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Here’s The Scoop…Time To Throw In The Towel In LBTS?…

June 4, 2009 by Barbara


BC-Will the Mc-Furth Team get on the bandwagon and throw in the towel?…. For thsee 2-guys who are behind the LBTS Coral Reef project ($64,480) to ignore the FWC and forge ahead with their planned fireworks display to be shot off of a piece of plywood set smack-dab on the beach presents the Towns’s PIO with some real P.R. problems!..YIKES!….


‘Danger to turtles, reefs spur Pompano Beach to consider moving Fourth of July fireworks
Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood await permit to conduct their shows from barges.

Pompano Beach may move its Fourth of July fireworks show away from the beach this year amid concerns about nesting sea turtles and endangered reefs.

City officials withdrew their request for permission from the U.S. Coast Guard to shoot fireworks from a barge and on Tuesday will determine where to hold the display.’

full text link below…,0,6415874.story

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