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Here’s The Scoop … 11/10/09 LBTS Commission Meeting …#2 … … PUNKED! …

November 12, 2009 by Barbara


Sorry, to say …NO, Maam!…

Dear Readers … Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff came to make a presentation to our town at the Nov. 10th, 2009 Commission meeting about the “state of the state”… It started off well, cordial and informative with the Rep. giving us a speedy overview and touching on the important points that impact us all…When the Mayor asked the commissioners if they had any questions for our representative ….that’s when our “warts” came once again to the surface for all to see and cringe at!…It was bad enough to listen to Comm. Clottey talking about people getting “killed” from their insurance woes…but the real point of no return came from none other than our current Vice Mayor…who was seen just moments before having the Town’s Deputy Town Clerk Nikki Smith put his fob into his Town computer (proving once again, he doesn’t do HIS homework prior to the meetings!…Hmmm. he can’t do e-mail, public records or start his Town computer and he wants 4 more years!)…. The most embarrassing member to have ever taken a seat on the dais just kept the fodder coming bigtime with a room full of voters in the throes of laughter, as Rep. Bogdanoff looked on with a mixture of disbelief and downright guffaws and McIntee campaign manager Cristie Furth mouthing “no,no,no”)…as he just kept the insanity coming…He either had a drop in blood flow to the brain or was oblivious to all that was going on around him!..

VM- ” Ah, I have a simple question. Ah, I love it when a politician comes up and says we’re 2.5 million in debt.

Rep.Bogdanoff-” 2.5 billion”

VM-” Billion that’s what I said (nope, check the video). How many million is that?”

RB- ” How many million? You’re gonna make me do math at this time of day?”

VM- “It’s 250 million dollars.”

RB-” No, 2.5 billion.”

VM- ” No, it’s 250 million. That’s a 100 million per billion, so when you say 2.5 the average citizen doesn’t realize…”

RB- ” No, no, no it’s 2.5 billion. Our annual budget in the state of Florida is about 64 billion dollars.”

VM- ” OK, how many million dollars are we in debt? 2.5 sounds like a small number.”

RB- ” No, no, no. Somebody want to do the math of 2.5 billion? She was laughing out loud and looking incredibly confused by this man sitting on the dais!…(Welcome to our world!)…

VM- ” Two thousand five hundred million dollars sounds a lot worse than 2.5 billion.”

RB- ” I got to tell you, when somebody says 2.5 billion, I want to like throw up! It’s a lot of money!”

VM- ” But see, that’s, that’s the problem as you said 2.5 billion the average citizen isn’t sure how much that really is! It’s 2,500 million dollars! That’s phenomenal!”

RB- ” That’s a lot of money, that’s money I’ll never see in my lifetime. And what it is , it’s just our critical needs.”…She went on to talk about the budget and the funds and the inverse relationship ….

VM-” We’re short 2,500 million dollars!”

RB- Alright, I didn’t bring my calculator, I’m sorry!”…She was now uncomfortably laughing¬† and looking around for the nearest exit door…or perhaps still hoping to see the hidden cameras were rolling and she was in fact,¬† being “punked”…

Sadly, for our visiting dignitary, she was just attending another LBTS Commission meeting and being on the receiving end of Vice Mayor McIntee…or as we refer to him…”one term McIntee “….at 4 months and counting…when it will be he looking around for the nearest exit door…and for that one, Readers…’s guaranteed the cameras will be rolling to record the end of LBTS being “punked” for 4 years!… Please no “reruns!”…

more to come…..

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