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Here’s The Scoop….We Made The News…Congress….And Youtube…

July 11, 2009 by Barbara


(Photo: from left: Bruce Kershner, Florida Solar Energy Industries Association; James Rose, Network for New Energy Choices; Gwen Rose, Vote Solar; Gov. Crist; Martha Duggan, Solar Alliance; Yann Brandt, AGT electrical contractors. Photo courtesy of Office of Gov. Crist)

Dear Readers….Many of you may recognize LBTS longtime resident Yann Brandt…He has grown up in our town….He was a VFD member in our town…and he has been quite vocal and informative in offering up suggestions for the town and its residents with energy programs …and asking the commission to start a committee to move the town in the right direction…Unfortunately the only thing green that came from his offers…were that of the “green- eyed monster”…political in nature from the “Gang of 3” on the dais who have heard Yann might consider a run for a seat on the Commission next March….So shortsighted were they that they shot him down…Others have not ……Such as Governor Crist…and Congressman Klein….Hmmmm….

BC- On the floor of Congress…Congressman Kleins speaks of  Yann  Brandt and AGT …..(youtube link below)

Excerpt from Reuters….

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, Jun 01 (MARKET WIRE) --  Advanced Green Technologies
 (AGT), one of the world's leading providers
of solar energy systems, today announced a strategic alliance with CTC Resources, Inc.
(CTC), one of industry's leading financiers.
 The alliance enables AGT clients to select, install, manage and finance complete
 photovoltaic systems that are inclusive of the
 system components, software, maintenance and installation, while realizing an
unparalleled return on investment
through their 0-0-3 Financing Program.     
"AGT is committed to assisting businesses realize significant savings on their
 purchase of solar energy systems
and services with flexible offerings, highly competitive rates and superior
 product and investment protection,"
 said Yann Brandt, VP of AGT. "AGT is pleased to offer our clients the industry's
 first 0-0-3 Program, which reflects
 $0 down payment, 0% financing with the first 3 monthly payments of $0, for qualified
borrowers. With $10 million allocated
to provide financing, AGT has now made going green easier for consumers."

Full text link below…

BC- Maybe next time Mr. Brandt offers his expert opinion ….the dais will be all ears?…

more to come………

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