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Here’s The Scoop …. Did You Get “THE” Phone Call Yet ?

September 18, 2009 by Barbara

HE DID WHAT??!!!!!………

Dear Readers ….Did any of you, your friends and your neighbors receive “THE” phone call yet from Mayor Minnet or Commissioner Dodd?…

Because Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee has “decided to turn the tables” according to the Mc-Furth Times Tidbits …after the Vice Mayor received a public records request (PRR)  from  resident Yann Brandt for e-mails (prev. post… concerning prior knowledge in the BSO Chief Scott Gooding termination …and to see if there was a conflict/ Sunshine Law violation as is his right as a constituent)…Vice Mayor McIntee decided to ask for 3 months of Town related business e-mails as Vice Mayor McIntee (not resident McIntee ) from Mayor Minnet and Comm. Dodd …for pure retaliation!… On top of that he revealed on the dais that he has deleted all of his Town business related e-mails from his personal e-mail account (his primary e-mail account) for the last 3 1/2 years!…It’s a clear violation of his “custodial” duties as an elected official under the Sunshine Laws!…. As previously posted the e-mails the Vice Mayor wants to see e-mails primarily between this writer and Comm. Dodd as stated in the Times (“There is a God!”)….. That’s quite interesting and amusing due to the FACT there is nothing there and quite sickening in the FACT that there can be and he knows full well, there can be absolutely no conflict of interest/Sunshine Law violations due to my not being on a board, or having a company that would come before the Commission presenting any conflict of interest…Nope the Vice Mayor is just plain nosey!… (Think Pinocchio nose-y!)

Now he has ramped it up and he contacted the Florida State’s Attorney to get the e-mails according to a call to Commissioner Dodd from the LBTS Town Attorney last week!….Can you believe it?…The Vice Mayor deleted all his e-mails and he still goes to the State Attorney for the e-mails from the Mayor and Commissioner Dodd!…WOW!….

We hear this week the Florida State Attorney knows what the Vice Mayor has done with his deleted e-mails!…”RE-turning the tables, Yes there is a God!”….

In the meantime…residents,taxpayers and more importantly VOTERS ….have been receiving phone calls from the Mayor and will be receiving phone calls from Commissioner Dodd to inform them that their e-mails will be among those turned over to the Vice Mayor (and his Gang)… and to assure them it is not of their [Mayor/ Comm. Dodd] doing ….it’s  the Vice Mayor’s!….And it’s because Mayor Minnet and Commissioner Dodd will need to comply and they did not break the law like the Vice Mayor did and delete them!…

For those whoof you who do get “THE” phone call, be prepared…It’s a given ….the Mc-Furth Gang will be reading your e-mail correspondence with your chosen elected official at the Furth Motel on El Mar Drive aka Town Hall East …So you can expect retaliation in many Mc-Furth Gang forms…and perhaps a little late night vandal call from those that “take the Mc-Tour” throughout the town each night…..fully refreshed after their daily “siestas”….

But more importantly  LBTS VOTERS….remember this…thanks to Vice Mayor McIntee ….you no longer have the freedom of using your e-mail to contact your chosen Commissioner without fear that your e-mails will be read by him and his Gang…….

Also remember that Vice Mayor McIntee…his BFF (best friends forever) Commissioner Silverstone and their Mc-Furth Gang want you to vote them back in for 4 more years…which will now mean 4 more years of no ability to e-mail your chosen LBTS Commissioner without that fear continuing…Do you really want that?… NAH!..

So when you get the “OTHER” phone call…from the CIC for their CIC- “Broom Boys” re-election… HANG UP!…. maybe they’ll get the message!

more to come…

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