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July 13, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers… Previously I posted two times about RFPs (Requests for Proposals) for projects in our town…Again today I have found that the Town Administration is, in my opinion “jobbing” the jobs…by limiting the exposure and the information put out…thus giving a selective few or even a hand chosen single company no competition to contend with in responding to the RFP  to secure the Town project!…

The “Parking Citation Processing”  RFP 09-06-01 advertised on June 13, 2009 in the Sentinel…consisting of a 1″ ad with no specifics…greatly differing from the Town Hall board /Jarvis Hall board RFPs posted containing detailed information including the bid date and time for opening the bids (info not included in the newspaper RFP)….The “Parking Citation Processing” RFP produced no bids…..(2 other RFPs for Technology Maintenance Consulting RFP 09-06-02 and Beach Cleaning Services RFP 09-06-03 were not advertised at all in the newspaper and will be publicly opened on July 29 and July 27, 2009 respectively)….

The “Commercial Blvd.Drainage” RFP 09-07-01 was placed in the Sentinel last Saturday, July 11,2009…It was again a 1″ ad with no specifics…Today on the Town Hall board/ Jarvis Hall board was the RFP for the “Commercial Blvd. Drainage” project…including all the specifics ( info not included in the newspaper RFP)…

Included in this RFP….ON THE TOWN BOARDS….

“The work generally consists of the installation of two (2) catch basins with 200 feet of exfiltration trench.

All work performed shall be in accordance with the Contract Documents pertaining thereto, which may be examined at the office of Town Hall 4501 Ocean Drive Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, Florida 33308

Interested parties may contact the Project Engineer, Susan Holland, and P.E. for information. Copies of the Plans and Specifications may be obtained from Town Hall. Call to ensure a sufficient supply.

Sealed Proposals will be received by the undersigned at the office of the Town Clerk, Town Hall, 4501 Ocean Drive, Lauderdale By-The-Se, Florida 33308 until 2:00 PM on Tuesday August 11, 2009 at which time they will be publicly opened and read aloud.

Any bid received after the time and date specified will not be considered. One contract will be awarded for both structures as outlined above and described in the plans and specifications.

Each bid must be accompanied by a certified check drawn upon any State or National Bank of Florida, cashier’s check drawn upon any State or National Bank of Florida or an acceptable bid bond in the amount not less than five percent of the bid, as guarantee that the BIDDER will not withdraw from the competition after the opening of the bids and, if written notice is given of such award, enter into written Contract with the Town of Lauderdale By-The- Sea, Florida in accordance with the written Proposal. Should the successful BIDDER fail to enter into the Contract, the check or bid bond shall be forfeited as liquidated damages.

No bidder may withdraw his bid for a period of ninety days after the day set for opening of bids.

The Town of Lauderdale By- The-Sea reserves the right to reject any and all bids, to waive informalities, to re-advertise and to award the contract in its best interest.

Advertisement Dates 7-11-09



Town of Lauderdale By-The-Sea

By June White”

For those who missed it…THE SENTINEL AD… (1″ in size in the paper)




THE -SEA is seeking sealed proposals



Proposal package may be obtained

at the office of the Town Clerk located

at 4501 Ocean Drive, Lauderdale By-

The-Sea, Florida 33308 954-776-0476

July 11, 2009″

BC- After seeing it on the Jarvis Hall board I went into Town Hall and asked for a copy of it and the contract documents…which I received…20 pages with  2 pages of plans….

We hear that a call was made to Susan Holland the Project Engineer…She said she the project was approximately a $30,000 job and SHE was not aware it had gone out to bid…and was going to call a couple of contractors she thought should bid!…YIKES!…

UPDATE: On the last page of the contract documents…under Elissa Taylor P.E  it states what is included in these documents……

THE PROBLEM IS…the following …” Attachment A (Newspaper Publication Notice)”…what is actually included was NOT the newspaper publication notice…it was the Town boards posting version!…

I have monitored the the RFPs for over a year now. and cannot recall ever seeing this type of action taken….it seems so blatant….

This is right up there with the Town Manager’s similar use of Town boards sans advertising in newspapers and online for hiring her department heads!…

more to come….

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