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Here’s The Scoop…Shake…Rattle …And Roll…

November 13, 2008 by Barbara

Earthquakes occur all over the world

‘Thursday, the earth will move for about 5 million Americans in southern California.

It’s all part of the Great Southern California ShakeOut, a massive drill which organizers hope will be the largest earthquake preparedness activity in U.S. history.

The tremors will start at 10 am, when people across southern California will spend a few moments imagining a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that will last almost two minutes, destroying much of the area’s infrastructure, killing at least 2,000, injuring 50,000 and causing $200 billion in damages.

Dozens of radio and TV stations will air a pubic service announcements complete with realistic quake sounds at 10 am precisely. You can hear the PA now – complete with a whole lot of breaking glass, smashing bricks, car alarms and something really big falling, here. If you just want the scary sound effects, go here.

A map of the pretend quake is already up on YouTube. On Nov. 12, you’ll be able to see cool videos of what it might look like here.

But as much as it sounds like a movie, this is no fantasy. Geologists say that there’s no question such a quake will hit southern California. In fact it’s a few hundred years overdue, given the previous history of quakes in the region.

Thursday morning there will be rallies, parties and gatherings throughout the area. Those who don’t happen to live near the epicenter can still take part. There’s an online game multiplayer game called AfterShock that imagines LA in ruins. Players get to stagger through it, trying to survive. It kicks off at 10:03 a.m. (Pacific time) on Thursday.

Organizers are hoping that the thousands who take part, and the millions who hear about it on the news, will spend a few precious moments preparing for the inevitable and making plans.’

And don’t forget – Drop, Cover and Hold On!

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