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Here’s The Scoop…LBTS Ocean Hyperbaric Center BSO Event Report

June 17, 2009 by Barbara


BC- The BSO released this month the Event Report from the May 1,2009 Hyperbaric incident…Classification- Accidental Injury….

Below is the narrative by BSO Deputy John Melbourne…Quite a different narrative than the “P.R.”  narrative we saw in the VFD incident report by Chief Perkins…..(prev. post…VFD cat.)…In his report Deputy Melbourne also gives credit for the first time to Ocean Hyperbaric employees who were already evacuating the building upon his arrival as well as a technician  [Witness #2] who quickly assisted in the aftermath of this accident with the chamber decompression thus allowing the Public Safety responders to remove the victims for emergency care…

Page 6….

‘L S09-05-00010

Melbourne, John 03238

This writer responded to the above location reference to an explosion and fire. The incident location is the Ocean Hyperbaric Center.

Upon arrival a building evacuation was in progress, fire alarm was activated with moderate to heavy smoke coming from the first floor medical offices. It was ascertained that victims were still inside the offices of the fire origin. Entry was made into the hyperbaric lab or treatment area. A fire was still burning inside Chamber #8 which was located on the south side of the room, with the bottom of the chamber facing east. Two victims were observed severely burned.

Victim [1] name redacted on this report

Victim [2] Vincenza Pesce DOB 3-30-47 Victims one’s Grandmother

I was able to determine that both victims were unconscious and breathing. Burning material was removed and Victims [1] & [2] were removed from the chamber. Both victims were transported to Broward General Medical Center in very serious condition. Victim [1] was taken by Broward Sheriff’s Office helicopter and Victim [2] was transported by AMR ambulance.

Witness # 1 was inside the treatment area and indicated that both victims were inside Chamber #8 and a small amount of smoke was observed after the victims began banging on the chamber window. An emergency chamber decompression was conducted by Witness #2. That action take 1 minute to 1 1/2 minutes before the chamber could be opened. In that time, dark smoke filled the inside of the chamber containing both victims.

Witness #2 indicated that he is a Certified Hyperbaric Technician CHT, and had stepped from the room just before the fire occurred. He performed an emergency chamber decompression and at the start of the decompression, the victims were in 1.75ATA, or 11psi and a flow.

Broward Sheriff’s Office Crime Scene and State Fire Investigators conducted the scene investigation. Detectives from Broward Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division were also on scene due to the severe injuries to both victims.

An examination of Chamber #8 was conducted. Chamber #8 along with two other chambers were removed for close examination. Chamber #11 and Chamber #12 did not have any fire damage from this incident. No further action taken at this time.’

BC- Unfortunately both victims succumbed to their severe burns and the Ocean Hyperbaric Chamber remains closed ….

more to come…

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