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Here’s The Scoop…Paranoia..

December 2, 2008 by Barbara


‘” The Bloomberg philosophy may sound strange to ‘outsiders’ but not to those who matter- us. We’ve always assumed that even if we’re paranoid, they probably ARE out to get us.’ ….

‘If employees left to work for a competitor, “they’ve become bad people, period. We have a loyalty to US. Leave and you’re THEM.”‘

‘There was even a policy against rehiring anyone who quit for anything other than family reasons: “How could we ever again look in the eye the one who stayed if we let the ‘traitor’ come back?”‘

As faithful readers are aware…this writer always reads the latest edition of Vanity Fair Magazine on board the airplane…this trip…this Dec. issue. ..this article…pg. 216 ..the story…Bloomberg Without Bloomberg by Seth Mnookin…this referenced speaker…the Editor Matthew Winkler…perhaps a Mc-gang member …from afar?…

more to come…

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