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Here’s The Scoop….LET THE SUIT BEGIN…./BSO Payback….Fallout…On The Radio…

July 2, 2009 by Barbara



‘Lawsuit filed in deadly Broward hyperbaric chamber blast

The family of a woman and her grandson killed in an explosion of a hyperbaric chamber they were inside is suing the Lauderdale-by-the-Sea facility where the explosion happened.

The two wrongful death lawsuits were filed Monday against against the Ocean Hyperbaric Oxygen Neurologic Center in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea.

The boy’s family had traveled from Italy so he could get treatment at the clinic. The lawsuits seek damages of more than $15,000’

Full text link below….

BC- Thanks to the alert Reader for sending in the news….What would we have done without BSO that day?….Some say the first “salvo” of removing Chief Gooding was PAYBACK…for the BSO not including LBTS-VFD in the Press Releases…OUCH!…

We hear that this morning 1470 AM Radio had a good 45 minutes on the IRRATIONAL…UNILATERAL….IRRESPONSIBLEĀ  action taken by Town Manager Colon in besmirching the reputation of Chief Gooding and “DEMANDING” he be transferred…..Should replay we are told tonight ..9-10 pm per a reader’s heads-up…

We hear a steady stream of calls…cards and e-mails are arriving to thank Chief Gooding and show the large support he has in our town….

We hear Commissioner Clottey has been asked by constituents to resign…after she was booed leaving the special meeting on the 30th…This writer went to the podium immediately after her nonsensical written statement and non-action to direct the Manager to reinstate Chief Gooding and told her that I had wasted 2 & 1/2 years of my life on her and that she should consider a 2 year term…asking what happened to her…she was an independent woman….

We hear condos in the north have put McIntee on notice …he is toast if he tries to run again…

We hear that Commissioner Silverstone further maligned the Chief after the meeting by telling some residents they did not know the whole story about Scott Gooding…and that the Manager did not tell it due to a hostile audience…… SHAM-ful..(meant to spell it this way)….

We hear BSO is putting together a list of 3 names to present to the Manager to replace Chief Gooding…

We hear…calendars all over town are counting down the days to the end of the BROOM BOYS reign….and the resignation of Town Manager Colon…Hear there’s a run on laundry markers!…

more to come……..

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Update….The Little Boy Has Succumbed To His Injuries…

June 11, 2009 by Barbara


‘LAUDERDALE-BY-THE-SEA – A 4-year-old boy seriously burned in a hyperbaric chamber explosion last month in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea died today from his injuries, his family’s attorney said.

Francesco Martinisi was the second person to die from the May 1 fiery accident at Ocean Hyperbaric Oxygen Neurologic Center. His grandmother, Vincenza Pesce, 62, died from her injuries a day after the blast.

“This is the tragic end of a very sad story that should never have happened,” said Russell S. Adler, a Fort Lauderdale attorney representing the Martinisi family.

Authorities said a blast dislodged a tube attached to the hyperbaric chamber, which resulted in an explosion and flash fire. An investigation is underway.

Francesco had been at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.

“The family is in mourning, and has no comment at this time,” Adler said.’

full text link below….,0,7129881.story

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