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Sworn In

Just a quick overview of the swearing in….done without notes and after a quick bite…

The hall was packed, standing room only….sides were still distinct…OG and supporters on one and NG and supporters across the aisle.

Only hope the two shall intersperse as we move ahead.

Began with a long somewhat strange invocation from the Town Chaplain with warm wishes specifically for the outgoing and incoming Mayors…the commissioners seemed an awkward aside.

Mayor Parker then took to his proclamations….first to his absent wife….then to the Town Chaplain…whose retirement was announced.

He went on to read proclamations to both outgoing Commissioners Clark and Yanni….who now are declared…. each…

Commissioner Emeritus! Something never heard of by those all around me!

After a while it seemed pardons would be forthcoming!

Yanni then did the proclamation for Mayor Parker.

The outgoing Commission made their parting speeches….

Clark, (smiling more than I have seen him a long time), started out, with polite and classy farewell, but should have cut out the laundry list of what were losing issues in his campaign, although he ended on a high note.

Yanni, somber and contrite….put his loss into perspective with the story of how his faith was put to the test with prayer… of choosing his brother-in-laws precarious health issue over a win at the polls. He thanked all and hoped for a future built on what he started throughout his years of service.

Parker, did what we all expected…went here and there on topics and brought up a multitude of subjects that still shouted out a need to control! He thanked all those he served with, leaving out former Commissioner Marc Furth…(realizing it later and acknowledging it ), went on to bid farewell.

The Town Clerk then left the podium and the newly elected Commissioners and Mayor took their oath…a standing ovation took place with hoots and howls of joy and excitement!

The changing of the guard took place….(literally…no pun intended), with the 2 groups stepping off and on the dais!

Commissioner McIntee then called for adjourning the meeting ….prematurely…for the newly sworn in had not made their acceptance speeches…which he quickly realized!

Commissioner Clottey went first…thanked her supporters, welcomed those who did not vote for her and wanted them to know that she is there to serve them equally, fairly and honestly. She said she will be responsible up on the dais and expects to be judged. She will look into blending the town, while getting to the bottom of the annexation agreement. She asked for east side residents to be kind to their neighbors on the west side of A1A for access to the beach. She will work for the minority as well as the majority.

Commissioner Dodd followed… with thanking the voters who voted for him and those that did not. He spoke of speaking the truth throughout his campaign and continuing this practice while serving in the new era about to begin in LBTS . He said he will be honest and will do it no “spin”, will have workshops on public safety, capital improvements etc… with the residents. Public comments will be opened up.No favoritism , no inside track, no back-room deals. There will be some initial housecleaning required. The dais will work together for the benefit of the town. He will work to preserve the small town , clean up any mess left from his predecessors, and looks forward to the challenges. He ended by thanking the voters for the majority of the vote.

Mayor Minnet was the finale…. I hope that this is not an indication of what we will see in the coming two years. I heard her speak as if she were a “strong” mayor, which she is not. She spoke of uniting, but seemed to be holding onto the OG ways. I was disappointed….and will hold any further judgment or comment ..(it is very late) until I review her speech again on the replay on channel 78 at noon, today. I will then post further comments…..

With that Commissioner McIntee gave the honor of calling for adjournment to Commissioner Dodd.

Update to come after reviewing the meeting…..


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