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Super Delegates

Usually this time of year the cable news and newspapers are full of stories on super bugs.. describing flu season outbursts and the havoc they bring down on all us.

Over the past few days though we have another kind of super bandied about…super delegates….and the Democratic Primary that it effects.

Super delegates are, if you buy the explanation from those concerned with this antiquated nominating process….the “insiders”, 842 strong.

They are not chosen “leaders” by the voters, but an influential bunch including Governors, political campaign managers and such.

Being Super Delegates they can choose to support a different candidate then the winner of the caucus or primary. They comprise 40% of the delegates needed to win the nomination. Many of these super delegates have already announced their choice.

Those against keeping these chosen few in place say their real purpose is to protect the party establishment.

It is always astounding to me when I find myself, a generally moderate, independent voter in agreement with someone like Katrina Vanden Heuval an editor of the Nation!

But just as those neighbors on either side of the last election,were in agreement over the sidewalks on Seagrape, Katrina and I are in agreement about Super Delegates.

Strange things happen when free thinkers agree.


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