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Here’s The Scoop…The Evolving….Fire Safety Patents

November 17, 2008 by Barbara

One claim to fame for the Vice Mayor has long been his patented invention of an extrication blanket, proudly told to this writer rather quickly upon meeting him and his wife.. a few years ago…I was reminded of this …when taking a quick look at the Town website…..and seeing his updated bio…since becoming the new Vice Mayor………I googled…and found some fascinating info on the history of fire safety patents..
‘Vice Mayor McIntee’s retirement has never really come. He had an idea for years and that idea turned into a patent which turned into a corporation, McJon Extrication Blankets, Inc. McIntee serves as Chief Executive Officer of this booming business.’
A FASCINATING….JOURNEY…..That starts in the 1800’s….which includes…..Extrication Blankets……..
IN 1992….
‘WF O’Shea – US Patent 5,121,957, 1992 –
Inventors: Oshea, William F. (40 Susquehanna Ave., Rochelle Park, NJ, 07662 The
present invention relates generally to a rescue procedure and rescue equipment
‘Protector and procedure for protecting vehicle accident victims against broken glass and other debris’

‘Document Type and Number:
United States Patent 5121957

An accident victim protection procedure and protector protect a vehicle accident victim from shards of glass and other debris generated during rescue and extrication of the victim from a vehicle within which the accident victim is trapped as a result of the accident, the vehicle having at least one glazed window in the form of a windshield, sidelights or a backlight, and surrounding structure, such as a dashboard and a steering column projecting adjacent the dashboard, the protector including a sheet of stowable pliable material which is essentially impervious to the shards of glass and other debris and which is to be deployed over the area of the one glazed window and secured in place between the one glazed window and the victim such that the victim is shielded by the sheet from shards of glass and other debris emanating from the one glazed window and the surrounding structure of the vehicle during rescue and extrication of the victim from the vehicle, and the procedure including deploying and securing the sheet over the area during rescue and extrication of the victim.’
IN 2002….
JS McIntee, JR Kemp – US Patent App. 10/124,537, 2002 – Google Patents
US 20030198777A1 (19) United States (12) Patent Application Publication (io>
Pub. NO.: US 2003/0198777 Al Mclntee et al. (43) Pub. Date: Oct. 23,2003 (54)
SAFETY BLANKET FOR ACCIDENT VICTIM (52) US Cl 428/102 (76) Inventors: ..
Safety blanket for accident victim

‘Document Type and Number:
United States Patent 6893703

A blanket which is placed over a person to protect the person from flying glass during extrication of the person from a vehicle involved in a collision. The blanket comprises at least one inner layer of pliable cut-resistant material and at least two outer layers of buffer material between which said inner layer is sandwiched so as to provide the feel and body of a blanket. A kit for use by rescue workers includes, in addition to the blanket, gloves for handling the blanket after use, a bio-hazard bag in which the used blanket is placed, and a carrying case for the blanket, gloves, and bio-hazard bag.
A “stowable pliable material”… 1992….”a pliable cut- resistant material”…in 2002…….
You gotta love the history…the process…the ingenuity…the inventors…and the internet!….
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