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Super Bowl Shuffle

Being from Chicago and having a die-hard Bear’s fan for spouse….every year when the Super Bowl is front and center, we who are 50 something fondly recall the infamous Super Bowl shuffle!

With this firmly implanted in my memory this week it did not take that much of a leap to wonder about the pending Lauderdale By the Sea shuffle which will undoubtedly take place once the first shuffle is in place with the installation of a new commission, which might happen as soon as today!

Shuffling out should be the following, in my opinion……

Town Attorney Jim Cherof

My personal experience with him when I and a fellow board member were hit with an unwarranted and bogus slapp suit, was sub-standard in regards to protecting a resident of our town who chose to serve on a board.

His lack of being forthcoming with how to immediately proceed in this matter, with legal help that he either knew or should have known was available to us, was either suspect or inept… both of which are unacceptable.

I also feel that he should have been front and center with advising the commission to let Sea Colony have their site plan from the get go…alleviating any monetary cost to both the town and the owners of that property which they have incurred!

I look forward to a Town Attorney, who will guide us by the law, equally…..and he or she will be doing just that off the dais and at the table with staff!

The Town Planner….

maybe this is already a shuffle, with a caveat, since Walter Keller is still on the job to finish the Seagrape Drive/Washingtonia Ave. sidewalks.

His bills are enough to make this shuffle a no brainer, and his seemingly carte blanch change increases are a thing of the past.

My biggest problem with this Town Planner, the Overlay Districts…which were a big reason the commission majority has been overturned…to fix what he helped or led them to do to which has impacted the character of our seaside town!

I do have concerns with the Development head and his assistant who we have seen at the recent commission meetings.

My experience with the previous heads of development and their subordinates were positive and although I have heard ( but can not verify) various disturbing stories of the trickle down effect from those above them requiring certain actions that might have led to their abrupt resignations, they represented their departments at meetings and workshops, heads above (no pun intended) what has been presented recently.

Add to that the woman who came before the commission recently to vent her frustration and that of her neighbors from the north in their first hand dealings with the development department. Some shuffling seems to be called for.

Finally, one shuffle that should definitely not take place…..

No free lobbying for our town in Tallahassee from the outgoing mayor, Mayor Parker!

Instead, do the shuffling required to fix what the former mayor is leaving behind!

Examples abound…..

Wings, what is the deal here?

The owner said he was given a “deal” at the Board of Adjustment meeting when he appeared for a variance. (He got quiet when pressed later on who made such an offer.)

What is curious is that after deciding not to proceed with any restaurants (after being turned down for 2), and maintaining the status quo with apartments and store, why would Wings still want to deed their valuable parking lot to the town?

It does not compute, 17 parking spaces guaranteed right next to your establishment and your renters homes, for 10 permits to park somewhere in town?

Wings has had a site plan approval for months, but no work, why? Were they waiting for the election outcome…(as we saw at the last height limit election with various hotels?)

Why was Parker pushing so hard for the deed to be approved at his last meeting in charge?

a few other to contend with….

Oriana, the 1 million dollar settlement we have in an account must not be lost due to a technicality.

Sea Colony… again process a site plan approval ASAP

Bert J Harris claims (which I have heard is unlikely to see the light of day, once Sea Colony is not included , according to a member of the fearmongering group we just ousted!)

Sewers in Palm Club…help the residents by guiding them through the correct process of acquiring a bond or a loan that will fit their needs financially as other private properties in town have done in similar circumstances.

There are unfortunately many more but I will stop with these for now….

In closing, I look forward to next year’s Super Bowl with the anticipation of finding the results of this years shuffle making no such leap necessary!

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