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Here’s The Scoop … Sometimes “Teflon” Can’t Take The Heat ……

October 15, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers …At the Tuesday night Commission meeting in Jarvis Hall was the reporter for the Sentinel that covers our town……She must have decided that McIntee had opened the door for the paper to do a story now that McIntee had gone on the record in this open Town Hall meeting and proceeded to all but outright accuse the BSO of not doing their job in the May 4, 2009 suicide investigation, questioning  BSO on the statements written in the BSO investigative report for not telling the actual  sequence of events in interviews with both the widow and McIntee himself…. There are a some very important details left out of the reporter’s story though … perhaps due to space… I will add them below…..(also-prev. post scoops cat.)…

‘”LAUDERDALE-BY-THE-SEA – The Broward Sheriff’s Office has reopened its investigation into a suicide, in response to a request from Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee.”

(BC- Actually McIntee only asked for the investigation to be reopened for the widow…not him…Will BSO do a full investigation?…Make sure to investigate McIntee…Chief Perkins…AMR….and the neighbors…as well as the widow and the daughter to see which version was truthful BSO’s or McIntee’s.)

“On May 4, a 45-year-old man with health and financial problems shot himself in the head at his residence on Southeast 15th Court, according to Broward Sheriff’s Office reports.”

“McIntee, a former Buffalo, N.Y., police officer and currently deputy chief of the town’s firefighting contractor, said he received a page about the emergency and drove to the house where the victim lived with his wife and eight-year-old daughter. McIntee went in before Broward Sheriff Office deputies arrived, even though the fire department’s rules prohibit entering a crime scene until police secure the location.”

(BC- According to McIntee’s statement to BSO …version #1…on the day of the incident and in his “interview” as “Witness #3” he states he heard it on his fire radio not his pager…that change was made in McIntee version #2…. He admits entering in both version #1 and #2… despite the VFD- SOP [Standard Operating Procedure] prohibiting this action)

“I would do it again,” McIntee said, “when you have a woman and baby screaming.”

(BC- The “baby was 7 years old…and McIntee admits he would again break the VFD -SOP spelled out in the VFD By-laws)

“He raised the discussion at Tuesday’s commission meeting because, he said, the widow asked him to discuss the events after the bi-weekly By The Sea Future newspaper published a story on Sept. 25. McIntee said he wanted the investigation reopened to counter the newspaper’s account.”

(BC-The By The Sea Future wrote their story using the all the BSO reports…along with the VFD  and AMR Reports..6 reports in all…containing version #1….McIntee on the dais Oct. 13, 2009 never says his version #1 was wrong ..He sidesteps by saying it is the widow who says it was wrong…He tells version #2 on the dais …but never says outright version 1 as “Witness #3” was inaccurate…and never demands that BSO to retract his version #1 statement )

“Fire Chief Robert Perkins said McIntee was not penalized for not following the rules.”

“He did go against our procedures,” Perkins said, “but I found he was justified.”

(BC- A Public Records Request made by this writer on 10/14/09 to the VFD for the “internal inquiry” the Chief said he did in answer to Comm. Dodd on 10/13/09 was never done. A response from the Executive Secretary of the VFD said the VFD only had the CAD report on the incident.)

“The night of the shooting, McIntee said he entered the couple’s bedroom, saw what had happened and moved mother and child to the living room.”

(BC- in version #1 McIntee says the mother and child followed him into the bedroom…In version #2 McIntee says the mother and child were already in the version #2 McIntee says he “swooped up the mother and the child…then “consoled” them in the living room)

“There was no chance of recovery,” McIntee said. “I looked at him briefly — maybe five, 10 seconds — and sensed there was no hope.”

(BC- The above statement was McIntee version #2)

“When deputies arrived, the victim’s arms were trembling, according to a Sheriff deputy’s report. McIntee is a training officer for the fire department but said he did not perform first aid.”:

(BC- This was in the BSO Police event report from the night of by the officer … McIntee is listed as having basic CPR only on the VFD Roster.)

“McIntee told Broward Sheriff Det. Raymond Carmody that he knew the victim was dead because of his color. McIntee also said he never checked for vital signs, according to Carmody’s report.

(BC- This was in the BSO investigative report done at the fire department…version #1.)

“When Mayor Roseann Minnet read from the report and asked McIntee about it during Tuesday’s commission meeting, he said, “That came from a homicide detective who did not take any tape or any notes and who didn’t generate this report for three months.”

“So you’re calling this report a lie?” Minnet said.”

(BC- McIntee never says it was a lie…he was careful not to say that …using the above description of the detective and adding the detective was now sick…and then expanding into the interview being at the firehouse and stories of what McIntee did by putting his feet on the desk…but never saying it was inaccurate.)

“Asked again Wednesday about this part of Carmody’s report, McIntee said, “I don’t know where they got that.”

(BC- WOW!… Talk about throwing down the gauntlet….McIntee the day after the Public Safety Discussion says he doesn’t know where BSO got his version #1 statement?…BSO better get this detective back from sick leave to answer McIntee’s response  to the reporter!)

“Carmody’s report also says that according to an EMT with the town’s ambulance contractor American Medical Response, the victim had intermittent vital signs and was treated and transported to North Broward Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.”

(BC- This was contained in the AMR and BSO reports.)

“The shooting victim’s widow did not return several telephone messages and did not appear at Tuesday night’s commission meeting when McIntee asked the Broward Sheriff’s Office to reopen the case.”If there is any doubt as to what circumstances were at that event,’ McIntee said, “the widow can corroborate what happened.”‘

(BC- We hear McIntee tried unsuccessfully for the widow to appear…and again he ONLY wanted BSO to reopen the case for the widows version #1…not his!)

BC- What was also left out of this article was McIntee’s previous definition of defamation statement made the evening before at the LBTS  Town Manager Performance Review and his threats to the Editor of the By- The- Sea- Future for “slander”… Mr Brown and his newspaper have nothing to fear from the Vice Mayor……They used the 6 reports generated by the departments involved and can back up everything that was published… as McIntee well knows…Those reports became backup for the Public Safety Discussion item put on by Vice Mayor McIntee scroll down to item 7 a.

full text link to the Sentinel below…,0,4620664.story

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop …. The BSO Event Report … 9/1/09 …

September 3, 2009 by Barbara

Dear Readers…as promised the BSO “Event Report” Narrative for the 9/1/09 arrest of VFD Battalion Chief John Louvaris…(1 of 3…the other 2 are similar and concur…this has the most information)…

This writer sent a request to the to LBTS PIO D’Oliveira for any press releases from the Town and/or the VFD through the Town on the incident…thus far none have been received….We hear Battalion Chief Louvaris is on “Administrative leave” as of today…

more to come….

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September 2, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers …. The BSO-VFD Feud may be ratcheting up….with the story below that just hit the Sentinel online….

LBTS-VFD Battalion Chief John Louvaris stated to the Reporter Linda Trischitta “I’m innocent until proven guilty”…and that is true in a court of law…….but in the court of public opinion this unfortunate incident sure puts the spotlight on more than just him…. All eyes will be on the VFD and the Town to see how they deal with it internally and publicly ….

People are bound to gulp and wonder if this is going to increase the tensions between the VFD and the BSO…. and further divide the town…especially coming so soon after the whole Town Manager Esther Colon-BSO Chief Scott Gooding departure fiasco!….

This writer has made a request for the incident report from the BSO and will post it along with any press releases from the VFD and the Town that are put out…

The Sentinel story…….(link below)…..

‘Fire official arrested in gasoline theft
Lauderdale-by-the-Sea Volunteer Fire Department battalion chief allegedly stole 15 gallons of gasoline, Broward Sheriff’s Office says

OAKLAND PARK – A Lauderdale-by-the-Sea Volunteer Fire Department battalion chief was arrested Tuesday for allegedly stealing 15 gallons of gasoline, the Broward Sheriff’s Office said.

“I’m innocent until proven guilty,” said John Louvaris, 52, when reached on his cell phone Wednesday. He is the third-ranking leader of the fire department. “It’s unbelievable what happened, that’s all I can tell you.”

Louvaris, also described on the sheriff’s report as a mechanic at J&G Auto Service in Oakland Park, was charged with misdemeanor petit theft. He spent the night in jail before paying $25 bond, agency spokesman Mike Jachles said.

According to the report, at 5:40 p.m. Louvaris and another man deputies are still seeking paid $10 for gas for their pickup trucks at Richardson’s BP, at the southwest corner of North Andrews Avenue and Prospect Avenue.

Owner Keith Richardson noticed the two men pass the pump nozzles back and forth, the report states, but from inside the store, the pump appeared to be off. Richardson said he saw one of the men put into a pocket what he thinks was a programming device that state officials, pump mechanics and installers use for inspections and to check gas blends. The device also allows fuel to flow without recording sales inside the station.

Convinced the men were stealing, Richardson says he demanded to be paid, and that he and his son tried to detain both drivers but only stopped Louvaris, the report states. Richardson said he took Louvaris’s keys and two large, leaky plastic containers from the truck and waited for deputies to arrive.Richardson said his family has owned the station since April.

The report said he estimated the alleged theft cost $691 for 95 gallons of fuel and pump maintenance. He told deputies that the other man had eight 12- to 15-gallon containers in his truck and thinks they were filled; Louvaris’s container held 15 gallons of gas worth $43.35.

“It took every dime we could borrow to get this started, and we are working, struggling,” Richardson said of his family’s investment. “For him being a firefighter, isn’t he supposed to serve and protect?”‘,0,5568396.story

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop …. SAILED IN ….

August 25, 2009 by Barbara

8/25/09 ….BSO First On Scene ….

VFD Chief Perkins …VFD/AMR arrived….

Channel 10 news was covering it….

Boat overboard….

Big doings on the beach today in LBTS…from what we hear a man was out at sea for days and ended up dangerously close in his sailboat to the Pier….The BSO were first on the scene according to bystanders….and the VFD came out in big numbers after that……They observed and then they left….The Coast Guard was contacted ….Channel 10 news was there to cover it….and we hear the man on the boat may not have the funds to get the boat out…..and now it appears …..the boat is taking on water….And many questioned where the VFD Boat is……..The answer…it’s docked …..

more to come……..

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Here’s The Scoop … Following The LBTS Purchasing Manual Procedures ….A Lesson In Selective Adherence? …

August 17, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers… Still looking at the LBTS  10/15/05 Revised Purchasing Manual…(yes, still)…after finding one “selective” procedure the Town Manager and her staff want to adhere to concerning the RFP bids wording in Sec.2 …page 19 4a…(prev. post scoops cat.) that was revised on 2/17/09… (without Comm. approval)…and to forgo reading “aloud” the RFP bids as published and done prior to July 29, 2009…While at the same time the Administration did NOT follow the procedures when it came to the LETF decision process (prev. post scoops cat.) that states it is the BSO Police Chief and the Town Commission who decide the use and approval of the funds… The Town Manager  is not even mentioned  in the procedure and  should be only the facilitator in the process ….The Purchasing Manual procedure that states the Fl. State Statutes in black and white spelling out ….LETF funds cannot be used for renovations or building a station …And now there’s one more procedure that may have been tossed aside …and if it turns out it too was selectively and purposely ignored..then readers..once again…”Houston, we have a problem!”…

According the the LBTS Purchasing Manual Section IV L. REAL ESTATE ACQUISITION…(page 39-40 Revised 10/15/05-scans below)…

“The following procedures shall be employed whenever LBTS seeks to acquire, by purchase, any real estate.”

1. Deals with the prior to initiating negotiations with the property owner LBTS shall obtain a written appraisal including the appraiser has no vested or fiduciary interest in the property..

BC- At the March 25, 2008 (video link below…below) the Town Manager asks the Commission for a motion on the sale/purchase of properties (it was tabled at the 3/11/08 meeting) because “there are RFP processes we have to follow”…and she “doesn’t want to waste her time” …Comm. Silverstone asks if it is to sell the warehouse as well as purchase the hotel…The Town Manager says “It would be nice.”…Comm. Silverstone makes the motion to do both and VM McIntee 2nds it…Comm. Clottey asks for an estimate of what the property we would sell is worth…Town Manager Colon says the Town bought the warehouse for $1.6 million and the hotel was orig. $2.4 million and was down to $1.9 million so there would be a $300,000 difference..and says “that doesn’t mean anything” because  the market is not good …but also says “it is a good time to buy an adjacent property”…adding that since she [TM] has been her [8 yrs] we have bought 6 properties and we own all of them except the “parkin’ lot”…VM McIntee (ever the “wheeler dealer”) addressed the Town Manager and said that the $1.6 million warehouse could sell for more ..”It could grease the wheel”…The Town Manager says that a Realtor she thinks named “Stella” “performed the process for us”…the motion was passed 5-0…The question is was “Stella” involved at all with the purchase or sale of either property which according to the procedure is not allowed?…

2. Appraisal reports and counter-offers are confidential and exempt from public records law (1991)

3. No negotiations may be commenced, offers, and counter-offers made for the acquisition by purchase of real property without prior authorization of the Town Commission.

BC- In the March 25, 2008 video the Town Manager states the price for the hotel was “down to $1.9″…was that done in general for the open market or with the Town prior to the motion made at this meeting?

4. Upon commencement of negotiations, LBTS shall inform the property owner, in writing , that all agreements for the purchase of real property are subject to approval by the Town Commission.



BC- I cannot find anything that shows this was done…could I have missed it that far back?…Yeah…but I want verification it was adhered to and that it continues to be adhered to moving forth…If it was not then the public was not allowed to voice their opposition to this purchase as they should have been afforded with the publication and the process of this purchase was not done properly. I await a response from the Town showing  copies of the 2 weeks of “general circulation” newspaper publications ….

6. Evidence of marketable title in the form of title ins. etc….

7.” In order to prevent the premature disclosure of LBTS’s interest in acquiring a specific parcel of real estate, the Town Manager may expend up to $30,000 on related appraisals, environmental studies, etc. without Town Commission approval”

BC- This one [#7]  needs to be “Revised”… ASAP!

MAY 27,2009 Commission Meeting video (link below)…The Town Manager spoke of the 2 appraisals that were done …the Town Atty’s review of the property document agreement…BUT NO MENTION OF 30 DAYS  PRIOR PUBLIC NOTICE (#5-2x in a general circulation to LBTS newspaper)…and that the owner reviewed the agreement as well….Comm. Silverstone made the motion…VM McIntee 2nd it…Comm. Clottey asked about the warehouse property…The Town Manager said they were awaiting a 2nd appraisal but the appraisal they had was higher than the hotel property they were buying…The Town Manager stated the property [hotel] started at $2.4 million and after 2 appraisals the owner agreed to come in between the 2 appraisals and the purchase price would be $1.77,650…Comm. Silverstone said it was a “pretty good deal”…The Mayor said we had enough property with the land we own and she was not for investing in more with the funds we have…The Vice Mayor said he disagreed with the Mayor …VM McIntee said we are “10 years behind for police…50 years behind for fire”…we are “jumping from 3 people to 92 possibly”…we need a “environment for public safety people”..he spoke of the BSO fire station promised and not produced…and asked the Town Manager “Do we have the money?”…”Town Manager do we have the funds?”…TM”yes!”…VM McIntee “Is it earmarked for this?” Town Mananger “Yes!”…VM “Then what are we arguing about?”..

Town Manager Colon-” I want everybody to understand we have a fire department comin’, an AMR department comin’ and of course we have a police department and we only have one room to house the fire and fire rescue. We have to house both companies somewhere. Right now BSO sits in 2 trailers cause they really don’t have a facility to reside in.” (HUH?) “I think it’s time we address that issue.”

BC- 2 trailers?  [(A reader informs there were 2 trailers…1 by Town fire station and 2nd one was at Assumption Church…)The BSO police reside in the same place [Jarvis Hall building] they have from the beginning of their contract…… and we now know from the special meeting in June when Chief Scott Gooding was represented by the BSO Colonel that BSO asked to remain where they are after seeing the hotel!…OUCH!…We also now know that the Town Manager did not plan properly for the building  and did not include the real cost of doing the required renovations…and it seems her decision to use the LETF  for the renovations was improper. Double OUCH!…In the time since we purchased the property the BSO have remained where they are …so the status quo implies the Town Manager should have planned better and waited to purchase this property or to not purchase it at all!…

Comm. Clottey said that “normally” she wouldn’t like a purchase like this , but asked “how often does an adjacent property come on the market?”…

The Town Manager said “Never!”….

BC- not long after the purchase the adjacent property behind the hotel on Bougainvilla came up for sale (prev. post) and it was for sale at less than $800,000!…The Commission addressed it, but did not attempt to buy it with the outrage that came from this purchase…which cost the taxpayers more than double for the same size lot now available!…OOPS!…

Comm. Clottey then spoke of the warehouse and the need for it to be advertised ASAP!…She stated “Otherwise I think residents are going to be justified in screaming loudly.”

The Town Manager said she had an advertisement ready to go as soon as the 2nd appraisal came in as she was “obligated” to wait for it…saying she [TM] will work with the Town Atty. who had reviewed it …Comm. Clottey reiterated she wanted the property on the market….The Town Manager said “probably this week if not next week, we’re just waitin’ for the next appraisal.”

BC-Originally the Town Commission approved a 90 day contract for the firm to sell the property…Here we are 15 months later..the Town Manager has not asked the Commission for any extension or any direction to replace the company….We still own the building…just the “For Sale”  signs are larger…

The Mayor repeated her reasons for not wanting to purchase the property saying we have enough property…Comm. Silverstone asked the Mayor what it would cost to replace the Town Hall…the Mayor responded they would save the $1.7 million and then need to get the numbers …Comm. Silverstone retorted “Without knowing those numbers that’s a very strong statement you’re making”…The Mayor attempted to make him understand “You don’t have to spend money” on the new property…Comm. Silverstone spoke of a past Master Plan that included the Town Hall and the Town Manager said it was at a cost of “a couple of million”…The Mayor said to “use the $1.7 on top of that.”..



BC- When?…By whom?…

The Town Manager went on to talk briefly about the relocation that would have to happen if Town Hall was replaced…

Comm. Silverstone- ” That’s what I thought”…..

BC- Comm. Silverstone brought up the acquisition prior to the 2008 election 2 months earlier …but as far as it being a “goal”…Hmmmm….

VM McIntee- ” Jimmy’s right on, a fire station’s gonna cost $2-3 million, police department a million and a half, that’s $4 million, that’s not counting the Town’s offices, new structure, $6-8 million minimum, we don’t have that.”

BC- WHOAAAAA….I thought the Town Manager/ “Gang of 3” “Mantra” was and is “We are in the black” and the $8 million loan could be paid back at any time!…OOPS!..

VM- ” That’s probably low. You’re apples and oranges here Mayor! Bottom line is in less than 70 days we’re gonna have 92 firemen working in this town, 27 policemen. That’s 127 people.” (HUH?) ” Before we sneeze we’re gonna have ambulances coming in and out that we got to maintain”

BC-Add much VM?…We are not maintaining the ambulances, AMR is and the in- town ambulance is plugged in with an extension cord in front of the hotel (that alone would be a code violation for anyone else in this town)…The AMR portion of the Public Safety building is lousy, they could have stayed at the Beach Hotel or the Holiday in and had the same type of accommodations…YIKES!…


BC- The Manager found out after the purchase that the VFD could NOT sleep upstairs …and although there was talk of moving them downstairs and BSO up, that too would not fly…So desperate was she (we were told) that she considered using Lazy-boys to bypass the requirements…That too did not happen…We have heard that indeed there are some beds upstairs, but the intended use by 92 firemen never came to fruition as the VFD steadily thinned out to 60+ (last month we heard 75) ….

Town Manager Colon -” Remember if you look at your budget documents, a municipal complex was $4 million and that is about 4 years ago”..

VM McIntee-” Well quadruple it then!” and then used the increased costs of the sewers in the north as an example…

The Town Clerk asked for clarification of the vote…and was told it was to “just approve” the purchase…the Mayor read the motion and it passed 4-1 Mayor Minnet dissenting…

BC- There you have it…we taxpayers might have been had…unable to speak out and stop this unnecessary and unpopular purchase of the LBTS Mc-Public Safety Complex with its Mc-Public Swimming Pool…(still actively looking to hire a town lifeguard)…

The Scans…The Minutes….The E-mailed public records request….the Town meeting video links…

“Barbara Cole”
“Steve D’Olivera”
Steve: I am making a public records request for a copy of the publications that were to be published in a newspaper once a week for 2 weeks in a newspaper of general circulation in LBTS concerning the acquisition of the hotel in May 2008. Please acknowledge receipt of my request and let me know when it will be ready for pickup. Barbara Cole

March 25,2008 online link ….New Bus. 13D…….

MAY 27,2008 online video link….Old Bus. 15A. …….

more to come……..

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Here’s The Scoop ……. Which Came First The Job Or The Qualifications To Do The Job …The Resume Of LBTS Town Manager Esther Colon …

August 16, 2009 by Barbara

Dear Readers…Which came first the job or the qualifications to do the job?…This writer first asked for the Town Manager’s resume quite some time ago with no success…That changed on Tues. Aug. 11th when the 1 page resume containing her education/certification/ work experience and personal summary paragraph…up until 2000 was produced…(see scan below)…It does make me wonder why it took so long to produce? ….and ….Why now?…. On the surface without doing verification as to its accuracy… it looks as if she held the Graduate degree requirement the LBTS Town Charter requires…(although clearly she did not have the 2 years experience as Town Manager or 4 years Assist. TM experience at that time)…What immediately stood out in Ms. Colon’s resume….was why Town Manager Colon has a propensity for moving unqualified and inexperienced workers into key department head positions…something this writer could never understand and no one seemed to be able to answer….Why?…because according to her own resume Esther Colon herself became Finance Director for the City of Sweetwater Florida in 1977 and did not get her college A.A degree until 12 years later!

She includes in her “Work Experience” section that she was the Finance Director from August 1977- July 30, 1992…but under her “Education”section she includes that she received her “Associate in Arts in General Studies at Miami Dade Community College, Miami Fla. 08/89″ and her “Associate of Science in Accounting at Miami Dade Community College, Miami Fla. 12/89″…So for 12 years…. City of Sweetwater Finance Director Colon had no college degree and and no degree in Finance!..WOW!…

While  Finance Director in Sweetwater from 1977-July 30, 1992 she continued her education receiving a “Bachelor of Business Administration in Management- Florida International University, Miami Fla. 4/92″..Finance Director Colon who NOW held a Bachelors degree left Sweetwater and became “Assistant Finance Director-July 31, 1992 to December 05, 1992 ” then becoming “Acting Finance Director- December 06, 1992- May 21, 1993″ for the City of Miami Springs

In 1998 she became a  “Part-Time Teacher: Teach undergraduate business classes. 1998 to present”…at Florida National College in Hialeah Florida

On “June 07, 1993 to June 11, 2000″  Esther Colon worked at the Broward County Sheriff’s Office in Fort Lauderdale as “Assistant Director- Bureau of Management, Finance and Budget”…the description of her duties states ” Responsible for the day- to-day operation, involving the financial activities of the agency with approximate budget of $350 million. Includes direct and indirect supervision of 40 staff members. Involves the operations of payroll (approx. 4,300 employees) payables, receivable , general ledger and fixed assets. Responsible for preparation of the comprehensive annual financial report. Agency liaison with external auditors and regulatory agencies at local, state and federal level. Responsible for the preparation of semi-annual and annual financial reports and claims for grants and forfeited funds. Provide assistance to the Budget division with analytical projections and preparation of annual budget. Liaison with the Metropolitan Intelligence Unit as pertains to Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force transactions.”…The work experience stops at 2000,  the year she came to LBTS….

Under “Education” she continued on with the following ” Center for Advanced Criminal Justice Studies- 11/99 (240 hours)/ Criminal Justice Executive Leadership Program- Florida Atlantic  University, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla”…In 1995 she received a “Graduate Certificate  in public Management- 12/95….Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management – 5/96…..

The Graduate Degree came when she received a Masters of Science in Management- 5/96 from  St. Thomas University”…

”Certifications”… “Dade County Public Schools Educators Certificate -Substitute Degree- July 01-June 30, 1996/ CGFM- Certified Government Financial Manager – Certificate #3615 Association of Government Accountant- State of Virginia- December 1995/ CGFO- Certified Government Finance Officer- Certification # 0186 Florida Government Finance Officers- State of Florida- November 1998″…..


”Over 20 years of experience in local government in accounting and finance field. TEAM LEADER WITH STRONG COMMUNICATION AND INTERPERSONAL SKILLS. EXPERTISE IN ORGANIZING AND PLANNING TO ACHIEVE HIGH LEVELS OF PRODUCTIVITY. STRENGTH IN RECOGNIZING, ANALYZING, AND SOLVING PROBLEMS. STRONG COMMITMENT, VISION HIGH ENERGY AND ENTHUSIASM. Proficient in Word Perfect, Lotus, Word and Excel. Bilingual- English and Spanish. ” “Personal references available upon request.”

Links to Schools/Cities…

St. Thomas University-

Florida Atlantic University

Florida International University

City of Miami Springs, Fla.-

City of Sweetwater, Fla.-


more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … What You Talkin’ About Town Manager?

August 15, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers… While perusing the now infamous LBTS Purchasing Manual revised 10/15/05 …(except for page 19 …scroll down prev. post)… I happened upon a “timely” section…

Section IV…. Exceptions to General Purchasing Policies….


“All purchases to be paid for by the LETF must comply with Florida Statutes Section 923.7055  AND MUST BE APPROVED IN ADVANCE BY THE BSO/LBTS POLICE CHIEF AND THE TOWN COMMISSION.”

BC- Not the Town Manager!…OOPS!…Seems the Town Manager  wants to follow the purchasing manual in some sections …but not in others!…OUCH!…

It continues…

“A copy of the Town Commission approval must be maintained by the Purchasing Administrator. LETF expenditures are restricted by Florida Statutes Section 932.7055, to school resource officer, crime prevention, safe neighborhood, drug abuse education, drug prevention, drug treatment, complex/protracted investigation cost, additional police equipment/expertise, or federal grant matching purposes.”

BC- It sure looks like the Town Manager was out of line in her position concerning approval of the LETF funds according to this!… As previously stated in the manual……page 2 “Non- Compliance with provisions of the Purchasing Manual may lead to disciplinary action”… Sounds about right!…

A Google on BSO-LETF  brought up this BSO-LETF  purchase from 2005…BEACH SAFETY…PRE-McIntee…Beach Safety program…


Updated: 04/22/2005 10:34:00 AM
PIO Number: 05-4-42

Some Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea are now carrying a potentially life-saving rocket.

The ResQmax Rescue Rocket is a portable, easy-to-use device that uses compressed air to shoot a lifeline up to several hundred feet. A highly visible, self-inflating flotation device connected to the end of the lifeline can help keep a struggling swimmer afloat as first responders tow the victim to shore or get more help to the scene.

“Every year, we and our partners in BSO Fire-Rescue respond to emergencies on the beach here in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea,” said BSO District-13 Chief Scott Gooding. “It makes a lot of sense that we give our deputies more tools to help save lives and keep residents and visitors safe.”

Deputies in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea will have four of the Rescue Rockets in patrol cars while a fifth one will always be on BSO’s beachfront ATV. The five new rockets join one already in service with BSO Fire-Rescue in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea.

The five Rescue Rockets purchased by BSO in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea cost $12,600 and the money came from the Law Enforcement Trust Fund (LETF). The LETF is funded by monies confiscated from criminals and criminal activities and proceeds from the sale of forfeited or seized property.

Other cities served by the Broward Sheriff’s Office have the devices too. BSO Fire-Rescue in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea has one, BSO deputies in Dania Beach have one, and BSO Fire-Rescue in Weston took delivery of six of the rockets in February 2004.

California-based Rescue Solutions International, Incorporated manufactures the Rescue Rocket for use in fire-rescue, law enforcement, military, offshore oil operations, and other applications.

This release by:
Hugh Graf / Media Relations

“Victim” is pulled to shore by BSO deputies – “Victim” is pulled to shore by BSO deputies
BSO deputy deploys Rescue Rocket – BSO deputy deploys Rescue Rocket

Scans of the Purch. Manual pages…33 and 34…

more to come………

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Here’s The Scoop … 2 Strikes …. And Counting ….

August 11, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers…Did you wonder last weekend …. what’s up with the pavilion…is it shoddy workmanship…or terrible tourists…poor maintenance…what’s with the posts?…

Well, not this time…it was STRIKE 2!…

In the wee hours of Friday morning approx. 2:30 am…there was a high speed  chase with the Oakland Park BSO pursuing criminals who had just robbed Radio Shack on Federal Highway…from what this writer gathered from a few accounts of those who observed, caught it on tape or spoke to those who were there…is the following…

The criminals broke into the Radio Shack and the BSO  was right there in the vicinity…BSO took off after them heading east towards LBTS down Commercial Blvd….as they prepared to make the turn in front of  the pavilion the BSO did some incredible driving and succeeded in a pretty calculated move…it is said the police car got to the left of the get away car in the turn and hit it on the driver’s side…it flipped on its side and slid into the center of the pavilion (pics of incredible minimum damage below)…The police then caught the guys…..

This is strike 2 for that area…earlier  during construction it was a tractor trailer…(prev. post) ….So that being said is 3 strikes the one that will take the pavilion down?….

Hmmm…….maybe there was a reason for those old metal ones after all?….

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop… Medals For The “Gang Of 3” ……..

August 2, 2009 by Barbara

Dear Readers….this writer read and re-read  what the “Gang of 3” chose to write about in their CIC/VFD Supported Furth Times newspaper produced at Town Hall East on El Mar…If there is any doubt as to why rational, competent residents and voters have said “enough is enough” with these elected officials and their backers…this edition of the Mc-Furth Times and especially the Commissioner’s columns can leave no doubt…it is time to throw the bums out!…


Commissioner Clottey is a bigger disappointment than either of the Broom Boys….that’s the word around town especially from the women voters…We thought she was independent, highly educated and would be an asset up there in dealing with the finances of the town as well as the irrational behavior she herself witnessed from the Vice Mayor and the Furths as a candidate…But she CHOSE…to be besotted by Marc Furth and be led by the nose from those who pointed their fingers at her and told her she better not follow suit and ask for a sabbatical from the CIC  after Comm. Dodd did the night her was “tarred and feathered”…even though it was she who 1st broached the subject at current CIC Chair and BTSTimes Editors Bob and Adrienne  Roberts ….(both wrote in this edition of the paper)…Her irrational behavior on the dais began with her treatment of Michael Arker’s attorney…proceeding to her BSO “fear of calling the police” statements…..Off the dais she had some major changes in her life..leaving Barry University to teach online from home…She became more isolated ( in this writer’s opinion) and this writer was increasingly concerned with some of her calls stating (before her BSO actions on the dais) that she had been out in the middle of the night with a “soaker hose” and had observed suspicious action going on in her neighborhood…she though there was “drug deal going on”…This writer was astonished…first that she would be out doing what she was doing at that time and second that if she was correct in her observation she would remain outside at that hour! I told her she was a Commissioner and to contact the BSO…I followed up on her doing just that and a few days later she said she did …she was not a happy camper …she relayed that the Chief responded “in that neighborhood it’s probably prostitution”…I laughed..and said “Is that better?”…She said he might not get back to her if some undercover operation was going on….Sometime later she called me and was quite undone…it was in the afternoon and she had observed the BSO stop 2 people walking up her street with suitcases and they [BSO] were asking the people who they were…she said “what if that was me”…”They can’t be stopping people.”…My response…”You can’t have it both ways, first you didn’t think they [BSO] was doing enough and now you think they’re doing too much.”…I also added that  in a past election the Vice Mayor who lives in Bel Air as well made it known he did not like people walking in the area without a reason….So you can imagine my reaction to her dais BSO statements…I was dumbfounded and felt she had an ax to grind…Around that time this professional accomplished woman…a single mother who raised an accomplished professional daughter …also startled me with yet another call about her problems with her front yard and Marc Furth…She said she had hired a man to take care of the lawn that was dug up after the sewer installation…the man did a bad job…Comm. Clottey  said she called Marc Furth to help her deal with him (HUH?)…Birute said Marc came over and told the man he better do the job right or he [Marc Furth] would write about him in his paper…(last I heard the man was not going to be threatened)…..Birute was beside herself that Marc had made that statement…I asked her what in the world she needed Marc for to deal with her house?….This readers, is the decline I have witnessed…Against my better judgment I held on to maintain a relationship hoping that our conversations would give her someone to “bounce” the Mc-Furth directives off  and help her to do as she did throughout the campaign …to find her own voice…to actually hear what she was going to say out loud …and know how truly off the wall it usually was…It lasted for a while…I would usually take a little time and say I’ll get over it when she spouted some “Furthisms”……but then as she took to the podium and it was all  Furth directives coming  from her mouth …I finally told her “I’m not getting over it this time”…and walked away from any further communications…(sadly)…..culminating in my going to the dais after the special meeting for Scott Gooding in which I  told her I had wasted 2 years of my life on her and she should resign. I still think she should!…

Now in her column she has further shown something is “terriably” (see below for the misssp.) wrong…She again perpetuates her claim that she “tried and failed to put a motion on the floor” at the Scott Gooding meeting…The tape shows that never happened!…She says Comm. Dodd’s motion was “one sided and should have been two sided”…(HUH?)…He was asking for a vote to direct the Manager to reinstate the Chief!…And then she goes really goes through the looking glass with the following…” If there is to be a showdown between A reassigned police chief and THE town manager,I WILL CHOOSE THE TOWN MANAGER. Yes, Chief Gooding was a nice guy, A FREQUENT PARTICIPANT AT THE ANGLIN SQUARE SCENE”…(seriously besmirching connotation made ) “and a COMPETENT police officer”…(Chief Scott Gooding’s academic and professional accomplishments were brought forward by the BSO Colonel at the June 30th meeting…and proved him to be much more than just a “competent police office”. Again, the Comm. besmirches the Chief)..”but, BSO can EASILY assign us another COMPETENT police chief”…(The incompetent Clueless Comm. is tone deaf to her constituents!)…”Finding a competent town manager with Esther Colon’s financial expertise and savvy is an entirely different story”…(Piece of cake, Comm…Piece of cake!)…Comm. Clottey then spouts the financial  acumen of TM Colon…being “in the black”…blah..blah..blah…and the rest of the same old tired rhetoric…followed by these statements further showing who is influencing her with revisionist history that she herself did not research…(This writer KNOWS Comm. Clottey had no prior intimate knowledge of the previous Town Manager and Ms. Colon was brought into LBTS  by that TM and worked side by side with him as Finance Director and Asst. TM…so she would have been complicit in any inferior management of the town…oops! )” I might end with a question. In these hard economic times, would you prefer to have a hard nosed BUT FAIR competent town manager with a proven track record”… (finance and staff)..” Or do you prefer to have someone who is always nice to your face, allows the staff to get their work done when they get around to it and then socks it to the taxpayer, financially?”…(Give me a break!)…” Compare the two most recent town managers and decide for yourself which one had the the best interest of the town at heart.”…

Comm. Clottey told this writer she was a professor and marketing was her field…unfortunately she has failed (in this writer’s opinion) …as an online teacher reviewed  in 2003 (see below)…And as a professor witnessed by this writer during the campaign when students came to meet candidate Dodd and to do a class project …(ala Sandra Booth’s 2 successful AI projects) that failed to get off the ground… The students came…Candidate Clottey did not assemble any materials for them (this writer did) …there was no interaction observed with the students throughout the get together…and it never moved beyond the initial meeting…..She has failed as a Commissioner in the first year and a half of her 4 year term…Time to step down Comm…time to step down…for the sake of the town…..and let us voters find a COMPETENT COMMISSIONER who has a CLUE!….


‘Birute Clottey
Professor: Birute Clottey
Course: RES341: Research and Analysis I (Management (Business))
Grade: Review Details
Overall Grade
Speaking Skills
Outside Class Availablity
Review by: thinkpink
Grade student received in this class

Total reviews posted by this student
Just this one
Average grade of student’s reviews
Posted on: October 18, 2003
A Terriable Teacher
All F reviews are hidden right now. They will be back shortly.’


Ah, Um,  Jimmy..Jimmy…Jimmy… You have written the perfect FREUDIAN STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS about you and your BFF McIntee…This writer thought it was magnificent…(KUDOS)…because you have truly stuck it to your BROOM BOY mentor..BIG TIME…(any doubt who it could be about could  be revealed if your pal tries for a second term)……Comm. Silverstone wrote…”If a child cheats in school on a test and gets away with it, the other students, if they know they have two choices. They can tell on the cheater or they can also cheat.”…(In this writer’s opinion)…Jimmy…look in the mirror!…The probable cause charges found from the elections and ethics commission for you and your BFF McIntee…Voting McIntee in as Dep. Chief even though you know your VFD by-laws do not allow it…standing by as McIntee went after VFD Battalion Chief Pointu..VFD Captain Scot Fowler …VFD Captain Joe Padden…and recently the VFD Chief Perkins (more on this to come) ….watching and then joining in …so much so …that all those who used to say “Jimmy’s a nice guy”… want you out!….You just gotta love this part it fits the VM to a “T” (T for “TIM” )…Jimmy talks of “Tim”…the “Cheater in his class”…who was the “class clown” (HMMM) “thought he [“Tim”] was smarter than the “rest”….(“rest”, Jimmy?) (HMMM)..”So smart in fact he didn’t need to study all that much”…(VM does not open his backup …we hear…until he’s on the dais)…he goes on…”Once it was known “Tim” was cheating and because he was bigger then most of us ” …(HMMM)…” many of the students” started to cheat to keep their grades up.”…(“many of the students”, Jimmy?.)…” If “they” told ON “Tim”, the FEAR was they (“they “Jimmy?) were going to be CAST ASIDE and get BEAT UP after school.”…(HMMMM…the BULLY)…the final salvo…intentional or not?…” In the end “many of the students” (“many of the students”, Jimmy?) became very good at cheating and NOT VERY GOOD AT KNOWING THE SUBJECT’…(HMMM..In a NUTshell …in a NUTshell)…Thanks Broom Boy…”2-Hats” off for your insight…the “Healer” should be proud …you have had a epiphany…and most likely did not even know it…HMMM…


Vice Mayor McIntee chose to deflect…deflect (no mirror, VM?) his bad behavior on the dais…his electioneering on the dais…his bullying on the dais…his VFD ad-nauseum rhetoric on the dais…his wheeling and dealing on the dais…his ineptness on the dais with the facts…the backup and the gavel…by going after the Mayor…and those audience members who not afraid to speak up…get used to it Vice Mayor….get used to it!….

The perfect medal to bestow……..

more to come……….

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Here’s The Scoop… It’s Not Goodbye Chief ….. IT’S GAME OVER ….

July 31, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers… First the news…

‘LAUDERDALE-BY-THE-SEA – There will be a new chief in town Monday when Capt. Oscar Llerena replaces Broward Sheriff’s Chief Scott Gooding, who was removed from office last month by Town Manager Esther Colon.

Gooding’s departure was protested at a raucous town meeting where more than 100 residents and business owners praised his leadership and demanded his reinstatement. They were unsuccessful.

Gooding’s removal came as a surprise, after Colon faulted the cost of his renovation plans for police office space. She had never complained about his performance or financial management and had reviewed the construction costs with his supervisors prior to removing him.

Colon chose the new leader from within the sheriff’s ranks but from outside the town’s 28-member force.

In 2004, Llerena was named in a widespread inquiry into improperly closed cases during former Sheriff Ken Jenne’s administration. Sheriff’s investigators recommended a three-day suspension for Llerena.

“Captain Llerena challenged the finding and the investigators’ recommendation was not sustained,” agency spokesman Jim Leljedal said. “He was never suspended.”

Colon declined to comment on her selection of Llerena, 37, who is on vacation and did not return messages seeking comment about his goals for the new job.

Llerena will work under a $2.9 million contract with the town that ends Sept. 30, 2011.

He joined the Broward Sheriff’s Office as a road patrol deputy in 1996 and has been a training officer and detective. An agency spokeswoman said Llerena’s most recent post was night watch commander.

Gooding will remain with the sheriff’s office as a field commander.’


What a turnout…what a crowd…and what a way to say thank you to outgoing Chief Scott Gooding…for a job well done!

We gathered around as Village Grill owner Dave Gadsby (no relation)  stepped on the stage to explain why we had all come out this evening…saying a few words about Chief Scott Gooding…He then introduced BSO Sheriff Al  Lamberti who came to support the Chief ….The Sheriff spoke about the BSO and what they stand for…and how they stand together…saying it’s not about one person …it’s about the BSO department as a whole…He then brought Scott up to speak to the crowd….Scott  spoke about the LBTS department and of the people he worked with in his 5 1/2 years in town…His voice cracked a little as he said it was hard to move on when you weren’t ready to leave ….but added in his new position….this was not goodbye…he would be able to return anytime he wanted!….The crowd burst into applause!…He gave special thanks to close friends …. pointed out his sister ( and her date) and his neighbors from Pompano Beach who had joined him for this event…..and then said the drinks were free courtesy of Dave Gadsby!…(all in good fun)….Dave Gadsby came back to the mike and asked everyone to join in to sing “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow”….followed by more applause and shouts of support ……Also in attendance…former LBTS Chief Tyre, incoming Chief, Capt. Oscar Llerena  …. Lt. Angelo Cedeno…many of Chief Gooding’s LBTS-BSO staff…Mayor Minnet… Commissioner Dodd…and former Town Commissioners…

Walking around the square the  subject was the same no matter where you walked…no matter who you talked to…IT’S GAME OVER…for  McIntee/ Silverstone/ Colon and the Furths…They went to far …and there’s no turning back… there’s no letting up….. to see that come this March…they are marched right out of power!…

This writer has never seen anything like it…a town full of residents…business owners….BSO ….and VFD ….ALL saying the McIntee and Gang are toast…they crossed the line and they can NEVER  recover from this action….NEVER….

Some spoke and snickered about the “UNSPINNING ” the spin campaign latest edition of the Mc-Furth times…saying it was more the “UNRAVELING” the campaign in 2010…THEIRS…”WE SWEPT THEM IN….WE CAN SWEEP THEM OUT”….Bye Bye BROOMS……..

With the Deputy Chief safely out of town, leaks from the VFD were front and center on these downtown sidewalks …Word is there is no support for McIntee in the VFD ….they’re  just waiting …for Dec/Jan VFD elections…where this writer is told McIntee will not be  re-elected Deputy Chief…We hear his bad acts are out of control……It is only a matter of time……..We’ll supply a medal for that!…

As the hour turned late and the music died down we all were in agreement….The man we came to thank tonight made his mark, was appreciated and richly supported by a community that will honor him by making “sweeping changes” in March ….of that this writer has no doubt……lights out…GAME OVER….

Thank you Chief, see you around town!….

link to Sentinel….,0,3298688.story

more to come….

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