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Here’s The Scoop … Is This Time At The “Rodeo” Almost Over? …

April 10, 2011 by Barbara


Dear Readers …this writer has been asked by some why I jumped back in to resume posting after a 3 month lapse which I thought was permanent …They are not alone …. I ask myself everyday if I should have remained off- site especially when facing the mountain of information that has come from this “revision” of the Town’s 2004 Master Plan …For me the impetus to jump back into the fray came from being informed there were loud voices front and center stating it was time to return to the full-blown plans in place pre-McIntee 2006 and go full steam ahead … It hit me below the belt once more after a big change of the majority on the dais that I helped to get into office …. This startling news along with my watching so many disjointed Town meetings over those 3 months away from this site meant to me that we were headed in a direction I certainly did not desire to be going in at this juncture ….

Right after the election was over I did make it my business to contact some of those who were front and center in the disassembled and defunct CRA about what was really on the table when it was quashed and if there was any validity or viability in bringing it back and perhaps picking up where we left off.. Basically I was told by those I conferred with it could be up and running within a year…That point was countered by the Administration when I inquired along with a few other knowledgeable people who were emphatic as they responded our size town in its current condition stood no chance at the present time …

I still believe the original direction from this Commission to the Administration was to simply revise the 2004 Master Plan and work off a report from Walter Keller (former Town Planner and longtime contractor to the Town) and move it forward to the Commission to approve …. When the MPSC veered way off course and began to cover tired old territory ad nauseum (one-lane El Mar Drive etc…) with members clearly uninformed and uninterested in our past history the Commission sent the TM in to save the day and lead them back to being on-point …..Unfortunately that action did not succeed my opinion…. Instead there were a series of “exercises” presented in order to draw the committee into finding common ground that resulted in further expansion of the process to revise the plan with outside sources …consultants and studies … including implementation… Of note the TM agenda item 3h for the Roundtable on 4/12/2011 states “The process of updating the Master Plan clearly illustrated the big gap that had to be filled between simply updating the plan and implementing it.”… It went on to add the recommendations for capital projects (some of which were described fairly specifically, others vaguely defined) and broad, sweeping strategies that sounded wonderful but lacked implementation direction”…

Not only were the Committee and Commission meetings confusing and not particularly fruitful….the same for the most part could be said for the series of speakers brought in to add their expertise… For this writer there was not much new to add to what we already had on the shelves when we began…

The MPSC has now been disbanded with a vote of the Commission last month and a thank you for your service letter to those who served on the committee…The last speaker, Cecelia Ward is set to come before the Commission Tuesday night (April 12, 2011) at 7 pm …The A1A Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk study ( which also now includes downtown Comm. Blvd section by the beach per the TM at the meeting on 4/5/11) ….is a separate issue to include the public mid- May for a 4-day event with RMA’s Development of Cost Estimates and a Finance Plan for Master Plan Projects and Economic Development Activities (set for approval at a special mtg. on Tues. night for $19,900 + various reimbursable costs) is due by June 1, 2011…

The Commission will be on the hot seat big time for making decisions and better be well prepared and well versed in order to direct what will happen in town and when…as well as what if anything will go to the voters in 2012 in order to allow voters to decide if they want “The Whole Enchilada” including parking garages/underground utilities on El Mar Drive + Comm. Blvd. downtown (and perhaps further north and south on El Mar Drive)/Town Hall Complex ..

Of note…this writer does not want a parking garage(s) anywhere but under a new Town Hall Complex (definitely without a convention hall included as RMA’s Chris Brown suggested on 4/5/11 … Does a convention hall really fit in with our town seaside ambiance?) …The current location might actually grow even larger now with a possible purchase of the apartment building located at 4410 Bougainvilla Drive in order to expand the lot by 33% and provide a bigger footprint for the future retail/parking garage structure (item 3d 0n the 4/12/11 Rtable agenda) as well as adding on approximately a million dollars+ to this parcel that has already cost millions with little return on the investment…

Now to the RMA Redevelopment Implementation Plan presented at the April 5, 2011 Town workshop…

I watched of course hoping to see something different and also to see the presenters from RMA firsthand..This was my first chance since the last time Chris Brown came to the podium in Jarvis Hall after David Sukor spoke it was cut off online with a message that the event was over…I have been updated from time to time on various meetings others had or attended with Mr. Brown and his team as well as googling him and Kim Briesemeister for their participation in various municipalities past and present… This evening of the 5th I was not particularly impressed with either …more so with Mr. Brown …I found some of his candor and name-dropping of a few locals counter productive to the process at hand and to the businesses in town…especially the pier…which is without a doubt our Town’s premier destination selling point…For Mr. Brown to say the Anglin’s Pier  was “shoddy” not only in his power-point presentation but at the microphone and expanding on it … was wrongfully “branding” out town!… A lot of money has been put into the pier and it has not only been used extensively to represent the Town for marketing whether on the Town’s site or the Chamber’s site …it has been used for various productions and commercials … especially over the past year… Mr Brown stated he interviewed commissioners…residents…hoteliers…retailers and restaurants…This writer asked the pier owner if they were aware of the pier being deemed “shoddy” and had they met or been contacted by RMA …They said they were not and were quite surprised and dismayed at hearing the news…

Mr Brown began the presentation with stating “plan your work”…interjecting “You gotta agree to some of this stuff” before finishing the motto “work your plan”… and touching on funding… He stated they did the interviews …walked the town “to get a feel for it”… and then dove into the power-point bullet points of the negatives (see previous post…scroll down or backup on Town website) … It was what we have heard before ..a lack of identity …wanting a sense of arrival after coming into town limits …stating coming over the bridge almost looks “blighted”..No more committees and people want to get going…He went on to describe Delray Beach was in much worse shape when he took it on …He added the pier comments  also saying the pier was “disappointing” and  “lacks appeal” stating he was aware the Town didn’t own it and maybe the Town can “work with the owners to do something in the future”…He touched on the loss of Mack’s Groves … Kim Briesemeister stepped up to discuss “branding” and upgrading signage giving a case study of a town that recently improved their town and tourism dramatically ..She touched upon visuals required as Chris spoke of a female Comm. saying she wanted LBTS to be like Carmel Ca. ..He spoke of design guidelines…Kim spoke of facades and standardized requirements as well…including marketing assistance inside and outside retailers …Chris went on to hotel rehabilitation including the recent shutting down of the former Holiday Inn a few weeks back for multiple violations found by code enforcement and the VFD…He spoke of public-private property expansion used in Delray Beach that led to increased rates for hotels and parking built for the town… There was discussion of the void of proper marketing and the lack of special events downtown …He feels it should be run like a mall and used that concept to hire a woman in 1991 to help Delray Beach… She was so successful she now runs the city’s special events …He went down the path of the “elephant in the room” for many who have not been happy with the marketing done by the  Chamber of Commerce and spoke of a Marketing Director hired by the Town for planning and branding …We hear that is set to be a line item in the 2012 budget …He said we would “enjoy the branding process”…Kim spoke more about the process and also shot another “zinger” at the Chamber stating special events were not just hiring a bunch of people with tents to make a lot of noise …(craft fairs)…She went on to discuss the marketing plan “a targeted thoughtful plan”…and the components to bring it together including evaluations ….surveys…demographics …and delving further into merchandising …upgrading …Chris spoke of Delray Beach and the scope of going half and half with  the the city-CRA -another taxing district and businesses …He added the businesses need to stay open after 5 pm and 70% of retail sales take place after that 5pm hour… He spoke of only one retailer coming to the Town’s meeting and the lack of interaction with businesses and the Chamber ..He spoke of the difference in businesses east of A1A and west …Same old stuff lack of pedestrian traffic …He spoke of FDOT and approval required to make changes to Comm. Blvd… (This writer has observed the Comp. Plan updates have repeatedly called for hurricane evac. improvements which seem to counter any idea of narrowing Comm. Blvd.)…Chris talked further of aiding businesses and marketing and then went on to Town Hall and El Prado Park stating it should be the center of Town…It’s underutilized…(The TM later stated it was the largest property in town) …He added it would “raise the hair on some people’s necks” adding the worse part was the parking lot across from Town Hall… (Perhaps he did not know that Minto swapped land with the Town to place it there and the park where the old parking lot was.) …For some reason he spoke of Aruba showing a photo of the lot they own or lease and the astounding cost to them…He used that as a segway to stating “It may be time to build a parking garage and allow Aruba and others to lease” spots… Then it was Minto and a meeting he had to see if they had interest in using their undeveloped two properties to be hotels rather than condos or townhomes… An attorney for Minto came to the podium later on to state they would continue on to build residential in the future …This is where Chris spoke of Town Hall including a conference center and a museum …(we are a town of 7,000) … There were renderings included showing the connectivity of Town Hall and the downtown… as well as structured parking on the ground floor or possibly where the last misuse of public funds went to…the McIntee Public Safety Center…Chris added with the “connection” shown in the rendering every hotel will be bought and redeveloped… He spoke of Dave Gadsby’s purchase of the Rainbow Inn being one of the”bright stars” as well as Ocean 101’s Mike Batt “Mr. Hotel Industry” …”indicating he might be interested in getting into that fray” …He addressed briefly the conflict of hotels and residential properties on El Mar and spoke of someone buying the (former) Holiday Inn and (former ) Clarion…He touched on the incentives for hotels and the need for a hotel association …reviewing zoning and making the process not so “onerous”…He spoke of Delray Beach increases in rates for hotels after improvements were made…Kim added more to the impact on rehabbing…He spoke of  El Mar Drive…same as we heard prior … pedestrians…sidewalks and parking..which brought forth the CIC-hotel-timeshare contingency to counter any idea of parking on El Mar Drive by medians at certain times …(see prev. post)… He spoke of A1A crossing from west to east…covered as well at previous meetings…He offered no solution …He added the costs and the underwiring addressed at prior meetings…and spoke Delray Beach and getting land “de-certified” (Hmmm…code for eminent domain?) along with a $21.5 million bond issue …stating “that’s when redevelopment began”… He said sidewalks can never be less than 12 feet…and again went back to parking and parking garages (2) …stating cities should be in the parking business ….”It takes 5 years to build a garage. Start now.”… Buy a hotel for a parking garage (see item 3d 4/12/11) …”Buy Aruba’s lot for a parking garage”…signage…El Prado parking lot’s need to be completely changed …a Marketing Director… A1A (Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk study set to be voted on and approved) .. …From there it went to funding and bond issues…lobbyists..economic development director…marketing person….and who should be on new committees… It concluded there with public comment up next…

Public Comments ranged from an out- of- the gate Ken Kugler who was on the MPSC stating emphatically “Outstanding, do it!”…to those opposed to much of what was presented beginning with Cristie Furth (see previous post..Hibernation over?) …. and others who made it their business to speak out at this point in the process..Two “regulars” questioned their timing…(see Hibernation over post ) … If this writer had been among them I would have been siding for the most part with those asking for caution…and costs … and may have had to cross the aisle for a while…

The Commission took a break and the Mayor thanked the presenters and stated what “stuck out” for her in the presentation were the words “enhance and protect” …She went on to say they (Comm.) were a “team” and “the audience are the alumni” …she spoke of being fiscally responsible and transparent …adding they tried before and didn’t get off the ground speaking of past redevelopment …She stated they did not want to hit “your pocketbooks” addressing the residents and businesses …She ended by saying to the Comms. to “ask as many questions as possible”saying this was the time to do so… unfortunately she later cut off Comm. Sasser saying she was giving each Comm. 5 minutes…Hmmm…

The Commission ranged from Comm. Clottey in her “I’m a marketer too” mode taking on to a certain extent Kim and her marketing skills as well as the lack of cost benefit analysis being addressed…She was concerned as well with disruption “collateral damage” …for properties…Kim was not getting where Clottey was coming from (welcome to my world)…seeing no disruption besides the obvious short term mess streetscape causes…Clottey went further talking of damage to “quality of life” and “urban renewal” …people being displaced…HUH?… Clottey spoke of Mainstreet and its failure with landlords…property owners and business owners…Kim responded about a “partnership” being required …

Comm. Vincent spoke out of both sides of his mouth concerning re-investing ..businesses being excited  and taxes going up either way investing or not…”There’s a reaction…reaction from no action….crystal ball”…He was wrong on El Mar Parking (see previous Hibernation over post) ….

Comm. Sasser stated we have to get real and “find balance” …”We are not New York City …”not even Ft. Lauderdale”….”What we want to do”…”What we can afford”…He went on to say about the $21 million bond issue Chris Brown alluded to …that this town is not ready for it…He spoke of the costs and “government keeps spending to see what we can and cannot afford” …He read out the list of “hires” included in the RMA report …speaking of fiscal responsibility and asked “How do we avoid build it and they will come and build it as they come”… Chris Brown answered him with talking about the package …the strong marketing program and the need to have parking ready …He again spoke of Delray and how they took over the city parking lots…then “they came”…”Be ahead of the curve”… Chris spoke of a 2-story restaurant at Wings location and how it would “suck up the parking overnight” …”150 spaces overnight” …”Build the infrastructure or they won’t come”… (Did RMA or staff pull out the Wings plans from a few years back and how many spaces they would need for the 2 restaurants they wanted… Walter Keller advised they could cover one but not two with the parking restrictions in place at that time)…He addressed the A1A crossing and “a beautiful town parking lot, amazing”… HUH? … Comm. Sasser asked “When do we cross the line for government?” …He spoke of building big government and the impact that has on free market…Comm. Sasser held true to his stance when he was running for office … He implored the dais to “focus on what we can do over what we we can’t do”…He touched on the Marina area and whether improvements there should be done by the public or private sector… Chris Brown surprisingly responded that he had not looked into it… Comm. Sasser spoke about the hotel re-incentive program asking who would regulate it and the cost to implement it…Kim Briesemeister spoke of a draft where the hotel would put forth $5,000 and the Town $15,000 adding it would be the marketing manager in charge and one-by-one in helping hotels would bring up room rates with improvements made… Comm. Sasser asked about the how much residential should taxed for these programs asking if there were different programs that tax the businesses rather than residents and the diminishing return of residential dollars… Kim spoke of Naples Fl. and creating a business tax district (this has been discussed in the past as well)… She said to get the plans…no implementation…a template…and decide internally what amount of revenue to dedicate to bonds…grants (the 5 year plan) …She stated it was easy to estimate streetscapes in linear feet…as well as speaking on revenue sources…costs…funding…She caught the TM off guard (and seemingly continued to do so when addressing the UM A1A study later on with her first remarks back to Comm. Clottey’s questioning)… when she addressed priorities not needing architects…we could do it by our self…

Vice Mayor Dodd thanked them for the report and asked if they had been in receipt of all previous reports done (Mainstreet/Goodkin/Master Plan etc…) …Kim responded “yes”… VM Dodd stated we are facing what other towns are going through and that this report was an update of previous reports and the need he keeps pressing for the actual estimates such for projects such as the undergrounding )El Mar Drive/Commercial Blvd downtown …going out for RFP)…He again reminded all undergrounding would be for aesthetics only so they needed to see the realistic costs to implement it…He went on to ask the difference between a merchant association recommended by RMA and the Chamber of Commerce… Chris Brown being quite candid once again sent a shot to the bow of the LBTS Chamber by stating “Merchants don’t like to join the chamber”… He recounted his role in merging the chamber in Delray Beach with a merchant assoc. and that it worked for a while before it fell apart due to the difference in how merchants and business “think differently”…VM Dodd stated he was pleased on keeping El Mar Drive 4 lanes and as far as the parking garage on A1A he initially liked the idea ) of purchasing the apartment building to add to the lot…see above)…but now sees the need being 5-10 years away …That along with the Deerfield Beach garage owner stating he would not invest his money in it changed his stance…He felt there were many other opportunities available at less than $20,000 per space…VM  Dodd went on to speak of El Mar Drive being used on a “restrictive” level as well as Bougainvilla and Sun Trust ( conditional use just passed for “shared parking”) … and the redevelopment of Town Hall …He asked staff to provide how many more spaces would be created with these avenues… VM Dodd asked about the need for a lobbyist especially after we removed the use some 6+ years back seeing it cost more than it brought in to the town…Chris Brown said this was a “lobbyist-grant writer”…different than the lobbyist going to Tallahassee …He went on to speak of good grant writers working with the federal government…Here was a kicker of a response from Chris Brown for this writer …He recalled going to FDOT for Federal Highway in 1999 for a change…FDOT said ok…The city hired a grant writer -lobbyist who got it for them..”It’s gonna happen one day”…HA!…A grant writer-lobbyist got it in 1999 and it’s gonna happen “ONE DAY”…It’s 2011….12 years later!…YIKES!… Besides as one person attending later stated to this writer …what do we have that meets the criteria for federal funding at this time in town after Chris Brown spoke of monies available for roadways and environmental?…(akin to our shovel ready El Mar Dr. project that was a ruse at best)…VM Dodd asked about the funding factor and asked that the bond issue be put on the next Roundtable for discussion to get the dates required to put it on the ballot at the next election to ask the taxpayers…He reminded all the time table problem we had at putting referendum items on for the last election (none went on)…

Mayor Minnet sounding very “McIntee”- like said “Lets’ cut to the chase.” ..”we heard it before.” …”What can we do right now.”… Chris Brown responded… ” a particular project? …not knowing where the Mayor was headed …The Mayor went on to ask about “the catalyst”..”to get the ball rolling”… Kim Briesemeister said “money for El Mar”…The Mayor said “No, branding “…”identity”… suddenly seeming a little caught off guard the Mayor asked Kim “You think El Mar?”…and Kim responded “We think you can start on all these now.”.. (WOW!) …The Mayor addressed the funding right now and being put on the Roundtable …Kim responded that they (RMA) had supplied the finance plan (see prev. post or on Town website)…” fill it in” and “identify funds”… The Mayor said it means deciding “which to do”..not being “stagnant”…”fiscal move forward”…and stated “people don’t want to cross A1A”… asking RMA for some answers on that and the relocation of parking …At this point Kim Briesemeister did offer up some ideas not heard previously on A1A and pedestrian vs vehicle with citing elements used such as raised sidewalks at a 15 ft. back from pedestrian to make the vehicles realize the change and be more aware of the pedestrians…the reverse has been used as well…Mayor Minnet spoke of ongoing changes for  ordinances and zoning and if we should look into TIF programs for businesses… Kim said we don’t “want to go down TIF path”…but could form a similar type program… The Mayor turned to the TM to ask about “staff providing these things”…TM Hoffmann responded “No”…there is not enough staff and not enough experience…We don’t have a Finance Director and we can’t do it in-house right now….(The Finance Dir. position is in process for a decision from responses to advertising for the position… Lack of staff and experience at this juncture is troubling to this writer as prev. posted …The TM addresses this issue further in item 3h in the backup for the 4/12/11 Rtable on priorities stating she was waiting to make changes until these reports were made..Hmmm… It comes down to the need for both growing staff and consultants-contractors to “implement” all that is on the Town’s plate …Not exactly keeping the “bottom line” the same $ -wise …The TM is fully putting the decision in the Commissioners lap as she should!)… The TM went on to state “out of many discussions” they contracted out …(must have been behind the scenes …due to the consultant list ultimately supplied after a Rtable and Comms. stating they did not know …an updated $ amt. has not been put out since then)… She stated the next step was a finance plan…rough estimates…the need for price tags …TM Hoffmann spoke of her time in Ft. Lauderdale and the tax base of 20 years with the redevelopment that took place along the beach… Chris Brown reiterated the 5 year plan …rough numbers…sources such as bond money…soft projects …general revenue.. ending with cities looking into the taxing issue concerning business improvement districts and taxing themselves …He added “if Connie wants us around any longer we’ll stick around.”… (Surprise..surprise!) …

Comm. Sasser asked that it be put on the Rtable the cost to provided costs to us “costs for costs”… He also spoke of utilizing  Broward Chamber…Kim Briesemeister responded the Chamber has different visions …He asked about the business improvement district and Chris Brown stated the commission can create a BID… Comm. Sasser went on to address the Town Hall-El Prado issue and RMA’s presentation point of it being the “most prime spot” …Chris went on to speak of the “beautiful views” and under utilization…making it green (El Prado parking lot…see above)…and people gathering there… This is when the TM added it was the largest property in town (3+ acres) …Chris spoke of “joint ventures” with properties …Comm. Sasser also addressed A1A and Chris Brown added the “suicide lane” quotient …stating slow is good…He also spoke of a promenade on A1A…being well lit../. Comm. Sasser asked about the public bathrooms and Chris said when they make the Town Hall- El Prado lot green we will figure it out …Comm. Sasser asked about Minto after the Minto lawyer said no to the hotel idea…Again, Chris Brown was overly candid perhaps in stating Minto would be rentals…although hi-end luxury rentals rather … (How’s that fit in to the recent action seen statewide for vacation rentals being allowed?)… At this point Mayor Minnet cut Comm. Sasser off…despite her opening call for this being the time for asking all the questions the Comms. have for the presenters…

Comm. Vincent put forth the idea that came from the resident input meeting a few weeks back of stopping traffic in all 4 ways for pedestrians (at least he didn’t do a McIntee ..I had a dream taking credit for the idea!)… Some response over the pros and cons came in response from Chris Brown…

Comm. Clottey spoke of the change in retail over the last years (Her marketing cap still on) …the change of demographics and online shopping…She asked what type of retail RMA was proposing…Kim Briesemeister spoke of the “interns” used and speaking with current merchants…She went on to what you go after to come to town and it “can’t be a guess”… Comm. Clottey spoke of “targeting tourists and visitors” …Chris Brown spoke of “targeting” local residents then tourists…He spoke of woman’s boutiques rebounding…( Good thing VM Dodd re-addressed and got the Commission to reverse their stance on boutique hi-end consignment woman’s shops for allowable businesses in-town)… This was the point in the meeting Comm. Clottey called Comm. Vincent out on his statement of no change being put forth for parking use on El Mar Drive when he spoke earlier…(she did not name him …see Hibernation over? post) )… Chris Brown did some backtracking on the idea of restrictive night parking by the medians after public comment and the break speaking to people who are against it)… and spoke of stages in working it out… He added that if he was Paul Novak (owner of High Noon) he would want parking on El Mar for hotel visitors of guests….This writer believes parking should be allowed with restrictive times …not beyond the cut-off time for special events 10 pm and parking should be readily available in current spaces and lots after that for those who stay late …Weekend parking could be addressed as well… Comm. Clottey spoke of the dangers of a raised inside lane to drivers…TM Hoffmann stated our traffic engineer (another consultant hired) said there was no problem and such a multi-purpose lane was safe and doable…It was put forth by the MPSC…(This writer is opposed …4-lanes let walkers walk and bikers bike where they want!)…

It was at this point in the meeting the Town Manager put a question to the Commission who she stated had a “strong desire for costs” and financing plans to retain the services of RMA which would require a vote due to her $15,000 TM limit being used up with RMA’s report tonight…

The Mayor asked about implementing drainage and TM Hoffmann responded yes…The Mayor stated “projects moving forward”…and “costs for getting costs”… Comm. Clottey wanted the RMA issue to retain to be tabled to the Roundtable to get input from the people and the cost of the next step,… Comm. Vincent didn’t want to delay and asked RMA for an “estimate for cost of costs”…before the Rtable…The Mayor asked the TM for an estimate…The Town Manager didn’t have one…(Item 5a 4/12/11 Rtable cost $19,900 fro RMA )The Mayor said it should be at the Rtable then…Comm. Sasser agreed and asked “what are those costs we won’t have to incur using RMA?”…The VM said he was happy to have it all on the Rtable and the TM reminded them a special meeting would need to be injected yet again in order to vote…(VM Dodd has put on an agenda item for 4/12/11 to return to 2 Comm. mtgs. due to the need for special meetings in order to vote)… Comm. Clottey then asked about the next item on the agenda …the A1A study and how that would effect the process…The TM said that it would help move forward to implementation… The Mayor stated they were two separate issues …

The Commission went on to item 3b and the A1A UM study for $15,000-$18,000…(it came in a t $16,500 on agenda item 4a) …The TM spoke of the difference between the UM students and professionals (30+) and the AI students used for the pavilion+ El Mar Dr. medians… the time frame and public input… The Mayor asked if this would help save costs… Kim Briesemeister first said no and parameters were needed as well as a civil engineering and landscape architects to work with FDOT…She must have seen the TM’s face for she backtracked to say it could save money in the end saving the cost on hiring individuals…The TM added if they were not included we could do it internally… Comm. Clottey asked if we would see an end to A1A backout parking in our lifetime and Chris Brown emphatically responded”No”…  VM Dodd asked about the impact of using Jarvis Hall for days as has been the result in the past…The TM said it could be done in a large storefront as well but saw no impact problem… VM Dodd asked if this was the last study and the TM responded this was design work and she hoped it was the last study…Comm. Sasser picking up on the additional requirements Kim Briesemeister stated were needed asked for costs which was it $15,000 or $18,000 …TM Hoffmann replied $15,000 (final amt. $16,500…now including traffic engineer costs)…Comm. Sasser asked about what had not been designed yet and the TM responded A1A north…Comm. Blvd. …Chris Brown spoke of Aruba Beach Cafe and the need to “break the log jam” with them …stating it would be “tricky”…. This writer hears the log jam is closing off traffic to the restaurant vs. one lane of traffic cutting back the median and wider sidewalks…My take include Aruba Beach Cafe from the start they along with the pier are the very reason locals …visitors and tourists come to LBTS!…The TM stated that area was included in the UM study and Chris Brown said “Go for it!”…

The Commissioners/TM/RMA  summed up the components discussed above .. the Mayor asked for a motion…The TAtty. informed her it was “actually a workshop” they were conducting allowing for no votes…but there was consensus…

The next Roundtable/Special Meeting is on Tuesday night 4/12/11 at 7pm in Jarvis Hall…The full backup is online as of Friday night…

Time for the stakeholder…taxpayers and businesses to attend and make phone calls and email their elected officials….

This writer will post sometime after  …

More to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … March 15, 2010 … The Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Swearing In Ceremony For Mayor Roseann Minnet/ Commissioner Scot Sasser/ Commissioner Chris Vincent … From This Day Forth ….

March 15, 2010 by Barbara


Mayor Roseann Minnet Signs as Newly sworn in Commissioner Sasser and Vincent wait to do the same…

The “Good Guys”…Newly elected Commissioners Chris Vincent and Scot Sasser

Dear Readers …. Jarvis Hall was packed tonight as early as 6:30 for a ceremony that started approximately 5-10  minutes late (7 pm) as more chairs were set up to accommodate the large crowd… The crowd itself showed why this election was a landslide with only 5-6 supporters of the outgoing commissioners sitting together in one row ..This writer heard one comment coming from Maryann Wardlaw …”They’ll screw it up soon”…(nice talk for a former mayor’s wife)…)…As expected outgoing Vice Mayor McIntee and wife were not in attendance….Mayoral candidate Joe Couriel was present in the back and Candidate Marjorie Evans was a no-show…leading many to agree with this writer in my early opinions of her candidacy… The Furths were also M.I.A. and after the meeting we were told Marc Furth resigned as Town Photographer turning in his parking permit and keys… Not knowing this at the time of the ceremony…the only observance made of his not being there was how many others were snapping pics…leading many to realize there is no need for an official Town Photog!… Commissioner Clottey looked and acted downright miserable …and gave us a glimpse of what to expect if she lasts the next 2 years… She was seen with some very disturbing grimaces on her face…a lack of showing any good sportsmanship and wrongly made a point of order at the end of the evening insisting only a Commissioner could chair an event such as Easter…We hear Asst. TM Olinzock also disagreed with Clottey’s assertion ….The organizational meeting was changed to this week and again it was Clottey who could not make the date on Wed. ….eventually though,she agreed to a 5 pm time… Note to Commission if Clottey leaves early…you still have a quorum to continue without  her…She made a beeline out of the hall…did not stay for any photos…again showing she is not handling the loss very well right out of the gate!… Her car was seen at Town Hall East…(Needs a new name after tonight!)….

There was a few snafus…seen as I watched the replay on my Comcast DVR…no sound for the Rev. Hunsaker’s invocation …and again no sound for Mayor Minnet’s pre- proclamation statement…I have the highlights for the invocation and the verbatim for the Mayor’s most important statement…PIO D’Oliveira did inform me before the meeting he was having some problems with the system…hopefully this was due to that…because I can tell you if this had happened 4 years ago or 2 years ago…conspiracy theories would be out on the BTSTimes “News Flash” big time!…There would have been calls for a full scale investigation…Quack, quack!….

Below is an overview and some verbatim of the speeches made….

Rev. Hunsaker said we should come together as one town no matter who we supported …He spoke of those no longer on the dais being allowed to go into another chapter…blessed the festivities …and asked to allow us all to greet one another as neighbor and friend…The Commission should reappoint Rev Hunsaker to his post for another 2 years…

Town Clerk White read the results…and a motion was made to accept the results by Silverstone 2nd by Dodd…all said aye…except we did not hear Clottey and she did not appear to be saying “aye”…nevertheless …after the Town Clerk was reminded by the Mayor to say the motion passes..June White did say it passes 4-0…

This is when the Mayor made her pre- proclamation statement…not heard on T.V…..

Mayor Minnet-“The proclamations were prepared by the Town’s Staff t0 thank those who are leaving this dais for their service while on it.
I know we have begun a new chapter tonight  and I am sure all in our audience who are present tonight and those who may be here at subsequent meetings will agree with this new chapter comes
respect on and off the dais.

This was the loudest message the people of our Town sent through their votes.

What we do here tonight and how we conduct this meeting on and off the dais will be our first opportunity to tell all of our Townspeople
We have all heard you – we understand

We can and will from this day forward
accomplish the Town’s business with
civility and respect!

Thank you

It is time to honor those who chose to serve out Town”


Mayor Minnet read both proclamations ….both it is said written by the Town Clerk, June White  …Hmmm….. They pretty much read the same and I will combine them…

“Proclamation issued by the governing Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Florida. Whereas Vice mayor Jerry McIntee/ Commissioner James Silverstone was first elected on March 14, 2006 faithfully served the Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea for four years (2 yrs. of which Mcintee served as VM) and whereas Vice mayor Jerry McIntee/Commissioner James Silverstone has graciously contributed his time to the betterment of our community with his continuous involvement with many Town events including Halloween, 4th of July, active membership in the Volunteer Fire Department (Silverstone’s was his service as youth basketball & soccer coach & Halloween,Easter,4th of July Christmas By The Sea & active membership in LBTS VFD)and whereas Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee/Commissioner James Silverstone is retiring from the Town commission effective at the close of business on March 15, 2010 and Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee/Commissioner James Silverstone has many friends who love him and admire him and who wish to thank him for his many years of service to our town and to honor him upon his retirement now. ”

BC- Hands down the best part for the Mayor especially after getting reamed by these 2 “BFFs” one last time at the march 4, 2010 last commission meeting of the “Broom Boys” 4 years term….

Mayor Minnet-“Therefore I Roseann Minnet as mayor of the Town of Lauderdale-By-The Sea do hereby proclaim and appoint Jerry McIntee/ James Silverstone  Vice Mayor/Commissioner Emeritus.”…in other words…Bye, Bye, Bye….She had the last laugh as she really was able to keep her promise made at that March 4th meeting at her Commissioner Comments after sitting through the disgusting display of badmouthing she received from the Mc-Furth”Gang of 4″…when she stated “I’m not going anywhere!”…and tonight she did just that overwhelmingly winning her seat for 2 more years!…

She introduced “outgoing Commissioner Silvserstone who laughed and remarked “I hope that doesn’t mean I can’t run again!”… (No response to his lame attempt at humor) … Silverstone looked bad …plain  worn out…and at times it was even harder to hear or comprehend him than usual…His speech went on way too long and it was almost as if he was trying to convince himself of his time up there… He said “Um, it’s been said that we rent these seats ah,ah, from the public. We try to do some good um, when we’re up here at the end of the day. Well it’s been four long years and in many ways I’m it’s over. It’s been a rough road with many challenges along the way with many victories.”…He went on to repeat some of his campaign …his days of coaching /VFD and becoming commissioner… He spoke of McIntee…

“It’s unfortunate that Vice Mayor McIntee could not be here” (we hear he went cruising…although others have said he is house hunting in the Clearwater /Tampa area and making the rounds to the American Legion…Perhaps he is  gearing up to fight another day as “David”…sure hope those residents know how to Google)…”but I got to say a couple of words about him. We fought together and won a major battle fighting the BSO fire union to bring the VFD back. It was by itself an amazing accomplishment. I lost count of how many times I heard it was a done deal. The VFD was on its way out. That was back in 2004. It was looking like they were going to be right. Then Jerry shows up being introduced by his son Beau, who was on the VFD who kindly warned me against him (Jerry)” … Silverstone laughed …” But without him I believe there would be no VFD today and allows us to save 2 million dollars that we do each year. Um, not to mention the money we saved from the Oriana issue.If you go into battle you want someone like him on your side. It’s just unfortunate he didn’t have a medium switch!”…Silverstone laughed again…It must be a VFD thing as I have heard the same comments from another VFD member…and as readers will recall (hate that saying these days)…It was Marc Furth who said the VFD would not have been disbanded if it were not for McIntee!…OOPS!…. He went on to list what he thought the accomplishments were in his 4 years…mission statement…millage…fire assessment…VFD….public safety stating “The new fully occupied public safety complex has saved us a great deal of money. We don’t need to build a new complex to get rid of the illegal trailers.”…This is why he is outgoing!….He went on to talk of the internet backup…still substandard in my opinion…the tech-savvy new commission might get it up to par….He spoke of the “Heigths”…referendums…campaign finance…(He made it $300 instead of$500″…but as of right now did not follow the reporting rules anyway! GULP!)…He kept saying they did a great job together and gave his support to the Town Manager (again why he is outgoing…her contract was way too much “support” for most voters)…He said he will miss the staff… …He ended with this…

Silverstone-” I’m not going anywhere. I’m still running my business in town. Yelling at kids on Saturday morning and continuing to be a member of the VFD.” (We hear many in the VFD wanted him on the commission to keep him from running for Fire Chief!)…”My door will always be open if anyone wants to throw any ideas out (No debate?) I’ve always said the town will be fine as long as we have reasonable people up here looking out for what’s best for all of us. (Now he gets it…and why he is “outgoing”) I feel we are in good hands with this new commission. They ran a very motivated and determined campaign and they kicked my butt!…(He laughed..They ran a first rate clean, organized campaign)…I wish them the best and they have mine and everyone’s support and I wish they had everybody’s support. (HUH?) When it comes time for them to leave I hope they can look back as I have and feel the same. I know this town is better for us because of us and at that end, at the end of the day, all of us, because of all of us. We did good. I’ve saved the best for last. Peggy and I are getting married. (applause) Thank you, thank you. Good night, good luck and God speed.”… His 5-6 supporters …Bob Karley, Hannah Hempstead, Maryann Wardlaw, Lilliana Pamerada, Gail Albohn,and an unknown woman stood and clapped…as the others in attendance  clapped but remained seated…. He acknowledged them as he tipped his head…

For this writer …..I sure hope this is the last comments I ever have to write from outgoing Commissioner James Silverstone… as I look forward to writing comments that are coherent like the ones below from the new commission members … As he walked off the podium after being hugged by the Town Manager and receiving handshakes from the rest of the commissioners …..he stood awkwardly at the end of the dais on the main floor, gripping  his briefcase in front of him… …all alone…To me he looked like a grown up “Charlie Brown”…who again had Lucy pull the football away!… YIKES!…(Sorry, folks but he and his majority of 2 years have no one to blame for their short lived stint at the top of the food chain but themselves!)….


June White came to the podium (almost took a nasty tumble)…and the newly elected commission came to take their oath and sign…All three then walked up on to the dais and took their as they received handshakes of welcome … The Mayor introduced Commissioner Vincent and he read his speech…


Commissioner Chris Vincent-

“Good Evening,

Wow what a journey this has been! I am thrilled and honored to be sitting in this chair tonight.

I would like to start out with a huge thank you to my wife Christine and Daughter Paige, who encouraged and supported me throughout this campaign. They were involved every step of the way. You are the best and I love you both.

My family and I have met some of the most wonderful people in this town, who were kind, considerate and who love Lauderdale-By-The-Sea as we do.

I was fortunate to run with two exceptional candidates with whom I have a tremendous amount of respect for, Commissioner Scot Sasser and Mayor Roseann Minnet.

Thank you to all who supported and believed in me.  The efforts and hours you gave while putting your own lives and families aside were remarkable. I would like to thank all who voted for me and I will work hard to earn the support and trust of those who did not. I am elected to serve all the people. I respect this chair and this position.

Five Months ago I came to you the voters and asked for your trust. I listened to your concerns and I told you mine. We agreed on many of the same things.

The important thing is that we respected and listened to each others views and ideas, while understanding that there will be challenges that come before us as we work together to move forward into the future.

I told you I will listen and respect everyone that walks through these doors of Jarvis Hall.

I told you I will bring decorum to the dais and respect my fellow commissioners and our mayor.

I told you I will listen to the will of the people and not bring personal agendas to the dais.

I meant every word I said when I made those statements.

I will work to give you what I was looking for when I attended meetings in Jarvis Hall or at home watching. I will work with our boards and committees and respect their opinions and recommendations. We cannot do this alone. Your involvement and voice are important to this process and will make our success all the more attainable as we go forward over the next 4 years.

My goal is the same today as it was when I threw my hat in the ring, to make everyone proud of their town government. I will always be accessible and available to any citizen or business in this town, as I was during my campaign. I will respond back and assist you in any way I can. You have my word.

Again, all I can say is WOW! I hope you are all as excited as I am. Now lets get ready, roll up our sleeves and get down to the business of our Town!

Thank you.”


Commissioner Scot Sasser –

“Thanks to all of you who supported me with your time, efforts and most importantly, your votes.

Thank you, also, to Roseann Minnet and Chris Vincent. I thought we made a great team and the voters agreed!

I owe a special thank you to my family. Teresa, Taylor and Jake. We made this decision together as a family and what incredible memories we will have from making that decision. I love you and thank you for freely giving your time and support.

We have a chance to really make a difference and it starts tonight.

I made a commitment to listen more than I speak and tonight will set that standard.

I made a commitment to a Code of Ethics and a Personal Code of Conduct. This commitment will be realized in short order.

I made a commitment to a strategic plan. This will be done. This MUST be done to ensure us we stay on track and move forward.

I made a commitment to bring your voice back to our town government. I want to hear your ideas and I urge you to participate.

I told you I could not do this alone and I asked for your vote and trust and you delivered. Now is the time for me to deliver on my commitments.

Over the coming months we will work together. This will not be a unilateral Commission. Rather, we will take a structured, methodical, professional and inclusive approach toward our plans and projects. The difference you have overwhelmingly asked for in your elected officials. I will put in the hard work and diligence it takes to overcome any obstacle and see your vision,our vision  to completion.

Let’s build upon the optimism currently felt all over town and take on the tasks at hand.

While campaigning door to door I ran across a gentleman with 6 opposition signs in his front yard. When I knocked on the door he answered and quickly responded with “not a chance”. We chuckled a bit and had a brief conversation about what I wanted to do as a Commissioner. He said “well, it looks like you may win and quite frankly it scares the heck out of me”. I told him it shouldn’t. That I saw 6 oppositions signs in his yard, knew which way he was surely voting, but I knocked anyway because I want to hear from everyone.

Well, I did win, and I assure him still, that I want to hear from everyone. Not just one side or the other. It will take all of us to achieve what this town is capable of and so richly deserves.

Anything worth doing is worth doing right. We will take nothing short of the best. We will not settle or compromise. We will do it together.”

Mayor Roseann Minnet-

“I am so happy to have this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your patience, perseverance, and dedication to our Most Wonderful Town.
To each of you who put your lives on hold and gave so much on my behalf, thank you!
I thank you for again believing in me.
I thank you for placing again your trust in me.
And I thank you for allowing me to return to this Dais to be a voice for you, the people.

I want to take a moment to thank a very special person who is here this evening, my son CJ Many of you have met my son and have commented on his commitment throughout my campaign. He worked until the very last minute on Tuesday talking to everyone who came to cast their vote and asked them to vote for his mom. CJ you are incredible and I am so proud of you. Words can not express how much you mean to me. Thank you for being there when I needed you the most. I share my victory with you.

I would also like to thank my running mates Scot Sasser and Chris Vincent and their families for making the decision to run for the commission. From my experience campaigning with these 2 fine gentleman I am extremely confident that they will contribute greatly to the Town as they serve on this dais over the next 4 years.

Now is the time for us all to listen and work together. It is time to bring back respect and stability to our town. You have elected me to represent Lauderdale- By -The-Sea for two more years, and I can promise you we will bring forth that message you voted for on March 9, civility and respect will return to Jarvis Hall both on and off the dais and to our town.

It will be my greatest pleasure and honor to serve as your Mayor for 2 more years and again I thank you.

Thank you.”


What a wonderful way to begin this “new chapter”……It was really a wonderful evening…which filled all in the hall with the possibilities of what was going to come from this newly seated commission in 2010!…. As Commissioner Vincent said, “WOW!”… WOW!..WOW!….WOW! ….

The organizational meeting will be on Wed. March 17, 2010 Jarvis Hall …It’s open to the public (no public comments)/on Comcast Ch. 78 and online- on the Town website…hopefully with all the sound…

Easter By The Sea will be chaired by Christine Vincent and a whole slew of volunteers ….many who are getting involved for the very first time….(Did you know Easter eggs can be purchased already filled for $99 a 1000?)… Change is good!…

more pics to come…..

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Here’s The Scoop … Is Mr Oliver In The House? …

November 24, 2009 by Barbara

TOWN HALL EAST … 11/24/09  ……… Siesta Time…

Is Commissioner Clottey in the Town Hall East?… Bewildered and Besotted?…What a “kick in the teeth” for LBTS voters!..

Thanks to the “Roving Reporter”…

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop… Medals For The “Gang Of 3” ……..

August 2, 2009 by Barbara

Dear Readers….this writer read and re-read  what the “Gang of 3” chose to write about in their CIC/VFD Supported Furth Times newspaper produced at Town Hall East on El Mar…If there is any doubt as to why rational, competent residents and voters have said “enough is enough” with these elected officials and their backers…this edition of the Mc-Furth Times and especially the Commissioner’s columns can leave no doubt…it is time to throw the bums out!…


Commissioner Clottey is a bigger disappointment than either of the Broom Boys….that’s the word around town especially from the women voters…We thought she was independent, highly educated and would be an asset up there in dealing with the finances of the town as well as the irrational behavior she herself witnessed from the Vice Mayor and the Furths as a candidate…But she CHOSE…to be besotted by Marc Furth and be led by the nose from those who pointed their fingers at her and told her she better not follow suit and ask for a sabbatical from the CIC  after Comm. Dodd did the night her was “tarred and feathered”…even though it was she who 1st broached the subject at current CIC Chair and BTSTimes Editors Bob and Adrienne  Roberts ….(both wrote in this edition of the paper)…Her irrational behavior on the dais began with her treatment of Michael Arker’s attorney…proceeding to her BSO “fear of calling the police” statements…..Off the dais she had some major changes in her life..leaving Barry University to teach online from home…She became more isolated ( in this writer’s opinion) and this writer was increasingly concerned with some of her calls stating (before her BSO actions on the dais) that she had been out in the middle of the night with a “soaker hose” and had observed suspicious action going on in her neighborhood…she though there was “drug deal going on”…This writer was astonished…first that she would be out doing what she was doing at that time and second that if she was correct in her observation she would remain outside at that hour! I told her she was a Commissioner and to contact the BSO…I followed up on her doing just that and a few days later she said she did …she was not a happy camper …she relayed that the Chief responded “in that neighborhood it’s probably prostitution”…I laughed..and said “Is that better?”…She said he might not get back to her if some undercover operation was going on….Sometime later she called me and was quite undone…it was in the afternoon and she had observed the BSO stop 2 people walking up her street with suitcases and they [BSO] were asking the people who they were…she said “what if that was me”…”They can’t be stopping people.”…My response…”You can’t have it both ways, first you didn’t think they [BSO] was doing enough and now you think they’re doing too much.”…I also added that  in a past election the Vice Mayor who lives in Bel Air as well made it known he did not like people walking in the area without a reason….So you can imagine my reaction to her dais BSO statements…I was dumbfounded and felt she had an ax to grind…Around that time this professional accomplished woman…a single mother who raised an accomplished professional daughter …also startled me with yet another call about her problems with her front yard and Marc Furth…She said she had hired a man to take care of the lawn that was dug up after the sewer installation…the man did a bad job…Comm. Clottey  said she called Marc Furth to help her deal with him (HUH?)…Birute said Marc came over and told the man he better do the job right or he [Marc Furth] would write about him in his paper…(last I heard the man was not going to be threatened)…..Birute was beside herself that Marc had made that statement…I asked her what in the world she needed Marc for to deal with her house?….This readers, is the decline I have witnessed…Against my better judgment I held on to maintain a relationship hoping that our conversations would give her someone to “bounce” the Mc-Furth directives off  and help her to do as she did throughout the campaign …to find her own voice…to actually hear what she was going to say out loud …and know how truly off the wall it usually was…It lasted for a while…I would usually take a little time and say I’ll get over it when she spouted some “Furthisms”……but then as she took to the podium and it was all  Furth directives coming  from her mouth …I finally told her “I’m not getting over it this time”…and walked away from any further communications…(sadly)…..culminating in my going to the dais after the special meeting for Scott Gooding in which I  told her I had wasted 2 years of my life on her and she should resign. I still think she should!…

Now in her column she has further shown something is “terriably” (see below for the misssp.) wrong…She again perpetuates her claim that she “tried and failed to put a motion on the floor” at the Scott Gooding meeting…The tape shows that never happened!…She says Comm. Dodd’s motion was “one sided and should have been two sided”…(HUH?)…He was asking for a vote to direct the Manager to reinstate the Chief!…And then she goes really goes through the looking glass with the following…” If there is to be a showdown between A reassigned police chief and THE town manager,I WILL CHOOSE THE TOWN MANAGER. Yes, Chief Gooding was a nice guy, A FREQUENT PARTICIPANT AT THE ANGLIN SQUARE SCENE”…(seriously besmirching connotation made ) “and a COMPETENT police officer”…(Chief Scott Gooding’s academic and professional accomplishments were brought forward by the BSO Colonel at the June 30th meeting…and proved him to be much more than just a “competent police office”. Again, the Comm. besmirches the Chief)..”but, BSO can EASILY assign us another COMPETENT police chief”…(The incompetent Clueless Comm. is tone deaf to her constituents!)…”Finding a competent town manager with Esther Colon’s financial expertise and savvy is an entirely different story”…(Piece of cake, Comm…Piece of cake!)…Comm. Clottey then spouts the financial  acumen of TM Colon…being “in the black”…blah..blah..blah…and the rest of the same old tired rhetoric…followed by these statements further showing who is influencing her with revisionist history that she herself did not research…(This writer KNOWS Comm. Clottey had no prior intimate knowledge of the previous Town Manager and Ms. Colon was brought into LBTS  by that TM and worked side by side with him as Finance Director and Asst. TM…so she would have been complicit in any inferior management of the town…oops! )” I might end with a question. In these hard economic times, would you prefer to have a hard nosed BUT FAIR competent town manager with a proven track record”… (finance and staff)..” Or do you prefer to have someone who is always nice to your face, allows the staff to get their work done when they get around to it and then socks it to the taxpayer, financially?”…(Give me a break!)…” Compare the two most recent town managers and decide for yourself which one had the the best interest of the town at heart.”…

Comm. Clottey told this writer she was a professor and marketing was her field…unfortunately she has failed (in this writer’s opinion) …as an online teacher reviewed  in 2003 (see below)…And as a professor witnessed by this writer during the campaign when students came to meet candidate Dodd and to do a class project …(ala Sandra Booth’s 2 successful AI projects) that failed to get off the ground… The students came…Candidate Clottey did not assemble any materials for them (this writer did) …there was no interaction observed with the students throughout the get together…and it never moved beyond the initial meeting…..She has failed as a Commissioner in the first year and a half of her 4 year term…Time to step down Comm…time to step down…for the sake of the town…..and let us voters find a COMPETENT COMMISSIONER who has a CLUE!….


‘Birute Clottey
Professor: Birute Clottey
Course: RES341: Research and Analysis I (Management (Business))
Grade: Review Details
Overall Grade
Speaking Skills
Outside Class Availablity
Review by: thinkpink
Grade student received in this class

Total reviews posted by this student
Just this one
Average grade of student’s reviews
Posted on: October 18, 2003
A Terriable Teacher
All F reviews are hidden right now. They will be back shortly.’


Ah, Um,  Jimmy..Jimmy…Jimmy… You have written the perfect FREUDIAN STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS about you and your BFF McIntee…This writer thought it was magnificent…(KUDOS)…because you have truly stuck it to your BROOM BOY mentor..BIG TIME…(any doubt who it could be about could  be revealed if your pal tries for a second term)……Comm. Silverstone wrote…”If a child cheats in school on a test and gets away with it, the other students, if they know they have two choices. They can tell on the cheater or they can also cheat.”…(In this writer’s opinion)…Jimmy…look in the mirror!…The probable cause charges found from the elections and ethics commission for you and your BFF McIntee…Voting McIntee in as Dep. Chief even though you know your VFD by-laws do not allow it…standing by as McIntee went after VFD Battalion Chief Pointu..VFD Captain Scot Fowler …VFD Captain Joe Padden…and recently the VFD Chief Perkins (more on this to come) ….watching and then joining in …so much so …that all those who used to say “Jimmy’s a nice guy”… want you out!….You just gotta love this part it fits the VM to a “T” (T for “TIM” )…Jimmy talks of “Tim”…the “Cheater in his class”…who was the “class clown” (HMMM) “thought he [“Tim”] was smarter than the “rest”….(“rest”, Jimmy?) (HMMM)..”So smart in fact he didn’t need to study all that much”…(VM does not open his backup …we hear…until he’s on the dais)…he goes on…”Once it was known “Tim” was cheating and because he was bigger then most of us ” …(HMMM)…” many of the students” started to cheat to keep their grades up.”…(“many of the students”, Jimmy?.)…” If “they” told ON “Tim”, the FEAR was they (“they “Jimmy?) were going to be CAST ASIDE and get BEAT UP after school.”…(HMMMM…the BULLY)…the final salvo…intentional or not?…” In the end “many of the students” (“many of the students”, Jimmy?) became very good at cheating and NOT VERY GOOD AT KNOWING THE SUBJECT’…(HMMM..In a NUTshell …in a NUTshell)…Thanks Broom Boy…”2-Hats” off for your insight…the “Healer” should be proud …you have had a epiphany…and most likely did not even know it…HMMM…


Vice Mayor McIntee chose to deflect…deflect (no mirror, VM?) his bad behavior on the dais…his electioneering on the dais…his bullying on the dais…his VFD ad-nauseum rhetoric on the dais…his wheeling and dealing on the dais…his ineptness on the dais with the facts…the backup and the gavel…by going after the Mayor…and those audience members who not afraid to speak up…get used to it Vice Mayor….get used to it!….

The perfect medal to bestow……..

more to come……….

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