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Here’s The Scoop…Aruba Beach Cafe’ Memorial Day Beach Bash 2009….CANCELLED!….

May 4, 2009 by Barbara


Well they did it …the Aruba Beach Cafe’ threw in the the towel and struck the first major blow to the town ..cancelling their annual Beach Bash..

This is the result of the recent actions of the the Gang of 3 and the Town Administration….. ….

What a shame…and what a loss …

Kudos to Aruba  ….for standing up to this strongarming trio…and  their co-hort Adminisrtators…

Hopefully this  drastic action will bring these elected officials to their senses!….

From Aruba Beach Cafe’

‘Due to matters beyond our control, the management of Aruba Beach Café sadly informs all those concerned the annual Memorial Day Beach Bash will not take place outside this year. Because of the increased cost of this one time event and possible issues regarding amount of people, noise ordinances, sea turtles regulations and by the very nature of an outdoor event, it is not possible to adequately plan to be able to adhere to all the rules and other regulations associated with this type of event. Not to mention the amount of hard work and the risk of meeting our cost associated it is not feasible for us to continue for this year.We will have an indoor event which will include the normal Friday night pig roast festivities.
We hope to see you there!’

more to come…

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