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Here’s The Scoop…Scene And Heard Around Town….4th Of July…Not Just A Re-Election Kick-Off…A Coronation…./VFD…Stumbles….Gumbles…And P.R…..

June 12, 2009 by Barbara



We hear the CIC could not come up with anybody at their 6/10/09 CIC July 4th Committee meeting……but alas…the Mc-Furths ( with their newly installed totally directed new officers…(past Chair Furth/V-Chair McIntee are still on the CIC board) are keeping up with the 2008 overhaul of CIC rules and procedures be damned …… Those pesky little details such as sending out letters in time for members to nominate…..kind of like having open July 4th committee meetings on the up and up for the whole town (not once in the Public Safety Complex..[notice  posted briefly on the Jarvis board]…and the 2nd one 3 days before the event itself )…You have to hand it to them…. the  CIC board was were quite “slick” in their e-mail that “paved the way” for this inclusion…”The nominee must be available to ride in the 4th of July Beach Blast parade.  To avoid any conflicts of interest the CIC Officers (Bob Roberts, Joe Couriel, Tom Carr, Carol Dickman), and sitting Commissioners are not eligible for nominations”…..

So now the CIC Citizens(s) of the year …(we hear)….MARC AND/OR CRISTIE FURTH!….(After all she is not an Officer of the CIC or a Commissioner…but a Board member which is conveniently allowable!….We call that a CORONATION!….For the Mc-Furth July 4th Event…WOW!…

The stop signs on El Mar Drive at El Prado…were supposed to have been reduced…taking down 2 of the 4 stop signs…BUT…somehow it became  no stop signs!…Just a pedestrian stop if a pedestrian is present!…The near misses due to this “executive decision”…keep racking up!…OOPS!

Looks the soon to be crowned couple Furth…got what they wanted the Anglin monument is gone…moved to Town Hall leaving the El Prado Park free and clear for their July 4th CIC-VFD (mandatory attendance for the 65 members plus mandatory for their families…4 hour minimum)…tourist event paid for with your tax dollars…

We have confirmation that the FWC did indeed move the turtle nests…despite their workshop response that they do not like to do it ….and the state and county did approve the Mc-Furth fireworks on the beach…off of a piece of plywood with the 280 ft. radius of clearance …( more if there is wind)…

Seen last night …the Town Photog. using his town free parking tag once again…just another perk….for the BFF pre-coronation…what’s he get afterward?

The members are getting restless….We hear the “most experienced” VFD Firefighter Dep. Chief McIntee really blew it a few days ago…entering a condo with his crew after a fire call…He is said to have sent firefighters up to the 15th floor without the required air packs……It is also being said that Dep Chief McIntee did not check the fire alarm panel upon arrival ….before giving the orders… the panel indicated the problem was on the 1st floor!…Still more procedural missteps are said to have taken place in not directing his “troops” to hook up the firetruck to the standpipe!…OUCH!….

We hear  VFD Chief Perkins …hot off his hyperbaric heroism sans the Dep. Chief…(he was out of town)……is “feeling his oats” these day and spending his free time …free of the  Dep. Chief….and talking to those that oppose the Vice Mayor/ Dep. Chief…about life in the VFD after McIntee and conveying how he as Chief is just “trying to hold the department together”…YIKES!…Expect a lot less “free time” after this post…Chief!…But if this is so…KUDOS!…

According to the VM/Dep. Chief he went in the command car (previous post) to purchase 15 gallons of foam to replace the foam used for the recent VFD bee nest foam “busting”……Those in the know say the amount of water needed for that amount of foam…reaches in the neighborhood of 200 gallons…HMMM…about those water restrictions…

We have confirmation that the recent P.R. for the VFD and their “Spokesman” VM/Dep Chief McIntee…including ….showing off his (it is said) self- inflicted surfboard facial gash on the local news…and two Miami Herald articles last week on the now famous beach safety “pole #7″…and  Dr. of Love…VM Manatee’s female manatee voyeurism escapade… of the captivating “wide hips” beached creature…was not done by the Town Public Information Officer…but by the VFD…(the spokesman, himself?)!…All’s fair in self-promotion….and war!…

Keep those scene and heard around town comments coming…

more to come..

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Here’s The Scoop….The “Furth” Of July….

April 30, 2009 by Barbara


The Mc-Furth plan for the “Furth” of July Fireworks display surprisingly still seems to be on the beach…or is it?…

The Commission was in receipt of quite a few late correspondence from the Nat. Turtle Foundation/DEP/Fl. Fish and Wildlife Commission…who were not happy with the committee’s choice of using the beach… …preferring the pier…But it appears some were told some untruths about the pier…starting with the cost…$20,000…We hear the pier owners never gave any price and had only one conversation with Event Coordinator Marc Furth…and no followup or inquiry from the Commission Co-Chairs or the Town….Could that be due to the Town Manager putting out the memo not to speak to the owners?….

Pretty strange when you think of all the hand wringing going on over the El Mar Drive streetlights and the Beach Pavilion lights…that no attempt has been made to have the fireworks off the pier…(no matter the differences on the pier sign)….to benefit the residents and the turtles…

Previously posted was one letter from DEP/Lou Fisher….(scoops…LBTS agenda/meetings categories) below are the others that arrived…

Many think there will be no fireworks and an attempt will be made to put the loss on the pier owners and the critics of how this years event has been run so far…ala the lack of the $5000 from the VFD for the Chamber’s Christmas-By-The-Sea…a big political ploy…

We hear that may have just happened in Town Hall with an anonymous letter sent to McIntee…and distributed…ala the attack letter about Patrick Pointu it is said was put in the Commissioner’s boxes by McIntee …..absolutely breaking all the rules….from accepting unsigned letters ( not allowed under Town policy)…to unauthorized distribution ( not allowed without the Town Manager’s approval) and not being stamped ….

A look at last year’s calendar shows that on March 12th, 2008  Comm. Dodd had his first July 4th meeting with Cristie Furth at her home…….March 19th, 2008 Comm. Dodd met with Town Manager Colon….April 1st, 2008 Comm. Dodd , Jerry Sehl and this writer met in Town Hall for 4th of July…Comm. Clottey left upon arrival in the parking lot due to the meeting not being posted…April 10,2008 the first posted meeting in Jarvis Hall…and then the meetings were regularly posted almost weekly on the Jarvis Hall board until the event…Comm. Dodd did go away on a long known vacation…but Comm. Clottey also went away…and as far as who did what…Comm. Dodd was fully engaged and involved from the beginning until the end…and after the event in a post July4th meeting…up until he was “Tarred and Feathered”…by the CIC…(previous post…July 2008)…..

The e-mails…..all are public record….

From: Trindell, Robbin
Sent: Tuesday, April 28, 2009 4:17 PM
To: Fisher, Louis; John Olinzock
Cc: [email protected]; [email protected]; Cich, Wesley; Koperski, Meghan
Subject: RE: Item 16b on tonight’s agenda (042809)

To my knowledge, DEP permits for fireworks displays seaward of the CCCL line  do not allow the actual staging area to be on the sandy nesting beach.  Any structure for launching fireworks must either be landward of the nesting beach  – some places have used the lawn of a beachfront building – or on the pier as suggested by Broward County .

Robbin N. Trindell, Ph.D.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Imperiled Species Management

620 South Meridian Street, MS#6A

Tallahassee, FL 32399

Phone: (850) 922-4330

FAX: (850) 921-6988

[email protected]

From: Cich, Wesley
Sent: Wednesday, April 29, 2009 1:57 PM
To: Fisher, Louis
Cc: Jackson, Celora A.; Halbert, Robert; Martinello, James; [email protected]; Taynton, Mark
Subject: RE: Item 16b on tonight’s agenda (042809): 4th of July Fireworks, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea


Yes, I read Robbin’s comment last night (and your initial e-mail).  While I do understand the desire to eliminate any potential impacts to marine-turtles, the comment that was made was not entirely accurate. Standard DEP/FFWCC conditions would apply. A stage would be allowed on the sandy, non-vegetated beach, but it would still have to be constructed in accordance with the attached DEP/FFWCC Special Events Permit Conditions  (guideline#2) and/or be removed immediately following the event. Only ATV’s or similar lightweight ATV-type vehicles would be allowed to transport equipment/materials onto the beach. FWC had provided me comments in the past pertaining to fireworks, indicating these types of activities should take place at the high tide line on the wet, sandy beach because the likelihood of turtle nests in this area would be minimized. It was also recommended that plywood, small elevated platform or similar structure should be used beneath the deployment zone to eliminate the potential for sub-surface heat transference, if any.

I understand that the Town no longer wants to erect a stage to launch from. They would like to utilize a plywood platform on grade to launch the fireworks. I understand that they will also need to erect temporary barricade fencing (approx. 280′ feet) to keep pedestrians a safe distance from the launch zone. All items/structures would be removed immediately following the event using manual labor/ATV’s.

I had suggested the use of the pier initially, but I have also been provided conflicting information… I was told that the Town would like to use the pier, but that the cost of $20,000, which it was reported the pier owners would charge, was too expensive. It just so happens that I had the chance to speak with one of the pier owners this morning, and he indicated that they would only charge $5,000 for use of the pier to launch fireworks.  If they were to launch from the pier, I would not require a DEP Field Permit because it would be atop an existing structure beyond mean high water line, which is outside of my jurisdiction.  However, it would still be expected/required that the fireworks display be terminated by 9pm in accordance with state law and local sea turtle lighting ordinance regulations.

I’ll keep you posted as I learn more about the exact plans for the proposed 4th of July fireworks display in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea….


Wesley Cich

Environmental Specialist II

Department of Environmental Protection

Bureau of Beaches and Coastal Systems

(877) 314-1329

[email protected]

BC…again this should not have been decided on the night of the 28th…it should have been held over for the Commissioners to have full disclosure before voting…

Thanks to the Faithful Reader for the”Furth of July” headline suggestion!….

More to come…..

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Here’s The Scoop…4/28/09 LBTS Commission Meeting #2…Fireworks “Deceptively” Displayed…

April 29, 2009 by Barbara

New Business Item 16B…Commission approval of Vendor for July 4th Beach Blast Celebration 2009 Fireworks Display – $15,000.00 (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)

Here we were again…. the “fix”was  in…The fireworks display was decided weeks ago in March or earlier by the Mc-Furth “Gang”…..A”Faux” RFP process was “put out” by the Town….. fully aligned with the “Faux” Fireworks Committee…all done out of the Sunshine!…

The Manager back from a week off setup the choice of the Event Coordinator Marc Furth….. Melrose South Pyrotechnics (previous post scoops category)…and asked for approval…

This writer held off  my public comment to speak on this item……knowing full well this was a “done deal”…..ready to be “cemented” this evening…”guaranteed” after Commissioner Comments when the Vice Mayor spoke of “We” met with the state etc…and “We” have big time sponsors…etc…all done with no posting of any meetings…How odd and disturbing that his Co-Chair of the event Comm. Silverstone did not look as if this was news to him…he appeared fully informed…The  Mayor read a letter from Town’s National Sea Turtle Foundation opposing the shooting off of fireworks on the beach…She went on to say that her concern prompted her to contact the Department of Environmental Protection and made some points of the response from them ( not turned over to the Comm. until right before the meeting)…Marc Furth said he had spoken to them that day as well…and that they and the state were behind the event from the beach…Marc spoke of the 9 pm cut off for fireworks applying to both the beach and the pier…The Mayor said there were other “issues”…but Marc “lobbed” onto the 9 pm point and the Mayor unfortunately did not bring out the rest of the letter (below) that states if the pier was used…..” This launching scenario would also create additional beach area for observation of the event by beachgoers.”….The big …important point…just where will beachgoers sit to watch the show?…Where will beachgoers enter and exit the beach?….Remember 280 feet in circumference with no winds… What Marc did reveal…if any turtle nests appear the site will need to be moved ….Marc and Comm. Clottey would not recommend Zambelli because of poor performance last year…but what about the comparison award required per the Town’s purchasing policy? ….That too was ignored….Comm. Clottey fully immersed now in all thing Colon-McIntee-Furth …is becoming very adept at throwing out the same “garbage comments” such as maybe not having the fireworks at all….Marc Furth said he made no promises to his choice of company when asked by Comm. Dodd if he had offered any assurances…..Marc said he would move the display if he received the funding to do so…Unfortunately no one on the dais jumped to speak of alternatives…or how much more funding would actually be required…Interesting when you consider $1750 was given following this item for a concert put on the agenda at last minute from Comm. Clottey… We hear there is approximately $24,000 that has gone unused for performing arts programming this budget year that could have been reallocated for the fireworks……Co-Chair Silverstone  spoke of not being “a team” with the questioning of Marc Furth…a perfect BFF  “handoff” to his BFF Co-Chair VM McIntee who absurdly charged the Mayor with “trying to sabotage this event” by “jumping over Marc” and going to these agencies!…The VM…. he of the  “investigations” such as going out to the Greenfest vendors at their homes and to the bank used for the event etc…WOW!…The Mayor could not contain her laughter at the ridiculous assertion being made…The Mayor did her due diligence…

It is most unfortunate that late at night……once again the Commission chose to vote on a matter where they were in receipt of late backup …not affording them time to digest the full scope of of what they were voting on….thus making the decision to ignore the recommendations of the National Turtle Foundation…and the insightful views of the DEP for a different venue  for the beachgoers who will be watching the display…..

It’s times like these where tabling the item is called for…

The letter not read last night….to Assistant Manager Olinzock and distributed to the Commission in their Town Hall mailboxes…


Thank you for the copy of the RFP for the LBTS Fourth of July Beach Blast Fireworks Display.  Attachment 3 of the RFP is the FDEP – Beaches and Coastal Systems (BCS) Special Event Permit Conditions for events on or near the Beach during marine turtle nesting and hatching season.  It should be emphasized that condition #2 requires that all structures must be elevated a minimum of 3 feet above the beach.  This would include any platform that would be used as a deployment point to launch any sized fireworks mortar shell.  It is possible that this requirement would not be necessary if the fireworks display were launched from the end of the Pier at Commercial blvd (approx 250 meters east of the beach).  This launching scenario would also create additional beach area for observation of the event by beachgoers.  Special condition number 5 will require that lights associated with the event be extinguished by 9:00 pm during the marine turtle nesting season.  According to FDEP-BCS (Wesley Cich) this will include fireworks displays, meaning that the display will have to be deployed and finished by 9:00 pm, whether deployed from the beach or the pier.

Although without question among the most patriotic of events,  Fourth of July fireworks displays during nesting and hatching season on sea turtle nesting and hatching habitat could result in conditions that might be non-conservational.  In a coastal city that has and enforces a sea turtle lighting ordinance it seems the purpose of the ordinance  would be to ensure conditions allowing the greatest chance of survival of the protected species.  The Fourth of July is no less patriotic if celebrated at a non-beach location.

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the agenda item and should you or the Mayor or any of the Town Commissioners have any questions or require any additional information please respond at your convenience.


Lou Fisher











954-519-1412 fax

[email protected]

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop …4/28/09 LBTS Agenda …#2…New Business 16 B./”As of 4/17/09 the Town does not have any RFP’s” For 4th Of July ….Oh Really?…

April 25, 2009 by Barbara


Recently this writer wrote about the suspicious actions taken by the 4th of July Co-Chairs, the Administration  and Event Coordinator Marc Furth…concerning the 2009 Fireworks  and how the Requests For Proposals were handled after discovering an RFP put up in Town Hall on April 9,2009 and it not being advertised in the Sentinel. It did appear on the Town website and outside Jarvis Hall on  April 14, 2009 …2 days before it was closed to bid responses…as stated on the RFP  April 16,2009 …

I attended an opening of the bids meeting for Contracted Landscaping on the 16th  and asked Assist. Town Manager Olinzock about the Fireworks RFPs (previously posted). He said there had been none…I also sent in an e-mail Public Records request…and received the same response from the Town…no RFPs received…

So imagine my surprise when I looked at the backup materials in Town Hall and online yesterday April 24th,2009…to find multiple responses had been received by the Town!..(link below…if old backup shows refresh button )…

New Business item 16 B.

The E-Mails…

Thursday, April 16, 2009 12:06 PM
“Barbara Cole”
[email protected]
Dear Town Clerk White,
I am requesting a copy of all RFPs received for the 4th of July fireworks received after  the deadline of close of business today as stated on the RFP online.
I would also like any RFP or contract for the 7/4/09 fireworks bids made prior to the 4/9/09 RFP.
Please let me know when they are ready,
Thank you, Barbara Cole

Friday, April 17, 2009 12:03 PM
“Nekisha Smith” <[email protected]>
[email protected]
“June White” <[email protected]>

Ms. Cole,

I am receipt of your request for information regarding fireworks.

1. The Town has not received any RFP’s for the 4th of July fireworks.

2. As of 4/17/09 the Town does not have any RFP’s and has not entered into any contracts for the 4th of July fireworks.

Nikki Smith
Senior Office Specialist
Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea

According to the backup material …Assistant Town Manager Olinzck sent out eight e-mail Requests for Proposals (RFP) on April 9,2009 between 4:42 pm and 5:08 pm…To the following companies….Fire Power Displays/Zambelli/Pyro Engineering/Garden States Fireworks/Carabean (as spelled on RFP) Supply/Bio Ocean/Sky Candy Fireworks LLC/Pyrotechnico …(Company just hired by Ft. Lauderdale for their 4th event/previous post)

According to the backup material….. Assistant Town Manager Olinzock received responses from 4 companies…

# 1… was from Jeff Matthews of Melrose South Pyrotechnics Inc. …The company that Marc Furth chose and he, Vice Mayor McIntee,the Town Fire Marshall and John Olinzock met with on March 24,2009…( also there is an e-mail from John Olinzock to Melrose Inc. to reconfirm the length of time for the show…20 minutes, with a Cc to Marc Furth)…Enclosed in the program were the specifics…such as their liability ins., $5 million and their qualifications….the of the size of the shells..2” to 4′ shells and a proposed program with the “Type of Pyrotehcnic Effect:low level through 4” aerial shells” …It includes the Opening Barage/Main Program/Grand Finale/ 2 special segments-effects adding up to 20 minutes for $15,000…No length of time between shot intervals were included but the RFP from the town stated every 10 seconds…No date was shown in receipt of the proposal, but Marc Furth confirmed from the podium on 4/20/09 that it was before the RFP went out on the board and to other companies…which was April 9th…

#2….Dated 4/16/09 received by Assist. Manager Olinzock at 4:17 pm from Zambelli, the fireworks company used last year from the pier…They also offer a program for $15,000 called  “High Impact” (vs Melrose low-impact )…they have liability insurance for $10 million….$5 million in transportation liability…along with their qualifications including safety procedures NFPA  1123 &1126 codes enforced (no mention in the Melrose RFP)…Their 20-25 minute program will be a maximum of 3.5 minute shot intervals…using 3” to 4″ shells….with an Opening Program/Body of Program/Mid- Finale/Grand Finale/ Low level special & various effects…they included a map on pg. 56…(no map in Melrose RFP/hand drawn map in Town RFP) of the beach area with barricades (if no wind= 280 feet circumference uninhabitable)…

#3….Dated 4/9/09 received by Assistant Town Manager Olinzock at 4:53 pm from Beth Sims at Fire Power said no bid…they are completely booked and “unable to accommodate”…

#4…Dated 4/17/09 received by Assistant Town Manager Olinzock at 2:16 pm from Steve Tracyzk at Sky Candy Fireworks…said “unavailable to bid”…Town was way too late in proposal…

BC- So the above information does seem to verify those suspicions that “the fix was in” for the choice of vendor made by Marc Furth…with a big assist from the Town and most likely both Co-Chairs of the event….and they pulled it off with no Sunshine violation …Now that really is “pulling the rabbit out of the hat”!

As for Assistant Manager Olinzock not being honest with this writer in his declaration of no RFPs on 4/16/09, knowing full well he had sent eight out on the April 9th and had indeed received responses at the time he made these claims…including the one from Melrose South Pyrotechnics…is this anyway to conduct business in the town? As resident Happy Vassil said “What a man!”…

I do not know if the Senior Office Specialist was unaware, uninformed or instructed to respond as she did, but in any event this sort of conduct does not bode well for the administration and the open and honest government we deserve in LBTS…no matter who is making the requests…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop…..4/28/09 LBTS Agenda…16 H…Just When You Think You Heard It All…

April 24, 2009 by Barbara



‘Lauderdale-By-The-Sea traces its roots to the 1920s. In February 1924, developer William F. Morang purchased and platted the property of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea from Henry S. Moody and John C. Gregory. Several years later, Melvin I. Anglin, a building contractor and real estate investor from Gary, Ind., bought the land with the intention of starting a new community in Florida. Anglin later became the Town’s first Mayor.

Full text link below….


New Business Item 16.H. ‘Move monument at El Prado Park back to its original location. Its present location is somewhat problematic during special events. Since Minto is still doing construction in the area they could be asked to move it for a nominal sum (Commissioner Clottey)’…

BC- OH MY GOD!…A new low …even for the  Mc-Furth “Gang”…… Commissioner Clottey has either lost her mind or is so far gone as a “pawn” for the “Gang” that she cannot see how truly ridiculous this is….

What kind of people could even contemplate such a thing?  To want to move the monument that honors the man who made it possible to have the park they will have their special event  in!……To actually want to move it back to  ” the original location”….Does that “location” mean in front of the temporary Minto construction site across the street where the chances are high of it being destroyed?…

Readers will recall this writer posted a few times last year that the monument needed to be moved to its place of honor in the new park to avoid any permanent destruction……Finally it was happened….

It looks perfect right where it now sits……and they want to move it back to accommodate their 4th of July event…YIKES!..

Is there no one left around the “Gang” with any kind of clarity?…

How far gone do you have to be to actually put this on the agenda?….

Hot off the heels of  Comm. Clottey’s claims that  residents fear calling the BSO Police and her claims of  receiving “a lot” of complaints about noise downtown… that set up the re-tooling of the dreaded “Noise Ordinance” and no doubt an onslaught of decibel meter reading citations that will most certainly descend upon our town businesses once the 2nd reading passes 3-2…..she puts this on!…

This is just downright crazy…and downright sad!…

An intervention is definitely required by her constituents…ASAP!…

more to come….

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