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Here’s The Scoop…LET’S TALK GARBAGE….

June 26, 2009 by Barbara


What do Blue Garbage “Toters” and Michael Jackson have in common?…They’re a great political diversion!…

The topic du jour in LBTS is the blue cans…There are two stories in the background…those who think black was requested…and those who do not think that’s the case…In any event…the Manager at the 6/23/09 commission meeting informed Comm. Clottey (she of the “many” phone calls)…that it was up to Choice to decide…and she [Manager Colon] further added it was what Choice had in their warehouse…Two interesting points…First Comm. Clottey at this same commission meeting pointed out the negotiations made by the Manager with Choice giving the Manager two thumbs for those negotiations..(sans the color of the cans?) and second we hear the containers were not in the warehouse, but chosen because of the blue ocean…by the company…

Talking about the blue cans takes the focus off of the real problems in town…such as a possible conflict of the beach patrol/medical calls being done by the VFD paid for by the fire assessment fees…ala the illegality that brought forth the recall of the Former Mayor…just as Comm. Dodd brought forward at the first budget meeting on the 9th..(more to come on this )….

It takes the focus off the hypocrisy of the Vice Mayor in his Commissioner comments speaking of  July 4th not being “political” …. something he and his “Mc-Gang” say should be a town event of unity…HMMM….They know as this writer knows and those who were around know…that 2 years ago the very same then-Commissioner and co-horts called for a “boycott” of the Town event…We planned and  had a VFD cookout at the Community Church and stayed away from the tent in the front of Town Hall!…They know as this writer and those who were there know …that we marched in the parade yelling for the VFD to return….totally political!…They know as this writer and others are fully aware…that after purposefully  “decimating” every town board and committee at the beginning of this new majority on the dais…to be followed by every town event being run by the divisive and polarizing “Official” Town Event Coordinators Furth….inclusion was not even in their vocabulary!…They know that Marc Furth was the sole voice in this July 4th event…( a desire he made known last year) …and they know the  people who benefit the most from his decisions  are the Furths and their motel….They know that the “endless” hours for Marc Furth in front the computer (per the VM in his comm. comments) are due to the inability for both of the Furths to stop….resulting in endless hours are minutia …whether it is the “perfect shade of red”…or an extra 12 inches…The brazen attempts to take credit for “buying” the electric board…made by Cristie Furth in her public comments…are part and parcel to the way the “Gang” operates…taking credit at every turn at the microphone on and off the dais and in print….For she knows full well…it was Comm. Dodd who brought to their attention what foolishness it was for the Town to rent the board year after year…The same Comm. Dodd who found the bill from the longtime town electrician was way out of line…Thus the “micro-manager” Comm. Dodd took it upon himself to go to the Manager and say it was time to look elsewhere..Thus brought forward the RFPs for Town vendors…( and the grief he endured for insisting on  RFPs from the “gang” and Administration)….providing the town with a new electrical contractor that costs a third of the contractor that surely would have been retained yet again!…All done with an accent that most in this town without their own agendas…have learned to appreciate and admire!…(see previous post…Mrs. Furth’s “problem” with candidate Dodd’s accent)….

Talking blue garbage cans takes the attention off bad acts being done throughout the town…whether through vandalism done in the wee hours…..or through code citations given out after someone has spoken at the podium that might scare ( as an opposing candidate) or oppose the status quo…….

It takes the light off new unnecessary purchases such as a new car via the Town Manager’s help for the “2-Hats” Vice Mayor/Dep. Chief…and no oversight on the VFD…after they admit they are not abiding by their agreement with the town and their own bylaws…

It diverts attention from the Town Manager picking and choosing which Commissioners and residents she will deal with…(Yep, she does this!)…installing shutters on  Town Hall without a consent agenda vote….no RFP or questions raised about the $200,000  3 year audit services she procured without a proper approval from the commission …..( Yep …no review required says the “Gang of 3″…and the CIC…in a pre- July 4th “parade”!)…moving funds around …(Yep…from proprietary funds to the  general fund…and then who really knows)….and not having to answer questions on if the debt is under a pre-penalty clause for paying it off early…..(Yep, it  sure looks that way)….A supposed Mc-“plan” to rid the town of the BSO Police  …(reconfirmed by a Capt. in the VFD to a BSO Deputy per his Dep. Chief?)……such as giving them the “heave-ho” on their new Public Safety Complex offices…while at the same time she was all for hiring a tennis pro (Yep, we have a salaried tennis pro!)….for tennis lessons with the $60,000 …(increased from $25,000) 2008-09 recreational budget..per the VM’s desire last budget season…(the swimming program is still in limbo)….We hear there are plans to build a 2-bay firehouse on the property where the development trailer is…(Yep, it’s another McIntee toy)…….And look for the surface parking lots on El Mar Drive per Marc Furth’s desire..(MPSC prev. post)…..Readers will recall BFF Comm. Silverstone introduced the March referendum item for voters to make the decision to sell a town property (Public Safety Complex) over a certain dollar amountt…BUT will not add to the referendum the purchase of a Town property with a vote of the people……With the monies and majority on the dais to make it happen it’s only a matter of a 3-2 vote….ARGHHH….

Ahhh…those blue “toters”…..Talking  blue “toters”….certainly let’s the Mc-Furth Gang garbage pile up! … Talk about Furth recycling!…..YIKES!…

more to come….

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