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Here’s The Scoop…The Last Time Around…LBTS Police to BSO….#1….

July 9, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers The rumblings are growing louder…Throughout the town we are hearing the Mc-Furth Gang and the Town Manager are in cahoots to give notice to BSO…and start up the LBTS McIntee Police Department…YIKES!…

Well isn’t it something if the Furths are behind such a move…..without the will of the people…


‘Lauderdale-By -The -Sea Citizens Action Committee

Mrs. Cristie Furth Chair

January 29, 2001

To all Members of the

LBTS Citizens Action Committee

Lauderdale by the Sea, Fl. 33308

Dear Fellow CAC Member:

As many of you know, at our regular monthly CAC meeting on Tuesday January 16, 2001 Broward County Sheriff Ken Jenne made a presentation to use his proposal that the Broward Sheriff’s Office provide law-enforcement services to the entire Town of Lauderdale by the Sea under contract with our Town. During part one of our meeting, Sheriff Jenne also participated in an informative questions and answer period with CAC members and guests.

During part two of our meeting we considered the question “How can LBS citizens most effectively influence the decision the decision-making process with regards to the BSO proposal?” Several members presented their views- both pro and con- on the BSO proposal. But the CAC intentionally avoided taking a formal position on the issue since we anticipated that this could well become an issue to be decided at an election, and since the CAC– not being a “political committee” under Florida Statutes- cannot appropriately take a position on any issue with a view to influencing the outcome of an election.

Nevertheless, without taking any position on the BSO proposal itself, several members did feel this was an issue of sufficient direct interest and importance to LBS citizens that it should be presented to those citizens in a referendum. To that end the Committee, by a vote of 13 to 4, invited the Executive Board to do whatever appeared necessary and proper to bring this issue to a referendum of the citizens of Lauderdale by the Sea. It was noted that it might be necessary to spend Committee funds to that  end.

Unfortunately, I must report to you that there does not appear to be anything that the CAC can properly do- under our by-laws and Florida law-to achieve these goals. We could appropriately appeal to the Town Commission., which has the authority to call a referendum on this issue. But the Mayor and at least two Commissioners have indicated at meetings of the Commission that they are not inclined to do so, preferring to take the decision themselves in light of their own assessments of public opinion based on statements by the citizens who attend the town meetings being held on this subject. Attempting to demand a referendum in the absence of voluntary action by the Commission would involve the CAC in political action which- since we are not a “political committee” – we cannot properly initiate. Therefore the CAC will take no public position, either  with regard to the BSO proposal or on any referendum to be held on any related issue, nor will any CAC funds be spent on those proposes.

In this, as in all other matters of public interest and concern of course, CAC members remain perfectly free to exercise their First Amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution- either individually or severally- outside the framework of Citizens Action Committee.

Very sincerely yours,

Cristie Furth

Citizens Action Committee Chair’

BC- Hmmm….. DEFINITELY….more to come….

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