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May 25, 2023 by Barbara

Dear Readers…

This writer was not able to attend the LBTS Budget Presentation Workshop on May 23, 2023 at 5 PM in Jarvis Hall….and it seems with the exception on one lone resident…the hall was empty!….

We know there was no real effort to get the word out by this administration…no alerts were sent out prior to residents as they customarily are the Friday before….

I did however watch….and what I saw was disappointing, disturbing and did not even merit second place!…

Below is a followup email sent to our LBTS commission the day after this debacle….

In it I point out that our Town Manager as a tax- paying resident of Lighthouse Point receives a superior municipal budget and that she should in good conscious offer the tax-paying residents and this commission the same!…

Needless to say….I’ll have what she’s having!….

I am also once again pleading with this commission to return to the days when it was the commissioners taking charge and not being scolded, dismissed and led by administration….

5/24/2023 Email –


I watched the Budget Workshop last night and found it lacking any specifics.
Why were you not provided real numbers such as the actual 2023 financial balance sheets through April?
Despite stating they were in your agenda packet backup prior to this workshop a compiled year- to- date inclusion should be an essential component.
To do so could not possibly make too much work for staff!
The Town Manager stating repeatedly that “ We’re not there yet”  and that this is “preliminary” does not pass muster, in my opinion.
Asking the commission for input based on a glossy presentation with bundled numbers is just plain wrong.
Bundled numbers were used last year as well and should not be acceptable ever again.
Instead of a presentation, there should be multiple round tables where the commissioners take the lead armed with all the necessary financial materials and with the Town Manager and staff taking a back seat while the commission can openly discuss it all.
The lighthouse Point 2023  budget ( link below) shows what a first- rate comprehensive municipal budget should look like.
Lighthouse Point is where our Town Manager receives this first rate comprehensive budget produced and provided by her Lighthouse Point Town Manager and her Lighthouse Point commissioners as a tax- paying resident.
As Town Manager of LBTS she should provide our LBTS tax- paying residents the same!
This commission must be pro- active.
This commission must call for several round table discussions.
This commission must be provided ALL of the pertinent information required.
This commission must direct staff to rein in their “ asks” and protect their constituents at a time where those who elected them in to office are drowning from huge condominium assessments ,huge insurance increases, huge utility increases etc… etc… etc..
This commission must be cognizant of their neighbors tightening their belts and direct staff to do the same with the Town budget this year.
This commission must direct our Town Manager to use her hometown of Lighthouse Point’s budget as a template and provide it to LBTS taxpayers in 2024 so that we can have what she has!
Barbara Cole’
More to come…..
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