paid for registration on an annual basis. Registration cards and kite streamers
designating registration will be issued by the Town and be subject to suspension or
forfeiture if guidelines are breached per set criteria. Guidelines will be drafted by the
entity in concert with Town and BSO representatives with the intent of promoting safe,
sustainable kitesurfing practices and in consideration of other beach users. Self‐policing
will still be actively pursued by the kitesurfing community with the BSO providing
ultimate enforcement of the guidelines.
In time after establishment of a supportive track record of kitesurfing with the Town, a
subsequent approach may be pursued, subject to the wishes of the Commission and

prospective bidding vendors.

Proposal “C”
9C. Similar to Crandon Park, a concession will be advertised for public bidding. The
successful concession ideally should be established to oversee the kiting activities within
the kitersurfing operation area. This concessionaire, would be licensed, insured and will
be responsible to ensure that all kitesurfers are properly trained and accredited prior to
using the “kitesurfing operating area”. To ensure safety and continued enjoyment of the
sport the concessionaire will be responsible for providing lessons to beginners using an
accredited teaching method and issuing IKO certification cards. The concessionaire will
be the direct link with the Town and the entity in charge of enforcement. If someone
gets out‐of‐line he will be the entity responsible to notify the local authorities for
enforcement. No kitesurfing instruction in the kitesurfing operating area is
contemplated or requested under this approach. It is proposed that concessionaire will
contribute 10% of his teaching & certification revenues to the Town to offset the
“operating area” sign maintenance and concession stand. This should be subject to
discussion with prospective concessionaires prior to bidding. Unlicensed, unpermitted
instruction is prohibited and instances of this observed will be aggressively discouraged
by the concessionaire, kitersurfing community and reported to BSO as necessary. The
concessionaire will endeavor to assist the VFD with distressed swimmers and be on the
lookout to assist bathers.

The Commissioners …

Comm. Clottey – spoke about the resident’s suggestion for a $150 permit…(he was for a fee $100 …to cover signage and administration costs…not to be paid for by the taxpayers)…”Last time when one of the commissioners asked about teaching , we didn’t get an answer.It was like closing ranks. The person that teaches obviously is the one causing some problems and if you guys are not gonna tell who it is um, that’s gonna cause problems. So how do we identify this person and keep him off our beach?”…HUH?…

BC- Comm. Clottey, who had called for a special meeting on dais decorum and often refers to herself being an “expert” in marketing, needs to start “marketing” herself…By referring to those who stand before as “you guys”…she does herself and the speakers a great disservice!…

The resident said that if there is no kiteflying allowed on the beach as he stated before in the 3 rules…there would be no teaching…that’s the solution and it worked for 6 years that way with no problems…

Comm. Clottey- wanted to know about certification for kiteflying and photo I.D.s ( none required)…

Rick Iossa replied that there were 3 options that could be used for certification….

Vice Mayor McIntee- ” Let me clarify some things. People at home have no idea what you’re talking about walking on the beach. What he’s referring to. the beginners walk along the beach with the kite in full flight and they aren’t in the water (HUH?) and if they lose the kite. What’s the span of the kite? (25 meters) 75 feet close to 80 actually. If that kite comes down there’s 80 feet of potential danger area in where those lines are coming down at a high rate of speed.”…He liked the streamer idea and thought the designated area was unfair for residents who wanted to use the beach further north…

Rick Iossa said there have been no problems north of SRC…whatsoever…

VM- said “That’s absolutely untrue, two people came up to me to say they were struck by kites.”

Rick responded again “North of Sea Ranch condos”..(VM realized he was wrong)…Rick went on to speak of lack of access up north for parking and it would not be a concern for visitors using that area…saying to the commission..”I submit if it ain’t broke don’t attempte to fix it. Focus on the area where there are issues.”…He went on to say he proposed north of Pine Ave. (SRC)  and do not impose any requirements on nrth of SRC other than registration and srteamer for the kite…

VM- (In election mode)…said that SRC was the biggest condos in town…the proposed area was “dead center” in the middle of “their beach “…and unless the board calls him and says fine he has to get their approval before he considers that a launch point.

Rick said he was looking for 200 feet and called to the Vice Mayor’s attention the afternoon shade in those areas…adding if their it was a problem for the condos he understood (It’s not!)…

Comm. Clottey- said she agreed with Commissioner (demoted again) McIntee about the SRC being asked because even though many people she has heard from like it …it could be a case of “It’s fine as long as it’s not in my back yard”…..(HMMM…like music/ events in the south end of town, Comm?)…She wanted to “poll” them….(HMMM…why no “poll” for noise, special events etc…Comm?)…

Comm. Clottey then asked the Town Atty. about residential preference for permits…(Did she not read the backup material?)…and the Town Atty. repeated what the backup material included and what was previously advised that it could present a problem…it could not be regulated on safety and the reason for this item being on the agenda was for the commission to give input for the Town firm and staff to get  a more definitive proposal to see what could be enacted…adding as the backup stated they were still awaiting a response from the state…the beach is not out beach it is a state beach!…

Comm. Clottey asked how many residents kitesurf and the resident at the podium answered 10-12…She responded it was not really an issue then. …ARGHHH….

Comm. Dodd said he had done a certain amount of reading on this and was not for concessions…was for self policing…in favor of a permit fee perhaps $75 ..and registration…no streamers and 2 launch areas….

BC-How about $20 annually …if it’s good enough for the CIC beach permit people…why not this?…

The Mayor then read from the memo, the Town Attorney had provided in the backup…she thanked them for staying…and added her points …admiring the beauty of it…while cognizant of the weight  (500-600 lbs.) and the safety implications of it…She was not in favor of streamers or concessions..and reminded all it was a state beach..

Comm. Silverstone…said he wished he was a kitesurfer (umpteenth time said)…and wished he was younger taller (smarter..independent?)…liked the 3 simple rules saw where they launched not being a “big issue”…and wanted them to form a committee ..HUH?…

VM McIntee…in his usall style said kitesurfing had gotten out of control in the last 2 years and the “in-towners” should form a committee…

It was deferred to the 2nd meeting in July with the Town Manager directed to send a letter to SRC…passed 5-0…

BC- Rick Iossi said when he began this evening this was a “seasonal pursuit” …the “wind Gods turn the wind off”…unfortunately the Vice Mayor…is not seasonal ( but may be 1 term!)…and this item will continue on……SRC needs to hear from the kitesurfers…as well as the Town…in order to maintain the only “show”we have left right outside our condos….We no longer have the 4th of July fireworks display barge…and the Air and Sea show!…

more to come……..

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Here’s The Scoop…4/28/09 LBTS Commision Meeting …#5…Go Fly A Kite…..

May 1, 2009 by Barbara


Silly me, I moved to LBTS 10 years ago for the small town tourist friendly atmosphere ….A place where you never had to get in the car …within walking distance of restaurants…music and the  incredible views…from my balcony….smack dab on the beach….It just did not get any better than that!…

We had  years of the thrill in May of the Air and Sea Show…with planes flying by …what a glorious sight… In July we had a barge right outside on the ocean providing us with a front row seat to 4th of July fireworks…neighbors and visitors  viewed these spectacles from up and down the coast…and all was right in LBTS …no matter the “political” climate …the “destination” climate was warm and welcoming…and weren’t we all lucky we were all checked- in on a permanent basis…No 11 am check-out time for us!…

Fast forward to the last year….A year of  “sweeping” codes…ordinances…fees and permits…with administrative and vigilante”policing” providing  a constant controlling presence to stop the all the joy of residing and visiting this little 2 -mile oasis…on the shore…

With a 1-2 punch …(3-4?) that is sure to change the complexion of our town…First with the “Noise Ordinance”…that now seems aligned to become a 3-2 done Mc-deal…giving way to a 3-2 Mc-deal imposing “stipends” on  the businesses…for using town property and instead of “leveling” the playing field in a “matter of fairness” as Comm. Silverstone tried to reason…it will” level” the events themselves… according to those businesses that put these events on…leaving a downtown to languish ….Just recall what happened with the past snafu when Jazz on the Square was silenced for many months…while dealing with the Town…and the County…it was a great loss and the impact  felt should not be forgotten….

Now we’re going to stop the kite surfing on our beach…or make rules and regulations that mean permits…and fees to those that offer so much by gracing our beach?…

Why?….Pompano Beach did it …and we hear they may be backtracking…

These avid enthusiasts  provide so much pleasure…and so much beauty …They are providing spectacular views for those residing in the condos  and the portals or just sitting on the beach…a panoramic show… the delight of all….just ask around…

They can assist and have with those in distress…much more than the limited protection afforded to swimmers by the non- certified /non- lifeguard- VFD Beach Patrol that depends on their volunteer manpower and their desire to patrol on days when the risk in the water is drastically increased…(This writer was told in the past by the VFD that there is no set schedule for patrolling , it depends on who is volunteering their time…for beach patrol)…

Commissioners….It’s time to stop all this madness…to just stop  looking for additional codes…ordinances…fees and permits…to put on agendas and impose just because a you can….

Drop it …just drop it….invest in a few signs….like this one below…and give the surfers the freedom to continue as is…

At the Commission meeting the group that came certainly rivaled the Esther Colon” we don’t need to honor her contract annual review” CIC orchestrated  “parade” and the “Tennis people” …..the latter comparison made by Comm. Silverstone…who seemed to be open to discussing some options…..but if his “openness” will remain depends on his BFF McIntee who unsuccessfully tried to push forward the notion that these “dangerous” kite surfers traveling at a high rate of speed (up to 20mph) could knock- off innocent swimmers…..It was quickly quashed by the podium speaker who is  kite boarding safety guru Rick Iossi, very well known throughout the sport. … He started the Fl. Kitesurfing Assoc. 8 years ago when access to kitesurfing was threatened …He responded there have been no such kiting fatalities…as the VM was insinuating could result without the action he wants to enforce….The lame reason to curtail the status quo began with a problem some months back where “business” was taking place on the beach by the hotel on  El Mar Drive near Pine Ave. with instruction being given without an occupational license….Same sort of response as we’re seeing in the downtown…one business has a noise problem …and the Town will go after them all…Wrong to do with the businesses and wrong to do with the kite surfers!…Mr. Iossi also brought to light that he met 5 years ago with Code Enforcement Officer Kam Parker and BSO Chief Gooding…Why wasn’t this in the backup? …( a public request has been made for any materials from that time)…..The attempt to impose a preferential use of the beach for residents by the VM was challenged by the Town Attorney saying that would prove problematic…and Comm. Dodd added he was against residents only…but for a designated area…no teaching allowed…along with a permit …and to let the kite surfers police themselves….. After additional discussion by Comm. Silverstone about areas outside of buoys being designated areas of use….the item was deferred to a date certain…May 26,2009…

The following comment was sent in to this site…and should be read by all….

Hi Barbara,
It was nice of you to hand us your cards on Tues 28th. We need all the help we can get with McInTee doing whatever he can to kill the kite surfers. The Mayor, Dodd and especially Silverstone seemed like they were willing to deal with the best sport ever. If anyone of them ever felt pure wind power in the kite they would be hooked. Any person can do this sport from 8-80! Really! Every new sport is called extreme and said to be too dangerous. Why would the town reduce the number of potential lifesavers on the many rip current days in LBTS? As we know there are always a few who are out of control, every sport has them. Shouldn’t swimming in rip currents and rough seas be taught to reduce injuries and drownings rather than stopping the marine traction kite from becoming the next surf rescue method? Only the launch area will change, we ride all the way up to Deerfield and down to Haulover depending on the wind. I have lived in Cal and Hawaii before here and surfed, skateboarded and snowboarded all my life. At times each sport was threatened but never stopped. Here I go again….Doug

More to come….

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